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Just A Number Part 2

Title: Just A Number Part 2

Pairing: Sherlock x Reader

Characters: Sherlock, Reader

Word Count: 1,101

Request: @meredith9811 @sherlockfan4life @dannysanime @haeminhee @changingtimes @willowtighe @foureyedsiopao @elvirabekere “‘Ohmygod part two of Just A Number?!?!?! Please!!!!!!!!!’- Anon “Are you going to do a part 2 to Just A Number?!?! I loved it so much” -Anon

Just A Number Part 1

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You sat in your office with your last patient before lunch.

“Well, Dr. Y/L/N, I have this fear of the dark.” She began.

“Okay, well what is it about the dark that frightens you?” You asked, jotting notes on your clipboard.

“I don’t really know.” She answered honestly. Clearly it was something, other wise she wouldn’t be here consulting you.

“Ok, well let’s explore. Often a fear of darkness is a fear of the unknown. It’s in darkness when our imaginations give shape to our deepest anxieties. What image comes to mind for you?” You asked her.

“Nothing, actually.” She smiled, and you looked at her confused. “When everything disappears there’s nothing. Just emptiness.”

“I see, and what is it about the emptiness that frightens you?” You asked, this was slowing becoming an interesting patient.

“It’s lonely for one thing.” She said, her demeanor changing.

“Have you always felt this way?” You asked, sympathizing.

“For a while I didn’t.” She waved her hand, dismissively.

“What was different then?” You pressed gently onward.  

“I had somebody. A guy I really liked, and then we broke up.” She began to cry, you passed her a box of tissues. “I miss him so much. I don’t know how I fell in love again. I mean, I swore I wouldn’t. I knew better, I should have known better. And then sure enough, six months in, he tells me there’s no fireworks. What am I supposed to say?”

“I’m so sorry. But listen to me, you can’t blame yourself for letting someone into your heart. Love is always a risk, but you have to take it. The pain you’re feeling now will pass in time, and you’ll find yourself ready to take that risk again. Until then, take comfort in your friends. They want to help you, they love you.” You said, and she nodded, before jumping up to hug you. Her actions caught you off guard, but you hugged her back. Moments like this make your job worthwhile. You did this to help people, and it brings a smile to your face.

After this session you were putting your notes into your filing cabinet when your receptionist called.

“Y/N, there’s someone here to see you.” She said, and you raised an eyebrow. You didn’t have anyone scheduled for a few hours. You curiously wandered out of your office to see who it was.

A smile spread on your face when you saw Sherlock Holmes standing alone in your waiting room.  

“You didn’t return my call, I was in the area and thought I’d drop by.” He smiled. And you remembered back to when you were going to call him back and had an emergency with a patient.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I meant to, but I has a crisis with a patient. One of my multiples had a new personality emerge - a one-hundred-and-ten-year-old Frenchwoman. It would have been too risky to put off his therapy. Plus I would have missed out on a wonderful recipe for bouillabaisse.” You smiled. He laughed.

“I’m looking for someone to share in an adventure. Lunch?” He asked.

“That has got to be the lamest pickup line in existence.” You laughed, reaching for your coat anyway.

“Don’t worry. That’s just plan A.” He said, and you raised an eyebrow.

“So what’s plan B?” You asked curiously.

“To take you hostage.” You laughed for a moment, and watched Sherlock crack a smile.

“Alright, you win. Erin I should be back before my 3:00.” You told your receptionist as Sherlock lead you out the door.

You and Sherlock walked around London for a little while chatting on the way to a fish and chip stand. The conversation flowed so easily between the two of you. You each felt so comfortable in each others presence, it was just natural. It wasn’t love at first sight exactly, but it was familiarity. Something like oh, hello, it’s you. It’s going to be you. Sometimes you meet a person and you just click- you’re comfortable with them, like you’ve known them your whole life, and you don’t have to pretend to be anyone or anything.

“You should know that John is very sorry about what he said.” Sherlock said during a rare lull in conversation.

“Oh he shouldn’t worry about it. I’m used to it. I’ve lived my whole life with people telling me that I’m too young, it rarely bothers me anymore. I enjoy living in my own world and proving them wrong.” You smiled. Sherlock was amazed with you.

