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And here comes the depressing posts... lol

okay im not aiming this at you only, but i feel like i mess around with anons too much. Recently I’ve been getting a lot of rude ones, and i don’t really pay attention to them but i guess i should because they’re just getting more and more pathetic. If you have a problem with that im posting, unfollow me or block me.
Now i apologise if i sound harsh but i just need to put this out there, theres no obligation to follow me. God bless you

my first public contribution to the fandom is this and I’m sorry

but at the same time, look at me in the eyes and tell me that DA Soushi wouldn’t wear this. tell me.

Onwards to 2017

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WELP 2017 is almost upon us! It’s been quite a year, let’s all root for 2017 to be better than this one.
I decided to do a follower/mutuals shoutout to celebrate the upcoming year and to thank you all for making my tumblr experience a nice one, whether it be art, anime things, shitposting or just pictures of cute animals.

I’ve listed people whom every time I see them on my dash or in my activity I’m like “hey there they are, I’m glad this person is here right now”. Even if we haven’t interacted outside of activity ever, I still consider us buddies :’^)

IF YOU’RE NOT LISTED HERE AND YOU FEEL LIKE YOU SHOULD BE, please message me!! I may have been confused with a url or icon change and don’t recognise your new url ;u; I’m sorry about that!!

Also I APOLOGISE FOR THE LONG POST but there’s just so many people I wanna give a shoutout to!


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Happy new year you all!

So this is for general transphobia among other things rather than terf rhetoric. I watched the original incident play out myself months ago and didn’t know if I should say anything, but because the user has been making the rounds again (and keeps asking for money), it feels like time to let people know what they’re like. I should have taken screenshots of everything at the time, I didn’t think, so I apologise. The user keeps changing their name but it is currently teyrna. (formerly orsinohawke and almatabris).

They kindly provided their own screencap from the blog of a person they harrassed, describing most of what they did:

- teyrna called a trans person “transphobic” and “trash” for being one of many people to criticise their genderbends.
- teyrna blames them for things their abuser did, while they were in the abusive relationship.
- misgenders someone.
- teyrna calls a biracial person a “white saviour” even though they are white.

At the time, I remember teyrna making a long post describing a character from Dragon Age (a male character) having a “female body” and therefore being a trans man because their body was “female”, focusing on and talking about the character’s wide hips and other features. When trans men complained that it was dysphoric and fetishising, they were ignored or attacked. As far as I know, these posts still exist, but they are probablly buried. As a trans man myself I was very put off by it at the time and didn’t want to focus too much on it.

Eventually teyrna told everyone that they were nb and therefore couldn’t be transphobic, coming out about it as soon as it was relevant I suppose, but has never acknowledged that trans men, trans women, and nb people all have different struggles, and that nb people CAN be transphobic and fetishising to trans men and women. They have no answer to this.

Now they are also choosing to attack PoC who have concerns with their mods (concerns that they lighten characters skin or mostly that they give characters over the top and charicatureish features. They replied with this to someone’s asks about it:

They dismiss all the complaints, ignore the fact that as a white person it isn’t their call, and then suggest the asker “reevaluate their own internalized racism” which is a disgusting thing to say if you’re white and talking to someone who isn’t about issues personal to them. They still don’t address the complaints beyond saying “I’m not doing anything wrong, this is how people look”.

Basically, teyrna / orsinohawke / almatabris has a history of transphobia, a history of attacking trans people for pointing it out, refuses to apologise or even ackowledge it even now or even when trans men / women point out the problems specifically, apparently thinks nb people can’t be transphobic at all, and also has an ongoing problem of calling PoC she disagrees with “white saviours” / “internalized racists” and ignores their complaints and concerns about her mods. Not to mention throwing the word b-tch around constantly. All while asking people for money. Do not support her.

stressed out

i know i’m saying this so late but I just had a thought: the fact that a song is popular doesn’t strip it from its original meaning. I see so many songs that people play like this and they kind of.. forget their meaning, you know? Take Stressed Out: it was a beautiful song written about insecurities, nostalgia and fear of the future and what it holds, but since then it was a smash hit, played on the radio countless times to people who didn’t know how much tyler meant the words behind the song or even who he was. its success became something he felt like he had to apologise to the clique for, and i feel like that’s not alright. It’s not because Stressed Out is a so-called “popular song” that we should dislike it —though you can be tired of it— and say things like “true fans don’t like this song”. I feel like we should support Tyler and Josh in what they do, not diss them for their newfound popularity.

Request: Volturi and Cheerleading

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The Volturi were sat around the TV for possibly the first time ever. The leaders sat in front whilst the guard were huddled around. You had been training for this event for months. This is the reward for your hard work. You even trained in the castle, every so often they’d hear you land a backflip down the hall.

