i feel like i should get paid for advertising for them so much

— aquiver | 03 (m)

aquiver (adj.) [uh-kwiv-er] in a state of trepidation or vibrant agitation; trembling; quivering

pairing: min yoongi x reader
genre/warnings: mature themes, talk of masturbation, smut, language, some type of fluff
words: 10,909
summary: Yoongi can’t remember the last time he was able to successfully bring himself to the point of orgasm, then Namjoon gives him a business card advertising ‘Healing Hands’, and that’s where he meets you; pretty and innocent looking, who gets paid to provide hand jobs for a living…
note. inspired by the novella ‘The Grownup’ by Gillian Flynn, literally just the main character’s past occupation haha

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Call Boy Taeil (Taeil x Reader)

Rating: M

(A/N) Ayyyy what is up my dudeS??? I’m back with another installment to the NCT Call Boy Series!!! This time, I’m back with my number two main man, Taeil!! Listen, I think our old man needs more love and more smut literature because I crave that damn shit like a cocaine addict with crack lmao Anyway, hope you enjoy this one!!!!

Originally posted by tenthmark

You’re thumb stopped on the green call button, body shaking as you willed yourself to just press it. Part of you thought it was a good idea, the other half screamed for you to forget about it all entirely and just cry in your bed alone again.

It had been a few weeks since your long time boyfriend of over three years broke up with you. But that wasn’t even the worst part, he broke up with you, even though you should have broken up with him. You had caught him cheating a month or so ago, heart crushed into the dirt when you saw the way he moaned and bit his lip in ecstasy, while some unknown girl did things to him only you thought you could. When you told him what you saw, he had looked like a man staring death in the face, tears spilling down his cheeks as he explained that it was because he was drunk and didn’t realize how much he had drank, that he would never think about doing it ever again.

Because he loved you more than anything.

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anonymous asked:

What's your opinion on this robot harry?For me it's so annoying he can't even pretend to be excited for his own tour, his social media presence is such a turn off

Well I’m sort of digging myself a grave with this one, but since I haven’t seen a post I can fully agree with, here we go. Disclaimer, I actually study this at uni. I was the Social Media Manager for the planning and putting together of a fashion show, on all platforms. I just handed in last month a 6-months marketing plan that was based around social media promo. So I do have a bit of knowledge in this area. I am by no means an expert, but this is my future field of choice, so I like to think I’m at least educated.

The situation isn’t as black and white as people have put it so far. All I’ve seen is “he’s horrible at engaging with fans” and “he doesn’t own you shit so stop complaining”. The answer is a very big grey area in which Harry’s actual social media presence fits perfectly in my opinion. First of all, there’s two main templates we studied for marketing purposes this year, Gaynor Lea Greenwood’s promotion suggestions (2009) and Burcher (2013)’s Paid, Owned and Earned media concept. Long story short, the first one is your traditional marketing campaign and the second one relies more on social media and advertising on it. Now, I think Harry’s team went for the more traditional approach, and let me explain why.

Harry started distancing himself more and more from twitter and Instagram ever since the hiatus started.Even before, during OTRA and MITAM promo, most of his tweets were promo stuff, lyrics I’m not sure we fully understand even now, charity work, promoting friends or tweeting about holidays/important days or events. His fan interaction has been low for quite a while, and I’m honestly baffled people are acting like this is news. Looking through his Twitter in 2015, there are some tweets to fans, yes, but they’re very sparse.I counted about 12 in 5 months, most of them in September, when Perfect came out, and around the release of MITAM.His tweets were mostly thanks to fans for various awards and nominalisation, promoting the songs/album, some lyrics and, without fail, after every concert he tweeted a thank you for coming.

It felt more personal than what we have now (tho in all honesty, his tour hasn’t started yet and if we eliminate the OTRA tweets it’s already a different story), but Robot Harry has been a thing then, and people were riding along with it instead of condemning it to the extent they do now.But, the thing is, Harry didn’t have the entire burden of engaging with the fanbase like he has now.Louis, Niall and Liam always took turns in taking the lead in replying to fans and interacting with them, which allowed Harry to do his part and everyone was mostly happy.

And yet, I personally don’t feel this frustration many people feel. I think it’s quite interesting actually. A bold move that wouldn’t work for other artist whose career relies on people who live and breathe social media (maybe Beyonce or Adele, but they are in another league). I was very intrigued by Harry’s statement in the Behind the album video, in which he said that there was a time in his life when people knew everything about him, and he didn’t like it.He has been overexposed since 2012, his personal life splashed across tabloids, fake relationship or not.And now he disappeared for a year (and has been retreating into himself for at least 2) and he wrote this mysterious™ album, trying to see if people can listen and understand it without knowing much about the current him. In this context, having an album that surrounds itself in mystery and then doing 4 Q&As on twitter and 3 livestreams sends…extremely contradictory messages. I can, and will fault his team for presenting a dual image of Harry that sometimes makes 0 sense, for handling a lot of things so poorly, and for the entire Carolina mess, but I will say that his social media fits this old school mysterious rockstar image they’re showing of him. I also think his actual reason is very personal and very real, and I respect the fact that he didn’t compromise this choice he made for promo purposes.

His promo relied on more traditional channels. TV and radio appearances, print magazines, and most importantly, the secret gigs. Now, I’m sorry, but I felt entirely more connected to Harry running across London at 8AM in my pyjamas than by any twitter spree he’ll ever do. I never did this before. This reminded me of the stories my dad told me, of queuing up for days in front of the box office so he’d get the tickets when they went on sale. It was very old school and it worked for me. It was a phenomenal experience, something I will never forget. And he did this for us. All profits went to charity, he didn’t do this for money. And while I know this was for a few selected cities and a handful of lucky fans, it was intimate and it was special and I think everyone, regardless if they were there, or vicariously living through pics and videos, felt a connection to Harry. We got emotional on his behalf when he sang with his idol on stage 2 weeks later, you don’t do that for someone you have no connection to.

Now, the actual reason I’m happy with what we’ve got is that it is genuine from my POV. Liam is the perfect candidate for a comparison, since he also took a bit of a break from social media (not as heavy as Harry’s, but he definitely wasn’t as active as Louis or Niall) and his promo is as textbook as it gets. He slowly, but surely increased his activity since January, a few more tweets, a few more pics on Instagram.A big turning point was April when he posted 13 pics on Instagram, compared to 8 in March, 4 in February and 3 in January. His Twitter went through a similar process.Now, the moment he started posting more, I knew his music was gonna be out soon. It’s pure marketing. You start your campaign weeks before the actual launch, it’s only natural. Unless you want to drop it as a surprise, but that’s another discussion. Actually Harry did it too, with the TV ad, but that was ruined by the info getting leaked beforehand and everyone getting pissed off by that so whatevs. Now, Liam is going for the approachable celeb route. Streams, Instagram stories, snapchat, tweeting fans, loads of pics, videos with popular Youtubers. It’s nice and about as well handled as it gets (apart from that weird video release earlier than it should have been and Liam just generally being a bit…odd?off?idk how to explain it, but a lot of people feel the same way from what I’ve seen). It fits with the image Liam is going for, it aims at the right target audience. He’s not trying to enter a new market like Harry is. He’s consolidating his place in the current market from what I’ve seen (and I’ll admit I haven’t followed his promo as closely as Harry’s). Trying to imagine Harry doing this sort of promo doesn’t really work for me.

Niall has been present on and off social media ever since he came back from his trip last year. Literally, if I pull up the calendars people have been making each month, he doesn’t get more than a handful of days without doing something, so it’s unfair to compare him to the others, since he’s always around and posting and doing stuff.

Louis deserves a better team and I won’t have anyone uttering anything else in my presence, and yet somehow, despite Niall’s constant presence and Liam’s textbook engagement, I’ll never feel as connected to them as I feel to Louis. Louis’ tweets are the perfect mixture of absolutely adorable fan service (“our year” 😭😭) and some of the things he’s passionate about (tv shows, fashion, footie/sports). His promo for JHO was….I have no words for it and I’m gonna have a rage fit if I start thinking about it, but his overall persona is charming and endearing when he’s posting things himself. He created a real communication channel between us and him and he knows how to use it when he needs to send a message (warning selfies anyone?Only you?). There’s an actual analysis of Instagram stats that shows he’s the number 1 male account in engagement and overall likes and that doesn’t surprise me one bit. Louis is a smart businessman, he has a loyal fanbase who is here for him through thick and thin.

And on top of everything I said so far, none of them owe us anything outside the promo bubble. Apart from shoots, songs/albums/tours info and official announcements, they do not owe us anything. If they chose to share a picture from their home, that’s their personal space, and while it’s good for PR, amazingly good in a society that thrives from the feeling of knowing everything about everyone (like what’s your fave’s breakfast and how’s their cat is doing), it’s still a part they can choose to keep private and no one should be entitled to ask for more.

Have you seen Adele’s Instagram? It gives you this illusion of closeness to her, with make up free selfies, funny poses and landscape shots. Too bad literally everything is from touring and other official appearances right? There’s one picture of her home, and that’s to celebrate the end of the tour. Harry sort of did the same with the booklet pictures. He allowed you into his personal space in a controlled manner, just like Adele did. Only he did it in a different way. His promo is just different and you have to think a bit outside the box to see that he actually did a lot of things other artists do. Just a bit differently. Was it perfect?Fuck, no. Was it as bad as many people make it look like?Personally, I don’t think so. It was just different and people are entirely justified to see it as a good or a bad thing. I see it mostly as a good thing. Mostly.

