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  A Dream Come True

My first attempt at a RPF! I love Norman, but am nowhere near an expert on him, like I am with Jeffrey. 😜 So excuse my writing of him.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan x Reader x Norman Reedus

Word count ~ 3500

Warnings- a few swears, reader talks sex, nothing else in this part.

Tags~ @stileswolfi @magikat409 @jasoncrouse @nothin-after-79 @magpiegirl80  @omgitss0y @binegan @metal-xo @mypopculturediva @angelofthenite

 This was all new. A convention wasn’t anything I had ever experienced , especially one specifically for The Walking Dead, one of my all time favorite television shows. I always thought those conventions were for hardcore, borderline crazy, fans. Yet here I am, packing for my flight to Atlanta.

 I went all out, purchasing the most expensive “platinum” weekend tickets, I even booked the hotel that I had heard the celebrity guests were staying at. Only place I “skimped” on was buying only photo ops and autographs for my two guys, Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Norman Reedus.

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listen – leslie is my heart and soul. he’s been my child for so many years and is so very, very important to me. just knowing that even one person may feel the same is overwhelming in ?? the best way ?? just. I’m really emotional rn and I’m gonna keep this part short so I can write some sappy crap about a few very important people below. 

@fateddivine​. my cheese. my best friend. my sister !! I love you and I know we don’t write often anymore ( lmao all my fault tbh ) but you’re my sharktatorchip always okay ?? you are so strong and so brave and so talented and honestly I’m just really lucky to have you in my life and I can’t wait to see you next spring. also, you’re the one who let me use your email two years ago to make leslie’s blog for the very first time when I was too lazy to make a new one and just … LMAO literally without you there’d be no les ( or me ) so. I just love you sm.

@loveruined​. sobs. I still can’t believe we’ve technically known each other for a long ass time yet we didn’t get close until a year or two ago – if I would’ve known the amazing friend I’d have then I’d of wiggled my way into your life sooner tbh. you are one of mine and leslie’s biggest cheerleaders and you’ve always loved him as if he were your own and I can’t tell you how much that means to me. I look up to you so much and I’m so thankful to have met you and one day I really hope we end up on the same corner of the earth again but like a tad bit closer so that we can discuss uni vs college and make poop jokes in person. also jane is both my child and my mom and jamie loves her sm despite acting like a total ass. 

@strangewebs. okay, but – you are LITERALLY the reason leslie exists. if it wasn’t for you talking me into bringing him to this hellsite, he might still be just a brain child I only semi-write on paper when the inspo strikes. and can we just talk about ?? how fucking sweet and creative and talented and amazing you are ?? like I don’t think you understand how much I adore you and I feel so honored every day that you’re my friend. you’ve supported me in every direction I’ve tried to take les ( lmao so many ) and you always give me honest feedback and you’re just super duper important to me and I’d fight the world for u.

@alleyspat​. mY BRO. holy heck I’m pretty sure we’re just family at this point. we’ve both been through so much since meeting each other and gone through some major changes and I’m just so glad I have you there beside me. you’ve supported me in real life woes as well as writing woes and your talent and dedication to your muses never ceases to astound me. you’re a role model and every time I see your face on my dash or feed it makes me so darn happy. you just ?? you deserve the world. don’t let anyone ever tell you any different. 

@serialclown​. carling, do you have any idea how much I adore you ?? you are just … so fucking talented and so fucking resilient and so fucking soft and kind and I’m just really honored that we’re as close as we are. you and cutter mean so much to leslie and I both and you’re both a huge part of why this blog is still even here, including the literal reason I brought les back in the first place. you have amazing taste in muses and no matter what your brain tells you, you are one of the most brilliant writers I know. keep your chin up, okay ??

list of more ppl I adore under the cut !! 

