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*** I saw this art by SpaceAltie and it fit SO well with my ME2 stuff, so I had to use it for this! Hope you enjoy! P.S Artist gave me permission to use! <3 ***

Now is the Winter of our Discontent

It had been three weeks since Garrus left Shepard standing on the Docking Bay. He had mostly settled back into the routine life of a C-Sec officer, and was only a few more weeks away from starting Spectre training. He had always planned on reapplying at some point, but after the Battle of the Citadel he was offered a position in the next round of training. It was hard to imagine his life would change as much as it did in those last several months. It was weird how quickly it could happen…

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Digimon Stage Play - Part One

Sorry, my friend introduced me to Tiger and Bunny, which is why this was delayed ;;; This is everything up until curtain for half time, rest will be up within the next 12 hours, sorry!!!

Aight, so tl;dr: great show, actors are perfect, Yamato is beautiful beyond belief, Mimi is UGHHHHHH in the good way and I’m bitter that the whole show isn’t sold out and whoever was in charge of promotion should be forced to eat nothing but the hottest of hot chillies for the rest of their life.

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laurentheshibainu  asked:

pretty please???? tell me more abt ur adhd+dyslexic kim headcanons??? bc i never knew i needed it. feel free to reply to this on private/public or just message me, w/e you'd like

(thank you for asking me i’m so happy afdsklgjrbgaag i’m sorry if i hc something wrong about adhd and/or dyslexia because i haven’t been diagnosed with adhd but find much of it recurrent in my daily life and habits (and at this point i’m questioning), and i’m not dyslexic, but omg yes i believe kim is :DDDDDD here are some of my hcs)      

-kimberly learns about dyslexia in middle school, and adhd, not much later

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Thank You (A John Rant)

Okay so. I’m not over Sherlock. But I am over Johnlock…happening in the show. I accept that. Not the story they wanted to tell. Fine. There’s many, many questions about the choices they made if that was the direction they were going and things I have trouble liking but…whatever. I have fics and RPs, it will do.

But you know what I want now, if there is a Series 5?

I want John to tell Sherlock; “Thank you.

Thank you for curing me of my limp and giving me a purpose in life again.

Thank you for giving me access to your debit card after knowing me for a couple of months and taking cases that you know will give us money so I don’t have to worry about finances.

Thank you for saving me that time I was kidnapped and almost killed.

Thank you for going through two years of hell in exile, involving suicide missions and torture, just to save my life and a couple of our friends.

Thank you for saving me that time I was kidnapped and almost killed. 

Thank you for organising my wedding and writing the most beautiful best man speech and then saving someone else I cared about.

Thank you for showing me the truth about who my wife is and then persuading me to be with her, despite what she did to you, because you just wanted me to be happy and with the woman you thought and I loved and was carrying my child.

Thank you for shooting the man who was threatening to destroy our lives and thus sentencing yourself to yet another exile and more likely suicide mission. Additional points for not telling me about this to save me further grief.

Thank you for babysitting my daughter and being a good godfather because I have trouble remembering she even exists half the time.

Thank you for almost killing yourself and putting yourself in harms way all because my wife suggested it would be the only thing to pull me out of my grief after she died even though I wrongly blamed you for her death.

Thank you for comforting me and embracing me after I beat the shit out of you and confessed to having cheated on the woman you had tried so hard to protect for me.

Thank you for standing up for me to your brother and calling me family.

Thank you for saving me that last time I was kidnapped and almost killed. I doubt it will be the last.”

Where is this? Any of this, in the entire show? 

When does John ever show ANY gratitude or recognition for Sherlock as a person? The only moment I can think of is when he hugs him at his wedding, only after Sherlock has poured his heart out, and John has had some wine to curb his inhibitions. The rest of the time he just bitches and snaps about how much of a madman or inhuman monster Sherlock is. That’s when he’s not physically assaulting him. When are we going to get to see John do something for Sherlock?

Okay he saves him once in the first episode. Good…is that it? In four seasons, are we ever going to see that again?

We see him save Sherlock in TAB! But, oh wait, that’s all in Sherlock’s head.

