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Idk I realized Syaolan wasn't good at this deduction thing since Outo when he heard a cat and thought it was Fai


I mean, in all fairness, Syaoran was horrifically and monumentally hungover. Perhaps for the first time in his life. 

And I don’t doubt for a second that anyone who knows Fai wouldn’t even look twice if he hid in alleys and made cat noises at people as they passed by. 

But still. 


Barnes’ Books - The End

After getting not exactly nice anon messages about what I’ve written (and I’m the first to admit it’s not great), I haven’t exactly felt like writing, and I feel like i should apologise that I have. I don’t exactlyhave great self-confidence anyway, so I’m sorry for being a loser.

This isn’t exactly brilliant, AND it’s too long, so I’m sorry. But here it is anyway.

And thank you people who’ve sent me nice messages, I’m going to try and reply to them all tonight, or as many as I can xxx

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Waking up with a hangover is never fun.  Waking up with a hangover on the couch, the morning sun burning your eyes, is less fun. Waking up hungover on a couch to the sound of the cat licking leftover takeaway from a plate, really not fun at all.  But waking up, hungover, sun in your eyes, neck stiff, to the memory that the person you’ve fallen for is marrying someone else – someone they don’t love – and that there’s nothing you can do about it? That’s the worst.

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Accidental possesion, part 3

Part 2: https://m2mbodyswappingandmore.tumblr.com/post/156185177836/accidental-possesion-part-2

See this guy? Yeah, that is Ryan. My brother’s bestfriend. How the hell on Earth am I the one that is controling his body? Seconds ago I was in my brother’s body and now I am standing here, horrified of the sudden change of point of view. I stood there like I was frozen. Then the reality hit me. I ran to the mirror. 

“Wow, Ryan is a great looking guy, well I am now,” 

I was looking at myself in the mirror, but I was feeling a bit unsure what had just happened. Am I cursed to possess other people for the rest of my life? What cause this that I can do that? Am I gonna be able to depossess people? Can I possess the people I already possessed? I have to get answers to alteast one of these questions. Now…

I went to my brother’s body still lying unconscious. I touched him, but nothing happened. Fuck, I can’t go back. I need to find out what is going on. Should I tell my brother? He started to wake up. I came to him and helped hom to get on his feet.

“What happened? I feel like hungover. said Patrick

I had to come up with a suitable lie. “You texted me that you will come over and I found you like this bro. You ok? You look like you need help.”

“No, it’s just that my head is pounding. I don’t even remember coming here. And why the hell am I naked? Hey, did you do something to me?” his voice started to sound a bit more happier.

“No, but since I haven’t seen you for a long time and also haven’t had anything with a girl for quite a while, I could use a relief. Want me to suck your dick bro?”

“Stop making fun of me, I think I will go home. Text me later, we should hang out.”

“Whatever you want bro, see you”

I closed the door to his appartement. Now, where is that marines uniform. I searched through his closegt, but it wasn’t there. I saw a bag on the ground. That idiot didn’t even unpack his stuff. I put on his uniform. Fuck, that is so hot. I am Ryan. I can be anyone I want. I just have to find out how to use this new power that I have. I took out his Iphone, snapped a photo and made a new Grindr profile. Searched for other gays nearby and went out to get a new date. I never had a chance in my old body to try anything with other guys.  

I went outside to his car. Suddenly some guy texted me. He asked for a photo. In my old body, I would have been shy to send any, but now, I was a Supermale.

I  sent the hoto and the guy was really excited. He texted me his adress and send a photo too.

Jesus, that is the guy from school. I don’t really know him that well, but it is sure going to be a lot of fun.


For the Anon who asked for 2 (I’m sorry I yelled at you) 21 (Do you think you could go one day without pissing me off?) and 30 (Are you done ranting?) with DiNozzo

Your head was pounding. You had one hell of a migraine but you were needed here. You were the only one who could decipher this stupid code within a reasonable time frame. You’ve got earplugs in to help drown out the noise, one of the NCIS baseball hats and your sunglasses are still on to help block out the lights. You take a sip of water, staying hydrated is important, then turn your face back to the page on your desk in front of you. Your computer is off, keeping away that annoying blue light. Tony swipes your hat off your head jolting it painfully and you swear.
“Tony! Damn it! Give that back!”
“Why so glum? A little hungover are we?”
“No, I have a migraine.” You say through gritted teeth. Why is he so annoying sometimes? You huff softly to yourself, sometimes? Try all the time. “Give me my hat back.”
“Is that what we’re calling them these days? A migraine.”
“Gibbs.” You complain as he comes into the space and yanks your hat off of Tony’s head then tosses it to you in one fluid motion. He knows how bad your migraines can get if you’re not careful. He’s seen what happens, Tony on the other hand has not.
You can hear him chattering away, even through the ear plugs, all morning. Does he ever shut up? It’s when he starts a bad imitation of Cyndi Lauper that you finally snap.
“Tony! Shut the hell up! I can hear you through my earplugs like you’re standing right next to me! Do you think you could go one day, just one fucking day, without pissing me off?”
“Damn. Sorry princess!” He snaps back at you.
“Oh for god sake!” You sneer, “Did I hurt your fragile ego Tony?”
“My ego is not fragile!” You roll your eyes and notice that McGee is watching the two of you in fascination. Gibbs is nowhere to be found.
“Then quit being a baby and shut up. Please! My head is pounding, the letters on this fucking page keep moving around, and I feel like I’m gong to throw up. I just want to get this finished and go home!”
“Wow. I didn’t know you were so crabby when you were hungover.” He says standing and starting away. You stand and move away from your desk, stalking after him.
“I. Am. Not. Hungover.” You snap and when he stops suddenly and turns on you you come to a quick halt behind him. Standing there hits you suddenly. You didn’t take care of the migraine like you should have. Too much light, or noise, or not enough water. Tony opens his mouth to retort when his eyes go wide in surprise. The last thing you’re aware of is Gibbs yelling your name as he charges toward you.
You’re propped up against something warm. The pounding in your head is worse than before but it usually is when you pass out.
“Are you done ranting now?” The warm thing asks softly, sounding very concerned.
“I’m sorry I yelled at you.” You mumble softly.
“It’s fine. I didn’t realize how bad they got.” Tony admits gently.
“How long was I out?” You mutter.
“Long enough.” Gibbs says grimly, “You’re going home and Tony is taking you.”
“No Gibbs! I’m fine. I need to finish.” He looks down at you in amusement.
“You’re going home.” He repeats and you sigh.
“Fine.” He helps you to your feet and you gather your things from your desk, including the file.
“Leave it.” Gibbs growls.
“Gibbs.” You huff only succeeding in making him laugh softly. You follow Tony to the elevator mumbling about how annoyed you are and how all you want to do is your damn job and is that too much to ask? You stop when the elevator opens again.
“Are you done?“ Tony asks quietly a small smile on his face. You purse your lips at him but nod. “Good.” He pulls you gently to him, “You scared me today.” He admits softly. “One minute you were arguing and the next you were headed to the floor. Why did you tell me they get that bad?”
“Would you have believed me?”
“I don’t know. I am glad you’re going home though. I have orders to stay with you.”
“Tony I’ll be fine. I’m going to go to bed.”
“Gibbs orders. He’s the boss kid.” He say giving you a gentle squeeze then letting you go. Well, at least he’d watch good movies with you.


