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Sometimes I randomly start thinking about students in Sunnydale noticing Faith hanging around, I mean it doesn’t seem like a stretch to me, the High School doesn’t seem that big (possibly due to the high number of fatalities…) and Faith isn’t easy to miss. I always imagine some conversation like, 

“Is she new here? She’s pretty much always around, but I don’t know anyone who has any classes with her.” 

“No, I thought so too at first, but I think she’s just Buffy’s girlfriend.” 

“Buffy? Oh, you mean that blonde who’s never around except when like freaky stuff is happening and spends all her time with that British guy, the librarian? I thought her name was Bunny. Wow, learning all kinds of new things today, I didn’t know she had a girlfriend.”

“Yeah, I heard they’re always going on moonlit walks and stuff, and Buffy came out or whatever at her party remember, her mom threw a fit about it, y’know, and Buffy was all ‘this is who I am,’ and then those guys attacked.”

“Man that was weird, do you think those dudes were like a gang? I heard she was in a gang.”

“Could be, maybe ms. leather pants is in it, that’s how they met, haha?”

If Astro Ran an Ice Cream Parlor...


  • the manager who’s always eating the merchandise
  • but he also keeps the place running somehow??
  • so it’s all good
  • constantly making pointless bets with MJ and Sanha
  • like the bets don’t even matter
  • “hey who do you think will scratch his nose first, Eunwoo or Rocky??”
  • “my money’s on Rocky”
  • the “money” they bet with is just ice cream punch cards
  • ((which, again, is pointless;;;))
  • but it’s not a rly busy place, so like, they don’t have too much else to do during the lulls in orders….
  • generally keeps everyone happy and also has a good time
  • like he’s never stressed
  • he’s made of koalas and iced tea


  • in charge of the counter
  • usually greets customers first
  • constantly just spewing nonsense to customers while scooping orders
  • but like in an endearing charming way??
  • i’m talking pick up lines, puns, and even knock knock jokes
  • “you’re the cherry on top of my day!”
  • “did you hear the one about fudge-ripple-cashew-cluster??”
  • “it was nuts!”
  • :D *ba dum tss*
  • but hey, it gets him tips, so he’s happy
  • sometimes gives out extra toppings, free of charge
  • no one can actually call him out on it except JinJin, who always lets it slide
  • no one rly complains tho
  • bc everyone loves MJ <3


  • works with MJ behind the counter
  • that one all-around super perfect employee where you just kind of ???
  • like why aren’t you a successful business tycoon?
  • why are you here scooping ice cream?
  • but it makes him happy
  • Eunwoo wouldn’t trade his job for anything
  • constantly being flirted with/getting people’s contact info
  • he takes it in stride
  • “wow people are so friendly c:”
  • just uses the numbers and emails to sign people up for the shop’s mailing list
  • bc why else would ppl be giving him their #s???
  • sweet innocent child
  • he’s been told it’s bc he’s a DISH
  • but he’s all like “no no no, that can’t be it”
  • “they must just like the ice cream”
  • and everyone’s like riiiiiight


  • in charge of the drive thru
  • has the sweetest demeanor EVER over the intercom
  • like he makes you want to buy ice cream just so you can hear him happy
  • and when u pull up to the window
  • he LOOKS as nice as hE SOUndS??
  • he gets numbers on the daily
  • like he hands out the receipt and gets someone’s phone number in exchange
  • he doesn’t mind too much
  • one of MJ, JinJin, and Sanha’s fave pointless bets is who can get more phone numbers in a day: Bin, or Eunwoo??
  • but they get around the same amount by the end of the week
  • is genuinely happy to give people their ice cream
  • like this is his dream job
  • he gives ppl ice cream and makes them smile!!
  • just made of puppies and sunshine like uggh TuT


  • in charge of making ice cream cakes
  • and pretty darn good at it too
  • but also like the worst employee ever
  • constantly eating ice cream and blaming it on JinJin
  • everyone knows but no one calls him out on it
  • will sometimes just take handfuls of phone numbers from Bin
  • he tried to take some from Eunwoo, but Eunwoo wouldn’t let him rofl
  • he said it was “dishonest”
  • which it is ngl
  • but he claims he never meets anyone bc he’s always in the back sLAVInG aWay
  • making CAKES
  • *sad violin music*
  • which is only half true bc he sometimes watches the counter and takes orders
  • stop bein such a drama queen minhyuk


