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Hold On, I’m Coming (Part 2)

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Summary: you and Dean have your first date

Pairing: Firefighter!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,400

Warnings: language, mention of injuries, mention of stitches

A/N: You guys want more - you got it! Hope you like it, and there will be at least a few more parts that I’ve got planned. Beta and general life credit to my twin @deanssweetheart23 for reading everything and putting up with me

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Requested - Hi! Could you write something with Aaliyah and Y/N. Like they get along pretty well and like Aaliyah asks Y/N about losing Virginity (Y/N lost it very soon) or something like that. Thanks!

Requested - Heyy, I have an imagine request 💕 so, you’re visiting Shawn in Canada and he’s busy, so you end up spending time with Aaliyah (like take her shopping or out for milkshakes or something) and Shawn finds out and he thinks it’s really sweet and fluff fluff fluff

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“Baby, I’m so sorry,” Shawn says for what seems like the hundredth time as he glances over at you briefly before refocusing his eyes on the road in front of him.

“Don’t be.” You respond with a cheeky smile. “I get to drive your jeep and hang out with your sister, so it’s a win-win for me.”

“Have I told you lately that you’re the best?” He asks.

“Maybe once or twice,” you tease, a smile on your face as you genuinely appreciate this time you’re getting to spend with your boyfriend, even if it isn’t a lot. You came to Canada to visit him, but he ended up having to rehearse at the last minute, which kind of ruined your original plans for the afternoon.

The drive to his rehearsal space goes by far too quickly, and before you know it you’re driving his jeep out of the parking lot on your way to pick up Aaliyah from school. Since Shawn ended up being busy, you offered to pick up his sister from school and take her to the mall. You’ve grown really close to Aaliyah over the past year that you’ve been dating Shawn, and since you don’t have a younger sister, you take full advantage of getting to spend time with Aaliyah and play an older sister role in her life.

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todomomo (first kiss) headcanons (because I'm dying with love for them)

-They get together Senior year of high school, but before they were official a lot of things happened.

-Yaomomo has had a crush on him since freshman year, but she didn’t think anything would come of it so pretended she didn’t find him attractive and his personality endearing

-It was hard

-His shirt burns so easily when he’s not in costume and damn he has great abs

-But she’s staring for purely research purpose!! Gotta check to see how buff he is to come up with a plan to help/beat him in a fight!!

-Yep totally the reason

-and during class he was always one of the first people to notice if something was wrong, whether it was another person or herself.

- She admired how observant he was so much

-She admired so much about him actually, his looks were helpful in liking him, but his personality and actions captivated her so much more

-like how he’s so dedicated to become a hero and seemed to be born to do so in how he speaks and acts (which he actually was)

-and he’s genuine drive to be a better person then his father and how he learns from his mistakes made him so admirably and great in Yaomomo’s eyes.

-She liked him for that and so, so much more

-And all the reasons why she liked him where the very same reasons why she was sure he’d never like her.

-Shouto didn’t realize he had feelings for her for the longest time

-They just appeared one day a couple months before summer and he’s just like “?????”

-He saw her helping some of their classmates with homework and that started him on the thought process of how good of a person she is

-Like she’s always helping everyone in anyway she can

-and she encourages them

-and she’s brilliantly intelligent and is amazing at analyzing villains

-and her quirk is useful for being a hero and she utilizes it perfectly

-and then his heart started racing and he was so confused and concerned

-and after a couple days of his heart speeding up whenever he saw Yaomomo, he decided to ask his mom and sister about it during the weekend, figuring maybe they’d know what was wrong with his heart before he went to medical professionals

-and so he asked when he and Fuyumi visited their mom

-was he overworking himself? Stress? An enemy quirk?

-he hoped it wasn’t an enemy quirk making his heart act weird when he looked at Yaomomo, he liked looking at her

-and his mom and Fuyumi both got kind of excited because he likes someone!!!

-And he’s so confused

-why are they happy?? Do they want him to be stressed or under a quirk??

-and when they explain to him what they think his heart racing means, he’s kind of…. unsure what to think of it.

-he’s never liked a person before, and the only relationship he had was in 3rd year, which Endeavor forced him into for a publicity stunt

-the girl was the daughter of some important hero family, and had liked him a lot more then he liked her

-plus his parents relationship wasn’t the best, so he’s not exactly sure what you’re supposed to do when you like someone

-the only other examples he has are his classmates, and they aren’t exactly perfect role models when it comes to confessing feelings

-so he keeps his possible feelings to himself and tries to make it through the rest of the semester without making it obvious

-he more or less succeeds, though Midoriya, Kirishima, and Ochaco have their suspicions after he slips a couple times

-so they both go into summer before senior year liking each other

-their first kiss happened that summer, at one of the fancy parties Yaomomo’s parents throw (psssst I might be writing a one shot about their first kiss ;)

-Neither of them knew the other was going to be there

-Shouto didn’t recognize the house since it was at the Yaoyozoru’s summer home, and Momo hadn’t checked the guest list

-when she sees him standing off to the side, she goes over to talk with him as quickly as she can without seeming rude to the other guests

-she’s concerned with how distant he is, and he confesses that his mom’s sick and he’s having a hard time thinking of anything else except his concern

-to try and get his mind off of it, Momo asks if he would like to go to the study hall and do some prep work for school, or to just read

- he doesn’t see why they shouldn’t

-Momo isn’t supposed to go into the study hall outside of an allotted time, as she will just spend all her free time in there so her parents lock it and she out of respect for them doesn’t replicate the key

-she respects them but she isn’t above telling them a little white lie

-her mother knows Momo likes a boy from her class and is super paranoid about her getting into a “scandalous” relationship

-so if Momo told the truth, that she wanted to go study alone with a boy, her mother would put her foot down and say no

-so she lies and says she’s not feeling well, and would like to relax in the calming that the study hall is for her

-after getting the key, she and Shouto sneak off to the study hall where they had all the plans to study and read and do nothing else.

-but…. there was a change of plans

-it wasn’t either of their fault! They had been reading different books and just sitting in silence, when Momo had pointed out something she found interesting in the book she was reading

-and Shouto moved closer to read over her shoulder

-and Momo forgot what she was saying as she could feel a little bit of his breath on her

- and as she trailed off, she noticed how close their faces were

-and they both just looked at each other, inches apart

-hearts racing in the dim light

-Momo doesn’t know if she kissed him or if he kissed her

-Either way, they didn’t stop kissing until the butler came knocking on the door, informing her that the party was over and she needed to come say goodbye to the guests with her parents

-Shouto snuck back into the slowly dissolving party easily, while Momo checked and made sure she didn’t look like she felt: red faced and disheveled

-her parents didn’t seem to notice anything, so she was sure she was in the clear, she politely stood by them while they talked to the line of departing guests

-Yaomomo had forgotten she’d have to see him face to face in front of her parents, and was only reminded when she saw him a couple people back in the line

-She did rather well in staying composed, she shook his hand and smiled at him easily, what was hard was not thinking that his hands had been holding her minutes before, and that the lips that were almost smiling at her had been kissing her

-she almost lasted, but then as he was walking away, he looked back at her and with a genuine smile on his lips told her he would see her at school

-Yaomomo’s blushed then, but the thought made her smile genuine in return

-As he walked away, she decided that senior year was going to be much more fulfilling then she had assumed it would

-Yaomomo woke up the next morning with her cellphone going off like crazy: most of the texts where from Mina and Kyoka, who last night Momo had decided to tell that she’d kissed someone,

-she had been overcome with excitement and needed to share it with somebody and those two were the first that popped into her mind