Word count: 954

Part 1

“What are you talking about?” You asked Elena, completely beffudled. You couldn’t even think straight because of all the alcohol you drank. It was one of many girls night out you, Bonnie, Caroline and Elena had. It was always funny, goofying around, and od course asking eachother inappropriate questions. Yeah it was true you didn’t have a boyfriend in a while, but hooking up with a guy for one night is not the best idea. Especially if you’re drunk.

‘Oh, c'mon! You’ll thank me later. No not later. Tomorrow.’ Elena said, putting her arm on your shoulder, laughing more than it was actually funny.

‘You guys are so drunk. And crazy’ you said and got up, heading to the restrooms. As if being drunk wasn’t doing any favours to you, you felt like someone’s following you. Watching your every step. Since the moment you walked into Mystic Grill to the moment you ordered your first drink. You tried to convince yourself it was just in your imagination and a consequence of too much alcohol in your blood stream.

'Guys, I think I’m gonna head home.’
'Already?’ Caroline asked, pouting.
'Yeah, I don’t feel well and I have to get up early tomorrow.’
'Party pooper’ Elena said, and danced at the same time. You just laughed before taking your jacket and your purse, walking out of the Grill, chilly spring breeze hitting your face. You wrapped your arms around yourself as you walked through dark-ish streets of Mystic Falls.
You’ve never walked this slow in your life. Thank god you weren’t wearing heels because who knows how the hell you’d get home. Maybe with a broken ankle. Or barefoot. Yes, definitely barefoot.

You finally reached your house, taking out your keys and unlocking the door, stumbling over your own feet.

'Dammit!’ You mumled, throwing your purse on the couch and took off your shoes. Entering your bedroom, you took your clothes off and put on your PJ before heading to the bathroom to brush your teeth. Suddenly you hear a noise. Like someone knocked over a lamp.

'Hello?’ You asked, now fear going through your body. 'Is anybody there?’ No response. You quickly rinsed and went to your bedroom, getting into your bed.
Minutes passed and you tried to forget about what just happened so you turned off the light and rolled onto the other side, falling asleep.

Even in your sleep you felt like someone’s right beside you, watching your every move, even whispering something in your ear or touching your arm, painfully, touching your arm. You quickly opened your eyes and you could’ve sworn you saw a dark figure standing in front of your bedroom window. You shook your head and went back to sleep, trying not to think about it anymore because it would either keep you up all night or make you call someone to keep you company until you fall asleep.


'You guys are rude’ you almost whispered, hungover taking over your body. Every word, every step, every whisper just felt too loud. Hightened.
'There, now you know how vampires feel when everything is heightened’ Caroline said, laughing.
'Ha ha, very funny.’
'Hey, that guy over there’ she pointed at him (wow), 'is looking at you. Like all the time.’ You turned around and smiled at him.
'Maybe I should-’
'No!’ Bonnie snapped at you, making you, Elena and Caroline look at her in confussion.
'Why not?’ You asked.
'Remember that guy Damon and I met in prison world?’
'You mean the one who killed his own family and is a complete sociopath?’
'Bingo. That’s him. Kai Parker. So, y/n, stay away from him unless you want to end up like his family did.’
'Noted.’ You said, assuring Bonnie you’d stay away from him, feeling frightened now more than ever because you had nothing to protect yourself with. Well, you did have magic. Bonnie taught you some of the spells, but you were far from being as good as Bonnie.

Girls left, leaving you alone at Mystic Grill. You need some time on your own. You were writing something in your notebook when you heard a male voice.

'Hi gorgeous’

You looked up and saw him. Malachai freaking Parker. The worse of the worst. Your heart started beating like crazy, even though you kept telling yourself to calm down. He would never do anything that would make him to reveal himself in front of all these people. Right?

'I… I gotta go.’ You stuttered, trying to get up, but his hand gripped your shoulder, feeling the pain you’ve never experienced in your life before. It made you sit down again, squirm under his grip. He let you go after a few seconds, the pain completely disappearing.

'What… what the hell did you just do to me?’ You gasped.

'Oh, I just siphoned some of your magic. Thanks for that btw. Hey, how do you know Bonnie?’ He asked, taking some of the leftover fries you had on your plate.

'Siphoned? What does that even mean?’

