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Stuff My Dad Said During Hamilton (Act 1)
  • Hamilton: Is this that musical that has made you obsessed with dead people?
  • Aaron Burr, Sir: If someone started rhyming my name I would leave. It's so annoying.
  • My Shot: Okay they asked who he was - this - this is not the answer to their question. Oh wait now he's spelling his name - YOU KNOW IN THIS TIME MANY PEOPLE WERE ILLITERATE!
  • The Story Of Tonight: Okay so here's drunk dudes being pals and so not flirting with each other.
  • The Schuyler Sisters: AND PEGGY IS MY NEW MOTTO!
  • Farmer Refuted: You said this was the High School Musical dude right? (Me: Yeah.) STICK TO THE STATUS QUO ALEXANDER!
  • You'll Be Back: Okay George whichever shut up and let America rebel. Rebellion is good - *turns to me* That being said ever start to rebel and you'll be grounded till you die.
  • Right Hand Man: Burr got BURR-NED! Get it? Cause Burr. Burrned. It's funny you're just being stupid.
  • A Winter's Ball: Didn't we already listen to - oh wait no this is different.
  • Helpless: Oh God I hope girls don't act like this. *I give him a confused/dirty look* I mean you should make a boy beg for you not fall at his knees. You should make him helpless.
  • Satisfied: This song is just....*exploding hand moves and noise*....Feelings.
  • The Story of Tonight (Reprise): Another drunk song. And the French dude. (Me: Lafayette) Okay well I'm gonna call him French Fry.
  • Wait For It: Did everyone cheat in this time?
  • Stay Alive: Fucking Charles Lee man. Who's Charles Lee?
  • Ten Duel Commandments: They keep saying "Most Disputes Die And No One Shoots" I feel like they're lying to me...
  • Meet Me Inside: Uh ph, Daddy Washington is mad.
  • That Would Be Enough: How do they know it's a boy? I don't think they had ways to tell in this time.
  • Guns And Ships: Rap off. This dude (Me: Daveed) Yeah him, versus like, Eminem, Jay-Z and...uh other rappers.
  • History Has Its Eyes on You: Okay this went from fun to deep...
  • Yorktown: You know we live an hour from this site...*Looks out window*...We should go and reinact this.
  • What Comes Next: Oh right. Georgey is still there. He can piss off.
  • Dear Theodosia: I feel one of them will die...just how everything is worded. AJ, do I get...feels in this?
  • Lauren's Interlude: Wait what the fuck...is he? Oh my God. Alex's boyfriend!
  • Non-Stop: This is too cheery for killing someone. I quit.

Rucas Fic Week 2017

Day Eight// AU + Free Choice: Unwilling and unable to face everyone on her own when it comes time to attend Auggie and Ava’s wedding, Riley Matthews hires a solution in Lucas Friar. Loosely based on The Wedding Date.

Part One II 

Notes: Obviously, this is an AU and it takes place in the future. The characters are adults. While I’m not someone who will ever write smut, and I don’t plan on getting particularly graphic with language or even implications, the vary nature of this story is a bit more adult than what I’ve written previously. I’d place the rating somewhere around a PG-13/14.

Also, this is essentially the first installment to what has started developing into a multi-chapter fic. So this starts a lot of threads and leaves them dangling by the time you reach the end. But you will get answers eventually.


The invitation comes on a Wednesday and Riley immediately considers throwing it in the trash and pretending she never got it.

It’s not that she hasn’t known it would be coming–Auggie had told her about the engagement weeks ago and asked her to be what he called his ‘Best Sister’–but receiving the invitation makes it real. Auggie and Ava are getting married, they’re holding the wedding in Cape Cod, and Riley is expected to join them and the family for a week of wedding festivities at the end of the summer. Riley could just about throw up at the thought. It’s really the sort of scenario she’s been trying (semi-successfully) to avoid since high school graduation nearly eleven years ago, and if the invitation were from anyone else she probably would crumple it up and pretend it got lost or RSVP with an easy lie about not being able to get the vacation time at work, but this is for Auggie.

The only acceptable reason for Riley not to attend would be massive injury and/or death.

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Jeffrey I know you probably get so many asks because you are lovely person but!! Help!! I'm aromantic and a guy asked me out and he's lovely and sweet and everything one would want but I just can't feel attracted to him! Which I know isn't wrong but I feel like if I dated him I'd either be cheating him out of something he deserves or setting myself up for failure because I just don't want to disappoint him. What should I dooo???

Talk. Open your mouth. Say something.
It’s risky. He might reject you or be upset or say something you don’t expect.
But, the risk of just dating him without saying anything is much bigger and a lot of tough things are coming if you go down that road.
Show you really care by being honest and upfront about what is and isn’t possible. Bring him into the decision. It affects his life too after all. 💛💛💛💛💛💛💛

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man i was so excited about lance originally as a character. i'm a cuban woman n there are literally NO CUBAN people in cartoons, like ever. this is the first series i can think of that's ever had one and it was SUCH a big deal for me. so exciting, and yet i can't even enjoy him or that fact anymore bc 99% of the fandom turns his character into an ooc mess n uses him as a self insert. like..i feel so cheated esp bc i kno most of these ppl cant understand this pov n yet his charas FOR THEM ok

The character they worship isn’t even L/ance. Fanon!L/ance and canon!L/ance are two entirely different characters. That does make me wonder why they like L/ance in the first place, considering they feel the need to completely erase his personality and replace his main traits with bits and pieces of other characters’ personalities.

