i feel like i saw him in a swimsuit once in a magazine

Voltron Model AU

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Model AU

• Pidge and her brother Matt are those siblings models but there only doing it to pay for the expensive school they both go too.
• Hunk is one of those plus size models and everyone loves his personality cuz he’s so nice and humble, he has a foodie blog that he takes a lot of pride in.
• Keith is one of those chill angry looking guys that model for sports wear and stuff. He’s known for not being sporty at all, and he’s said multiple times he has no idea how he ended up where he is.
• Shiro is also a sports model but he dose some of those tux modeling every once in a while, he has the most followers. The media has no dirt on him and people think he amazing but really he just never leaves his house cuz he’s always too stressed.
• Lance is one only those people who got Instagram famous and was offered to come out in runways and magazines for publicity and he rocked it and got a permanent hire, he’s mostly for like Forever 21 Men and hipster shit like that. He love sports and has been after Keith’s shoots for a while.
• They all randomly met at some weird charity ball or some runway thing
• Lance and Hunk hit it off (friendship wise) quickly and soon started up a cooking YouTube channel together. With Shick and Lances very culture based foods that people are always impressed by.
• Lance actually really likes Keith’s shoots and dreamed of having his job so when he met him and he was kinda a dick he was really disappointed
• He and Hunk quickly befriended Shiro tho and it forced them to hang out cuz Shiro was already really good friends with Keith
• Pidge met them when she asked Keith if she could get him a drink
• (not in a flirty way but cuz she wasn’t of age and really wanted one)
• (Keith didn’t really know better and gave her one)
• (they both got in huge trouble)
• (but it’s okay cuz Lance got them out of it)
• Matt came over after it all and they all just formed a circle and talked together.
• Someone took pictures of them all hanging out and it kinda became lowkey news
• People started shipping Lance and Keith and Keith was surprisingly into it
• He would joke on Twitter and stuff about asking him out and Lance posted pictures of him giving flowers and stuff like that as a joke.
• But it was lowkey not a joke they just didn’t know cuz they both thought they were kidding
• Pigde and Matt did a shoot with Lance and Allura (a up and coming model who they met that day) for a Old Navy thing
• They all hit it off and invited them to a BBQ hosted by Hunk and yeah it was fun
• They all kinda got drunk tho so Allura took Pidge home so they wouldn’t deal with there bull
• They accidentally uploaded a video of them acting stupid and it got a lot of publicity
• And the reason it was a big deal was because Shiro was throwing Matt into a pool but Klance was making out in the background
• Also while throwing Matt into the pool Shiro yelled “I’m gonna marry her!(Allura)”
• he was really drunk cuz he was stressing out a lot.
• Shiro is still confused because “who even took that video?”
• There all a happy dorky family and everyone loves them

Model AU Part 2
• Shiro finds out it was Hunk’s girlfriend, Shay, who took the video and feels BETRAYED
• He thought she was a very nice person how could she do this??
• He managed to block the video from Allura, now he just needs to find a way to hid the trending tag from her…
• Matt swears he’s never drinking again (he dose very soon)
• Keith thinks that he and Lance are an item now, but Lance is a blackout drunk and doesn’t remember anything
• “Haha sorry if I made you uncomfortable or anything, i really lose myself with these kind of things”
• “We. Had. A. Moment. How? Can? You? Not? Remember?”
• “Sorry? Are you okay?”
• He was not okay
• He didn’t want to just show Lance the video tho cuz that seems kinda insensitive and lame
• (He’s not evil or mean or anything in this AU he’s actually really nice and stuff but Keith hates him because…)
• He asks Lance on a date after doing a shoot for swimsuit modeling (Lotor was doing the swimsuit thing not Lance)
• (Lance was just at the studio to see a job offer)
• Lotor just saw him and wall like “hey Lance right? Really loved your ‘generic pose’ shoot, blah blah blah, we should grab a drink?
• Lance says yes cuz DAMN THIS guy is hella
• Shiro is unlucky too cuz Allura decided she would accept a film job overseas
• Hunk Pidge and Matt feel bad for them and take them out for drinks
• They get drunk again. (Including Pidge, there was no supervision)(she’s 16 in this AU so it’s not that bad)
• Cue drunk phone calls to Allura and Lance (they had a night out together cuz they really wanted a see a movie that no one else was interested in)
• Lance and Allura open up there voicemails at the same time and WHAT IS GOING ON??!
• The next day Keith and Shiro hear THERE voicemails and it’s just Lance and Allura really worried
• Keith and Shiro regret everything and try to drown themselves in the pool (Matt and Hunk stopped them)
• "Guys this is a community pool, my neighbors will be mad plz stop” (-Hunk)