MissMatched.com, ch.1 (1/?)

In a world where every dating site swears by their algorithms and databases to find the most accurate match with a high percentage of compatibility, a new site is giving them all a run for their money.
Missmatched.com promises no data or algorithm, just a few people that *know* how to find your best match based on their instincts and their vibes.

Emma Swan is hired to investigate if there’s a fraud involved with the site’s claim of not using any type of statistics. That path leads her right into the hands of Missmatched.com founder, Killian Jones, who promises her that he’ll prove he’s worth his salt by finding Emma her perfect match without any data or algorithms involved.

A new story by me, dedicated from the bottom of my heart to the wonderful @businesscasualprincess All the thanks in the world to my beta @sambethe

Also on Ao3 or FF.net

Sometimes she hated her job. Maybe hate was a strong word, but somedays, Emma Swan wished that she would have picked something else. Something simple, easy, boring. Ordinary. Something that was the embodiment of everything she lacked while growing up. Like an actuary, or a financial clerk, or even a data processor.

But no, she had to live on the edge and choose to be a PI, because after a stint with the law and coming out of it almost unscathed, risk was the way to go. After all, the only one who showed any interest Emma’s life had been the bounty hunter who had tracked her down two states. Following in her footsteps and choosing a life with a certain amount of danger seemed like a natural choice.  Which wasn’t a bad thing, per se. No one was waiting at home with baited breath for her to come back.

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Tyler Seguin 1.0

Plot: You and Tyler Seguin have been friends since you were in middle school, but when he was signed with the Bruins, your friendship slipped away until you were playing phone tag trying to catch up. Things only worsened when your family decided that a change in scenery was needed, and shipped the lot of you off to sunny California, effectively causing you to lose contact with the Seguin family all together. Fast forward seven years.

Warnings: Mentions of alcohol and recreational drug use.

This is my first imagine so let me know what you think, if I should continue, if I should stop and never write again, etc. Gonna be a two-shot if I continue.

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Getting a job in Software Development

I graduated from uni in October and tomorrow (February) I start my first real job. ‘Wow, that’s a big gap!’ you might think, and, well, it kind of is but - I wasn’t searching for a job the whole time. In fact, the actual job searching (from sending out the first application to accepting an offer) took only 2 weeks. But let’s start with some basics:

(Please note: What I’m describing is true for Germany, where I live and did the whole application process. It might well be different in your country, although I’m pretty sure it applies to more countries than only Germany.)

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Conor Maynard Imagine - Practicing (SMUT)

You had thought that, when that day came, you would be on seventh heaven. When you first told your parents that you wanted to pursue the acting career in London, they had tried to convince you to do otherwise. Trying to make a living out of acting in such a talented city like London was a long shot. But you were determined.

And in fact, after a little less than a year of failed auditions and poorly-paid advertisement roles, your all time longed dream finally knocked at your door.

You thought that getting the leading role in a film that would be translated into too many languages for you to remember was going to have you balling on cloud nine, and to make you happy. But you weren’t so sure about the last part.

“Y/N, calm down little one, it’s gonna be alright” Conor assured you as he stood up in the middle of your living room, watching you pace back and forth “You’re an actress, you know what you’re doing, you can do this”

You sighed “The truth is, Conor, that I really don’t fucking know”

You had met Conor on set a few months after moving to London. You had just finished filming some crappy, awkward TV advert, when you accidentally invaded his dressing room. He saw your disgusted face, and your relationship started from there.

At first, it had just been faint attraction. You met up a couple of times after that day, and he turned out to be quite the funny, nice lad you had always doubted you would meet in such an intimidating city. You saw nothing special about him, nothing hot, nothing to fall for.

Until that one day. Conor was one of your very few friends at that time, your only guy friend for that matter. All your other friends were far too pretty and love-successful for you to go and wine about your last failed Tinder date. And so you magically appeared on Conor’s doorstep one night, asking for a friend you could vent to. He happily let you in, held you for the rest of the night, and made sure your heart recovered.

Little did he know that your heart had recovered because it started beating again. But this time it was for him.

“Don’t tell me you’ve never hooked up with anybody” he said, making you stop on your tracks. This was definetly a conversation you didn’t want to have with him.

You gave him a look, and no more words were needed “I didn’t know you were…” he started, visibly too embarrassed to finish.

“Shrug it off” you said “It’s not really a big deal for me. It’s just that I didn’t want my first time to be with someone I don’t know, let alone him” you complained.

It turned out that your first big movie role happened to involve sexual intercourse. You weren’t sure if acting out the scene really meant doing it, or just faking it. But you had signed up a contract. The director had insisted many times, and you constanly told him that you were okay with doing whatever was needed for the scene. It was your very first oportunity to be someone out there, and you weren’t going to waste it because of a 2 minute scene in bed.

Conor raised an eyebrow “What’s the matter with him?”

“I’ve been doing some reseach on this co-star of mine and…” you sighed again, running a hand through your hair “Let’s say he’s quite big headed”

Conor nodded “I get it” he said, getting closer to you as he opened his arms for you to give him a hug. And so you did, burrying your face on the crook of his neck, inhaling his strong yet mangneting scent “Is there anything I can do?” he asked softly.

You shook your head gently. You had to face the music, and there was no going back. You had gotten yourself into that situation. At least you hoped it would turn out to be worthy.

“I have an idea” Conor suddenly spoke “I’ve got a friend, Ryan, who used to be an actor here in London” you popped your head up to look at him, an eyebrow raised. Where was he going with this? “I once accompained him to shoot some scenes, and one of them happened to be a sex scene, right?” you nodded, not really sure what he was implying.

“I know how they’re filmed, and I know what each person does because I heard the director giving instructions and tips” he said, and it instantly clicked on your mind “I don’t think it’ll be much different from what you have to do. So, only if you want, we can practice a little”

Your heart suddenly started racing. Practicing a sex scene? With Conor? Was this one of your all time wet dreams or something?

You gulped “You don’t have to do this” you said, scared to even look at him in the eye.

You felt his hands on your upper waist, feeling firmer each second that passed. Were you going mad? “Hey, I want to” he said, looking you in the eye in a way you had never seen before. He looked much more…mysterious. 

“Okay, fine” you gave in as your right hand went to rub your eye “We can do it now if you want to”

You led him to your bedroom, a place where he had been too many times, but not like that. It felt weird and exciting at the same time. Once you opened the bed, Conor started taking his shirt off. You didn’t realize you had been staring. 

“I think we should keep our underwear, though” he laughed as he unbuckled his pants. You gave him a small smile as you started unbottoning your shirt, not really sure what in the world you were doing.

Once you both had stripped down to your underwear, you got inside the covers as Conor sat slowly next to you. You could tell he was flustered “Did…did the script say what position you were in?” he asked, visibly uncomfortable. You didn’t blame him. 

“Yeah…um…the guy would be on top” you said awkwardly “It’s an average looking sex scene, nothing too luxurious”

Conor let out a small chuckle “Right” he said as he slowly got under the covers beisdes you “You sure you want to do this?” he asked once again “I’m not going to hurt you, if you want me to stop just say it”

You nodded, unexpectidly feeling more relaxed. The thought of Conor being on top of you was too irresistible for your mind to handle. But you should act normally. He only saw you as a friend, he had no interest in you at all. And your role for the day was to pretend you didn’t feel the slightlest tingle when he touched you, either.

He slowly positioned himself on top you, resting his body weight on his hands, which were pressed down on the bed right at your sides. You felt so exposed, so vulnerable to have him right above you, both of you half naked.

“You alright?” he asked you as he sensed the tension.

“Yeah, I just…feel quite weird in this…situation” you lauged nervously. Conor smiled softly at you as one of his hands went to your cheek. You froze. What-what was he doing?

“Relax, it’s just me” he said softly, looking at you in the kindest way you had ever seen him “Okay, tell me how the scene goes”

You nodded, trying to mentally go back to the script “Right so, we enter the room making out heavily and stuff, and he pulls me down the bed…in this position, more or less” he nodded, so you continued “Um…then we keep kissing and he starts undressing me and I start undressing him”

“We’ve already reached that part” he laughed.

You smiled up at him “After that he whispers something in my ear - I don’t really remember what - and he starts kissing my neck slowly until…well, you know what comes next” you laughed nervously again.

“Seems quite easy” he said “What exactly are you most nervous about?”

“I guess I just don’t feel comfortable enough with the idea of someone I don’t know kissing me and touching me in those ways” you said, and suddenly Conor’s mind flooded with images of you being touched by another man, and he started boiling. What the hell was wrong with him? Since when did he get so protective of anyone? “Plus, I’ve never slept with anyone, so I wouldn’t know what to do”

“And you think you would be more comfortable if you knew how it felt beforehand” he stated. You nodded. That was exactly what you needed “Okay, let’s do it then”

He adjusted himself again, and so did you “Remember to stop me whenever you want”

“Okay” you whispered as you felt Conor’s breath on your neck already.

He rubbed his nose against your skin for a few seconds, and you immediately closed your eyes. He was so gentle, your back was already almost arched. Then, he slowly started to plant a few kissed behind your ear, as one of his hands steadily held your waist.

