i feel like i'm getting better omg


This whole storyline that started this season about Cam and Arastoo adopting has seriously warmed my heart, but in all honesty, the one thing that gets me about the whole thing is that at the end of the day, Cam went to Brennan of all people to discuss about their adoption plans (you can tell from her ‘you ready to tell them?’ remark earlier that Brennan knew about Cam and Arastoo’s plans all along - and it brings back memories of all those years ago, when Cam first started working at the Jeffersonian and both Brennan and Cam clashed so much, and it was that one conversation in the diner about Brennan being a foster child which led them to working out a plan to function better as a team and colleagues, and all that has led up to this moment now. That she can now confide in Brennan, and Brennan in turn, was there to offer her the advice and support required, is what makes this entire scene even better for me. Because it shows just how far these two have come after all these years, from colleagues who couldn’t get along, to becoming dear friends. And in all honesty, that is all I could have ever asked for with these two. ❤️


Buckle up y'all this is gonna be a lonnggg one.

I know that I truly love her because she hurt me on a whole another level and I still love her. I have a right to be mad at her, but I’m not. I “should be” speaking poorly of her, but I’m not, I only speak positively about her. I could have flipped out on her, but I didn’t, I don’t want to, I see no need to. I could be the most bitter thing towards her, but I’m not, I don’t want to be, I let her go knowing that I love her and I always will, she will always have someone to turn to. I could have left her before she got the chance to leave me, but I didn’t, I gave her the decision, because if it was up to me we would be in each other’s lives forever. I want her to be free, I want her to be happy, I want her to know that she matters, I want her to know she is so dearly loved, I want her to know she is so incredibly unique and special, I want her to know I will always love her, I want her to know that my arms will always be wide open for her, I want her to know that I have yet to find anything that compares to her, I want her to know that she is so valued, I want her to know that there will always be a spark of love in my heart for her, I want her to know that I love all of her, even though I don’t know every single detail of her life, I see who she is because of it, she is strong and beautiful and so gentile and she has been hurt, I can see those parts of her and I love her. I don’t only love her because she is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen, I loved her because she was raw, she had such spark about certain things, she understood, she listened, she was patient, she had a way with words, she could make me melt in a single sentence, she worked so hard, she made me feel like I mattered to someone, to at least her and that is all I needed in life, she gave purpose to life, she saw the beauty of things and the sad side of things, her mind took a while to learn, but once I got a drift of how it worked I fell in love, she has so much genuine love for her pets, she was true, she was the definition of cuteness, she was such a goofball, she had sass, she changed me, she made me happy, she made me smile, she made me cry, she made me sad. She was the only person I let my walls down for. I gave her my heart and forever I think she will have it, maybe one day it won’t be all of it, but she will always have the majority of it. I wanted to know all of her. I wanted to know her full story of life. I wanted to know why she is the person she is, I wanted to understand her in a way that no one had before, I wanted to be the one for her, I wanted to know all major events of her life, all the little ones too, I wanted to know the little things that she loved, the tiny facts that no one pays attention to, I wanted to truly know her, I wanted to feel her pain and joy, I wanted to know her favorite memories and her least favorite, I wanted to know her favorite thing about herself, I wanted to know her least favorite thing about herself. I wanted her to know I would love her no matter what. I wanted to spoil her, I wanted to take her on dates, I wanted to love her in her best and worst moments, I wanted to take her places, I wanted to finish that game of 20 questions, I wanted to love her through every mood and phase, I wanted to take her to the movies and leave not even knowing what the movie was about, I wanted to hold her hand, I wanted to give her my jacket when she got cold, I wanted to hug her, I wanted to kiss her forehead just because I could, I wanted to stare into her beautiful eyes and just think “wow”, I wanted to take her out to dinner, I wanted to stargaze with her by my side, I wanted to give her a massage after a long day at work, I wanted to dance in the rain with her, I wanted to hold her at night when she got frightened