Airbrushed Perfection

Author’s note: Oh. My. God. I can’t believe I finally finished this gAH. All my Reigisa feels kinda exploded aaand this fic was born. It’s my longest fic yet and and and and ;~; help it’s not a prompt, I’m so sorry but I had to get this one out of my system asdklfasd

Summary: AU. Rei’s a make-up artist and his high school crush, Nagisa will be his next (swimsuit) model. Deciding to be a good friend, Rin makes sure everybody leaves early once the shoot’s over and only god knows how they ended up on the floor like that. 

Word count: 5,5k of pure fluff hOLY


Some would say one would grow bored after a while, but oddly enough, Ryuugazaki Rei, devoted make-up artist, never got tired of making people presentable for the camera. Make-up was an art form and no one could convince him otherwise. Their models were beautiful without make-up, yes, of course, but adding a little color here and there, along with some brushstrokes, their features would be highlighted and could be proudly represented to the world.

During high school, Rei had always thought he’d become a scientist, a biologist or maybe even a librarian until he came across this one photo in a beauty magazine. It was a before and after picture of a woman who had undergone a so-called “make over” and Rei remembered instantly falling in love with the concept of make-up. She was radiating with confidence, her eyes were sparkling and looked absolutely gorgeous with that pink shine on her lips.

After that, Rei practically delved into this world and found himself drowning in it. There were so many videos on YouTube, articles, books, stores, products, and people who were more than willing to help him become a pro himself. It was a bit awkward to ask the girls at school what kind of brand of foundation they used, but they were usually open about it and at some point, Rei was the one giving advice to a handful of people.

Except… to that one guy who had been sitting a few tables away from him. The one who was always skipping around, doodling on his desk, smiling at everyone and laughing out loud whenever Rei embarrassed himself.

Hazuki Nagisa.

His high school crush.

They had never had a proper conversation except for some polite small-talk because they happened to take the same train to school. Rei was too socially awkward to start a conversation so he decided not to while Nagisa was the most social person he had ever seen in his life and was not afraid to talk to anyone, including him. Sometimes they’d talk for more than five minutes, which was basically Nagisa rambling about a new anime he had come across and Rei listening to every word, secretly loving the way Nagisa moved his hands in rapid motions, trying really hard to describe everything.

It was both fulfilling and unfulfilling. Just listening to him was not enough and Rei wished he had had the balls to approach him, but every time he wanted to, he’d see Nagisa hanging out with a couple of senpais and Rei would instantly turn around and sneak away because those senpais looked very intimidating.

And so Rei stuck to watching him every now and then during class, enjoying his presence and accepting that he had succumbed to something as silly as having a crush on a classmate.


… Right, he had been drifting off and quickly apologized with a bow to photographer Matsuoka Rin who was sending him his infamous glares. Couldn’t exactly blame him, since Rei often daydreamed about stuff (“stuff” being Hazuki Nagisa) for a good fifteen minutes until he’d hear distant yelling.

He jogged over to the male model Rin was currently taking photos of, reached for his hip bag, which contained about ten different brushes and powders and started touching up his make-up. It had become such a standard routine for him so Rei barely had to think while he swept the coated brushes over the man’s cheeks and forehead with ease.