Your hand instinctively went to the back of his neck, massaging swiftly the hair on his lower head. His lips suddenly parted aways, and he wasn’t giving you small kisses anymore. Slowly, he started making out with your neck in such a passionate way that you felt a sudden ache between your legs. What was going on with you?

Your other hand found Conor’s arm gripping at your waist, and you held it for support. His make-out session eventually stopped, and he lifted himself up again a little to look at you “Did you like that?” he asked, and you nodded. It wasn’t weird anymore. Now, you just wanted more.

He then planted a sweet, unexpected kiss on your lips before leaning in again, repeating his past actions on your mouth. You felt so damn good. You didn’t even suspect he was such a good kisser, the way his lips moved on yours making you hungry for more. 

You tangled both of your arms around his neck as he placed his hands at the back of your now arched back, making sure he wouldn’t crush you. His tongue slipped in inside your mouth, exploring every inch slowly. You felt his hands on your lower waist, and his impressive bulge on your stomach, and you couldn’t supress a low moan. 

It wasn’t until that little cry left your mouth than you realized you weren’t practicing anymore. You wanted him, all of him, and you didn’t want that moment to end. Your body had never felt so damn good, and it was all because of him. 

Suddenly, you felt his hand reach the hook of your bra, and you instinctively held your breath. He noticed, stopping abruptly “Shit, I’m…” he mumbled, the hot, passionate bubble that you had created now being long gone “I don’t know what to say” he said, visibly embarrassed. 

But you couldn’t keep your eyes off of him “Con” you whispered softly, your hand suddenly travelling to his cheek. You caressed it caringly as he leaned in into your touch.

He looked at you again, the same loving smile than before plastered on his face. You guided his head lower until your lips met again, more sweetly this time. He held you again as you felt smaller and smaller under his touch, so protected and loved.

“Are you sure you want this, Y/N?” he whispered, his lips barely leaving yours.

You nodded softly, drawing his lips back to yours again. His hand then went again to your back and slowly unclasped your bra. He trailed a few kisses down your neck, removing your bra slowly as he cupped your breast on his mouth. Your hands went to the back of his head, pulling him closer.

“Conor” you breathed out steamily “What…what am I to you?” you managed to ask, not sure at all what you were after that moment. 

He kept on sucking at your nipples for a few seconds before he released his lips from your skin. He kissed you “I…I like you a lot, Y/N” he said, and you could tell he was flustered “I care a lot about you, you…you are my little one”

You smiled up at him, recalling how cute he looked when he called you by your nickname. You felt so special, so loved, so close to him “I like you a lot too” you chuckled slightly. 

He kissed you, smiling as he did so. Your hands slowly travelled to the waistband of his boxers, eager to finally pull them down. You were scared, but at the same time, it was Conor the one taking care of you. You knew you were going to be alright, safe.

He helped you out, pulling his underwear down as he watched your face turn more and more scared. He almost felt bad, but he knew he’d take good care of you. Not long afterwards, your panties also flew to the other side of the room. You were completely naked. 

“Are you on the pill?” he asked you softly.

You nodded as you felt the time coming. You felt so wet already, a burning pain tingling between your legs. He kissed you one last time before you felt the tip of his member teasing you at your entrance. You unconsciously opened your legs wider.

He locked your lips with his as he slowly entered you, making you flinch at the sudden sensation. His hand went to your face as he whispered calming things into your ear “It’s fine, Y/N” he breathed out “You’re fine”

When he was finally inside you, you found it hard to breath normally. He was huge, and you were so tight, little moans repeatedly escaped your mouth “Conor…” you whimpered.

He started moving up and down slowly in such swift moves, you immediately felt the pain stopping. Instead, it was replaced by a weird sensation. It was pleasing, it was filling you in but not completely, and you suddenly felt the urge to reach the top. 

He moved faster every time, and before you knew it, you were a moaning mess. He kept groaning into your neck as he rapidly slid in and out of you, holding you tight as he did so. You had never felt so good, and it was driving you crazy.

“Oh god, Conor” you whimpered, digging your fingernails on his back “I feel so close…” 

“Fuck, Y/N” he groaned, and you thought it was the sexiest thing you had ever  heard from him. Just a few moments later, you screamed in pleasure as he filled you in, riding you out of climax, as you dug your nails on his back even deeper. 

Eventually, he moaned loudly just like you had done ealier, and you couldn’t believe that you, of all the people, had made him feel such things. Maybe it was time you stopped understimating yourself.

He pulled out of you, leaving an empty sensation. He lied down next to you, still holding you at your waist, as he planted a few kisses on your forehead “That was amazing, Y/N” he said, and you felt yourself blushing.

You kissed his forehead “Stop being so cute” you said as you felt his thumb rubbing your side softly. 

He planted a small kiss on your jaw “Thanks for caring for me so much” you mumbled softly, almost without thinking.

He kissed you again as he cupped your cheek with his big hand, and you felt like you would get used to it. Used to waking up next to him everyday, taking care of him forever “Thank you for being the best thing I’ve ever had, little one”

Jigsaw puzzles

Gif’s not mine!

Fandom: Marvel
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Genres: mild angst, romance, fluff
Words: 2.218
Summary: Reader finds Bucky in her flat one day. He asks her to let him stay and she agrees. The two of them help each other from that day on - requested by Anonymous

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Sundae Funday

Requested: no

Rating: PG, just a lot of fluff and ice cream.

Summary: All Harry wants to do is take YN out for ice cream. A simple, cute ice cream date. YN loves ice cream and Harry feels like shit he can’t even provide this for his wonderful girlfriend due to all of the paparazzi and fans plaguing the exterior of the hotel. This puts him in a funk, until a new opportunity arises to improvise.


“Harryyyyy.” You call from your room, laying on your floor in front of your fan. The heat has become almost unbearable today and the hotel cooling system is doing its best to keep up with the record breaking warm front sweeping through the city.
Harry opens his eyes at the sound of your voice, moving off of his spot on the couch in front of the T.V., where he’d fallen asleep watching a documentary about the arctic that was still playing. You’d claimed earlier in the day that maybe watching penguins play around on the ice would make you both remember the cold and the heat would feel more manageable. Sadly, it didn’t seem to be working, as you’d become too hot next to Harry and had left to sit with your fan instead after he’d fallen asleep.

“Yes, love?” He replied from the doorway, voice gravelly and eyes groggy due to just waking up from his nap. “We should go out for ice cream! I saw the cutest looking shop just down street from here, do you want to?”

Harry smiled a little. “Are the fans still outside?“ Your face fell as your immunity to the constant noise faded away and you were reminded why the two of you had been holed up in your hotel room so long. The amount of people outside
your hotel seemed historically unprecedented, although you know that wasn’t true.

That didn’t matter to you though, because they were enough to keep the two of you locked away Rapunzel style, where you hoped that no unwanted guests would find you. The fans were great, the attention Harry got was great, it was a blessing it really was- but sometimes it was all too much. On days like today, You couldn’t help but wish Harry was just… normal. It was a selfish desire and you felt bad for hating his popularity at times like these, when all the two of you wanted was to go out for a little while, uninterrupted. You knew that wasn’t possible right now. You slouched a bit, disappointed. You didn’t even have to check the window to know that everyone was still there. 

Harry seemed to read your mind as he moved to plop down beside you. “I’m so sorry, bug. I’d make them all leave if I could.” His hand gently stroked your forehead, moving stray hairs away from your eyes. “No, I know, it’s no big deal don’t worry about it, okay?” You smiled up at him, trying not to let on how you were feeling. This wasn’t Harry’s fault, and you didn’t want him to feel bad about the whole situation. Harry nodded, but you knew he hadn’t stopped thinking about it.

Harry knew ice cream wasn’t that big of a deal, it was the fact that he and his girlfriend couldn’t even go out for a few minuets together like a normal couple. It was hot as hell out and that only added to his poor mood that stuck around the rest of the day, even with you curled up next to him with the portable fan blowing on your body, clad only in light running shorts and a bra, it was too hot for clothes, you’d claimed, and Harry was the last person on earth who’d object to that.

Harry woke up in the middle of the night with an idea. He found you asleep on top of the covers of the hotel bed, tossing and turning, most likely due to the heat that plagued every room of the hotel. 

“Angel, wake up.” He punctuated his sentence with a kiss to your forehead, and another to the tip of your nose, and another to the highest point of your cheek. “What? Harry, its late. Im sleeping.” You mumbled, beginning to roll over when Harry stopped you with a kiss to your shoulder.

“Babe, you said you wanted ice cream, let’s go see if that store down the street is still open, shall we? Everyone is gone, they’ve all left, we can finally just go, the two of us.” His voice was gentle, slow and convincing, enough so to make you slip on your shoes and a tee-shirt to go out in, grabbing your phones and a plastic room key. The thought of a late night adventure like this was enough to wake the two of you up, both of you giggling all the way down the hall to the elevator, and the rest of the way to the street.

You took in a much needed breath of fresh air, and walked in the direction of the retro-style diner that displayed a neon sign to advertise the homemade ice cream inside.
"Well, here we are! After you, darling.” Harry smiled, opening up the door with a silver bell that jingled upon their entry. “We are so lucky this place is open 24 hours.” YN grinned and reached up to kiss Harry, excited at their late night date and the prospect of getting back inside to air conditioning and ice cream.
The two of you reveled in the current state of the world. There were no people out in the streets, nobody demanding any pictures, videos or autographs. It was quiet, no chants or singing in the streets, everyone had returned home and it was just Harry and YN out for ice cream- like a normal couple. Neither of you minded that it was the middle of the night, it was just nice to be out together.