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I'm sorry. I meant your favourite male character from books

Hello, darling :) Nothing to be sorry for, it’s just that I would have a really hard time choosing just one, haha. Even now it’s a struggle and I feel like I will cheat again by choosing two xD

Here it goes:

1) Rhysand - ACOTAR series

There are MANY reasons for this but the main one is, basically, I love dark, sassy, suave and morally grey characters who basically stan their ladies like, right from the start. And I don’t know (and don’t care) what that says about me but I was ready to love Rhysand right from the moment he appeared in Spring Court with that head on spike.

Apart from all of this, Rhysand actually reminds me a LOT (and that’s an *cough cough* understatement) of one of my fav TV male characters - Klaus Mikaelson (TVD).

Here’s an awesome post by @maevelin who pretty much nailed all the similarities (x)

Edit: As far as ACOTAR series goes, Rhysand is (VERY) closely followed by Cassian, Azriel and Lucien. Just to clear things up and cheat even more, haha!

2) Warner - Shatter Me series

Okay, so this is my latest fave and this series took a turn for amazing from the moment he appeared, at least to me.

There he was, saying things like:

“At least I’m honest about being a liar.”

And then a little verbal sparring with his future BAE:

“Go to hell.“ 

“I’m working on it.”

When no one sees him, he cuddles stray gods to his chest, then carries on his evil way.

Warner as he expresses feelings for his BAE:

“I want all of you. I want you inside and out and catching your breath and aching for me like I ache for you.” 

“I want to be the friend you fall hopelessly in love with. The one you take into your arms and into your bed and into the private world you keep trapped in your head. I want to be that kind of friend. The one who will memorize the things you say as well as the shape of your lips when you say them. I want to know every curve, every freckle, every shiver of your body.“ 


And finally, Warner owning up to the person he is. No remorse, no guilt, no excuses:

“I have never claimed to live by any set of principles. I’ve never claimed to be right, or good, or even justified in my actions. The simple truth is that I do not care. I have been forced to do terrible things in my life, love, and I am seeking neither your forgiveness nor your approval.”


3) Mr. Darcy - Pride and Prejudice (an honourable mention)

Because P&P basically started my obsession with historical romance and I still cannot comprehend how you can be so handsome and rich but so incredibly socially awkward at the same time.

Also, Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy doesn’t hurt ;)

Okay, so this is a little bit more than just one, what can I say, I always cheat with those *sorry not sorry*

Hope you have a lovely day :)


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I don't have a question, more of a confession because I'm too scared to say this anywhere else: It is hard to be married and bisexual (I'm cisfemale). Not because I want to go find a girlfriend, but because no one takes me seriously as bi and my husband needs constant reassurance that I'm not going to cheat on him with a woman. I hope it's ok that I sent this to you. I don't think anyone else I know would understand. Feel free to delete it.

I’m so sorry you’re experiencing that. Unfortunately, that is all too common an experience for bi people. What your husband is doing is biphobic, even if he doesn’t realize it, and it’s wrong for him to stereotype you. It sounds like a double-whammy for your husband to stereotype you while others dismiss you–you deserve to be taken seriously as a bi woman and supported. I see you and your struggle. You’re not alone. You are valid and there is no contradiction between your orientation and your monogamy, whatever others may say. While I know you didn’t ask for advice, I hope you are able to have a conversation with your husband about his behavior because you deserve better. I am happy to help if you want advice about how to talk to him. Whatever you decide to do, though, you have my support.

oh, hey! Hello there sudden sprout of new followers 

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may you know that whatever you followed me for is probably not what i’m gonna be blogging about because i’m in 400 fandoms and this blog shamelessly switches between writing, anime, books, tv , lgbt+, social justice and aesthetics?

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Hi! So, I'm a big fan of skam since day one, but here's the thing: i really don't understand the whole Chris x Eva ship. I'd like just to get your insight, cause I only see him as a fuckboy who cheated his girlfriend (I have really strong feelings about cheaters, they're just not good people). Besides, all their "romantic" moments besides the new clip are just based on him trying to make out with her. hELP

Hello! Well, all of us like  different things, right?  Okay, i will write you a reply and you are free to agree with it or not. A for me it’s all about their chemistry. Their dynamic is quite interesting. There some sort of magnetism between them and i found it awesome.

Trying to make out with her? It’s not like he’s not letting her breathe. It always were mutual. They’re either sticking together or not talking for weeks ( like in s2). There is no pressure. It has started purely physical, yes, but it turned into something special. 