We see him save Sherlock in TLD! Oh, except he’s the one who beat him up and abandoned him there in the first place. Also he apparently only went to save him because Mary: Blu Ray Edition told him to. Also, the policeman could have kicked that door in!

We are TOLD in TSOT that he’s saved Sherlock ‘so many times and in so many ways’. We’re only shown one or two of these times. And the other ways he apparently saved Sherlock…well, I don’t think we honestly see a lot of John trying to explain and teach Sherlock to be a better person, it’s just nagging and snapping and then implying that causes him to change. It’s hardly Beauty and the Beast. I’d argue Sherlock wasn’t that much of a monster to begin with. John is hardly a saint or someone who can tell others how to be moral either.

I suppose John does help rebuild Sherlock’s flat in the end….Call it even? :P

The reason I’m focusing so much on this is because, before watching that ‘Why Sherlock is Garbage’ vid, I was beginning to think I was alone in seeing how John was poorly used in this show. I rarely saw anyone else complaining at how many times this supposedly badass army doctor gets kidnapped and needs Sherlock to rescue him, especially in contrast to how often John gets to be the hero (almost never). But I got to see someone else rant about it at last and I hate it because he also pointed out how the show really is about making Sherlock out to be this superhuman hero rather than a clever detective. Watson goes from being a hero in his own right to being a tool used to show off how awesome Sherlock is.

And not just Sherlock, but Mary as well. In TST, Mary nearly takes John’s place, with Sherlock stating she is ‘better at this than him’. Because that’s what Holmes and Watson fans want to see! Watson being replaced and seen as useless! It’s the same anger I have in how they turned the three badass fairies whom I loved from Sleeping Beauty into three neglectful idiots in Maleficent; unnecessarily tearing down a beloved character in order to build up another.

But, despite this all, I do still love John Watson. Before Series 3 he was my favourite character. Maybe it’s Martin’s amazing acting or maybe it’s the potential I saw. Maybe it’s me confusing ACD!Watson (which is NOT fanon Watson, thank you!) with Mofftiss’ Watson. Maybe it’s because John starts out as the character we are first introduced through and who we are supposed to see their world through so there’s a need to identify and like this character. So I really, really want the writers to start giving a crap about John and stop sacrificing his potential as a good friend and true hero for the sake of making Sherlock the big, amazing Christ figure who always saves the day and everyone else is a damsel in distress. 

I love Sherlock too, I do, and I do like the journey his character has gone through. But it’s supposed to be a show about BOTH of them as heroes. And, you know what, it’s not even that big a problem if you do have John just as a damsel in distress. It’s kinda insulting to the original Watson but, whatever, it’s an adaptation and a new spin, you can do what you like. Lois Lane, April O’Neal, Xander from Buffy, these are likeable characters despite ending up needing to be rescued a lot. But if the character being saved can not even be grateful to the hero - then how we, as the audience, see them as worth saving, let alone remaining ‘best friends’ with?

If this is supposed to be a show that is about a great friendship - then make that friendship great! Because at the moment it feels painfully one-sided and the idea that this could be the last series, that the show could end with them in this unhealthy state, makes me way more sad than the idea of them not getting together romantically. 

bloomingcnidarians  asked:

2 and/or 19 for Gemma/Jaal, please!

19. kisses meant to distract the other person from whatever they were intently doing 

In which Gemma Ryder and Jaal have their first fight, and Cora does not want to deal with it. 


Ryder’s ongoing quest to climb every mountain on every planet vertically had finally broken the Nomad in ways even the combined efforts of Gil, Jaal, and Vetra couldn’t repair.

“Are you still on fire?” Cora asked, both horrified and impressed. “My God. You’re still on fire.”

Ryder, halfway out of her armor, and looking as close to murderous as Cora had ever seen her, crouched down to peer at the Nomad’s undercarriage. “Shit, we are. Liam — we’re in crisis, respond!”

“On it, boss!” A fire extinguisher arced through the air, barely missing Gil’s head, and landed in Ryder’s hand with a solid thwack. Five seconds later, the fire was out, but the cargo bay was covered in foam, and the Nomad wheezed and groaned as its axles cooled.

“Shit,” Ryder said again, scrubbing at her hair. “Good eye, Cora, thanks.”

