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It’s hard to choose between your head and your heart; because it’s when you choose your head that you’ll have the most regrets. But when you choose your heart you know that maybe it wasn’t the best decision but it made you happy, and at the end of the day, is there anything more important?
—  A Story By Me

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Yo that radfem blog just made a rude post on yall, calling you a "slime blog" -Caramel

Honestly thats fine
They’re [he? again not sure on pronouns] are free to make any rude posts they want. My statement still stands. Radfems and terfs and anyone with ideology similar to theirs are not and never will be welcome here.
Also I feel like I shouldnt have to say this but Ill say it anways: Do Not harass this person whatsoever

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Hi, misgendering anon again. The problem is its my teacher. I emailed her about it, but when in a conversation with me and another student, she accidentally used "she" for me. I feel like its harder to correct an authority figure blegh idk

Ah, thats a bit more of a problem then. But if you have already informed her about it she is not respecting you which deserves calling out. She may hold a position of authority but that doesnt myean you dont deserve respect. Mistakes are made sometimes, as long as she is trying then it shouldnt be intentional. She should acknowledge and own up to her mistakes though and set a better example. It may not be easy but you deserve to be respected whoever it is. Anytime you hear ‘she’ used, interject with ‘its he’ or just ‘he’ (or wait until she has finished talking to do so). If you dont correct it then the behaviour tends to continue or at least take much longer before it changes. If you enforce it now it will be easier for them to get it and pick it up quicker. Email her about it again if you need to or talk to her privately after class

so I found some 100% dark chocolate in the cabinet (two little squares) and I was being tempted by chocolate cake that my mom brought so I decided to make something with it and I melted it in almond milk with a little sugar and a lot of stevia so itd be super sweet and then mixed water in it for hot chocolate but I didnt put enough water to make it watery so it was really thick and bitter and also sweet so I chugged it and it made me feel sick so now I dont want to binge anymore.
it was like 310 calories though, I shouldnt have used the sugar but I did it because sugar makes me feel sick so yeah. but it couldve been more if I ate the cake i guess. that’s pretty much all ive had today besides a few crackers and a bite of last nights vegetables for breakfast. havent been hungry.

calling all trans women and transfeminine ppl: do you feel like its integral to your safety to pass as a cis woman?

i got an interesting msg earlier and it made me wonder just how many of my fellow trans women/transfeminine siblings out there feel like its necessary to our survival to pass as cis women, you know with things like wearing makeup, or typical ‘gendered clothes’ that are associated with women, doing voice training, shaving, getting surgeries, etc. i know a lot of us have to do these things bc its taught to us that thats how women ‘should be,’ however much that women shouldnt have to present a certain way to be women, it takes on a different meaning when applied to trans women/transfeminine ppl, our identities are called into question if we dont pass well, were called men if we choose not to wear makeup or if we missed our shave day, were called confused if our voices dont align with cis women, if we dress in anything other than to the 9ns ppl doubt us as being women/transfeminine, and im rlly rlly curious just how many of you share these feelings with me, just how many of you feel pressure from society that we have to conform to cis ppls expectations of us and how we have to present ourselves a certain way to be taken seriously.

please, if you are a trans woman or transfeminine, reblog this, show that you experience this kind of messed up cistem that cis ppl put on us, share your experiences, i will read as many of them as possible.

if youre not a trans woman or transfeminine, feel free to reblog this too but tag or respond that youre showing your support for us, bc this is a very important problem that needs to be known abt and that needs to be stopped. thank you for your time!!

orange is the new black? oh yeah….no i never got passed the first episode….haha….yeah idk why tbh. i just suddenly wasnt in the mood to watch it anymore after like the first few minutes. haha maybe ill watch it in the future! (me thinking: i saw boobs the first second and for some reason having access to that image and actively looking made me feel wrong. i felt like i shouldnt be looking haha….but i also kind of wanted to?? its not like…….i, you know, have a problem with looking at naked girls lmao. girls do that with their best friends all the time haha….its not like i get some weird feeling when i see a girl naked and am allowed to look for as long as i want haha…..i dont know im just…..uncomfortable with nudity… :) )