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Title: By Choice (Part One)
Word Count: 5.5K+
Pairing: Kurt Wagner x Female Reader
Summary: Kurt meets someone that makes him realize he’s the only one who can be in charge of his own life, and [Y/N] meets someone that makes her feel she’s the most special person in the world.  
Warnings: None except the tiniest mention of the origin of Kurt’s scars.
A/N: Oh man… this was supposed to be a 2K words story at most but I went overboard, like… really bad, and now I had to split it up in parts. It’s my first story here and I’m freaking out, because it’s a little all over the place. So, if you can tell me what you think about it it would be awesome! Also, English is my second language, so forgive me if I make mistakes (and point them out if you want to, I love learning). As the story progresses, it will include some headcanons [x x x] (or variations of them) that I sent to @shayara. Also, the summary isn’t just for Part One, it’s for the whole story.

It was no secret that Kurt Wagner’s life hadn’t been an easy one. As a child– even though there were many things he just couldn’t remember anymore– he had been despised by the community he should’ve been a part of, who believed him to be a demon that was supposed to be to feared. It hadn’t been easy to spend so much time hiding, terrified of what people would do to him if they ever found out where he was.

But hard as it had been– and by what he swore was the will of God– his life had been blessed by the circus. The circus was the biggest, most important part of Kurt’s life. In there, he found a family: people who accepted him and treated him as their equal. In the circus, he shone. He was The Incredible Nightcrawler, the best acrobat they had ever seen. People admired him and his unbelievable talent for acrobatics– even if they didn’t know that the way he looked on every performance wasn’t a costume, but his own flesh. And yet it didn’t matter, because to Kurt, hiding his true self was worth it when he saw the excited faces of the audience every time he performed.

However, it hadn’t been all good moments that would turn into happy memories. The scars he had inflicted on his own skin were a testament of that. 

One for every sin.

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AN: I know I said that I’ll be writing and stuff… but the truth is that I didn’t have any time to do it but hey now i’m here and i can write. (Also my gilmore girls marathon took my soul away) If there’s any spellings errors i’m sorry but english isn’t my first language… and i’m sorry it isn’t smutt but I’m not really in the mood to write something like that so sorry if this isn’t what you wanted. Hope you like it anyway. [ALSO I REMEMBER THAT I HAD LIKE A FEW MORE REQUESTS BUT I DON’T KNOW WHAT’S GOING ON WITH TUMBLR THAT I CAN’T SEE THEM. SO I’M SORRY.] Anyways, here it is and requests still open and stuff. 

THE GIF ISN’T MINE. I found it on google oops.


Pairing: Steve x Reader

||I don’t own Steve Rogers or any of the avengers. They belong to Marvel.||

Requested by: anonymous
“Hello! Can I please request a Steve x reader where they both have a crush on eachother but are afraid to admit it because they are best friends but one day someone said something really shitty to the reader and Steve tries to beat him up and in order to calm him down she kisses him? Smutty ending? Thank you doll!”  

“Oh boy”

Since the day that you entered to the Avengers team because of your amazing skills with knifes and the fact that you could teletransport, you developed a friendship with everyone in the team but mostly with one person: Steve. You two had become best friends pretty easy and he was all “protect the lady” when it comes to you.
“Let’s have a night out!” Tony yelled at the team with a glass of whine in his hands.
“Again?” asked Wanda, looking really tired. “I don’t really want to go out you know…”
“Well then we’ll have a party here… it’s been a long time since the last one”
You laughed. “A week, it’s been a week Tony”
Steve that was sitting right by you smiled at you and and placed his hand on your knee, making your heart beat faster than usual.
“y/n is right… it’s been a week. But is not a bad a idea.”
The team looked at Steve surprised.
“Well well if the Cap. says so… LET’S HAVE A PARTY!”
Nat sat on your bed and waited for you to come outside the bathroom, she gave you one of her stunning dresses for tonight.
“So y/n when do you think the Captain will know how do you feel about him?”
You looked at her by the door of the bathroom. She knew that you had feelings for Steve, and she’s been the only one that didn’t tell him.
“I don’t know… how long can I keep it? Forever?”
You two laughed, and you stood outside looking for your shoes. The dress was dark blue and adjusted to your body just perfect.
“Well with that dress you could tell me anything and i’ll feel good honey” Nat joked.
You blew her a kiss and put on the shoes.
“I think in some weird way he already know… but I don’t want to ruin our friendship.”
“We’ll find a way”

