i feel like i will regret this later idk

Tbpd/hpdfw “I’m going to be super outgoing and loud in public to make people like me but then later feel like I was super annoying and regret it with the entirety of my being”

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Entj and Infp best friends maybe? ☺️


Infp: so idk I feel ok I guess

Entj: I can tell you need to spill like just vent, you know? I’m not afraid of emotions like omg

Infp: I want to fucking kill everyone and everything is horrible and I hope the earth is scorched while I’m on it (instantly regrets hitting send)

Entj: Good. Your competent and a good person, you can do this.

Infp: *replies 3 months later* thanks btw

Entj: okay now it’s time to let you in on my life plan bro you ready?

Infp: stab me with it

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Hey! So I was just wondering what does getting a tattoo feel like. I know it hurts but specifically speaking. And do you have any pointers for someone interested in getting a tattoo? Thanks 💙

this was actually my first tattoo! it probably would have hurt a lot more if it wasn’t just lines and dots, but it honestly just kinda tickled?? 

as far as pointers… idk, i got something simple that i wouldn’t regret later on - i had been thinking about getting this tattoo for months also. the placement is iffy because it’s definitely visible and i work in healthcare, but i always wear long sleeves anyway. 

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For the record, I think that deleting your fics would be a mistake. Nothing against you luv, I mean it's your choice. But I think you'd regret it later. That'd be like, idk da Vinci burning his journals because his calculations were off. Sure, it might make you feel better, give you a fresh start now- but later? Later you'd regret it because all of those hours, all of that hard work that you have poured into your frankly amazing writing would be gone. Ultimately its you choice in the end though

I’m not deleting them. That was irrational meltdown Pop. We don’t listen to her. She’s excessive and prone to rash decisions.

I know I’d regret it. I’d regret it forever. Sure, for like a day I’d be filled with the violent joy of someone that has *done* something, but after that? A month from now? A year? Ten? I’d regret it.

Thanks for calling it amazing, anon. That’s, well, that’s amazing to hear. See? Whatever, reading is hearing, kinda. So, both? Sure.




“I swear, I fucking hate you sometimes.” I muttered to Luke. My blood boiled incessantly as we glared daggers towards each other.

We’ve been fighting quite a lot recently. Today’s fight was no less an exception, and it was a pretty fucking stupid reason at that. We had a tiny argument over him eating all the cookies before I was able to even wake up. He knew I made it and I had every goddamn right to be mad, but the boy still acted as if I were overreacting.

“You can make more, fucker! I don’t know why you’re mad - you had some yesterday.”

We were so close to each other that I can see the way his scruff was lazily unkempt. His eyes were full of annoyance from what I can tell and I knew I looked the same.

“I’m honestly tempted to fight you.” I huff, fisting the fabric at my sides to refrain myself from smacking him.

A smirk rose on to his lips that was so sweet that it was hard to not want to deck him. “Well then, do it! Oh wait, you fucking can’t.” He turned around on his heel and made his way down to his room and I let out a frustrated scream.

Luke and I have been friends for as long as I can remember. It was the classic “friends since childhood” scenario - he did stupid shit to me once when we were little, I retaliated in a similar manner, and then we became friends. We did everything together - we went to school together, went to each other’s house everyday, and had sleepovers together (on the rare occasions my parents would let me since I had the anatomy to birth children and he had the ability to help in that—not that we would do anything like that, but still.) It was only a matter of time before we were to move in with each other.

It’s always been a perfect friendship between the two of us - we seemed to act like an old married couple in ways. But of course, people fight every so often and when he keeps eating all the damn food in the house, of course I’m going to get pissed off. Especially when the smug fucker has the audacity to defend himself.

We’ve been fighting a hell of a lot lately - especially after he broke house code for the eighth time and made a girl leave the house after he was done doing the do with her. I mean, it’s his life and I don’t give a flying fuck who he wants to shag - he could do it with Michael for all I care - but he didn’t even have the audacity to let her stay over and make her breakfast the next day.

I know it’s not even a big deal, but I know I’ve taught him better than that. He knows how to properly treat a human being and unless the girl leaves in the morning while he’s still asleep, he should do better than just kick a girl out. And again, I taught Luke to be a good human being so when I confronted him about it, I definitely didn’t expect us to get into a heated argument, one of the worst ones we’ve ever had. Even worse than the aftermath of him trying to fight my now ex-boyfriend.