“I take it your field trip with Reyes went well?” Cora asked.

Ryder bared her teeth — Cora thought of a mongoose, and took a step back — but before she could change the subject or Ryder could start swearing, Jaal spoke up from the other side of the Nomad.

“Kadara is a cesspool on the best of days,” he said, his mouth curled in a sneer as he wiped a few droplets of foam off his eyepiece. He muttered something under his breath, and Ryder’s shoulder went iron-hard. “And today,” he added, once all the foam was gone, “was not its best day.”

Ryder glared at Jaal — the planetkiller stare, her father had called it; Cora heard his voice, felt the accompanying pang of loss and nostalgia — and the cargo bay went silent. The lovebirds hadn’t so much as exchanged tense words since they paired off months ago, but watching Ryder, whose teeth were still very much bared, and whose Sidewinder was still very much in reach, Cora readied a barrier.

No harm in being prepared, lots of harm in letting the Pathfinder spatter her angaran boyfriend across the Tempest’s cargo bay.

Five seconds of absolute silence passed, then Ryder gave herself a shake and exhaled hard through her mouth. “It sure as hell wasn’t,” she said, tight and furious, then turned on her heel and stalked away, without a backwards look.

Cora chanced a look in Jaal’s direction — hell, just like everyone else in the cargo bay — and found him watching Ryder’s departure with a mix of dismay and annoyance. Dismay ended up winning by the time the door hissed closed behind Ryder.

Sure glad I wasn’t tapped for this run, Cora thought, then felt a surge of guilt as Jaal made his way — deliberately calm — toward the makeshift showers in the back of the bay.

Another ten seconds of silence went by before Drack’s head popped out of the Nomad.

“Next time,” he said to the room at large, “someone else can go to Kadara. I’m done.”


Between Jaal’s first and second emotional openness seminars, someone — Cora’s money was on Liam — had taken the guy aside and explained that sometimes it was totally okay, even preferred, to let humans stew for a while before trying to work things out. And Jaal, being pretty quick on the uptake, had taken that advice very much to heart — not that Jaal had any other setting, Cora mused — and let Ryder stew, and stew, and stew, all the way back to the Nexus, where the Nomad could get some TLC and the crew could stock up on rations that were older than everyone except Drack.

Ryder spent most of the trip in her quarters, and for the first time, Cora realized just how much of the crew’s strange cohesion came from the Pathfinder’s relentless, dogged optimism. Everyone stayed as efficient as ever, but without Ryder breezing through the ship, no one seemed inclined to talk, or joke, or even give each other shit.

“I hate this,” Peebee said, two hours out from the Nexus. “They need to get over it. Jaal had the right idea. Kadara sucks, even that time Drack drank the water.”

Lexi’s eyes flew wide, and Cora leapt in before the good doctor could turn herself inside-out over that one. “I’m pretty sure it’s more than Jaal’s feelings about Kadara getting on Ryder’s last nerve,” she said, as diplomatically as she could. Privately, she mostly agreed with Peebee, but a part of her kept whispering that Ryder had held herself together through her father’s death, two of her own deaths, and facing the kett time and again. This wasn’t just being pissed off with Jaal; this was everything on Ryder’s back coming out at once.

She wanted to say so, but Peebee had already checked out of the conversation and was talking to Lexi about the new upgrades to Poc, and Cora didn’t want to ruin the moment. She finished her breakfast in silence, and headed back to her plants. As de facto XO, maybe she should have stepped in, and nudged them toward a reconciliation, but that advice about stewing went for her, too.

If Ryder and Jaal weren’t back to their usual adoring selves by the time the Nomad was repaired, she’d say something. But not before.


Halfway through their first day docked at the Nexus, a swell of whoops and laughter interrupted Cora’s reading. She shoved her datapad away and followed the sound down to the cargo bay.

Gil and Peebee turned around as she walked in, each offering her a quick nod before going back to cheering on Liam and Ryder, who were both balancing on gymnastics rings, five feet above the floor.

Oh, good, Cora thought. We’re back to Tempest Olympics. She’d been roped into enough of Ryder’s challenges for a lifetime, but Liam could always be relied on to take one of Ryder’s dares, whether it was do you think I can throw you over that ravine with my biotics or how many cartwheels can we do in full armor?