The party had already started when you came down stairs, and quickly looked over to find your best friend. In the moment you found his eyes he smiled at you and started to walk to you.
“Here you are y/n. Well that dress looks just amazing on you.” Steve kissed your forehead.
“Thanks Steve”
He nodded and the two of you started to walk to the bar. The Captain didn’t drank that much but you, oh boy, you could have a million beers and more.
In a moment that he had gone God knows where, someone sat by your side and smiled at you, you smiled back just to be polite.
“Hey… I’m Arnold.” Drunk voice. Great.
“Yeah, I know… listen I wanted to come over here because oh man, let me tell you that that dress looks so good that I could just ripped it off with my mouth”
You choked with your beer and looked at him pale. That wasn’t just rude but disgusting.
“Excuse me?” You asked and he gave you a smile that you wanted to punch.
“Yeah, you heard me… so do you want to?”
One more time, that stupid smile on his face. You did had a few beers, and you were a bit drunk but that didn’t mean that you will come anywhere with that asshole.
“Hell no. I’ll have to… decline your kind offer” You sounded harsh.
The man beside you stood up angry and looked at you with disgust on his face.
“It was just a pitty thing to say you know? No one would date a chick who trows knifes you know. You’re not even pretty enough, not even a little.”
Oh. No.
The next thing came fast. Steve’s hand was on the guy’s neck lifting him a little bit, angry as hell. And your hands on Steve’s back so he wouldn’t do anything.
“Oh here we are, the Captain America, saving the stupid knife girl”
And a punch. A really hard one, blood over his fist and on the guy’s face.
“That’s it” you said and placing a hand on Steve’s arm you closed your eyes and dissapear with him.
You took the two of you to Steve’s room.
“He’s an asshole, how can he possibly think that he can talk to you like that? How can ANYONE think that they can talk to you like that? To you? To my girl? Oh no, I will come down stairs and break every single bone of his body becau” you kissed him.
It was happening, you were kissing him and he was kissing you back.
“Alright calm down Steve” Did you just said that i’m your girl?“
You smiled on his mouth.
"Yes. You’re my girl.”
“Oh boy” You laughed and he took you by your waist just to kiss you deeply.
And deeply became heated and heated became really heated. And now your dress was on the floor along with all of his clothes.
“Oh boy” he repeated your words and started to walk with you to his bed.

Imagine spending New Year’s Eve with Jared

I check my bag at least three times before heading to the front door. I give a second look to the interior of the house when I finally decide that everything is in order. I’m able to see other people coming out their houses, starting to walk towards the main beach, where the sand was probably already crowded. One of my neighbors nods at me as a sign of greet, and I do the same before starting to walk to the opposite direction.

A couple of days ago I discovered a small beach, too covered with rocks to be attractive for tourists. The place always seemed to be desert, and I confirmed my suspicion when I started going there daily, only to find myself alone reading for hours to the sound of the sea. The small beach is only 20 minutes away from my house, and I arrive in time to watch the sun set.

I lay down a blanket, placing everything that I brought in my bag: beverages, food, a book, and a flashlight. The sun takes its time to set, giving me a perfect sight on this last day of the year. Being here alone, with this perfect view, makes me feel calm, relaxed, like nothing else matters, which is exactly what I needed. Without noticing, I fall asleep, the last sunlight covers me in the last seconds I’m able to appreciate it, before falling in the arms of Morpheus.

“You shouldn’t be here alone” I hear a voice by my side.

I move around the blanket, feeling a bit lost for the sudden darkness around me. Next to me, there’s a man, eating one of my apples. My first reaction is to run away, but my body is still too asleep to do so. So I just stand up from the ground and hold my hands high.

“Who the fuck are you?!”

“Calm down” The man laughs, “I’m not gonna rob you if that’s what you think”

And how am I not going to think that? The guy is wearing a hoodie and glasses, I’m not able to see his face and it looks like it is pretty late.

“I’m Jared” He introduces himself, standing from the sand to offer me his hand, “I saw you here and I thought you may be in need of company”

“I’m okay” I mutter, ignoring his hand, “Thank you”

Jared looks at his hand untouched and decides to take his offer back.

