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Sam was raised the exact same way as Dean with the exact same shitty parent and yet he has some tact and compassion. 

Saw this quote on a post, expressing something I’ve seen before about the differences between Sam and Dean, which (putting aside the suggestion that Dean has no compassion, which, bwuh?) is missing a major point about their respective upbringings.

Yes, Sam & Dean were both raised by John, but they had quite different childhoods. Case in point, compare the flashbacks in “Something Wicked” (with nine-year-old Dean) with “Just My Imagination” (with nine-year-old Sam.)

Sam, at nine, is being left alone in a cheap motel room. He has to feed himself and entertain himself. (He happens to get some help with that thanks to a friendly Zanna, but John had no way of knowing this.) Sam does get calls from Dean checking on how he’s doing, but even so, he’s NINE – it’s a clear case of neglect and it’s terrible. It also sets firm personality traits in Sam – primarily, that he learns he is responsible for seeking his own happiness (though his brother will try to support him in it, doing what he can to help Sam get what he wants.)

Dean, at nine, is being left alone in an even cheaper motel room. He has to feed himself, but before that he has to feed and entertain his five-year-old brother. He gets no supernatural help and no regular check-in calls, that we see. He tries to entertain himself, but an innocuous pastime as going to an arcade nearly gets Sam killed. Dean learns that he is responsible for someone else’s life, and that seeking his own happiness is not only inconsequential but actively harmful, that it lets down the people he loves.

This is not to say that Sam wasn’t neglected or that his childhood wasn’t terrible. He most definitely was, and it was. But if Sam is better adjusted than Dean, if Sam is better at showing tact and compassion, it’s not solely because he’s a naturally better person than Dean; it’s because Dean is a better parental figure than John is.

Me: *draws a male character*
Me: he looks like i girl i C AN T DRAW G UYS
My brain: thats!! Because!! You gave him!! Female body language!! And keys!!
Me: well how do i fix th-
My brain: S P R E A D T H E L E G S

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Honestly after all these years I'm still disappointed Sakura never had a showdown against sasuke. Like at least then I could've respected sasusaku a bit more? All I needed was for her to just put her foot down ONCE against him and just say "NO". I feel like it would've been much better development for Sakura's character. Imagine at the kage summit instead of naruto swooping in to save her she could've just reached up and grabbed sasuke's wrist and like kicked him off of her or something!

NB to people who may or may not find this in search: since the Anon already wrote “sasusaku” this might show up if you search “sasusaku”, that’s not my fault. I’m not crosstagging intentionally. I suggest searching with the # in front, this is a little thing that will generally improve your results when searching. Anti-SS content follows!

One thing I’ve noticed about people who are sincere SS shippers and create fan content (not dark content, that is, happy content) is that Sakura is herself, that is, she’s the Sakura we recognize from when Sasuke isn’t around, instead of just being a blushing, submissive mess 24/7, like she is in canon whenever she interacts directly with Sasuke.

I don’t think Sakura was ready to face down Sauce at the Kage summit–either in terms of her emotional development or her ninja strength–but oooooh did I want Sakura to get angry when Sasuke pulled that “Kakashi, you’re as useless as Sakura now” bullshit. Like… excuse me, Mr. Won the Genetic Lottery, Powered Up on Ninja Steroids, and Blessed By a Literal God, sorry that Sakura didn’t get any of those deals, but if you weren’t paying attention, Naruto would be dead if it wasn’t for Sakura, and if Madara injures you, what exactly the fuck are you planning on doing? Karin ain’t around for you to bite.

Like… when people say “Oh, Sasuke is being harsh, but he’s just telling it like it is” NO. Have none of you played MMORPGs? If so, and you play a wizard-class character who is a glass cannon, do y’all tell the pure healer character before you go into a boss battle “Shut up, I’m directing here, you’re useless”?

No, you don’t do that, because healing is not useless, what the actual fuck is everyone smoking, everybody knows you kill the cleric first!!!!

Anyway I just want Sakura to have some fucking self-respect after all she’s worked for and all she’s accomplished WITHOUT genetic superpowers OR perverted snake bastards giving her drugs OR literal alien gods giving her power-ups and say “FUCK YOU, Sasuke, if you were a REAL leader who had an ounce of intelligence, you’d realize that I am extremely useful in this situation and you damn well should be GLAD that you have a healer around at all, let alone a healer that also can tank FFS.”

But we don’t get nice things.

