i feel like i need to make a doodle tag


got the mimikyu (5% encounter rate why) I needed to complete my team in Moon so I doodled my team (+1) and the overwatch characters they were named after because I make wise use of my time

Gabe ‘n’ Jack w/ Gabriel the Incineroar and Jack the Mudsdale
Genji ‘n’ Jesse w/ Genji the Mimikyu, Genji the Fomantis (present as an honorable mention because it was just barely edged off the team by the mimikyu), and Jesse the Lycanroc (who… wound kind of hidden, oops)
and Symmetra ‘n’ Sombra w/ Symmetra the Raichu and Sombra the Crobat (who was originally a temporary member when I caught her as a zubat and now she’s indispensable to the team haha oh well)

…yeah. anyway!

Touch Meme

I’ve wanted to make one of these for Ela for quite a while, and today I had some time over so there we go! Approach her carefully in the beginning, then she’ll crave your attention and lay on your work like a kitten if she needs to x3

Feel free to tag me if you do it too! This is by no means my idea, but I love getting to know your OCs!<3 <3

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Omg one of these yessssssss
5 things that make me happy
1. Anime/manga. I’m serious, even the sad and gory ones. It’s become less of something I watch when I’m bored or need to blow off steam to something I genuinely enjoy.
2. Drawing. I doodle all the time and just like that sudden flash of inspiration and “I need to draw this” just really feels great to me.
3. Video games. I swear to god I love video games so much. Literally I would have so much free time but video games man.
4. Music. Specifically Vocaloid, C pop, J pop, and K pop. It’s something I’ve kinda grown up with and come on, they’re good. Really.
5. The people I’ve met. Sure, I’m not on…the best terms with some of them, and I’ve forgotten a whole bunch of them. But it’s kinda comforting to know that they’re out there, and that they’re leading their own lives. Wow, that sounded really weird.

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fucking new year is in a few days which means sherlock special is coming up promo !!!

lmao i just really need to fill my queue and maybe follow some ppl and idk if y'all are still interested in promos but i feel like this is a way to interact with y'all.

  • must be following me
  • reblog this please
  • i’ll make lists of 5 i think
  • and i’ll make screenshot promos for my faves 
  • also been thinking abut doodling or doing selfie line arts idk, so if u leave ur selfie tag it might be a thing
  •  i’ll post it on new years eve :-)