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Keeping a journal is not something that you should force yourself to do. This is most important. Journaling is a comfort thing, for me at least. I started journaling as a small child. I was alone most of the time and I had no one to talk to, so I talked to my journal. Over time, once I was safe and out of a house where people were constantly sneaking around my space to find my journals and read my secrets, I was able to start journaling more about what was really going on now & all those years ago, and that’s when the art journaling started. 

anon asked me what types of things are in my journals. there is a lot of stuff in them so i’ll just give you a brief rundown.

+ i use markers, crayons, oil / chalk pastels, watercolor / acrylic paints, colored pencils, etc to color a page and then write something over it. you can see some examples here and here! sometimes i add glitter or stickers or whatever else i’m feeling like putting. i also have stencils if i want to make the letters of what i am making look different than my handwriting! 

+ i will sometimes print out a picture that i like from tumblr (example), or a picture that i have taken (IE: here - my childhood room), and write my own words on it. 

+ sometimes i take words from  other things, cut them out, and paste them onto my own, or a tumblr picture. here i used some lines from a poem that i found by Emily Berry, and here i cut words out of a book to make a poem of sorts. (i use books that i didnt like and that ill never read again.)

+ sometimes i take pics and i write my own poetry on them

+ i have lots and lots of stickers, and some are letters. so ill use those to write something and color or doodle or add more stickers to it lol ! idk, little things like that bc stickers  r wonderful !

+ and then i write a lot, of course. writing in my journal is one of the most important parts. it is where the thoughts that don’t have anywhere to go, go! the ones that feel icky and embarrassing, or just casual thoughts like, “OMG i discovered new music today!” lol, stuff like that. and sometimes i will do some form of art?? and the write around it. idk i think it looks cool lol. an example of this is here & here!

+ the rest is just….. more of the same honestly. sometimes i will write sentences over and over and over again to express how strongly i feel them? idk what else. 

Anon also asked me for tips on how I keep my journal going, and how I finish it. I’m not quite sure how to answer this but it kinda goes back to what i was saying in the beginning: you shouldn’t be forcing yourself to journal. in my opinion, that just defeats the purpose! why would you be journaling if you didnt like to do it? i mean, sure maybe its an assignment or something idk, thats fine. but if you want to start a journal but then decide  you dont want to anymore there is nothing wrong with that. 

some other things that are important to take into consideration are: 

+ you don’t have to journal every single day. that is not a “Journal-er requirement” of some sort. you just do it when you want to do it!! that’s it. it’s that simple. and if you don’t finish a journal but wanna start a new one, more power to you!!! that’s awesome, go for it. 

+ you just have to let go of control. if your art or handwriting looks like shit in one entry, go ahead and cross that shit out, or leave it, or do whatever your hands want to do in that moment to the page. it is all important. it is a catalog of your feelings in that moment. maybe there is a reason you drew a heart that didn’t look “””perfect”””, keep it. or cross it out. or whatever. i highly recommend though that you dont rip it out! because every single thing you make is important in some way! and if nothing looks perfect thats awesome.

+ continuing on from that ^ no one is judging you. this is yours and no one else’s. there is no one there to critique what you created or what you wrote. in some of my journals i literally say things like, “lol omg everything is such shit man! what’re u gonna do tho ahhah!” like… its just. you can say whatever the fuck you want to, thats the great thing about journaling ! it’s yours and  no one else’s. so just say whatever the heck comes to mind !

+ your writing doesnt have to be Perfect Beautiful Flowing writing (lol? idk) like it doesnt matter. if you are not a writer who fuckin cares! write anyway. it helps, especially when you feel alone.

+ just… idk. i dont know what else to say. i have another post about journaling actually, that i made. it is right here and you can take a look. there is lots more info and tips and ideas on there. 

idk, thats it i guess ! i hope you found this post helpful, anon. & to anyone else who read this and found it helpful, yay! happy journaling !!! :) 

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hey! i love your blog! you did a rant/analysis thing of baek's sexuality and i was wondering if you had anything to say about chan?

Hello there darling! Thank you for loving my blog, I appreciate it <3  Why yes I did~ I actually posted something abt it but it was very brief. (coz I also included my opinion abt the other members) and here’s the link if you wanna read it haha.

But yes yes, I said that I’ll elaborate more on Cy’s sexuality on the third part of my “Why I like BaekYeol/Chanbaek” post but I wasn’t able to put it in there. It wasn’t intentional tbh I just forgot to HAHA. And the third part already had 6k+ words and over 200 pics/gfs so I don’t think I need to add any more HAHA.