-Momo hadn’t specified who, and that was what the two girls where texting her madly about

-Her heart sped up though when she noticed that one of the texts was from Shouto

-it wasn’t a long text, short and simple and right to the point

- He was asking if she wanted to meet up with him for lunch

-He apparently couldn’t wait for school to see her, and Momo couldn’t wait either

Why Spideypool NEEDS to be Canon

Okay, I’m just going on a rant here, but this is something I feel needs to be said. Deadpool is easily the most well-known super-hero to be included as part of the LGBT+ community. For those who don’t know, he is pansexual. I too am pansexual, and to have a hero as awesome and crazy as Deadpool out there spreading awareness of what is one of the least known and acknowledged sexualities out there is really important to me. I’m proud of my sexuality, and quite frankly, I don’t care whether you think Deadpool is a morally sound character or not (he isn’t), because he has now surpassed Spider-man as the most popular Marvel character. (Sorry Petey.) Deadpool could raise awareness of a group of people who are grossly underrepresented in media, so, in a few words, I am done with this “no homo” bullshit that the comics are putting out. Honestly, thank Chuck for Ryan Reynolds, who actually gives a shiznip about portraying the character honestly. (A little peeved that they didn’t include the boxes, speaking as a diagnosed schizoaffective, but whatevs.) The point is, Deadpool IS pansexual. The writers can’t take that back. It’s out there in all its full-frontal-nudity canonical glory. 

Now, Marvel Comics started a Spider-man/Deadpool comic series, that is ongoing, not because they thought, oh, this would probably sell, or hey, these two have had some pretty cool team-ups in the past, but because the SHIPPERS campaigned for it. Yeah, you heard me right. This comic series was started because the fans asked for it, and then an email was given out so fans could let the writers know that they would buy a comic about Spider-man and Deadpool in a relationship. And, in case there was any confusion, the relationship the shippers want is not platonic. We’re talking gay-ass face fucking while totally naked in San Francisco kind of homosexuality.

Now, Deadpool has a crush on Spider-man. Also a canonical fact. I can’t exactly blame him; that costume is tight in ALL the right places. So, all we need is to get Spidey on board. Let’s take a look at the arguments, shall we?

“But Peter’s too young!”

Okay, Deadpool did fall in love with a teenager once. Wow, Marvel Comics. Your past canon is really fucking you up the ass without lube right now, huh? Granted, he left her because he didn’t want to ruin her life, but I think it’s fair to say Deadpool doesn’t really care about the age of his lovers, as opposed to the mental maturity (or immaturity, as the case may be). I think he really needs someone to click with, and yeah, Deadpool would never, EVER get it on with a minor, but Peter has been portrayed at any number of ages, from high school into college. The minute Petey-pie turns 18, he’s fair game as far as Deadpool is concerned.

“But Peter’s straight!”

Wow, imaginary person in my head that I’m using exclusively to make my argument stronger, have you forgotten what you just said? Peter IS YOUNG. I had some difficulty figuring out my sexuality. I thought I was gay, then I thought I was bi, and then I thought I was gay again (turns out I just really enjoy taking it up the ass) so it’s not like Peter’s sexuality is set in stone.

Now, if Peter was a real person, I would never say that he had to be gay for social justice reasons. You can’t force a real person to change their sexuality just because it might help your cause. However, Peter Parker is a fictional character who still has every potential in the canonical universe the comics have set up to come out as bi, or whatever.

So, there you go, make it canon, Ryan Reynolds is awesome, go Canada, Spideypool for the win!


@bottomtothetop I accidentally deleted your first ask but here you go - You offered three so I did three! *evil laughter* Dw I toned down the angst for this one, I couldn’t hurt my babies again. Thank you for the prompts! I’ll try to answer your other one as soon as possible :)

15 - “I don’t want to hurt you”
34 - “If you really love you, you’ll let me go”
37 - “Because I love you god damn it”


In some way, Jeremy knew what he was doing was wrong and stupid and irrational but he found himself doing it anyway.

After the Squip was defeated, Jeremy had started to sink back into his daily routine. He was still mostly on edge, waiting for a voice in the back of his head to tell him what he was be doing wrong, but for the most part he had gotten used to his own free will. Ironically, Jeremy was now more popular and happy with his friends than he ever had ever been when the Squip was around and he loved it. He loved his little friendship group, something which he had wanted all of his high school life. But something was still wrong.

He still had the doubts. The lingering thoughts that he was going to do something again and shock everyone around him, ruining the friendship they had sprouted together. He was going to say something and without the Squip’s guidance it wouldn’t end well for anyone. He was going to hurt someone, like he had once before. He was worried he was going to hurt Michael.

No matter how many times Jeremy had apologised and Michael had told him that everything was ok, he still didn’t trust himself to not hurt his best friend like that again. He wouldn’t be able to live with himself if he left Michael in the same state he had done at the Halloween party. But without the Squip, Jeremy didn’t know what to do to avoid it. So he did the one thing he was good at: disappearing.

He started to intentionally miss classes and after school practices, using the Squip incident as an excuse to get out of talking to people. ‘Sorry, I’m just recovering,’ he would say to anyone who wanted to talk to him. It was for the best, that way he wouldn’t hurt anyone accidentally. But it soon got out of control. Jeremy stated to block out the people around him, not even acknowledging their presence. He was in a constant state of zombie. The Squip may have gone a long time ago, but he still had compete control over Jeremy.

Eventually, he was snapped out of his trance when a boy in front of him in a red hoodie, who had been trying to get his attention for days now, dragged him out of the cafeteria and into a somewhat empty hallway.

“Alright Jeremy, I’ve had enough,” the boy, Michael, said in a loud-whisper so he could hear him clearly. “You can’t do this to m- to everyone again. You need to focus! The Squip’s gone, you’re safe! It’s ok-”

“I don’t want to hurt you.” He heard himself say in a monotone voice, as if watching the scene from afar.

“Hurt… hurt me? Jeremy, you’re already hurting me! Do you know how it feels to be completely ignored. Twice! Like hell Jeremy. It hurts like hell.”

Jeremy wasn’t processing anything his best friend was saying. If he did, he told himself, he might use it to hurt Michael. Hurt Michael…

“JEREMY!” Michael screamed, snapping his best friend out of his hypnotic trance for a few seconds. “Please! Listen to me.”

“Why- why should I?” He slowly replied, lifting his head to look at Michael. “If I do, I’ll only make everything worse! I ruined your life once Michael, I can’t afford to do it again…”

“No… no you don’t get to choose whether my life is ruined or not ok? All you have to do is be there for me! You’re my best friend!”

“And what if I can’t even do that Michael? Huh? Then what?” He stated a little louder than before to get his friend’s full attention. “Michael I’m doing this for your own good!”

“Don’t give me that bullshit Jeremy! Please, you can’t possibly think this is a good idea-”

“Well what else am I supposed to do? Let myself run around the school shouting things that will get me beat up, that will make me lose all my friends. I have to! The Squip… may have been right. This is the only way to help the people around me…” Jeremy slowed down his speech, drifting back into his zombie-like state.

“Jeremy please-”

“Give me a reason Michael. Give me one fucking reason why I shouldn’t do this.”

“Because I love you god damn it!” Michael shouted, gripping onto his best friend’s shirt and yanking it forward so that Jeremy came face to face with him.

Jeremy should have processed what was happening right then and there. His best friend just confessed to him, in the middle of an argument, trying to convince him to give him the light of day. Of course, Jeremy only knew how to make matters worse.

