i feel like i'm their only shipper

I went to go see Kingsman: The Golden Circle with a friend of mine and I loved it. I don’t really consider myself a hardcore Hartwin shipper so this will probably be the only thing I draw for them, but that adorable hug gave me so much feels. Also, I didn’t know which one to choose (with or without the filter), so i kept both. Also, also, I just genuinely like the idea of surprise kisses. I’m unoriginal.

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Am I the only one who thinks Keith looks conflicted and really sad when he tells Shiro he's like a brother to him? Like he doesn't actually want to say that. I don't know if I'm just reading into it because I'm a shipper but I'm usually pretty objective I think. What's your opinion?

oh ya same. For one thing, Keith doesn’t say this unprompted. Fake Shiro says “We’re all the family you need”–we as in, all of Team Voltron, which I feel like everyone kind of ignores for some reason. But it’s a very important detail. Fake Shiro establishes that they’re all his family, and we get the brother line in response to it, which is kinda interesting. For one thing, this is Keith’s mind. So we can infer Keith believes all of Team Voltron are his found family and he holds a platonic, familial love for all of them. 

However, he doesn’t agree and say Yeah, you’re all my family. He singles out his bond with Shiro specifically, which means their connection goes well beyond whatever familial and platonic attachment he has for the rest of Team Voltron. I think something else that’s curious is how Shiro’s telling him the paladins are the ones he needs. Because, by singling out only Shiro, Keith is in a way insisting that it is in fact really only Shiro that he needs. This is further backed up by holo-Shiro pointing out that if he leaves, then Keith will be all alone. Not if Team Voltron leaves, but if just Shiro walks away. Shiro means the world to him. 

Keith also definitely looks pained when he says the brother line. Not only that, but he hesitates. You can see him stop and close his eyes to kind of collect his thoughts, as if this is something he doesn’t want to say but does so because he thinks mentioning family is the most convincing way to make Shiro stay and try to help him understand Keith’s choice. 

Keith and Shiro also have a lot of similar habits that they seem to have picked up from each other. So if you want another instance of one of them pausing to recollect their thoughts before saying something they very clearly don’t want to, we also see this from Shiro:

I’ll also say as a bi guy that I’ve definitely referred to a close friend I liked romantically as being like a sibling because I was terrified of admitting my feelings. Like, that very much is a thing that happens, and it’d definitely the kind of feeling I got from this scene. Overall Shiro’s role in BOM definitely reads as more of something you’d expect from a love interest than a friend or family. It also seems redundant to me to focus on a familial like bond when the trial also features someone from his blood family. But I mean, that’s just my interpretation of it. 


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1. I'm a huge Destiel shipper, but I didn't really interpret Dean referring to only Cas when he said "everything." He said "WE'VE lost everything." As in him and Sam. So I think he was including Mary, Kelly, Crowley, etc in that. If he was just talking about Cas, I feel like he would have said "I've lost everything." I feel like the meaning of what he said was more like, "we've lost everything, and now you're gonna bring Cas back because you owe us at least that much."

2. Idk. I guess I just think it’s kinda odd how everyone is freaking about “Dean said Cas is his everything!” when it seemed like kind of a loose interpretation to me. It seems kind of misleading…

Hi there. I’ve had a series of messages sitting in my inbox since the episode aired… and hadn’t replied yet because I never intended to reply. But I guess I have to if I’m gonna keep getting this question (apologies if you’re a different anon to the one who sent the other messages, and apologies to that other anon because I’m gonna delete them now that I’m answering this one…)

In 11.23, Chuck told Dean that the world would be okay because it had both him AND Sam. Chuck had said the two of them would be enough to make sure everything was okay… and it’s not. And they’re not.

Because of that, Dean made his plea to Chuck on behalf of both of them, because Chuck owed BOTH of them. The prayer itself was TO CHUCK. It was probably the first legitimate use of the “we” as opposed to the “I.”

Because Sam and Dean alone together against the world isn’t enough, and it isn’t okay. And both of them shouldn’t have lost everything else because of it.

The thing is… that’s the direction Dean was praying in, but in describing having lost “everything,” and then making his plea… Dean was speaking only for himself. He told Sam he was staying behind to call Jody, he went back behind the restaurant so Sam wouldn’t know what he was actually doing, so he could bare his soul to God there… in a direct parallel to how he called John begging for help in 1.09. This is… not ambiguous. This is so deeply personal to Dean alone… and his plea was his alone, even if he sort of forged Sam’s signature on the official prayer, so to speak.

So if the act of praying to Chuck itself wasn’t what he felt he needed to conceal from Sam, that only leaves the rest of it– the actual content of Dean’s prayer– as the part that was so personal to him that he felt he absolutely needed to conceal the entire act from Sam.

