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Summary of TAZ discourse today

(Let me be clear I am likely to come across as defensive of taz in this)

Here’s the primary source of the controversy. Originally, preview images of the comic adaptation of the adventure zone showed it was going to portray all three main characters as white. New preview pages of the comic with revised designs were released today. (For the record, I am not 100% sure how much the Mcelroys are actually involved in the comic making process?)

So now we have; one pale skinned character, one dark skinned character and one character with non-human skin color. The brothers have made it clear that these design are not canon and there are no “canon” appearances for the characters (If you feel like that is also a bit of a cop out, thats fair tbh). A lot of people were unhappy for several reasons. 

- There still could be more poc representation.

- “We wanted dark skinned Taako and you give us blue??? wtf is this??” (Again, I can see why people read this as a lame cop out)

- Some people feel really strongly that Taako needs to be canonically Latinx because of the running gag of his name sounding like taco which has grown into him having some connection to inventing tacos. (Griffin has discussed his anxiety about this, and I think he is in a lose-lose situation. Having Latinx characters named taco and chalupa would probably create even more backlash)

- A lot of people have decided that giving Taako blue/green skin makes the design anti-semitic. (It takes some deep ass digging to figure out why green skin is antisemitic? But apparently the green skin+long nose+pointy hat look came from anti semitic stereotypes back in ye olde europe)

And then there are a couple things from the newest episode.

-There is a long-ish romantic scene were Barry Bluejeans and Lup become an official romantic pair. Some people aren’t happy about a straight relationship getting a lot of time, or think that the lgbtq relationships in the show didnt get a comparable amount of time. (For the record, Lup is a trans woman so Blupjeans is straight, but arguably still lgbtq representation)

-At one point Justin does a bit where Taako is reciting inspirational quotes from famous people and attributing them to himself. During this, Coco Chanel gets quoted and some people are pissed on account of Coco Chanel being a MEGA-Problematic person in a number of ways. (I am anticipating that Justin will figured out he goofed and publicly apologize bout that)

IDK what I am even going on about tho… I think for me the bottom line is its totally okay to be disappointed about some of this stuff. BUT there has been a lot of black and white “if the Mcelboys arent saints then they must be VILLIANS” stuff going around and??? Yeah they have made mistakes out of ignorance but have always shown a desire and willingness to take criticism and improve themselves. I mean, maybe they only act like they care about representation for the sake of pleasing there primary audience. But if someone seems to be trying as hard as Griffin is to do right by minority groups, I really think we should try to maintain our civility when they mess up and give them a chance to improve themselves.

But hey, then again, I could just be cutting them too much slack cause I enjoy TAZ. That not implausible. 

SJM accent challenge
Krish from dorianthekinkymf
SJM accent challenge

Sarah J. Maas Accent Challenge

Okay so this is like my 12th try at recording this and when i was finally happy tumblr was super fussy and wanted an MP3 under 10 mb so i had to figure out how to convert this, but FINALLY DONE. Also i sound super weird on tape and talk super fast, so i apologise. Also i’m so extra that i have the Downton Abbey soundtrack playing in the background

This challenge was invented by @ilikebigbooks-and-icannotlie who is a genius because this is super fun to do. I’ve been tagged by a whole bunch of people: @feysandsmut , @runesandfaes , @readinglikewildfire , @feysandfeels , @fiery-feyre , @2-bookmaster-2 , @catastrophicallyinlovewithbooks who are all amazing and i really enjoyed listening to all your posts!!

The questions: 

Name and username:

Where are you from?

Pronounce the following words:
Archeron, Rhysand, Cresseida, Thesan, Rhoe Galathynius, Illyrian, Manon, Abraxos, Prythian, Lucien, Ianthe, Suriel, Bryaxis, Carridwen and Nuala, Elide, Velaris, Rowan Whitethorn, Chaol Westfall, Yrene Towers, Nehemia Ytger, Rifthold, Adarlan, Crochan, Kaltain Rompier, Sorscha, Dorian Havilliard, Lyria, Asterion horse, Valg, Eyllwe, wyrdmarks, rowaelin, feysand

How did you find out about the books?

When did you start reading them?

Favorite character from TOG?

Favorite character from ACOTAR?

Have you read The Assassin’s Blade? Do you plan on reading the ACOTAR Novellas?

Favorite ship/s?

Read a page from your favorite book from TOG (or ACOTAR):

Which scene destroyed you the most?

If you read fanfiction, name your favorite or some of your favorites:

Fave headcanons?

Favorite quote/s?

If you could choose any piece of media to readapt the Maasverse in, what would you choose? (e.g: movie(s), tv show(s), animation, a musical, videogames, etc)


Which would be your ACOTAR Court? Why?

And last but not least, say 3 unpopular opinions. Do it, go off

I tag: @rowanrhysand , @cassianandfenrysaremyboyos , @findserendipity , @a-song-of-stars-and-dreams , @shyvioletcat , @lronteeth , @propshophannah , @deziremyacotar , @micmac21 , @a-court-of-pain-and-night , @seeliequeenofprythian , @starzablaze , @acourtofblackthornsandherondales , @rhysand-vs-rowan , @feyreismeiamfeyre , @highladyyfeyre@illyrian-high-lord @fck-tamlin , @illyriangoddess , @aqueenpromised , @highladyofdreamcourt , @nessiansmut , @vannserra

And i’m super sorry if any of you have been tagged already because it’s really hard to keep track of this. And anyone else who wants to do this, go ahead and pls tag me so that I can listen to your challenge!! 

[fic rec] yoi

okay, this was supposed to be a gen fic reclist for @katsukiyuuristrophyhusband, but then it morphed, and then I just decided to throw in things I think everyone ought to give a go at the very least. they’ve mostly not got thousands of kudos, because there’s very little point in reccing otherwise. enjoy!


Katsudon by @azriona 
Gen :: hiroko character study :: G
this actually made me tear up. the maturity of the author’s lived experience & years just shine through here; every word drips with pain & longing & resignation & self-sacrificing love. the fic puts into focus the cost of being such a perfectly supportive mother. it is tightly structured and paced, reinforcing the feeling of a subconscious countdown (which painfully resolves into consciousness near the end), and makes use of a couple of motifs to great effect. the depictions of hiroko’s relationships with toshiya & minako are also subtly complex. simply sublime.

La Forza dell'Amore by el staplador
Gen :: canon expansion fic :: G
this is a bloody work of genius. the author definitely knows their stuff, and ‘their stuff’ is opera. a review written in the voice of george martin (an opera critic) — fantastically inventive and funny, and you feel very much that you are in the very competent hands of a master.

if she wants me by @renaissancefic
Gen :: hiroko & minako character study :: G
wonderfully structured; deft and mature characterisation; bittersweet. I love the little hints of minako & viktor being slight kindred spirits, and the understated courtship of hiroko. and there should always be more explorations of the women of yoi & their relationships.

watched it for a little while (i like to watch things on TV) by @infiniteandsmall
Gen-ish :: viktor character study with bg relationships :: G
a tag for this says “viktor as a weird artsy baby muse”, which says it all. my AO3 bookmark comment says: “all I can think about now is velvet goldmine and bowie and I’m feeling ovehwlemed by this combination of bowie + the self-destructive-fall-of-glam-rock + inherent performativity of yoi feels. TRIPLE WHAMMY. brain cannot process, only cry to aladdin sane playing in my brain.” brain still cannot process, but this fic made me want to write a 4+1 times victuuri skate to bowie fic.