“If you really love me, you’ll let me go.” He whispered, trying to turn away. He couldn’t do this, not now. He knew that if he stayed he’d say something or he’d do something stupid to hurt his best friend. To hurt Michael. Hurt-

Jeremy was suddenly shattered from his trance to find Michael had smashed their lips together in an attempt to save him from his own hell. It was far from a perfect first kiss between the two, for starters Michael’s glasses would have to go, but it was enough for Jeremy to understand. All this time, Michael wasn’t in fear of his best friend hurting him again like he did on Halloween. He was trying to help him. Michael had always been there for Jeremy and now was a more prominent example than any other. Michael had stood by his side until Jeremy had forced him to break away. But even now, after everything that had happened, Michael was there. Michael would always be there.

The two stood there for a few more seconds, lips pressed together and eyes closed just taking in all that had happened - a silent apology shared between them. They seemed to have completely forgotten that the school bell had just rang and that most of the students were walking past them kissing in the hallway.

Down by the lockers, a pouty Chloe slipped a $20 note into a smug looking Brooke’s hand.

I know this is like, kinda late to the chapter 18 meta party since chapter 19 comes out tomorrow, but I figured what the heck, I’d post it anyways.

Once again, I have no grand point to make here, but it’s something I noticed about that chapter and I haven’t seen anyone else bring it up. But I want to talk about the angle we saw Bum in some of the frames of this chapter. Y’all - I’m in even going to add pictures.

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Langst - Home Away From Home

Sooooo sorry for everyone who has been waiting for this headcanon, which I wanted to post earlier this week, but have been too tired to do so! 

Anyway, this is just a short one! Apologies for mistakes!

Lance is back home. There’s a teary reunion as he’s welcomed back by many tight embraces. It feels like a dream.

Everyone asks him about where he disappeared to, not believing him when he tells them about Voltron. They just assume he ran off with his friends, for which he receives a harsh scolding from his mother.

After many hours of catching up, the house seems to finally calm down, and it’s as if Lance had never left. Everything was just as he remembered, and he hadn’t felt so at ease in ages. Then it starts.

He doesn’t take much notice of it at first. He’ll sometimes wake up, going downstairs to the kitchen, asking Hunk what was for breakfast, only to remember when upon opening his eyes he finds his mum preparing his favourite breakfast. No neon coloured space goo in sight. Lance justified it by thinking about the fact that he’d only just got back. Besides, he’d known Hunk back at the Garrison, before Voltron, so he had grown accustomed to his constant company.

There were similar occasions where he’d catch himself almost calling out to the others, but it wasn’t too bad. It was the other things that concerned him.

Nightmares were common. He relived life on the battlefield, the dense sound of blasters firing from all around him at once. He’d wake up in a sweat, springing from his bed, his right hand shifting to his hip to grasp his bayar-

Oh. Right. He didn’t have that anymore. Didn’t /need/ it anymore, he tried to assure himself. Honestly, he should feel safer away from the battles, but now he knew of the dangers that lay in space, and without his weapon, his armour, his lion, his team…he felt more exposed than ever.

He became a little jumpy over sudden noises, and every so often he’d find himself spending hours just staring up at the sky, wondering whether something would come for Earth next. /When/ something would come.

Lance’s family grew worried. They kept insisting that he was misremembering. Of /course/ he hadn’t gone to space to fight in an intergalactic war! They reminded him of this every chance they got. It was so tempting to listen. The temptation grew as his memories became less defined, but there was a longing, a feeling of almost homesickness that would overcome him whenever he indulged in the idea. Yet it made no sense. THIS was his home, not in space with Hunk and-


How many had he lived with? …5? 6?

This was ridiculous! He couldn’t forget them after spending so long with them! …then why. Why couldn’t he recall their names?! He had lost their faces weeks ago, but that wasn’t unusual for Lance who easily forgot people’s faces. He never forgot names though. Until now. It still didn’t make sense, why would he forget them when they had been so close? Unless…unless it /had/ been his imagination. Had he really conjured up such a vivid story? Well, Lance supposed, it wasn’t that vivid anymore. However, he was overcome with such a strong sense of /wrongness/ as he considered it. Maybe the pressure at the Garrison really /had/ got to him.

A little after two months since his return, he dreamt again. He dreamt of sitting in a room, staring out into the stars around him. He heard quiet footsteps approaching him, then a figure sat at his side. Lance turned to find a pair of eyes, a striking mixture of silver and violet that reminded him of the hues of the amethysts he’d collected as a child, and a face framed by dark hair which fell across it as they tilted their head to regard him.

“Thinking of home?” Lance found himself nodding instinctively, only to wonder why he did so. Earth had been the farthest thing on his mind.

He opened his mouth to ask why they had come, but found, alarmingly, that their name would not form. His eyes widened in fear and he reached out to them, hoping they could tell him what it was. He needed to know. He cried out as his hand slipped through their arm. He launched himself at the person as they begun to fade, their body evaporating into the air. He couldn’t go, couldn’t leave him!

Lance woke as he fell from his bed, eyes stinging with tears. However, he could feel the dream slipping from his mind, fading just as- … “Just as”, what? Why was he crying?

He wanted to call out for someone, but for the life of him couldn’t think who. Who? Who was it?!

Lance stood up twisting on the spot as he desperately looked around his room as if he might find the answers. Then a full-body shiver ran through him. He collapsed.

Voices swirled around Lance as arms surrounded him, supported him. Ah, he loved these voices. They soothed him immediately. One sounded beside his ear, and before he knew it, Lance was speaking.


“Lance? Hey, you awake now?” Lance opened his eyes, quickly shutting them as they burned under the blaring light that greeted them. As he regained his awareness, he realised that he was sitting up, his back supported by two arms steadying his sides. He tried to turn his head as his vision cleared to see Keith’s face, but the movement must’ve been too quick, for a bout of nausea overcame him.

“Easy there! You’ve been in the cryo-pod for quite some time. It’ll take a while for your strength to return.” Coran. How had Lance forgotten? He must’ve been speaking the truth as Lance could already feel his strength waning. He fell asleep, safe in the knowledge they’d all be there when he woke.

Lance slept for another day and when he finally came to he spent ages devouring Hunk’s delicious space goo delights. He was told about how he’d been close to an exploding building, the blast sending a large piece of metal into his side, knocking him backwards. He had luckily fallen unconscious, saving him from experiencing the pain of what was, apparently, quite a severe wound.

“In fact, if left any longer, it would’ve been a mortal one!” Coran had kindly chipped in. He had spent four days in the pod.

Lance found Keith later that day on the bridge, staring out into the blanket of stars that surrounded them. He had a strange feeling of déjà vu, but shook it off and went to sit beside Keith. His memories had come back over the course of the day, and he could finally recall the moment the explosion occurred. He remembered his last thoughts.

“Hey,” Lance started, catching Keith’s attention.

“Hey. You okay?”

“Yeah, I just… I dreamt in the pod.”

“Oh?” Lance sighed as he remembered the vivid reality he had been stuck in.

“I dreamt I was back with my family.”

“You dreamt of your home?” Lance opened his mouth to respond, before he stopped himself, frowning in thought. He looked over to Keith and thought of how desperate he had been in the dream.

“One of them,” he settled on as an answer. Keith didn’t question his odd choice of words, only humming in understanding before looking back out into space.

Lance had never considered having two homes was possible, not really, but now he knew for certain that he would always feel homesick without him family. Either one of them.

He thought back to his last thoughts before he’d fallen unconscious and shook his head disapprovingly.

“I wish I was back home…”

Honestly, where else had he been all this time?


