i feel like i overworked them but hey

Kaz hates to walk around with his crutch especially when he’s traveling all over Mother Base. He mumbles to himself that they should install escalators connecting to every freaking little place as possible instead of making him walk like some overworked ant. Money shouldn’t be an issue.

He doesn’t even recognize until he feels a familiar set of arms carrying him bridal style. He catches BB staring at him with a small smile.

“H-hey! Put me down, Snake! I can walk just fine!” Kaz struggles but BB doesn’t relent, he’s definitely enjoying this too. Bastard.

They pass soldiers cheering and hooting, even some daring to whistle but Kaz makes sure to give them a worthy punishment later on.

“Oh. Did I already missed the wedding?” Ocelot waves at the two, a smirk already apparent. “Want me to grab the champagne?”

“Fuck you!”