Care by @pensversusswords
Gen :: Yuri-centric, with bg!Victuuri :: Teen
a deeply felt exploration of what it is like to be so young and isolated and successful. nails the discomfort (so yes, this will make you a bit squirmy if you’re like me) of being out-of-place very well. also fantastically heart-warming look at his relationship with Mila and his skating dads. ♥

Reason in Madness by Gigi_Sinclair
Gen :: Lilia character study-ish :: Gen
Lilia’s voice here is matter-of-fact and occasionally allows itself some sentiment – lovely. The fic focuses on her reaction to Yurio’s WWTTM ex, and sketches in broad, true strokes Yurio & Yakov’s characters as well.


Helsinki 2017 by Sanj
Viktuuri :: gen-ish relationship study with outsider perspective :: G
an interview with SCOTT HAMILTON! I like referring to this for encapsulation of my thoughts re: coach/competitor situation. let’s believe in everyone’s better selves.

Duscha by @lesflammables
Viktuuri :: dealing with grief :: G
um, well, maccachin dies I’M SORRY but the prose is appropriately sparse, the empty spaces & beats work as much as the dialogue & action to tell the story. and it’s also a wonderful look at a man in grief, and the strength & familiarity that yuuri lends him.

and this is the wonder (that’s keeping the stars apart by @abrcmhatford 
Viktuuri :: a:tla fusion :: Teen
beautifully crafted and conceptualised. it’s dense with imagery and allusions, and has subtle characterisation even in cameo scenes. lots of nice little nuggets for a:tla fans, but there is no barrier to entry if you know nothing about avatar or bending, because the world-building is intricate and well-rounded. this is Perfect.

Dear Mama by @fragmentedrecords
Viktuuri :: epistolary, slow-burn fic :: Teen
all right, this one has thousands of kudos but ah! I adore it! it’s the story of viktor & yuuri getting together told through letters between viktor and his mother. the character voices are so strong here, and the affection between Viktor & his mother is heartwarming and palpable. the author very neatly and deftly weaves in viktor’s family background and history, while providing really funny outsider POV observations about viktuuri’s developing relationship.

let’s not overanalyze by @alykapediaaa
Otayuri :: the many trials of yuri p :: Teen
in honour of our conversation about adorable teenagers fumbling through crushes … um, a fic where yurio is probably no longer a teen? but is still terrible at feelings. and there is much delicious cake. and adorable background viktuuri getting married. (@aly UPDATE THIS)

A Hundred Flowers in Blooms by Chiharu
Leoji :: future!fic :: Mature
AAAAAAAAAH. This is the Leoji fic I’ve wanted since we first met those adorable boys. It’s written so well – quality of craft aside, it is the most culturally accurate fic I’ve ever read about a Chinese character before. My favourite thing about this fic is how Chinese it is, no lie. This fic has beautifully aching pining, delightfully resonant character notes, hilarious cameos by Viktor, and a very enjoyably madcap sequence. Speaking of, the pacing here is on point. I wish more fics were this masterfully paced.

Elements series by @sophia-helix
Viktuuri :: sexual exploration series :: Explicit
the writing is beautiful and evocative. this series is a literary phenomenon. it reads like a mussorgsky piece and makes you feel the way a turner painting of the light playing over the sea does. it pulls at something deep under your ribs, plaintive and poignant but hopeful. so much care has been put into each line, each one says or does something entirely new: tells you about the characters’ internal lives, their thoughts, their feelings, or sets the atmosphere, tone, pace.

Power Dynamics series by @scribeoffate 
Viktuuri; Nishigori/Yuuko; Nishigori/Mari/Yuuko :: omegaverse exploration:: Explicit (Non-con warning)
this is not easy reading at all, but it is very well constructed: intelligent, subtle, complex. my favourite is the yuuko-centric piece. there’s a faint, disturbing tremor that shivers beneath the tralala complacent surface of yuuko’s narration. a great illustration of the insidious nature of systemic oppression. gah.

ok, hope you (all) enjoy!! 

anonymous asked:

So I hear you're a b1a4 supremacist, and I'm here to learn. I'm a bit overwhelmed by the amount of content so if you could help a sistah out and hit me up with some links or just a list of must watch variety show things or livestreams or reality shows or whatever that they've done, i'll be forever grateful thank youuu

jfc i’m fucking honored you came to me, anon-sshi ok wow.

buckle up and listen it’s gonna be a messy ride full of keyboard smashing also caps locking is that even a word.

THE ALMOST ULTIMATE B1A4 VARIETY SHOW LIST, bc even as a supremacist, i have memory flaws but keep your faith in oppa amen.


watch it here >>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cTBLwEGG-Jw

praise the lord bc after 6 years and counting the gems are still up on that site. i’m telling you i have been coming back to MTV match up at least ONCE A YEAR. it’s that great, it’s THAT LEGENDARY i pity new idols who don’t get to experience variety shows with MTV i’m not even joking. please watch it.

* fun fact: do you know who invented being awkward on variety shows? CNU. broad shoulders? CNU, established 2011. long hair don’t care? shin dongwoo, blood type A.

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FanWorks Wednesdays - foxmulders

by Keva Andersen

This week’s author may have gotten her writing start from a place “where everybody knows your name” but if you don’t know her name, you should. Meet @foxmulders! Also known as inspl0tches on A03, foxmulders has a variety of work that can take you on a great ride and in some cases knock the wind out of you as you read.

One of my personal favorites is “solitary fields in spring.”  Tagged “mother’s day hell fic from hell,” it looks at 5 Mother’s Days that could have been *cough should have been cough* for Scully. It’s sweet and sad and hits all the right notes.

With all the hurricanes lately you may have heard people use the phrase “the waffle house index” lately. This story with the same name has more to do with the hurricane of emotions that follows Season 6′s “One Son” than the weather and it’s a great read. I love the way it explores how Mulder and Scully say the things they don’t really say.

There’s so much I love about “string theory,” I’ll just stop talking now and tell you to go read it.

We talked with foxmulders about writing, inspiration, and of course, The X-Files.

How long have you been a Phile?

The X-Files was my summer after sophomore year show. I’m about to go into my second year of college, so I’ve been into it for almost four years now. My parents are super over my not being over it, btw. Just in case anyone was wondering.

What was your first episode?

The Pilot! I’d seen a lot about the show on Tumblr before I started it, and I remember the first time the camera panned to Mulder’s poster I was like, “That’s where that’s from!” So the show immediately felt familiar, which I think is part of what got me.

How long have you been writing fic?

Unfortunately, since I was like 12. I wrote some stuff for Star Wars, and Parks and Rec and even Cheers. Yes, Cheers. It was very bad and very inconsistent, and I certainly never printed out a fic I was working on in order to edit it with a red pen like a Real Writer and then left it out for my mom to find. Nope.

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Life Can Only Be Understood Backwards

Guilt Is a Rope That Wears Thin: Chapter One | Chapter Two

Paring: Peter Quill/Reader

Tags: female reader, female pronouns, alien abductions, set after Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 1 but before Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, baby Groot, mentions of fandoms, outer space, angst, fluff.

Summary: Abducted by aliens, traded between Ravager factions, and taken in by The Guardians of the Galaxy. Now that’s something that you can add to your resume.