There you have it at last! Hope you enjoyed, and if you’d like to read more of my headcanons, check out my masterpost.

anvil527up  asked:

So RuinsResearcherObiWan...has he investigated Sith ruins? What happens when he presents THAT info? "It's just the force, yah babies"? Or Anakin tells his friend about the new lecturer, and at some point ObiWan will want to leave the temple for something (what guards!). Does he meet the Chancellor and get a BAAAAD feeling? Seeing as how Obi is not blinded by the Jedi complacency? (too much in one ask! I'm sorry! Your writing is amazing and I am very interested in how everybody does <grin/sob>

“I’m sorry, did I hear right, Sith ruins?”

Obi-Wan turned back to the lecture hall, raising his eyebrows at Master Windu. “Yes, Sith ruins, I don’t leave the stones unchecked and Sith’s are just as much a part of the Force and Force traditions as Jedi are.” He turned back to the board. “No-”

“That is heresy and blata-”

“If you value your place in here, you will stop right there.” Obi-Wan turned back. “The Sith will always belong to the Force, the dark side of the Force. They are part of history and not to be forgotten and nothing you tell me will make me sweep it under the carpet.” He growled.

The two stared at each other.

“I don’t understand the Jedi. There is so much talk about the balance, about the Force, about the darkness and the light. Yet no one questions why there is unclarity in it here where the seat of power for Jedi are. By all accounts, it should be the strongest here and YET its not.” Obi-Wan snorted.

“And your theory Master Kenobi?” Mace growled.

“To much light and there can be no shadow, the balance gets interrupted, corruption happens.” The omega leaned on his desk, staring at the Master.

Another argument between the two might have erupted hadn’t Depa intervened.

“You said are, not were.” She tilted her head.

Obi-Wan looked at her, raising his brow.

“The sith.” She clarified. “You said are. As if they still exist.”

Obi-Wan gave a huff of a breath. “Of course they exist. Of that I have no doubt. Darkness can hide. Darkness can be patient. Just because you all can’t sense it doesn’t mean I can’t.” He shifted until he could sit on the desk, giving his stomach a little rub before looking at them. “There is darkness out there that does not belong to native Force groups. There are still Sith out there. Because you can’t fully destroy something that leaves behind a legacy of holocrons and temples, ruins as they may be. There will always be someone drawn to the dark and therefor willing to give up parts of their souls to find knowledge.”

Plo hummed at that. “I can see your point. But one would need a teache-”

“Holocrons master Plo.” Obi-Wan injected, his voice far more polite with the Kel Dor. “Can be teachers as long as you can open it. And the tools to open certain Sith holocrons can be as easy as anger.”

He waited to see if they caught on.

Depa did first, her eyes widening. “You’ve opened one.”

“Indeed. I had a fascinating conversation with a long dead Sith lord who tried to convince me that as an omega I was reduced to my breeding parts and therefor I should seek vengeance.” Obi-Wan snorted. “Charming as it was, I saw through it. But I learned much from it. Ignorance, complacency and isolation is the path to destruction. I weld my knowledge as best I know.”

He let them buzz around him in their conversations as he reached into a drawer and pulled out a bag of dried apple crisps he knew Yoda had put in there for him, feeling peckish.

He pointedly ignored Windu’s practically vibrating form.

Nibbling slowly, he relaxed before jerking a bit and grimacing as a wave of nausea rose from his stomach and he quickly put his apple chips away. He was awkwardly rubbing his stomach when a hand landed on his shoulder. “Obi-Wan?”

He looked at Plo and grimaced a bit. “Nausea.” He murmured quietly.

“Ah, would you like me to get you some tea?”

Obi-Wan hesitated, glancing around the room before sighing. “No, I’ll get it myself. I think today’s lecture is enough seeing as everyone is to worked up about the Sith ruins and the holocrons.”

The Jedi nodded and watched Obi-Wan end the lecture, giving everyone a link to his research papers with a hand on his swollen stomach.

He then offered his arm to him. “May I escort you to your quarters? For my own comfort sake.” He smiled.

“I can’t reject that offer.” Obi-Wan chuckled and took the arm, leaning a bit on it. It was actually comforting, the older Kel Dor was comforting to be around, it helped that he treated Obi-Wan as an actual person and listened to him.

Benefits all around.

“How are your ankles?” Plo questioned. “Did the mint lotion you were recommended help?”

“Somewhat yes. It made me sore to sit and rub it but it helped my ankles at least.”

“Good to know.” The two walked together. “You really think the Sith are out there?”

“I have no doubt. I was Initiate when I got thrown out. There are failed padawans out there. All they’d need to do is find a Sith ruin or holocron. Plenty of them are unhappy enough to want revenge.” Obi-Wan rolled his eyes, showing what he thought about that.

“Hmm, I see your point.”

“At least someone does.” He said dryly, leaning more on Plo as his hips ached.

“Give Mace time. You are challenging long held beliefs and he has always been a steadfast believe in the light, justice and the Republic.”

“Considering he’s one of the creators of the Vaapad, you’d think he’d have a more open view to the dark, especially in the light of tracking it down.” Obi-Wan snorted.

“Perhaps. He’s not used to being challenged. Give him time.”


“Really Knight Skywalker? This man sounds fascinating, you wouldn’t be able to perhaps arrange a meeting with this ruins researcher?”

Anakin blinked at the Chancellor and glanced over to find Qui-Gon watching both of them with a raised eyebrow. “Sir?”

“Oh just an old mans interest. He sounds intriguing and his research…” The chancellor chuckled a bit.

“Well I can talk to him about it at least. I have to say that Master Kenobi is very much his own man and goes and does what he likes for the most part.”

“Well then, extend my invitation to him, bring him along for tea.”

“I will try.”


SUMMARY: With the coronation drawing near, M/C and Drake share one last moment together. For they know that they’ll never be more than a fairytale—one that ends before its happily ever after.

UNIVERSE: The Royal Romance


WORD COUNT: 1400+ words

AUTHOR’S NOTE: For Round Eighteen of #ChoicesCreates by @hollyashton and hosted by @kittenmusicals. The prompt was: ‘We are made of all those who have built and broken us.’ 

A result of this week’s chapter that had my heart breaking to the point where I had to write something angsty to cope with the pain. A possible Part Two to Falling Like Stars. Written while listening to Please Don’t Say You Love Me by Gabrielle Aplin. (Rating: T)

As a young girl, she padded down the hall and into her parents’ room with her squeaky bunny slippers on. She’d tug on her mom’s and push the storybook onto her lap, practically begging for her to read one.

She had always been fascinated by fairytales, by the proposal of a so-called happily ever after that awaited at its end. She had always loved how anything and everything seemed possible, of how even the dreams that were hardest to grasp could come true.

Tales of princesses and dragons, knights and adventures, magic and spells were what her mom would read to her. It was the place where all the problems the little girl had vanished in the flick of a wrist. It was where the hero could fight the dragon and win. It was where she was sure to find a happy ending, even if it wasn’t her own.

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104 to 404 Parallels.

I’m a parallel hoe guys, I know lots of people don’t like terming the constant similar scenes the show gives us as such, but….what else can you call them?

104 moments will be in italics, 404 moments will be in bold. Conversational similarities in bolded italics. 

So…here we go:

Clarke is angry with Abby, decides to “make her feel it” by cutting off her own wristband.

Abby’s response to Clarke’s fake death? “No! No. Hell no. No.”

A parent believing they’ve lost a child? Similar to Bellamy believing he’s lost Octavia, the sister he’s raised as if he were her father. Even the verbal response is the same. 