The only thing that is perfect in Chris Schistad -  is his eyebrows. Everything else can and will be questioned. The same is for Eva. She did her own mistakes. I think Chris can change for a lot better because of Eva, or because he just wants to become a better person. It’s up to him. He was there not because he have no one to fuck, he came to Eva’s birthday because he wanted to, he wanted her and to be with her. He stayed because he wanted to. He had balls to stand and greet her mom despite of the very awkward situation.

He cheated on Iben, but Eva cheated on Jonas, so aren’t they in the same position? Now Eva is the bad person too? If we judge Chris for it, let’s bring Eva into conversation too.

Life is not perfect and never be. People tend to change. Chris changed, Eva changed and relationships between them is changed.

In new clip they are basically had puppy love. it’s another thing that changed, because earlier it was all about desire. Other 0000.3s scenes with kisses  that we saw  were hot. Now it’s calm, comfortable and gentle.

Can you imagine Chris, with all kinds of shit people talking about him, settling for a one girl? For Eva in particular?  He’s legit  desperate to make her his only. The boy with a macho facade is just wants to be loved. It’s that simple. 

On the other hand is Eva who just found herself after toxic relationships and being at the bottom of, let’s just say, life. I think you remember her sleeping around with random guys, getting shitfaced and everything else that happened in s2 after her break up with Jonas. I think she’s tired of being someone she’s not. As we saw in the last clip she rejecting Chris many times even when he was THIS needy. She likes him, but maybe she is afraid to lose herself in another guy? Maybe Eva is afraid to make that mistake again. She jumped into the void with Jonas and among other good things, it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbow for her. Jonas twisted and turned most of the things about her.

She got 3+? Lol, she’s dumb, but at least she should be happy that she’s able to take care of herself. She have no friends? Bad, go find some, stop being a weirdo. Eva started  spending a lot of time with her new friends? Bad. No matter what she did, Jonas didn’t liked it.  Wow, what a supportive boyfriend.  

So i get why she is not letting Chris be close. I compared chriseva and jonaseva just to show why Eva acting this way. Chris is the first serious thing that happened to her since Jonas. It would scare the shit out of any girl.  When you’re in relationship it’s not about physical closeness it’s also about mental.

Especially when Chris is god damn serious about being with her after graduation from  elvebakken school of desperation. Maybe he’s seems to be not the most trustworthy guy, but he deserve a chance. If William got his chance at love, why can’t Chris?

It would take a lot of hard work to make ChrisEva relationships work, because  both of them have their own issues that hasn’t resolved yet. Maybe they will end up being  85 year olds   with shit ton of money, nice house, family  and fifteen grandchildren around them. Maybe they will break up in a year. it’s up to them. 

In other words, if you still don’t like them it’s all cool. 

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Okay! Time to break up the angst with fluff bc I'm dying! How about songs that would fit the cheating characters in love? (Ex: I feel like UF!Paps would be 'I won't say I'm in love' from hercules)

Okay! Fluff time!! YAY! That is MY song! I love that one! But he can borrow it. I’m going to choose Disney songs if you don’t mind (because I’m Disney trash).


Sans: “I Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Elvis (from Lilo and Stitch)

Papyrus: “So This is Love” from Cinderella (He’s read about this stuff and has his manual, but he’s surprised when it actually happens.)

Underfell: Both would be  “If I Never Knew You” from Pocahontas.

Sans: “Can You Fell The Love Tonight” from Lion King (I feel the whole in love thing would be sudden like he’s all flirty but he doesn’t realize he’s in love until all of a sudden.)  That or “Beauty and the Beast” from… Beauty and the Beast!

Papyrus: “I Won’t Say I’m In Love” from Hercules 


Sans: “At Last I See The Light” from Tangled (I can see him loving a duet and he has these dreams of being a Royal Guard but they all change when he meets you. You were his new dream *openly sobbing*)

Papyrus: “Love is an Open Door” from Frozen (I feel like his love song is playful and fun) That or “He’s a Tramp” from Lady and the Tramp.

Swapfell:  Both would be “If I Never Knew You” from Pocahontas.

Sans: “Love Will Find a Way” from Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride (He’s trapped in this circle of violence so I feel like, when he finds love, he’s found someone  he can feel safe and at home with)

Papyrus: “So Close” from Enchanted (I feel like he feels like he’s close to having his crush but who would love him?) That or “He’s a Tramp” from Lady and the Tramp.

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What if he full on accepts he’s having a child, then finds out he’s not and then feels like he can’t even mourn the child that was never his? What if it screws him up? What if he’s not allowed to break down because “why should he be upset? He’s not the one that got cheated on”?? Oh my god I need to climb in the TV and protect my baby.