“Don’t you feel lonely living in your own little world?” He asked, and a slow drizzle of rain began to develop.

“Don’t you feel powerless living in other people’s worlds?” You turned to him and said.

“You really are quite different.” He observed.

“Oh I’m really not too different from yourself when you think about it. Two people, with above average intellects, struggling to fit into a world where we’ll never be accepted.” You explained.

You looked at your watch, the two of you had nearly been walking and talking for three hours.

“Sherlock, while I’ve really had an amazing time with you today, it’s nearly three and I have my sex addiction group today and I can’t leave them alone for too long.” You spoke after looking up from your watch.

“I’d like to see you again, Y/N.” Sherlock said.

“You can see me anytime you like. Perks of setting my own office hours.” You smiled.

“You do understand that this is all new to me, this whole feelings thing. There’s no denying that I have feelings for you that can’t be explained in any other way. I briefly considered that I had a brain parasite, but that seemed even more far-fetched. The only conclusion is love.” Sherlock said, and your eyes grew wide and looked up into his blue orbs. Had he really just said that? He did, he really did.

“Sherlock, I… I feel the same.” You smiled.

“I just want to be enough for you.” He said, the rain coming down harder now, not seeming to phase either of you.

“You are enough, a thousand times enough.” You said, before Sherlock captured your lips with his. You wrapped your hand around the back of his neck, and in that moment you felt more at home and more understood than you had in your whole life. You knew it was him, that person who enters your life out of nowhere, and suddenly means the world to you.

Love is always a risk, but you have to take it.


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Thief Part 2

Anon asked:  Part two to the their Peter imagine where maybe he gets angry and then they make out or somethin please 👀
Word Count: 1314
Warnings: Sassy Jubilee, attempt at a fight scene, small awkward moments, Peter Maximoff being cheeky af

Peter Maximoff was stubborn.  He knew that you were the one that had taken them, but he couldn’t find any proof.  Her friends refused to tell him if she’d done it, and Charles refused to read her mind.  And no one was letting him near the security cameras.  He was stuck having to assume she’d done it.

So, like the totally mature person he was he decided to investigate.  And by investigate he meant going around humming the Batman theme trying to find a way for you to confess.  It was harder than it looked.  Raven Darkholme, tired of all this, decided to end it all in a training session.

“Today class,” Raven began.  “We’re going to work on hand to hand combat.  No powers are allowed, and trust me, I will know if you aren’t.  Go pick your partners.”  You turned to Jubilee, ready to begin.  But someone got in the way.

“Hi Y/N,” it was Peter.  Of course it was him.  He was constantly trying to get you to admit that you’d stolen the box.  And obviously, you weren’t going to let him win.  “Why don’t we work together?  We clearly have issues that we need to iron out!”

“I didn’t take your Twinkies.” you replied, looking for Jubilee.  If Jean was reading your mind right now, she would’ve helped.  But to no avail, you were on your own.  

“Are you sure?  Because Jubilee and Jean said it wasn’t them.”

“What if it was Ororo?”

“We both know that she would take it more discreetly.”  He was right, and you knew it.  You just had to convince him that it wasn’t you, and time was running short.  

The whole session didn’t go well.  For some reason, the both of you were more sluggish than usual.  Raven suggested (more like mildly threatened) that you both stay after, and train more.  Since almost no one wanted to get on Raven’s bad side, the both of you agreed.  You picked up a punching bag, and prepped yourself for an attack.  But before you could do anything like that, you felt a breeze pass by you.

“Whatcha doin’ (L/N)?” Peter asked.  You rolled your eyes, and sighed, turning towards him.

“Taking this punching bag,” you gestured towards the bag. “And pretending it’s you.”

“Wouldn’t you actually want to train with me instead?”

“I would, but I have a feeling that you’d use your powers.”

“Me?” Peter scoffed.  “Pssssh.  I’d never do that.”  He was lying.

“Why don’t we make it a game then?” you asked, a coy smile making its way to your face.  “If you can win a sparring match without using your powers, then I’ll tell you what happened to your Twinkies.”

“And if you win?”

“Then you have to stop bugging me about what happened to them.”  He smirked, and you knew that you had yourself a deal.  Peter charged towards you, and you moved to the side.  Then, you ran to him, and tried to punch him.  He saw it coming, and also dodged.  This continued on for several minutes, before you were finally able to flip him over, but not without him taking you down with him.