Monty removes Clarke’s wristband and hopes to use it to communicate with the Ark

Clarke disguises her need to punish her mother as a means of helping the Ark.

This is a parallel to Octavia’s bad attempt to disguise her need for vengeance as saving her people

The Delinquents are trying to build a wall to keep the Grounders out.

A parallel to the Arkadians making repairs to the Ark to keep the radiation out. 

Octavia is trying to help Jasper conquer his fear of going outside of the Dropship walls.

Mbege plays a prank (albeit a cruel one) on Jasper, pretending to kidnap O.

Could be a parallel to Jasper’s pranks this episode, in particular the prank where he pretends to die in black rain.

Jasper and Octavia discover Wells’ fingers and Murphy’s knife.

Monty and Jasper discover the “Survivor’s List”.

Kane is suspicious of Abby’s comings and goings. He’s tracking her movements.

A very thin possible parallel to Roan being suspicious of the Arkadians and might have Echo tracking their movements. 

Jasper and Octavia bring the knife to Bellamy and Clarke.

Clarke deduces the knife is made of metal from the Dropship and so it couldn’t be a Grounder. Bellamy wants to keep the discovery quiet. Clarke and Bellamy are still antagonistic. Clarke wants to inform the people there’s a murderer amongst them. Bellamy thinks it’s a bad idea.

Exact convo:

Bellamy: “Clarke, be smart about this. Look at what we’ve achieved… the wall, the patrols. Like it or not, thinking the Grounders killed Wells is good for us.”

Clarke: “Oh, good for you, you mean. What… keep people afraid and they’ll work for you? Is that it?”

Bellamy: “Yeah. That’s it. But it’s good for all of us. Fear of the Grounders is building that wall. And besides, what are you gonna do… just walk out there and ask the killer to step forward? You don’t even know whose knife that is.”

Monty and Jasper confront Clarke with the Survivor’s List. Monty initially wants to keep the discovery quiet. Jasper and Clarke are still antagonistic. Jasper want to inform people that Clarke has made a list. Monty and Clarke think it’s a bad thing. 

Exact convo:

Jasper: “You’re not God, Clarke. You don’t get to decide who lives or dies.”

Clarke: “The list is a backup. We have a…”

Jasper:  “Well, I guess you don’t mind if I tell everyone, then, right?”

Monty: “Jasper, no.”

 Jasper: “People have a right to know that they’re working for nothing.”

(Additional note: In 204 Kane shocklashing Abby to keep order in Arkadia, Clarke does the same to Jasper here.)

Clarke confronts Murphy about his supposed murder in the middle of camp. She is very agitated; her voice is raised. People stop working on building the wall and begin to move closer to the confrontation.

Monty confronts Clarke about the list, then begins to read that list over the Rover’s radio. People stop working on repairing the Ark and begin to move closer to the confrontation. 

A floating! In response to the charges levied against Murphy cries of “Float him” begin to sound.

Jaha is “floated” in the opening scene of this episode, although his floating is a joke. 

Finn comes onto the scene, demanding that Murphy be cut down, but it is ultimately Charlotte’s confession that saves him.

Clarke pleads her case, explaining her reasons for picking the people she did, but it is ultimately Jaha arriving on the scene that disperses the crowd

The people on the Ark are suffering from oxygen deprivation. Abby tells Raven “It’s just the beginning.”

Here, a possible parallel to this Season’s big bad. In Season 1, the Ark (the people’s home) is killing them. Earth, the people’s home is already beginning to kill some of them (those who died of A.R.S).

Abby puts herself in danger for Raven, going to get the part from Nygel, trading her morphine.

Compare this to Abby putting herself in danger for Jackson, stepping out of the cover of the tree line to reach him.

Charlotte reaches for Clarke’s hand and is rebuffed.

Clarke says the following to Charlotte (who later jumps off a cliff):

“She’s a killer. You killed someone, Charlotte. Ended his life. Did you stop to think about that for even one second? Look at me! You can’t just kill someone to make yourself feel better.”

Kane says the following to Octavia (who later falls off a cliff):

“There’s a darkness in you, Octavia. I know you’re still mourning. Sit down. You didn’t have to kill that boy. You didn’t have to kill Ambassador Rafel. You didn’t have to kill Pike….A warrior knows when not to kill. Lincoln taught you that. You seem to have forgotten.”

Clarke chastises Finn for keeping the bunker a secret.

Then they have the following conversation:

Clarke: Well… Looks like they never made it here. No. I figure the bombs took them by surprise.

Finn: All this preparation. What a waste.

(Not an actual parallel, but perhaps a possible hint at how the season will go? Perhaps someone, or lots of someones, don’t make it into whatever will serve as a bunker this season.)

Finn and Clarke wake to discover Charlotte is gone.

Octavia leaves Polis. 

Raven says: “Abby how about I pace in the operating room next time you’re working.”

(Again, not an actual parallel, but perhaps something that might happen next episode, while Abby works to test Luna’s blood, Raven gets a little….fidgety as she waits for her turn.)

Bellamy and Charlotte arrive at a cliff, Murphy and his rag tag group hot on their tail.

Octavia and Helios arrive at a cliff, Echo and her two pals hot on her tail.

Charlotte jumps off the cliff after telling the group “I can’t let any of you get hurt. Not for me. Not after what I did.”

Bellamy yells “No!”, Clarke shoves Murphy away and says, crying: “No, no, no!”

Murphy is shocked.

Octavia is stabbed by Echo and falls off the cliff, Echo is shocked. Bellamy, upon hearing the news, is devastated and yells “No!”

Bellamy attacks Murphy, tackling him to the ground and punching him repeatedly until Finn intervenes.

They have the following conversation:

Bellamy: “Get off me! Uhh! He deserves to die.”

Clarke: “No! We don’t decide who lives and dies. Not down here.”

Bellamy: “So help me God, if you say the people have a right to decide…”

Clarke: “No, I was wrong before, okay? You were right. Sometimes it’s dangerous to tell people the truth. But if we’re gonna survive down here, we can’t just live by whatever the hell we want. We need rules.”

Bellamy: “And who makes those rules, huh? You?”

Clarke: “For now, we make the rules. Okay?”

Bellamy: “So, what, then? We just take him back and pretend like it never happened?”

Clarke: “No! We banish him.”

Again, Jasper’s line about not being God, not getting to choose who lives or who dies is relevant here. 

Abby marches to meet Kane. Kane confronts her with the truth. Let’s her know he knows about Raven and has Abby arrested.

Raven simultaneously launches the Dropship.

Could parallel this moment to Abby putting herself in harms way to save Jackson and Raven knocking out the drones. 

Monty’s attempt to make the wristbands work as a communication device ultimately fails, knocking out every wristband left, something Jasper blames on himself.

(Again, not a confirmed parallel, but perhaps something that might happen later. Perhaps Abby and Raven ultimately fail in creating more Nightblood. Perhaps, this is what we see in the trailer? The man in the medical chamber, suffering from lesions? Was he a test subject? This would also be similar to Mt. Weather testing the effects of the Delinquents blood on the girl in the meadow.

Continuing down this train of thought: The failure of Abby’s nightblood serum could result in the mass death of large portions of Azgeda. I think, once Roan knows what the plan for survival is, he will insist on his people being administered the serum first, as a show of good faith. The serum won’t work though and the Azgeda members who were administered the serum will die. Roan (and likely Echo) will not be among their number as a King would never be allowed to be a test subject. 