Originally posted by itsafangirlthing

  • "Was it worth it to you?!" She nearly screamed at him with big salty tears running down her face. She knew that this face would be etched into his mind for the rest of his life, and she was glad. "Baby.. I'm sorry.. Please." He tried finding comforting words as he took a step closer to her and opened his arms.
  • She pushed him away.
  • Tears still streaming down her face she sniffles and stared deep into those eyes that made her feel like a princess all those years before. "I'm not your baby, and I never was because only a monster would crush their baby like this. I feel bad for whoever you're calling your "baby" now!"
  • "Please just let me explain please." He was calm but one look in his eyes and you could tell that he was like a puppy getting scolded. And boy did she want to see him walk away with his tail between his legs.
  • She took a shaky breath and started with the speech that she had had planned in her head for days. "There's nothing to explain. You cheated on me. You chose another girl over the one that would've walked into ongoing traffic for you and who still would. You were a coward and couldn't just tell me you didn't want to be with me anymore so you had to show me and it kills me that you did that!"
  • Once again he tries taking another step towards her. She silently think to herself that if he gets any closer She'll either punch him or run. He reads her mind and backs up.
  • "Please it wasn't like that it was...."
  • She wouldn't let him get another word of crap out of his mouth. "When was it? Was it when you first told me you loved me? Or when you kissed me underneath the stars? Or when we stayed up until 3am telling each other our biggest secrets? Tell me. When exactly was it that you decided that I wasn't good enough for you."
  • He shoved his hands into his pockets and swayed lightly on his feet. No words left his mouth.
  • She was again fighting back tears. "I thought so. This is your loss, not mine because you lost someone who would've died for you and I lost someone who didn't even want me alive."
  • She spun on her heel and jogged away. She cried. More than She ever had in her entire Life. She ignored it when he called for her to come back and she ran faster when She heard him sprint after her. Tears smearing her mascara everywhere and one thought on her mind. "This pain will pass, but I have to feel it first" and oh my goodness did she ever

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I'm seriously hoping Even didn't have romantic or sexual feelings for Mikael. It's one thing for him to cheat on Sonja with Isak (considering all circumstances) but it's another if he already did something like that before even meeting Isak. So I'm really hoping they were just bffs and will become bffs again :)

To be completely honest, I don’t want that either but I also truly believe that they were ~just~ best buddies and they will reunite and they will become best buddies again, and Mikael will just LOVE Isak and tease Even how much he adores Isak, and Even will be like ‘but have you SEEN ISAK??? Come onnnn, look at him!’ AND Mikael will chuckle and yell W H I P P E D!

I step outside into the warm summer air, barefoot. I look at the light polluted sky above me and focus on one of the few visible points of light in the sky.

“God,” I say, “why am I so bad at giving and receiving compliments? Why does it physically pain me to do so? Am I fated to just be an emotionless and incredibly blunt person? Am I fated to emotionally cheat every person I ever come into contact with? Am I… heartless?”

A quiet breeze ruffles my hair. The smell of smog and flowers meet my nose. The voice of the lord whispers ever so quietly.

“Kid, you already knew the answer to that. There was no reason to ask me. Just keep trying to be a decent person, son,”

I open my eyes and nod.

“Fair enough,” I say.

Then I go back inside because there’s mosquitos out here.

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What does Hector think of Carina being friends with (let alone dating/being courted by) Will and Elizabeth Turner's son?

Gosh, nonnie, I’m so not the Hectormun to ask this, lmao. But I’ll do my best, even if DMTNT has no effect on my particular Hector’s life.

You know, I think a lot of people think he might have a problem with it, but I? Really don’t? Like, according to DMTNT canon he hasn’t been there in her life (which I still call bullshit on). He doesn’t get to pull the overprotective daddy card. She’s a grown woman who can make her own decisions, and if that’s her choice, he doesn’t really get a say-so in it.

I think he’d probably try, because he likes having the final word, but I feel like that would be a battle he’d lose.

But in totality, what real problem does he have with either Will or Elizabeth with at that point? If he did, truly did, have a serious issue with either, he wouldn’t have married them. Hector’s a bit of a softie, you guys, and while Will might have been a thorn in his side trying to get Jack back from the Locker, in the end he has no personal issue with him. Trust me, you’d know. He’s fond of Elizabeth entirely, he’s the one who made her into the pirate that could become the Pirate King. She has so much of him in her now, he can’t help but be fond of her.

I think, in the end, since Henry would literally be the third generation of Turners Hector has seen, he’d probably let her know that tragedy runs in that family; make her aware of it. Let her know what she’s getting into, maybe. But what right, after giving her up, does he have to say anything at all? If I applied it to my Hector (and I can’t, guys, it just borks too much canon I’m not willing to compromise on), giving her up would be his single spot of self-loathing, and I think, in that instance, he’d be smart enough to know that he doesn’t have a right to say a damn thing. And as long as she’s happy, does it really matter?

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Still loving the Sheith Family AU! I have to admit I'm worried about Keith and Shiro though (I was up last night thinking about it and everything). Like that amount they had after Shiro accused him of cheating felt like it left some things open. Will Keith learn to set up better boundaries with clients when his husband doesn't feel comfortable? It's clear that they love one another but sometimes you need more, and they CANNOT break up so they have to make it work. lol.

