i feel like i sold my soul

A friend had an ass implant and it’s stupid. Her butt looks painful and tight and fake and like a cartoon and I’m not sure why anyone would have paid to have an ass that looks like a macaroon.

I’m feeling lazy and stressed and I hate not having money but I went on vacation and in exchange sold my soul to the relationship devil and now I’m struggling to get some dollars together for thanksgiving. On a bright note…all my bills are paid so suck it.

I think I’m dead inside. Like serious.

I miss laughing and dancing and flirting and eating cheesy food with friends and lately I’m just sitting in my own head waiting for some imagined heart attack to happen. Anxiety is fucking shit on toast.

I just wanna get fucked.

Like hard.

Like against a wall.

Like in a bathroom stall with my skirt hiked up and he takes my panties home as a trophy.

I want a hickey on my tit and scratch marks on my ass and everyone in that bar to know what I just did because they can smell the sex on my skin.

This is what my life sounds like inside my own head.

I miss my friends.

And dick.

Not necessarily in that order.


In March 27th of 2007, Cassandra Clare’s City of Bones was published for the first time by Margaret K. McElderry Books

“We’re called Shadowhunters. At least, that’s what we call ourselves. The Downworlders have less complimentary names for us.”
“The Night Children. Warlocks. The fey. The magical folk of this dimension.”
Clary shook her head. “Don’t stop there. I suppose there are also, what, vampires and werewolves and zombies?”
“Of course there are,” Jace informed her. “Although you mostly find zombies farther south, where the voudun priests are.”
“What about mummies? Do they only hang around Egypt?”
“Don’t be ridiculous. No one believes in mummies.”
- Cassandra Clare, City of Bones

Thank you, @cassandraclare, for creating such a wonderful story and unique characters that have changed so many lives (including my own)
(Feel free to add your own message if you’d like ♡ ) 


Bakugou’s smile can scare off childrens easily..(・∀・ ) He could run the title of “Number 1. Most Evil-looking hero” for generations lololol

read from left>right

i hope this counts as “several children” XD @princeasimdiya12

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I love foreign bands that write English lyrics, because they come up with such unique lines, and I really value that in music. For example:

Amaranthe (Swedish):
“We spin the world like a pinball machine”
“I’m like a satellite transmitting different eras”
“I hide, empower our remedy”

Dead by April (Swedish):
“Promise me to think of us, still bright, still colorful”

Volbeat (Danish):
“Feel the fire where she walks”
“Don’t look in her eyes, you might fall and find the love of your life”
“I sold my soul way down in the dirt, but I stole it back and forever in debt”
“Are the angels on their way? I’m in the dirt”

Oomph! (German):
“The me inside your second skin”
“Don’t you know the surgeon’s cut is like the fountain of youth?”

Scorpions (German):
“We eat the night, we drink the time”
“Here I am, rock you like a hurricane”
“If we’d go again all the way from the start”

H.I.M. (Finnish):
“Rip out the wings of a butterfly for your soul, my love”

Nightwish (Finnish):
“Taking us home where dust once was a man”
“You believe but what you see?”

Delain (Dutch):
“Underneath my tongue it hides”
“An error in my genesis”

One OK Rock (Japanese):
“It’s a mighty long fall when you thought love was the top”
“Shut down the sirens in our heads”

And then. AND THEN. There is System of a Down. And NOTHING even comes CLOSE to this shit:

“The kombucha mushroom people sitting around all day”
“When you lose small mind you free your life”
“We’re the cruel regulators smoking cigaro cigaro cigar”
“Sweet Danny and Lisa they take me away from”
Sweet berries ready for two, ghosts are no different than you"
“Fighting crime with a partner, Lois Lane, Jimmy Carter, why?”

And, of course,

❝   pvris   /   starter   sentences.

all these starters are taken from the 2017 album “all we know of heaven, all we need of hell”. feel free to change the pronouns to make these fit!