because of a nightmare, I wanted to fall asleep next to her, I wanted to wake up next to her, I wanted to see her do something she loved and watch how she would light up, I wanted to go on deep conversation walks, I wanted to be with her, I just wanted to be in her presence, I wanted to do that cute little run hug thing and then fall on our butts because it’s not a movie, I wanted to show her everything, I wanted to take her to New York City and Paris, I wanted to love her forever, I wanted to wake up every day just feeling so happy because I got to be with my love, I wanted to take her to that place she dreamed about, where we could love each other endlessly, where we could be ourselves without worries, where we would shiver from closeness, where nothing would stand in our way, where it would be every thing that she dreamed of and so much more, I want to take her there and be with her. I wanted to fall asleep listening to her voice, I wanted to show up at her work and order breakfast, only paying in change, because I know it annoys the crap out of her, I wanted to look at her, I mean just look at her, take in her beauty, I wanted to know every scar on her body and where it came from, I wanted to give her some of my own clothes, so that she would think of me every time she wore them, I wanted to buy her everything that her little heart desired, I wanted to give my little girl a kiss whenever she was down, I wanted to be a brat whenever she would try to kiss me and turn my head so that she would end up kissing my cheek, then she would get upset and she would make me kiss her, I wanted to tell her all of my useless knowledge, I wanted to tell her all of my stupid thoughts and ideas, I wanted to horribly sing love songs to her, I wanted her to meet my puppy, I wanted to meet her little bunny, I wanted to do all stupid cheesy sappy stuff with her, I wanted to teach her how to play soccer, I wanted to watch the sunset with her, I wanted to wake up early and see the sunrise with her, I wanted to enjoy her favorite month (October) together, I wanted to tackle her into a pile of leaves and then run away from her chasing me trying to tackle me, I wanted to carve a pumpkin with her, I wanted to just sit with her watching the leaves fall, enjoying the silence that we rarely ever have, I wanted to wake up extra early to make her breakfast, I wanted to get all bundled up with her go to the beach and watch the way the waves crash onto the shore, and see how the fall waves differ from the summer time waves, I wanted to catch lightning bugs with her and then let them go because we want them to be free, I wanted to take her to Starbucks and get the cliche seasonal drinks, I wanted to go through a flipping corn maze holding her hand, and I wanted to get lost doing so because we were being such morons, I wanted to watch her kick ass on the court, I wanted to kiss her in the moonlight on a night time fall walk, because I can’t resist kissing my little cutie, I wanted to be with her while the seasons changed and we had to deal with the terrible winters that we get up here, I wanted to play in the snow with her, because we truly are children at heart, I wanted to tackle her into pile of snow and again have to run away from her chasing me, I wanted to catch snow flakes on our tongues, I wanted to have snowball fights with her, I wanted to go ice skating for my first time with her, and you know of course fall on my ass and have her laugh at me, I wanted to go around looking at Christmas lights with her, and a cup of hot chocolate of course, then I wanted to kiss her when the ball drops and we start a New Year, after that I wanted to give her the absolute best birthday and birthday present ever, whatever that would have been, I would have made it happen. I wanted her to be my cheesy valentine I wanted to buy her a teddy bear and all of that stuff, I wanted to take her out on a ton of dates, whether that be dinner, a movie, stargazing, napping, breakfast, watching the sunset, dancing at 4 in the morning, watching the sun rise, cuddling, going to a carnival, or anything really. I wanted to get to know her in a way that I have never known anyone else before, I wanted to know all about her, I wanted to know all of her thoughts, I wanted to know all of her ideas, I wanted to bring her flowers, I wanted to give her everything, I wanted to be there when she gets sick so that I could give her soup and medicine and make sure that she rests and gets better, I wanted to be there when she gets a tummy ache and just needs to relax, I wanted to do all of this and soooooo much more. She will always be my 11:11 wish, my birthday wish, and my wish upon a star. I truly do think that I love her, I can’t say for sure because love never really was my forte. I believe that I am, because if I’m not in love with her, then what the hell does actually falling in love feel like?!?! Like that must be some crazy shit! I mean this is some crazy shit that I’m feeling to begin with soo….