Oh my gods. Dude, don’t stay up late just thinking about it! ;A; Now I feel responsible for your lack or sleep. OTL Dammit Sheith/Voltron Family is supposed to be happy not make you worry about Shiro and Keith :((

So right after that scene where Shiro felt Keith was cheating, (am i the only one who feels like this is some continuous on-going episodic fic? ahaha) they both felt bad, but Keith mostly. So they talked about it before going to sleep.

Keith: We need to talk. *joins Shiro in bed*
Shiro: *closes book* *takes off reading glasses* That line doesn’t always end well. I don’t like where this is going, Keith.
Keith: *rolls his eyes in amusement* It’s not like that. I’m not divorcing you.
Shiro: *places hand on chest* Oh thank god. You got me worried.
Keith: *kisses Shiro on the lips* In your dreams. You’re stuck with me.
Shiro: *smiles* Aren’t I just unlucky or what?
Keith: Anyhoo, enough of that depressing thing. *blinks* God, now you just made me sad thinking about it. *looks at Shiro* *gulps* Unless you want to divorce me?
Shiro: Never. *pulls Keith to give him a peck on the lips*
Keith: Good. Phew. Glad we sorted that out. *pretends to wipe his sweat* Got me really worried there for a sec, Champ. Thinking I’m pretty selfish keeping you here with m–
Shiro: *taps his husband’s cheek* Keith, you’re blabbering. 
Keith: *sighs* Right, sorry. So anyway, I’ve been thinking about it, recalling some signs when you said the way my authors looks at me. His name is Liam btw. *looks pointedly at Shiro* I think it’s because he doesn’t know.
Shiro: Doesn’t know what?
Keith: Doesn’t know I’m married. *frowns*
Shiro: Oh. Well, do you want him to know? I’m pretty sure you don’t want a repeat of that… *winces* other writer who said some stuff.
Keith: *nods* Yeah, that way you’ll be at ease. 

Keith gets a call from Liam and asks him if they could meet. Shiro suggests he should just come by to their house. Apparently Liam lives on the same village. It was around 8pm and the kids and Shiro are by the living room. So when Keith opens the door…

Liam: Whoa. *whistles* You have such a big fancy house.
Keith: *smiles* Thanks. Do come in. 
Liam: *enters* *sees the family* *looks at Keith* You could’ve just told me if your relatives are here visiting. I don’t wanna take your time.
Keith: *waves him off* Oh it’s nothing. Better introduce you.
Liam: *follows Keith* *smiles* Okay.
Keith: *clears his throat* Liam, this is Shiro, my husband and our kids Pidge, Lance and Hunk. *smiles* Family, this is Liam. He’s the new author under me that I was talking about. 
Family: *waves and a few hellos*
Liam: *sweats nervous* *waves* *turns around* Oh god.
Keith: What?
Liam: I’m such an idiot. *groans*
Keith: What do you mean?
Liam: *sighs* I’ve been kinda trying to hit on you for quite a few weeks now.
Keith: Oh, I see. I kinda noticed. Well, my husband did. *looks at Shiro pointedly who was acting all smug about it*
Liam: I’m guessing this is what this whole invite-you-to-my-house kind of thing? To tell me I don’t stand a chance?
Keith: *blinks* Yeah, what else did you think it was? We were gonna do work though, aside from letting you know that.
Liam: *blushes* Obviously I wasn’t thinking about that.
Shiro: *joins them* He was kinda thinking he was gonna get laid.
Keith: *eyes widens* Oh my god. NO. Liam, I’m married! *scandalized* 
Liam: I know that now! I’m so sorry! This is such a mess. Stupid stupid feelings. I never should’ve in the first place. Keith, you’re just so… *gesticulates widely while blushing like a dork*
Keith: *frowns* Are you g-going to ask for a different editor now?
Shiro: *rubs Keith’s arms* 
Liam: *jaw drops* What?! No way! You’re pretty great at what you do! I’m not going to stoop that low just because I got rejected by you–indirectly. *looks at Shiro* I’m so sorry. You probably want to punch me or something now.
Shiro: *laughs* Nah. I am, however, very amused at this crush of yours on Keith. I must admit, I got jealous but this is just clearly amusing.
Liam: *laughs nervously* You prolly know how I feel huh?
Shiro: I felt that in college, yeah. He’s just so adorable isn’t he?
Liam: He is. *smiles* *stops himself* But don’t worry, Keith. I’ll get rid of these stupid feelings and act professional with you. That is if you’ll still have me?
Keith: *smiles* Of course. You’ve got such potential for a hit series.
Liam: *beams* You think so? 
Keith: I know so. I mean, cmon, I’m your editor.
Liam: *laughs* I know right! When the company told me I got Keith Shirogane for my editor I kinda cried. Everyone under you are best selling authors and I’m scared to break your record. You’re just so amazing, yknow? 
Shiro: He is. Keith is the best at what he does. And everything else.
Keith: *pinches Shiro* I’ll get you for that later.

So when Liam left.