“Well, what do you want tonight, m'lady?” Harry smiled at you, still staring at the menu board, wearing old tennis shoes, and a long tee shirt that hid your shorts, your hair thrown up with pieces falling around your face.

“I don’t know, what do you want?”

Harry almost laughed, even in her tired state YN was indecisive as all get out.

“I’m going to get that sundae.” Hardy pointed to the biggest thing on the menu, knowing that neither of them would be able to finish that much ice cream. “Do you want to share it?” He offered, running circles into the small of her back with his finger tips. She just nodded, leaning against Harry’s chest. She was tired, this would probably be a quick outing, so they could get back to bed.

YN went to find a booth to sit in, the smooth red seats offering a good view of the diner. Flowers in vases sat all over, as did framed pictures in black and white, and newspaper articles from decades ago. Harry stayed up at the counter to order, and paid for the sundae, waiting at the counter before bringing back the dessert to where YN was sitting. Her eyes widened upon seeing how much ice cream sat in the bowl. “I saw the picture, why does this suddenly seem so huge?” She laughed, grabbing one of the two spoons in the bowl. Harry agreed, laughing.

The two of you ate quietly, getting through about half of the ice cream before YN sat back in the booth, across from Harry. “I don’t think I can eat anymore,” she sighed contently and let her eyes close for a second.

“Me either, want to go back to bed now?” Harry put his spoon down as well, waiting for YN’s nod of confirmation before leaving a few dollars on the table next to the melting ice cream. Fudge and caramel still drizzled over some of the parts they didn’t get to when they were eating.

“C'mon, darling. Let’s get you home”.

The two of you interlaced fingers and started to walk back to the hotel. After stepping back into your shared room, you kicked off your shoes and peeled off your shirt, laying down on top of the covers on the bed once more. Harry joined you, pressing a kiss to your shoulder.

“Love you, ice cream queen.” You smiled, “love you, ice cream king. Thanks for the date, it was really-” your sentence was broken with a yawn. “Nice.” Harry smiled and nodded, peeling off his clothes for bed and falling asleep to your quiet breathing and the whir of the fan.

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Anon asked: Hi I really love the writing you two do! AU: How about Kylo Ren as a arrogant CEO trying to seduce his new secretary.

Author: Zoe

(A/N: I apologize for taking so long! I’ve had so much to do lately, I’ve barely had time to write!)

Modern AU: Kylo Ren x Reader

Plot Summary: It’s been a few years since you accepted a job to be a personal secretary for the First Order’s CEO, Kylo Ren. It paid well, it was in the city, and you were personally satisfied with the job you had accepted. Though, it does tend to be kind of strange when one of the most successful men in the corporate world is in love with his own simple, yet enchanting secretary.

Originally posted by knights-of-kylo-ren

The tall, dark building loomed over you as you walked to work, wearing a silk blouse and business skirt, heels softly clacking against the pavement as you strode into the building, pushing up your glasses as you hugged a small stack of files to your chest.

“Nice to see you today, Y/N.” Phasma spoke, straightening a stack of papers as you waved to her.

“You too, Phasma. Are you still coming by for our daily coffee?” You asked, stopping in front of the elevator and pressing a button, turning your head to the side at her reception.

“Of course. The coffee’s the only thing that keeps me sane in this job.” She replied as you laughed, the elevator dinging and opening as the two of you waved, before you made your travels up to Kylo’s floor.

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Latte, With Honey

My piece for @caffeinewitchcraft‘s Caffeine Challenge #21!  It’s been awhile since I’ve done any writing, so this is a bit rusty, but I thought it would at least be a fun exercise for a Sunday morning.  I used prompt #4.  Hope you enjoy!

(story below the cut)

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Originally posted by astridoldi

HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY @percieux !!!!!!! here’s a thing!

Title: Back Room Magic

Pairing: Newt x fem!reader

A/N: reader is a horned serpent (would be hufflepuff) herbolgist/potion master @ladysnowren @imboredsueme  this is might turn into a whole series XD whoops (horrible title, really)

Barebone’s at it again, you thought as you passed one of the Second Salemers meetings on your way back to your flower shop. Well, the flower shop was a front - literally. Now, you did do business with No-Majs, but in the back room was the real business. You sold magical plants and potions for magical folk, and business had been pretty good with both, but with Mary Lou Barebone on the loose, magical business had declined.

Arriving, you pushed the door open, glancing up at the painted sign on the window which read Pots and Plants, and smiled when you saw your tabby cat, Selina on the front counter.

“Well, good morning, Selina! You’ll never guessed what I picked up for the back today!” You pulled a medium sized pot with a small, weak-looking dirigible plum tree from your battered leather satchel. “I rescued this poor thing from a half-destroyed greenhouse. I think that invisible terror ruined it,” you told your cat, as you made your way behind the counter to the door in the back. “And I picked up some moonseed, too.” You slipped your rowan wood wand from your pocket and waved it at the ivy covered back door.


The door clicked and unlocked, and you pushed it open to reveal the much larger room. It was at least twice as large as it should be, and three times taller, making rooms for trees, and tall shelves full of books, potions and potion bottles, and potted plants. You had just placed the plum tree in a sunny corner, when a bell dinged, informing you of someone in the front.

“I’ll be with you in a jiffy!” you called, waving your wand at the watering can in the corner, and setting the sack of seeds on your plant-covered desk. You slipped out, shutting the door quickly behind you - you never knew who it could be. A tall house plant blocked the view of the door, and whoever was there, and you moved it to the side.

“Sorry about the mess,” you said, brushing some dirt onto the floor, and finally getting a look of who it was. 

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N.E.I.G.H.B.O.R.S Pt. 4 // Fanfic

Modern Friend Au // Nessian 

 The One With The Heart to Heart 

 A/N: I don’t even know how to begin to thank you guys! All your comments and love mean so much to me and makes me want to write more! Also to those asking about a kiss…I want it to be perfect and Nesta throwing him out of her house after it would not be perfect. 

 The Day After the Late Night Baking “Date”: 

Cassian will never admit it to anyone but he was standing at his door looking out his peephole for thirty minutes waiting for Nesta to emerge from her apartment. He’s about to give up when he hears the click of a doorknob and her door swing open. He waits a second before he opens his own door. “Oh hey,” he says causally, locking his door behind him while she did the same. 

She makes a noise in acknowledgement before walking down the hallway, balancing a briefcase and two boxes in her grip. “Do you need help?” he asks, catching up with her and matching her pace. 

“I am good,” she replies, still not bothering to look at him. He scratches the back of his neck racking his brain for conversation pieces. 

“I am thinking friday I could make my homemade pizza and you could bake whatever you want to bake,” he says, as they reach the elevator. He presses the down button when he sees her struggling with it. 

“Friday? I am busy Friday,” she mutters. 

“It doesn’t have to be Friday,” he offers. 

“I am going to be busy for awhile,” she says as the elevator door opens and she steps into and turns towards him. He can see the distance in her eyes as she stares right through him. 

“Oh, well, I just realized I forgot my bag in my room so I’ll take the next one,” he replies with a slightly awkward wave as the doors close between them. 

A Couple Months After The “Date”: 

“I only signed up to be the best man so that I would be able to plan the bachelor party,” Cassian says, as he sits back in the cushioned chair. “I did not sign up to spend a day in a boutique wedding dress shopping.” 

Feyre laughs from where she is in the dressing room. “Elain couldn’t come up from North Carolina because of the baby and Nesta had to work again,” she says. 

“What about Mor?” he asks curiously. 

“She went to that conference she was hyping up this weekend and Azerial just happened to be out of town on “business” too,” she replies, opening the door and coming out in a puffy white dress covered in feathers. 

Cassian cringes when he sees the dress. “Unless the swan look is in fashion I give it a no,” he exclaims. She nods her head in agreement and disappears back into the dressing room. “So your sister had work on a Saturday?” 

“What? Oh, Nesta, yeah their was a crisis with one of the books she was advertising or something so she had to go in last minute,” she says, coming back out of the dressing room in a short white dress. 

“You look like I would find you on the corner of a street standing outside a strip club,” he says honestly. She laughs and closes the door behind her. “A crisis?” 

“Yeah, that’s all she said. Why? You live across from her you can just walk over there and ask her yourself. Aren’t you two dating?” Feyre asks. 

Cassian snorts, if ignoring each other was considered dating then they were practically married. “Not even close, I haven’t talked to her in…awhile,” he says, trying to think back to when he actually had a conversation with her. 

“Thats a shame, I totally saw you two together,” she retorts, her voice distant as she struggles to put on the next dress. 

So did I, he answers in his head as the door opens and she walks out wearing a sliming ankle length dress that had lace detailing on the bodice. “Wow, Fey,” he says, watching as she turns towards the mirror. “If you weren’t already marrying my best friend I would propose right now.” 

“Sorry, I am late. I rushed here as fast as- wow. You look wow,” Nesta says, standing behind Cassian. Her eyes hadn’t left Feyre. “Is that the one your getting?” 