Thank you for reading my “rant”. If anyone is hurting, I’ve heard that it gets better eventually. I feel your pain, we are all hurting together. Try listening to some Halsey she understands pain. Huge thank you to you guys too! Thank you for letting me air out my thoughts, feelings, and pain, it has helped me so much!

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pls dont draw thomas w wavy hair

Omg.. I’m so sry for this picture  XDDDD

But yes u got a point.. i rly can’t draw afro’s..and I rly try to make pogress on that. Before my helpless animation literally practice thomas like 10 fucking times and in the end i had the feeling i never fucked up so bad before XD. I just hope that it gets better.. Till than pls bear with my wavy-wrong haired Thomas.. or ignore me Idk XD 

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Oh hell, Arséne would probably say something using Akira to get a person's attention. Akira's gets tongue tied around a person? Arséne swoops in as the ultimate wingman and saves the day. Honestly if the other personas did that to just pick fights at the other users, I wouldn't be shocked. Captain Kidd would totally hijack Ryuji just to poke fun at Arséne's user ("Dude what's with the frickin coat you look like a waiter! HA! GARÇON, BRING ME YOUR FINEST WINE.)

THAT’S WHAT I’M SAYING like at the beginning of the game Akira has ZERO charm along with the other stats (unless it’s NG+), so there is NO WAY this kid is suave on his own like if you’ve ever wondered what Arséne’s wings are for they’re for letting him swoop in to save Akira from his own social ineptitude. a literal ‘wingman’ But at the end of the game Akira’s cunning can actually rival Arséne’s thanks to social stats and finally embracing his suppressed self. he literally just hugs Arséne right before he dissipates along with the Metaverse ;_;

HASJDGFAJSDK I DIED FROM THAT LAST COMMENT OMGGGG but what if Kidd is the reason Ryuji can’t drop the F-bomb??? Like he says it in his head but all he says out loud is ‘eff’ and Kidd’s just giggling and like pushing a ‘censor’ button or something LMAO. 

THANK YOU FOR SENDING THIS!! This is so funny to imagine omg you’re a delight!!

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Ok wait hold up? So hoseok was being rude to her because she was being rude to her self and he wanted to show her not to treat herself like that? Yoongi is bestfriends with Y/N but he doesn't actually like her??? And Jimin is Y/Ns ex who cheated on her but they are still friends? And all three of them know eachother in this story? I'm so confused 😂😂 but it's a good story

omg no you only got the hoseok part right. Lemme explain i will try to make it quick.

(🤗) Hoseok was being rude bc he likes y/n and hates how she treats herself. He thought that by being rude she would realize she was special and love herself.

(🤷🏻‍♂️) Yoongi and y/n are best friends but yoongi pushed y/n away when she confessed. he has feelings for her but won’t admit it bc he thinks y/n deserves better than him (he did use y/n crush on him to get stuff and all that shit). He also best friended jimin, thanks to him he knew that y/n was crying and shit

(🤓) Jimin is y/n ex. He cheated on her a few times and y/n kept giving him chances. Somehow between all the shit y/n started liking yoongi and moved on from jimin but after yoongi pushed her away, she went back to jimin since she thinks she deserves being hurt bc she doesn’t deserve love or good things.

Hope this makes sense lmao

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tbh i'm so glad you're the one to own the yoonseok username because i couldn't imagine someone better for the job on the entire platform you're just??? so good at everything you do and highkey my favourite blog to go to whenever i feel down or feel like i'm craving sope bless u

this made me smile so hard thank you omg ;; i’ve always wanted to be that blog, you know. the one you check up on every now and then lmao also being acknowledged for not only either gifs or graphics but both means a lot to me. i really work hard to get better at either and just,, thank you so much 

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Rin, the ACOWAR wips are amazing, love every one of them, but your art is amazing in general. I feel like even if you do just a simple sketch of an object or something very lame it would be wonderful, because for some reason all of your art has some sort of temper, like a soul on it's own, I know It might be confusing, but what I'm trying to say is that your art really speaks to me and inspires me and that's the main reason why you are one of my fav artist.