The guard couldn’t help but slightly wince in discomfort.
“I think we should all apologise…” Reneta said.
“Why?” Caius asked.
“Because we feel like we’ve walked in on a bunch of humans changing-including our masters mate…” Felix answered.
“Those are uniforms? They’re tiny! They leave nothing to the imagination!” Demetri finished.
“We’ll allow it.” Aro reassured. “I will also add that it leaves quite a bit to the imagination…I promise.“ Aro smirked.
“Brother!” Marcus protested.
“No, let him enjoy his immature teasing.” Caius spat. “Just because you ruined my time with them.”
“I assure you I did not mean to-”
“You did, don’t lie!” Caius yelled.
”…Did I just hear that master Aro has gotten intimate with (Y/N) and neither of the other masters have?“ Jane scrunched her face up.
“Yes, you did! There’s how great your father figure is. Enjoy it! You’ll hear all about his sex life!” Caius snapped.
“Brother! You’ll have your time I promise!” Aro laughed slightly.
Not while you’re here apparently!”
“You two are acting like children.” Marcus groaned. “You’re talking about our intimate doings with our mate in the most public setting.”
“Or lack of for some.” Aro grinned and Caius snarled ready to hit Aro.
Aro raised his hands. “I’m done! My sincerest apologies, I was only teasing. I won’t do it anymore.” Caius growled with a glare and crossed his arms. “Honestly…” Marcus shook his head, all because Aro was so impatient to see his mate. Caius and his hot-headed nature made him so easy to torment. “They’re on!” A guard called out.

The commentary had many great words for you. You were an inspiration and idol to the newer generations of cheer and you certainly earned the title. They continued to fear the possibility that someone might drop you but it never came. They cheered and clapped when it was announced that your team won and soft smiles were on their faces as they watched you cry in happiness as your teammates pulled you into a hug.
They understood it now. They understood what this meant to you as your tears streamed.
Now that’s commitment.” One of the commentators said. “To have so much emotion and dedication. They deserve it and so does their team. Well done!”

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My relationship depresses me so much I got mad over something he said the other day then apologised like 15m later and the day after again and got blanked for four days and he won't talk to me he's so blunt I'm just trying to work it out and he either doesn't reply or says I over reacted and went apeshit and makes me feel awful he takes ages to reply everyday but when I go to see him he's always on his phone and I've told him he feels distant but nothing changes 😔

break up break up no relationship should make u feel bad get out of there now

Better With You By My Side

prompt: Dan and Phil are both sons of rich families and are sent to ballroom dancing lessons. Because there is a shortage of girls, Dan and Phil end up as partners. Phil really doesn’t want to be there and Dan doesn’t either, but is so frustrated by the fact Phil doesn’t want to dance with him he is determined to get him to.

a/n: jm so sorry about this idk im really not happy with this chapter but i hope it’s somehow okay also shit happens in vienna cool goodbye 




ryan: dan it’s been 4 days

ryan: how long are you planning to keep this ignoring thing up?

ryan: daaann

ryan: daninator

On the bright side, it’s the most response Dan’s ever managed to get out of Ryan for about three months, although the hypocrisy and borderline fondness of his words make him want to retch.

No. He tells himself. He’s managed four days. He can’t crack now.

He distracts himself by visiting the neglected group chat, and to his surprise Ryan’s chatting perfectly fine to their other friends as opposed to going into hiding until Dan expects another inquisitive message from Max about his whereabouts. He can’t tell if he’s relieved or not by this.

jake: lads

jake: can we all meet up soon

jake: i miss u

Dan’s heart leaps into his throat, coming to the realisation he’d willingly throw himself into the Sun if it meant never having to face Ryan ever again

dan: if it’s before friday then yea

jake: why

max: our old dancing buddy’s off to the other side of the globe that’s why

dan: it’s austria not new zealand

max: smh aren’t they right next to eachother anyway

dan: omg by austria I don’t mean a typo of australia

dan: I mean austriA as in that country near germany

ross: geography wizard as well as a dancing queen

ross: they should pay you double

dan: thanks

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Aesthetic for a Nanami who was best friends with Komaeda and had a really deep crush on him/kind of loved him but didn’t have the courage to confess her feelings!

I hope that you like this and I apologise that it took so long, I really should be six feet under, but I digress! Anyways, if you need any changes or anything let me know and I’ll get that sorted out for you right away, dearie!! ^^

Hello, Nanami! I hope that you’re doing well and again I must thank you for your endless patience with me! Anyways, you might have been too afraid to confess then but maybe in this life you’ll be more lucky with such endeavours, whether you’ve found him yet or not! But keep your hopes up! I mean, who wouldn’t love somebody as lovely as you, Nanami? Ehehe! ^^ - Mod Ibuki!

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In all honesty, every single blog that mocked or ridiculed their relationship during the summer whether a Taylor blog or Tom blog should apologise. And lastly I feel like tom is in the situation Taylor was in when she wrote come back... Be here and I dibt mean it as a diss, just an observation.

I think a ton of people owe them an apology. Starting with Enews and on down to certain Taylor blogs and Tom blogs.

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Can I ask how you feel about Mark's "Respect" video?