Or, alternatively, you make friends with a guy who also was abducted by aliens, and become Team Mom™ to everyone on The Milano.

Word Count: 2,044

Posting Date:  2017-04-25

Current Date: 2017-06-12

Originally posted by multifandomimagines-17

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Disregarding for plot reasons, wasn't Aizen interested in Ichigo because of his powers? He was obsessed or had a very keen interest in Hollow-Shinigami hybrids/Hollowfication and then Ichigo came to be who surpassed Aizen's expectations. I thought Aizen was telling the truth about seeing the Soul King because that was one of the few times he was so emotional that he was screaming. I figured he was pretending during the promotion talk but I;m not sure. There are too many questions with Aizen!

//There are, and because he’s a liar, it’s impossible to know which times his “surprise” is sincere, and when it isn’t.

//While I agree with you that it seems clear that Aizen has seen the Soul King (or at least somehow has sussed out its true nature), I’m not sure how or where that would have fit into the timeline.  Urahara, I suspect, lived in the Soul Realm at some point. The people there all know him.  There is a part of me that would kind of love it if Urahara were somehow the son of a concubine to the SK or one of the SK’s royal guard.  But, we’ve seen no canonical evidence that such a thing could exist, so making a case for that is kind of a stretch.  However, he is known there, however that came to be. 

//Aizen’s relationship to the Soul Realm is weird. He decides for reasons of plot to make an oken in the one way that is guaranteed failure: provoking Ichigo by targeting his hometown. He’s not at all subtle about it, either.  This from a guy who successfully lived among the Gotei without suspicion for CENTURIES.  

//The choice of making an oken from the thousand souls or whatever is odd, when you consider that Aizen either knew (or learned) while he was a lieutenant that one way to get access to the Soul King was to invent something that would get you promoted to the Royal Guard.  Dude was smart enough to invent tons of things that could have gotten him that promotion (his list of inventions is very long and varied) and he could have ascended to the RR legitimately and then stabbed the SK while it slept. No one would ever have been the wiser. (Or maybe even cared, so long as Aizen was actually capable of assuming the throne without tearing the worlds apart.)  

//There were, we discover in the final arc, tons of other ways to access the Royal Realm and Isshin and Ryuuken make it sound like they played children’s games of sneaking in and out of the RR. (Is there a fic out there where Aizen somehow tags along and sees the SK for the first time? I feel like there should be.)  The Shiba have a map to the RR as well as a canon capable of breaching the heavens.  (I do believe that Aizen had been targeting the Shiba–see: Kaien’s death and Isshin’s banishment/the Fall of the House of Shiba– for a long time BECAUSE of this, actually.)

//So I don’t know. Why poke Ichigo in the eye? I mean sure, to see what he’s capable of, but Aizen doesn’t do anything with what he learns.  (And, not to put a fine hair on it because I play Aizen in this suggestion game, but Aizen WON against Ichigo. It was ONLY Urahara’s embedded Kidō that kept Aizen from destroying Ichigo and moving on to whatever he was planning…

//…at one point, before the ending is what it is, I believed Aizen’s plan was to be defeated so that he could sit out the Quincy war and then rise to fight Yhwach after the SS was defeated. That almost seemed like was going to happen, until it didn’t.

//I will never get over the fact that Aizen was free, in possession of Kyoka Suigetsu, which GRANTS HIM TOTAL AND PERFECT HYPNOSIS, and just blithely walked back into jail.




//MOVING ON.  The point is, yes, I think Aizen was interested in Ichigo because of his powers. (For a while, I theorized that the whole hybrid thing was not just a quest for power, but also to find the right combination of stuffs to make a Soul King replacement of himself. He managed immortality, after all.)

//Yes, I think he either saw or figured out the true nature of the Soul King at some point.

//Sorry for the ramble. You caught me on think-y day.

Captain Underpants Fanfic: Melvin and Professor Poopypants. Ch1

A few days after their defeat by the two boys and Captain Underpants, the still shrunk Professor Poopypants seeks out Melvin and asks him for help getting back on his feet.

This sort of thing really didn’t belong on my other blog, so im just gonna stash it here.

I’m gonna try and change the title should i think of something more clever. so if you’ve got any ideas for that, then let me know.

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anonymous asked:

extra evil red leader tori? straight man patryk? sign me the fuck up bro i wanna hear elaboration if youve got any


But first I’m gonna recommend you check out my ‘red leader adventures’ tag for my other headcannons and art in case I forget anything here. Got it? Good.

Now you might wanna get some snacks because we may be here a while. Now let me tell you a whole bunch about these three nerds:

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Maud girl, I love you, but you’ll hate me for this ramble😅

A - Ships that you currently like a lot. (They don’t have to be OTPs because not everyone has OTPs.) Friendships, pairings, threesomes, etc. are allowed.

Well, I’ll go with all of them. For OTP, my biggest are EdWin and Royai (from FMA), Karmanami from Assassination Classroom and NaLu from FT.
Friendships… I love GrayLu platonically and RoyxMaes is the best brotp😍 and of course I freaking loooove all friendships from Haikyuu and Akatsuki no Yona… And I love Zen and Mitsuhide’s relationship in Akagami no shirayuki-hime and Al and Ed are best bros and the freaking platinocial relationship between Handa and Naru gets me everytime and I should probably gp to the next ask before I ramble more than necessary.

B - A pairing–platonic, romantic or sexual–that you initially didn’t consider, but someone changed your mind.

Asano x Nakamura… I never even imagined them as a couple… Until I read a perfect fanfiction… And now I ship⛵️⛵️

C - A ship you have never liked and probably never will.

I’ll be hated…. But EdxRoy (just no, okay?! Mustang’s like a dad to Ed!!) and Shirayuki x Obi because Zen😍😍 (I love their friendship tho)

D - A pairing you wish you liked but just can’t.

Yamaguchi x Yachi because I wnat Yams to be happy… But HinaYachi is love, HinaYachi is life!!

E - Have you added anything cracky/hilarious to your fandom? If so, what?

Not yet, but I joined FMABigBang so I’ll add Ed being an overprotective drama queen (or rather, king) dad, so stay tuned!

F - What’s the longest you’ve ever been in a fandom?

Hmm… Almost a year in the FT fanfom!!! Happy birthday, I guess?

G - Have you ever had an OTP? If so, do you remember your first one? Who was in it?

I live for my OTPs! (Which just proved why I’m still single… I have my whole life aheeeaaaad~~) I think one of my first conscious OTPs (in that I knew what that was) was Harry x Hermione and it was shattered to pieces… Damn you, JK Rowling! (I still love you).

H - What is your favorite source text for fandom stuff (e.g., TV shows, movies, books, anime, Western animation, etc.)?

Hmm… Anime. Because it’s lively and you can actually picture the characters miving when reading a fanfic! I agree with manga too… And sometimes books. Movies feel just too real to be placed in cartoons, though.

I - Has Tumblr caused you to stop liking any fandoms, if so, which and why?

No, but the haters were closed to it. Tho I did stop liking the small Usagi Drop fandom because of the manga spoilers that ruined my experience… To those who want to watch it, take my friendly advice, PLEASE don’t read the manga. The anime is the fluffiest thing, so please just watch that.

J - Name a fandom you didn’t think about until you saw it all over Tumblr. (You don’t have to care about it or follow it; it just has to be something that Tumblr made you aware of.)