In the beginning he was pretty awkward around their models, especially since they often did shoots for bathing suit magazines, but he got used to it after a while. The female models were always very nice to him, smiling shyly and sometimes even asking him if he was single, while the male models merely acted polite and didn’t pay that much attention to him.

This one was no exception. Just did as he was instructed, turning his head to the side and holding still while Rei blended out his contours.

When he was done, he excused himself and went back to his assigned spot, which was right behind Rin, so he was within earshot.

Not that that mattered, though, because his mind started to wander off again. For some reason he was particularly distracted today and let himself become fully absorbed into his own thoughts as the continuous clicks and flashes were eventually drowned out.

“Good work, everyone. Thank you!”

Rei jumped up because Rin had casually shouted the words right next to him, probably to make sure he would hear them, and quickly adjusted his tie before he bowed deeply and thanked everyone for their hard work.

It wasn’t long before Rei had cleaned up his little vanity table, thanked all the models he had worked with today and ended up talking to Rin and the rest of their team about their new project next week.

“So next Tuesday we’ll be shooting for Free! Weekly and we’ll be working with one of their new models. It’s our only project for that day, but according to the editor, that model’s a handful to work with,” Rin explained and played a bit with the straps around his camera. “Oh, well, I guess we’ll see. Nothing we can’t handle, right?”

Everyone agreed loudly, bowed and left. Rei stayed behind as usual to chat with Rin for a bit before they got ready to leave. Even though Rei acted like a daydreamer from time to time, the two of them got along pretty well and often stayed behind to chat or get a cup of coffee together.

“Why is this model a handful to work with? I’m actually kind of curious now,” Rei said and slung his bag over his shoulder, adjusting his glasses while he was at it.

“Dunno,” Rin answered with a shrug. “According to the editor he was super energetic or something and bounced all over the place during his interview. Meh, whatever, we’ll figure something out. He gave me the dude’s portfolio so I’ll go check that out tonight. Find his good sides and shit.”

“What’s his name? I can do a quick background check,” Rei inquired and already got out his smartphone, ready to open his Google app.

Rin threw his head back with a bark of laughter. “Go ahead, you nerd. His name is Hazuki. Hazuki Nagisa.”

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Glitch In The Matrix Stories #17

A Town Of People Disappeared

My friend, Blair, and I had just finished spending a week visiting our other friend in California, and now we were taking that long drive back to dusty Arizona.

We had been driving for hours when Blair suddenly turns to me and announces that she needs to find a place to pull off and use the bathroom, or she swears she’s going to piss herself. I had just finished a huge soda, and so I felt like I could definitely go myself.

At this point we’re traveling on a very barren highway well beyond city limits and no exit signs indicating that nothing so much as a gas station was around. Ever the proper lady, Blair was determined to find some toilet somewhere so that she didn’t have to resort to pissing on the side of the road like an animal (her words, not mine). Just as soon as she said that, she makes a hair-pin turn onto an exit with no exit sign. The road on this exit wasn’t even paved, so I was pretty sure it was just some random trail leading to the desert.

But after about a minute or so of driving down this dirt trail, we pulled into a sort of “town” (I use the word town loosely, and you’ll see why in a minute). This town didn’t have any paved roads- all were dirt- and it consisted of a few buildings, and no houses. There was a building labeled Post Office, there was a building that looked to be a garage for fixing cars, and a larger building labeled Family Cafe. The garage had an old, rusty tow truck. It looked to be maybe from the ‘40’s or '50’s. The Diner had a few old 1950’s gas pumps in the front of it, and there were people inside. In the center of these buildings was just an open, dusty area. 

Blair pulled her car in front of the diner, parking in front of the gas pumps. Her brand new car was a stark contrast to the old gas pumps she had parked in front of. As soon as we stepped inside the diner I seriously felt like I was pulled into one of those creepy horror movies where there is a town full of people who work to lure in weary travelers so that they can all conspire to murder them. I’m talking, like, The Hills Have Eyes kind of shit.

