i feel like i'm a part of history

bc we‘re doing this lately - chaol

I just wanna share my feelings (SHOCKER). They are not pro-Chaol. They are not anti-Chaol. I liked him in ToG and CoM. His chapters bored me in HoF. In QoS he pissed me off. But I never thought it was his fault Nehemia died and I never thought he was abusive (which some people do apparently???)

When he and Celeana had been doing it for like a week and he was thinking marriage, I was kinda…

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But… I love that he’s loyal af to Dorian. Because I heart Dorian. And he’s an incredibly conflicted character whose notions of right and wrong are constantly being challenged. Which is just part of growing up? And I can Relate.

And the thing is, whatever I feel about him now, I’m sure that after his novel I’ll like him more. I think it will just naturally happen when we learn even more about him (I was thinking, maybe we’ll get flashbacks or history? that’d be cool), so… my feeling about Chaol and his novel are like a… 6/10 right now. Favorable, but nearly neutral.

Random thought of the day -time.

Well okay this was from two days ago, but I’m still thinking about it so have another episode of “I feel old”.

I got into Harry Potter back when there was only three books, and I was a HUGE fan back in the day. (I think I could probably still recite parts of the first book…)

My mental image of the Potter books has always been that they’re pretty timeless and feel very contemporary, but while visiting my friend we listened to the audiobook of the first book, and when the narrator starts listing Dudley’s birthday presents and suddenly wow, a window to the past and WHEN DID HARRY POTTER START SOUNDING LIKE HISTORY ohgosh.

So apparently I have a history of sleep talking - but not just sleep talking but full in depth intelligent conversation about whatever topic with people while not actually awake. Not only that but there will be times where I appear full awake (eyes open), get up and walk around, use the bathroom, but not actually be awake what so ever.

I’m convinced I’m two people. There’s me while awake and then there’s sleep talking me and I feel like one of them is becoming self aware… Who is the real one?

alternative song titles - mitam edition
  • hey angel: are u as obsessed with me as i am with yooouuuu?
  • drag me down: thx for putting up with my bullshit. u never had to but u did anyway, which is great because i'm rlly scared of being alone, ya feel?
  • perfect: fear of commitment™
  • infinity: u left and OUCH u hurt my heart u dick (talkin to u zayn)
  • end of the day: *clap, clap, clap, clap* such heart palpitations, wow, very love
  • if i could fly: (piano, piano) LOVE DECLARATION OF THE CENTURY (piano, piANOOOOOO)
  • long way down: u hurt me and that was soooo unpredictable, i'm saaaaaad
  • never enough: LOOK WE ARE ADULTS WE DO THE SEX / u give rlly good head and that's nice
  • what a feeling: can't believe i managed to reel in a 10, good eyes, good eyes
  • love you goodbye: DON'T LEAVE BEFORE WE HAD BREAKUP SEX. nice outfit btw
  • i want to write you a song: i couldn't think of a creative song title
  • history: we are great, we are cool. pls don't leave (like zayn did)
  • temporary fix: LOOK WE ARE ADULTS WE DO THE SEX II / 'friends with benefits' is an underappreciated concept
  • walking in the wind: a-ooo-ooo-ooo i'm just going for a walk but i like to make even the smallest goodbyes very dramatic a-ooo-ooo-ooo
  • wolves: they call me unreasonably paranoid, very possessive boyfriend for a reason
  • a.m.: drunk banter in the early hours of the morning, fuck yeah

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1/2 I saw a post you made on Native Americans, and it got me curious. I'm huge on my family history/culture, however my family could care less it seems. My great grandma is Native American, does this make me mixed, or is that just part of my history.

Would my dad have to be full Native American in order for me to identify as mixed? I don’t want to identify, or pretend to be someone I’m not, I just don’t really know who I am.

Identifying as Native American

If you feel Native— if you feel like it is part of your spirit, part of your identity, part of who you are— and you take on the pain and responsibility that goes along with it, of taking care of the earth, of fighting for your brothers and sisters, of accepting the past and taking on the full weight of what being Native means, you are Native. How much blood you have and where it is in your history does not matter as much as what is in your heart.

My blood by heritage is 1/8 Native. I could not be “officially” Native by the Canadian government’s standards because I am “not Native enough” according to their rules that try to exterminate us. But everywhere I have been, I am accepted as Native American. Because it is part of my spirit.

I am also Icelandic— a heritage I hold very close to my heart— and one does not detract from the other. I don’t personally identify as mixed because in Canada this holds a very, very specific label (Metis) and there’s a general consensus of “you’re either Native to the full extent of the spirit or you’re not”. But I am just as Icelandic as I am Native.

That doesn’t mean you can’t identify as mixed; I’m just explaining my own label. What matters is you take on the responsibility of your tribe and of all tribes. It can be equal to other parts of your heritage, or it can be greater, or lesser. Just always keep that responsibility.

Some Native tribes don’t allow mixed people, and have certain “rules” for who is “allowed” to be Native and not, but a lot of us don’t. It’s a very hard feeling to explain, but if you want it because you ache for that feeling, that community, your history, then by all means: claim it.

A lot of Natives are mixed. My Wyandot (adopted) uncle is a redhead with pale skin, and he’s the chief’s brother. He said I looked more Native than he did. I know a lot of others who have heritage that is a patchwork of colonization and assimilation but still. They found their roots and watered them.

If you feel like you are part of us, and feel that our history is your history, then you are Native. Please, do not let how far back your roots are stop you from thinking they are yours. If you tend them, they will grow.

~Mod Lesya

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I'm a junior in college, and I've just declared my art history major. I've taken a few art history classes in freshman and sophomore years, but the info hasn't stuck with me. Now I'm in an upper level class and I just feel like everyone else knows so much more, any tips for catching up/fighting the insecurity? Thanks xo

 What you’re feeling is entirely natural. Take heart because you’re not alone, and there are tangible steps you can take to abate your sense of insecurity. That being said, you should also know that being in courses with others who know more than you do is part and parcel of college life. They will have knowledge and skills that you don’t have — but the opposite is also true. Spend some time thinking about where your strengths lie. What has stuck with you throughout your freshman & sophomore years? Has it stuck with you because it is the art, period, or artist that speaks to you the most? In other words, figure out what your art historical interests are and begin (or continue) to focus on this as you make decisions about what classes you take and what you want to research for term papers (and possibly your senior thesis).

Next, think about what your strengths and weaknesses as a student are:

  • Exams: What kinds of exams do you do best, and worst, at? (For common exam types, see page 7 of this PDF.) If you’re terrible at timed essay exams, practice for them by timing yourself as you write about the images from your course.  If comparisons or unknown slide IDs are your downfall, try making a Style Sheet to help yourself better understand how artists’ choices impact their style.  Make sure you have a solid grasp of the readings required for your classes as well, because you may be expected to incorporate what you’ve learned from the readings into your exam answers.

  • Research and Writing: You will likely start to receive more intense research projects during your junior and senior years than you did in your first two years of college. Have your classes required you to do any research papers or projects? If so, how did you do? If you are unhappy with your research skills, see if your university’s library offers training on the specific resources available at your institution. You may also want to sign up for JSTOR’s free, online Research Basics course. If you are unhappy with your writing skills, talk to your professors about how you can improve. If your university has a writing center, don’t hesitate to visit it, especially before and during the writing process.  I strongly recommend that you learn the Chicago Manual of Style (if you haven’t already), as this is the standard used by most (U.S.) art history departments.

  • Reading: When you read the required readings for your classes, do you feel like you’ve absorbed and understood the information & arguments presented to you? If not, this may be part of the reason why you feel behind. If there are sections of readings or entire articles or books that you’re hung up on, try discussing the text with a fellow student, your TA, or professor. If you are having trouble with the readings, think about your reading style. How are you making the information in your readings memorable to you? Highlighting, underlining, margin notes and post-it notes are all good methods of annotating text, but (if you aren’t already), take these basic methods one step further by rewriting tough paragraphs in your own words, outlining authors’ arguments on paper, and keeping a journal of texts that you find interesting and/or would be useful for your own research. If you’re not having any trouble with understanding or keeping up with the readings, great! Keep reading art historical texts. If you aren’t sure what to read, try starting with the history of art history. The two best ways that you can increase your knowledge of art history are to spend lots of time looking at art and reading about it.