Bnha, which is why I started reading it. And Voltron…. I’ll watch that soon, too.

K - What character has your favorite development arc/the best development arc?

Uhm… Well that’s a hard one. I absolutely love the subtle and endearing development in Oreki (hyouka) and Haruhi in Ouran, but my favourite has to go to Tsukki for how well-built it was!! Furudate-sensei, I bow im front of you. Also, honrable mention to Karma in Assassination Clasroom.

L - Say something genuinely nice about a character who isn’t one of your faves. (Characters you’re neutral about are fair game, as are characters you merely dislike. Characters that you absolutely loathe with the fire of ten thousand suns are exempt, as there is no point in giving yourself an aneurysm over a character that you hate.)

I don’t especially love oikawa. I admire him a tone, and I have a lot of his quotes forever saved in my phone, and I think he’s the best setter of them all (I’m sorry, he has more experience and tehnique than Kags or Asaaahi, tho I agree that they’ll become better than him in one year’s time). So there: I aknowledge his amazingness altough he isn’t my fave.

M - Name a character that you’d like to have for a friend.

Edward. I want to spend a full day with him and learn how alchemy works (and we’d complain together about how short we are).
Also, Haruhi: I feel like she’d give the best advice when I’d need it.

N - Name three things you wish you saw more or in your main fandom (or a fandom of choice).

My faveourite fandom is FMA: everyone gets love and attention, and there’s little to no hate. What I’d like for it is to make it alive again! I mean, there are events and the such, but the manga finished almost 10 years ago, guys! I hope the new live action will bring us back alive.

O - Choose a song at random. Which ship or character does it remind you of?

Hmm… Well On my Own by Ashes Remain was the first one that popped into my head and it kind of reminds me pf Natsu. He’s that character that would always smile, but he’s always surpressing his feeling (‘I’ve been stuck in a cage with my doubt/I tried forever getting out on my own’)

P - Invent a random AU for any fandom (we always need more ideas).

Random AU…? Honestly, I’m not the biggest AU fan, but if I had to, I’d choose 'we’ve been stuck in a traffic jam for two hours and we’re bored, let’s play cards; hey wait Gray, you’re cheeting; no way I’m not!; mira, doing cutesy things won’t help you win… Laxus don’t give in!!; if Laxus is allied with Mira so is the thunder legion! Then I’m starting one on my own! Erza, I’ll join… Great, now we have Wendy on Erza’s side… All dragon slayers together! And exceeds! Wait lucy, starting a female club isn’t gonna help ya!
…guys? That’s not how you play pocker!’ AU. Okay, I may like this one in particular. Maybe I’ll write it:)

Q - A fandom you’ve abandoned and why.

I’ve abandoned the HP fandom. I still like the books, but I kinda grew out of it…? (And into anime😇)

R - Which friendship/platonic relationship is your favorite in fandom?

Uhm… In which one? If I’m going with FT, my favourite friendship is GrayLu. In FMA, it’s a tie… I love Roy/Hughes brotp and Al/Ed brotp. In Haikyuu… Damn they’re too many to choose! But I’d say the Karasuno third years: they have such a tight-knit bond!! And in AssClass it would be Karma/Okuda (it’s canon in my mind but friendship in the manga). I just love how easygoing they are. Also, I love Karma/Nagisa in the second half.

S - Show us an example of your personal headcanon (prompts optional but encouraged)

Hmm… There are many. My fetish is seeing people sleep: I think you can tell alot about their inner selfes from the position they use when sleeping and from their habits, because they can’t control or put up a façade when it comes to that.
So my headcanon is that despite being loud and obnoxious, Natsu actually occupies less space than Lucy when sleeping: he takes a baby-posture, while she lashes all over the bed, sometimes punching him im sleep unintentionately. Natsu learnt to deal with it: he actually likes holding Lucy close to make sure she’s safe while sleeping. She doesn’t mind, especially not during winter.
Oh and they also cuddle with a cup of hot coffee in their hands during the morning. Just an after-thought~~

T - Do you have any hard and fast headcanons that you will die defending?

I do! I don’t care if you agree or not, but Karma can be sweet, okay? Like he can actually be a good boyfriend (tho maybe a bit possessive). He’s the best at telling what’s on Okuda’s mind and he always buys her toffee when she’s feeling down.
Oh and also, Riza is a very good mother, always putting her family first. Just letting you know.

U - Three favorite characters from three different fandoms, and why they’re your favorites.

1)Karma-assassination classroom. He’s that one character that believes he’s the best, only to get proven that he can be wrong. What’s evenbegter is how he has room to develop and grow to be a better person… Plus, it seems I have a thing for evil goofballs.
2)This is a hard one, but Ed/Roy-Fullmetal Alchemist. I abso-freaking-lutely love all the characters in FMA, but these two attracted my attention. Ed because of how he thinks, how he wants to do good deeds in spite of his thorny exterior and how he miserably fails. I love the way he admits his failures and the way he deals with them can be childish (he’s 14, for God’s sake!) but he learns from them. Also, Roy because even though he went through Ishval, he still dreams of making the world a better place. I can respect a man who doesn’t step over the ethics just to achieve that dream and who always bends and avoides hurting others, while never giving up. Maybe it’s a dream, but I very much resonate with it.
3) Lucy from FT. She’s the one character in Fairy Tail that has enough of a backstory and is weak enough to evolve. Moreover, she’s not your typical girl: yes, she cares about how she looks, because she IS an woman, but she also cares about what’s on the inside. She cares about her friends more than anything and even without being the strongest mage, still puts herself in danger for them. I love her resolve and her cute side, too.

V - Which character do you relate to most?

Hmm… Haruhi Fujioka from Ouran Highschool Host Club. Haruhi is the type to do things on her own and she repells the help of others to do her thing, which I also tend to do. Also, she shoulders a lot of her worries by herself. Plus, she never judges people on appearance and doesn’t care about her own (being a girl, that’s rare and helps me relate all the more). I just love her😍 (and sometimes am compared to her by my friends).

W - A trope which you are virtually certain to hate in any fandom.

Whiny female protagonist. I’m not a feminist or anything, but I’ve had enough of that! Yes, we all want a prince charming, but we can carry ourselves, thank you very much.

X - A trope which you are almost certain to love in any fandom.

Someone pursuing their dreams. Also, I love genre deconstructions (browny points if it’s comedic).

Y - What are your secondhand fandoms (i.e., fandoms you aren’t in personally but are tangentially familiar with because your friends/people on your dash are in them)?

Voltron and Yuri on Ice (I feel like I’ve watched this shows even though I haven’t).

Z - Just ramble about something fan-related, go go go! (Prompts optional but encouraged.)