There were a few men sitting down at some tables and eating, and there was a woman behind the counter wiping down the diner bar. All of them were dressed in out-of-date clothes. They were wearing the style of clothes I’ve seen people wearing in pictures of the Dust Bowl. The ones you find in history text books. As soon as Blair and I stepped into that diner, all of the people, and I mean ALL of them, looked up at us in unison. They didn’t say a word and every facial expression was emotionless.

All I could manage to say was a reluctant “Uh, bathroom." 

Then the woman behind the counter looked at us with her emotionless face for a few seconds longer (although it seemed like minutes). Never taking her eyes off of us, without saying a word, she pointed to her left. Blair and I walked to the bathroom silently and uncomfortably.

I should note that while in that diner, I noticed there was a display of postcards for sale. I didn’t stop to look at them that closely, but I caught a glimpse of one as I was walking quickly to the bathroom and I thought I saw a picture of a woman wearing a much older swimsuit style with one of those head coverings that women used to wear when swimming. I don’t know if that’s a very good explanation, or if you even know what I mean by that, but that’s the best I can explain it because I wasn’t sticking around that place to browse the merchandise.

Anyway, once Blair and I were in the bathroom, we both confirmed to one another that this whole place was surreal, uncomfortable, and that we both wanted to get the hell out of there before we become the unfortunate victims in a teen slasher movie.

Once we had finished our bathroom break, we left the diner as fast as possible. As we walked out, the woman behind the counter and the men eating at the tables continued to silently stare, their faces expressionless. As we got into the car and left, I could still feel their eyes staring at us. Thinking of this, even today, makes me skin crawl.

About a year later, my husband and I decided to take a weekend trip to Knottsberry Farms. At this point, I had already told my husband about the creepy town Blair and I happened upon. In fact, I told him about it SEVERAL times. It’s just something I couldn’t easily forget. And to be honest, it was so surreal, that if Blair was not with me that day, and if we hadn’t continued to talk about the experience while driving back home that day, I really may have thought I dreamed it.

Anyway, my husband and I were on the way back from our weekend at Knottsberry California, and I suddenly had to go to the bathroom. As soon as I had suggested we find a place to go to the bathroom, I realized that we were on a barren highway again, much like that day with Blair, and I got a huge sense of deja vu. I suddenly had the thought, wouldn’t that be weird if we ended up in that town again? No sooner had I thought that I realized my husband had made a hairpin turn onto an exit with a dirt road. I looked up to see up pulling into the same town.

All I could do was point forward. My jaw hung open. When my husband parked in front of the same old gas pumps, I was going to open my mouth to tell him that there was no way I was going back into that creepy diner, but before I could say anything, my husband turned to me and said” "Looks like it’s closed.”

Not only was the diner closed, but the rest of the buildings in the town were closed too. I went up to the diner to peer in the windows and there were what looked like ages of dust on the windows. Peering through the dust, I could see the display full of the old post cards, and there were thick, dusty cobwebs strewn along the cards and display. 

This amount of dust and cobwebs were the result of decades of being untouched. There’s no way that amount of dust an cobwebs on that display could have been accumulated from the last time I went into that diner, when previously there was no dust at all on that display. Additionally, from what I could tell through the dusty window, the edges of the post cards were yellowed as if they had been decades old.

All of the people in that town were gone, the town seemingly abandoned for decades, yet I had been there only a year or so ago. I still can’t explain it until this day and I don’t think I will ever be able to.

I’ve run through so many scenarios in my mind. It’s very plausible that people up and just left the town, but how does decades of dust and aging paper just happen in a little over a year? Why the weird, outdated clothes? Why the expressionless, wordless townspeople? Where were all the houses? Did I my friend and I glitch and somehow end up in another time period or some other alternate reality?

Credits to: loveorwell

Time Traveling Magazine

During the 90’s in Chile there was a newspaper that every Thursday would include a small magazine with computer and internet news. It was called Mouse Magazine, and was essentially like Wired Magazine nowadays. When I was in college around 2001, I had a buddy who collected Mouse Magazine. He had them all in his room, from like 1996 to the 2000’s all neatly organized and well taken care of. I used to borrow them sometimes for a read.