And then we get Naruto Gaiden, where not only does Sakura not push to contact Sasuke and demand he teleport home every couple of years to see his kid for half an hour–is that too much to ask?–but gives absolutely no pushback when he publicly snubs her request for a goodbye kiss, hardly an unreasonable request to make of the supposed love of your life whose kid you’ve been raising solo for a decade. “Oh but Sasuke isn’t like that.” Bitch, Sakura is like that, why can’t Sakura’s emotional needs in this relationship ever come first? Why can’t Sasuke bend even the tiniest amount for her, when she’s folded so much for him she’s practically origami?

Anyway. I don’t hate the SS in the ending because of who is in it, and I definitely don’t hate SS shippers; I hate canon SS because of how it’s written, because of what is actually on the page in the manga. More than anything else, canon SS feels like a punishment of Sakura for friendzoning Naruto and a warning to all girls who might friendzone Nice Guys. “Don’t be like this,” Kishimoto warns. “See what happens if you choose the handsome asshole?”

I get that everyone is excited that Colin and Bradley are still friends …

But like, I feel  like it’s a bit creepy. They are real people too and obviously they do not make their relationship very public and we should respect that.

Shipping real people is invasive and you never know what those people think. It could make them incredibly uncomfortable. Ship fictional characters all you want, but, as much as you may think, you do not know Colin and Bradley. You are led through the lives of their characters and so you know them, but not the actors. You only know what they show you on screen and in interviews. They deserve some privacy and idk the origin of that photo (if it was at a public event I guess that’s fine??) but it seemed sneakily taken, which is stalkerish, whether the target is a celebrity or not.

Just please, be excited, but don’t make them uncomfortable. Loving that your favorite actors are still in touch is one thing. Shipping them and suggesting/writing/drawing explicit or invasive things involving them is another.

Hey guys!

Just stopped by to remind y'all you shouldn’t feel like shit for who you ship, That’s your business :)))) don’t let anyone tell you otherwise lmao.

Edit: I’d like to add before anybody starts getting defensive (since it only took like a couple minutes for it to happen lmaoooo) I don’t even ship the majority of the tagged ships. I especially don’t ship noodle with anyone, I just don’t think you should be making others feel awful because of who they ship fictional characters with, I’m not excusing or dismissing any of the ships abuse. I’m just saying making others feel like shit doesn’t accomplish anything ?? I’m not saying you can’t dislike a ship? You can dislike a ship without being a little jerk about it, why go out of your way to hurt others feelings? It makes Gorillaz fans look SO bad imo.

I wanted to draw Grimmjow with long hair. Also Ichihime as soldiers… or rather a princess that can protect the soldier back. Took a lot of liberties with the armour please don’t try to make sense of them!  (ichihime only version of this post)

I have some personal notes for Grimm’s Alternative Versions under the ReadMore, but as far as the other pics go, there’s not much to say. Hope you like it anyway.

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TWD Story Cubes Challenge

Do you want to play Story Cubes with me? :)

How to play:

1- Send me an ask for your Cubes and I will roll them and post a picture in my answer. (example dice rolls above)

2- Write a drabble no longer that 1000 words. It should make reference in some way to each one of your cubes.

3- Create your post, Title at the top, the pic of your cubes, Warnings, Text and tag it #TWDStoryCubes. Don’t forget to tag my username so I can find it and reblog. (If I don’t like/reblog it after a few days feel free to contact me).

4- I will read and reblog all of them as well as putting them on a Masterlist.


1- Drabble can be any genre: fluff, smut, angst, anything.

2- Can be any The Walking Dead character or pairing (no underage for the romance/smut)

3- Must be under 1000 words.

4- Try your best to refer to all nine of your cubes. You might need to be creative lol.

5- You can do more than one prompt but you can only request them one at a time. So submit your first before you ask for a second. 

6- No character bashing. I reserve the right not to reblog anything inappropriate/offensive. 

7- But most of all have FUN!!! 

The Closing Date for this Challenge is March 31st. So all drabbles must be submitted before then if they are going to make it on the Masterlist. 


“Neil, what is this?” you gurgled. “What does it mean ‘said is not dead’?”

“It means exactly what it says,” I screamed. “I’m saying that those posts about words to use instead of the word ‘said’ are absurd and unnecessary. People need to stop telling writers to stop using the word ‘said’.”

“But Neil!” you hissed. “Isn’t it true that ‘said’ is boring? Don’t you want your writing to be more descriptive?”