'I just showed you what it means, duh.’ He said, laughing, crossing his arms.

'Yeah, I don’t have time for this so..’ you got up but he caught your arm again, this time without siphoning.

'Tell your friends, if I don’t get what I want, I’ll siphon every single part of magic you have in your body and let me tell you, it doesn’t end well. Oh and, thanks for that little part of you. It was very refreshing.’ He said, getting up and walking out of the grill, leaving you stumped and very confused. You grabbed all your stuff and quickly went to Salvatore’s house, knowing everyone will be there.

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“Listen… You’re his best friend… and I completely fucked up– it’s over between us, but… please, punch me, or punish me, or do something to me because he just… cried. He wasn’t even angry, they were just so sad– Please, be angry at me, please. Give me what I deserve.” For flashwave?

I went a bit overboard on this one because I LOVE this prompt. 

Broken Vows

Barry could not believe how hungover he was. His head was pounding like a jackhammer, the light peeking through the window was blinding…at least he didn’t feel like he was going to throw up.

           Ugh…he had to talk to Caitlin about the speedster alcohol. Too much. It was waaay too much. Of course, he should’ve known better than to try it out at his bachelor’s party, the night before his wedding. Regardless, he needed to get up. Len was probably already awake and getting ready. He groaned, rolling over to try and get a few more minutes of sleep.

           “Keep it down, will ya?” A muffled voice said beside him. A very familiar muffled voice. One that should not have been on the other side of Barry’s bed. Barry shot up with a shout.

           Mick Rory was in his bed. Mick Rory was very naked and curled up beside him in bed. Len’s best man was curled up beside him, naked, in his bed. No matter how Barry said it in his head, it didn’t sound any better.

           He looked around the room, remembering the night before in vivid detail. After Cisco, Wally, Caitlin, and Iris walked with him back to his floor, they’d all gone back to their respective rooms, all nearly as drunk as he was. That’s when Barry saw Mick standing outside his own room, staring at the door like it’d personally offended him.

           “Heeeeey, Mick.” He called, still drunk off his ass and goofy. “Thought you were with Lenny…”

           “Len’s back in his room, getting some sleep ‘fore tomorrow.” Mick grumbled, eyes not leaving the door in front of him. “I lost my room key.”

As drunk as he was, Barry could tell that Mick was equally so. Otherwise, Mick would’ve popped down to the front desk and asked for a new key. “Wha’ bout Mardon? Isn’t he your roommate?”

“He and Shawna fucked off somewhere. Dunno when they’re coming back.”

Barry nodded, a terrible idea popping in his head. “Why don’t you come sit in my room and wait?”

After that, Barry didn’t remember much between Mick coming in and sitting on the pullout in Barry’s suite and being thrown onto his bed and fucked into the mattress by his soon-to-be husband’s best friend.

The evidence of what they’d done was everywhere—their clothes strewn in various areas of the room, the air reeked of sex, the sheets were stained from their…activities.

Scratch what he thought earlier—Barry was definitely going to throw up.

“Mick.” Barry shook his bedmate’s shoulder. “Mick, wake up, now!”

Mick jerked up, a bleary, tired fog over his eyes. He frowned when he saw Barry, then the bed, then their clothes…


Mick threw himself off the side of the bed, stumbling to his feet. His chest was heaving, his eyes were wide with panic, and Barry couldn’t blame him.

“Did we…?”

Barry nodded.

“You and I…?”

He nodded again.

“The two of us…?”

“Yes, Mick!” Barry exclaimed. “We both were drunk off our asses last night, and we had sex, right before I’m supposed to marry your best friend!”

He didn’t mean to yell, but he was feeling frantic and confused and like a piece of shit. God, he was supposed to get married in a few hours, and he was standing naked in his bedroom with another man.

“What the hell?” Mick asked falling back enough so he was leaning against the wall. He ran his hand over his face, clearly in the middle of his own crisis. “What are we gonna tell Len?”

Barry sighed, knowing exactly what he was going to tell Len. Len deserved the truth, and that’s what he was going to get.


Mick was woken up three nights later to banging on his apartment door.

After getting dressed, Barry had gone almost immediately to Len’s room and told him everything that’d happened. The wedding was ‘postponed’, but Mick was sure that, even if it didn’t get cancelled, he wouldn’t be asked to be the best man of the next one.

When he opened his apartment door, though, he knew there wouldn’t be another wedding. Barry was standing there, soaked to the bone from the pouring rain outside, eyes wide and shining with tears. He didn’t even ask to come in—he just stepped around Mick and into the living area. Mick caught the scent of liquor on his clothes and knew that he’d been in the speedster alcohol again.

“We broke up.” Barry whispered, staring blankly at his feet. “Len…he was so nice about it. I didn’t expect…he said that he wanted me to be happy, that maybe we needed to take a break, think about what we both really wanted.”

He shook his head. “Captain Cold being reasonable. I couldn’t believe it.”

Mick sighed, slamming the front door closed. He felt guilty enough about what happened without this shit. “What do you want, Red?”

Barry trembled, and something in Mick made him want to take the cold clothes off of him, wrap him up, and comfort him. When had that happened? When had Mick started developing feelings for Barry Allen of all people? When had he gone so soft?

“Listen…” Barry answered quietly, but firmly. “You’re his best friend… and I completely fucked up– it’s over between us, but… please, punch me, or punish me, or do something to me because he just… cried.” He shuddered. “He wasn’t even angry. His eyes…they were just so sad– Please, be angry at me.”

Mick shook his head. “Barry…”

“Please.” Barry begged. “Give me what I deserve.”

Mick stared at Barry, shocked and really confused, even as Barry ran up and pushed him, trying to egg him into a fight. “Come on.” The speedster snarled, pushing him again. “Come on! Hurt me! Fight me! Break me!” He kept pushing and pushing at Mick, tears rolling down his face, until Mick finally grabbed his wrists and turned them so Barry’s back was pinned against the door.

