i feel like i'm making too many gifs

Since it’s 31st August at where I am right now, I’ll say that this is the end of the Icekit Revolution.

I’m glad that many have come to recognize the cuteness of this kitten and there have been people participating in drawing him!
Yall should be making nekotalia blogs too pfft

So after this, I’ll go back to my weekly updates in the weekend.


laila attempts to come out as bi(sexual), but her mom hears bai.


The many faces of Yuri Plisetsky :3c



I want to take this opportunity to wish Lee Seokmin–Seventeen’s resident happy virus, seokshine, and horse enthusiast–the happiest of birthdays. From your infectious smile to your Dracula laugh, I love everything about you. You’ve brought joy to so many fans like myself and I hope you continue to be the DK we’ve all come to know and love. I’m honestly so proud of everything you’ve accomplished in the past couple of months. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you because I just know that you will put 110% in every opportunity that comes your way *cough* hopefully a musical or your own radio gig or a variety show *cough*. Please continue to stay happy and healthy so that you can continue to be Seventeen’s main vocalist and energizer. Thank you for being born on this day and thank you for blessing Carats with your beautiful voice 💕