‘ i think we were cursed from the start. ‘
‘ do you think we were speaking in tongues? ‘
‘ who took the light from our life? ‘
‘ you took my heart. ‘
‘ you took my heaven away. ‘
‘ all i did was suffer. ‘
‘ some days i feel everything, others are numbing. ‘
‘ can never find the in between, it’s all or nothing. ‘
‘ one foot in the grave, other on the ground. ‘
‘ i can’t process what i’m feeling now. ‘
‘ my blood once was my own. ‘
‘ what have you done? ‘
‘ please don’t think that i let you go. ‘
‘ i never let go. ‘
‘ you’re the only one that i’ll ever know. ‘
‘ i don’t belong to anyone else. ‘
‘ i’m the only one i’ll ever know. ‘
‘ i’m the one i fear the most. ‘
‘ little did i know that i was only crying wolf. ‘
‘ i know it’s so wrong but i’m so far gone. ‘
‘ don’t need you to tell me i’m so cynical. ‘
‘ i don’t need a metaphor for you to know i’m miserable. ‘
‘ it’s all getting old. ‘
‘ i didn’t want this throne. ‘
‘ only fools make feasts of gold. ‘
‘ when did i get so pitiful? ‘
‘ i never sold my soul. ‘
‘ i always, always walk alone without you. ‘
‘ i was the smoke in your lungs. ‘
‘ you said you wanna get to know me. ‘
‘ love’s like watching someone die. ‘
‘ do we have bad blood? ‘
‘ do you feel the burn from my touch? ‘
‘ darling, i always knew that we were doomed. ‘
‘ isn’t that pitiful? ‘
‘ where does your body go when i leave you alone? ‘
‘ i’m just a body that you used to know. ‘
‘ did i make your voice shake? ‘
‘ do you remember my old names? ‘
‘ i think we’ve had enough of each other. ‘
‘ don’t make it worse. ‘
‘ all we did, all we did was suffer. ‘
‘ you were just physical touch, not necessarily love. ‘
‘ i feel too little and i think too much. ‘
‘ can you burn a fire in my flesh? ‘
‘ your love’s so cold i see my breath. ‘
‘ i can’t take another night. ‘
‘ call me spineless but at least i’ve got a heart between my lungs. ‘
‘ you feel too little and i feel too much. ‘
‘ you got no love in your bones. ‘
‘ we’ve made such a mess of this place. ‘
‘ there’s blood stains on your face. ‘
‘ our hands always covered in shame. ‘
‘ there’s blood in the water but it tastes so sweet. ‘
‘ show me no mercy. ‘
‘ let it rain, let it rain. ‘
‘ if you’re gonna make it hurt show me no mercy. ‘
‘ this place is going up in flames and we watch and we wait. ‘
‘ there’s blood in the water. ‘
‘ i’ll be fine. ‘
‘ i wouldn’t mind if i died. ‘
‘ i’m by your side. ‘
‘ tonight i’ll give you my life. ‘
‘ pull away the world from me. ‘
‘ these picture frames don’t hang the way they used to. ‘
‘ my body didn’t like the way it felt last june. ‘
‘ you keep on saying that i’ve changed. ‘
‘ i know that i don’t seem quite the same. ‘
‘ don’t know where i went wrong. ‘
‘ i’m at a loss for words under a full moon. ‘
‘ does the mirror in the corner see my shame too? ‘

Vintage Jacksepticeye Sentence Starters

  • “That felt so good that I want to do it a lot more.”
  • “Sorry I lied, someone is definitely going to hit you from there.”
  • “Look how dead you look.”
  • “He wasn’t supposed to see me. Neither was he.”
  • “Have a grenade!”
  • “Let me love you… with grenades.”
  • “Your vest can protect from bullets and grenades, but not my badass knife.”
  • “Think I can safely say that I qualify as a full-on ninja.”
  • “Hey, hey, what is shaking boys and girls?”
  • “Oh yeah, you’re one badass fucker, aren’t you?”
  • “Sorry, I didn’t mean to disgruntle you.”
  • “There’s the dude I’ve got to get with the knife.”
  • “That’s not ninja. That’s getting spotted. That’s the opposite of ninja.”
  • “That is a lot of blood. You’re about to add to it.”
  • “Time to get out of here.”
  • “I bring shame to the ninja clan.”
  • “So someone is here in a chopper to either kill me or help me.”
  • “We gotta band together in this dark world.”
  • “You can’t hit me, you can’t hit me.”
  • “Yeah, so THAT just happened.”
  • “You might as well be swinging at the air.”
  • “This is your house and I just came in and ruined everything, didn’t I?”
  • “Jesus, how unprofessional of me.”
  • “That could’ve gone so wrong.”
  • “It’s the greed that’ll kill you.”
  • “That could’ve been lights out right there.”
  • “Moral of the story: don’t miss.”
  • “I’m just farming for souls right now, to get up my strength.”
  • “I sold it to fund my gaming pc.”
  • “I turned Dark Souls into Farmville.”
  • “Oh god, I’m heavy as fuck now.”
  • “Wow, you guys are slipping up.”
  • “Those skeletons will kick my fucking ass.”
  • “Let’s go back up my sexy elevator.”
  • “But it’s not about the performance. It’s about the journey, the experience.”
  • “On their own they’re weak as shit, but there’s like fifty of them.”
  • “You know when you meet those people and they feel like something? He felt like a Greg.”
  • “Fight Mr. Stabby Stabby here.”
  • “You ain’t got no reward for me.”
  • “You know what Christmas means: presents!”
  • “You can distract while I kick some ass.”