“No, Doll.” He said calmly. It was strange when he was the calm one in an emotional situation, but it’d been a strange few days, anyway. “I’m not going to beat you, or hurt you, or make you bleed. I won’t punish you for something you’re already punishing yourself for. Instead, I’m going to let go. You’re going to take those clothes off, and I’m going to bring you some dry clothes of mine. Then, I’m going to make you some hot coffee to sober you up, and you’re going to sleep on that couch tonight. Nod if you understand.”

Still breathing frantically, eyes still dripping with tears, Barry nodded. Mick slowly released his wrists and stepped back, and Barry did exactly as Mick said.

Later that night, as Barry laid passed out on his couch, Mick considered once again when he started developing feelings for Barry. He decided it didn’t matter. He had them—that was the important thing. And he was going to make sure Barry was okay.

Send me a prompt and a pairing, I’ll write a drabble

not to give a lecture but here's my 2 cents

I had a long weekend; I drank too much on Saturday and was hungover for most of the day yesterday and you know what I realized? That my actions and words have consequences. I feel like that’s not…. a new concept … and that some of us have to really internalize this and maybe take a step back from fandom antics every now and then you know?

I don’t think we should trivialize the events that took place around the men of easy company, however accurately they were portrayed in the show. And I think that we all need to be careful when straddling the line between reality and fiction. Bottom line. I also think that everyone should just simply think before they speak/post, okay?

Two Weeks//A Bo Burnham Imagine

anonymous said: “bo burnham onshot where its the last day before he goes on his new tour?”



“This is it.” You said, throwing another of Bo’s shirts into his suitcase from the dresser in your bedroom.

“What?” He asked.

“You’re leaving tomorrow… for three months.” You said, your voice getting quieter with every word.

Having a boyfriend that traveled the country doing stand-up comedy was more difficult than you had imagined it would be.

“Oh, baby.” He came around from his side of the bed to yours and wrapped his arms around you from behind, his forehead resting on your shoulder. “You’re going to see me in a couple of weeks at my show in your hometown.” He reminded you.

“I know, but it still sucks.” You dropped what you were doing and turned to face him. “I finally got used to seeing your face every day, just as I won’t.”

“It’s only three months, baby.” He said, looking down at you. “We’ve been together for a year. We can make it. I believe in us.” With the last sentence, he placed a kiss on your forehead.

“I know.” You said, letting out a sigh. “I believe in us, too.” He smiled.

“Good. Now I’m going to go get us some food.” He kissed you quickly before pulling away to grab his keys from the night stand. “Chinese?” He asked. You groaned.

You hated Chinese food and he knew that.

“I swear to god, Bo Burnham, if you come back with Chinese food-” You were cut off when the front door shut. “Dick.” But you were smiling.


The next morning, when light peeked in through your blinds and you felt Bo turn over in bed to face you, you kept your back turned to him, pretending to be asleep.

You wanted to keep him close as long as you possibly could.

“Pretending to be asleep doesn’t change my flight time, (y/n).” He said in your ear, seeing right through your act like he always did.

You sighed and turned over, allowing him to pull you against his chest.

“I know. But I wish it did.” You said sadly. He sighed against you.

“Me too. But we have to get up now.”

“Are you sure.” You asked. He lifted his arm and stared at his bare wrist like he was looking at a watch. You giggled.

He always knew how to make you laugh.

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure.” He leaned over and kissed you deeply for a moment. “Let’s get dressed.”


You arrived at the airport with just enough time to get Bo through all the complicated security measures and for him to barely have two minutes left with you before he had to board.

“You think with how popular I am, I would have a private jet by now.” You rolled your eyes.

“Oh no, show Bo is here.” He grinned and pulled you into his arms.

“Not for you, (y/n). You always get the real me.” He leaned down so that his nose rested gently against the side of your forehead.

“Last call for flight 318.” The quiet female voice- who sounded like she was probably hungover- said over the loud speaker.

“That’s me.” Bo whispered.

“I know.” You said, feeling your stomach drop. “You should probably go.” He nodded and pulled away from you. He headed for the door and you looked away. Watching him leave was too painful.

“(y/n)!” You heard him yell. You turned in just enough time for his body to slam into yours as he wrapped you tightly in his arms. “I’ll see you in two weeks.”

“Two weeks.” You agreed kissing him once more before you had to let go.

“Bye.” His voice was the saddest you’d ever heard it as he walked through the doorway.

“Two weeks.” You repeated to yourself.


requests are open.

Matty Healy [one shot 1]

He smelled like cigarettes and his favourite cologne. Although he hadn’t smoked for hours, the scent of smoke was still present. It always was, and I liked it like that. His smell reminded me of those evenings on my balcony, just the two of us smoking and staring at the stars. I’d love to do that again, but somehow it seems like he’s not into that anymore.

Of course he’s exhausted from being on tour for so long, but I feel like he’s not into doing things with me anymore apart from kissing and cuddling and making love. It’s weird to cook, clean and do the groceries while he’s out and about, fuck knows what he’s actually doing. I often think about the time when he wasn’t as busy as he now is, the time when we used to walk in the park and drink tasteless black coffee in crappy coffee shops for hours. It’d be us against the world, but now he sleeps until noon and leaves after only a bowl of cereals.

I sat up, letting go of his arm which had laid around my waist all night long. My body shivered as my feet touched the cold wooden floor. I got up and got out of my slip dress, searching for a pair of jeans and a sweater. I put on a black tee, which I guess was Matty’s, and slid into a pair of black jeans. I didn’t even bother to check my hair and make up, because my make up should be in the place it was last night and I simply didn’t care about my hair.

