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also can you give me recommendations for poets to read (especially for someone who enjoys beautiful things but doesn't read a whole lot of poetry)

this was supposed to be a quick & dirty rec list for my girl but then it got out of hand so i’ve broken it off into categories 4 ya! this is by no means an extensive list but i was starting to realize that this was verging on Too Long. happy readings & i hope u find something that moves along the soil of ur soul!!


margaret atwood / they are hostile nations, marrying the hangman, we ate the birds, the poet has come back
louise gluck / all hallows, mock orange, elms, nocturne, vespers: parousia, adult grief, mutable earth 
gregory orr / love poem, trauma (storm), gathering the bones together, origin of the marble forest, when eurydice saw him
mahmoud darwish / your night is of lilac, in jerusalem, in the presence of absence, now as you awaken, psalm one 
mark strand / the dreadful has already happened, eating poetry, keeping things whole, lines for winter, tomorrow
ee cummings / somewhere i have never travelled, buffalo bill’s, if there are any heavens, luminous tendril of celestial wish, pity this monster manunkind
michael ondaatje / application for a driving license, the cinnamon peeler, the time around scars, excerpts from the collected works of billy the kid
jack gilbert / failing and flying, it is difficult to speak of the night, the sirens again, how much of that is left in me?, the forgotten dialect of the heart
pablo neruda / one hundred love sonnets: xvii, white thighs, hillocks of whiteness, absencehere i love you, clenched soul
anne carson / glass essay, book of isaiah, compostela, short talk on hedonism & sylvia plath, ghost q & a, an excerpt from autobiography of red, excerpts from nox 


creuxing / obsessed with redefinding girlhood, the summer starts in your car, another meteor crashed outside, the girl with frizzy hair and thin wire glasses
teamcaptains / a terrible crime in the tropics, reaping, zach calavera, he left, and the pink electricity, golden age 
mythaelogy / an attempt in poetry, atlas hands, wandering hearts, her, psychopomp & circumstance, i thought it had gone away
wefragilehumans / non est, luck is a funny thing, war chant, severe weather warning, a study in restoration
deergodareyoulistening / home (reforming), lighting & thunder, a diagram, ceremony, red elk, how to eat a moon 
starredsoul / a creation tale, how we learn what it meansall along, the mother weepingdreams of the moon and birds singing together
/ deep sea diver.mp3, space age surrealism, the fact of the matter is you need to get your heart back, time travel wears a black tracksuit 
katejustkate / incase it doesn’t work out, iphone notes therapy, coma dreams, it took 3 long-ass days for you to respond to my ‘are u alive’ text
ohgdlights, the way out of winesburg, ohio, to m // for j // from me, we ran like wolves, variations on a tomato
inelegancies /  in the aftermath we are left with a girl, in another universes the sky is always pink, rules for the internet, for children


tonight, in oakland by danez smith
tinder by keith s. wilson
if being a lesbian were anything like netflix movies portrayed it to be by southwestwitch
bad poem by kelsey danielle
padlocked chest pt 1 / afterthelonely
a bronze god, or a letter on demand by clifton gachagua
lilac time by joan newmann
notes from the antichrist’s guardian angel by notbecauseofvictories
with ruins & persimmons by li-young lee 
for my best friend by  crimescened
my first lover speaks to me as i sleep with her by raven jackson
phoenix by overwhelmington
how the signs die, or fall in love, or both, maybe by cursedvideogame​ 
national geographic by elisabethhewer 
your airplanes by rachel mckibbens
sierra doesn’t watch when the world ends by wildflowerveins 
before by carl adamshick 
there is a gold light in certain old paintings by donald justice 
afterimage, 2015 by bhalbers
other lives and dimensions and finally a love poem by bob hicok
folly by antonina palisano 
albuquerque, nm by 7cigars
sometimes when on fire by kathryn regina
heart by bhanu kapil

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Hello, i'll make it quick. I've been on your blog since... forever. And there wasn't one time when i felt like you're biased on one member. You do an amazing job and i'm always amazed by your hard work. You stay up to the name: got7 updates. I love got7 and i love you. Also I always feel how impartial you are, and objective. And one more thing: no one should be told to kill himself/herself. That's harsh and we don't know what kind of impact will have on the person. Have a wonderful day! Love you

Thank you for your comment and following me. I never knew if other could feel that I was biased when looking at my posts - after all only our followers can see that.

Maybe for others comments like ‘Kill yourself’ don’t mean much, but for those who suffered from depression or are under a lot of pressure it means more. If ever someone spams one of GOT7 members with comments like this one, please let me know. Sometimes I can miss updates, I can’t check everything, so I need your help.

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Hi. I've been looking for this fic for what it feels like forever. It's a modern!Bucky/cap!Steve, where Bucky and Clint are both I think interns working for Pepper and Bucky is called to assist Steve during a photoshoot. I remember Bucky talking about cereals to Steve when they first meet, Tony who wants to "adopt" Bucky and calls him "baby" instead of his name when they meet, Clint and Bucky "arguing" about who's the better child for Pepper between the two of them. I know It's vague. Sorry ahah

No Wonder There’s Panic in the Industry by sprinkle_of_cinnamon

In which Bucky Barnes and his BFF, Clint Barton, are NYU interns for Stark Media Group competing to be Pepper’s favorite.

Or alternatively, the time Bucky assisted the P.A. team on the Steve Rogers piece and ended up (adopted) with a contact list full of Avengers.