Don’t tempt me, I will! ( I kinda have this whole post tho)
Okay so I’ll rant about FMA because I feel it doesn’t get all he love it deserves!!! (And because I refrained from fangirling on it up to now) And since we’re talking FMA, let’s talk Roy Mustang (you knew this would come).
Roy is just one of those very strong people that are actually just goofballs on the interior and need love. Seriously, let’s take a look at what this guy went through, ok? He’s an orphan, but he never complains and learnt to love his cousins (sisters) and aunt (mom). He was taught by a pretty crazy (very talented, but Hawkeye did have a screw loose for inscripting a tatoo on Riza’s back and you can’t convince me otherwise) alchemist, and yet he managed to become the next flame alchemy. Despite being told not to, he joined the military with a childish dream and even after learning of the harsh reality in the Ishval war, he still went on believing that he can make the country a better place.
Yet he’s not perfect: he can lose his temper when it comes to those he loves (Mustang being killed) and he doesn’t want any more people to die. He cheerisbes his team and wants to keep them all safe. He can be a cheapskate and also a bit of an annoying guy with Ed, and he can be obnoxious, yet funny as hell (tiny miniskirts!!!)
Above all, Mustang feels HUMAN! Yes, he puts up a great act, but it’s an *act*. He has a more sensitive side and you better not mess with it, or he’ll burn you to ashes.
This concludes the short version of my Roy Mustang appeciation post. Also, I have some headcanons about him being best dad (and his child being a daddy’s girl/boy because of it) and of being a pretty intimidating Führer.

This concludes my post. @bookstvseriesandanimes and @paperrabbit13 know what I’m talking about😅
And I tag @bookstvseriesandanimes @paperrabbit13 @shoujoinsights @candyforever123 @funnyshoujomoments and whoever else feels up to it:)

The Wooing of Rose Tyler (1/?)

Okay, so I’ve had this fanfic idea ticking around in my head ever since I saw Casanova with David Tennant and I just couldn’t resist. You, you don’t need to have seen Casanova for you to be able to read the fanfic - but if you have, I recommend a game of spot-the-reference. There are a few in this chapter alone. XD

A small warning, though, Uni is currently keeping me insanely occupied, so I can’t promise regular updates. However, I have given my lovely beta @hermitinthetardis the right to kick my sorry behind whenever she thinks I’ve gone far too long without sending her something. So there’s that. :P

This fanfic is dedicated to @the-untempered-prism for giving me the nudge I needed to actually start this fanfic…and for actually replying to my messages. XD

Hope you all enjoy!

The Wooing of Rose Tyler (1/?)

Summary: After Versailles, Rose knew the Doctor was an incorrigible heartbreaker. Having to babysit Giacomo Casanova for three months while the Family of Blood searched for them did nothing to improve that image. (Ten/Rose; Casanova/Rose)

Rating: Teen

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So, a while ago I made this disneybound outfit. All and all, the reception has been pretty nice, but there’s an issue I’ve been trying to swallow for about a year now and I just can’t be quiet anymore. I’ve asked in pretty plain terms that people please not steal the concept or try to recreate it, but there have been multiple occasions where that’s been entirely disregarded. Needless to say, as someone who worked hard on my own ideas and with my own hands to put it together, it’s a little disconcerting. I just need to get this off my chest and out into the open.

Creating (art, making stuff, all that goodness) is where I find a lot of my fulfillment in life, so it’s really validating when people give something I do recognition. I spent a long time thinking up and slowly bringing the pieces of this together. This all stems from my passion for Peter Pan and his story and styles I personally relate to. I did what I felt make sense for Peter and what felt natural for me to wear. I was glad it showed since people seemed to like it.

What I wasn’t so thrilled with was when I saw comments or received asks upon asks of this nature (and this is just a handful):

External image

I try to be polite, I answer these things privately if not brush them off.  I never wanted to evoke the forces of social justice, so I never called anyone out despite how much seeing people steal the idea upset me. It’s not that I wish I would have put anyone on blast, but I’d be lying if I said I don’t regret not trying harder to address these people. Why? Because then I received this: 

External image

I really appreciated this tumblr user for giving the heads up, but it was pretty disheartening to hear the news. What happens mere hours after?

External image

Hmm… Coming to me because you know someone called you out on it and then apologizing after the fact you did something totally makes it okay. By the way, I checked out their page, and of the pics I saw they had up there, I saw not so much as a mention of them being inspired by anyone, much less a link back or anything like that. This was just one of many to follow. 

Just going into the tag “punk Peter Pan” or “Peter Pan cosplay” reveals more cases the longer you scroll. Most others I’ve either seen on Peter Pan blogs I follow. None of these people (ones that are blatant copies, that is) asked permission, or if they did, they completely ignored that I asked that they please don’t try to remake what I did. As you can see, people like to use the line “I’ll give credit!” Like that softens the blow. I don’t know about anyone else, but I don’t see one mention of me or the PeterLily account on any of the photos anyone’s uploaded. On a few occasions, I contacted some of the people who did this, asking that at the very least they could link back, make mention of their inspiration, something. Not one replied.

But it’s flattery that someone should want to remake your design! Not to me. Flattery would be a nice compliment, or some art, making a skin on Animal Crossing (someone did that and it was adorable)? I don’t know, but things of that nature. To me, recreating the outfit for some convention isn’t about complimenting me, it’s about other people complimenting you as though you came up with it yourself. So, uh, this argument isn’t doing anything to convince me.

I don’t want people attacking those who’ve done this, just for everyone who has or would to know what it is they’re doing through their actions of blatant disregard. It’s insulting, hurtful and makes people not want to put anything up. Think of this as art theft.

It doesn’t matter if you feel entitled to something (something someone else made for themselves, not for you) or if you think someone is being defensive in ways you don’t understand. If the artist makes their wishes clear, you should respect them.

This outfit is just one case that happens more often than anything else. Both myself and Venia have seen several occasions where an attempt to take one idea or another was made. The small stuff we try not to sweat, but when it keeps happening, I think we’re within our rights to defend ourselves. We don’t own characters or themes, we didn’t invent existing styles, but for all the articles and accessories we made ourselves, those are ours. You can do a punk inspired Peter Pan outfit! By all means, have fun, but don’t rip off the one I designed.

There’s a level of trust people put into strangers on the internet when they post their art, whatever form it may be. It’s exciting to create, and you naturally want to share it with others. However, it’s meant to be enjoyed within the parameters of respect. Just because someone puts something of theirs up because they wanted to share what they made with the world, does NOT mean you are entitled to take it as your own.

It’s sad this has made me second guess sharing what I do, but I’m 300% done. I’m allowed to be mad that people have taken something I made, and I am. So yeah. People, be kind to others. Consider integrity might be worth a little more than you getting a shallow compliment for something you didn’t even design. Thanks for anyone who actually read through this long time coming rant, feels good to get it out.

starvingindie  asked:

How are you liking Love2d compared to other frameworks and engines you've used in the past?

Hey, @starvingindie, great question! Thanks for asking :)

I’ve gotta say, I’m really enjoying Love2d right now.

Here’s a partial list of the frameworks and engines I’ve worked with in the past (in roughly chronological order), and my thoughts about them:


Akihabara.js - I made some demo programs with this, it’s what got me started on javascript gamedev. It got the job done, and taught me some stuff. Nice. The project has been dead for a while now. Don’t use this.


Impact.js - I made a lot of my javascript games in this engine. It’s very nice. It’s The documentation is well-written and nicely presented. It’s got most if not all of the features you need for making a 2d game in javascript, and now certain types of 3d games (though I never made one myself). The level editor is very good, as well.

It’s paid software and closed-source, so the community is kind of small but the forums were quite helpful when I used them. I’ve talked about my thoughts on Impact’s future elsewhere, so I won’t elaborate much on that here (since it’s closed-source, it’s future is uncertain, IMO). Impact is good, but I don’t recommend developers use this right now, when there are really good free alternatives out there.