Am I the only one who was never really a fangirl of anything (somewhat fans of things but very lowkey, never active in any fandoms, etc) until YOI came along, and my soul was somehow sold to Satan without my consent so now… YOI is like my soul now?  Because it’s only been a few months but it feels like years and I am so in love with this fandom, this anime, all of you… you all are great.  I have a hard time picturing who I was a few months ago, it’s that insane.  (Yuri on Ice, what the actual fuck have you done with my soul…..)

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The Story of Viktor Nikiforov

I have always, ALWAYS said that I am very happy for Viktor because he found someone to love in Yuuri. I know we have all rooted for Yuuri throughout the show, but I guess I am at a point in my own life that makes me sympathise more with Viktor. He appears to be set in life, but he also had a loneliness about him that bothered me for a very long time. It truly must have been lonely where he was. Where does one even go when there is nothing more up there to reach for?

Viktor Nikiforov had an amazing journey after his meeting with Yuuri Katsuki. It brought colour to a world that was becoming lacklustre. Even Viktor’s coming to Hasetsu only to find a different and much more fragile person than the one he met at the Sochi banquet helped him to grow as a person and live a life beyond himself. Something also tells me that he prefers living life that way, too. He has such a good heart in him, and I feel so proud of how thoughtfully and sensitively he handled the situation. In the end, he found himself a happy ending and seems so happy and content with Yuuri. It’s just a beautiful story and. I. Am. Just. So. Happy. For. Him. *starts crying*

The song is “Before You” by John McLaughlin. It just screamed Viktor Nikiforov to me the first time I heard it. 

This is a fan-made video that was a result of me wrestling with writer’s block for about two months now. No copyright infringement is intended. I thought to try my hand on a different medium this time (lol you know you have sold your soul to a fandom when you learn video editing from scratch just to “find an outlet any outlet oh my god the feels are killing me!). It’s a bit rough in places; I’ll try to fix it next time I’m on a laptop again. EDIT: Fixed! Okay, I like this version better. ♡

Hell (Chapter One: Fair Exchange.)

Summary: Y/n Singer decides to sell her soul to save Sam Winchester, not saying anything to Dean and his dad.

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: 1755

Warnings: None. For now.

A/N: Here is my first chapter of this new fanfiction! I wrote it a long time ago when I started to see the third season of Supernatural. And I’ve always imagined Bobby having a son, or a daughter (besides Sam and Dean, of course.)
Enjoy it!

It spent half an hour. Thirty minutes, staring at Sam’s body, helpless, lying on the mat in the corner of the cottage where Dean and Bobby carried him. Dean looks like a statue while watching the cold body of his younger brother’s lifeless; if I couldn’t feel his weak breathing, I would think that perhaps he’s also dead. Inside him, that’s how he is probably feeling. My father is at his side, with one hand resting on his shoulder, trying to comfort him. I know that he would say something, but remains silent; the words are useless at this time.
I heard many times Dean to promise to his brother Sam to protect it at any cost; when they started to hunt together again to look for their father, when Sam’s girl died, and even when John died.
Dean was sick for days, but he knows well cover his feelings, and was strong both for him and for Sam. And after discovering that his father John had sold his soul to the same demon to which hunted because he had killed his wife Mary, Dean began to feel guilt, who tried to calm with all the anger he could have.
“I can’t lose him, Bobby. I have no choice.”
“Don’t say shit kid. You can’t make a deal with a demon. He would bring to life Sam, but how long you would remain?”
“I can’t live without my brother.”
I take a deep breath. They don’t know that I’m listening to them. They don’t know that I suffer for Sam’s death, which I considered like a brother. And they don’t even know the other room, leaning against a chair, there is the Dean’s jacket, where until a few minutes ago there were the Impala’s keys.
Dean had such a crazy idea, but he can’t bring back his brother, only to die a few years later. But it doesn’t have to do that he; a crazy idea..