“You are eating my apple”

“Oh, yeah” He says, like he just realized he was eating my fruit, “I was a bit hungry, I’ve been walking all day. I wanted to ask you, but you were fast asleep and I didn’t want to wake you”

“What are you doing here?” I ask him, ignoring his whole explanation about my food.

“I thought this was a public place” Jared laughs again.

“It is, but people rarely come here”

“I always come here” He excuses himself, with a wide smile on his face, “You really look scared…”

And I actually am.

“It may be because of that” I point at his hoodie and sunglasses, “The sun set a while ago”

“Oh, yeah, sorry”

Jared pulls his hoodie off of his head, and the sunglasses disappear in one of his pockets a few seconds after. His eyes shine in the moonlight, and the smile returns to his lips.


“Way better”

“Can I sit now?”

“Are you sure you are not going to rob me?” I ask dead serious, but Jared laughs at me, probably thinking I’m joking.

“This is the first time someone tells me I look like a robber” He keeps laughing, “And no, I’m not going to rob you, I promise”

I nod one time, and he takes this as a sign that he can sit on my blanket again. A few seconds after he sits, I take a bottle of water and another apple from my bag, giving them to him while telling him my name. Jared thanks me with a smile, almost drinking the full bottle of water in a couple of seconds.

“What are you doing here?” He asks me, putting the bottle aside.

“It was empty before you appeared, I needed to be alone” I shrug, starting to peel an orange.

“So you are a loner” He says as an affirmation, he is not asking.

“I’m not a loner” My tone of voice makes me sound offended, but I’m not, I’m actually surprised that he considers me a loner just by wanting some peace.

“There’s a beach full of people waiting for a beautiful set of fireworks only half hour away from here, but you choose this place full of rocks to spend your New Year’s Eve… alone”

“You are here too… alone” I remark, with a knowing smile.

“Yeah, but I’m not a loner either” Jared steals half of the orange on my hands, “And this was my secret beach before you arrived with your bag full of fruit”

I look at him in silence, noticing how his eyes move from his hands to the beach in front of us. Jared looks exactly like the kind of person who enjoys the outdoors, with his skin tanned by the sun, and his appreciative eyes that look at the waves like they are made of crystal.

But there’s something else in his eyes, behind that shine there’s a secret, something hidden and it is the same image that I get to see every morning in the mirror.

“We can share it tonight; you look in need of a place like this”

“Well, thank you” I laugh, pulling out another bottle of water.

We spend a couple of minutes in silence. Jared keeps his eyes fixated in the waves, and I take my time to enjoy some food. It’s only 9 o’clock. There are still three hours before midnight, before a New Year starts, and I’m sitting at the beach with a man I don’t know.

Jared is the one who decides to break the ice again. He offers me his kind smile, turning his head to face me.

“So, what brings you here? Business or pleasure?”

“Neither” I answer, and Jared’s face turns confused, “I was supposed to meet someone here”

“Someone important?”

“Pretty much” I end up shrugging, “What about you? You look like the kind of guy who comes here for pleasure”

“Always” He whispers, giving me a quick wink, “But not now”

“Business, then”

“No, something worse”

“What can be worse than work?”

“Probably something similar to the reason why you are here alone, without that ‘someone’ you were supposed to meet”

Ouch. Low blow, Jared, low blow.

Jared seems to notice that his comment affected me in ways he can’t even imagine. I know my face does not show that vivid glow due to all those hours in the beach. I know that my eyes look opaque, lifeless, and that any smile that crosses my lips looks faked.

“Something happened to you” He mutters, getting closer to my side.

“I don’t want to talk about it”

My eyes immediately go to my hands, they are shaking, and I can’t contain a sigh that escapes my lips.

“We can talk about what happened to me” He offers, “I guess it’s kind of funny, and you look like you need something to laugh about”

“Does this story involve you robbing a house? Because that’s not gonna make me laugh”

“How many times do I have to tell you I’m not a robber?”

“As many as it take me to believe it” I laugh.