We didn’t talk for a week after that cookie fight. It’s so silly that we got into an argument over food, but it’s mainly left over tension from the fight we had about him breaking the house rule that I stressed towards him when we moved in with each other over a year ago.

He constantly came home late during the week of complete silence we upheld towards each other, that is if he came home at all. I hated to say it with my ongoing anger towards the boy, but I was worried. Luke wasn’t one to be reckless but with his actions recently, he has got me pretty anxious if he’ll even come home safe or not. Of course, out of my complete egotistical ass, I didn’t voice these feelings toward him and only would ask the boys (who were the ones that were always out with him) to make sure he’s ok.

Tonight was night eight of our silent fight and he returned home drunker than the other times. I left my room when I heard the door open and Luke stumbled in along with Michael, Calum, and Ashton, who were notably more sober than the bumbling idiot that had a slice of lime in his breast pocket. They seemed to be pretty worried and I’m pretty sure it’s due to the state Luke’s in.

“Y/N… ” Calum sighed out, relieved to see me. I nod, nervousness setting into the bottom of my stomach as I watched Luke totter onto the couch with the help of Ashton.

“What happened?” I asked breathily. I move towards Luke, trying to get a better look at him.

Calum sighed and I turned back to him before he started to rub the back of his neck. “We lost him. He said he was going to the washroom and I went with him but when I was washing my hands, he walked out. It took us awhile but he was at a different bar across the street.” Calum sighed again before continuing. “I’m so sorry Y/N - just look at him. We were going to take him to the ER but he kept telling us not to, that he just wanted to come home to see you… ” Calum muttered. I nod, thoroughly worried for my friends, especially Luke.

“Do you guys want to stay over? I cleaned the house yesterday so nothing is cluttered and you guys can take the guest room and my room. I’ll stay with Luke.” I offered, not wanting to let the boys go home at this time. They shook their heads.

“We don’t want to burden you, especially with Luke in the state he’s in. But thanks anyway, Y/N.” Ashton replied, turning to look at me for a second before turning back to his friend. My eyebrows furrow.

“It’s late and you guys are staying here. Ok? I don’t want any of you getting hurt.”

We all slowly dispersed after about thirty minutes of giving Luke water and some crackers. The boys tried to convince me to let them take care of Luke but I managed to shoo them away so they could properly rest. I could manage him properly.

“Y/N, you make me sad.” Luke slurred out, twirling a piece of my hair between his fingers before he curled it behind my ear. Shivers ran down my back while his hand lingered on my neck.

“Why?” I ask quietly to make sure I won’t wake the boys up.

“Because I made you mad and that made me sad. I was like, ‘why can’t I just make her happy for once?’ then I went out to drink. I was so sad Y/N, I thought you didn’t like me anymore. I thought you didn’t wanna be friends anymore and I was sad.” He gagged slightly before continuing, "And I have a secret and it’s important but I can’t tell you it cuz if I do it won’t be a secret anymore, Y/N! You like secrets, right Y/N? Can I call you that? Y/N. What a nice name. You know what else is a good name? Landon. I like it cuz it has an L in it, like my name. When we have kids we’re gonna name them all Landon, ok? That’s a nice name, huh Y/N? Unless you don’t like it. Then I hate that name. Name’s awful.”

I uneasily giggle and cut him off. “I like the name.”

“Should I change my name to Landon so you’ll like me too?”

“I like your name too, you don’t need to change it.” I respond, wiping a wet towel over his forehead and making a gesture to make him stop talking so loud.

“You like my name more, right?”

“Of course.”

“So then we should name all of our kids Luke then, right? Wait, no, that’d be weird cuz how are we going to know which gift is which on Christmas?” I laugh again as Luke’s eyes looked worriedly into mine. I shook my head.

“Same with the name Landon, then.”

Luke’s eyes lit up and a smile rose upon his face and he nodded, “Oh, yeah. You’re so smart Y/N, what would I do without you? You’re so smart and pretty and great and I just wish you’d love me back!” My breath hitched. "Isn’t that a concept? I love you, but don’t tell anyone. Everyone knows but you so you promise you’re not gonna say anything?” I nod absentmindedly.

“Yeah, of course, bud.” It was silent for awhile after that, Luke humming the tune to some old songs of his and playing with my hands. He occasionally picked up the vomit bucket we had and hurled in it but always went back to playing with my fingers. It was when he started to shut his eyes a little longer before he reopened them that I decided it was time to go to his bed.