The sound of a moving Matty startled me a bit, I hope I didn’t wake him up. I turned around to look at him, just to make sure he was asleep. But he wasn’t, his sleepy stared at me and I stared back. He checked me out from head to toe which made me feel uncomfortable, it’s weird because it doesn’t necessarily makes me feel insecure, I just don’t like the way he looks at me when he checks me out.

‘Good morning babe,’ he said with his raspy voice.

'Morning,’ I sighed. 'I was just going for a smoke outside, if you don’t mind.’

'I’d love to accompany you, if you don’t mind.’ He’s such a babe.

'I don’t, but Matty, I can tell you’re hungover so maybe you should get some more sleep. It’s only eight AM.’ I don’t want to be rude but he needs his sleep, he got so pissed last night. I bet he doesn’t remember that he puked a couple of hours ago, it was disgusting to be honest.

'No, I’m alright, just having a slight headache. I’m sure some fresh air will do good, give me a minute.’ I watched him getting out of bed and searching for some clothes, he looked awfully wrecked.

I just stood there, awkwardly watching him, so I figured out I’d better go get him some Advils and a glass of water. The bedroom door led me straight to the living area of our small apartment. It was a complete mess : piles of clothes, coats and books were everywhere. Ashtrays full of cigarette butts were on the dining table as well as on the couch, and I could easily spot five empty bottles of wine in a quick glance. Fuck, when did this happen? The thought of cleaning this shit made me cringe already. But first, I really needed my smoke right now.

I quickly grabbed the last clean glass and filled it with water, Matty was now searching his boots in the living room.

'Babe, I got you some Advils.’

'Thanks love.’ I watched him get into his boots - they were under the couch - and walk over to me to take the pair of Advils and drink the water. He put his empty glass in the sink and leaned in to hug me.

'I’m so lucky to have you, Y/N,’ he whispered in my ear.

I leant back and looked him straight in the eyes.

'I love you, Matty. You should know that by now.’

We have been together for months now, and as strange as it may seem, I’ve never told him I loved him. Neither did he tell me, but I was okay with it because it has always been obvious to me that he cared. And that’s all I’d ever needed, but I really wanted a response from him now. Although I said to myself it didn’t bother because he cared anyways, it did bother. I wanted him to love me too, I was hoping that wasn’t too much to ask for.

But I didn’t get the answer I was hoping for, all he did was nod and give me a quick peck on my lips. I followed him while he got out of our hug and left the front door.

He didn’t bother to wait on me while I closed and locked the door and he simply got in the lift. I got really annoyed when I heard the lift doors close and I decided to take the stairs. Luckily, we only lived on the third floor so the few stairs wouldn’t exhaust me too much. When I made it to the hall I got even more upset because he’d already gone outside. I got my cigs out of my coat’s pocket and realised I’d lost my lighter. Whilst going outside I immediately spotted Matty, sitting on a bench at the park on the other side of the road. If it wasn’t for a light I wouldn’t even ran up to him, to be honest.

'Can you give me a light?’ I didn’t want to sit next to him so I just stood there.

He nodded an handed me his lighter, looking as uninterested in me as possible. Fucking jerk.

I quickly lit my cigarette and took a drag. I was one hundred percent done by now.

'You know what?’ I spat out while I threw his lighter on to his lap. 'Fuck you Matty, fuck you and all your fucking bullshit.’

I walked into the park, struggling to hold the tears back and violently taking long drags of my fag.

'Please, Y/N!’ I heard him calling my name but it only made things worse. Couldn’t he just leave me alone?

I felt his hand grab my shoulder while his other hand tried to get hold of my waist. At that point I couldn’t hold back the tears anymore and I started to hysterically sob. He now forced me into a tight embrace and let me sob on his shoulder. He tried to comfort me by whispering calming words in my ear and lightly stroking my back. When I’d calmed down a bit I was able to take the last drags of my cig and breathe again.

'Matty?’ I asked, my voice cracked but I didn’t care.

'I just want to hold you,’ he said whilst getting an ever tighter grip on my waist.

'I love you, Matty.’ It wasn’t my intention to say it, but I just did. As simply as it is, I just love him. It was the right thing to do, because I know that he’ll be okay with it. Matty means a lot to me, the way he always knows how to comfort me, the way he likes to have deep conversations, it has always felt right with him. And even without conformation I just know he feels the same, if he didn’t he would’ve have got out of whatever we’re doing right now a long time ago. Right?

'Y/N, I care so much about you. I care, for fucks sake. I fucking care about you.’ His hands cupped my face and he leant in for a kiss.

I leant back to look in his eyes.

'That’s all I’ll ever need.’

For @poetry-protest-pornography, because we keep infecting each other with fic ideas and I was starting to feel bad about it, so I figured I should actually finish one of them and banish at least one of the unwritten demons I keep inadvertently summoning. This one started because of this post about how werewolves burn too many calories during transformations and just get mistaken for being hungover when they show up in diners at weird hours to eat all the food.

Just because Stiles needed a part-time job during college didn’t mean he had to like it. Sure, he’d been lucky enough to swing the late-night shift at the one actually good all-night diner near campus, which netted him both edible free food on his break and the time to do most of his homework during the lulls between customers, but honestly, the fact that he had to deal with customers at all was still a source of annoyance. Needless to say, he wasn’t exactly killing it on tips.

The door chimed. With a sigh, he took his highlighter out of his mouth and looked up. “Sit wherever, I’ll be with you in a sec,” he rattled off automatically before his brain caught up to his eyes. This dude looked… rough. Pale, unshaven, eyes bloodshot and exhausted, and currently glaring from under some seriously murderous eyebrows. Jesus. Stiles detoured to the serving station for the coffee pot, figuring he’d save himself a trip, because if this guy’s first priority wasn’t caffeine, well, it should be.

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Your head was throbbing, despite the amount of water you’d forced down when you’d woken up, and you were pinching the bridge of your nose when you stopped short in the entryway of your living room. 