“Ok, so I didn’t rob a house or anything like that” He starts, getting comfortably closer to me, “I come here every summer, sometimes with my family, others with my friends, but mostly my brother”

“Older brother?” I adventure.

“Yeah, how did you know?”

“Adventurous guess, come on, continue” I encourage him, with a playful punch in the arm.

“This year I came with my brother and a couple of friends. One of these friends was… this girl, really pretty, like the kind of girl you see in a magazine cover” He tries to explain, but my face shows him that I’m not getting his description, “Tall, tanned, long brown hair, nice clothes…”

“The kind of girl who doesn’t really exist”

“Something like that” He shrugs with a smile, “So, I’m really into this girl somehow. I convince her to go with me downtown, I offer her food, clothes that she never accepted. I treat her like a goddamn princess but, for some reason, she only sees me as a friend”

“Maybe you weren’t being as clear as you thought you were”

“No, everybody noticed that I wanted to go steady with her, and I was even getting help from my friends, but in the end it was useless” Jared starts laughing, both of his hands go to his face to clear his view and face me again, “Last night, I decided it was finally time to try something risky. We went to a club and got a couple of drinks. We were both a bit drunk and I tried to kiss her”

“Oh, no…”

“Oh, yeah, I fucking did. And she fucking pushed me”

“She definitely wasn’t into you, then?”

“Not me and no other man, ever”

“Wait…” I say, finally starting to connect the dots, “She’s…”

“Yeap, a hundred percent. She even has a girlfriend and never told me!” Jared shakes his head, probably recalling the look on her face last night, “God, I feel so stupid, I should have known”

“Well, this doesn’t make me laugh, but it only makes me feel sorry for you” I confess, offering my bottle, “You were really into this girl?”

“Enough to make me avoid her all day” He shrugs, “But things like this happen, there are plenty more fish in the sea or… I don’t know”

“For a moment, I thought your brother had kissed her or something like that, but I never thought that she was lesbian” I mutter, “Even though, I think that your brother kissing her would have been worse”

“Maybe, I don’t know. We don’t do that kind of stuff to each other. We really appreciate our family relationship”

We stay in silence again; Jared drinks what’s left of my bottle and leaves it next to the other empty one.

“Why do you bring a book to the beach during the night?” He asks me, taking the book from my bag, “It’s too dark to read”

“That’s why I brought the flashlight” I show him the inside of my bag, where more food awaits and the flashlight rests in the middle.

“It still doesn’t make sense to me”

Jared hands me my book back and lies down in the blanket. I look at him, connecting our eyes in a way that feels too personal, but I just can’t look away.

“I still want to hear your story” He mumbles, using his arms to rest his head, “I already told you my embarrassing night, I think I deserve some distraction too”

It takes me a few minutes to gain the courage to start speaking. During that whole time, his eyes stick to me, analyzing every inch of my face. A tear comes out of my eyes, and I can’t hold his gaze anymore. This stranger is breaking down my walls, and part of me is happy that I get to share this with someone who isn’t my conscience.

“I used to come here with my parents when I was little, this is the first time in fifteen years that I visit this beach” I start, feeling his hand intertwined with mine, “Last year my parents decided to get a divorce and that’s when everything started to crumble”

Even though his hand was holding mine, and his fingers where caressing my palm, I wasn’t sure he was actually listening to my story. I lift my eyes to look at his, and he was more than listening to me. Because what I was seeing in his eyes was more than attention, it was comprehension. He was relying on my story.

“My mom got sick short after the divorce; I decided to leave my job to take care of her, but the cancer started taking the best of her. In just a couple of months it evolved to terminal and the thought of having to let her go started to hunt me” Jared sat back on the blanket, without letting go of my hand, his eyes penetrating me, “The doctor said she had a month to live. She survived five. But, a few days ago, we had to take her to the hospital”

“We?” He interrupts me, looking a bit confused.

“My dad and I” I clarify before continuing, “She only lasted a couple of hours, there wasn’t much left to do”

“You were going to come here with her?” Jared asks, and as I nod, the tears start making their way through my face.