“Yeah, I think so,” Feyre says, turning and smiling towards them. “All of a sudden it feels so real.” she laughs, wiping away the tears that were forming. “I should go take this off so I can buy it.” 

“Did you fix the crisis?” Cassian asks, she turns towards him startled obviously not realizing he was sitting there. When she doesn’t answer right away he adds, “The one at your work?” 

“Right, yes. It’s fixed, thank you,” she replies civil. The friendly tone she had used with Feyre just seconds ago gone from her voice. 

They sat in silence while they waited for Feyre to change and then stood in silence behind Feyre while she paid. “I am going to have dinner with Rhys, I’ll see you at girls night tomorrow?” 

Cassian watched as Nesta gave a curt nod. Feyre gave him a smile and thanked him for coming before disappearing to her car. He turned to say goodbye to Nesta but she was typing hurriedly on the phone. 

“Everything okay?” he asks when she lets out a noise of frustration. 

“Yeah, I am fine. My ride just bailed on me so I have to get an uber,” she says, continuing to type on her phone. 

Cassian doesn’t wait for his mind to tell him not before he’s already offering to drive her home. He remembered Feyre mentioning how her engine had fried and she didn’t have enough time to look for a new car. She looks up surprised, which irritates him. When has he not been kind to her? 

“I would appreciate that,” she responds, and he rolls his eyes at the formalities. The car ride is silent and awkward. He watches the road and she texts the whole ride. Neither of them bother with small talk. He pulls up to his designated spot in the garage and parks the car. 

“Wait,” she says, as he goes to open the door. “I wanted to apologize for the way I’ve been acting.” He sits back in his seat and looks at her waiting for her to continue.  “I’ve been a jerk to you and you don’t deserve that. I just didn’t want you think it was a date.” 

He laughs at that, “Message received.” There’s a pause. “Why exactly did you not want it to be a date? You were the one who woke me up in the middle of the night needing “sugar”.” 

She rolls her eyes and scoffs, “I did need sugar so I don’t know why you used that tone.” she pauses, and he can see the hesitation on her face. “I am sort of seeing someone.” 

“Oh,” was all Cassian could muster. 

“Yeah, he’s really nice. He’s known our family for awhile. He used to like Feyre but she’s getting married now so he missed his chance,” she says quickly. 

“He missed his chance with one sister so he’s moving onto the next?” Cassian asks frowning. 

“Well, no. I just- he’s inherit his father’s store so he has a stable career and he volunteers on the weekends at an animal shelter-,” 

“Are you trying to convince me that he’s a good fit or yourself?” Cassian interrupts. 

“I am not trying to convince you of anything. Feyre said your a good friend to talk to and I thought we were friends but I guess I was mistaken,” she says, stepping out of the car and slamming the door behind her. Cassian frowns as he watches her exit the parking garage. 

“Nesta,” Cassian yells, following her out of the restaurant. It was a week before the wedding and they had all met up for dinner before things got crazy with the wedding. She pauses midstep and turns towards him. “Whats up with your eye?” 

Nesta turns her face so he can’t see the black eye. A waiter had accidentally spilled water on Nesta while she was sitting at the table and it had washed away the make up she had used to cover it “I tripped,” she replies. 

“You tripped? Then why is it covered by make up,” he asks, stepping closer to her. He’s relieved when she doesn’t take a step away from him. 

“Because I didn’t want to have to explain to everyone how it happened,” she says, staring at something over his shoulder. He knew she was lying and he had his suspicions as to why. 

“Nes,” he says, his voice just above a whisper. She turns to look at him, their faces inches apart. “You don’t have to lie to me. Tell me what happened. Did Tomas do this to you?” 

She frowns at the mention of her boyfriends name and steps away from Cassian. “It’s not a big deal,” she replies. 

He frowns and clenches his fist together. She didn’t say no. She didn’t say it wasn’t him. “Nesta, tell me where he is,” he says through his teeth. 

She shakes her head, “No, it’s fine. He won’t do it again and if he does I’ll take care of it.” 

“Are you kidding? He hit you and your going to give him a second chance?” Cassian asks bewildered as he stares down at Nesta intently. The once independent fierce girl was gone.  

“Just stay out of it, Cassian,” she retorts, turning on her heel and leaving him behind. 

Update to come.  

Creepypasta #1118: What Happened To Lucie Drummond?

Length: Long

For a few years, I’ve been running a “Post a Secret” type art project in my small town in Utah. For me, it serves two purposes - to keep me feeling like I’m still attached to the art community but also as a way to advertise my coffee shop, where I hang them. It’s been pretty popular and I think the locals have a lot of fun contributing to it. Many of the secrets I get are cute and fluffy, like the little girl who sent me one about being the person who took the last cookie. Some are a bit more serious, like one-night stands and the like. But, about a month ago, I got the most unsettling one I’d ever gotten.

When the Saturday mail came in at the shop, I had one regular postcard about peeing behind a tree at the sled hill and then a second one in a greetings card envelope. I looked at the envelope and saw it was addressed to me in a typed letters with no return address and had been postmarked in my town. Inside there was a postcard. 

Thinking it was odd that someone would pay the extra postage to send it inside an envelope, I began examining it. On the front of the card was a vintage-type image with a little girl with bright rosy cheeks and curly brown hair looking up in awe at Santa, who was grinning wildly and putting presents under the Christmas tree. I remember thinking it was kind of a cute card until I turned it over and saw, typed along the place where the message usually is was “I stole Lucie Drummond from her yard. December 4, 1978.

There’s been times in the past where I’ve questioned what to do with a secret - should I hang the one about an affair or the one about wishing he or she had never wanted kids? But, I’ve never, ever been in a situation in which I felt I needed to contact the police until this one. I called over and an officer stopped by within half an hour.

Examining the card, he asked me about what I knew about it. I told him the story briefly and left it at that.

“Do you know who Lucie Drummond is?” I asked. I hadn’t even been born when this would have allegedly occurred.

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Soul Music - Undisclosed Desires

So I know this won’t get as much attention as High Tensions cos it’s an OC and for some reason tumblr hates OC’s but I implore you to give it a chance. And if you read it, please leave love!

Music features very heavily in this story as well hence the title.

Spencer sat at the bar nursing his third whiskey, the amber liquid mixing with the almost melted ice. 

He didn’t particularly want to be here but then again he didn’t particularly want to be anywhere right now. He’d come here on a whim, having entered his apartment three hours ago and suddenly feeling so sick and tired of seeing the same walls. Sick and tired of being alone with his own thoughts. 

He knew he could have gone to JJ’s or Derek’s , or even Penelope’s but he couldn’t cope with their sympathetic glances, them trying to touch him, hug him, anything to bring him out of himself. Rossi had been the only one he’d actually spoke to about his feelings, and even that was a while ago.

Sure he was coping okay when he was at the BAU. He knew how to put on a brave face, and he wasn’t letting his mental state affect his work. But he made excuses every time the team invited him out. The first few months they’d understood but now it seemed that they were almost annoyed with him for not wanting their company. JJ had knocked on his apartment door only a few weeks ago, calling his phone when he didn’t answer. He knew she knew he was home. And he felt terrible about hurting her feelings but he just didn’t want to talk to anyone about it. No one understood how he was feeling. The only person he thought would understand was gone. 

Tonight, it finally got too much for him. So he went out in hope of a distraction. No, not that kind of distraction. That was the last thing on his mind. Hell, when he couldn’t even stand to let his closest friends show any physical affection towards him, there was no way he was ready for that.

He just wanted something to take his mind off it. Something to distract him from the images that crept into his head. The scenarios of the time they should have had together. What should have and could have been. And now, never would.

So he’d wandered the streets until he’d seen a sign for a small dive bar, The Notes Of The Wind. A chalkboard on the pavement outside advertising live music. He’d walked down the short alley to get to the door, the doorman eyeing him up carefully before moving aside to let him in. He’d paid the small cover fee and entered the bar area. A small stage with a DJ booth to one side. Two walls were covered in various different band posters, layered over each other. Another wall covered in polaroids, presumely of the patrons as he had spied two cameras and boxes of film behind the bar. 

There was a tiny dance floor, tables and chairs surrounding it, a few booths along a wall  the leather seats looking old and worn. Most of the tables and booths were taken, so he’d taken a seat at the bar ordering a beer when the bar tender had come to him. She was pretty, a young girl who looked barely old enough to drink alcohol herself let alone serve it. She’d tried to make conversation with him asking if he was waiting for friends but he’d just shaken his head, asking for a whiskey when he realised the beer wasn’t going to touch the sides. 

The live musical act had already started, a couple by the looks of it. The guy was playing guitar and providing back up vocals, but the female was the main attraction. Her voice was hauntingly beautiful, pure and clear. And their song choice was interesting. Covers, but mostly of indie or rock music, all songs by bands fronted by a male singer, but now being sung by a female.

He watched feeling himself relaxing slightly and ordering another whiskey, the bar tender whose name badge had read “Ally” having to tap his arm to get his attention when she’d placed his drink down in front of him. He’d jumped at the contact having rarely allowed himself to be touched in the past eight months. She giggled at him, “She’s good isn’t she?”

Reid nodded agreeing, “Very good.” He downed his drink in one before asking for another. Ally took his money before bringing him another, this one a double. She just shrugged when he raised his eyes at the amount in the glass.