“Hey, Luke, come on. Let’s go to bed.” He shook his head and yanked my arm back down gently so that I was sitting back on the couch.

“I’m so tired, Y/N, but you’re so beautiful and I’m not sure if I’m ready to go to bed knowing I won’t remember this.” He muttered out. His eyes were half shut and I can tell he was sobering up by now - it has been a good couple hours since they’ve come back so it was pretty normal to happen.

My heartbeat picked up at his compliment but I kept my face neutral, as if I were tired (and I was, but I’m also very very fucking anxious too.)

“Not that you’re not beautiful all the time - fuck I wish you weren’t as exquisite inside and out so I don’t have to feel this way - but right now the alcohol is too much and the light is illuminating your face and I’m so in love.” Luke blubbered out.

“Thank you, Luke. But you need to get to bed.”

It took a bit of convincing as well as some negotiating, so I ended up having to sleep on the same bed as Luke (which wasn’t much of a bargain since I was supposed to sleep on the bed with him, but I wasn’t going to let him know that.)

Luke was a really cuddly person. Even when we were still living next door to each other, he always loved having me as a cuddle buddy. So it took to no surprise to me when Luke tugged my body close to him.

“I’m sorry Y/N. I’m sorry for being such an ass and coming home late every night piss drunk. I’m sorry. Do you still love me?”

“Of course I love you Luke.”

“Y/N, you don’t understand - ” He started, but I cut him off.

“Go to bed.” I was damn well curious about what he was going to say, but I didn’t want him to say shit he’ll regret saying later. So I swallowed my pride and let the thought pester me as his snores began to fill the room.




lmao im so here for bff!5sos and roommate!5sos so i made this thingy. idk if its good but i was feeling it y’know. it’s late and i should be asleep but here i am, posting this imagine at 2:43 a.m. this is sort of angst but not? what is this


you know, sometimes it feels like either I get the “joss whedon is terrible and the worst and has done nothing redeemable in his entire life” narrative or the “joss whedon is the best ever and amazing and a paragon of feminist representation” narrative and never the “joss whedon is a dude who has done some good stuff and some bad stuff whose work absolutely deserves critique but also recognition for the things it does right” narrative

it’s like. I get so annoyed with the tumblr end of things (the first version) and then I go out into the wider geek world and get really annoyed with the other end of things (the second version) and like

[yells nuanced criticism!!!!!! into the void of the internet, like, forever]

okay so i just did something i will probably regret doing later on ( who am i kidding i already feel bad for doing it ) which is making myself a tinder account ?? idk why i feel so bad about it i mean i will probably delete it later anyway but ?? my family looks so down on it like “pls don’t tell me you’re on tinder” so i ain’t gonna tell them and a big part of my friends looks down on it as well ?? like some of them have tinder but they made it as a joke and i’m just… desperate ?? so i don’t even dare to tell ‘em i made it. like i’ve heard so many stories about dudes only looking for a fuck buddy or a one night stand on there and god i’m looking for my first ever boyfriend ?? i have never even kissed a guy in my life. but lately everyone around me seems to start dating, including my sister, and i feel so… alone ?? like every day i wonder when it’s going to happen to me ?? like i feel as if i reached this age where i want to experience and explore those things such as being in a relationship, KISSING SOMEONE FOR FUCKS SAKE, intimacy i guess ?? but it feels like i’m going to be alone forever ?? like i am just incapable of meeting someone who is genuinely interested ?? i am not a fan of the party scene, i like being at home or w friends cosy to talk etc… and i am pretty shy ?? i genuinely believe it just isn’t going to happen for me. so why not try tinder right ?? i know people who found real love on there ?? but on the other hand i feel so… idk… it doesn’t feel like me ?? what to do now ?? i know i am still young and i have time to find love and that’s 100 % true. but is it bad of me to not want to be a 26 y/o who has zero dating/kissing/sexual experience ?? because i am so petrified that is going to happen… and it makes me want to cry my eyeballs out. 24/7.

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Ok. I know Ophiuchus is not one of lucy's spirit, buuuuut-JUST IMAGINE HOW BADASS SHE WOULD LOOK IN OPHIUCHUS STARDRESS!? *o* (I really had this in mind for a while now and i needed to say it! 'feeling better now XD )