“My dad was coming too; we knew we were not going to have another Christmas and New Year together.  After what happened, I decided to come anyway, this was our happy place”

“I’m sure she would have been happy here”

I nod again, daring myself to look in his eyes. For the first time I notice that they are blue, now filled with tears. I reach my hand to stop a tear falling on his cheek, and a small smile appears on his lips.

“Sorry, I’ve lost loved ones to cancer too”

“Everybody has” I shrug, “I got the chance to be with her during her last months, I’m more thankful than sad”

“That’s good” He smiles again.

The sound of the people in the crowded beach finally got to us, which was a sign that the end of the year was close. I take my phone to check the time, and I notice that we’ve been in that beach longer than I thought. There’s still 10 minutes left, and Jared notices this too.

“Come on” He says, standing on his feet, pulling me from the hand to make me stand too.

“What? Where are we going?”

“Just come with me”

I do as he says and I stand. Right away, he starts pulling me towards the water. I call his name a couple of times, but he keeps walking, without turning around to face me. When we are about to hit the water, he stops.

“Take off your shoes”

“Oh, no, we are not getting in the water”

“Take them off” He repeats, starting to take his own shoes off.

I watch him take his shoes off, and somehow I end up taking mine too. When he sees I’m ready, he takes my hand again. At first, the water makes me shiver, it is almost midnight and it is freezing. This does not stop him, since he keeps pulling me inside the water. Jared finally stops when the water reaches his waist.

“What are we doing here?” I ask him, my voice clearly trembling.

“We wait. Close your eyes”

His hand keeps holding mine; I take a look at this before lifting my eyes to his. He has already closed his eyes, so I do the same. I feel the breeze playing with my hair, making my body tremble. I’m able to feel everything, and for once, I feel calm. I start to remember my mom and everything we went through in the course of the whole year and, somehow, I smile. I did everything I could for her, she was more than thankful, and I was happy, because we were together.

The sudden crack of a firework accompanied the screams of thousands of people. Even though it scared me, I did not open my eyes. Jared pulls me closer to him, and I find myself crying in his arms. I’m not longer sad, I am happy, I am thankful.

When I decide to open my eyes again, I see him looking at the sky. The fireworks illuminate his face, and I can see a wide smile on his lips.

“Happy new year” I mutter.

He lows down his face to look me in the eyes, and gives me a quick kiss in the lips.

“For good luck” He says, before I’m able to do anything more than open my eyes even more, surprised.

“It may help you find a girlfriend” I laugh.

“If it helps, I owe you a couple of apples” He laughs too, “Now, let’s go, I don’t want you to catch a cold.

We start walking out of the water, our hands still holding each other. Jared helps me put everything in my bag before we start walking towards the road. It is clear that we are not going in the same direction, yet, we do not say a word. Jared looks at me again before I let go of his hand. I smile one last time, starting to walk back to my house. A few feet away, I turn to give a quick look to the man that changed my New Year’s Eve. I see him walking away from me, and it makes me wonder if this is the last time I would be able to see him.

so it’s been about two weeks since i officially finished revamping my blog. i’m amazed at how many of you followed me over to my new blog. i have about a fourth of the followers i had on the other, but it makes me secure in the knowledge that all of you are still actively interested in having me on your dashboards. i’m floored by all of you, so here’s a little shoutout to all of you who have taken the time to talk to me, to write with me, or what have you! none of it goes unnoticed, and i thank you all so much. whether you’re a new follower or you’ve been following me since i first made this blog, it’s an honor to have you by my side as brienne continues to develop. –––– i look forward to another wonderful year with all of you! ** this is in alphabetical order and is not meant to upset anyone.

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Love at First Sight


Oliver Queen hunches over a fire, arranging the pieces of wood, stoking the flames.  He sits back on his haunches and watches the flames flicker to life, the glow of the campfire illuminating his face.  He has a makeshift camp of sorts set up nearby, but he prefers to sleep outside under the stars.

It’s not a cold night, but even if it was, he wouldn’t feel it.  He’s spent too many nights like this, and they’ve given him an armor to the elements.  He doesn’t feel it anymore.