Spencer turned his attention back to the singer. As well as having a voice that reminded him of warm, melted chocolate, she was phsyically stunning. She wasn’t stick thin like most girls thought they had to be these days. Her figure was the classic hourglass, curves in all the right places and she was showing it off in a dark purple skater style dress  made of crushed velvet. The neckline had a slight scoop to it, showing a hint of smooth creamy white cleavage. She wore black sheer pantyhose, her feet encased in green Doc Martins. Dark hair was worn loose, one side clipped back slightly. Her make up was simple but effective. Dark eyeliner outlining eyes that he wasn’t close enough to tell the exact colour of, and a deep plum coloured lipstick. 

She scanned the crowd on a regular basis, seemingly making eye contact with each one of her fans who were all mesmerized by her. In between songs, she chatted to the crowd charming them with anecdotes and storys. She’d glanced over at Spencer a few times, him avoiding eye contact with her everytime she did. 

The crowd had just applauded as the song she was singing came to an end. He’d recognised the song, although it had sounded completely different to the original. A cover of My Chemical Romance’s “The Ghost of You.”

He’d turned back to the his drink, catching the eye of Ally who looked like she was wiping a tear away. He couldn’t blame her. If he could feel any sort of emotion right now he was sure he would have welled up at the song too. The way she’d sung it had sounded like she was mourning for a long lost lover, berating him for leaving her. She definitely had a knack for interpreting the different emotions of songs. The singer moved away from the mic stand, whispering something to the guitar player, him nodding at her. 

The guitar started up again and she spoke into the mic announcing that this was their last song for the night. Spencer turned back around, not recognising the song at first, as the timing had been slowed down, the sound different on just an acoustic guitar.

“I know you’ve suffered, But I don’t want you to hide, 
It’s cold and loveless, 
I won’t let you be denied
I’ll make you feel pure,
Trust me, You can be sure”

Her eyes scanned the crowd again, one of her hands on the microphone, her hips swaying lightly to the music. Her eyes had closed during the last two lines of the bridge and when opened she them again she was staring directly at him.

“I want to reconcile the violence in your heart
I want to recognize your beauty is not just a mask, 
I want to exorcise the demons from your past, 
I want to satisfy the undisclosed desires in your heart”

This time he couldn’t look away from her, her voice, every word she was singing seemed like she was singing it directly to him. He’d never heard the song sung this way before and it was hitting him deep in the pit of his gut.

“You trick your lovers, 
That you’re wicked and divine, 
You may be a sinner, 
But your innocence is mine
Please me, 
Show me how it’s done, 
Tease me, 
You are the one
I want to reconcile the violence in your heart, 
I want to recognize your beauty is not just a mask, 
I want to exorcise the demons from your past, 
I want to satisfy the undisclosed desires in your heart”

 She broke her intense gaze on him for a moment, one of her hands reaching up to her hair and brushing a stray strand back behind her ear. She turned to her boyfriend smiling at him before moving into the ending of the song. Her gaze came back to Spencer’s. He was too transfixed to notice some of the other patrons, turning around to follow her eyes, wondering who she was singing to.

“Please me, 
Show me how it’s done, 
Trust me, 
You are the one
I want to reconcile the violence in your heart, 
I want to recognize your beauty is not just a mask, 
I want to exorcise the demons from your past, 
I want to satisfy the undisclosed desires in your heart”

The applause was louder this time and went on for longer and she grinned widely around the room, giving a small curtsey and chuckling. Spencer watched her hop off the stage, helping the guy she was with pack up their equiptment, before taking a slow walk around the room, chatting with people who’d obviously seen her perform before.

Reid drained his whiskey again, Ally appearing once more as just as his empty glass hit the bar top. He was the only one sitting at the bar currently, although now the entertainment had finished more and more people were slowly trickling up to refill their drinks. Another bar tender appeared from the back room, flicking on a jukebox before helping tend to the drinks orders.

“Another?” Ally reached for Spencer’s glass. He shook his head asking for another beer instead.

She waved away the money this time when she handed it over explaining, “You’re new here. This ones on the house. Maybe come back and bring some friends?”

Spencer nodded, knowing he’d come back but that he’d be alone. “Do they….do they play here often?”

“She works here actually and she’s my room mate, but yeah they normally play a few times a month. We keep trying to convince them to try out for The Voice or something but she won’t. They’re really good together.”

“They are,” Spencer agreed, taking a long pull on the beer. 

Ally busied herself serving other people as the singer and her partner approached the bar, pulling up seats at the opposite end, chatting to each other. They gave their order to Ally when she approached them, chatting and laughing with her, her filling their drinks order moments later. Two whiskeys and a beer. Ally put the beer and one whiskey down in front of them, taking the singers money, before coming back over to Reid and placing the second whiskey in front of him.

“Courtesy of our beautiful song bird over there.”

“Really?” Spencer wasn’t sure why she was buying him a drink. “Does her boyfriend not mind?”

Ally laughed, “Who, Jake. That’s her brother. So no, he definitely doesn’t mind.“


He raised the glass to his lips, looking over in her direction seeing her watching him as he took a small sip. She smiled, before slipping of her stool and walking over to him.

Issy had seen him enter the bar earlier in the evening. It wasn’t often new people ventured in, especially alone. The bar wasn’t a bad place, it was just tucked away down an alley. It relied on custom from regulars most of whom the staff knew by name. Iss worked there as well as performing on a regular basis. The bar was home to her, she loved it.  

He’d pulled up a seat at the bar, almost completely blanking Ally when she’d tried to flirt with him. That rarely happened, most guys thinking Ally was a stone cold fox. Iss had to agree with them, her friend was a stunner. Issy had been intrigued by the new customer though, he’d initially seemed so lost in his own thoughts. When he’d turned to watch the singing she’d been struck by a sadness in his eyes. He seemed so……lost. Iss attempted to make eye contact with him, but he’d looked away seconds later turning so that his hair fell in front of his facing, shielding his eyes, a move she’d long ago perfected herself.

Issy had always been extremely good at reading people’s emotions. Her Aunt had told her stories about how even as a child she knew when family members were upset, often going up to them and offering them her favourite stuffed bear Lancelot to hold.

When she’d starting singing Undisclosed Desires, Issy couldn’t help but look at him. Despite never speaking to him before, she felt a certain affinity with him. This time he hadn’t looked away and she’d stared deeply into his eyes, watching the changes in his body language as the song had gone on. 
There was a reason he was alone in a bar on a Thursday night. This man had experienced something terrible and he wasn’t dealing with it. Issy could read it in his face, in his eyes as he watched her and in his mouth as it moved along with the words, him not even realising he was doing it.  

When she’d made her rounds after the set and pulled a seat up at the bar, Iss asked Ally what he’d been drinking and she’d raised her eyebrows questioningly. 


“He’s been drinking whiskey, I take it you’re buying him one then. He’s cute but very quiet. Not your usual type.”

Issy gave her friend a look, “Just take my money and give him the damn drink Al.“

 All t did as instructed, him looking over when she told him who had bought it. He’d looked suprised before accepting it and taking it a drink. Issy took that as a cue to slip off her seat and walked over to him.

“Hey,” she opened when she was close enough to talk to him. 

“Um, hey. Thanks for the drink.” His voice was quiet, and now she was standing next to him she could see his eyes were a deep amber colour, almost the same colour as the drink in front of him. 

“No worries,” Iss wasn’t sure how to do this. Did she just delve right in?  

“I liked the last song you did by the way. I’ve never heard it sung like that,” he smiled at her slightly, brushing a lock of hair off his face.

“Thank you. So, whats your name?”

“Spencer,” Not looking at her now, but at his drink.

Spencer. Nice name.

“And erm, what was her name?” Delving right in it was.

His eyes snapped up to Issy’s, confused. Had she read him wrong.

“His name?” she tried again.  

He shook his head, his eyes full of sadness. His mouth opening and closing, not sure what to say. 

“Am I wrong?”

He shook his head again, before a small whisper, “How did you know?”

“Because for me, his name was Adam. Thirty two months ago. Car accident.”

He was quiet for a moment, taking in what she’d just said before turning and asking, “Whats your name?”

“Issy, or just Iss.”

“Short for Isabelle or Isabella?"Spencer asked, a question she was used to answering her whole life.

"Neither actually. Short for Isolde,” she waited for him to comment on the unusalness of her name but surprisingly he needed.

“Isolde, her name was Maeve. Eight months ago. She was killed, right in front of me.”

Okay so Iss hadn’t quite been expecting the last part but she’d been right. She put her hand out going to place it on his arm in a gesture of comfort, stopping short when heard a sharp intake of breath and saw his eyes move to her hand.

“Sorry,” Isolde placed her hand on the bar instead. “I was the same when it first happened to me. Couldn’t stand to have anyone touch me.”

She downed her drink, signaling to Ally for four more.

“Spencer, there’s a booth open over there. It’s quieter. You can say no, and I won’t be offened in the slightest but do you wanna, maybe talk?”

He considered her offer for a minute before nodding, Iss leaning over the bar and grabbing a tray for their drinks before leading the way.

“Same bench, or opposite sides?” she asked. If he didn’t like contact she didn’t want to crowd him.

“We can sit on the same sides. It will be easier to talk.”

Issy moved into the booth first, so he could exit quickly if he felt like he needed to. 