You landed on top of him, and pushed yourself above him.

“Does this mean I win?” he questioned.  You sighed, and knew the jig was up.

“Yeah, you want the truth?” you responded.


“I took the Twinkies.  But I didn’t know they were yours!”  And he seemed to change expressions, from curiosity to a knowing smile.

“I knew it!” His face was still a smile.  And it was only then that you realized how close you two were.  Peter’s hands found their way to your waist, and your hands began to cup his face.  And you could feel your faces getting closer to one another.  Were you two going to kiss?  You weren’t sure, but you didn’t want to do it in the Danger Room.

“We should probably leave now.  I’ve got homework that I need to do.” you blurted out.

“So you’re telling me that you almost kissed Peter?” Jubilee asked.  The two of you were sitting on her bed, and it would’ve been a girls night if Ororo wasn’t on a mission, and if Jean wasn’t on a date with Scott.


“But then you got yourself out of the situation with the excuse of having to do homework, which is definitely not true.  You finish your homework before we go to the Danger Room.”

“I know, I know,” you groaned, while pressing your palm to your face.  “It was really awkward, and I don’t know why I didn’t kiss him.”

“Well at least you didn’t steal another box of Twinkies from him.”, she replied, while staring at the box of Twinkies.  “You did check to see if those were his right?”

“Shit.” you muttered.  Picking up the box, you checked each side of the box, and found a message on one of them:

These are Peter’s Twinkies.  If found in someone other than his or Kurt Wagner’s possession, then they have probably been stolen.  Either by Y/N or Scott.

There was an awkward silence between you and Jubilee.

“Should we hide it?” you asked.

“He’ll probably know it was you.” she replied.  You two stared at it awkwardly, not sure what to do.

“How about bringing it back to the pantry.”

“We’re too slow for that.”

“Then what do we do?”

“What do you mean we?  I didn’t take the box.”

“Thanks Jube, it’s nice to know that you have my back.” you sarcastically spoke.  “I’m going to bring this back to the pantry.”

“Good luck!” Jubilee called out, as you walked out of the room.  You knew the way to the kitchen, and hoped that Peter wouldn’t find you.  Just as you placed the box back in the pantry, you felt a presence behind you.  

“I knew you took it.”, Peter said.  You turned around to see him leaning against the doorframe.

“I didn’t mean to,” you replied.  “Again.”  He sped to the pantry, where you were, and examined the box.  

“I don’t know about you, but if I was someone else, I’d assume that you liked me.  And that you were stealing these for my attention.” He looked up from the box, and gave you a playful smile. “Which is kind of cute.”

“If I was someone else, I’d assume you were taking this too far.”, you teased.  “And that you liked me.  Which is also kind of cute.”  You weren’t sure if you should tell him about your feelings, but you needed to get it out of the way.

“You know, in the Danger Room, I thought we were going to kiss.”, you stammered, it felt like you were fumbling for words, not sure where this was going to go.

“Did you want that to happen?” he asked.  The two of you were close.  Very close.  You would’ve nodded if your body didn’t decide to freeze up at this very moment.  Instead of that, you decided to be as smooth as you could in this situation.

“Uh huh.” You felt his hand on your face before his lips met yours.  Immediately, a feeling of warmth went across your entire body.  Your arms went around his neck, as his went down to your waist.  After what seemed like forever, you had to pull away for air.

And turned to see Jubilee in the doorway, with her mouth wide open.

“You know, I was wondering what was taking you so long.” she said.

Heavy Mist - Teen Wolf (Stiles Stilinski) Part 2

numbbee said:

Omg whyyy … Now I am anxiously waiting for part 2 ~•.•~ I love it , by the way , thank you ! :-)

Just wanted to add your responce to the first part ^^

Part 1

It didn’t take long before they all were there, even Liam had arrived pretty fast. He had given Y/n a puzzled look as he had seen her stand beside Stiles with a worried look on her face though. Wondering what was happening. 

 «So what is all of this about Stiles?» Scott turned to his friend, who took a quick glance at Y/n.

 «You would have to ask Y/n.» He said, motioning for her to explain. 

