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Hey I just realized the poor overworked science division never gets any love. So I was wondering if you had any headcanons for them?

(I wasn’t quite sure what exactly you wanted for this, so I chose four prominent science division characters and made relationship headcanons for them. I figured that’s the best way they can get love!)

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  • Being in a relationship with Komui feels more like you’re his babysitter, despite the fact he’s a grown man.
  • Almost all of the science division turn to you when having to deal with him. They all genuinely have a lot of respect for you because of your ability to get Komui to do his work.
  • You help take the burden off his shoulders that he carries with him every time Exorcists and Finders come back dead. It’s not his fault they died, but he feels responsible, because he’s the one who had to send them out there.
  • He has a lot more serious moments with you than silly. He doesn’t want you to think he doesn’t take the relationship seriously. But he’s also clingy as Hell, jesus.

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  • You are a blessing in disguise for Reever. You help keep him sane in a crazy work atmosphere.
  • The rest of the science division looks up to you as much as they do Reever. They think that if he chose you to be with, you must be someone amazing.
  • He’s kind of in a gray zone for PDA; he doesn’t want it if it’s excessive, too much, or while he’s busy. But if you catch him at a good time, kisses and hugs are allowed. You just have to ignore the rest of the division’s teasing.
  • The best moments in your relationship are when he actually gets his work done and he can come sleep in his own bed with you for once. He’s instantly out when his head hits the pillow, but he’s still holding on to you, and you feel Blessed™.

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  • Your relationship with Johnny is so Pure and Good and Wholesome. It’s like you two are teenagers again, despite the fact he is a 26 year old man.
  • Hopefully you are strong, because there may be times where you have to drag his unconscious body to a bed or infirmary. It’s a little worrisome how often this happens.
  • To make sure he’s up and active, you frequently bring him meals that he’d miss otherwise and coffee when Lenalee isn’t doing her rounds. You also start bringing food for everybody else because they don’t realize how hungry they are until they see him eating, and you don’t want to leave them out.
  • He is a blushing mess if you show him any affection so PDA is not a good idea; he might die right then and there. The most you’ll get, both receiving and giving, is a kiss on the cheek. The division still teases you both relentlessly over this.

  • Tapp is best hugger. 10/10 Greatest hugs of all time, would hug again.
  • He’s also pretty strong, considering he can carry Johnny easily. If he isn’t busy with work(wow what happened) he would willingly carry you, if you want him to. It’ll just make him that much more ready to carry his unconscious best friend back to the infirmary.
  • He’s lazy, so you’re going to be his number one motivator. It isn’t easy, but you are his only hope of ever seeing the sunlight again.
  • Isn’t particularly bothered by PDA, but be careful; you may just end up distracting him from his work, and he is all to willing to let that happen.

Kaz hates to walk around with his crutch especially when he’s traveling all over Mother Base. He mumbles to himself that they should install escalators connecting to every freaking little place as possible instead of making him walk like some overworked ant. Money shouldn’t be an issue.

He doesn’t even recognize until he feels a familiar set of arms carrying him bridal style. He catches BB staring at him with a small smile.

“H-hey! Put me down, Snake! I can walk just fine!” Kaz struggles but BB doesn’t relent, he’s definitely enjoying this too. Bastard.

They pass soldiers cheering and hooting, even some daring to whistle but Kaz makes sure to give them a worthy punishment later on.

“Oh. Did I already missed the wedding?” Ocelot waves at the two, a smirk already apparent. “Want me to grab the champagne?”

“Fuck you!”

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If you have time, could you do an iPhone wallpaper of markiplier's egos (mainly Dark, Wilford, Google, and The Host)? Sorta like a collage or an aesthetic (im not sure if that made much sense)? With a space background behind them (well that's optional really)? (If you can't then that's fine. I wouldn't want you to be overworked or feel like this is mandatory.)


Took a while because I had to eat and I accidentally got back to watching a show on Netflix instead of working but, hey, I got it done eventually! I hope you like it.