  • apprentice for making ice cream cakes
  • he’s getting pretty good at it
  • but he still does dumb stuff sometimes
  • like spelling out “congratuls” on a cake bc he ran out of room;;;
  • smh
  • he just needs help
  • does the goofiest things for a laugh
  • like seeing how many frosting flowers he can fit on his tongue
  • which resulted in more pointless bets;;;;
  • (the answer is 7 in case u were wondering)
  • often walks around with smudges of frosting just on his face
  • at this point everyone’s given up telling him
  • he doesn’t notice/care anyway so
  • one time the others threw him a surprise party and had Sanha make his own cake lolol (he had no clue)
  • but he was so surprised and touched
  • this boy gets to work with his best friends
  • he feels like he must be the luckiest guy in the world :O
  • so he makes the most out of every day <3

tldr; Astro running an ice cream parlor is the best au and it makes my heart happy~ (*¯︶¯*)

Sext: I want to bury my face into your chest and fill up every space in my lungs with you. I want you to hold me so tight that the sadness seeps out of me and evaporates into the air. I want to know what it feels like to be whole and I want to be whole with you.


vices&virtues + subtitles

Sam and Dean were both concerned and surprised when Cas declared he was suddenly leaving. Cas was honest with them, gave them details about where he was going (Cleveland. In Ohio.), why (reports of a dude with glowing red eyes and case-specific details), and then he turned down their immediate offer of backup, promising to call if the lead panned out, and that he wouldn’t go after Lucifer alone. Plus, they trust him. He’s got a long history of coming when they call, and has apparently, for all intents and purposes, moved in to the bunker.

When Mary came into the kitchen a few minutes later, she made up an excuse to explain why she cut her hair (and seemed shifty about it, because chopping off your own hair like that is An Emotional Thing, which I’ve done BUT NEVER WHEN I WAS IN A STABLE GOOD EMOTIONAL PLACE, but kudos to her for doing such a good job at it :P), she described the case she found in an offhand sort of way (and then became a little defensive about how she was going about her research and the fact that she was looking for a hunt in the first place), and then seemed both surprised and disappointed (yet resigned!) when Dean announced they were ALL going on that hunt with her.

Like Cas, I think she really WANTED to go alone. But unlike Cas, she wasn’t able to voice that. She hadn’t known how to even ASK about going alone, because everything they’d done up to that point had been A Family Problem (Saving Sam). But she wanted this for herself. not necessarily just for the hunt, but for some alone time. And then she didn’t even end up with her own motel room, just a rollaway bed shoved off to the side in Sam and Dean’s room.

While her hunting skills weren’t up to 2016 standards, her instinct about the case had been right, while Sam and Dean’s modern skills still hadn’t netted them the right conclusion.

But Mary hadn’t necessarily even expected them to offer to go with her. She seemed caught off guard by the way they simply invited themselves along, like they’d also tried to do with Cas. Mary didn’t know how to tell them no.

She just doesn’t have the history with them. I don’t think they would’ve accepted a no anyway, because they also don’t have a history with her. In the end, she really did do what she had to, leaving the way she did was the only way she could’ve left without having Sam and Dean follow her right out the door, and it took working that case with them for her to realize that.

Last weekend was fun because 

1) I got to watch GoT with Chris 

2) He bought me breakfast from this cute little diner 

3) I beat him in at said diner in arm wrestling. Twice. 

4) I made him eat a super gross strawberry tortilla 

5) Every time I am with him my face hurts from smiling all the time and I feel so relaxed and happy and safe and wanted and I just like everything about my boyfriend he’s always so happy and excited to see me and is interested in the things I tell him and he thinks i’m funny and he makes so many stupid puns and he has such nice hair and he’s the sweetest person I have ever met and he always tells me how important I am to him and we’re both so confident in this relationship it’s so refreshig and he’s so confident and i’m so lucky and happy and aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhHHHHHHHHHHH