i feel like i'm a part of history

okay but sometimes i just think about how these women feel to be part of these matches that women haven’t had the same opportunities to be a part of before, and how they feel about being able to make history, and i just cry.

Book Release Party (Sam Drake x Reader)

Summary: You are a history nerd, and a particular book catches your attention. It’s about pirates? An island? A pirate utopia? You were going to find out more about it in its release.

word count: 1,930

a/n: I got these ideas but then I’m not entirely sure if I can’t write them, but I decided to give it a try because why not? I must challenge myself! + This is my first one shot.

The lovely Alexandra @nadinesass edited this for me and I’m so grateful, thank you so so much for helping me <3

warnings: english is not my mother language but I’m trying my best.

y/c: your city

You were closing the tour guide’s office, your shift was over and you were eager to head on home. It was lovely working at a place full of art with people who were as passionate about it as you were. The (Y/C) museum of art history was the place you always wanted to work, now you were living your dream and you couldn’t be happier.

You got out of your car and started walking through your apartment’s building, everything was the same, the old wrinkled flowers, the filthy hall floor. This building was really in need of some better cleaning personnel. You took out your apartment’s keys and rolled them into the door, opening it to reveal your dark apartment. The familiar feel of comfort and coziness of your home overwhelmed you as you flopped down on the couch to rest your eyes for a bit.

After taking a long shower, preparing some pasta and eating dinner, you sat on your couch to read your e-mails. Most of them were newsletters from some of the stores you were subscribed to. A particular e-mail caught your attention. At first glance the first word that stood out was ‘Pirates’

“Libertalia - the lost pirate utopia.

  This book is expected by several historians to be very controversial but it also wakes the curiosity towards the infamous legendary pirates, Henry Avery, Thomas Tew, Anne Bonny and many of the other greats. Samuel Drake, self proclaimed adventurer and treasure hunter, releases his first book next week, September 9th, on our store! Join us to know more about an adventure of a lifetime. The writer is our special guest and we will host a 1 hour Q&A session. ”

Your inner history nerd was on fire right now. You really wanted to go, but you didn’t know if you could make it to the library due to your work schedule next week. You called your coworker Rose as soon as you could informing her of the shift exchange you had in mind, just your luck, she wasn’t very compliant. You’d talk with someone else about it.

While washing the dishes, you were still thinking about it. “Samuel Drake? Never heard about him… Any chance he’s related to DF Fortunes? Is Libertalia real? And what about those new paintings from Madagascar? What the hell?” You decided to save it for the Q&A and dropped the matter for now.


One week has passed. It was September the 9th, the day of the book release party. Rose didn’t exchange with you but Max did when you almost thought it was impossible to leave the museum. You were more than grateful for that shift exchange. No book release has excited you this much since you were a kid.

You finally chose a simple black t-shirt dress with a belt to frame your waist,  paired with your favorite heels and a dark blazer, dressing as humbly as you could. You wanted to look as professional as you could, you were representing your city’s museum, after all.

Arriving to the library was really easy, but finding a place to leave your car was a nightmare. You found a spot in a street parallel to the store and you convinced yourself that it would do. You immediately regretted wearing heels when you saw how wet and muddy the ground was from the recently fallen rain.

The store was decorated with fake pirate coins, posters and cards. It looked pleasing to the eye. The book released was displayed everywhere. You immediately picked one and inspected it: it had a hard cover with a beautiful picture of a mountain and waterfalls surrounding it, the book title font was really delicate and it was covered in gold paint. You smiled while touching it with your fingers to feel the texture. Little things like that send you the best energies. 

“Miss? Would you like to sit in the first chairs? The store is going to be full by the time Mr. Drake arrives.” The lady interrupted your thoughts.

“Oh yes. Sure! Thank you.” you smiled.

You sat in one of  the middle chairs of the second chair line - the first one was for photographers and magazine article writers. The book was on your lap and you ended opening it. The book had really cool chapter titles, which only intrigued you more. The first one was “A panamanian jail”, followed by “The lure of adventure”, “Sic Parvis Magna”, “Pro devs qvod licentia”… you already in love!

Before you knew it, the front lights were on and the store lady announced that Samuel Drake had arrived. You didn’t notice but, all the chairs were already occupied. It only showed how caught up you got in the chapter titles.

The woman next to you was whispering to her husband, you just understood one part “he’s going to be alright”.

You discreetly turn your head to get a look at their faces and you almost gasped as soon as you remembered them. You recognized them. Next to you, the legendary Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher from DF Fortunes. You admired their work, you bit your lip surpressing asking them questions right now and decided you’d save it for later.

You felt your face heating up from staring too long and you snapped your head back at the stage. When you least expected it, Sam Drake walked on stage. He was tall, really good looking, he was wearing a denim jacket and a grey shirt underneath it. His hair was so perfectly in place you started wondering how much time he spent it. Mentally scolding yourself, you drew your attention away from his appearance.

“Hello everybody!” he said before people stopped their round of applause, “it’s amazing to be here with you all. This is my book as you can see…” he laughed softly. “I bet I’m not the only thief who writes books right?" 

People laughed and you couldn’t take your eyes of his mouth in the entire speech. ‘(Y/N), what are you thinking?’ you thought to yourself. ‘You don’t know about hi-…I mean, the book is also about his life and it’s fascinating…Ah! Stop! He’s like (X) years older than you!’ 

Your thoughts were interrupted by the lady once more. "And now we are ready to start the Q&A! Don’t hesitate to ask any questions, Ladies and Gentlemen.”

People started asking him questions about his life, the climbing, how terrible was to not finding the treasure, how fantastic was to find a whole city after being in prison for thirteen years, why he decided to write the book. Without thinking twice, you put your hand in the air to ask.

You felt every second of his face looking at your direction like it was an eternity, you could feel yourself blushing already.

“The beautiful lady over there next to my brother.” he said pointing at you.

The store lady gave you the mic and you stood up, trying to quench your fears.

“Yeah, Hi! Um, I’d love to know how scary was to find those letters of Henry Avery and, weren’t you afraid of having the same faith as his? Losing your own mind over a lost treasure?”, you sat back down again as you stopped speaking, awaiting his response.

“Oh I uh- Tough question.” he said, quickly furrowing his brows once he put your question at thought. “My brother right there can answer you, he was the one who stopped me.”

Nate laughs and waves it off, indicating for Sam to tell you himself. Sam reluctantly keeps going “All my life spinned around that treasure and being close to it damaged my capability to think… yeah.”

You smiled at him and thanked him for answering your question. He didn’t give you a full answer and upon second thought on the question, maybe it was too personal. Too late now, anyways.

It was over and time for people to go home, you shook hands with Nathan and Elena and introduced yourself.

“So you work at the musem here?” Nathan asked.

“Uh yeah, downtown! We have the newly found pirate paintings, some of them are portraits from Madagascar? You should check them out if you want, I’m a tour guide there.”

“Yeah, if you’re talking about the same paintings I’m thinking, I’d love to see them again.” he smirked.

“You’ll be seeing us rather soon then… Our daughter she’s definitely taken a liking to artifacts.” Elena said glancing to Nate at the mention of artifacts.

“Sure!” you smiled. “I’ll be waiting for you, door’s open.” You mentioned the museum’s hours before smiling and saying your farewells.

When you finally left the library, you remembered that you had to cross the street all over again so you walked cautiously, paying attention to each step so much that you didn’t notice someone approach you. You felt a hand on your shoulder which made you jump, turning around a little bit startled.

“Hey, sorry if I scared you.”

You looked at the person and you couldn’t believe that it was him, the author you had recently gawked at like the village fool. No shame, right? You couldn’t blame yourself, he was nice to look at.

“Mr. Drake? Hi.” you could feel your face getting red again

“Call me Sam” he smiled softly. “Uh so, uh, did you like the book?”

“You came here to ask me if I liked the book?” you laughed. “Yes, I’m sure I’ll love it. I still have to read half of the chapters but it seemed like an amazing adventure.”

“Yeah, it was really hard though…” he paused to light his cigarette. “So what’s your name darling?”

“(Y/N)” you answered putting out your hand.

“A beautiful name for a beautiful woman.” He shook your hand, sending a tingle feeling at contact, “You work at the downtown museum?”

You were blushing again. “Thank you I er…” You paused, flattered from his compliment, was he just being nice? “And yes, I do. Need some information from there?”

“Uh, actually no but, I saw the way you were reading the book before I got on stage” He remarked.

“Oh…” you covered your face with your hands. “What about it?” your brows knit in confusion.

“There are some things that I didn’t put in that book.” he said with a grin.

“W-What?” you were really into his choice of words, were you getting the wrong idea here?

“We really did find Avery’s treasure.”

You stopped in the middle of the street and looked into his eyes. “I don’t understand. Why are you telling me this?” You chuckled lightly.

“I thought you’d like to heart about it y'know, you were practically devouring the book in that seat.” he laughed.

“Come on, start talking!” You smiled.

“How about I tell you over a coffee?” He proposed, raising his brows.

“Hm I see what you’re trying to pull, Sam.” you looked away and left a sigh.

“I have some coins of trade from Libertalia…”

“Ahh stop! Okay we can drink coffee!” you finally said, not allowing him to go on.

After trading phone numbers, you went home thinking about the one and only, Samuel Drake and what stories were waiting for you at that coffee shop.


8x19 ”Taxi Driver” // 11x14 “The Vessel”
The Hard Choice

Posted as part of the Series “Of Blood, Bone and Darkness”:
A Carver Era Rewatch Hiatus Meta-Series

It really must feel like history repeating for Dean. Like no matter what he does, that he fails the people he cares about. I mean really, knowing how Dean’s mind works these moments most probably basically for him translate to it’s his fault that Benny didn’t feel at home on earth, because he abandoned him and that he therefore would choose rather dying in purgatory than coming back topside (his facical expressios speak volumes here). Same goes for Cas. I could very well imagine that Dean feels guilty and like he failed Cas and failed at noticing how bad Cas was feeling that Cas would choose to say yes to Lucifer and by that as much as Benny sort of “committing suicide”. Truly, my heart just aches for Dean, because no matter how often he would be told it’s not his fault, that he’s only human, that this is not on him, he wouldn’t believe it. No, Dean would always think he failed them, that he’s responsible. And how could he not? He was raised thinking that “everything is his responsibility” and when something didn’t work, then it was his fault. Seriously, and I don’t mean to sound offensive or like an ass, but I just truly cannot understand people, who cannot see what Dean has endured and been through and how his past shapes his actions of course, but only hate on him. Like… How?

So we have to read Ars Amatoria by Ovid for Latin at school and this book is the BIGGEST LOAD OF MISOGYINSTIC BULLSHIT I HAVE EVER SEEN. Not only does it treat women like shit all the fucking time but it literally says that women like to be raped!!!??? This book was supposed to teach people how to “get a woman”, and everything in it basically screams STALK HER (like seriously, it says that you have to keep insisting even when she asks you to fucking stop, because women totally love that, right?)

I don’t even care that this was written thousands of years ago, it’s just wrong (not to mention that rape and adultery where actually illegal at the time), and besides we have to read it now for school. What if some douchebag teenage boy thinks that this is actually okay?