Atom.coffee - I played around with this micro-library for a bit. This tiny framework is very much “bring your own EVERYTHING.” No documentation, no collision detection, no community, no plugins… Basically it saves you from having to re-implement input, sound, drawing to the canvas every time you want to start a new project.

Kind of fun for making little projects from scratch. Not for beginners.


Phaser.js - I’ve played around with Phaser and made a few small projects, but nothing I’d call a full release. Another full-featured 2d javascript game engine, also with good documentation. Phaser has definitely taken over Impact’s market share and the community has a ton of plugins and tutorials and things. It’s very easy to get started with Phaser.


CanvasQuery.js/Playground.js - This library pair is by @rezoner who’s used it to make some really snazzy games like QbQbQb.

Playground (the game engine part of the pair) is a “some assembly required”-type of framework. It gives a lot of tools (with really good documentation) but is agnostic with regard to a lot of game-related things like “collision detection.”

It’s the sort of thing that an experienced developer won’t find problematic, but a beginner might. If you’re the type that just wants to build a game and not an engine, you might find this bothersome. If you don’t mind making an engine that does just what you want it to and no more, you might like this.

It’s still in active development and it’s open-source (MIT License). I recommend it.


PICO-8 - This is a “fantasy console” that uses very strict limitations to produce retro games. It says it uses Lua, but there are enough things added to and missing from the language that it really should say “it uses a language based on Lua.”

That quibble aside, it’s another fun framework that really makes you think about the limitations and work within them. I recommend it, but possibly not for beginner developers. I haven’t really made anything substantial in it, just some toys and demos. (I dabble in a lot of frameworks/engines. Are you seeing a pattern here?)

Game Maker: Studio

Game Maker - I made my most recent full (finished) game in Game Maker: Studio. The process was very interesting, to say the least.

I finished the project with kind of a love/hate relationship with GM. Certain things are really easy, like the built-in collision detection (why do I keep mentioning that? I guess because it’s on my mind from implementing it in my current game…) and movement along paths (and A-star). Certain other things are unnecessarily complicated, like fixing that weird bug that I never figured out where the NPCs would play their “tired” animation SUPERFAST, even though I’m pretty sure I set it to play slowly.

Anyhow. Game Maker has a ton of features, a pretty big community, a marketplace where you can buy plugins and things, lots of people who make tutorials (shoutout to @uheartbeast). The YoYoGames documentation for GM is… okay. Not great, not awful, just okay. Kind of difficult to navigate and not aesthetically pleasing, if I have to be honest.

My main gripes with GM are: horrible UI for their IDE, inability to get away from the drag-and-drop (even if you’re doing everything in GML), you can’t compile a game without entering their IDE (so you can’t do it all from Sublime and compile from the command line or whatever), you have to buy their modules to export your games for various platforms (and I’m cheap: I wouldn’t even be using Game Maker if I hadn’t got it on sale during that Humble Bundle), and the programming language it uses feels very slapped-together (worse than javascript in places) and not well-designed.


LÖVE - I’m doing my current projects in LÖVE (or Love2d as it’s also known). I have to say, I’m really digging it. After coming from Game Maker where I would occasionally feel restricted by the engine’s built-in functions, it’s refreshing to come back to an engine where I can invent my own way of doing things. I guess I’m just a coder at heart or something.

Love’s got a great wiki for documentation, lively forums, and a lot of plugins. It doesn’t have as many written or video tutorials as some of the other languages, but it’s not hurting for them, either.

Love uses Lua (like PICO-8), which is a fairly easy language to learn. It has a few little “gotchas” for people coming from languages like javascript (like me), but it’s nothing insurmountable.

Again, being a cheap indie, I like Love’s zero-dollar price tag and open source nature (though I’ll probably never compile the engine from source, it’s nice to have the option). Bonus: It exports to a ton of different platforms at no extra cost :)

So to answer the actual question of “how do I like love2d compared to the other things I’ve used?” I have to say I like it better than a lot of them. I’m definitely glad I took the time to learn it and I’m having a lot of fun with it right now.

I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to make a game and doesn’t mind coding (or using someone else’s libraries). 

Thanks again for the question!!

anonymous asked:

Are there types of dialogue structures that tend toward different themes or moods? Like, how often a character's spoken part is interspersed with prose, or how often dialogue occurs?

How your dialogue is structured will, of course, influence the mood and tone of your writing. 

There are two main parts of writing dialogue, the speech and the dialogue tags. The speech is the stuff 

“That gets spoken,” they said, then indicated who the speaker was in the dialogue tags.

You can make it short and sharp by having characters cutting each other off partway through sentences, with minimalist dialogue tags, or you can have longer spoken parts and almost no tags, or you can have long tags that continue into narrative description. It depends on your writing style and what you want to do with the particular scene you’re working on.

There are a few rules with dialogue that are pretty important to follow if you want readers to be able to keep up with what’s happening:

  • Each new speaker gets a new paragraph – even if they only say a single word! 

(from The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber by Earnest Hemingway)

  • Dialogue tags are there to keep things clear! -’he said’ is a fine dialogue tag, ‘said’ is fairly invisible in prose, it’s most important to have clarity rather than inventiveness here, the focus should be on your character’s words
  • That said, feel free to elaborate on how the character is speaking if it is a marked difference from their normal way of speaking, or if it tells something important about them. A character is angry and shouts! A character is nervous and mumbles! Whatever! But make sure that it’s only when it’s Necessary to show your characters in that moment.
  • When you’re writing dialogue, read it to yourself ALOUD! You’ll figure out soon enough what sounds natural as you say it and what sounds forced or awkward, if you can’t say it easily then consider rewriting it! Unless your character is Supposed to be awkward or having a hard time putting their words together!
  • Good storytelling comes before realism, however – dialogue in your story should be the Best Of, not every mumbled um and ah and half-finished sentence. Distill what your character wants to say down to a few well-constructed lines.

I’d recommend reading some short stories – Hemingway was the first writer I thought of, but there are plenty, especially in short stories. Try Katherine Mansfield, Virginia Woolf. As well, try reading plays; Oscar Wilde’s plays are a great work in conversations, and so are Tom Stoppard’s. I also find Stephen King has a great grasp on dialogue, he does fantastically with character voice esp in books like Misery or Carrie.

Lonely (Luke smut)

request: nope, I just got bored

Smut: You bet ya

Word count: 3079

External image


You know those type of people at school; the ones who aren’t classed as losers but not popular, the ones who are always keep themselves to them selves and others leave them alone and well… almost ignore; well thats what I am, I’m one of those.

Today had been eventful, well for me. it’s not normal that people are the first to make conversation with me. But today in history, the boy I sit next to initiated conversation voluntarily.

I wouldn’t have thought much of it but this was Calum Hood. They boy I have had a crush on forever. He’s so beautiful it’s unreal… and popular… I have no chance. But I’ve always known this so it was nothing new.

But, he personally invited me to a high school house party. I’ve never been to one before and to be asked by him was truly amazing.

Well, when I say personally invited, he kind of just casually asked if I was going. But obviously at first I said no, but then he told me that i should go and that he ‘looks forward to seeing me there”. Maybe he wanted to talk to me tonight, or get to know me. No one ever wants to get to know me. I’m probably over thinking this, he’s probably forgotten all about our conversation in history and he probably doesn’t even know my name.