OMG *melting* 

I’m so very happy you like these wips! And if you get feelings from my artwork, then what I do has worth to it. Thank you for your kind words! I’ll work harder to get better!

And I hope you’ll like the piece all these wips were for;)

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Hey Yas, still recovering?? Pffff what a question.... I was wondering: what if Jane's smile before Kurt take off her shirt is just the response to "no more interruptions now"...:-) My God, seriously I need a cure, that kind of feeling about a show didn't happen in long time, and I'm not just talking about Jeller, but the whole thing, from head to toe. Ça fait mal....


Ok, maybe I will recover like next wednesday two minutes before the finale and then i will die all over again. and omg they better lock that door and turn off their phones and disconnect the landline and the turn off the gas and make sure there is absolutely no way anyone can interrupt them because it is getting out of hand! LOL


the 100 » jasper & monty
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let's be alone together, we could stay young forever,
scream it from the top of your lungs, lungs, lungs.

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Hey! Do you know any good eruri fanfics that I can read to cheer up after chapter 84? Thank you.

Anon, all I’ve been doing lately is reading through various eruri fanfics, drabbles and one shots to make me forget that chapter 84 actually happened

I can absolutely recommed the first chapter of Thunderstorms by haikyuuson. It happens shortly after ACWNR: Erwin comforts Levi - who is scared of thunderstorms - in the absolut most beautiful way. I love how the writer portrayed them, they feel so canon and it’s just so well done - this could’ve actually happened between them, that’s how real it feels. The way that the writer described the situation between them felt so intimate, it was done beautifully. While this hasn’t been updated since June, it can be read as a drabble (although i really want more of this pls)

Loose Ends by ephieshine is a post-canon scenario which I always wanted for them. After the war, Levi and Erwin meet again and they begin to resolve the unspoken feelings that they always had for each other. It’s slow and sweet and exactly what I was looking for after chapter 84. 

Queensmooting’s drabbles (i read mostly the fluffy ones) are very nice as well, just sweet, some are silly and made me smile.

Everything that birbwin writes. Seriously, check out birbwin’s drabbles they are lovely (i enjoy them all although i feel like they’re just getting better and better the more you read) and I might’ve reread most of them after the chapter came out lmao 

Lastly: THIS little ficlet by wallfloore which was so desperately needed after the chapter had been leaked bc let’s be honest we all don’t want this to be true and this honestly helped me so much to calm down after the first shock just bless wallfloore for posting this omg

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Okay so first of all I just want to say your blog gives me life. I probably read a FIC daily from on of your recommendations and I can't get enough. That being said I'm not in the greatest place right now in my life and call me cray but I would really love to read some sad/tragic fanfics to fit my mood haha. Like sad endings, or sad themes (ex. Depression, harassment, bullying, homophobia). Omg now that I'm actually writing this I'm super embrassed and I love you guys and I'm sorry XD

Heya! I’m very sorry to hear that you’re not in the greatest place at the moment. *sends u a massive hug*

Many of these fics have triggering themes so please check the tags carefully before reading! ^.^ If anyone needs to feel better after reading these check out our fluff tag to brighten up your mood! ^-^

✄ I Don’t Want to Be Alone Kim Taehyung gets up every morning and goes through the same routine. He may not be happy with it, but he is stable. He doesn’t need to tell anybody about his past. And he doesn’t need another person to make him happy. No. That is the last thing he needs. But one day his psychologist makes him an offer that he can’t turn down and Taehyung is stuck. His past demands to be heard, but the damage it will cause may be unfixable.

✄ If I let go of your hand… Bittersweet [adjective]: - the quality of pure pleasure and happiness tinged with sadness and pain.“I am Jeon Jungkook. I was first born in 1670. I fell in love with Kim Taehyung twenty years afterwards. And then I fell in love with him hundreds of times after that. I chase him far and wide over lifetimes because I love him until it hurts, even though he dies each time we meet, and it’s all my fault…You can feel sympathy, but I don’t need it. This is my reality.”