At least this particular challenge wouldn’t leave Lexi crying in her sleep. The good doctor was cheering next to Drack, though Cora wasn’t exactly sure for whom.

“How long have they been at it?” she asked, taking up a spot on Peebee’s other side.

“About fifteen minutes,” Gil replied, Peebee being too busy throwing half a cookie at Liam’s head. “Nowhere near the record, but we’re allowed to distract them this time.”

“Bullseye!” Peebee yelled, nearly deafening them both, as the cookie bounced off Liam’s forehead. He wobbled, cursing under his breath, but regained his balance a second later.

Cora grinned, relief rising through her chest. If Ryder was cheerful enough to start demanding athletic competitions, the worst was behind them, without her having to lift a finger. A reconciliation with Jaal couldn’t be far behind — except for the fact that Jaal was nowhere to be seen.

A little of her relief faded away, but then Vetra flicked a bottle cap at Ryder, and she nearly lost her grip as she tried to shift away.

“Oh, you’re going down!” Liam said, grinning as a fine sheen of sweat broke out on his forehead.

“No way, Kosta.” Ryder pulled herself upright, and gave him a wicked grin. “I’m in the zone. Can’t knock me out, can’t bring me down, can’t —”

“Hey, Jaal!” Liam yelled toward the far corner of the cargo bay. “Give a friend a hand, yeah? Distract your girl!”

Ryder’s head twitched toward Jaal as he walked into view, but she clearly didn’t make eye contact. “Pretty low, Liam,” she said. “Must be getting desperate. No wonder I’m winning.”

Desperate your word for creative, huh?” Liam jerked his chin at Jaal, who hovered at the edge of the bay, just in Cora’s line of sight. “C'mon, I know you’ve got moves.”

Cora watched Jaal’s emotions cross his face: reluctance, amusement, and the strange blend of wistfulness and intensity that had marked how he looked at Ryder, almost from the beginning.

I don’t know if I should roll my eyes or applaud, she thought, as Jaal made his way toward Ryder. It’s like something out of Ryder’s vids.

Why she’d expected anything less, she’d never know.

“Hoo boy,” whispered Vetra, and leaned back with her arms folded. Drack groaned, despite Lexi nudging him. And Ryder watched Jaal, her grip on the rings not faltering, her legs pointed straight and true at the ground.

Jaal wrapped his hand around her bare ankle. He didn’t squeeze, or stroke, just held on as he looked up at Ryder’s face.

“Come on,” Liam hissed, smirking. “You’ve got this.”

Ryder tossed her hair out of her eyes, the first trace of a smile curving her lips.

Jaal’s hand tightened on Ryder’s ankle. He lifted her leg — slowly, and Ryder’s smile widened — and kissed the inside of her calf.

Good lord, Cora thought, shaking her head.

“Ah!” Ryder dropped, laughing, into Jaal’s waiting arms. Cora saw his answering smile as he turned, not letting Ryder go.

Liam whooped and let go of the rings, darting forward to slap Jaal and Ryder on the shoulder. “And the champion is…the Kosta!”

Oh, Liam might have been the champion, but Ryder certainly didn’t look like a woman who had lost anything as Jaal lowered her gently to the floor. She kept smiling as she said something to Jaal, too quietly for anyone to hear over Liam’s crowing, and then they both laughed.

“Quite a show,” Gil said, pushing away from the railing. “Guess the kids are back to normal now.”

Cora hummed in agreement as she watched Ryder and Jaal slip toward the exit, hand in hand. “Guess so.”

Starbursts Part 1: Aria

Aria Ryder was born without a Soul Mark. In a world where everyone has a Soul Mate, she’s an anomaly, an outcast.

She never expected to find hers 600 years away in Andromeda.

Jaal x Ryder, Soul Mate AU. Currently a Oneshot. No longer a oneshot. Minor Angst. The muses wanted it to be written and I know better then to ignore them. Also on AO3.

Aria Ryder was born without a soul mark.

It wasn’t entirely unheard of, but it was rare; an anomaly in these days of space travel, where multiple species had been discovered and now lived amongst one another.