Keith: *rolls eyes at Shiro* Don’t you dare say it.
Shiro: *shakes his head* Sorry. But I’m gonna do it. *pulls Keith closer*
Keith: Fine. Do it quick.
Shiro: I told you so. *kisses Keith* You’re just so irresistible. It’s not fair. I’m already married to you, yet there are still so many people who want you. 
Keith: *snorts* Don’t worry, bro. I’m all yours.
Shiro: *looks disgusted* I hate it when you call me bro. It ruins the mood.
Keith: *laughs* I know. Can’t let you be some sap machine. But you’re sure with the new arrangement?
Shiro: That Liam will just come to our house when he needs to meet up with you for his book when me and the kids are in?
Keith: Yeah.
Shiro: I’m okay with that. Plus, it does save money for gas.
Keith: *laughs* I know! Who knew he lives here too? That butt. 
Shiro: *snorts* That butt. Oh my god Keith. The kids are asleep now. You know what I’m thinking? *wiggles eyebrows* I think you owe me one.
Keith: Oh god. *gets dragged towards their bedroom while smiling*

Yes. To answer the possible question. YES. They finally had sexy times. :)) *wipes tears* Shiro finally got it.

[PART 02]

Bo had paused mid story to sip the white chocolate mocha she’d ordered before continuing. “And she decides to confide in me about her break up like I’m not the one who was sleeping with her boyfriend in the first place…obviously she doesn’t know that. But that’s not even the best part, she then actually tries to kiss me which I totally get because I’m a gem. I didn’t even stop her because she was smokin’ hot. Does this make me a bad person?”

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Could you do a really angsty scenario? Like where he's caught "cheating" and the reader is really upset, and breaks things off harshly. Or the really dramatic one, where the reader runs out onto the road and gets into an accident; Leafy is just in shambles, after finding out. I'm just feelings extra angsty sorry :^(

I combined these two into one, I hope that’s okay! I really love doing angsty shit and idk why but I hope you enjoy it, it took me fuckin ages! Thank you so much for the request x

The noise in the club was astounding - the walls vibrated and so did the floor, the whole room pounding as the music vibrated every surface. Sweaty bodies gleamed in the bright lights and it was hard to differentiate one person from another. You stood at the bar away from everyone - this wasn’t usually your scene.
You stood swirling your lemonade around in your glass, looking around for Calvin (who promised he wouldn’t leave you, knowing you didn’t like these things). You felt obligated to join the group of youtubers going clubbing, through you did it reluctantly at best, and Calvin had to literally drag you there with whispered promises that detailed how he was going to make it up to you later.