You can find the completed request here. :)

I’m not that satisfied with this, but I hoped you liked it whoever you were. You can leave imagine request and what not in my box :) ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ “Care for a smoke?” One of my coworkers, Jeffery, asked me and I agreed. We walked outside of the building and he pulled out the package of cigarettes, offering me one and then lighting it. I inhaled the smoke, waited a few seconds, and then exhaled while leaning my head back with my eyes closed. I could feel all of the stress from today slowly melting away. “Today has been stressful hasn’t it?” Jeffrey chuckled and I blew out another cloud of smoke. “Tell me about it.” “We’ve been in this building for almost six hours straight and they barely have anything.” He rolled his eyes. “All the audio they’ve gotten sounded perfect to me. I don’t understand what was wrong with it.” I told him and he nodded in agreement. “I sometimes just think they like to overwork them.” “Couldn’t have said it better.” He chuckled and we heard the door open, revealing Calum. “Hey there, Mr. Rockstar.” I smirked at him, but he only had a frown on his face. Jeffery and I looked at each other in confusion and then returned our gaze back to Calum who still had the frown. “I need to speak to Y/N. Alone.” He said, his eyes never leaving mine. “Looks like you’re in trouble.” Jeffery mumbled, teasing me and he chuckled to himself. We both waited until Jeffery was gone before either of us decided to say anything. “What did I tell you?” He asked me and I rolled my eyes. “You can’t control me, Calum.” “No, but I can stop you from killing yourself.” He furrowed his eyebrows out of anger. “Try telling yourself that and stop being hypocritical.” I laughed lightly. “I don’t smoke twice, almost three times a day. I smoke every now and then, maybe once or twice a month. You need to stop” I laughed at him, inhaling and exhaling a cloud of smoke. “I’m a grown ass woman, Calum. I can do what I want.” Calum groaned and snatched the cigarette out of my hand, flicking it on the ground and stepping on it to put it out. “Hey!” I hit his shoulder and he grabbed my hand, tugging me into his chest. I looked up at him and noticed how close we actually were. I could feel his breath hitting my face and when I looked at his plump lips, I realised that I really wanted to kiss him. “Look, all I’m saying is that you’re too beautiful to be destroying yourself like this.” He then let me go and walked back into the studio, leaving me there confused. He thinks I’m beautiful? ■■■■■ I knocked on his hotel door, waiting anxiously for him to open it. It took him atleast five minutes, but when I saw what time it was on my phone I realised why. “Y/N, what are you doing?” He asked me, his voice husky from sleep. Calum’s hair was a fluffy mess and he was only clad in a paid of boxed briefs. “I,uh…I couldn’t sleep.” Was all I said and he sighed, rubbing his eyes. He opened the door a bit wider so I could walk in and once I was in I just stood there, not knowing what to do. “I’m sorry for waking you up. I don’t even know why I came in here, I j-” “Y/N, you’re rambling again.” He chuckled, already used to my nervous rambling about nothing. Calum climbed into the fluffy white bed and lifted the duvet on the other side. “Come on.” “What?” “You can’t sleep alone apparently, so sleep with me.” He said in a duh tone. I cautiously made my way to him and climbed in next to him. Once I was in the bed, I turned my back towards him because I knew there was no way I could be that close to him and not do something stupid. I felt his arms wrap around me and I froze when he pulled me closer so now we were spooning. “Calum…” I whispered. “Hmm?” “What are you doing?” “Cuddling you.” He said, rubbing the skin of my hip with his thumb. “You smell nice.” “Thanks.” I was glad that he couldn’t see my scarlet cheeks due to the darkness of the room. Just as I was about to dose off Calum said something that I thought I would never hear him say. “I love you.” “You wh-” “I love you….and I know you love me too.” “Cal…” I trailed, turning over so now we were face to face. I was searching for a sign telling me that he was joking, but I couldn’t find any. “You know we can’t be together. It’s in my-” “Screw the contract, Y/N. I don’t care what management says, they can’t tell me who I can and can’t love.” “But-” “Y/N, if it means that much to you then we can keep it on the down low. The boys don’t even have to know if that means we can be together. Whatever it takes.” He plead and I bit my lip. “So what do you say?” I leaned in and placed a small, short kiss onto his lips.“ How’s that for an answer?” “Not good enough.” He smirked and leaned in for another, making this one deeper and more passionate. I cuddled against his chest and he wrapped his arms around me protectively. “We can stop together. It’s going to be a bit harder for you, but I’ll help.” Calum spoke and I sighed, rolling my eyes. “Fine….asshole.” “Love you too, Y/N.” He chuckled.