When he returned to Starling City, he often moved to the floor halfway through the night, the bed too soft for him.  Now, he’s back, alone again on this island, his reluctant home.

He returned here, like a murderer to the scene of a crime.  He killed Oliver Queen here. Just like he killed Tommy.  The thought floats up before he can push it down.  He knows it was an accident, he knows there was nothing he could do, he was too late to save him.  And yet, he can’t help feeling like it was his fault.  Everything that happened, with his family, with Tommy, with the Undertaking…

He had stood there, on that rooftop, next to John Diggle and watched the city burn.  Because he failed it.

He did what he always did when things got hard, he ran.  He could have gone anywhere in the world, but instead, he came here.  Home.  As terrible as this place was, is, he feels more at home here than he does anywhere else.

On this island everything is stripped away.  All the comforts, the uselessness of the modern world, the noise, the people - here everything becomes simple. Survive.

Nothing else matters.

Oliver stretches out on the ground, resting his head on a forearm and contemplates the night sky.  Here in the middle of nowhere, the sky brims with stars.

He quiets, breathing in the cold air, letting the sounds of the island soothe him.  All the creatures asleep, the only sounds are the wind, and the creaking of the trees, the soft raspiness of the leaves sliding against each other.

He lets his mind wander, slices of the last year play across his memory.  Some good, some bad.  He’s spent many nights replaying the  last year.  Trying to make sense of the events surrounding his return to Starling. 

He thinks of his family, Moira plotting, Thea lost.  And Tommy.  Of Tommy lying bleeding in the rubble, dying.  He tries not to think about it, but he can’t forget how Tommy looked at him and called him a murderer. 

He shakes his head, as if he can physically shake off the memories.

Tommy knew him better than almost anyone, and he’s gone.

Oliver’s mind wanders again, and he thinks of John Diggle. His friendship was one of the only good things that came out of the last year.  Well, not the only good thing.

This train of thought always seems to terminate at the same place.  Felicity.

He whispers the name out loud, letting the syllables roll around his tongue. Fe-li-ci-ty.  He can see her in his minds eye.  Her glasses, her ponytail.  Her fluttery hand gestures.  The way she looks right through him, right into him so that he feels exposed.  He had to admit, that he spent a great deal of time thinking about her.  She was a puzzle to him.  She was unlike any woman he had ever met.  So smart, it unnerved him that he couldn’t charm her into submission.

She asked him once if she could trust him, and he said yes.  And the minute the words came out of his mouth, he knew he HAD to mean them.  That he desperately needed her to trust him, but more than that he knew unequivocally that he trusted her.  That moment is when he realized he was going to tell her his secret.

He thought about her now, her strength, her bravery, her loyalty, she was really unlike anyone he had ever met before.

He wasn’t in love with her.  She was his friend.  His first friend that he hadn’t tried to have sex with, not that–he stops himself.  No, don’t go there.  She is very pretty.   No, that’s not the right word he thinks.  She is stunningly beautiful.  
He smiles bemusedly.  She is so weird.  She is smart, and funny and quirky and somehow, what she thinks of him matters a great deal to him.  When did that happen?  He thinks about that night of the Undertaking when she refused to leave.  What made her so brave?  She was scared.  He could tell, but she stayed. 

She was a mystery to him.  Why is he spending so much mental energy thinking about this tiny blonde girl?  With that bright pink lipstick…lips.  Stop it.  He’s not falling for her.

The first time he saw her, she was this funny perceptive person that made him smile, it wasn’t love at first sight.  But you liked her.  The thought whispers to him.  Didn’t you?  You liked her a lot.

It wasn’t love at first sight.  He thinks stubbornly.  It’s not like he wanted to pounce on her and take her right there.

It wasn’t love at first sight.

And then unbidden it rises up inside him, snaking its way to the surface…Wasn’t it?

He sighs in frustration.  Rolling to his side and facing the flames, her face floating in front of him.  Weirdly, thinking about her made him feel better.  It made him forget for a little while.  He closes his eyes, falling asleep, thinking about pink lipstick, glasses, and a blonde ponytail.