✄ I Want Nobody (But You, Baby) In the middle of winter, Jeongguk and Taehyung meet again.

✄ You Belong With Me How was Taehyung supposed to go on everyday looking at his best friend who he’s known all his life and hiding such a huge secret from him? He hated that he had to put on a fake smile every day so that Jungkook wouldn’t see. Every day he just tried to make believe that it didn’t hurt, seeing Jungkook with someone who wasn’t him, but that just made it worse. How he wished he could just come out and say it. Tell him, “Jungkook, you belong with me.”

Pictures I’m Living Through (For Now) It’s almost funny – the longer he spends with Jeon Jeongguk, the worse his life becomes, until he’s left sitting in his dorm alone, staring at a journal that used to be full of memories.In which Taehyung falls in love with the shy cashier, and like always, becomes determined to make the best out of a very shitty situation.

Opia Jeon Jungkook’s not sure why he bothers to entertain the man-child named Kim Taehyung but one thing’s for sure and that’s even if he tries to stay away from him, he always finds himself back to his side.(It’s not like he wants to, it’s just that Kim Taehyung’s sort of become an addiction and he can’t help himself.)

You’re beautiful (But You’re Cold) They used to have the world at their fingertips, but now that’s just some story from the past.

✄ Admin Amanda ^-^

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I am honestly feeling so very honored that I was tagged; thank you so much for tagging me @flyingsassysaddles!!

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Second Rule: EMBOLDEN the statements that apply to you.

APPEARANCE: I am 5′7″ or taller | I wear glasses/contacts | I have at least one tattoo | I have at least one piercing | I have blonde hair | I have brown eyes | I have short hair | My abs are at least somewhat defined | I currently have/have had braces

PERSONALITY: I love meeting new people | People tell me that I’m funny | Helping others with their problems is a big priority for me | I enjoy physical challenges | I enjoy mental challenges | I’m playfully rude with people I know well | I started saying something ironically and now I can’t stop saying it | There is something I would change about my personality

ABILITY: I can sing well | I can play an instrument | I can do over 30 pushups without stopping | I’m a fast runner | I can draw well | I have a good memory | I’m good at doing math in my head | I can hold my breath underwater for over a minute | I have beaten at least two people in arm wrestling | I know how to cook at least 3 meals from scratch | I know how to throw a proper punch

HOBBIES: I enjoy playing sports | I’m on a sports team at my school or somewhere else | I’m in an orchestra or choir at my school or somewhere else | I have learned a new song the past week | I work out at least once a week | I’ve gone for runs at least once a week in the warmer months | I have drawn something in the past month | I enjoy writing | Fandoms are my #1 passion | I do or have done martial arts

EXPERIENCES: I have had my first kiss | I have had alcohol | I have scored the winning goal in a sports game | I have watched an entire season of a TV show in one sitting | I have been at an overnight event | I have been in a taxi | I have been in the hospital or ER in the past year | I have beaten a video game in one day | I have visited another country | I have been to one of my favorite band’s concerts

MY LIFE: I have at least one person I consider a “best friend” | I live close to my school | My parents are still together | I have at least one sibling | I live in the United States | There is snow right now where I live | I have hung out with a friend in the past month | I have a smartphone | I have at least 15 CDs | I share my room with someone

RELATIONSHIPS: I’m in a relationship | I have a crush on a celebrity | I have a crush on someone I know | I have been in at least 3 relationships | I have never been in a relationship | I have asked someone out or admitted my feelings to them | I get crushes easily | I had a crush on someone for over a year | I have been in a relationship for at least a year | I have had feelings for a friend

RANDOM SHIT: I have breakdanced | I know a person named Jae | I have had a teacher with a last name that’s hard to pronounce | I have dyed my hair | I’m listening to one song on repeat right now | I have punched someone in the past week | I know someone who has gone to jail | I have broken a bone | I have eaten a waffle today | I know what I want to do with my life | I speak at least 2 languages | I have made a new friend in the past year