I hope this makes sense.

You know when you ship two people and you really wanna read at least 392837293728383763 fanfictions about them but there are only like 20 and you already read them all, so you think you should write one yourself just to release the feels but you remember you’re shit at writing?

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I feel like a lot of sheith shippers are really worried about the upcoming conflict between Shiro and Keith but honestly I'm kind of looking forward to it. We've seen how supportive and unconditional their love for each other is but with the two of them butting heads it'll be interesting to see both of their perspectives on the situation. Ultimately in the end though I look forward to seeing how their conflict only helped make their relationship stronger than we've ever seen

y es. look me in the eyes: i love keith. i love keith, with all my heart, but i want to see this boy break.

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What do you think of gamethyst?

Even tho I never finish the drawings I made of them, I love the ship too. To me is one of the healthiest ships because I always picture them as being supportive of each other on their peculiar and unique way, you know? Like they care about each other’s feelings and they both have personalities traits that are easier to balance once in conflict. I see them having this strong connection like they don’t need words to talk. 

I always imagine Garnet being completely comfortable and relaxed enough to show more of her childish personality, while Amethyst feels so secure and loved that she gets calmer. 

that aside, I get a bit bothered by how little they seem to interact with each other in canon. It feels like being a shipper of Garnetyst is like living in the song “Love Kernels” from Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, so every time they do interact, I go “F*CKING FINALLY THEY’RE TALKING, WE’VE BEEN BLESSED!“.

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I'm really getting sick of animentality's anti ereri posts. They're the reason I'm afraid of looking up the tag for my favorite ship. Yes, eremin has undoubtedly more canon evidence than ereri, and I understand the frustration of having a ship that's obviously more meaningful than the more popular one, but to cross tag and rub it in the faces of shippers who don't outright lash at other ships involving Levi and Eren....? I honestly feel like shit rn.

I’m sorry, Anon. I know it’s hard to keep from lashing right back at them for hating on a ship that’s not particularly hurting them, but the only thing we can do is stay silent. It makes me sad and frustrated when even Ereri/Riren shippers do the same to others by saying things like, “Ereri is more canon than yours” or “The only ship that’s canon is Ereri” and I want to tell them, no I’m sorry, it’s not. Every ship in Attack on Titan has a possibility, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be canon. Everyone has the right to ship whoever they want because they can. And as much as I hate to say it, everyone is entitled to their own opinion as well. If people could understand that you don’t have to send hate and force your opinion on someone else, maybe everyone in the snk fandom would get along, but that’s just wishful thinking. We just have to suck it up and be responsible adults. Getting angry at others would only make things worse for the Ereri and Riren fanbase.

Don’t worry, I know exactly how you feel, Anon. There were times when I just wanted to blow up and tell them that if Eren and Levi were to ever get together, that they would not be an abusive relationship, but rather a relationship dependent on constant physical contact. Contrary to popular belief, Levi and Eren would be perfectly compatible with one another. They have been through the same exact past and present. The only thing that separates them is that Eren has experienced all this at such a young age and Levi sees that. He understands. If anything, Levi is like a father/mentor of sorts to Eren. We all know it won’t be canon, but is that going to stop us from reading between the lines and wanting to warp reality into a fantasy? No.

Just stay strong, Anon. It’ll only get harder from here. Especially once the second season comes out and the Ereri/Riren haters make a comeback after being in subtle hiding for so long. I mean, we’re already witnessing it unfold. Like you said, people are sending more hate into the tags than they have been in quite a while and it’s making each and every one of us feel like shit. It’s unfair. Their ship has the same possibility of becoming a reality just like ours (except Ymir and Christa,  they’re canon) and that hurts. To know that your ship will most likely never happen, hurts, it hurts a lot. But we’re lucky enough to change that perception. We’re fortunate enough to piece and ship characters together in loving relationships, and that’s a very beautiful thing to have. And because of that, what is even remotely beautiful or innocent to one person or a group of people, is instantly ugly and disgusting to someone else. And that’s the harsh truth. The only problem is, is that no one wants to accept what has clearly been put into their hands.

There will always be people who won’t respect a person’s ship because something about it either offends or terrifies them in someway to the point that they want to tell the world about it. And I can understand that, but telling others to kill themselves and to feel like shit for shipping two characters together? That needs to fucking stop. Now, I know there are other haters who are decent enough to keep quiet about their opinion for private conversations, and that’s awesome. Keep it up. Go rant to a friend or family member about it, just don’t threaten or attack someone individually or as a whole simply because you want to rub your “canon” ship in someone else’s face because it makes your ship feel “superior” over another. What really frustrates me and gets me going is why do people keep sending so much hate to others if they, themselves, don’t particularly like getting hate either? I don’t know. It frustrates me.