  • Memorization: There are three major things art history involves: writing, reading, and memorization. It seems like memorization (things sticking with you) is your major problem, so remedy this by experimenting with study techniques (like Style Sheets), doing compare/contrast exercises, having friends test you with flashcards, looking at lots of art from the areas that you struggle with. Giving specific works of art a backstory may also help to make details such as the artist or date more memorable. One way to do this is to note any interesting visual or historical details about the artwork or artist on the reverse side of flashcards.

Hopefully the above has helped give you confidence in your strengths and figure out where you need improvement.

The best advice I can offer you is to be intentional about your education, and this is much easier to do once you have insight into what kind of student you are and what drives you. During your junior and senior years, find an art historical niche, challenge yourself, study abroad (if you can), go to museums, practice talking about art … tap into what it was that drew you to art history in the first place, and use that as motivation to increase your knowledge of the field, not for the sake of competition with your peers but for the natural self-confidence that following your interests will yield.

 I hope this helps!

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Theomione and "You were always so proud and so quiet, weren't you?".

“You were always so proud and so quiet, weren’t you?”

Hermione is steaming; Theodore looks up from his paperwork with amusement. “And now you’ve done this – it’s illegal, you know.”

“You don’t care,” he says.

She certainly wouldn’t submit him to the Ministry for questioning for what he’s done, not after the history they’ve had together, but a little part of her would like to punch him. “No,” she says, clenching her fist, “not this time.”

Theodore smiles, knowing she’s not a liar: “I’ll try not for there to be a next time, then,” he says, and because it’s Hermione Granger, he means it.


let’s play: is theo nott a dick or not 

Send me a ship and a sentence and I’ll write the next five (or more if I get excited, I dunno)

look around, look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now, helpleeeessss THEY ARE ASKING ME TO LEAD look around, isn’t this enough HE WILL NEVER BE SATISFIED what would be enough HE WILL NEVER to be SATISFIED SATISFIED SATI- HISTORY HAS ITS EYE why do you assume you’re the smartest in the room, why do you assume you’re the smartest in NON STOP HE WILL NEVER BE SATISFIED ISN’T THIS ENOUGH history has its eyes why do you write like you’re running out of time NON STOP why do you fight like HISTORY HAS ITS EEEEEEEYYYYEEEES ON YOOUUU I am not throwing away my JUST YOU WAIT I am not throwing away my JUST YOU WAIT, i am ALEXANDER HAMILTON HAMILTON JUST YOU WAAAAAIIIITTTT I AM NOT THROWING AWAY MY SHOT.
—  Me, attempting to sing all 14,892 parts to “Non Stop” simultaneously
[As for “Normero”], our intention is to make people want them to get together. When that might happen, Kerry and I wouldn’t want to say right now, but that’s exactly what you should be feeling. You should be wanting them to get together, and I think anticipation of romance has been one of the staples that has fueled great television throughout its history. We feel like we have an epic couple with Norma and Romero. We plan to deliver on the promise of that at some point, in some form.
—  Carlton Cuse for Yahoo’s “Ask the Fans”

okay but sometimes i just think about how these women feel to be part of these matches that women haven’t had the same opportunities to be a part of before, and how they feel about being able to make history, and i just cry.

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Hi, so I'm vegan and I have such a hard time eating good nutrient dense meals. I have a history of vitamin deficiencies, which I don't blame on veganism at all, but I'm sick of the supplements and blood tests and the side effects of having things like low iron and vitamin D and calcium etc. I'm a full time student and I work part time and it's hard to find the time to make healthy meals every day that give me what I need. I want to be healthy and work out and feel good. Any tips?

I know it can seem overwhelming to food prep, but it doesn’t have to be.

Set aside some time on Sunday and make large batches of nutrient dense foods that you can quickly grab and go during your busy week.

Here are some quick meal/ideas that might help you.

- smoothies. When I wake up in the AM, I go to the kitchen and blend up my smoothies (Recipes varies, will post below) and then I put the lids on Togo blender cups (oyster is the new blender I’m using and I LOVE it) I then place all my smoothies/shakes (2-3) in he freezer and get ready for work. After I’m ready, I grab all the smoothies and place them in my lunch box with an ice pack and they still chill throughout the day.