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My boyfriend definitely loses his shit watching Yuri On Ice - Part 4

He’s convinced he now became an interet sensation.

Episode 10:

(sings the whole intro trying to open a Nutella jar with his teeth)

“I’m so hyper hyper hyper” (intro has not ended yet)



“I’m now convinced Victor and Chris banged at least once. And it’s disgusting.”

“Why in the world no one ever SLAPPED this kid in the face??” (Yurio)

“Is there a compilation of the faces Yurio does through all the series, please, because honestly”

“JJ’s girlfriend is as annoying as her boyfriend”

“Undercut dude (Otabek; he’s struggling with names) is even more friendly than that Korean one”


“Does Phichit need a bathroom? Ah no, Sagrada Familia selife”

“Yuri is antisocial and I like it”

“Poor boy”


“Yuri does puppy eyes and Victor falls for it, tsk, unbelievable” (sarcastic)

“Victor has these really elegant outfits I wonder how rich he is”

“This kid literally has hundreds of girls dying for him and he never tries to bang one? What the fuck is wrong wih him”

(whole scene with Otabek happens)

“Oh he’s gay too, that is why”

“Oh my god Mister Funny x Mister Funny 2” (Yurio and Otabek)


“They’re fighting like us lol”

“… Did he buy rings”




“He’s blushing so hard”


(he paused the episode and watched the scene again)


(he paused to go to the bathroom. it took him several minutes)

“can we watch that again I need to understand”

(I explained the snowflake thing during rewatch numer 3) “holy jesus fuck”


“Oh they’re all together look”


“WHAT? EH??”


(he laughed for ten minutes straight)

“well can’t blame him champagne is good”



“but what about the videos”

“Lol Yurio’s reaction is priceless”

“Oh wow bringing the gold medal up defintiely killed the mood”


“Nice coat Victor wow” (I’m afraid he’s developping a crush on Victor’s clothes)

“Of course Yurio must ruin it”


(credits start)




“So that is the moment Victor sold his soul to Satan?”

“Yurio do not wear bright blue suits ever again”


“I can’t. Stop it. I can’t.”



“Victor is so easy. Just like you”

“I’m speechless. SPEECHLESS.”

(I wish he truly was)

Episode 11:

“I’m so tense. So tense. Look, I’m SHAKING”


“Where is the intro I want it”

“Does Giacometti wear eyeliner”



“Michi keep it in your pants”


“I’m anxious”

“Lol any reason is good for Victor to jump on this kid”

“Victor is Yuri’s nr. 1 Fangirl”



“I just noticed he’s wearing a new coat”

“HE’S CRYING OOOOH SWEET HEART. He’s as devastated as I am after Christmas dinner”


“How many fucking hamsters does Phichit own but most important question where are they now”


“Selfie with Celestino of fucking course”


“Oh so if you keep your arm up it’s more difficult? How many things I’m learning”



“lol fuck no Chris’ programme is hilarous”

“Those rings are so cute I keep forgetting they’re there”

“Yurio cheering for Undercut dude is suspicious”

“YURIO IS ACTUALLY PROUD? What is going on here”

“Still happy to be in the first place of course. Little shit”

“We can’t skip JJ can we?” (he really can’t stand JJ)


“Yurio I feel you”

“I need a break before the last episode. I do not feel emotionally ready”

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 5

I’ll have him watch the last episode and Welcome to the madness by the end of today lol. Stay tuned

Ya… another fandom to sell my soul to… I’m terrible. Although, I sold my soul to Inuyasha back in 2003 when it first aired on TV here, so I guess that’s not too bad. 

I guess I always had this thing for white haired characters. :p 


Please do not repost without permission.
I hate that I even have to say that, because I feel like I’m super mediocre at drawing and feel like no one would repost anyways, but somehow that still happened already??

Prompt List #2

Feel free to send a request !