“So,” she wasn’t sure where to begin.

“Iss, how long did it take for you to start feeling normal again after?”

Normal…..What was normal? 

“I don’t know is the honest answer Spencer. I’m still not the same person I was before. After it happened, I locked myself off from everyone. Literally. I wouldn’t talk to anyone, if my friends or family tried to touch me, I’d react violently. I just wanted to to be left alone.”

“What changed?”

“I’m not sure. One day, I just woke up and suddenly missed the feeling of another persons skin on mine. I missed being around people, talking and laughing with them. But then, because I’d not allowed anyone to touch me for so long, it just felt wrong and I ended up having panic attacks. I eventually booked into to see a therapist, who suggested exposure therapy.”

“Exposure therapy?”  

“Yep. Like with someone I trusted. So they’d start just by touching my arm over my clothes, and we’d sit like that for a while. And then work slowly up from there.” It had been strange. She’d chosen her childhood best friend and cousin, Anna to do this with. And then when she was ready to move onto the more intimate things Anna couldn’t help with, Issy met up with a guy from an online support group she’d joined.

“And did it work?” Spencer look intrigued. 

“Well I no longer scream and shout if someone touches me,” Iss smiled at him. “And I’ve been succesfully able to have relationships with people since.“

“I haven’t, I haven’t even thought about that.”

“No, I can’t imagine you have yet. It’s not the easiest thing, going to bed with someone else. The first time, I felt like I was cheating on him.”

“I never even got to do that with her.”


He must have seen the expression on her face. He began to explain, telling Iss how their realtionship had worked and how the first time he’d met Maeve , was the night she was killed. How he never got to tell her he loved her too, never got to hold her or do any of the things that couples do together.  

“I don’t even know why I’m telling you any of this. I can’t even tell my own friends. I’ve shut them all out. I’ve shut everyone out.”

“Because sometimes it’s easier talking to a complete stranger.”  

“It is. It’s only now talking to you that I realise that I do want to move on. Not to forget Maeve, but to learn how to open up again. I…..I miss it. It wasn’t until Maeve that I realised that I was capable of loving someone else. But now I know that I am, but I’m scared I’ll never be able to be with someone again. I want to have a relationship with someone. I want to have kids someday. I don’t…..I don’t want to be alone forever. But I’m scared.”


“If I can’t let my friends touch me or show affection, then how can I let another woman do it?”

Issy was unsure why she said the next thing. Was it because she knew how he felt, what he was going through?

“I could help? if you like?”


“We could try the exposure therapy thing?…..Or not? I don’t mean the intimate stuff Spencer, not at first. Although if you needed to then…….,” she trailed off.

Spencer was quiet for a moment. 

“Are you sure? You want to help me?”

“Spencer, what we’ve gone through is hard. Someone helped me. I can help you.”

He took another few minutes to answer, Issy almost able to see the cogs turning in his head. 

“Yes. I’d like that.”

“Okay. But not here. Not tonight.”

He agreed, and they swapped numbers, agreeing that he would call her. He needed to make the first move with this, if it was going to be his therapy.

Still Beating (Part 12)

For previous parts click here. We’re about halfway done! Thanks for reading. x

I shyly smile at Matt as I walk into what is the second of our monthly seminars. There’s only a few minutes until class begins but there’s still quite a few empty seats. I sit down in a mostly empty row in the middle of the classroom. I pull out my notebook and begin to write the date in the top right corner of a fresh page.

The seat beside me pulls out. I smile internally as Harry sits down.

“Sienna,” He says quietly but urgently.

I am about to answer but am interrupted by Matt beginning his lecture. He immediately instructs us to partner up and complete the worksheet he’s passing around. I don’t even have to look around to know Harry is the only one close enough to be my potential partner.

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abby-6-stuff  asked:

Hey, so I've noticed that you are active in fandoms that are popular for its ships. I was wondering, is there a "type" of ship that you enjoy most seeing in media or a ship just in general that catches your attention? I would like to hear your thoughts on positive and negative shippings that you see. (I'm sorry if this is worded weirdly).

Ehhhhhh, I dunno, lol. I mean, I think that–to a certain extent–shipping exists in any popular fandom (and unpopular ones). But, like, Miraculous literally has a relationship, or potential relationship, at the center of it, so it’s no surprise shipping is center in the fandom. And Voltron is just filled with so many shippable characters that it’s going to have a lot of ship stuff going on (which has apparently manifested negatively in this case, unfortunately). I mean, shipping is a huge part of fandom culture for a lot of reasons anyway, so that’s going to be a predominant feature to begin with. Like, you don’t have to ship things in a fandom, but a LOT of people do and so content that contains ships is going to be more popular. 

That aside, most of the ships I write about have some kind of basis in canon interactions. Or potential canon interactions. I ship the lovesquare because there’s so much backing it in the canon that I can trace my own stories back to it. I write about Klance because every interaction they have in the canon is dramatic and attention-drawing. Be it negative or positive, Keith and Lance have chemistry and it’s exciting. I like exciting romances if they’re going to be in a narrative. If it’s not going to be exciting and entertaining, I don’t care to create for it. I’d rather put my focus on the plot, etc. This is why I don’t write Shallura. I love Shallura, but it’s the kind of relationship that would form slowly over the time of a bigger narrative, imo. If I were to write Shallura, it would have to be some kind of dramatic AU (like teacher/student) to create tension. Klance is FULL of tension and suspense and dramatics. So too is the love square. So is Destiel. So is Spirk. That’s just where my interests lie.

Like, I can enjoy the idea of Sheith and Hance and Alyanette and Adrinino, but based on the canon, those ships lack the tension that I like and so I don’t have much interest in writing them. Korrasami is the same way. I love Korrasami, but it’s… boring to me, from a creative standpoint. I think it’s very healthy and I love that they’re together, but I have no interest in writing about it. Just like I have no interest in writing about Kataang. Or, say, for Shingeki no Kyojin, I’ve written Ereri, but only in AUs because I like how the characters interact in canon, but in order for me to see a plausible ship, it has to be removed from the canon (which means that I don’t actually ship it). But, like, Jean and Mikasa? Sign me the fuck up, I love that ship in the canon. 

It’s part of the reason I love Chlolya (Alya and Chloe). It’s got the same dramatics as Mari and Chloe, but seems more plausible in the canon because Adrien isn’t there to get in the way. I don’t like ships that are too soft, that are too easy. Like, when I look at Sheith or Hance, it’s too nice to interest me in relation to canon (I like these ships, I just don’t create for them). Just like Shallura, which is, again, why I don’t write it. If I’m going to create content, I want the characters I write about to work for it. 

Which is part of the reason I find reading fanfiction so boring. This isn’t to say anything negative about fanfiction, but I rarely come across fics that present the kind of conflict I write about. Again, there are some–I’m not saying there’s not–but that tends to be something some fanfic writers actively avoid. And I mean that for angst and fluff. You can write angst and be miserable, but if it doesn’t cause conflict, it’s not exciting. There’s a reason why in ACC I write Lance as being as difficult as he is versus him just giving in and letting Keith help him. One, it’s more realistic, but two, it creates tension and conflict. 

I don’t know why fanfic writers are afraid of these things–if maybe it’s because fanfic is a place people find solace away from conflict–but that’s not what I’m interested in, personally. Which plays a role in what ships I write about. I want exciting ships and ships that interact in an interesting way in the canon. That’s why I love Ichiruki and loath Ichihime (one of the few ships I really do actually actively dislike, sorry). 

As far as being active in fandoms that are popular for their ships? Well, again, I think any fandom has popular ships, but writing in a fandom that’s popular in general means more feedback. I’d love to write an epic for Spirk in Star Trek, but it’s not going to get enough attention to justify it. Sure, write for you and write what you enjoy, but I write so much and have so many stories planned that I have to prioritize based on what I’m going to gain from each endeavor. Writing Miraculous and Voltron gets me a lot of feedback. And seeing as I’m not getting paid to write fic, I want the attention instead *shrugs* 

The thing is, if you can get into a popular fandom and gather a fanbase, that gives you more freedom to act freely in other respects. I can create original storylines and characters in SF because I’ve paid my dues and worked my ass off to get where I am. It’d be nice if it wasn’t that way, but it is. What I’m writing in Voltron isn’t some willy-nilly decision that I made out of nowhere.  

I’m going to point out some similarities for you:

My Last Thoughts are of You was the first story I wrote for Miraculous, whereas Running Flat was the first short story I finished in Voltron. Both center on a ship and both have dramatic, yet short storylines. This is a way of introducing readers to me as an author without being overwhelming. It’s a way to test the waters with me before they decide to give a longer story a chance. 

In Miraculous I then wrote One Thing After Another as a character study and precursor to Serendipitous Fate. This was a long fic that would introduce readers more thoroughly to me as an author and give them more than just a short fic to affiliate with me. In this way, they remember me now, because there was a fic that had a big impact on them. It also means that when I drop a bomb like SF that is super plot heavy and not your usual fic–it’s more like an original work than a traditional fic–I have a fanbase that is willing to read it. Because, let’s be frank, a story like SF on it’s own without my reputation to back it up isn’t going to be popular from the get-go. Look at it in comparison to Pick-Up and Chase. SF, despite how popular it is now, had to work it’s way chapter by chapter to get there. Pick-Up and Chase, which lacks the depth, work, and literary intension that SF has–was popular from the get-go. But I hated writing it. It was fun at first, but that’s not what I’m truly interested in writing. If I hadn’t established myself with One Thing After Another and My Last Thoughts are of You, SF wouldn’t be as popular as it is. It’s a kind of advertising. 