“No,” I uttered. “Not at all. Just because the word isn’t exciting doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it.”

“That’s silly,” you yowled. “Of course it does! Why would you want to write anything that doesn’t include excitement and creativity bursting out of every sentence?”

I sighed and rubbed at my temples, trying to stave off the migraine that was beginning to rear its ugly head. “That’s ridiculous,” I sobbed. “Why on earth would it be a bad thing to cut words just because they’re commonplace? Do you think it would help your writing if you stopped using the word ‘it’? Or ‘and’? Or ‘the’?”

“Well, no…” you rejoiced. “But this is different.”

“It’s really not,” I reported. “In fact, there are two extremely important reasons why you should keep ‘said’ in your writing.”

“Oh? And what are these reasons?” you articulated.

“First, said is more or less invisible,” I moaned. “When the reader is sucked into your writing, they won’t even notice the dialogue tags if you’re using the word ‘said’. This helps prevent those tags from breaking up the flow of the dialogue, and thus the scene.”

“What’s the second reason?” you reassured.

“The second reason is that when you use a fancy and highly descriptive verb for every dialogue tag, it lessens the impact of the description,” I blabbered. “The same way if someone calls every movie they see ‘amazing’, you’re not going to take their word for it when an actual amazing movie comes along and they’re trying to tell you about it.”

“So, let me see if I understand,” you taunted. “If I keep using all those other dialogue tags, then when there comes a point when I need a character to actually mumble, or snap, or blubber, using those dialogue tags carries less impact?”

“Exactly,” I mentioned.

“But, wait,” you expressed. “Does that mean that I’m not supposed to use any dialogue tags besides ‘said’? I feel like that’s limiting my creativity.”

“Not at all,” I implored. “I’m not saying that you can’t use them. I’m saying that you should only use them if that is the actual type of speaking you want to convey. If a character is shouting, feel free to use ‘shouted’. But don’t throw those words around willy-nilly. They’re not decorations. They mean things.”

“All right, I think I’m with you,” you boasted. “So you’re saying I’m only supposed to use ‘said’ if the character is speaking with absolutely no particular emotion or inflection?”

I stared at you for a moment, wondering if perhaps you were trolling me, but the sincere expression on your face told me you were completely serious. “No, that’s not what I’m saying,” I meowed. “You can often use the actual dialogue and the context of the scene to get a sense of the tone of what is being said. Additionally, you can always use ‘said’ along with adverbs.”

“Adverbs?!” you yodeled. “But I thought adverbs were evil!”

“You thought wrong,” I threatened. “If there’s a certain descriptor you want to use for your dialogue tag, and there’s no equivalent word that fits correctly, adverbs are fine and dandy. ‘“It’s not important,” he said dismissively’ will have a very different meaning from ‘“It’s not important,” he said hastily’.”

“Okay, I guess you’re making sense,” you voiced. “So, that means that all those posts I see about words to use instead of ‘said’ are…?”

“They’re total bullcrap,” I alleged.

“Well, thank you Neil,” you squawked. “I think I now have a much better appreciation for dialogue tags and their meaning.”

“You’re welcome,” I ejaculated.

I hate seeing fandoms degenerate into nastiness and ship hate because take a moment to realize these are anime characters…they are a series of lines with colours…they aren’t real.

 I keep seeing people in the bsd fandom try and argue recently that sou//ko//ku shippers are more annoying or vice versa kuniki//da//za//i shippers are more annoying or even today I saw someone say od//a//za//i shippers. EVeryone is annoying!!!!! There are people who ship the same things as me that I don’t like but I don’t give them shit for it. All fandoms are. I’ve been in enough for like 10 years of my life to know this. Every ship is going to have people who ruin things for you, there is no ~perfect ship~ or fandom. There are always people you won’t like and that’s okay. But what isn’t okay is to put it in tags or send hate blaming an entire group of shippers for being awful.

So! Stop sending rude shit and filling tags with awful messages because it does nothing. It just makes perfectly fine and nice people feel shitty about liking two or more fictional characters being in love. Still don’t agree you should be nice? Maybe I can convince you by telling you again they’re a series of fucking lines. I know. I’m a fucking artist. I draw them all day.

