i feel like i'm being a creeper but


Had to stop this shit at the three minute mark because the waterworks are real. Like…. Hearing him speak about how grateful he is and how the show resonated with him really spoke to me because I feel the same. Like- people think it’s just a show and that I’m just a dork for being such an obsessive creeper. But they don’t understand the impact that the show has had on my life. Like Cody playing Theo especially. Like- I wrote a few imagines here and there but like writing about Theo is what really made me get to know as many people on here as I do right now. And I always like get super emotional because if it hadn’t been for Theo I’d never have spoken to my bestfriend in the entire world @lilshitwayne. Like we haven’t met in person yet but I already love her so much we’re like super close to celebrating our 3rd year friend-a-versary.

But yea, Cody talks about how grateful he is- but he’ll never know just how grateful I am to him for doing this.

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I'm relieved fic writers feel that way, about someone reading through all their stuff. I do it a lot but worried I'm being a creeper. Now I can do it more!

Never EVER feel weird about that! It’s basically one of the highest compliments you can give a writer (apart from literally complimenting them of course). 

There is so much amazing fanfiction out there, so the fact that someone is choosing to spend their free time going through a bunch of MY stories tells me that they really like my writing style. 

Honestly, I think I speak for every writer out there when I say that we’re all giant attention hogs who love nothing more than getting our writing loved on :) 

First of all, this is my first ever follow forever... So it's rough >w<;; Secondly, this is not everyone! I just decided to keep it at about 50 so... It's 2014 and its been 6 months since I started to become active in this blog... It used to be a personal blog, and I never went on it, but when I got into EXO (ofc I liked them since debut but not extremely like right now lol) I used this blog starting out with only 14 followers. Now I'm almost at 2,000 and I couldn't be happier! I'm honestly not that social on tumblr with others because I feel like I'm being a total creeper so I only talk to the people that message me, but know that I'm quietly watching all of you LOL. I just want this to be a reminder that I'm thankful for all you guys and how many blogs I love. I love a lot more but sadly, you're personal blogs that prevents me from following back

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