I feel like it was a very powerful video which you could tell mark was very passionate about , I just feel bad for him as it shouldn’t be his responsibility to try and explain basic human decency to us , we should as a society already automatically respect people.

However I feel like we have all dehumanised someone at one point for different reasons so it’s hypocritical for me to say “ah yes my generation is a lot more respectful and all for equality” as I can’t speak for everyone

I do believe it is possible for everyone to be equal if we work hard to change people’s mind and make things so

(I apologise for my spelling , please send me asks if you disagree with my statement or just want a discussion )

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Dude! Have you limbered up? Are you well rested and ready? I only ask because you are like The Gif-er Extraordinaire and I have a feeling it will be a busy time for you 😉 lol. ALL THE HEART EYES!!!!!

Well rested? I bloody wish. I’ll have my good friend gin and tonic with me, I’ll be fine. And thank I have no work Tuesday/Wednesday. I should apologise in advance for all the gifs but it’d the robron wedding, it’s a must.

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I hurt the boy who was truly in love with me.. how could I be so dumb?

It’s okay. Sometimes we’re the ones in the wrong. The ones who break someone else’s heart, someone who truly loved us and just like everyone will experience heartbreak, we will also experience the feeling of being the one who breaks someone else’s heart and I’m still not sure which is worse.

It doesn’t make you a bad person for doing what you did and you’re allowed to feel bad and regret it. People make mistakes, people do things they regret and people get hurt. It’s life.

Now I don’t know what you done to hurt this boy but you should apologise to him. Even if he doesn’t accept it, even if it hurts your pride, do it anyway. Life is far too short to be filled with guilt and regrets.

Sometimes we push good people away because we’re scared. We think that they’ll leave us eventually so we speed up the process, try to save ourselves while hurting them. Sometimes you’re not ready for someone wonderful to come into your life just yet, maybe you need to be on your own for a while.

But please remember you’re not a bad person for doing a bad thing, try to make amends and if you can’t then learn from this. Know that it’s okay if you’re the toxic person as long as you try to better yourself but I want to say that the fact that you know you made a mistake and regret makes me think that you’re already in your way.

i know i am overthinking this but i totally ignored the girl i had sex with on new years today at the talk when i saw her (and she came to the pub after too with her mates) and i feel bad abt it it’s just that both times we’ve spoken i’ve been on caps so it was weird to be sober or just a beer in and it wasn’t an anxiety thing cos i don’t get socially anxious like that i don’t know what it was but i feel like a cunt. anyway i need advice do i shoot her a msg apologising (not like she rly tried to talk to me but i guess i did avoid) or the other option is she is good friends w my cousin and she’ll be at his farewell thing on the 11th. should i just try be normal and have a good convo with her there after pre drinking at home? i hope she wasn’t like avoiding me bcos of something tho not that i’ve done anything to warrant that god why do i think so much about things that don’t really matter

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Hi... I know you're not here to give advice and I'm sorry, but idk what to do. My endocrinologist took me off of t for the next six-ish months for no freaking reason. And I kinda wanna die. Like, I actually want to commit suicide. I don't even know

Hey, don’t apologise. 

I’m sorry to hear that, and I understand how tough that must be. I would firstly just take a moment, I know 6 months seems like a long time, but it will pass, you won’t feel the way you’re feeling right now forever. 

Next, I would look into seeing a different doctor if they won’t give you a good reason for stopping your T. They should at least be explaining why they’re stopping it. 

So don’t panic, it’s going to be okay. Try and find out why they’ve done this, and if they won’t tell you, then look elsewhere to see someone else, or try and find out if there is anyone you can contact to put in a complaint to/try and find out what you can do. 

If you need someone to talk to about this, please get in touch again. 

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*Addition to the kind of confession* as well as that lesbian and but couples like equality man

Part 2 of response to x

Since there was a LOT of response to this particular confession, as the original poster of that confession I’d just like to take some time out to apologise for any offence I caused with that tag. I should’ve realised that for a lot of LGBT people, representation is a legitimate issue and shouldn’t be taken lightly or brushed aside. This is, after all, meant to be a blog for everyone and I more than anyone wouldn’t want our audience to feel excluded or unwelcome here. I will take greater care in future to watch what I say, especially when it comes to things I have no real business giving my opinions on. - Mod Gazooki

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asy, is it strange to feel like an outsider within my own friend group? we've split up and gone to different places for college but im too nervous to ask anyone to meet up outside of group gatherings because i dont feel like im close enough to any of them. i dont really get on with one of them, and the rest sort of seem to have a 'pair' that i dont. my actual best friend went away. should i just try to find new friends? (i realise this is very teen drama i apologise)

Yes, go out and make some new friends! 

I suppose there’s no reason why you can’t ask your old friends to hang out so you can get to know them better, but if you’re uncomfortable doing that you probably don’t ‘click’ with any of them. If your old friendships aren’t working for you, make new ones <3

Find someone/some people you click with.