Lots of questions~\OwO/

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✨ Name: Jear

♓ Zodiac sign: Pisces

📏 Height: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

💑 Orientation: not sure yet  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

⭐️ Nationality: Taiwan

🍊 Favorite fruit: Orange!! I can peel oranges with one lil spoon ; )))

🍁 Favorite season: Autumn, not as hot as summer, not as cold as winter, the weather is perfect.

📚 Favorite book: too many, if I must choose umm… I think it’s Bambi. I learned how to read and write from that child book when I was 2. I re-read it so many times

🌿 Favorite flower: I prefer Epipremnum aureum, not really interested in flowers actually XDD

✒ Favorite scent: the smell of freshly printed books, those ink and pages have the best scent on the world.

🎨 Favorite color: Dark blue, just like the color of my fursona’s fur.

🐺 Favorite animal: If I must pick… hmm I love WOLF. I like every animals besides monkey tho XD

☕ Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa: TEA, the stronger the better, with some milk of course. I like hot cocoa too but it’s a lil too sweet for me so I don’t drink it as much as milktea. I can’t drink coffee, it’ll makes me…more excited than usual… : \

💤 Average sleep hours: Usually about 5 or 6 hours, but I sleep only 3-4 hours recently, for drawing.

🐶 Cat or dog person: it’s harrrd to choose, hmm… dogs maybe, cuz I always get bitten by cats, don’t know why tho, I think they just don’t like me…

👽💧 Favorite fictional character: My favorite character is always changing X’D For now my favorite are Lapis and Peridot.

🐻 Number of blankets you sleep with: 3, and an old teddy bear

✈️ Dream trip: Osorezan in Japan, that’s where Yoh and Anna (from Shaman King) met each other so I really wanna visit there. Or Comiket comic fair in Tokyo.

📝Blog created: 2016.09 maybe.

Don’t know who should I tag so I think that’s all ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Hey, Witter! I absolutely love your blog. Do you have any prompts for a character who just found out they have the power of intangibility?

“I’m still figuring out how all the nuances. Like, does it affect any items I’m holding or does it just fall out of my hands?”

“I can definitely win at tag now.”

“I feel like this comes with the added possibility of stumbling upon something that can’t be unseen. I should be careful in the future.”

“The fear of passing through the ground is very real right now.”


“In this one moment, my entire life - past, present, and future - was shattered into a million pieces, dark and sharp-edged, and put back together at the same time, gently, lovingly, into a brand-new mosaic of shapes and colors I never even knew I held within me.”

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001 | sormik obviously !

(For this ask meme!)

When I started shipping it, if I did:

I actually resisted shipping them when I started playing Zestiria - the cues were there, I could feel the narrative slapping me in the face with it, but I resisted it anyway.  Why?  Because it was the one thing I assumed would never actually happen.  I mean, an actual canonical mlm ship in my favorite JRPG series?  Come on, that was never going to happen.  Hell, I did the opening hours of the game with two of my friends who knew my shipping tendencies and even they were giving me the “Are you shipping them yet?” look.  Real Life happened and schedules weren’t lining up either, and I ended up starting up a playthrough on my own, and I still resisted it … although my will to resist was crumbling a little after that lovely inn skit where Sorey calls Mikleo a babe.

Then I saw the second epilogue, saw that look on Mikleo’s face, gave up and jumped in with both feet because damn it, if that isn’t the look of someone reuniting with their long lost lover I don’t know what is.  And I’m a sucker for it.

(Rest of the answer behind a cut because someone sent me an ask for an ask meme about my OTP and we all know I drop walls of text whenever that happens)

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reasons why eleven from stranger things is a trans girl:

  • everyone mistakes her for a boy. “you think you can steal from me, boy?” “she didn’t even look like a girl” etc.
  • the emphasis on her being a girl. if you made a drinking game out of how many times someone refers to eleven as “that girl” or “some girl” or w/e, you’d be under the table by episode 2 
  • her looking at pictures of nancy and saying “pretty.” the way she says it and in context, she’s not just complimenting her. either eleven is gay af (which i’m not ruling out) or she’s jealous, or maybe wistful is a better word. she sees something she wants to be but doesn’t perceive herself as. 
  • a similar incident: when she looks in the mirror after being conventional-girl-ified and just that look on her face. she’s finally seeing herself as she wants to look and be. then there’s the nice moment when she learns to find herself pretty without that classic girl look, which i think goes even further into the trans narrative, esp in a time before hormones n such were readily accessible, bc she’s learning to love the body she’s got
  • her hair, dear god, her hair. it’s a point of struggle for her, and it’s what makes everyone see her as a boy. i’ve said it before, but hair can be v important to trans people bc to the majority of society, it’s a visual identifier of gender. she holds onto that wig for a v long time bc it marks her as a girl. again, she learns to like herself without it, but we can’t forget her original feelings
  • and i know what you’re gonna say: “but what about brenner?? he’s a terrible person so wouldn’t he be transphobic as hell and refer to eleven as a boy?” well you see. it was important to him that she comply and be a willing participant in his hellish experiments, and there’s no more sure fire way to get trans people to do the exact opposite of that than to refer to them as their birth gender. he probably figured it would make things easier if he gave her what she wanted. BAM. 