Okay so I’ll just elaborate a bit here :D It won’t be long unfortunately (or fortunately, depends on how you see it) bc I personally observe Bh more than Cy bc he is my bias so I have much more to say abt Bh. And my opinion on Cy’s sexuality is kinda self explanatory.

I already said it before and I’ll say it again, My opinion on Cy’s sexuality is that he’s heteroflexible. Idk if u believe that heteroflexibility does exist, but I do. Bc I’m attracted to males primarily but I don’t mind if I fall in love with a girl or sumthing (I haven’t ‘like’ liked a girl yet tho, only boys so idk). So I guess that’s why I believe it exists? Bc there are ppl who’s primarily hetero but won’t mind playing for the other team if they srsly liked/loved the person.

We have gone off topic tho this was supposed to be abt Cy lel. SO, I think Cy is heteroflexible bc of the vibes he’s giving me and how I’ve perceived him through watching numerous shows (from radio shows, variety shows, guesting etc) with EXO in them in the past years. He rly didn’t show me that much signs of being attracted to males or possibly being attracted to males.

BUT! Our queen Bh comes and as the delulu BaekYeol shipper that I am, you can already expect that I think Cy is attracted to Bh romantically. I’m not rly that positive that Cy is indeed attracted to Bh romantically. Maybe 70-30? (70% that he IS attracted to Bh romantically). The other 30% is skeptical bc Idk Cy personally and I don’t want to say that I’m sure of Cy’s sexuality.

Same with Bh tbh I think he’s bisexual 70-30 and the 30 is the me being wary bc again, I do not know Bh nor Cy personally and even if I do, I still can’t be sure abt their sexual preferences bc the only person who can be 100% sure of his/her sexuality is the person himself.

But even though I can’t say for sure that Cy is romantically attracted to Bh, I can say with confidence that he is somehow attracted towards him. Be it in a friendly manner or more. 

And here are the times that I feel that Cy is attracted to Bh~

The little things  Cy does when it comes to Bh. Idk but I just see this as something that signifies attraction. Even just a teeny tiny bit, attraction is still attraction.

Staring at the BaekBooty. Hallooo?

Easy there Cy, Chen don’t mean no harm he yo friend.

Cy is gentleman AF towards Bh. Y’know I haven’t seen guys do that to other guys that are just their ‘friend’. in my experience at least.

He practically ran to catch up and bring an umbrella to Bh.

STAAAAARES. Tbh that’s like the greatest factor for me bc Cy stares at Bh too often forit to be called “right angle at the right time”. And just look at his expression. esp at the last gif JUST. LOOK. I don’t think I need to explain now do I?

And ofc THIS moment. WHY IS CY SO RESISTANT? It’s like he’s forcing himself out of Sehun’s grasp bc he is embarrassed af and everyone who has a crush prob understand Cy’s feelings. Bc ur friend is forcing you to go near ur crush and hug them like, WHO WOULD NOT ACT THE WAY CY DID? Okay okay that may not be the actual case but I just can’t see any other possible reasons. (more)

So that’s it! I hope you were satisfied with my answer darling~ let me know if you have more questions or just anything you wanna say to me :) Have a good day! ^^


AU where Yifan is a sixth grade English teacher at SM Middle School & Joonmyeon is their school’s baseball coach (& math teacher) ♡ (Click on the photos for captions)

Bonus: Mr. Wu texting Coach Kim

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WTF happened with The 100?!

I just couldn’t hold it in anymore, I expect nothing and I’m still let down by this show every week since S3 started. Read it or don’t( I’m not expecting anyone to read it tbh) but this is me just trying to figure out what happened with The 100 and it’s characters? I don’t even know anymore with all the basic writing and rushed decisions I just can’t.

It has some sort of evidence & I tried to put some gifs to light out my anger lmao but yeah so here I go. It’s long but i’m trying to make a point here okay. Bear with me.

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“we follow each other on instagram but don’t know each other that well and I was snooping through and liked a picture from 176 weeks ago oh god” au Can you do this with Ontae please~~ :3

Sorry this is late~

“Oh my God.” Taemin whispers under his breath in horror, completely frozen with his eyes glued on his phone.

“What’s up?” His roommate asks from his own bed on the other side of the room but Taemin can’t move his eyes from his screen just yet.

“I just liked his picture.” He admits, the horror intensifying on his face and Jongin stands curiously from his bed to see what he’s looking at.

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