 «Okay, I’m gonna try to say this as simple as possible, so try to follow.» She started, choosing her words carefully without revealing too much. «Firstly you guys need to know that I know your secret. And no Liam did not tell me.» She quickly said before any of them could accuse Liam of such things. «I know it because I’m an angel. And as an angel I can sense creatures like werewolves, banshees and kittens.» She continued, looking around at the group, who seemed at loss of words.

 Well, all but Stiles who quickly shot in. «If you’re an angel, where is your wings?» 

She had expected at least one of them to ask that, so she just smiled softly at the boy. 

 «They’re hidden on my back.» 


 «Anyway.» She continued. «That’s not why I asked Stiles to gather you all here. It’s because something is coming. Something dangerous.» 

 «You mean like that dark mist hovering above the town?» Stiles asked, shocking her by knowing of it. She thought she was the only one who could see it, but there was no time to figure Stiles out now, so she only nodded. 

«Demons. They’re on their way here. And no it’s not like the Japanese ones you’ve battled before. These are more brutal. Actually remind one of those in the exorcist movies.» She said, remembering the first time she had to part a demon from a human’s body, much like in a exorcism, just slightly different and without the christian put in. 

 «Do you know when they’re coming?» Kira asked, her eyes worried. 

 «They’re already here.» Stiles shot in before Y/n could even answer.


She watched Stiles closely as they drove towards the forest. He was the weakest of them, she could feel it. He was the easiest target for the demons, if he was left alone that is. It was only her, Stiles, Lydia and Kira in the car, the rest had run to the forest instead. Saying it was faster than driving, which probably were correct as well. 

 Upon arriving at the edge of the woods, they saw no one. Not a soul. Not a single animal. No bird in the sky. Y/n knew something was wrong as soon as they stepped out of the jeep, but it was far too late.


They found them further in, standing together facing the four of them as they arrived. Scott, Malia, Liam and Derek’s eyes glowed in the dark, but in a much more darker color than they usually were. Y/n picked up on Stiles shaking beside her. She didn’t know if he was scared or if it was something else, but she knew he shouldn’t get any closer to the other 4. 

 «Ah, Y/n…» Scott said, although it sounded nothing like him. His voice was raspy, and sounded like it hadn’t been used in years. Y/n looked closely at Scott, especially his eyes. There was something familiar in them. Something, no, someone she had met before. 

 «Nefirim.» She spoke, the name rolling off her tongue like venom. 

 «Ah, so you do remember me.» He spoke again. 

 «Yes, and I remember now that I should have killed you, instead of letting them lock you up in a box.» 

 «You’re hurting my feelings, little angel.» Nefirim!Scott said, pouting. 

 «What feelings are you speaking of? Last I checked yo had none.» 

 «True.» He admitted. «But it’s fun acting like you have some.» He said, taking a step forward, Y/n did the same, stepping slightly in front of Stiles as his breathing got heavier as the demon approached. 

 She knew that if she didn’t do anything soon, Stiles would probably not survive this, noticing the quiver in his soul. Stiles was not alright, far from it. There was something else raging inside of him than fear. Pain. 


Stiles watched as Y/n stepped forward, noticing she stepped slightly in front of him. Making the dark, heavy mist creep away from him slightly. He didn’t pay attention to what was going on, just the mist, staring into it, as it felt like just looking at it ripped at his soul. 

 Suddenly something huge and white appeared in front of him, and for the first time he payed attention to the scene in front of him. Y/n had let her wings free. Huge pearl white wings stretched out before him, hiding both him, Lydia and Kira from the sight of their demon possessed friends. 

A faint glow started to shimmer in between Y/n’s wings, and the glow soon grew stronger, almost blinding them. They could hear her muttering words of another language, one neither of them had heard before. The dark, heavy mist began moving in strange motions, like it was trying to fight the sound of Y/n’s voice. It didn’t take long before the screams erupted, inhuman like shrieks through the dark night. 

This went on for at least some minutes. Y/n muttering furiously, her wings glowing more brightly and the screams that would haunt their dreams for some weeks after. As sudden as it had begun, it stopped, and thuds were heard from the other side, the mist disappeared as if it had never been there. 

Y/n collapsed in front of them, falling to the ground, her wings still out, breathing heavily. Their friends laid on the other side, rubbing their temples, but apart from that seemed fine. Stiles ran over to Y/n, holding her steady in a sitting position. 