“Dean,” you said. His name came to you easily, as did the memories, blurred as they were, from the night before. Of meeting him. Of laughing with him. Of ordering one too many rounds, lost in his smile and the little touches he gave generously.

“Morning,” he said, and flashed it at you now, that same charming grin, from where he was sitting up on your couch. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to be here when you woke up. Kind of feel like I made an ass of myself last night and I was gong to sneak out.”

“No. No, you didn’t. I did–I mean…I was–”

“Hey. Let’s say we blame it on the brew and call it even,” he said. You laughed softly and nodded.

“Sounds like a plan.” 

He sat up fully now, stretching his arms out in front of him before standing. He was as tall as you remembered. And your sobering up hadn’t made him any less appealing than he’d been the night before.

“Alright,” he said. “Thanks for letting me crash. I’ll get out of your hair.”

He started for the door, but you stopped him and he turned back to you, eyebrows raised.

“Maybe we could get breakfast,” you said. “Have a conversation.” Dean considered your words and a smile, something like a smirk, endearing in its own way, crossed his face.

“I’m friggin’ starving,” he said, walking back over to you, stopping a little closer than need be so that you could nearly feel him right there in front of you. “I could do breakfast.”

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Love, No Sugar

Kurt and Blaine are neighbors that meet properly for the first time when they’ve both been up all night, and Kurt’s out of coffee.

“Hold the elevator!” 

Kurt quickly puts his foot between the doors and his neighbor from next door comes in, out of breath. 

“Ah, God, thank you.” 

“No problem,” Kurt chuckles, taking in the guy’s appearance. He has an 8 o’clock shadow, his hair is sticking out of what must have been a perfect hairdo the night before and it’s clear he hasn’t slept well if at all. 

All in all it looks like he’s pretty much had the same kind of night as Kurt.

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Falling in Love Again
Joyce Manor
Falling in Love Again

Falling in Love Again ll Joyce Manor

Thanks for showing me
Around last night
Hope you don’t think I don’t care
Because I do I just don’t know if
I should feel this bad about you
After finishing your birthday drugs
Look at a yearbook unprepared
And betray yourself to sleep it off.
Then come down to collect it

I think you’re funny
I like your friends
I like the way they treat you

I’ve got some money
That we could spend
Not that you’re like that

I’m falling in love again

anonymous asked:

“I’m a bartender and I have to cut you off after a certain amount because you’re drinking to forget your ex and I end up calling you a cab” au!yoonmin and the drunk one being all touchy

yooo i know i’m super late getting to this and i kind of just threw this together all of the sudden but I hope you like it anyways!! thanks for sending the prompt

word count: 1700
rating: pg-13
pairing: yoonmin
warnings: unedited, drinking

Yoongi fucking hates bartending. He absolutely does not get paid enough. There’s always someone crying at the counter - usually to him, and he never cares - and rowdy groups with already high volumes that increase with each shot and middle aged men who day drink, which isn’t inherently a problem but Yoongi can’t help but find it a little pathetic and it’s exhausting feeling sorry for old guys with no friends and too much money. And, just like now, there’s always some newly twenty one year old with no idea what, or how much, to drink.

It takes Yoongi three fruity drinks to figure out which the baby faced boy sitting at his bar that night is. After checking his I.D three different times and asking him a wide array of questions to prove the card claiming that “Park Jimin” is twenty three is one hundred percent real, Yoongi started to fulfill his requests for complicated (and not very good) beverages. 

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Excerpt: Dan wakes up, and he himself starts to think that a cow had just found its way in his house.

Summary: “I met you last night when you were drunkenly patting my dog in my backyard at 3 in the morning and when i asked you what the hell you were doing you slurred something about dogs being great and then you threw up on my feet and then fifteen minutes later you were passed out on my couch so that’s why you’re here right now also what the fuck is your name and why were you patting a dog in a stranger’s backyard in the middle of the night” AU

Genre: weird au thing

Warnings: swearing wop wop, also mentions of alcohol and mEMES

Words: 1109

A/N: I just pulled this out of my ass so it’s bad OOPPPS. ALSo unbeta’d bc my waifu charlei is asleep (how dare ikr) also y e s

Dan’s dog is barking and it’s fucking three in the morning.

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Unrequited Love (Steve Rogers oneshot)

Originally posted by imaginesforlifetime

Prompt: #33 w/ Steve Rogers. “Fuck, I feel like I’ve been hit by a car.”

A/N: So I intended this to be a fluffy Drunk!Steve oneshot but it suddenly went another way. Even though this is shorter than some of my other oneshots it still managed to fuck me up. So enjoy!

( Here’s the Sequel! )

You awoke to a banging on your door. You checked the clock, the red numbers were glowing, telling you that it was 3:23 am. You threw on a hoodie and grabbed the gun from under your pillow. The banging continued. You quietly crept up to the door and looked through the peep hole. Rolling your eyes you placed your gun down on the dining room table. 

“Steven, what the hell?!” You said as you whipped open the door. 

“Heeeyyyy Y/N.” A very intoxicated Steve Rogers said. 

You watched Steve stumble into your apartment and fall onto your couch, which creaked under the Super Soldier’s weight. 

You looked over him. “Steven what are you doing here, at 3am?" 

He smiled at you lazily. "I wanted to see you.” His smile faded into a frown “Why are there two of you?” Just as suddenly he was smiling again. “Hey, do you have a twin?!" 

You rolled your eyes at his antics realizing he was clearly wasted. "Steven have you been partying with Thor again?" 

He sat up and placed his finger over your mouth. "Shhh, no one is supposed to know." 

You laughed at how childish he was being. You had never seen him drunk before and you had to admit he was adorable, more adorable than usual. 

"Alright Steven, let’s get you in bed." 

"I love that you call me Steven.” He mumbled as you half dragged half carried him to your bedroom. 