One day in 2001, he and I were walking to our college and we saw a Mouse Magazine dropped on the street among some garbage. I picked it up and it was from 1996 but it was in ABSOLUTE pristine condition, like just out of the printer! Keep in mind that this is a 10-page small magazine printed in newspaper paper. My friend had his collection well taken care of and the 1996 magazines were slightly yellowish, creased pages, and fading ink etc. But this one dropped on the freakin’ street under harsh sunlight was immaculate and it was like 5 years old. We took it to his house to compare and yup, the one from the collection was in much worse condition- the street one didn’t even had fold marks or anything.

This puzzled us big-time, we jokingly theorized that some kind of dimensional wormhole opened and this magazine somehow came through. To this day I have no idea how to explain this one. 

Credits to: TurboZangief

I Time-Shifted A Whole Day

I was like 7-8 years old, I was in home, it was about 7:00 pm on a Friday and it was winter. I remember feeling very tired or dizzy so I went to my bed and lay down until I fell asleep. 

In the middle of being awake and sleeping, I have this image printed in my memory: in this image I’m standing in the middle of the living room with all of the windows/doors opened (remember that it was winter, so it is impossible to be real since it is very cold in that time of year where I live). I was standing there looking through one of the windows to the darkness of the night outside. There was nobody, there was no ambient sounds or something more than that “frame” inserted in my memory. 

The next thing that I can remember is me waking up, feeling a huge headache and like as if one hour had passed since I fell asleep. I went to the kitchen (which is also used as a dining room), and when I got there I felt really weird because something wasn’t in the same place. I had this feeling where you feel like something is missing or changed places, you know? I saw my parents doing their stuff, but it looked like they were doing something different from the last time I saw them. I thought, “Meh, it doesn’t matter. Maybe they finished doing what they were doing and had started something different”

So I took a quick look to the clock and noticed that it was 6:45 pm. I thought “OK, weird. But maybe it is just my memory failing at remembering time or something”. I jokingly asked my mom, “What day is it today?”, and she answered the number of that day (which I can’t remember). 

I said, “No no, what day is it?”, and she said “Sunday?” I checked it in my computer and yes, it was Sunday. I spent one entire day sleeping or my memory was failing so bad that I couldn’t remember what happened yesterday. 

I automatically discarded that I have slept 24 hours because it is impossible for me (and to most of people, I think) to sleep 12 or more hours straight. I also discarded confusing that Friday because I went to school that day, so there was no way that it was Saturday or something. I freaked out and tried very hard to figure out what happened, but nothing came out. I asked my parents but they said that there was nothing wrong, they said that I woke up on Saturday and acted as usually I would. 

I have to clarify that it is not my current memory failing to remember this specific episode, I couldn’t remember any minimal detail of what happened that Saturday one day after. I felt like there was no interruption between my dreams, like if I just slept one hour.

You probably are wondering “So why did you title it "time-shift” if your parents told you that you acted as always?“ As I said, there was no interruption between those days. So if I "acted” as always I was unconscious of what I did, talked, looked or whatever on that Saturday. Why my brain would remove that specific moment from my memory? Why there was two days where I had slept at about the same hours (which I never did before)?

Credits to: ElcompJR

I Took A Breath Of Air Underwater

I was really little, and I took swimming lessons during the summer at an indoor pool. I remember we were practicing holding our breath underwater for as long as we could, and while I was under it got too much for me and I accidentally sucked in a breath. 

As soon as I did I got scared because I was going to breathe in water, but immediately after I was shocked when I realized I had just taken a breath of air! I came up above the water and everything was normal. I never told anyone because I thought no one would believe me, it was always my exciting little secret. 

Years later I did tell my mom, who told me it must have been a dream. Years after that I started to convince myself it was a dream, but recently after learning new things and opening my mind I am sure that this is a memory.