ALSO it fuckin??? sucks when it feels like the only interesting things that have happened to you are like. depressing conversation killers? especially when people talk about “omg shitty exes! they did [thing] and it sucked” and here i am McTraumatized like “lmao yeah don’t u hate when ur entire thought pattern revolves around them and you’re unable to have normal interactions anymore!!” and like. what the Fuck is anyone supposed 2 Say to that? this is legitimately part of the reason i dislike parties

PJO characters as things my friend has said part 2
  • Leo: Im crying over a girl in my palm tree underwear DO I LOOK OKAY???
  • Percy without his memories: Who is this? And i can't?? And why???
  • Will: Babies shouldn't be screaming
  • I'm the one with problems
  • It should be me
  • Jason(again): im getting my meds switched and school sucks and my mom's a bitch???
  • Octavian: omg they keep trying to convince me they're better than me and im like lol okay stinky idiot boy
  • Chiron: i can't feel my legs when i'm with you, CUS I'M CRIPPLED
  • Piper: i'm the straightest gay person you'll probably EVER meet

( insp. )

More Teen Titans AU stuff ;u; I dunno I wanted to try mixing the two designs together but I’m not sure that I like how it turned out, so I might not try it again and just go back to regular Titans outfits for them. ^^; Y'all can click it for full size if you so desire

I wanted to draw Jack and Hic too, though (and toothless omg), so I might do them too in a bit? 

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Wait, mun, YOU drew Fresh Threads??! If so--- mAAAAn-- I'll never be as great as you--- you're too good! I'm jealous! You're such an amazing artist, you somehow keep getting better and it's blowing my mind!!!

HHHHHHHOMG ANONY OMG BUT!!! FRESH THREADS IS FROM NEARLY A YEAR AGO!!! AHHHHHHH I’ve worked on my art so much since then! ( /0\)💦

IMMEAN YOU’RE SO SUPER SWEET and I’m hysterically happy you like my art no matter what time it’s from BUT I CAN’T HELP BUT BE A LITTLE EMBARRASSED X’DDD it’s so oooolldddd nowwwwww ( /U\ )💦!!!!

dude, Anony, LIKE OMG,

You’re one thousand percent capable and amazing, I know this because I deeply feel like there’s no art that is “better!” Maybe only preferred from one person to another, but art is a collective to be appreciated by many.

Scott McCloud makes a point saying that “you might already be able to draw like Michelangelo, but if it doesn’t communicate, it’ll die on the page while a cruder but more communicative style will win fans by the hundreds of thousands.”

I think greatness in art doesn’t always have to come from skill, it comes just as much from passion and depth!

at least, that’s just from my point of view.

Different emotions i feel during "American Idiot"
  • American Idiot- I'm going to rebel the government and rampage through my house!
  • Jesus of Suburbia:
  • Jesus of Suburbia- Fuck everybody, I'm my own person!
  • City of the damned- Now I'm sad...
  • I don't care- I don't care what you think of me!
  • Dearly beloved- I'm zo emotional right now.
  • Tales from another broken home- i want to get the fuck out of this town!
  • Holiday- Lets go fucking crazy!
  • Boulevard of Broken dreams- I'm so lonely...
  • Are we the waiting- i really want to get out of this town now...
  • St. Jimmy- I'm crazy as fuck, no one can stop me!
  • Give me novacaine- I feel sad again...
  • She's a rebel- I'm a rebellious punk!
  • Extraordinary girl- Will i ever fall in love?
  • Letterbomb- Girl power, bitch!
  • Wake Me Up When September Ends- poor billie...
  • Homecoming:
  • Death of st. Jimmy- awww....i kinda liked jimmy...
  • East 12th street- somebody get me outta here!
  • Nobody likes you- why is this tune so addictive?
  • Rock and roll girlfriend- haha bitch, I'm better than you!
  • We're coming home again- yayyy!
  • Whatsername- omg! He lost the love his life! That's so sad...