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Time Will Tell

Shepard leaned heavily on the railing. She felt as though her mind was being ripped apart from the inside and she couldn’t seem to focus. Her gaze drifted around the war room slowly, registering small bits of information flashing on screens and displays as her eyes passed them by. So many worlds were falling or already lost. The Normandy was one of the few glimmers of hope that the many people of the galaxy had anymore. Anderson and Hackett had reminded her of that fact many times. But were they doing enough? Had they uncovered everything that they possibly could? Was there more to this weapon of mass destruction they were attempting to build? How, exactly, would they go about using it?

She sighed and cast her gaze at the ground, pressing her weight almost entirely on her arms because her knees felt as though they were going to buckle at any moment. It was simply too much. Too much for one ship, too much for one crew, too much for one commander to manage.

That moment of utter despair caused her to miss the approach of a friendly face. She’d barely noticed when a small bar, wrapped in familiar packaging crossed her line of sight. Liara offered a snack with a sheepish smile, knowing that the commander had forgotten to eat. Again.

“Thanks,” Shepard quietly said as she accepted the rations.

“It’s a challenge to find you these days and make sure you’re taking care of yourself,” Liara responded.

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Digimon Stage Play - Full

Aight, so tl;dr: great show, actors are perfect, Yamato is beautiful beyond belief, Mimi is UGHHHHHH in the good way and I’m bitter that the whole show isn’t sold out and whoever was in charge of promotion should be forced to eat nothing but the hottest of hot chillies for the rest of their life.

Timeline: It’s set after Koushirou creates the cyber space for them, but before the reboot. Clearly on/around August 1st ;p

Venue/Goods: a little out of the way, small. You couldn’t buy goods unless you had a ticket, which sucks. Goods were sold on the inside, line was small pre-play, massive after. My store clerk couldn’t count to save her life. People were trading, everybody hated that everything was random and there were so many types of things. Friend and I ordered dvd – no blu ray option, it’s being released in December (average wait time since Japan is very slow on physical releases). Had to downpay 2000 yen, which this and dvd only option has never happened before when I’ve seen other stage shows – not a good sign. No postal option, so my friend has to pick mine up for me – poor form again. (Pick up is only at animate – my nearest one is 2+ hours away :/)

Promotion/sold out: four shows sold out. Tickets reduced to 7000 yen, which is insulting for us who went through lottery. They advertised low prices at fes too. Promotion was done badly. Digimon isn’t massively popular, but Toei isn’t small either. Get a cast twitter, post rehearsal pics etc. Promotion doesn’t need to be costly. Fes advertisement (last weeks vid) was too little too late. Theres events with Miyazaki and AiM and seiyuus, which also seems last minute and an attempt to sell out. Again insulting to those of us to preordered. Shonichi didn’t sell out. Must be tough on actors. Promotion video (August 5th? 6th?) is kinda bad quality – the stage itself looks and sounds better than the video may lead you to believe.

Seating: nice, comfy. We were second row, left hand side, aisle. If we had been one or two more to the left it would have been really bad (same if you’re too overly right). The cast faces back/sideways too often, so we saw a lot of backs. Need to work on being diagonal, basic stage stuff there. However, pros of our seating were: Yamato being right in front of us when he sang, Jyou fishing in front of us and making eye contact with Etemon to the point where it was creepy lmao

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anonymous asked:

Bellarke au where the delinquents land on a tropical island like Hawaii or something instead and there just able to chill and relax and learn to surf, chop coconuts, eat awesome fruit, discover magical coves and waterfalls, jump off cliffs, be awed by the beauty of the ocean, all that awesome stuff. Feel like they need this after the hell they went through. This could totally be like a modern au with them adventuring it up in Hawaii (octaven on the side would be awesome or wells + Raven)

Thanks for the prompt. I tried something a little new, let me know what you think!

Somewhere Over The Rainbow.

Rating: T. WC: 1784.

Read it here or on ao3

Clarke squinted up at the blazing sun and frowned slightly. “We landed in the wrong area,” she murmured mostly to herself.

Of course that smirking dark haired asshole took that moment to pass by her and added, “No shit, Princess. What tipped you off? The palm trees or the fact that we’re on an island?”