But it was worth a try. That’s why I was sitting in front of my bedroom mirror trying to make myself pretty. I straightened my slightly curly hair and pinned it to the side behind my ear, I then started on my makeup only putting a small bit of foundation on and then some powder. I added some mascara and eyeshadow deciding that would do as I didn’t want to look over the top but still wanting to look like I made an effort. Maybe Calum would notice me tonight.

I changed out of my leggings and hoddie into a tight black and white daisy patterned dress that reached mid thigh. It wasn’t slutty like I expected most people to dress like, but I had no idea what people wore to these things I’d never been to one before.

I looked myself over feeling okay with how I looked. hopefully I would impress and this wouldn’t be all for nothing.

“You ready to go y/n?” My mum called upstairs to me.

“Yes” I sighed to myself. Was I really ready for this? Oh well.

I got into my mums car as I couldn’t drive yet. How embarrassing.

“So you excited?” she asked making conversation as I shuffled nervously in my seat.

“I guess”

“Just please be sensible, don’t drink too much and text me to let me know you’re okay latter.” she said looking happy. probably because her only child is actually going out on a Friday night and being a ‘normal’ teenager.

“Okay” I mumbled “can you pull up here and I’ll walk the rest, it’s only a few blocks away” I said not wanting to be seen getting out of her car.

“Uh I guess” she said looking at me weirdly.

“Thanks” I said as I was climbing out of the car.

“Have fun and stay safe” she called as I waved at her.

Pulling my dress down self consciously I walked the rest of the way to where I knew Ashton lived. I had been to his house before, well when I was younger and we were friends.

I could hear the music from the next road as i absentmindedly walked, I could tell the house was already packed, the house was spilling with people, some littered on the grass outside and the windows filled with silhouettes of people. The flashing lights from inside were reflecting off neighbouring windows, lighting up the whole house and making it blatantly obvious that there was a party going on.

The door was wide open so I walked straight in, I was already feeling un comfortable and out of place. Everyone was in little groups of their friends , i recognised most of them from school and sighed. I was ready to leave.

My eyes scanned over the crowd looking for Calum, I wonder if he would actually be pleased to see me. I gave up after 5 minutes of walking around aimlessly in search of him.

I ended up in the kitchen reaching for the nearest alcoholic drink which was a can of beer. I didn’t like beer but it would do. I opened the cap and took it to the unoccupied sofa in the corner f the room.

A familiar giggle could be heard over the music and I looked up to see Ashton shouting to do shots at people, of course trailing behind him was Michael, Calum and Luke.

My heart stopped when I saw Calum tugging his ex girlfriends hand with him as he followed Ashton into the kitchen. Maybe they were back together? or friends? I watched as he leaned down to kiss her lips softly and with so much love and affection.

I sighed, they must be back together. That’s just great. I came here for nothing, I spent hours getting dressed up to try and impress him but obviously that was a waste of time and it was all for nothing. Only for me to think I looked quite nice.

Maybe I didn’t. Maybe I looked terrible. oh well I’m used to it. I know I’m not the type of person to catch anyone’s eye. Why the hell would I even think for one minute that I would catch Calum Hoods eye. God, I was so pathetic.

“You look as lonely as I feel” a voice sounded as someone sat down next to me on the sofa. I jumped in shock wondering who the hell would chose to sit next to me. But then I processed the persons words. you look as lonely as I feel.

I looked up not expecting it to be who it was. Why the hell was he sitting next to me and talking to me Ive never spoken to him in my life.

“Maybe because I am” I replied after a few minutes.

“I’m Luke” he said throwing me a smile and making his dimples pop out.

“I know”

He was really cute. I stared at him for a minute before he chuckled slightly.

“I’m Y/N” I said knowing he probably had no idea who I was.

“I know” he mocked my previous word.

I looked up at him in surprise and confusion.

“I’m a very observant person” he said putting his hands up in defence under my curious gaze.

“Oh” I said lamely in response.

We sat in silence together watching drunk people take shots.

“I don’t even like this stuff” I said putting my beer down on the side.

“Then why are you drinking it?” he asked letting out a laugh.

“Because I’m bored.” I stated, immediately regretting it as I knew Luke was best friends with Ashton and I didn’t want to be rude.

“Don’t worry so am i” he said “I don’t drink so it’s always kind of awkward at these things, I just tag along for appearances and truth be told I don’t like being left out.” he mumbled

“Oh. well uh this might sound crazy and probably really weird because we haven’t talked before now and we aren’t really friends but we could uh, we could maybe only if you want to-”

“Let’s get out of here” he chuckled cutting me off and holding his hand out to me.

“Where are we going?” I asked

“Anywhere” he replied smiling.

“Hey Luke! come over here and watch me take shots” Calum shouted to him, both mine and Luke’s heads snapped towards him.

Luke shook his head at him and Calum’s eyes drifted over to me with no recognition before he turned back to his friends.

I sighed deeply suddenly becoming very sad and feeling very… un important and irrelevant.

Once me and Luke got out of the house we were met with the quietness of the night with the music from the party fading as we walked further and further away.

I shivered at the coldness surrounding me, maybe I should have brought a coat or something.

“You cold?” Luke asked softly breaking the silence.

“Just a tad, I’ll be fine though” I said

“Here take my flannel, in not cold.” he said handing me his red and black flannel which i quickly pulled on thanking him.

We walked for a little while until Luke broke the silence once again.

“Do you want to go to mine? it’s getting late and I don’t really like the dark.” he said.

“Okay sure” I said feeling a little excited that I had been invited round someones. I quickly sent a text to my mum telling her I didn’t know what time id be home and that she shouldn’t worry.

We made it to Luke’s house where he unlocked the door and lead me upstairs to his room. we both sat on his bed once again in silence but it wasn’t awkward.

I thought back to the party sighing yet again at how Calum had looked at me so blankly.

“What’s up? Luke asked

"Do you ever feel like everyone ignores you? Wait of course you don’t you’re one of the most popular boys in the school” I mumbled

“Actually I do. Its harder than you think being friends with popular people , I might look like I am because I’m friends with calum, michael and ash but truth is I’m not popular, I’m actually quite lonely. Everyone who want to be my friend doesn’t really want to be my friend, they just want to look cool because I hang out with the guys. I think that makes sense” he said squinting his eyes.

“It does” I said sympathetically. “but at least you have friends.

"Only three” he said

“That’s three more than me”

“Well, I’m your friend” he said


“Well if you want to be then yeah” he stuttered shyly.

“Okay then.” I smiled back at him as equally shy.

“Soooooooo what do you want to do my partner in loneliness” he smirked at me as if he was proud of his amazing word invention.

“Uh I don’t know, um… you play guitar?” I asked as my eyes scanned his room and spotting a guitar in the corner.


“Wow I love people who can play guitar i find it so hot, I wish I could play” I said without realising what I had admitted.

He smirked at me chuckling with his eyebrows raised.

“What?” I asked

“You find me hot?” he laughed and I could feel my face burning red hot.

“Oh god did I really say that out loud?” I asked embarrassed.

“Yep you did. but don’t worry, I think you’re hot as well, especially in that dress, I mean damn you look good tonight, amazing even. I’m shocked you haven’t already been snatched up by some lucky guy. I mean it’s just you’re really beautiful and yeah I’m gonna be quiet now.” he stuttered rambling. But I didn’t want him to stop speaking.