Now though, you wish you’d stuck to your guns and refused to go altogether.
It began to feel like the walls were closing in on you so you sat your glass on the counter and headed for the door, gasping a little as the cold air hit you.
You stood just outside the club and it was the complete opposite out there than it was inside - the full moon was high in the inky blue sky, illuminating the almost deserted high street. The odd car whizzed by at scary speeds, taking advantage of the empty roads - but not a pedestrian was in sight, and that’s just how you liked it.
You were alone for the first time in hours and you smiled to yourself, drinking in the calmness of the still night.
The dim streetlights did nothing to dampen the glow of the glittering stars overhead and you let your head fall back, admiring the blanket of twinkling lights that shone in the deep blue abyss, seemingly unperturbed by the chaos taking place just under them.
You sighed contentedly, your breath making a small cloud in front of your face.
You decided to go and get Calvin and see if he was ready to go yet, and you desperately hoped he was.
You entered back into the gloomy din, wincing at the noise.
Your eyes scanned the place looking for Calvin as you tried to remember what he was wearing, who he was with…?
You spotted Pyro by the bar, leaning against it cooly while he held a drink in his hand. As you got closer, you realised he wasn’t leaning against the bar to appear nonchalant - it was because he was so drunk he couldn’t stand upright.
You began to smile at the belligerent mess he had gotten himself into until a dancing teenager fell into you, almost knocking you over.
‘Oh! Sorry!’ She apologised and you forced a smile, telling her it was fine.
You shuddered at the smell of alcohol that hung heavy in the air and kept your gaze on Pyro, who was around 15 feet in front of you.
You scanned the area surrounding him, looking desperately for Calvin until your eyes sought out a mess of brown hair and you flooded with relief - until you saw his hat bobbing up and down in front of him.
Not on his head.
What the fuck?
As you got closer you saw a girl around your age wearing Calvin’s hat, simpering and giggling like a fucking schoolgirl as she tried to get closer to him, pressing her chest up against him.
He backed up a little, his back pushing against the bar as his eyes watched her swaying form.
Your blood turned to ice as you watched her lean in and kiss him, his hat falling to the ground as she got closer still, her lips now attached to his.
As if in slow motion, you watched him push her off him and wipe his mouth with the back of his hand as his gaze flickered to yours. His eyes stared straight into yours and you felt hot tears stream down your face and drip onto your shirt.
You turned on your heel, shoving people out of the way in a furious dash to the door.
The tears wouldn’t stop and you couldn’t breathe - you felt like your whole world was crashing down around you. The vision of his perfect plump lips attached to hers, overlined with cheap lipstick, wouldn’t stop playing in your mind like a deadly echo that wouldn’t end.
‘Fucking move!’ You raged, parting the seemingly endless group of people as you felt a light touch on your back and an anguished, ‘Y/n!’
It was Calvin.
You couldn’t face him right now and you pushed on through the crowd until you got to the door, running now.
‘Y/n! Wait - I know what you think but-’
You spun to face him, hatred seething in your gaze as you spat words back at him.
‘You know what I THINK, Calvin?!’ You raged, walking backwards.
You just wanted to get away before you drew any more attention to yourself. You didn’t want to be humiliated in front on the group of youtubers that had accompanied you to the club.
'I leave you for FIVE FUCKING MINUTES and I come back and you’re slobbering all over some whore who doesn’t even have the decency to put on some decent lipstick?!’ Your voice broke as you stopped in the road and you let out a sob at the sight of him - he had her lipstick smeared on his face where he had tried to wipe it off.
'Please, just listen to me! It wasn’t me! She-’ his eyes went wide and he suddenly dashed forward to the kerb, screaming your name. 'Y/N! MOVE!’
You turned, a puzzled expression on your face until you saw a set of headlights come roaring around the corner, moving fast, and an almighty impact on your abdomen made you gasp. Before you knew what was happening you were flying through the air, your hair whipping around your face in a halo before you hit the ground.
You groaned as you hit the concrete and a sharp pain jetted up your leg, making you scream in absolute agony.
Your screams were accompanied by those of several girls that were clustered on the pavement, a cigarette clutched in the hand of each one, their mouths gaping in horror.
'Y/n!’ You heard Calvin’s voice and all you could do was look up at the sky and watch his face came into your line of sight.
'Someone call a fucking ambulance!’ He screamed, taking his jacket off.
He folded the garment and lifted your head gently before putting it in between you and the cold concrete.
The breath caught in his throat as he pulled his hand away from the back of your head - his fingers were now sticky with deep red blood. He wiped it off on his jeans, making sure you didn’t see.
You whimpered and he caressed your face with his hand, his cold fingers travelling across your cheeks before resting at your collarbone.
'Get away from me.’ You managed, pain paralysing your whole body.
'No.’ He said, a tear escaping his eye as he cleared his throat.
You watched the droplet make its way down his beautiful face and you couldn’t avoid the stab of pain that came with his hurt and you wanted to hold him, tell him it was okay and he didn’t need to cry.
'Why are you crying?’ You whispered as a tear escaped your eye, flowing down the side of your face to join the puddle that had gathered on your shirt.
'Because you’re hurt.’ He said, his eyes never leaving yours.
'Why don’t you go and get her to console you?’ You whispered, closing your eyes as a fresh wave of physical and emotional pain took over your senses.
He came closer to you, leaning his forehead against yours.
'You know I would never cheat on you, baby.’ He whispered, new tears traveling down his face, merging with yours.
'She kissed me. I pushed her away - you saw.’
Your eyes were still closed when you spoke.
'Your hat.’
'Your fucking hat, Calvin. She was wearing your hat.’ Rage blocked the pain from your body for a split second as you spat the words, dripping in venom as the picture of them together renewed in your mind, the moment captured in your brain with a startling, unforgettable vibrancy. The pain wasn’t held off for long though and it surged back again, making you groan.
'Y/n, that hat is Pyros. She was wearing his hat, not mine.’ He said. 'Mine is still at the bar, where I left it when I took it off because I was too warm.’
You started sobbing, your body shaking.
'She still kissed you.’
'And I pushed her away. Because why would I want anyone else when I’ve got you?’ He said, tears dripping from his face as his hand found yours and he intertwined your fingers, holding onto you as if you were the most precious thing in the world.
You decided this conversation could be continued later due to the extreme pain that was currently overloading your senses.
You tried to sort the thoughts running through your buzzing brain but your couldn’t, so you decided to do the only logical thing that stood out against the blur - see how bad the damage is.
You tried to lift your head to look down at the rest of your body and Calvin jolted into action, holding your face gently but with enough force to restrain you.
'No, lie down. Don’t.’ He said, his voice breaking.
'No I wanna see!’ You insisted, trying to lift your head, but he wouldn’t let you.
He pressed his forehead to yours once again and a new thought made its way to the forefront of your mind. One that made you more terrified than you had ever been in your life.
'I can’t feel my legs.’ You gasped, your eyes meeting Calvin’s as his grip tightened around your hand.
'Ssh, baby.’ He said, his hair tickling your face. 'It’s okay. You’re going to be okay.’
His voice was punctuated by the wail of sirens in the distance and a spark of hope ignited in his eyes.
'See? They’ll be here soon. You’re okay, I’m here. I’m here.’
Your vision began to blur and you mumbled his name as you swam in and out of consciousness. You knew you couldn’t hold on long.
'Y/n? Y/n, baby, stay awake. Please, talk to me. Y/n!’ Calvin’s voice grew hoarse, desperate, as his hand gripped yours ever tighter, as if he could keep you awake by physical restraint.
You opened your eyes as much as you could and reached your arm up, wiping the last of the lipstick off of his face; leaving a smear of blood in its place before everything went black and you couldn’t feel anything anymore.