  1. You’re the only air I want to breathe.
  2. I thought it would hurt like hell, but it turned out all right.
  3. This is the end.
  4. Every time I try to let you in again, the thought of what you have done to me rushes back and makes it completely impossible for me to forgive you.
  5. Why do women need so many bags?
  6. Don’t make me kill you sweetheart.
  7. I want to know all of your secrets.
  8. Is that what you want? For me to leave you alone?
  9. Don’t get offended, but you can be a real slut sometimes.
  10. I have met the right person, and he’s not in love with me, and until I stop loving him, no one else really has a chance.
  11. Don’t move, I’m going to kiss you now.
  12. Any idea who the girl in the black hat is?
  13. The simple idea of marriage repulses me.
  14. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, & the Holy Spirit, Amen. 
  15. I’m not good at making friends…
  16. Are you gay?
  17. Ignore me, I’m drunk!
  18. You have no idea at what lengths I would go to protect you.
  19. I hate the way I don’t hate you. Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all. 
  20. I’m considering punching you in the face. Really hard.
  21. Isn’t she beautiful?
  22. I screwed it all up. It wasn’t supposed to happen.
  23. I have been warned about you, and I never thought… you could be such a nice person. Well, not to other people but you see what I mean.
  24. Don’t, for one minute, think that you had any effect whatsoever on my panties.
  25. Disastrous haircut. 
  26. Sorry, I think I just puked in my mouth.
  27. Ninety seven text messages and twenty two missed calls? Seriously?
  28. You have no idea how long I’ve waited for this…
  29. I feel like a crazy man has been hitting my head with a hammer for the past ten hours.
  30. Ah, desire and love, two notions that people always mix up.
  31. And I’m back in the game!
  32. Of all of my mistakes, my favorite is you.
  33. What is it, Asshole Day? 
  34. I just sold my soul to the devil.
  35. He’s not happy unless everyone around him is panicked, nauseous or suicidal.
  36. I don’t think you’re an idiot at all.
  37. I’m in the “let’s kick a puppy to feel better” mood.
  38. I don’t know if that’s brilliant or stupid.
  39. Thank you for coming.
  40. You… Let them beat you down just to protect me?
  41. You know what they say. Tiny man. Huge ego. 
  42. Okay, you have to say something now.
  43. What was that for?
  44. Sometimes, I look at you when you think nobody’s paying attention. And I can’t help but wonder that, of all the people I know, you might be the one who has the most things to say.
  45. Wish I could be home with my head in a toilet like all normal people… 
  46. Do you… Need any help?
  47. They’re an amazing person. Take care of them.
  48. When you like someone and see them walk to someone else, you suddenly realize that you treated them badly just because you wanted to get a bit closer to them.
  49. Holy shit, are you serious?
  50. Hi. You’re a total stranger to me, but you have to save me from a critical situation and make out with me.
  51. So you wanna go to the wedding with me?
  52. We could share a room.
  53. That’s exactly what a guilty person would say.
  54. Can we panic now?
  55. You shouldn’t be afraid to tell someone you like them.
  56. The thing is that I love you, like a bird loves the sky, and like the trees love the rain.
  57. You have to stop thinking so much.
  58. This is not a game, there’s no silver medal if we arrive second.
  59. You make me nervous.
  60. Zombies eat brains, so I think you’re safe.
  61. Don’t interrupt me.
  62. I wasn’t sure you cared.
  63. That was the worse pick up line ever.
  64. Excuse me, why are you so cute?
  65. Why are you calling? It’s 2 am !
  66. Please stop, you’re making my head ache.
  67. You wish you hated me.
  68. Let me in please?
  69. Your conception of flirting is a little archaic.
  70. For how long has this been going on?
  71. I think about you everyday, asshole.
  72. I have awkwardly high standards.
  73. Yes, people usually die when you shoot them.
  74. Have you been drinking?
  75. He never said that !
  76. You are nothing to me.
  77. If you ever do this again, I swear I’ll strangle you.
  78. It’s a metaphor.
  79. She’s pretty, I guess.
  80. What are you trying to do?
  81. Please, it’s a pathetic excuse.
  82. That’s all the beauty of the gesture.
  83. I never thought of you as a romantic person.
  84. Are you drunk again?
  85. But I don’t know how to drive !
  86. Isn’t this dress too slutty?
  87. If I needed your opinion I would have asked for it.
  88. Do you have a back up plan?
  89. I just want to know why there’s a dead body on the kitchen table.
  90. Dance with me.
  91. They’re very pretty, but I’m allergic to pollen.
  92. You were the worst of them.
  93. Just know that I love you. I love you with all of my fucked up, piece of shit heart.
  94. Did you write this?
  95. Impressive, you can actually feel the sexual tension in the air.
  96. So are you guys gonna kiss anytime soon or?
  97. Actually, I was hired to murder you.
  98. I won’t ask any question except this. Why are you covered in glitter?
  99. I don’t need a man, men are whiners.
  100. Stop kicking in my seat.
the equation of love (pt. 6)