I’ve been thinking for a while that the mass death of this Season will be the Grounders. They have the largest numbers (according to Clarke’s list-over 5,000) and are therefore the easiest to whittle down. We’ve already seen the extermination of Floukru-all but Luna-and the massacre in the Trikru embassy. Getting rid of most of the Grounders helps alleviate the burden Clarke feels in having to save “everyone.”)

We move to Clarke and Finn in the bunker, Finn is angrily trashing the bunker.

They have the following convo:

“Finn! Finn, stop it! Calm down!”

Finn: We’re dead to them! Don’t you get that?

Clarke: No, there’s still hope.

Finn: Even you don’t believe that. It’s over, Clarke. They’re gonna die up there, and we’re alone.

Clarke: You’re not alone.

Finn and Clarke have sex, as Clarke makes an effort to convince Finn that he’s not alone.

The closing scene is Raven, still dropping to the Earth, looking at the necklace Finn made for her.

I think we might get a moment with Clarke and Bellamy (before he finds out Octavia is still alive) where she tries to convince him that he’s not alone. 

Possible spoilers under the cut:

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The way things could have been

I can’t be the only one who reads/watches things multiple times and finds myself secretly hoping things are going to be different this time.  I mean, I know they won’t but you kind of hope they might?  UMFBAMHA has sooooo many of these moments- where I just wish somebody had said something, or done something differently.  You know?

Now I don’t for a moment want the fic to actually be different.  I live for the angst, seriously.  I mean, that’s the whole point of this fic.  But I can’t help thinking about what might have been in some strange, alternate universe where someone says something different.  

The first one of these that really stands out (and let’s face it, it is a stand out scene anyway) is ‘I hate you… now fuck me’.  Every time I read it, I kind of expect Viktor to stop at this point and go ‘hang on a minute, what?’  I have a HC of how this would’ve played out and it kind of goes like this (I’m so sorry if writing this is totally against etiquette but I couldn’t help it.  I suppose this is my little piece of alternate reality of the alternative canon that is UMFB):

“I hate you.”  Yuuri breathed, knowing the sentiment was returned wholeheartedly, and it felt so good to finally say the words out loud after so long.  “Now fuck me.”

Viktor faltered, fingers stilling in their movements but Yuuri refused to let him stop now, not now that they had both come so far.  He tried to drag Viktor down into another kiss by the hair but Viktor pulled away, sitting suddenly back on the bed and looking at Yuuri in bewilderment.  

“Wait, what?  What the hell, Yuuri?  You… you actually hate me?”

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“Filthy Halls” deleted scene

Youji shows up at Masaomi’s house in Kyoto unannounced. “I was in the area,” he had said as an explanation, and they both knew how exceedingly unlikely that was without Masaomi pointing it out, so Masaomi didn’t say anything at all.

“My brother is dead,” Youji said finally, after dinner and then watching TV for a couple hours on Masaomi’s couch while Masaomi worked on his laptop.

“Congratulations,” Masaomi said mildly, knowing how Youji felt about his brothers. “The evil one or the dick?”

“The dick,” Youji said, “Although, I feel the need to point out that they were both evil.”

“I have very fancy champagne,” he offered, “Seijuurou is home though, so we’d probably have to wait until he goes to sleep if we want to get really drunk.”

“Ah, I see you’ve already mastered the finer nuances of good parenting,” Youji said fondly. Masaomi decided he would let Youji continue to think he didn’t want Seijuurou to see them drunk out of delicacy for role model purposes, and not at all because he was sure Seijuurou would find a way to exploit that weakness to his advantage. Youji leaned back on the couch, pinching the bridge of his nose, as if he had a headache. “I do want to get drunk, which probably means that I shouldn’t.”

“Fair enough,” Masaomi said. “I also have very fancy cake.”

“I could eat some cake,” Youji acknowledges.


It was on the third slice of cake that Youji’s phone rings. “It’s Ryouta,” he says, as an explanation for why he gets up to take the call. Masaomi tunes out at that point, because he doesn’t feel the need to listen in on Youji’s conversations with his son.

It’s not until he hears Youji cry out, “Ryouta, stop. I can help you, just tell me where you are. We’ll figure this out together. Ryouta!” sounding like a wounded animal, that Masaomi whips his head up.

Youji is looking at his phone and Masaomi’s heart stops for just a second—he has seen that expression on Youji’s face before, and it’s not good.

“What happened?” he demands, already getting up. He’s not sure what he’s going to do, but he thinks desperately that he has to stop Youji somehow (he’s not sure what he’s stopping Youji from doing, but he’s ready to intervene, to do anything, to make it all go away).

“Yukio,” Youji says, his voice a strangled whisper. “Something—something must have happened to Yukio. I have to—I have to go them.” He’s packing up his stuff and looking wretched and lost.

“OK, we’ll go them,” Masaomi says calmly. “Where are they?”

“I don’t—I don’t know.” Youji stops and swallows and looks at him helplessly, “Masaomi, I don’t know where my sons are.”

He sounds close to breaking so Masaomi pulls at him, steering him towards the laptop. “It’s OK, I can find them. Give me their cell phone numbers and tell me everything.”

“You can—you can track their numbers?”

I can,” Masaomi says, allowing that this isn’t something just anyone can do.

Youji paces, agitated, as Masaomi starts working at his computer. He’s only ever heard Youji sound so helpless once before, and he hates it. His own heart beats fast with the sense of urgency that he knows Youji must be feeling.

“Ryouta said—he said something bad might have happened. He meant Yukio.”

“Did he say that?”

“No, but—that’s the only thing it could have been, to make him sound like that. Something must have happened to Yukio, and I don’t—Ryouta sounded like he was going to do something dangerous and what if—”

“It will be fine,” Masaomi says, with firm conviction, like he can will it to be true. “Everything is going to be fine.”

They both knew that sometimes things weren’t fine. Youji almost died after he lost Hinami; Masaomi is positive he won’t make it if he loses those two kids. Masaomi works faster and then curses when the results settle in a location.

“What? Where are they?!”

“Iwatobi,” Masaomi says, knowing what that means to Youji.

“Oh, God, he must have—Seiji.

Masaomi swallows, knowing that Youji had good reasons to hate his brothers, and he’s feeling in the blanks about why his kids might have gone to Iwatobi. “You never told your gay son about your homophobic sadistic brothers?” Masaomi asks even as they’re already packing up and heading out the door.

“I didn’t think I had to!” Youji says, “I told Yukio not to go, he’s never disobeyed before—Jesus Christ, if he’s done anything to hurt my kids I’m going to kill him.”

The eldest brother, Masaomi thinks. The one Masaomi really should have done something about, years ago. Except Youji hadn’t wanted that, not really. And now they’re both regretting that inaction.

“How long does it take to get to Iwatobi?” Youji asks. “Do you have a jet?”

“Yes, of course, but it’ll be faster to take a helicopter, we won’t have to worry as much about landing—”

“Will a helicopter be fast enough?”

“One of mine will, I designed them myself,” Masaomi says.

“OK, OK,” Youji says, mostly to himself, as if trying to calm down.

The round the corner, and Seijuurou is standing there. Masaomi blinks, having momentarily forgotten he was around.

“Is Ryouta in trouble?” Seijuurou asks.

“He might be, and we’re kind of in a hurry—”

“I will go with you,” Seijuurou says.

Masaomi would protest this but they don’t have time. And Seijuurou might come in handy anyway. At any rate, his presence would keep Youji from losing himself entirely, so Masaomi just nods and they head out the door.