Wells came around the corner, trying his best to look stern and authoritative. If Clarke wasn’t still so angry at him she would laugh at the attempt. “We should be happy we landed on land at all. I think we’re in the pacific ocean. We got lucky.”

“Thanks for the geography lesson baby Jaha.”

Again Clarke held back a giggle, this time at Wells indignant expression.

Octavia came skipping up to the group, carrying a large hairy brown ball, “Look what I found!”

Clarke regarded her prize skeptically, pretty sure something that reminded her of the time that Wells and her had decided to play ‘I’ll show you mine if you show me yours’ was not worthy of this much excitement. Her face must have shown how she felt because Octavia added, “It’s a coconut! Just like the ones Princess Putri made!”

Clarke was surprised when she looked over to Bellamy and he had the softest smile she had ever seen grace his face. Maybe he wasn’t as big of a douche as she previously thought.

Then Murphy threw a clearly rotten fruit at her, which exploded upon impact, covering her in juice and pulp and all he did was laugh and give the younger boy a high five. Nevermind.

It’s not just one thing, but a series that makes her change her opinion of him.

A girl named Raven follows from the sky, though how she manages to land not only where they are but not in the ocean, Clarke will never know. She finds out what he had been trying to accomplish with the removal of the bracelets, how he had tried and apparently failed to killed the chancellor. She follows Wells as he runs into the forest at the news, both to get away from Finn and to comfort her friend, but knows she’ll never forget the look on Bellamy’s face when he found out he wasn’t actually a murderer. It’s not everyday you see a second chance.

He comes out with her when they finally establish communications with the Ark and are told there might be an old bunker that no one got to. He ends up saving her. Or she saves him. Or both. In any case when they collapse against the trunk of the tree together, Dax’s body lying on the ground near them she knows something has changed for good.

He saves her again on another trip, to another bunker. They never make it there, first running into a wild boar, then running away from the boar. He catches her by the wrist, just as she’s about to go careening into a steaming pit. She can feel the heat radiating from it as he lifts her back out. As they walk back, he tells her this whole island was created by volcanic activity. When he tells her about Pele, goddess of fire, lightning, wind and volcanoes and she smiles back at him, he leans over slightly and tugs at a lock of her hair, “Like the tip of a flame. Maybe we should call you Pele, not princess.” Her smile grows wider.

He swims out once after one of the younger delinquents, who got caught in the undertow,even though she had warned them. She tries to not notice how good he looks with his wet shirt clinging to his abs.

He’s the first one she wants to run to when she walks into Wells tent to ask him about a new plant she found, and instead finds him with Raven, who had wised up pretty quickly about Finn. She knows how to make bleach (though she’s gonna stick with moonshine for bacteria killing thanks very much), and she really wishes she had some to burn that particular image out of her mind.

She’s pretty sure she’s the first one he runs to when he walks in on Miller and Monty, when he went to relieve Miller of his guard duty.

Somehow without her noticing it he had gone from her nemesis and rival to her (best?) friend and co leader. She can’t say she minded.

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The Pond and the Stream (for Shakarian Sunday)

Summary: The hunt is beginning, and hope is kindled. 

Note: This features my Shepard and Garrus from Ghost, but takes place post-ME1, so there are no spoilers for that fic here. 

For armalis, who prompted “Eliza Shepard” and “Hope”, and has probably gotten more than ey bargained for. 


After a week in Huerta Memorial, surrounded by every doctor and nurse who wanted the chance to claim they’d helped the Savior of the Citadel, Shepard was all too happy to be released, ready to sprint out of her room before the doctor had finished giving her the all-clear. Of course, her freedom was a limited one: she moved from a hospital room to a hotel room, and instead of over-protective medical professionals, she had to face over-eager journalists. Other than the equipment, she didn’t see much of a difference between the two. They were each far too interested in internal matters

And the well-wishers. Oh, the well-wishers. 

I never thought I’d miss Conrad, she thought, peering out her window. From her vantage point on the seventh floor, she could see the crowd swirling around the entrance like eddies in a creek. Goddamn, it’s one in the morning and they’re still down there? Get some sleep, it’ll be better for you. 

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