Pt. 1 | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 4 | Pt. 5 | Pt. 6 | Pt. 7 | Pt. 8 | Pt. 9

→scenario: When you met Yoongi in a club, you thought it was fate that brought the two of you together. But after you walked into your college math class for the very first time, you weren’t so sure anymore.

→genre: smut | fluff | angst

→word count: 15,687

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School 2017 Episode 9

First, let me tell you that I wanted to review this show episode per episode from day one but life has been really busy lately, so I choose not to. But it turns out School 2017 gets better and better each week and it has all the elements to call it “my kind of crack”. I’m no less busy but who cares when this show is giving me life?! Let’s move on to what matters, get ready because I have a lot to say:

What the fudge did Hee-chan do to Bo-ra last year? Why isn’t she talking? And what exactly did Dae-hwi cover up? It’s clear Hee-chan’s violent nature is a result of the pressure his family puts on him to excel at school and his feeling of entitlement come from the fact he never suffered the consequences of his actions, protected by his mother or -as we find out today- Dae-hwi himself. I’m not trying to excuse him for the things he has done, keeps doing and probably will do in the next episode, but I guess the show has made it possible to see where he’s coming from and why he’s like this. The fact he has no real support system in his friends (they’re totally the ones spreading the rumors in order for him to do badly in the finals) is also a factor of what I believe will be his debacle. I don’t know if in the next few episodes he will be able to redeem himself but I do hope he suffers a take down. His mother too. Mainly, I’m hoping Bo-ra speaks up because it would meant a lot of character growth for her. She has isolated herself thanks to an abusive ex boyfriend, Dae-hwi’s wrongdoings and a teacher who betrayed her trust. But today’s flashback gave me hope that perhaps she will be able to recover that spark that made call Hee-chan on his behavior and dump his ass.

I feel the rest of the episodes in the show will be more about Dae-hwi correcting all the the things he has done wrong in the past year since his friend died. I have to give credit to the show because at the beginning Dae-hwi seemed like the perfect put together, good student, handsome boy next door, and even when Tae-woon was constantly warning us about his “true nature”, I couldn’t quite grasp why. The first time I saw what Tae-woon was talking about was when Dae-hwi assessed -outside the coffeeshop- that his former friend has feelings for Eun-ho and throw it in his face like a threat, right after she told him she had protected him by not saying anything about the stolen exam. From then on the show has properly develop this character for what he truly is: a misguided and lonely boy, with no real support from his family, spinning out of control. And today’s episode showed us a little more on just how far Dae-hwi was actually capable to go in order to get ahead. I’m a little afraid to find out what he has been covering up for the rich kids, I don’t believe it’s only Hee-chan he has dirt on, but at the same time I feel expectant of what he could do with all that. While Tae-woon has been running around school “outing” the corrupt ways of the faculty and students, it’s really Dae-hwi the one who has the information to actually change something.

As for their broken bromance, nothing will change until Dae-hwi is willing to let go of his need of survival. Don’t get me wrong, in a way I’m proud of him for all his hard work but it’s the way he has achieved that perfect school record that taints his character, when I can see that at his core he’s a good kid. It’s the same reason why he feels like he can’t keep on dating Nam-joo. When he found out the truth about her, he wasn’t disappointed or hurt because she lied to him -he understands and knows her reasons- but he realized a big part of the attraction was because he believed her to be rich. Which of course hit right into all of Nam-joo’s insecurities and gave her even more misguided reasons to feel like she’s less or ashamed because her father is a taxi driver, when in reality she should be proud that he’s a decent and hardworking man, trying to make a living for his family and doting on her like the sun rises and sets with her. Nam-joo has been so far a small character but I want to see more of her storyline. This lie is bound to be exposed one way or another.

Personally, I think Dae-hwi and Nam-joo really like each other and now that there’s no longer a wall of lies between them, I hope they can find a way to patch things up. They never really got the chance to be themselves around each other or actually enjoy their romance.