There’s too much at stake at the moment—Youji is already too close to losing his mind with worry, so there’s no point in adding to that. But a deeply unsettled feeling spreads throughout Masaomi as he thinks about Iwatobi and how he knows there’s other things in that small town that the Miracles might have to worry about.

And for the first time, he starts to think maybe it wasn’t just a coincidence that the secrets in Iwatobi happened to be in the same place as Youji’s home town.



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Flowers Pt2

Flowers | Part 1 

taehyung x reader

jungkook x reader
100% fluff;

— for @jungcooks​♡

“You’ve got to be kidding me Jeon Jungkook!” you exclaimed, rage in your voice as you threw your chocolate stained serviette down, staring him dead in the eyes.

“What? We have great chemistry and she swears on her life they’re just friends!” He retorted, eyebrows raised looking right back at you. He reached for his coffee mug, brought it close to his lips. “It was all just a big misunderstanding” he said lazily.

“Oh sure! My bad misunderstanding your so called girlfriend sleeping in her so called best guy friend’s bed, oh so conveniently on the same two days you were away.” you spat sarcastically, pushing your half eaten muffin away. “Easy mistake” you mumbled staring out the window, suddenly losing your appetite.

Jungkook put down his mug and made a sucking noise between his teeth. “I know you’re just looking out for me, Apple pie.” He smiled reaching his arm towards you giving your forearm a tight squeeze. A heavy thud came crashing from the left side of your chest, as that old nickname reached your ears.

He hadn’t used it on you in awhile. “Because you’re sweet, warm and remind me of home”, he would say when you asked why he was calling you an old American pastry. Not to your surprise, Jungkook had no association with apple pies at any point in his life, let alone tasted one. But it was something he came up for you, and that was enough to make you weak against it.

But today it made you fume.

You let the heat from his palm sink into your forearm without saying a word. “But I really like her and I want to make it work” he continued, eyes shining so bright you saw your own sad and jealous reflection.

“You’re just mad cause she’ll be taking up more of my time” He teased, “But I’ll keep my Sundays open for you, Apple pie.” He chuckled deeply, the crows feet you loved appearing by his eyes.


You pulled your arm back sharply from under his palm, not averting your gaze from the brown-haired boy. Jungkook’s face dropped, trying to figure out what had upset you.

“What’s wrong, Apple pi-” he urged.

“DONT” you half shouted, making him jumped slightly, “…call me that” you mumbled looking down at your hands, realizing you were still in public.

You felt the pain, anger, sadness rising up to your throat. You squeezed your eyes, recalling the day you saw the text message bubble that had pop up on Jungkook’s phone during one of your meet ups. He had apologised and reached to turn his phone off, but you had already seen what it read, the damage was done.

“Awww you know I can’t say no when you call me Apple pie!”

You felt your stomach drop between your legs. You weren’t sure if he had called all the other girls the same nickname, but your stomach churned when you saw who this nickname thief was. It was the girl that had been draining Jungkook of his money, the girl that, you didn’t know at the time, would soon cheat on him while he was away at his grandfather’s funeral, the girl he had called you over today announcing their reconciliation. She was a liar, a cheater and all round skank. You were taken aback, a big slap to the face that she of all people had not only stolen your nickname but had also stolen his heart.

You bowed your head, not wanting him to see the tears welling up in your eyes, blurring your vision. Jungkook was half-standing, worry and confusion plastered on his face. “Hey hey Noona, what’s wrong?” He whispered, placing a hand on your stooped shoulder.

“If it was me, I would never do that to you” you whispered not looking up. The cafe was loud but not enough to muffle the words you had tried so hard to keep in for the past month. Like you had just cast a spell, Jungkook paused before pulling his hand back from your shoulder. You could still feel the traces of his palm on your now empty shoulder, evoking more tears to form in your eyes. You rose to your feet, still looking down, eyeing the coffee mugs and your unfinished muffin. I’m going to miss this, you thought.

“What are you saying” Jungkook mumbled, also on his feet.

You lift your head, vision semi-blurry as you lock eyes with his deep intense stare.

“I’m in love with you. Sorry”.

Jungkook barely had time to open his mouth, you were already out the door. The shock froze him stiff; he stood there in the midst of the dying peak hour commotion, processing what had happened. He was oblivious of your feelings, not once had he questioned the possibility of you feeling anything but friendship towards him. His mind raced, running through the file cabinet of memories he had with you, searching for a sign.

His phone chimed, he’s head turned sharply towards the noise, hastily reaching for the device hoping it was from you.

“Something came up I can’t make it tonight, sweetheart! But your Apple pie will make it up to you tomorrow ok?” the text read.

Jungkook’s eyes rest on his girlfriend’s text, recalling how you had raised your voice earlier. You were always the more level headed one between the both of you, but on the occasion someone did push you to the edge, ah his sympathies would go out to the poor bastard. Today that bastard was him.

Apple pie, he read. His memories bringing him back to the day he first gave you that nickname, and how you responded with a look of disgust that made him laugh. You were always making him laugh, he thought. No matter how you would protest, asking for a better nickname, he knew you had a soft spot for it and would use it to get his way. Just like day he was trying to convince you via text to join him and his newest girlfriend for lunch, so he could finally introduce her to you. You were so reluctant he had to resort to using his wild card, throwing in your nickname during conversation, hoping you would cave.

“Who’s Apple pie?” a high-pitched voice chimed over his shoulder. Suddenly feeling the need to be defensive, Jungkook sat up turning quickly to face the voice. “Ah she’s the friend I wanted you to meet. I call her that, well, just because.” The side of his lips turned up unconsciously, as he thought about the disgusted look you would pull whenever he used it. “Ah I want you to call me that too!” She squeaked, wrapping her hands around his neck pulling him close. “Can you?” She whispered eyeing him down, almost threateningly. Jungkook twitched, jerking his head back slightly.

“Uh yeah, sure” He answered quickly, pulling her close so that he didn’t have to look into her eyes. He thought about how would tell you about the ordeal the next time he saw you, predicting how you would react to the silliness of it all. However, days passed and he had forgotten all about it.

Jungkook stood rigidly, only coming to his senses when a staff member tapped his shoulder gently to ask if he was ok. He flushed, apologized quickly and left the cafe. He had no idea where you might have gone, he was so stunned by your sudden confession he didn’t even notice which direction you left. He checked his watch, 6:45pm. The shops and cafes around here would be closing; wherever you might have sought refuge would have kicked you out by now. Jungkook whipped out his phone, tapped on your name, his fingers doing a little dance as he figure out the right words to formulate a sentence. He noticed how shaky his phone was, realising he was shaking all over. He leaned against the cold brick wall, closing his eyes. He felt his heart thumping hard and his body vibrating under his coat. He wasn’t certain what he was feeling but he needed to talk to you.

“I’ll wait for you at yours, we need to talk” he typed, quickly hitting send before he changed his mind. Jungkook took a deep breath through his nose and pushed it out his mouth. Tucking his hands into his coat pocket he walked in the direction of your home.

You blinked your eyes open, greeted by the night view of a familiar looking lake and its cool breeze. Shit, you thought jolting up, feeling stupid for letting yourself be so vulnerable in front of a stranger. You tried to orientate yourself, figuring out where you were, when you saw Tae cross-legged in the driver seat, stuffing a chopstick full of cup noodle into his mouth, while banging his head silently to the tune playing through his earphones. He caught your gaze out the corner of his eyes, and pulled one of the ear buds out. “Morning sunshine” he chortled, “I got hungry waiting for you to wake up” lifting the plastic cup up. A cloud of steam escaped from the plastic cup and your mouth watered. You must have looked as hungry as you felt, causing Tae to chuckle. “Hey, hey, this ones mine,” he teased flashing his pearly whites slightly, “That ones yours.” He gestured to an identical cup tucked in the cup holder with a pair of disposable chopstick carefully placed on top.