Quick nutrient smoothies:
- pre made frozen berries will make your life easier, I grind up ¼ cup oats in my breakfast smoothie (Grind first and then add everything else) nice boost of carbs, add banana slices, liquid (milk, yogurt, espresso, coffee, water etc), peanut/almond butter, and protein powder. And blend and go!

- peanut butter toast with fruit slices. Takes a few min to make and easy to eat on the go.

- yogurt topped with granola. I mix mine in a bowl and then take it with me to eat.

- morning oats: I mix ½-¾ cup oats, liquid, frozen blueberries, banana slices, and peanut butter in a bowl and then microwave. I take it out the door with me and it’s got all I need for a good morning breakfast.


Pita bread with hummus and veggies;

- pita bread ( buy in packs of 6 from the store)
- hummus ( you can buy the singles or buy a big tub and then place in small containers and grab and go)
- petite carrots (come in a bag at the store all to use. You can place them in containers or baggies and grab and go)
- fruit on the side: Apple, grapes, sliced pear. What ever sounds good. Easy to grab.

Loaded salad:

When shopping, get canned items: corn, different kinds of beans, olives, jalapeños.

Fresh veggies to grab and chop on Sunday: cucumbers, celery, red/ green peppers, red/white/green onions, broccoli.

Bagged veggies that make your life easier:
- shredded carrots, steam in the bag mixes, green beans, chopped kale/romain/boc choy.

Now salad time. When you chop everything up on Sunday. All you have to do in the AM (or the night before) is throw your greens in a today bowl and add whatever you want from your already prepped veggies selection.

Dressing options: hummus, salsa, lemon, or a light dressing.
Add some rice to your salad for a burrito bowl vibe or stuff it all into some pita pockets.

By adding fruits and veggies to majority of your meals you will help your vitamins deficiencies decrease. You can also add B12 packets and meta green powders to your smoothies for a super quick boost of nutrients.

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this is sort of random, but why is it that ancoms and marxist-leninists are so at odds with each other? I'm just getting into leftist politics but i feel like i'm caught in the middle somewhere but i can't figure out why there's so much volatility between the two in the first place. Idk if it has anything to do with democratic centralism or if i just haven't read enough. Sorry if this question is vague, but I'm really lost. :/

In part it’s cause they tended to kill each other a lot in other countries. There were these whole wars where some anarchists tried to get something good going and some leninists came in and killed them. But the history is far longer. In fact, in the foundational years of the 1840s, there were arguments. Marx and Stirner fought, Proudhon and Louis Blanc fought. There was always fear that individuals would be subdued by a new style of hierarchy under a new economic system and the contradictions would play out again, vs the fear that any action to overthrow capitalism wasn’t powerful enough without a state behind it. This struggle reached a head at the meeting of the International Workingmen’s Association, the “First International”, at which Bakunin and Marx, already bitter enemies, fought to expel each other. Marx of course believed in the seizure of state power to direct the masses, while Bakunin correctly predicted that the state would corrupt those who wanted to seize it rather quickly and that true socialism could only come from people who were actively engaged in building it. Marx eventually succeeded, leading Bismarck to remark, “Crowned heads, wealth and privilege may well tremble should ever again the Black and Red unite!” Ever since then, we’ve been at each other’s throats.

Personally, I think it’s more often than not an argument based around cultural signifiers, and while I’m content to get in on the meming when I feel like it, it’s none too interesting unless you’re actually trying to explain the ideas to somebody else, which is pretty fucking tiring. So yeah, leninists all want to take over cause they’re actually craven and power hungry and anarchists are all little babies who don’t understand the first thing about a real revolution.

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One of the things I'm loving about this revival is David and Gillian's portrayals of 2016 Mulder and Scully. Don't know if it's a conscious decision on their part or it's that shared history as actors that they mention so much, but I feel like they have truly honored Mulder and Scully's ever-evolving relationship. Every look and touch is layered with 23 years of a deep and complicated relationship, and I feel like this was especially evident tonight in Home Again.

YES. Same. I’m so glad we get to witness it.

  • Marlene: There is always Emison. Just like Ezria. They are part of the fabric of the show.

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Yo, your recent comments in a podcast about people defending statues of racists as "part of our history" got me thinking. I was just in Germany and I'm not saying it's perfect or anything, but you know how they deal with the shitty parts of their history? NON-PROFIT MUSEUMS WITH FREE ENTRY EVERY DAY THAT DETAIL EXACTLY HOW SHITTY THEIR PAST WAS. I feel like that's better at remembering the past than a random statue of a racist, ya know?