And it’s what I’m currently doing in the Voltron fandom. A Commutual Contract is the equivalent of One Thing After Another in my Miraculous works. I’m writing it not only as a character study, but to draw in readers so they can have a piece with which to recognize me as a credible author, so that when I drop my Voltron epic, people will actually fucking read it. I have a Voltron fic outlined that is the equivalent of SF. It’s called Voltron: To The End and it’ll be roughly 48 chapters. But writing it now wouldn’t be advantageous because I’m not popular enough to justify putting that much work into something. Why should I when I could write an original novel instead? I need incentive. I may even have to write another longer Voltron fic before the epic because I’m not sure ACC is getting enough attention in a fandom that is so massive.  

And I’m not saying that writing about rare-pairs or unpopular pairings is a waste of time–it’s not. You do you and create what makes you happy. But to someone who writes as much as I do, I have to make decisions and cuts based on what I’m going to get back. And since fanfic doesn’t pay money, I want that payment in another form, and that’s readers. I want people to read my stuff, so even though I want to write a Shallura teacher/student AU, I’m gonna focus on A Commutual Contract because I think I’ll get more out of it and I’ll likely get equal amounts of enjoyment either way. 

I am overflowing with ideas ALL THE TIME! I will literally be dead before I can write them all down. So yeah, when I have dozens of ships spread out before me that I like, I’ma choose to write about the popular ones because it’s gonna get me more satisfaction. And I like to be happy. It’s healthier for me. I like to feel like what I’m writing is getting to people. Because if my fanfic isn’t getting attention, then I’m gonna go write an original novel instead (I should do that anyway, tbh) and try to get that published.

If I’m gonna work my ass off as much as I do, then I want it to be worth my time. And I’ll take messages and comments and nice readers over money if it’s satisfying to me. But that also means I have to prioritize what I write and why I’m writing it. That’s sometimes why I’ll release outlines and never write the fics. I’m never gonna write that Voltron/Avatar fic–I don’t have time. But it does exist in my head, lol.       

Hope that answers your question, friend. Sorry it got so long, but people are always asking me about my process, so here’s some of it ;D

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theoreticalmetaphysics  asked:

In your opinion, is it logical to say that current extremist SJW narratives act as though America is the only place worth situating racism in? I mean, many of us Asians are scratching our heads right now over the entire "only blacks were slaves and only whites were slaveholders" thing, but maybe I've been informed by ignorance due to distance. (After all, race has different overtones here in Asia).

We have a term for that, actually; Americentrism. The vast majority of current social justice activists like to carry airs about how they’re so enlightened, while in reality are extremely ignorant of actual issues outside of what comes across their social media, and even more ignorant of pretty much everything outside of USA.

As a result, they assume the rest of the world is cast of the same mold as USA and as such will judge all foreign issues based on American social and political standards. This is most obvious when it comes to racism because USA is one of the only places where racism is almost exclusively based on the color of one’s skin; everywhere else, it more has to do with one’s ethnicity and birthplace.

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8 Digital Marketing Mistakes Many Businesses Make

For lots of companies, contending in the Digital Marketing game is difficult. It includes a large commitment of your time and also money. You have to be certain of your return on investment. And you have to know that it’s working for you.

From encounter, I know there are some predictable mistakes businesses make when it pertains to electronic marketing.

But forewarned is forearmed, and there are practical steps as a magnate that you could require to maximise your chances for electronic success.

External image

1. Not Working to a Business Plan

There are so many various elements of digital marketing to think about, with more showing up on basically a day-to-day basis, and also you could intend to attempt them all. You’ve obtained an internet site, you’re doing email advertising and marketing, socializing on Twitter, writing a blog, advertising and marketing on AdWords - as well as that’s before you mention all the basic online search engine optimisation job that you’ve been doing.

Be sincere though, do you have a company plan directing all your efforts? Have you identified your key marketing objectives and just how they are visiting help you to fulfill your company objectives? It’s difficult to discover time for all the various points that you might be doing, and if you typically aren’t clear concerning what you’re trying to accomplish, you could locate that your interest for everything blows over very fast.

It’s far much better for you to pick one aspect to work with as well as to do it truly well than to spread on your own as well thinly. For many businesses this could something as straightforward as lead generation and also because situation it can simply be basic SEO - yes, social media might be attractive, yet for some companies it might be much more likely that you’ll obtain top quality leads from Google. Or possibly your strategy should be to extract lifetime customer value from your existing customer base. There is a great deal of earnings to be had from making certain all your consumers understand every little thing you have to provide, as well as by talking so they understand exactly how much you value their business.

2. Looking for a Quick Fix

I’m likelying to allow you in on a key: there is no fast and easy means to obtain excellent arise from digital marketing.

Yes, individuals will certainly say that social networks is totally free, and also that email advertising and marketing is free, as well as that sites are cheap.

But whether you are working on SEO, social network sites or PPC you need to put time and also effort right into any kind of digital marketing technique. It’s everything about effort and brain power as well as elbow joint grease. Yes, it is harder in this manner, yet you stay clear of potential fines related to the ‘quick fix’ strategies that Google views as spam. Or hare brained social network sites ideas that will just serve to damage your brand.

3. Not Giving Your Digital Advertising Campaigns Sufficient Time

You’ve taken the advice to stay with ethical electronic advertising methods and you’re doing every little thing by the publication. So, why is it taking as long for you to take pride of location at the top of Google? Why aren’t even more people engaging with you on your social media sites? Have not you done sufficient? Don’t you should have it?

Unfortunately, these things do take some time, and also anything that you could do to 'rush things along’ is most likely to be penalised for spam. (See my comments regarding fast solutions over). It could be irritating when it takes months to satisfy your goals, but you need to hold your horses and also maintain functioning at it.

The long term benefits are worth it. As well as the advantages are called 'long-term’ for a reason - as soon as you begin to obtain traction you’ll continuously acquire benefit on a continuous basis.

4. Worrying Way too much About Your Competition

It is healthy and balanced to keep a watchful eye on your rivals, yet it doesn’t make great company sense to stress over what they’re up to. If they are rating greater than you, do some rival evaluation to see if you could learn anything from them and move on.

We can aid you with competitor research, to assist you understand exactly what keyword phrases your competitors are bidding for. Just what their social networks projects are doing. That they are connecting to in the social world.

But regularly asking yourself how you can get one over on them is a waste of your time that is better invested in your personal electronic advertising and marketing efforts.

5. Obsessively Examining Your Rankings

Or examining AdWords position every couple of minutes, or the variety of followers on Facebook, number of hits to your website … It isn’t a smart idea to concentrate excessive on these details, due to the fact that the basic reality is that in the grand system of points they don’t matter.

Think back to your company strategy: was your goal to obtain to number 1 in Google or was it actually to create even more leads? Did you just desire 1,000 site visitors a day to your site or is it a lot more crucial to concentrate on the number of queries coming with the door?

You should determine your success against your business objectives, not vanity metrics that don’t give your company money on the barrel benefits.

6. Not Analysing Your Data

You had 1,000 site visitors to your website last week, you’ve obtained a conversion rate of 2.1% on your site, you have a typical price per acquisition of ₤ 36 for every certified lead that you obtain with your website.

Do you know your businesses’ key performance indicators? Do you recognize how you withstand your competition?

There is obviously the danger of drowning in all the day. I need to claim this 'paperless firm’ thing is all a myth. Like it or not, electronic advertising and marketing is a numbers game, and in order to be successful you require to analyse your data. What have learned? Just what are you likelying to in a different way as a result?

7. Starving the Budget

The Web is incredible - anybody could gain a site, send out marketing emails therefore far more - and it’s all free!

Sorry to dissatisfy, but that just isn’t really true.

You can get a complimentary summer trainee to run your social media marketing projects, yet there is a likelihood that there will certainly be splits prior to bedtime. You could scrimp as well as minimize the advancement of your internet site, however a properly made website is most likely to have better influence and to help you to attain your advertising dreams. Not making use of a proper email advertising package could potentially create troubles with taking care of clients as well as data security worries. Also if you have paid out for an AdWords account you need to remember that you can just do so much with a limited budget.

There are numerous inexpensive methods to use the Internet, however none are totally free, and also as with anything in life you get what you pay for.

8. Not Thinking Regarding Your Online Reputation

If you can just do 1 trait to enhance your websites visibility, think of your online reputation. It’s not just what you state concerning yourself that is very important, it’s just what other individuals state concerning you.

Your on the internet reputation takes several roles:

  • the examines customers discuss you
  • the press protection and states your company gets on various other websites
  • and the links coming from those internet sites to yours
  • your social media profile
  • your mentions on social media
  • and social media interactions

Your online credibility goes to the heart of your digital technique, as well as is directly pertaining to all digital task. Don’t take your eye off one of the most vital ball.

Need some help?

If this list of 8 typical errors has given you stop briefly for idea, after that feel free to obtain in contact. I would certainly more than happy to talk more regarding exactly how your personal company can be utilizing the power of electronic advertising and marketing, and also exactly how we could make you a lot more effective on the Internet.