Credits to: littlewolf0119

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EXO React to their GF being a Swimsuit Model

Suho: He’d congratulate you for working hard but he would also be protective, “Jagiya, just be careful there are some real perverts out in this world and I don’t want you to feel like you are being used as something for guys to fawn over.” Secretly though he’d be a little jealous, all these guys get to see her in bikinis? They better consider themselves lucky, he would think to himself.

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Lay: At first the idea of his girl being the face of a bikini company might make him a bit uncomfortable. He’d be worried about all the kinds of people you would be surrounded with but wouldn’t want to make you nervous by saying something. He’d sometimes tag along to your photo shoots to make sure that the people you were working with were good and to you cheer you on, “You look beautiful!”

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Kai: At first he wouldn’t know what to think about this new development, but he would quickly warm up to the idea. “Jagiya, this is perfect for you, you’ve done so well for yourself!” He’d compliment you happily, “but if any other guys dare to look at you the wrong way I might have a few things to say to them.” He’d hold up a fist jokingly and laugh.

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Xiumin: After hearing about you becoming the face of the company, he would be shocked. My jagi is too beautiful! He would think to himself and worry about all the guys that will be looking at you, but he would be supportive of you. “I’m so happy for you, jagi! You deserve it.” He’d say and give you a hug. When it came to your first photo shoot with the company, he would make sure he would be able to tag along  to cheer you on.

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(LOOK AT MY LIL BABY- He’s so precious)

Sehun: He wouldn’t know what to do with himself. His jagi? Swimsuit model? *drools* But seriously, he would be proud of your hard work and determination, and would know that this was a big step in your career. “Jagiya, congratulations!” He’d say once he heard the news. “We should celebrate,” he would suggest and take you out for the day to celebrate your accomplishments.

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Chen: After hearing about it, he would be ready to gush about you. He’d be excited for your achievement and would make sure you know that. One of the many pictures from one of your photo-shoots would be set as his phone’s home screen. If he saw your picture on an ad or in a magazine he would be sure to let everyone know, “that’s my girlfriend, isn’t she gorgeous!?”

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Baekhyun: The moment you uttered the words, “face of a swimsuit company” his eyes would widen. “Jagi!” He’d say and gasp dramatically, “that is unbelievable!” He’d dramatically sigh then chuckle. “I’m not actually all that shocked, the moment they say you they must’ve known you’d be perfect for the job. After all, you are beautiful. It’s not a hard decision.” He’d say, causing you to blush.

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Chanyeol: “THE FACE OF A SWIMSUIT COMPANY?!” he would yell out after you told him the news, causing a small scene. After telling him to quiet down he’d give you a big hug. “I’m so excited for you! You are so gorgeous that the company couldn’t say no!” He’d say cheerily and laugh lightly. “But I feel like I should give you mace to carry around, after all, others can look, I’m the only one allowed to touch. Right?” You’d smack him lightly on the arm and laugh.

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D.O.: After hearing the news, he would be surprised. At first he might be a little apprehensive, other men will be staring at my jagi in nothing but string bikinis… he’d think to himself but quickly snap out of it once he saw how happy you were of your accomplishment. “I know you’ll be the best face this company has got!” He’d say smiling.

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 (Why does it look like Lay is just hovering across the stage behind Kyungsoo?)


Finally a new EXO react is up! These ones always take me the longest to do. Hope you all liked it! 

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summerironqueen  asked:

Gom where their s/o is a idol/model? thank you!! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

I hope you don’t mind me doing the model one only because Japanese idols are usually contractually forbidden from dating. -Admin Fyre

Kuroko Tetsuya:

“I’m so sorry Kuroko-kun! Have you been waiting long?” You finally managed to get away from your designers and photographers, fighting through the crowd to meet your boyfriend. Kuroko shrugged. “I just wish there was a place to sit, people kept pushing past me.”

You winced. “Sorry, I’ll mention it to the director next time.”

“I’d like to speak to your director, ________-san,” Kuroko looked at you seriously. “While you do look good in most of the outfits, there are some I disagree with due to how inappropriate it looks.”