“You- you think I’m beautiful?” I asked quietly looking at him in confusion.

He walked towards me not breaking eye contact, his hands went to my face so he was holding both my cheeks.

“Yes” he whispered his breath fanning over my face and giving me goosebumps because of our close proximity. He leaned in slowly and i involuntarily did the same thing until our lips met in a clumsy but passionate way. his tongue traced my bottom lip and I opened my mouth slightly at the feeling, his lip ring was cool against my skin and his stumbled brushed my cheek making me want to squirm and shiver.

He pulled away all too soon but as fast as his lips left they were back on mine as he deepened the kiss by pushing me backwards and almost flopping on top of me clumsily. He didn’t break the kiss but he now opened his eyes so he was staring right at me. one of his hand came up to tuck my hair beneath my ear while the other one was pulling me closer to his body by the waist. he finally pulled away from the kiss in order for us to breathe.

“Wow” I said

“Yeah. wow”

“Kiss me again” I said and he did, but this time was different and more rushed and messy.

I guess we were both desperate to not be lonely and we’re taking it out on each other.

His hands moved down to the sides of my thighs rubbing them gently then slowly prying my legs apart so they were either side of both of his legs. I wrapped them tightly around his lower back pulling him closer with my legs.

“Is this okay?” He asked looking at me. I nodded in response. I really did want this. But Luke was a nice guy and we had lots in common, I might as well take the opportunity as I probably won’t get it again, plus it would help us both not be lonely for a while.

Luke trailed his hands under my dress stroking the inside of my left thigh before pressing his finger tips to my covered heat. I let out a small moan, surprised that it came from me. This was so out of character for me but it felt… good. Really good.

His fingers moved my underwear to the side rubbing over me gently but then again with slightly more pressure.

His hands swiftly moved up my body removing his hand from my underwear, touching and caressing every inch of my skin. His lips made contact with my neck and he sucked and nipped at the skin, blowing on it afterwards to soothe it.

He rushed to strip me out of my dress so I was in nothing but my underwear now, almost completely exposed to him.

My hands went to the waist band of his pants tugging the zipper and undoing the bottom. he took over fumbling to get off his ridiculously tight jeans off.

“Luke p-please” I whimpered as he was moving to slow to my liking.

“Please what” he asked smiling.

“Do something” I whined “please”

“Have you ever - like done something like this before?” He asked.

“Uh… no” I said shyly and starting to worry if he would judge me or laugh at the fact I was still a virgin.

“Good because so am I and now I don’t have to worry about being inexperienced.” he winked making me let out a breath of relief.

He kissed me quickly on the lips and then pulled his tshirt off before leaning down and leaving open mouthed kisses down my stomach and up again humming in satisfaction.

I let out a breathy moan gasping at how He could make me feel good when he hadn’t even really done anything yet. I couldn’t really believe what was going on, but what I did know was that right now I wasn’t invisible, I had someone’s attention.

Biting my lip to hold in the moans he started to kiss down my stomach again, then my thighs. He used his hands to nudge my legs further open for him moving his thumbs over the soft skin tickling me. He then softly kissed my dripping heat with an urgency of care as he slowly removed my panties from my legs.

“You’re so wet” he murmured before roughly licking a line up my clit and back down again. He repeated this a few times as I had to hold myself from moaning from the incredible pleasure. Suddenly his tongue dived into my entrance and I bit my lip harshly to stop myself from screaming. My hands flew to his hair tugging gently at the blonde fluffiness.

My hips started to lift off the bed slightly as I was writhing from the pleasure from underneath him, i couldn’t control it. He lifted his free arm to hold down my hips with one of his massive hands as he carried on.

I could feel my high approaching as I squirmed beneath him. Before I could reach it he abruptly pulled away kissing back up my body to forcefully kiss me. I could taste myself on him and once again fought the urge to moan. I never imagined myself doing something like this.

Without giving me a chance to think he grabbed a condom from his side table ripping it with his teeth and then putting it on. he looked at me in confirmation.


“Yes” I gasped desperate for him.

He slowly pushed into me checking my face for any signs of regret, it hurt at first but soon wore off turned into immense pleasure. His grip on my hips tightened and I knew I would have bruises tomorrow but right now I didn’t care, Grunts left his lips and profanities left mine as I couldn’t hold my moans back. He started to slow down making his thrusts deeper and more pleasurable. His lips returned to mine kissing me so softly that I wanted to cry at how caring he was being.

He made eye contact with me as if daring me to look away. I didn’t.His blue eyes were dilated with lust as he leaned down to kiss me once again.

“Luke I-I’m going to-” I moaned wrapping my arms tighter around his back and pulling him even closer than possible to me. He sped up, sweat breaking out on his forehead as he was close as well.

“I-I can’t hold it any longer” I whimpered.

“Come on y/n” he whispered before I clenched tightly around him making him groan deeply. He released his load into me, his body weakening and collapsing on to the bed beside me, his arm fell around my waist as he traced small patterns into my skin.

He sat up pulling his boxers on and throwing me his T-shirt to put on before both of us lied side by side on his bed.

“So what does this make us?” I asked suddenly fretting, it hadn’t crossed my mind that he wouldn’t want to be anything after this. He turned round smiling at me for the hundredth time tonight.

“It makes us two people, being lonely together.”

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Moffat didn't like that either? he said that in an interview, I'm assuming? What didn't he like; the placement, or the idea that William is Sherlock's first name? Because that has bugged me since the moment he said it. Dude's been to court, John's seen his medical records, he's gotten financial and official mail, he had a grave... I find it very unbelievable that no-one would know that his real first name wasn't Sherlock. Unless I'm missing something?

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It came up in the DVD commentary for His Last Vow (transcript via):

STEVEN: [Our Sherlock] gives the name William Sherlock Scott Holmes. That comes from the W. H. Baring-Gould’s biography of Sherlock Holmes …
MARK: … in which he worked out that that’s what he must be called. Whether it’s true or not, who knows? We never actually worked out how two normal parents managed to give them such strange names! There must be some reason!
STEVEN: Yeah, but William Sherlock …
MARK: Oh, but I don’t like that; I’ve never liked that. To me it’s like that bit at the end of Last Crusade when you discover that he’s not called Indiana Jones; he’s called Henry Junior – the dog was called … I never liked that. ‘No! That’s his name!’

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'but at least admit it' and how not to crusade against internalized misogyny

Something that inevitably comes up in conversations about female character representation is the fact, that, given two minor characters with only bit parts in a work, the male minor character is likelier to acquire an enthusiastic fanbase while the female character gets ignored.

Or if there are shallow, badly-written male and female characters, fans will often contentedly ret-con the male character to build someone more interesting, while saying ‘I don’t care about [female character], she’s shallow and badly-written’. 

Both of these are things that happen; in the statistical aggregate, you can pick up a pronounced tendency to develop male characters more. Some of the reason is certainly internalized misogyny. 

But lately I’ve seen people claim that the only conceivable reason this happens is internalized misogyny. Posts have circulated saying things like ‘okay, if you want you can go around adoring male characters while saying you just don’t find female characters interesting. But at least be honest that your reason is internalized misogyny.’

And, wow, no. “In the statistical aggregate, fandom focuses on male characters probably because of our sexist society” is completely true. ‘You, personally, random fan who happens to care a lot about a male character, need to admit that it’s because of internalized misogyny’ is not only way out of line but also false.

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