Yeah, no one’s saying you can’t talk about the Confederate flag, we’re just saying you have to talk about how fucking racist it is and not fucking fly it like we agree with it.

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Howdy! *curtsies* I have a problem: I used to love Tolkien. My mum read the Hobbit aloud to me when I was five, and after that I was hooked on LOTR. But now, as a 20-year-old returning to Tolkien's world, I can't help but feel disappointed. I'm re-reading the trilogy for the first time since 7th grade, and I'm discovering that all the things I overlooked when I was 13 are so much harder to overlook now (like the racism, moral absolutism, etc). Has anything like this happened to you? :( :( :( :(

*Curtsies* Part of reading and enjoying a book written like 60 years ago is understanding that it was written 60 years ago and that it’s a piece of history as well as a piece of literature. I think a lot of what I said here and here is relevant, and I’m not sure what I could add without repeating myself. Basically, you can’t totally separate a piece of period lit from the period it was written in and expect it to conform with modern moral standards. It’s just not going to happen. But you can still read it and enjoy it while recognizing that parts of it are problematic (to use Tumblr’s favorite word). Because while yes, there are some iffy bits of LOTR and pretty much anything written by a white person before about 1980, it’s still a good story, and it’s okay to enjoy that. Yeah, there are some pretty strong undercurrents of Eurocentrism and Christian moralism, but it’s still an adventure story about elves and dragons and hobbits and war and magic and saving the world, and it’s hard not to enjoy that–which is precisely why people (including me) are still reading it 60 years later.

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Lexa invites Clarke over to do an assignment together but Clarke wears jeans over that make her ass look so amazing and Lexa gets a hard-on when checking her out and when she realises the bulge in her pants is getting bigger she stumbles away from Clarke but trips and falls onto her instead and Clarke feels the bulge against her skin and Lexa is all like "shit I'm sorry" but then Clarke lets her hand travel along Lexa's thigh go the bulge and Lexa lets out a small moan and the rest is history

ok but i like the history part

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Do you think Eleanor and Louis stay in touch? Their relationship/friendship/co-workership is such a strange one that I wonder if they do. That kind of history between two people seems like one can't just forget the other easily, for good or bad reasons (unhappy reasons for Louis). It seems like they got along and I'm sure they've had a lot of conversations about how they felt throughout it all. I feel like Louis has confided in her and vice versa. Just wondering. Btw she has killer style!

mmm i dunno if they stay in touch so much anymore tbh. i’m sure they’re both beyond happy to be done with that part of their lives and would probably prefer to just leave it in the past. but, y’know. i think of them as coworkers (which is essentially what they were anyway), so maybe they check in every so often like you would with your old work friends that you were close with at the time. louis maybe sent her a congratulatory text about trend pear, eleanor sent a “heard the new single! love it!” etc. that kinda thing. i definitely think they got along and they probably did confide in each other at times. i’d be hard pressed to believe they weren’t close in some ways; i think you’d have to be to some extent. 

personally, i like to believe that she and louis and harry have a group chat going where she and harry talk rings and hats and all things fashion and louis makes jokes about how he and harry should’ve gotten bruce in the divorce settlement.

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I know you were born in DR & raised by fully Dominican parents but you still acknowledge your African roots. I do the same, but I still feel like the African side rejects me. How do you manage to keep your heritage & not feel rejected by those who are your own people and refuse to acknowledge? I know this is a convoluted question, but I'm just curious. I've gotten a bunch of backlash trying to stick up for this ferguson situation because both my parents are Dominican & I'm technically not black

It takes lots of time and patience on your part especially if you have no other choices at the moment but to stick with them. I’ve learned to better keep myself knowledgeable about it down to our full history so when any family member wants to try me for identifying as Black I hit them with pure facts they can look up and let them deal with it on their own if they wanna believe it or not. But the way I see it, we come from a strange situation of antiblackness and colonization by white supremacy that puts us here, so it’s my job, my duty to my ancestors to get my own shit right before I go off on anyone else about Blackness in my family. But no one really tries it cus they see a lot of my aggressive ass pro-black commentaries on FB and what not.