“A-ah, it’s fine!” You fumbled with the low collar of your top, pulling it a little higher. “I get to pick which photos get published anyway, so I-”

“Then I’d like to take a look at them before you decide.”


Kise Ryouta:

“________cchi!!” A blur of yellow came flying out of nowhere and hugged you tightly, smelling of spicy cologne and hair gel, and you laughed, peeling your boyfriend off of you. “Hey, Kise-kun. I see you got the news.”

Kise beamed. It wasn’t often that the two of you were paired up in projects, considering that even though you were both in the model business and were dating, you were still technically rivals. “I’m so glad we’re working together on this photo shoot! We’re gonna be great, I know it! Our love will practically ooze from the magazine pages!”

And yet Kise couldn’t help quipping in as the director presented the outfits for the photo shoot. “No, no! This looks hideous on anyone, it shouldn’t be anywhere near my ________cchi! Take it away, get another one - wait, on second thought, I’ll choose the clothes!”

“Kise-kun, knock it off!”

Midorima Shintarou:

Midorima didn’t realise something was amiss until he noticed that a lot of people were staring at you - pointing, then looking away when he glared at them. At last when he saw a particularly suspicious-looking group shuffle away, he turned to you. “Why is everyone looking at you?”

“Oh.” You blinked. “Uh…I modeled for a fashion company a couple of days ago, and it just got released, so…maybe they recognise me?”

Midorima narrowed his eyes. “A fashion company? That doesn’t explain why many people are looking at you. People hardly recognise models on the street. You say you modeled for a new clothing brand? What kind?”

“Er…” This time you were the one who looked suspicious, all fidgety and avoiding his gaze. “Um…it might have been for a swimsuit company…?”


Aomine Daiki:

“Aomine, are you listening to me? Hey! Ahomine!”

“Hah?” Aomine looked up disinterestedly from his gravure magazine, glancing over at you. You scowled at the magazine in his hands and crossed your arms. “I don’t mind you reading that stuff, but would it kill you to maybe buy a magazine that I’ve modeled for? To show your support or something?”

Aomine raised an eyebrow. “But you send me all your modelling pictures anyway. I don’t have to spend money when I get it from you for free, right?”

You sighed. “It’ll make me feel better if you bought one once in a while.”

To your surprise Aomine dropped the gravure magazine, a smirk on his face. “I’m already showing my support for you even without buying your magazines. For example, how about a kiss for your pretty face?”

With a deadpan expression you pushed him away. “Nice try, you perv.”

Murasakibara Atsushi:

“Atsushi, come on!” You tugged at Murasakibara’s hand, trying to pull him along faster. He simply grunted and continued moving at a snail’s pace, shoving chips into his mouth. “________-chin, stop pulling me. Where are we going, anyway?”

“We’re going to be late for my photo shoot! I told you about it, remember? You promised you’d come!” You groaned in annoyance. “It’s not going to go well with the director if I tell him I was late because my boyfriend was slow, I’m modelling for a sports brand, for God’s sake!”

Suddenly an idea popped into your head. “Atsushi, we have to hurry, I know there’s going to be food for the models, but we’re going to run out if we’re late!”

“No way.” To your surprise Murasakibara kept munching. “You said it’s a sports brand, right? So all the food’s gonna be healthy stuff for athletes. No way I’m going to run there just for that.”


Akashi Seijuurou:

“Sei, can I ask you something?”

“Sure.” Akashi didn’t look up from the documents he was reading, only tipping his reading glasses to show that he was listening. You took two shirts from the closet and held them up in front of you. “Which of these looks good on me?”

Akashi glanced at you for a full three seconds, then back to reading. “Black.”

“You didn’t even look properly! This is for the new designer brand, I need to look presentable! Black or blue?”

Akashi chuckled a little and looked at you again, leaning back with his arms crossed. “Black,” he repeated. “It makes you look taller while the blue one clashes with your hair. Don’t worry, I did look and I am trying to help you, but whether you accept my suggestion on your appearance is entirely up to you.”

Knowing that he was making fun of you, your cheeks pinked. “S-shut up!”