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Hey babe! Well I recently find your blog, and I would like to send something <3 How the boys will confess their feelings for you? Thanks. xx

lmao guess who’s back???? Really sorry about the haitus babes, I was just trying to graduate high school with some good grades. Now I’m back :))))))))

btw when requesting please be specific with who you want, I just did the Iwatobi boys for this <3333333


Haruka: You became friends with the quiet swimmer and Makoto introduced you two at the beginning of the school year. You quickly got along with each other and Haru seemed to warm up to you quite quickly. Being friends with all of the members of Iwatobi’s swim club you often came to practices. Today Haru decided to spend extra time swimming laps so you went to accompany him. You walked up to the side of the pool just as Haru was finishing a lap. 

You sighed and sat down to place your legs into the water, “Isn’t the water looking beautiful today, Haru?” Haru pulled himself out of the pool and placed himself next to you, nodding in response to your question. You glanced over to his direction, Haru’s brows were furrowed and he looked to be deep in thought.

“Is there something wrong, Haru?” You questioned, concern evident for your friend.

“I was thinking, ___,” Haru looked up at you, his blue eyes meeting yours. “I was thinking about us and how much I like you.” 


“I do like you, a lot,” He looked at you clearly, bluntly stating his feelings. “Even more than water.” That’s when you knew he was 100% serious. 

Makoto: You and Makoto had become fast friends from the moment that you transferred to Iwatobi high school. Currently Makoto was walking you home, as the sun was just setting and it was slowly becoming dark. He walked closely next to you, occasionally making small talk and commenting on the changing colors in the sky. As you both ascended the stairs to your home, a faint mewing rang in your ears. A small, fluffy kitten waddled out, plopping itself at yours and Makoto’s feet. 

You made an audible gasp and bent down to the kittens level, “Makoto look at how cute it is!” You squealed and scooped the kitten into your hands. Offering the kitten over to Makoto he scratched the kitten on the chin, the kitten purring happily. 

“It really is adoarble,” He said as he raised his eyes to you, “A lot like you.” 

You caught his last statement rather quickly, your cheeks flared up red. “W-what?” You stammered, surprised at Makoto’s sudden confession, quickly turning to Makoto you noticed that his cheeks were equally red.

He turned to face you, his expression rather serious despite the pink that dusted his cheeks. “____, I really do like you a lot. Even more than just friends.” 

Nagisa: Nagisa was one of your friends that was literally always happy and just full of energy. He was always jumping from person to person, cracking jokes and smiling, making everyone around him just a little brighter. As one of his good friends you were often pulled into taking dozens of selfies with him at random times throughout the day. After pulling you into take several selfies with him, Nagisa sat intently scrolling through the photos on his phone. 

“Y’know ____-chan you look really cute in this one!” Nagisa exclaimed, showing the phone to you. The picture had the both of your smiling brightly, looking very close. He gasped and pulled the phone back to him, “____-chan we even look like a couple in this picture!” 

“C-couple?” You stammered, your cheeks turning pink. Nagisa nodded and laughed at your reaction. 

“I think that we’d be a really cute couple ___-chan,” Nagisa giggled, looking up at you hopefully. “Do you wanna go out sometime then?” 

Rei: Even though you tried to makes your feelings about Rei obvious to him he seemed to always be oblivious to all of your attempts. You had almost given up hope until the day that you got a D on the latest chemistry test. He noticed your sadness and kindly asked if your wished for him to tutor you. This is how you ended up sitting next to Rei in his room as he babbled on about chemistry. You tried to listen to him go on and on about the specific subjects but you could not quite understand it all. 

Setting down his pencil Rei sighed, “Listen ___-san, I would like to tell your something important.” He looked rather serious and determined, even though his cheeks were a fiery red color. He refused to meet your eyes and instead look on ahead of him. You sat quietly, waiting for him to finish his thought, your own anxieties bubbling within you. 

“I-I really like you ___-san!” Rei suddenly exclaimed, his cheeks were even redder than before. All thought of chemistry was forgotten and you stared at him speechless. He pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose and finally turned to face you. “I think that you are absolutley beautiful and I really like you a lot!” 

Voicemails - Pt 2

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You saw the 23 voicemails in your inbox and your thumb hovered over the buttons, unsure whether you should listen or delete all of it. It was from Hyuk Woo and you promised yourself that you would run as far away from him as possible. He was toxic to you. You didn’t even remember when you were so attached to him that staying with him was no longer about loving him or being happy with him. You just needed him.

You also saw the notifications of your friend piling up asking why you were avoiding him. You were avoiding everyone. It felt too much to socialise and think of Hyuk Woo both at the same time. He was your anchor and when you lost him, it feels like you’re just floating through time not able to grasp anything; completely useless.

You sighed out loud listening to his last voicemail. You closed your eyes and cursed yourself. Why did you even decide to listen to it? Just hearing his voice broke your heart. Every reminder of him broke you.

‘I miss you.’ You heard him said and you felt your chest tightening and goose bumps on your hand and legs at the reminder of him. You laid down on your sofa, curling yourself into a ball and tightly clasping your phone against your ear. You needed to hear his voice and you did; all 23 voicemails.

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