Anyways, as someone who ships literally anything and everything, there are some ships that I don’t particularly like in the snk fandom, but that doesn’t mean that I like to shove my opinion down their throats. To be honest, even if I don’t like it, I still low-key ship them because I can understand why others do. I just won’t go read and write fanfictions about them. But once I see fanart or cosplay, I’m like “I don’t ship it, but that’s some awesome fanart/cosplay”.

I’m sorry for going on a rant :’) I always get carried away with this kind of stuff, but just know that I’m here if you ever wanna talk about it, okay?

I hope you have an amazing day, Anon 😊

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I don't think Kylo admires Rey for kicking his ass. I think he's going to be more aggressive in their next fight. I feel like the only Reylo shipper who doesn't romanticize (yes, I'm using that word) Kylo's defeat by Rey. Call me sexist, but Rey wouldn't have won if Kylo fought her the same way he fought Finn. He went easy on her and that's why he got his ass handed to him. He's not going to be enamored with Rey in TLJ; he'll be angry and vicious in their next fight, not lovestruck or in awe.

I think you’re making the same mistake a lot of my anti anons make: subtext is not literal text.

I have to admit, I’m disappointed anon.

I have written time and time again that I believe Kylo is still a villain, that in the literal text Rey and Kylo are not in a romance, that they are enemies. I have written time and time again that the ONLY way this will work is a 180 from Kylo - and until that happens Rey will likely despise the guy.

Romanticizing their dynamic would be if I said Kylo did nothing wrong and Rey and Kylo are in love and can’t stand to be apart! But fuck, I’ve LITERALLY never said that… and I honestly don’t know many Reylos who think that (there are - admittedly - a few… but NOT many, and NOT the ones I have long conversations with who know their shit on analysis).

You’re putting a twist on my analyses and I don’t like to see that level of manipulation from a fellow Reylo. You don’t have to agree with my analyses - that’s fine! But… I’m not *romanticizing* their dynamic because I dare to analyze it and call it for what it is - foreshadowing of a romance.

Subtext =/= literal text, and I can’t believe I have to say that to a Reylo right now. Me using words like “romantic subtext” does not imply that I think they are currently romantically involved, ok? I hope that’s clear. Now, to the next point about Kylo hating Rey and wanting revenge….

Kylo may or may not be vicious in TLJ - that remains to be seen I suppose….

But I wonder…. where’s your canonical evidence for that theory of yours? That Kylo is just gonna be bloodthirsty and out for revenge? That his reaction will be of anger and viciousness?

The only evidence I have of Kylo’s reactions to Rey kicking his ass are:

^After she kicks his ass in the interrogation…. he seems to be admiring her abilities here… in the novel Snoke even calls him out for his compassion for her.

^After she kicks his ass in Force pulling HIS LEGACY SABER. He doesn’t look very angry here… pretty sure I’ve seen this look in another movie, shot in almost exactly the same way, in exactly the same manner of close up, in fact…

(that’s Romeo, from Romeo and Juliet…if you couldn’t tell…)

And finally:

^After she kicks his ass by slicing open his FACE. Hardly say he looks pissed off or vengeful here. More like a kicked puppy if you ask me. Sad and pretty pathetic, especially considering all the bullshit he’s pulled.

So… I guess I’m confused… where in any of the canon does he look pissed off to you? Where in any of the canon does it seem he’s got it out for Rey in revenge? Was it when he didn’t push her off the cliff? Was it when he used mostly blocking and disarming strikes in their battle? Was it when he asked to be her teacher?

Also, I agree, actually, that he went a little easy on Rey - yes - AT THE BEGINNING of their two confrontations. However, she ended up gaining the upper hand in both instances, and SHE STILL kicked his ass by discovering his greatest fear and freaking him the FUCK out, and then slashing open his literal pretty-boy FACE in the end. Her overpowering him was REAL in both cases, even if he did go easy on her in the beginning. She’s less experienced, but what she lacks in experience, she makes up for by her sheer intelligence and adaptability - something Kylo isn’t used to! He has as much to learn from her as she has and will from him. Strength comes in different forms, dude. Don’t underestimate Rey just because she’s a n00b. She’s a n00b with HUGE potential and raw talent. And she fucked that boy up over it.

Regardless, there is nothing that indicates he has this ferocious vendetta against her as you say.