ok that’s all i got for now but feel free to add any examples i missed!!

Secret Fandom Compliment Letter

Dear April, @robertssofttouchxaaronssoftlad,

Let’s start with a nice warning from our beloved Robert Sugden aka Mr Dingle.

Now that you have been warned, let’s get serious! Saying that I LOVE your blog would be an understatement so I prefer to tell you why.

Your URL : nothing to say except I love it !

Your TITTLE : your obsession for their tummies is so funny but sooo cute !! Besides a fic has been written from this so I guess I just can say thank you ;D

Your POSTS : I have the feeling that every time you decide to write a post on your blog, it has the purpose to break our hearts in multiple pieces that you can crush even more when we want explanations. Do I really need to pick an example or I have to remind at every one how Robert thinks about lasts when he sees Aaron or the list of protective/supportive Aaron (yeah i’m still not over it!). I hate reading them because I love them so much… I’m sure you enjoy the pain you cause :p

Your TAGS :  It’s ALWAYS a pleasure to read them, you’re literally putting all your feelings in them, you take the time to personalize all your reblogs and I’m a big fan of that! I love the little nicknames you give to some of the characters of course I picked Robron as examples but Leyla is my queen too or the « best mates soulmates » for Bartsy :p

Your love for OTHER SHIPS like Zude or Captain Swan, can you believe they got married… 😭

Your love for DRYAN : for example your excitement in your tags saturday was a delight to read :p Should I put a little something to make you smile 😏

Your HONESTY : you always say what you think while remaining respectful, it’s one of the best quality I appreciate with someone.  

Your KINDNESS : when you reply to asks, when you talk with your followers, you always have kind words. And I speak with all the facts because you are one of the most sweetest person I have ever talked to on Tumblr. You’re always so supportive with others in this fandom : reblogging fanfiction, drawings, gifsets, posts and letting them know that you appreciate their work. Besides, you do it with this original way, like the other day I have learned thanks to you that I was a witch doing sorcery with my gifset. We can think it’s not a big deal to say something like that but it can make you happy in a second. So thank you ! Really THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Right, I’m not really good with words, these are just examples but in the end I LOVE your blog as a whole, it reflects your personality and all we want to do is talking to you! Keep doing everything you do, never leaves this fandom (i’ll not allow you to do it) and stay exactly the way you are because you’re amazing. 😘😘

Love and hugs (you can’t escape it :p), Marie, @iamarobronniffler. 😘😘

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this is more of a question for the person running this blog- how do you feel sometimes reading the submissions? (bc while I do love this blog, sometimes it gets v wild)

It’s an nsfw hc blog, it should always be wild. To be fair some submissions have been fairly whack lately though.

In all serious though, it’s mostly just a process of finding the right tags for kinks, knowing ship names (which i’m inconsistent as fuck at incase you haven’t noticed) and also character name. I get snarky mostly when I find shit funny, like the venus de milo post, the thought in my head of them going ‘well kuroo sorry about your arms but art’ amused me way too much. Literally had zero to do with the actual hc and it wasn’t even a joke about disabled people it was about a group of people deciding some college art class was going to take precedent over a guys arms which is just completely and utterly ridiculous. As was the one that I posted with the Alyssa gif, I just have a really dumb and at times dark sense of humour.

Also like how I react to the tentacle posts in the tags is completely different every single time, there’s one that was at the end of three posts in a row and I just made a comment about how obsessed everyone was with them, whilst another I asked for art. Like there is no consistency with me and that amuses me post tagging when I’m like ‘the fuck did i just say’

The one thing I sometimes do get a little mad over when I have to tag more than probably six people, I just want to tell people to go and get fucked. Also if a team is only referenced you might notice I won’t actually tag any characters i’ll just be like #Karasuno