You ignored how those words made your stomach flip and how your heart speed up. He was drunk, you couldn’t take anything he said seriously. You placed him as well as you could on the end of your bed. 

“Okay soldier, shoes off." 

You laughed as you watched him struggle to untie his boots. You knelt down in front of the intoxicated baby sitting in your bed. "Here, let me." 

"Thanks Y/N. You’re the best dame a guy could ask for.” Drunk Steve said. 

You looked up at him, searching his face for any sign that he knew how his words affected you. You sighed, chastising yourself for how you were feeling. You knew you were only causing yourself pain but you couldn’t help it.   

You tucked him in and turned to leave when you were pulled to his chest. 

“Stay.” Steve whispered. 

You smiled at him, at how innocent he looked, sleepily clinging to you. “Okay.” You shut your eyes as and drifted to sleep in the warmth of Steve’s embrace, pretending that this was real. 

Steve’s groan woke you up from your slumber. Your face was against his chest and the noise vibrated against your cheek. 

“Fuck, I feel like I’ve been hit by a car.” Steve groaned again, shielding his eyes from the morning sunlight.

“Language Captain.” You scolded. 

Steve rolled his eyes at your retort. “I’m gonna kill Thor.” He mumbled as he covered his head with a pillow. 

You chuckled as you got up and walked to the bathroom to grab the hungover soldier in your bed some aspirin. 

“Here.” You held out a handful of pills to Steve. 

“Should I be taking this many?” He asked as he studied the medicine in your palm. 

“You have that super serum metabolism Steven. You need way above the regular dosage.” You said in a no nonsense voice. 

Steve picked up on your tone and smiled as he popped the pills into his mouth, swallowing them dry. “Yes ma'am." 

Your stomach flip flopped again. This man was clueless as to how he affected you. And you couldn’t even be angry at him for it. 

"You want some coffee, some food?” You asked. 

Steve checked his watch. He swore and rushed to lace up his boots. “Can’t Y/N. I’m late, I was supposed to meet Sharon for brunch ten minutes ago.”  

You ignored the pain in your chest as you heard his words. You smiled, trying to hide your disappointment. 

“Okay, well I’ll see you later then?” You questioned trying not to sound as desperate as you felt. 

Steve smiled as he stood up. “Yeah, totally. See you Y/N. Thanks." 

The soldier pecked you on the cheek and exited your room, gone as suddenly as he had appeared. You sighed and climbed back into bed. You wiped away the silent tears that trickled down your face. You knew what you were doing to yourself was destructive but you couldn’t help it. You fell hard for the boyish charm of Captain America. It was like you dug yourself into a hole you couldn’t climb out of.

 You shut your eyes and clung to the pillow that had previously been in the soldiers embrace; it smelled like him and you breathed in his scent as you fell asleep.

Your dreams were littered with thoughts of Steve Rogers and you hated yourself for it.

LOVE ME 11. Hard Body, Soft Pillow



When i woke up i was slightly confused about where i was. the pillow felt different then i remember it feeling when i fell asleep. It wasn’t as soft as i remembered and that confused me. Especially when i noticed it was slightly moving up and down.

When i finally opened my eyes i realized my head was resting on Luke’s body and suddenly it all made sense. i was cuddling with Luke in his bed…things really have changed since just yesterday. His body was surprisingly comfortable. It looked so hard but somehow he felt more comfortable then any mattress or pillow.  

My arm was resting on his chest and his arm was around my back holding me closer to his body if that was even possible.

Laying here with him felt so peaceful… I felt safe when i was with him. I didn’t want to move because he would wake up so i decide to stay in this position. I just laid on him and listened to his even breathing and before i knew it i had fallen back asleep


It must of only been around a half an hour when i woke up for the second time. I was confused at first because i wasn’t cuddled up to Luke this time, i was just laying in the bed alone. I reached my arms around the mattress but i only felt blankets and pillows. Finally i opened my eyes just to be sure and yep…He was no where to be found. I got up and quickly looked in the bathroom but it was empty also.

I guess he left. I couldn’t help but feel a little hurt. Last night was nice, I felt like Luke and i had gotten on good terms finally… But now here i am alone in his bed. I’m sure I’m just over thinking things. There is no reason to feel hurt i had to remind myself.

I changed out of the shirt Luke had given me to wear last night and put my pants and my own shirt back on. I grabbed my stuff and left. I had just remembered everything that had happened with Emma last night and i really wanted to go check on her.

As i was walking back to my room i walked around the corner of a building and was faced with Luke just a few feet in front of me. he seemed to be on a run. I noticed his hair was laying flat on his head instead of it’s usual quiff as he ran closer to me. He stopped in front of me bending over to catch his breath.

“so you run?” i ask not really knowing what else to say right now.

“Yeah… sometimes… helps clear my head” he says still not looking at me.

“So last night-” i started to say something but was cut off

“last night was nothing… don’t try to make it into something” he said harshly

“i wasn’t making it into something i just was going-” he cut me off again

“if you tell anyone about anything that happened last night i will find you” he says in a threatening tone

“oh look the asshole is back” i say as i walk past him

He didn’t say anything he just kept running in the direction i had just come from. He was the one that asked me to stay with him last night. Why is he such a dick. as i walked into my dorm i almost wanted to cry. Its not that he hurt my feelings or anything i just thought that after last night he was done treating me like trash…apparently i was wrong.

I pushed it all out of my head as i knocked on Emma’s door. I was happy when she answered it after just a few seconds.

“how are you feeling?” i asked as i walked into her room

“kind of hungover” she admitted

“Do you remember what happened last night?” i asked her not sure if i wanted her to say yes or no.

“No…not really…what happened?” i guess it makes sense she didn’t remember but i should probably tell her even though i didn’t want to.