As for the other characters like Sarang, guitar boy Kyung-woo, and precious soul Byung-goo, I hope they get more storyline in the next few episodes. I would love to see them team up with Tae-woon and Eun-ho.

Speaking of which… I have sold my soul to this couple. I love the relationships that are based on friendship and mutual understanding of each other, which is why Tae-woon and Eun-ho keep on giving me all the feels week after week. Yes, they are incredibly cute together and their chemistry is undeniable but one of my favorite things about them is that they are their own person, apart from how they are together. Can I say they are a couple? Unofficially, at least. Although I’m pretty sure it was made official today in a low-key way when Tae-woon declared he will do whatever he felt like it or when he made it clear to Hee-chan why he was meddling in her business; and Eun-ho gave him the thumps up with a knowing look and smile at the school’s corridor. These two.

Tae-woon isn’t perfect and I love him even more because of it. It’s been a pleasure to see him work through his grief over the loss of his friend with the help of Eun-ho, making it possible for him to actually start caring for others and meddle once again into Dae-hwi’s life. The thing about Tae-woon is that he seems to have no filter and a bad temper, this makes his reconciliation with his bestie a lot harder than it should be. I wish they could have a proper talk, one where they are not staring daggers into each other and actually speak about what happened a year ago. Why aren’t they friends anymore? Did they gradually come apart or did they really just throw punches at each other the minute Joon-ki was no longer in the picture? Did Tae-woon ever talk about the accident with Dae-hwi? Or about what his father had done?

Of course, that same no filter and bad temper does wonders when he goes Alpha Man in order to protect his lady’s honor or when he dotes and worries about Eun-ho. He was behaving like such an Oppa today, it got me all giddy. I love it when he becomes Tae-Swoon, which it’s something that comes natural for him when he is around Eun-ho. Yeah, floor meet Tae-Swoon.

Hee-chan and his mother clearly have plans for Eun-ho but they are very wrong if they think she has no support. This is what I worry about on this subject: whatever Tae-woon does in order to protect Eun-ho, his father won’t let him take the fault for anything. So, what if his father tries to do something similar as to what he did with Joon-ki and his family but with Eun-ho’s? Maybe this will be a breaking point for Dad and Tae-woon. In the last two episodes, Dad seemed to have been trying with his son and I grasped that maybe he’s just rough around the edges; that he had to raise Tae-woon by himself and had no-one who could help him see another way of doing things. I hope these two can work things out too because they are adorable and funny.

As for Eun-ho, aka Wonder Smile, I love her to pieces. She is caring, sweet and a truly happy kid who loves her friends and family, who genuinely tries to get along with everyone and is willing to work really hard to achieve her dream. She’s everything the rich kids aren’t, even when they had a hundred more opportunities and chances than her to achieve what they want. She’s also everything that Dae-hwi isn’t thanks to the lack of parent guidance. Eun-ho’s family is key to understand the way she is. Dad, Mom and even Oppa adore her and support her, even when they might not have a dime for her to assist extra classes, but the fact that she has grown to be such a good person shows that money isn’t everything. That it doesn’t make you a better person or student.

Tomorrow, Eun-ho will be going against Hee-chan and I know she will thrive, but I hope that people (apart from her family and Tae-woon) will come through for her like she has done for everyone else.

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I’ve seen a few posts about how What’s Wrong might be about a relationship but I just wanted to share what I think it’s about.

I think maybe it’s a commentary on being in the spotlight/Lynn’s public persona and how people she doesn’t know perceive her? She’s had to deal with a load of shitty and judgemental things online in the past, so maybe it’s to do with that? Sitting down with people with blindfolds on might signify being visible to people who don’t really see you? Like we all love Lynn but we can’t really ever know her on a truly personal level?

I feel like the Lynn that sits down at the table is Lyndsey Gunnulfsen. Lyndsey sits down at the table feeling okay and like she’s the guest of honour, but all these faceless people are looking at her. The Lynn dancing on the table is her public persona, Lynn Gunn, she knows more about how to deal with being in the spotlight now, and she’s taking her own eyes almost like she’s protecting herself/trying to draw herself back to reality? I think the repetition of “no I never sold my soul” is her sort of saying “yes I’m here, I like being here, but you can’t just do and say whatever you want to me. I’m not for public consumption”? I also feel like some of it is about her trying to ground herself and not let fame go to her head?

I could be way off but that’s what some of the lyrics make me think.

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