And, while I DO believe Kylo will be out to face her again in TLJ, and that he will convince himself he’s doing his duty and seeking revenge - that will likely not be what REALLY goes down in the end, nor what he REALLY, truly wants. Marketing shows that pretty clearly, too, so again…. not sure what your evidence is other than your own head canon?

Tbh, this ask is disappointing to me. I get that people have different head canons, but accusing me of “romanticizing” them because I’ve done some meta and made a few jokes here and there? That’s not fair, and you know it.

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As an asexual person who is nervous about Bughead, I can say I would've been a little less bitter if Riverdale made him gay and not straight. It'd be less upsetting to lose representation if it went towards representation for someone else who needs it. Cole has said that Jug is not asexual OR aromantic but I'm holding out hope that they might not be blatant about the sex part so I can cling onto the asexuality part. I don't care what people ship, though, and I'm happy for Bughead shippers.

This is exactly the kind of solidarity we need to see more often around here.

Let’s all take example from anon when we feel like to talk about our ship as if it’s the only one that has a right to be. 

We shouldn’t turn this into a huge fight between ships, because at the end of the day that’s not what matters most, the real deal here is representation.

We should try to make of this fandom an example of how supportive a community can be to a minority so little represented as asexuality and all its shades, so that next time, other productions might actually consider portraying more diverse characters 

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I feel like.. I'm the only straight Johnlock shipper in the world.. I mean obviously no one cares, but does that make me weird or something? Cause I'm a bit obsessed about it tbh..

Hey Nonny!

Absolutely not! I’m sure there are plenty of them, just I think it’s just a lot of them tend to not speak up a lot because they worry that they might be the “wrong” kind of shipper.. OR, which seems to be the most common case in this fandom, a lot of them THOUGHT they were straight until they became immersed in the fandom, found out that we’re so much more than just a fandom and actually a HUGE knowledge base for people, learned about forced heteronormativity and compulsory sexuality / identity norms, went on an incredible journey / crisis of self-discovery, and realized that maybe they’re not so straight after all (hi, hello!).

Listen, to me, if you’re in love with the idea of them being happy together for as long as they live, that you think their chemistry is perfect, and that they’re so disgustingly in love that your teeth rot, then you’re just as much a shipper as the rest of us <3

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Why do I feel like the Jonsa fam are the only shippers to respect Rose?

Honestly, not to lump everyone together, but I feel that way too.  

There are reasons but one is definitely that they would prefer Emilia with Kit. They can’t separate the fictional world of Game of Thrones and their terrible ship, with reality. And for some reason the Jonsa fam are able to do so no problem. And they call us delusional lol. I get we as fans want our favorite CHARACTERS to get together, but the ACTORS have their own lives separate from that. Amazingly Kit and Rose fell in love on and off screen and we as fans have to respect that because we have ZERO say in the matter. Be a fan and let them enjoy their lives! 

And remember, disrespecting Rose also disrespects Kit. You’re also disrespecting Emilia, who does not want to be involved in made up stories about breaking those two apart. They’re all friends, don’t destroy that.

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So…Stop being assholes. (You know who you are.) 

And how could you not respect Rose? First of all she’s beautiful, hilarious, and so talented (to name a few awesome qualities).

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Second, she landed every girls dream guy (lol) Jon Snow-er I mean Kit Harrington..

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Major respect there. I genuinely love Rose. I respect her relationship with Kit. Fully. I never even thought about it till all the antis gave their opinion. And look how much he loves her just here ^ How anyone would want to break those two apart is beyond me…

I get not liking characters. I get not liking actors. But not liking them because they’re dating someone who you want to date someone else simply because it goes along with your fictional otp….get a life please.

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As much as I ship starco, I feel like Star's crush came out of nowhere. I mean, they ARE besties, but the only time they have shown any attraction to each other is blood moon and BFM. Any thoughts? (I'm holding a shield to protect myself from the hardcore shippers.)

Long answer: see this post (this was written before S2B aired, so some things should be added to that)

Shorter (but not by much) answer: this show is big on “show, don’t tell”. Just like they didn’t spell out what Toffee’s plan was, but showed it to us as it happened and succeeded, Starco never had an obvious “the crush starts here moment”, Star never looked at Marco with sparkly eyes, rosy cheeks, and heart going badoom-badoom, it was a combination of the two of them getting closer and closer as the episodes went on, of Star maturing, and of several smaller hints, ranging from more meta ones, as Star’s chapter on Marco in the S2 premiere, to her unusually tame, kind and considerate behaviour in Camping Trip.

And personally I couldn’t be happier about the way they decided to handle it, because it feels much more natural and “earned” than what most series do.