You woke up to bright white lights and you squinted your eyes, turning your head in order to block out the invasive glare.
Your eyes adjusted to the excessive brightness of the room and a rhythmic beep came to your attention.
You looked down to find a few tubes running out of your arms and a beeping monitor showing your heart rate standing next to your hospital bed.
'Oh for fuck’s sake.’ You thought as you laid eyes on your leg - it was wrapped up in plaster which was a bright green colour - the kind of luminous green that would give you a migraine if you looked at it for too long.
Lying with his head resting in his arms lay a sleeping Calvin, whose fingers were still tangled with yours as his body was supported by your bed.
Your heart leapt when your eyes landed on his other hand, which was covered in blood smears, until you realised it was probably your own blood.
You exhaled slowly, glad that he wasn’t injured.
You began running a hand through his hair, combing strands of it off of his face. His hair was so soft and you watched his brow smooth out from the frown it once held to something that resembled relaxation. His eyelids began to flutter and he suddenly opened his eyes, sitting upright.
'Y/n.’ His voice was rough and gravelly, and it made you want to kiss his pouty lips but you didn’t. You didn’t get a chance to - he had already closed the space between you and his lips moved against yours passionately. It wasn’t lustful but more full of a need so desperate that when he pulled away his eyes glistened once again, prompting you to kiss his nose affectionately.
He weakly smiled at you before speaking.
'I’m so sorry.’ He said, his voice cracking as his gaze met yours. 'I shouldn’t have left you alone when I promised I wouldn’t and I shouldn’t have chased you out onto the road. I swear I’ll never-’
'Hey. It wasn’t your fault, Cal.’ You said gently, silencing him.
He was so full of emotion that it surprised you; your tough, sassy Calvin was nonexistent right now and you couldn’t believe how much he genuinely cared about you. His brown eyes were flooded with sincerity and you knew then and there that he would never cheat on you. He would never hurt his baby.
'I know you didn’t cheat on me. I’m sorry.’ You said, and you leaned in this time, feeling his plump lips against yours once again. No matter how many times he kissed you, it would never be enough.
'Thank god.’ He breathed, resting his forehead against yours.
'Oh, Calvin?’ You asked, remembering something.
'Why the fuck is my cast bright green?’ You demanded, a smile tugging at your lips.
'Gotta represent the reptilian brotherhood, babe.’ He said, grinning that adorable grin of his as he sat back in his seat, happy to see you smile once again.

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I am in desperate need of some angsty unrequited Jim loving Spock fics. Preferably with unhappy endings but I'm not picky. Know any good ones or anyone else who might?

I’m huge fan of angst and fics that make you feel, but everything that I read needs to have a happy ending, so I hope you’ll still find this list useful!

Shine like the sun by kalyselle not on ao3

An accident leaves Spock with amnesia. His last memory is bring a cadet up on charges for cheating on the Kobayashi Maru- a cadet who, to his disgust, is now his bondmate.

The door by pouxin 

Spock and Jim both have their doors. Jim wants his to be open. Spock wants his to be closed.

An alternative STID thing. With more literature. And esoteric faffing. And sex

When soul meets body by theycallmesuperboy

In 2194 TiMERS, devices that count down to the exact moment one meets their soulmate, are invented. In 2244, Spock’s parents specially request a Matchmaker to be sent to Vulcan to give their son a TiMER. In 2249 Jim Kirk gets a TiMER as his first act of rebellion against his mom, who never wanted him to go through the heartbreak she did when losing her soulmate. In 2258 Jim Kirk is court martialed for cheating on the Kobayashi Maru sim, and makes eye contact with his soulmate. In 2258 his soulmate rejects him.

OR: canon era Soulmate AU, where Jim and Spock are soulmates and EVERYBODY knows it.

I Bleed When I Fall Down by IvanW

Okay I got a request for a story from 3DBabe1999. She wanted a fic where Jim was in love with Spock but when he confesses his love, Spock rejects him as not good enough for him, due to his alleged promiscuity. She wanted lots of childhood abuse in Jim’s past as well as Tarsus IV related angst in particular, with eating disorder issues for Jim. Abandonment issues for Jim as well as some jealous Spock when Jim flirts. And she wanted Spock to realize eventually everything he thought was wrong. And protective Bones 

Not In Love by IvanW I’m currently reading this one

After the end of the five-year mission, Kirk and Spock go their separate ways. Spock to New Vulcan and Kirk to Iowa. But eventually they are reunited in Riverside where Jim is also navigating his relationship with his mother.

I’m sorry it’s not that many, but most of these are very long! I’m currently on vacation so I can’t help you more, but anyone is welcome to add their recs!

You can find more spirk recs here, and here you can find all my spirk bookmarks! Happy reading!