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I've been waiting for a cute library Berena AU. The keep running into each other there&I keep going at the same times to see each other but it's all stolen glances only. Jason's the librarian and sort of connects the dots. @cuttingonions mainly came up with this, I just squealed and shouted yes all the time at her plot suggestions.

ayyyy AUs forever i guess? fun fact, i love that this prompt wasn’t that one of them is a librarian bc to write about librarians feels like work and i’m not into that! so yay! neither one is a librarian! they just want to live their lives in a library! it’s great! hope you enjoy!

catch her warm stare

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My stepdad just bought me my first love bird yesterday!! I'm so excited I've been dying to get one since forever and it's finally happening!! I feel like a missing piece in my life is falling into place

Congratulations on your new baby~ As always, please make sure to do your research. Taking care of a lovebird is wonderfulwonderfulwonderful, but it’s also a lot of work. Read up on the dangers of many household items, like ovens and pans, and don’t be afraid to ask questions, especially in bird-related forums.

It’ll be frustrating sometimes because birds aren’t always going to be the cuddly little companions you want them to be, but I think it’s so worth it. :)

Chirps from Sammy~

◈┆ ooc. If anyone knows where I can opt out of this thing called ‘responsibility’, pls tell me 

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So... I have something to ask. I'm aspiring to be an artist once I can attend art college, but for now I'm still quite young. Lately, I've been doubtful of my current style, as I was told just the other day that "all (my) characters look the same". I'd like for my style to be a tad more realistic, but... I can't seem to make anything work that way. I know I have time to keep learning and developing, but I'm impatient; I can't help it. What should I do?

Ooooh do I feel you there- unfortunately you’re going to be like that, forever. Yup. Artists, no matter what their age, nearly always feel this way- I certainly do! Right now, as it happens. The funny thing is the when you feel that you’re really in a rut and not improving or going too slowly etc. that is usually the time that you are learning the most. It doesn’t show because your brain is always 5 years ahead of your hands, but the connections are being made, and that sense of self analysis (barring being too overly self critical) is vital to improving.

I’m sorry I can’t help get rid of that impatient feeling, but you really do just have to be… patient! And not with ‘waiting until you’re better at stuff’ I mean just, patient. With yourself and with others and with the world and how you fit into it, or not! Patience is not about doing nothing, it is active; it is about diligence and coping with frustration by observing. So, observe what is frustrating you: if you have a real weakness, like say hands or feet or backgrounds, make it your focus for a while. Just do studies of real hands and feet, or colour studies of nice landscapes, or try imitating a style that you like and then apply it to something new. Give yourself little challenges in the form of games and art lessons, and don’t feel obliged to post the results; the majority of the ‘learning’ work I do is never seen by other people because in itself it is not especially valuable, it is the process of doing it that is.

If you want to push your style in particular, studying the real thing super helps with that. Don’t worry about it looking ‘realistic’, just drive yourself to understand what you are looking at. Be intimate- try to know what you are drawing inside out, because when you are at that level of understanding then you can start pulling it to pieces and exaggerating different parts of it in an effective way (which is basically how you stylize). Try breaking yourself out of your comfort zone, too; try using different media than usual, or even draw with your none dominant hand for a while! Allow yourself to play and get things wrong, because both of those things are how you learn to get better.

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Depression has made me feel so heavy lately. Anxiety has made words hard and shaking easy. And this whole adult game we're all playing is exhausting and not very fun. I've had writer's block like crazy and my words have felt all blocked up but your lyrics have understood and calmed and been transparent and that means a lot when you just feel worn out. Thanks for being genuine, Debby.

Dude, I see you.

First know you’re alone in this, and it’s not forever.
Everyone with depression has their own experience, I see beauty in a narrowing down and a change of pace for you. When thoughts won’t work their way into sentences, take note of the fragments that ring in you. Spending time on one thought can be so good for people who feel and think deeply. Take breaks but don’t stop.

You’re good. You’re ok. It’ll all make sense someday.

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I know it's probably stupid to send this to you but you're so nice (from what I've seen) and I just feel like your a person I can talk to. For a while I've felt really down and I always apologise for stuff I didn't do because I'm worried i've annoyed/I'll annoy people. I don't know what to do because it feels like I've been like this forever. I don't know if you been through anything similar but do you have any advice? (I love you work btw and it's one of the things I look forward to in life)

Don’t worry! I’m absolutely fine with messages like this and it’s not stupid at all! I know the feeling and often it’s a result of low self esteem or anxiety. What I believe might help is to get more aware of when you say it. Get more conscious about apologizing. Then try to think about why you plan to apologize in the first place. Does it make sense? Is it something you’re supposed to apologize for? Allow yourself to be selfish too. If you annoy people but they keep spending time with you they either enjoy spending this time with you or it’s their own fault for not telling you. Also try to smile a lot and walk straight, that lifts self esteem easily and can help you feel more comfortable. Also don’t brush of when you did things well. You’re proud of that thing you did? Awesome! Be proud! You’re great! Also don’t worry about liking stuff on yourself! I hope you get your problem solved, just give it time and try your best. It’s all you can do. I love you!


HEY GUYS! want to see my messy, kitten-destroyed work space, appearance that is only slightly improved upon at a super-high angle, and listen to me fumble through the english language as i try to express gratitude!?


today i received my new tablet, less than a week after the old one was fried. my heart is full of happies and i wanted to give you guys a little update on the situation!



Dethan Week: Day 6 - Angst

I just want to know what it feels like to touch something so pure; something I'm so sure of what it feels like to stand outside your door.  I'm unworthy;  I can see you're above me, but I can be lovely given the chance. I've been a mess since you've known me. I can't promise forever, but I'm working on it. If I can't hold you, can I give you a kiss?