Think about it for a moment: from the get go, Star has found in Marco a close, very close friend, who accepted and appreciated her for who he is, who has (almost) always been ready to trust her, forgive her when she did something wrong, who never talks down to her (as seen in Mewnipendence Day and Game Of Flags, when he tries to make her understand on her own why her family’s traditions that she never questioned might not actually be good things. He doesn’t tell her “YOU ARE WRONG”, he just helps her reach her own conclusion), who made her feel less of a mess, if we want to get cheesy, and who knew what to tell her and when to make her feel better in several occasions (the biggest, most obvious one being in Mr. Candle Cares, an episode that was SO much about their relationship that it directly featured the word “starco”!). A friend for whom she was ready, without a second thought, to give up her wand, and someone who she finds cute, “attractive” to boot (the physical attraction part usually isn’t as important, in fiction, but it IS in real life, so it doesn’t hurt to add that to the recipe).
So tell me, does it sound weird in any way that the princess got a huge crush on this dork? It’s not that her feelings came out from nowhere, they just started sloowly growing from day one, not just in the Big Episodes that mark important moments for the characters, but in almost every segment.

You’re right, we still have to see explicit attraction, but in my opinion that’s going to be the last step, and once it gets mutual (and it’s hopefully going to, eventually!) it’d be had for the show to justify Starco NOT happening!

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I've been seeing a lot of posts made by nalu shippers saying that they are losing faith in nalu becoming canon. I feel like I'm one of the only nalu shippers who never lost faith in nalu eventually becoming canon, and I wanted to know your own personal thoughts on this matter.

I’m going to be blunt about this.

I think being in a fandom amplifies every little thing. A lot of events in the past that I heard the fandom was in an uproar over (when I wasn’t a part of it) my reaction was “whatever”. It’s very easy to get too caught up in fandom drama. At the end of the day, FT isn’t a romance manga, it never was. I think NaLu fans are spoilt more than any other ship for moments (they are the main characters). People complain and whine if there are 2 or 3 chapters where they are not the focus (hell, even one chapter). But this story is not about just Natsu and Lucy, it’s about FT.

I do believe a lot of NaLu fans are still positive, but more often than not the whiner’s voices are noticeable because they are irritating. It’s inevitable that we focus on the one negative post rather than the 10 positives posts that have been made (depending on our own mood). The main thing is to be aware there will always be negative people, who will do whatever they can to take things the wrong way and shit on everything Mashima does. It is best to ignore them no matter how annoyed you are and continue appreciating it like you already are anon.

I have liked ships in the past that have become canon from significantly fewer moments than NaLu. I have said it before Mashima spoils us compared to other shonen manga. I think there are people in this fandom who don’t watch a lot of anime other the mainstream anime/manga and therefore don’t know how good they have it when it comes to FT. Fanservice is a key example of this, they don’t know bad fanservice if they think FT is bad. FT is mild in fanservice compared to a lot of anime like Highschool DXD.

To get back on topic, I do believe NaLu will become canon. However, if they expect mushy romantic scenes then they are heading for disappointment. It’s all about having realistic expectations.

To be completely honest I always shipped UlquiHime way more then I ever did IshiHime, I feel like I'm the only IchiRuki shipper who prefers UlquiHime

Like IchiRuki and UlquiHime will always be my Bleach OTPs

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Sometimes I feel like I'm the only SasuNaru shipper who believes SasuSaku did kiss. As much as I don't like SS, that is just not what I read from the Gaiden or from everything else. The other day I for put down by other sns fans for disagreeing on the "ss never kissed" issue and now I just feel like I'm not good enough a shipper just because I don't hate the canon ship with all my guts. I wish people didn't have to be so unreasonable in either way.:(

I don’t think that makes you a bad shipper, I just thought that was really heavily implied.

It’s already strange that she looks so shocked her daughter would ask if she kissed her own husband but it’s what she does after that that seems to confirm what most of us suspect. She looks VERY upset, thinks for a moment, and then smiles as she touches her forehead. She then mentions something “better than a kiss” and basically recreates this scene, from right before Sasuke left the village:

It’s VERY heavily implied that the forehead poke is what’s “better than a kiss” to her. I don’t think she genuinely believes that but just says it because she is probably embarrassed and wants to make herself feel better. 

It seems strange for Kishi to suggest they never kissed, even as a canon couple but that’s pretty consistent with how he acts around her in Gaiden. He’s not at all romantic or affectionate. The most her touches her is when he helps her get up and even then, he’s pretty cold. 

He doesn’t even seem like he’s generally interested in her.

I don’t know what Kishimoto was trying to do with this but I personally don’t believe they ever kissed. However, you can interpret the text how you want and as long as you still support SNS, you’re not any less of a shipper. That’s my opinion :)