“Well don’t freak out.” i tell her to start

“Okay…but you saying that makes me want to freak out” she says as we walk to her bed and i make her sit down.

“So… someone drugged you” i tell her waiting a moment to continue so she could let the information sink in.

“what?” she said seeming alarmed

“Apparenly a guy slipped something in your drink… and he took you back to his room but don’t worry nothing happened” i reassure her

“really? nothing happened?” she said sounding panicked

i explained how Luke had heard things and came in and took her back to his room and then i came and got her.

once i was done telling her she was happy that nothing happened, but shook up about what could of happened. a few tears escaped her eyes but she was a strong girl so she pushed them away. she decided that she wanted to be alone so i left.  

I felt bad leaving her alone but since that was what she wanted i had no choice but to just leave. I went back to my room and decided i should probably do some of the school work that i had been putting off for a few days.

i spent the next few hours working on some essays and projects that where due in the coming week. once i was done i decided to take a shower. I got undressed in my room and wrapped my towel around me as i gabbed my shower bag that had things like shampoo and body wash in it. Some of the dorms had rooms with their own personal bathroom..like the dorm Luke was in..others had one large bathroom that had to be shared with the other people on that floor. i was unlucky to be put in one of these.

after my shower i wrapped my towel back around me as i went back to my room with wet hair. When i opened my door and walked in my room i had what felt like a mini heart attack. Sitting on my bed was Luke.


A/N- edited quickly becuase i wanted to make sure it was posted on time since i have not been able to post in a couple days. if you like this chapter and want to know what the hell Luke is doing in her room request the next one

5sos Preference 48: He Has a Girlfriend


“You can do this, (Y/N).” You mutter, pacing your room as you whisper a pep talk to yourself. Today was the day, you were finally going to tell Ashton Irwin just how you felt about him. For the past few months you’d been spending mass amounts of time with supposedly half-Irish lad and lately you could feel yourself falling for him more and more.

“Ashton?” You ask, looking up to see Ashton on his computer. He turned to look at you, a wide grin on his face. 

“(Y/N)! Come here, I want you to meet someone.” He gushed, waving you over with an excited giggle. You could hear a girl’s laugh from his laptop… A girl? Oh no. Your heart practically fell through the floor, your lips trembling as you realized what was happening. “(Y/N), this is my girlfriend.”

“Uh,” You choked out. “I think I’m a little sick, nice meeting you but I gotta go!” You stammered, placing a hand over your mouth to stop the sobs from spilling as you ran back into your bedroom.


“(Y/N), you made it!” Luke grinned, waving off the security guards and allowing you into the dressing room. “Just in time, we’re going on soon.” He added, leading you inside and motioning for you to sit on the sofa.

“Where are the other lads?” You asked, looking around the empty room in confusion. His face fell noticeably before he quickly smiled again. He was hiding something, you could tell. “Luke, what are you hiding?”

“Listen, there’s no easy way for me to say this-” He was cut off as the boys burst into the room. You counted four heads, wait, four? Ashton, Michael, Calum… Who was she? You stared at the petite girl under Calum’s arm in confusion. 

“Hey, (Y/N)! This is my girlfriend.” Calum grinned at you, your heart stopping for a split second as your worst fears were confirmed. The boy you were helplessly in love with had a girlfriend. “I figured you might like a girl to hang out with.”

“Uh, g-great.” You coughed out, smiling at her as you struggled to control your emotions. “Nice to meet you.”


“Luke!” You grinned from ear to ear, giggling wildly as you jumped on top of him. Wrapping your arms around his neck and your legs around his waist, you demanded a piggy-back ride of him. “On-wards, trusty steed!” You joked, relishing in the sound of his booming laughter.

“I’ve missed you, (Y/N). Things aren’t the same around here without you.” He sighed, a grin still on his face as he effortlessly walked around the hotel halls with your weight on his back. You jumped when someone cleared their throat behind you. Expecting hotel security coming to yell at you, you quickly jumped off his back and turned around.

“Who the hell are you?” A girl asked in a sassy tone.

“The sass is real,” You whispered, earning a small snicker from Luke who struggled to contain his grin.

“Uh, babe, this is (Y/N). She’s my best friend. (Y/N), this is my girlfriend.” Luke introduced the salty girl to you, and suddenly the joking mood was gone. Your heart was crushed, the guy you’d been in love with for as long as you could remember had a girlfriend. Better yet, he had a girlfriend who very obviously hated you.


“Hey, (Y/N) can you come here for a second?” Groaning in annoyance, you rolled out of your bed and stumbled down the brightly lit hallway. Finally finding Michael in the den, you rubbed your eyes before looking at him expectantly. 

“What?” You grunted, falling into a chair and curling your legs into your chest. 

“I wanted you to meet my girlfriend,” He stated, staring at you with mild irritation. “But I can see you’re half naked, looking like shit, and hungover. Maybe you should come back once you’ve sobered the hell up.” He added, his voice clipped.

“Whatever, Michael.” You glared, not catching onto the fact that he’d just admitted to having a girlfriend. You were to insulted by his insinuations that you were a drunkard. “Come find me when you’re off your high-horse, I feel bad for your girlfriend. I hope you’re not a judge-mental prick towards her too.”

Stumbling back into your bedroom, you realized fully what’d just happened. Michael had a girlfriend, and you’d probably just ruined your friendship with him. A small tear made its way down your cheek, he’d just confirmed your fears. You weren’t good enough for him.

fic dump part five

title: hangover

summary: it’s a little bit of a mistake on killua’s part when he wakes up shirtless with a raging hangover in a stranger’s house, but it turns out it’s an even bigger mistake when he realizes three things. one, the stranger is actually his friend kurapika’s neighbor; two, the stranger happens to be very handsome; and three… the stranger is also sort of half-naked. 

notes: from november 24, 2014; unrevised and unfinished, read at own risk

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