 «Are you okay?» His voice was laced with worry, as he looked at her. She gave him a weak smile, nodding slightly, which made his heart skip a beat. 

 «Wow.» Maria said from behind Stiles, her eyes trailing along Y/n’s wings, just as everybody else’s was. Amazed by the sight in front of them. Everyone apart from Liam of course, who had seen her wings countless times before. 

 «They’re beautiful.» Lydia breathed, her eyes wide. 

 «Truly beautiful.» Stiles whispered, not looking at Y/n’s wings but into her clear eyes. This didn’t go unnoticed by Y/n, as she smiled shyly, before embracing Stiles in a hug. Stiles feeling the light embracing his soul.



I was waiting in line and I was so nervous and excited and he smiled and said, “Hi sweetheart”, and I just gushed and started showing him my tattoo and started telling him the story when he said, “Give me a hug first”, and he gave me a big hug and had my photos with him. Then he held my hands, looked me deep in the eyes and said, “Hannah, I’m so glad you’re here, babe.“ And he gave me another minute hug. Then at autographs I told him my story.

“When I was 18 I went through the hardest time of my life. My mum and I got in a huge fight and she didn’t speak to me for a month even though I still live at home, my brother took her side, I was in my final year of school and I was basically Carrie White, and I was starving myself, but what hit me most of all was when my boyfriend cheated on me.

I was in a very long, very unhealthy relationship and he was my whole world. If I didn’t have him I had nothing, I was nothing, and because of that I was always bending over backwards. Even after that.

I didn’t understand why he didn’t seem to care what he’d done. It didn’t seem to phase him and he made me feel guilty about it, like I was the one who needed to make it up to him. That, plus all the other stuff that was going on, was too much. I couldn’t see the point of waking up to a shit storm everyday, so I tried to take my life. I downed a box of painkillers and washed it down with liqueur. I woke up the next day feeling very groggy and very disappointed. That’s when I started planning again. Should I hang myself? Where could I put a noose? Do I really want my mum or my brother to find me like that? Should I try to OD again? I was even beginning to sort through my things and my legs were so slashed up there were more wounds than intact flesh.

Supernatural has always been a good distraction from life and at the time season 6 was showing. Every week I’d lose myself in the world of Sam and Dean and when the new episode was over I’d marathon the back seasons over and over when I could.

I couldn’t help but sit and wonder all week what was going on with Sam. Could Death get his soul back? Is it going to hurt him, or worse?
That’s when I decided I’d wait until next week’s episode. That would roll around and I’d be sitting there going crazy over the cliffhanger. I did that for a couple of weeks because it was just too good. That’s when I decided I’d wait it out till the end of the season.

Of course by then thing had got better - my mum and I had made up, school wasn’t as bad, I slowly started eating again and he’d realised what he’d done, and starting acting accordingly.

At the end of 2013 I decided it was time to break up with him because it wasn’t a healthy relationship and it was doing nothing but damage.

Now I’m 22, I’m at a job I love (getting paid to play with puppies and kittens), I take no shit and I’m 1000x stronger and more confident, I’m studying vet nursing, I have a beautiful goddaughter and I’m in a relationship with an amazing man that thinks I’m the most beautiful, precious thing in the world.”

He kind of day silent for a second and I said, “Sorry, that was pretty heavy.” He said, “Yeah it was. But I’m so glad you’re here, and I’m so glad you shared your story with me. Thank you. Keep fighting, sweetheart.” Then he blew me a kiss.

This was the one thing I wanted to do in my life and now I’ve done it.

Thank you, Jensen, for saving my life. I will always appreciate it



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Thirdly, I’m STILL working through the submission box, I’ve got about 76 left, and then as soon as I either get fed up with how long I’m taking or finish making them all into images, I’ll clear everything out, update the submission box, and LET YOU ALL HAVE AT IT. Once the submission box fills to 200 again, I’ll close it, because I don’t want to get too overwhelmed, and then once I get those all made up I’ll open it again. JUST SO YOU ALL KNOWWWW. 

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Caroline had done the prom thing. In fact she’d done the prom committee thing, the prom court thing, the best friend of the prom thing. She’d done all of the prom things, except for one.

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