“Wow thanks!” you grinned picking up the warm cup. You hunger making you disregard the drooling mess you were a few minutes ago, and that you were in a stranger’s car.

“So is this where you’re going to dump my body?”, tilting you head towards the lake. “Yup, sorry you don’t get much of a say about your last supper.” Tae joked back.

You exhaled out of your nose, bringing the cup to your mouth and taking a sip of its warm liquid before responding. “I would have much preferred cake, but this will do.” Tae’s eyebrows rose, “Ah I would love some cake right now”, he pouted, looking off into the distance.

“Where would we find cake at this hour?” you enthuse, forgetting completely you had no idea where you were with a man you just met a couple of hours ago.

“The convenient store I got these had cake, I’m sure of it” he chimed, his whole body facing you. His eyes sparkled as he looked at you, like he was waiting for your approval.

“Um sure, lets go” you smiled confusedly; feeling like you had made a choice to an already made decision. Your heart was racing, but before you could question yourself, Tae stepped on the gas and was heading a few blocks down. A weird happiness spread through you as you went along with his spontaneousness.

“Chocolate or vanilla?” you yelled from store door to Tae waiting in the car. “CHOCOLATE PLEASE” he shouted back, cupping his hands around his mouth, head poking out of the car window. You paid with the scrunched up notes Tae had given you, and carried the cake over your shoulder, waiter style, back to the car. You giggled watching Tae cheer with glee from inside the car, as if you were holding a trophy instead a day old chocolate mud cake. Tae reached out to take the plastic casing from you as you got in the car, settling in your seat.

He already had the clear plastic lid off and was leaning towards the cake with his mouth wide open, when you pulled out the plastic cake knife from your jacket pocket.

Ah that… that works” he mumbled straightening himself up cheeks flush slightly, making you cackle. You drove the knife into the semi-frozen cake slicing two almost equal sectors. Tae had his long bony fingers wrapped around the chopsticks up and ready. You watched in awe as the he picked up the slice with the wooden sticks, and engulfed the piece while it still maintained its form. He closed his mouth around the slice, lips pouting slightly; licking the remaining icing that had escaped his lips.

Ah that’s the good stuff!”  He proclaimed, nudging the other slice in your direction.

You cleared your throat, ready to take on the non-existent challenge Tae unconsciously set up for you. You angled your chopsticks and managed to pick up the entire slice just as he did. Ah, you thought, this isn’t so hard. You lift the cake to your mouth, stretching it wide. Half of the cake had already pass you lips when your nose knocked the top half off, landing right on your white-washed skinny jeans.

Oh fuck!” you exclaimed. Tae’s deep laughter filled the air.

Why did you do that??”  He let out breathlessly between laughs.

You could do it!” you squeaked, picking up the brown fallen cubes and stuffing it in your mouth before brushing off the stain it left on your pants.

Tae’s face crinkled in laughter, his eyes falling on the bit of chocolate icing on your nose, evidence of your attempt to copy him. Impulsively, he leaned forward swiftly wiping it off with his index finger, and bringing it to his mouth to lick the cream off. Only when he saw the shock in your eyes and the redness in your cheek, did he realise what a provocative move that must have looked like. Your gaze was hot, wandering from his finger to his plump lips. Tae turned instantly to face the steering wheel, not wanting you to think he had deliberately done that to flirt with you.

“Um so the…um train station right?” He stammered, shifting in his seat. You swallowed hard, quickly covering the cake with its plastic lid.

Yeah the train station.” you replied softly looking away.

Tae started the car and you reached for your seat belting, realising quickly you didn’t have the magic touch it needed to work. You held your breath.

Um, Tae?” you called, not turning so you didn’t meet his eyes.

“Oh yeah” he sighed, leaning awkwardly over you to jiggle at the belt. Your eyes darted everywhere except the man in front of you, while Tae kept his gaze fixed on the seat belt as if it was the most fascinating thing he had ever seen. Tae tugged at the seat belt hard, hissing under his breath for it to work. He noticed how tense you were getting and leaned back into his seat.

Its so stubborn!” he proclaimed dramatically, flinging his arms up. The tension in the air disappeared; you smiled at how animated he was.

Your car must really not want me here.” you joked. Tae turned to face you, looking right into your eyes, he said

“But I want you to.”


thenerdyunhealthybrit  asked:

Not trying to be rude of anything, but with Dair, do you ignore the ending to ship them? I mean, when I watched Gossip Girl I thought Chair had great chemistry (despite being a toxic ship) and I loved the Dair friendship and was rooting for them, but then Dan is revealed to be Gossip Girl (which everyone agrees, doesn't make sense) and so basically he's be targeting Blair and all these people for 6 years (including his sister). Do you ignore the ending to ship Dair?

Oh, you’re not being rude at all, don’t worry. 

I mean I guess I ignore it lmao? If you can even call season six an ending. The ending makes no sense at all, it’s so ridiculous. There are so many instances in which Dan couldn’t have been gossip girl. It’s literally impossible. Gossip Girl posted awful things about Dan on the daily. Why would he post bad things about himself? Dan literally reacted to every Gossip Girl post, even in private. Why would he react to something he posted? Not to mention all the times when he couldn’t have posted a post, the times when he received a post along with everyone else. And Dan being gossip girl was also so out of character, it literally goes against everything his character stood for, it went against 6 seasons of canon development. Dan spent the majority of the show trying to do the right thing and be a better guy. He always tried to do right by his family and friends. Like that time when Jenny sent that tip in about her losing her virginity to Asher in season 1, he was so upset because he didn’t want her to exploit herself like that. Or when he thought Juliet was up to something and wanted to find out what it was. People always tend to blame Dan for being Gossip Girl. They tend to act like he’s the villain. They tend to say that he’s a sociopath but it’s like no? The whole point of the identity of Gossip Girl was that it was never any one character, it was always supposed to be unknown. It was never supposed to be revealed. Dan being Gossip Girl is something that the writers pulled out of their asses at the last minute because they realized that their attempted rapist of a male lead was more of a villain than a protagonist and that he was way past redemption. It was literally a pathetic attempt to try and villainize Dan and glorify Chuck. Dan wasn’t perfect, he had his flaws. He was judgmental and he tended to criticize and idealize people but he wasn’t a villain. He worked hard and he studied hard. He tried his best to fit in. He was a protective friend and brother. And he was always there for his friends. Canon Dan Humphrey would never be Gossip Girl. And you know if we are really going to take everything that is canon as law then I guess Blair married a murdering rapist. Oh wait, but Chuck grew up without his parents so that doesn’t really count MY BAD.

And you know the entirety of season six is a pretty terrible mess imo. The plot is ridiculous and there is so much character assassination. Suddenly Blair is choosing Chuck over Dan when it was so clear that she seemed to have finally moved on from him. Blair was in a loving, healthy, supporting relationship. It finally seemed like she was moving on from her past relationships. We literally saw her happier when she was with Dan than she had been in so long, like I couldn’t even remember the last time she was that happy? She was so much more herself too, it seemed like she was on the path to finally becoming the strong, ambitious woman she always was but had forgotten about lately. But then she decided to throw it all away to be in a relationship that has never seemed to work out. A relationship that was so unhealthy. Blair is suddenly giving up her entire career and putting all her time into trying to help Chuck so that they can ‘one day’ finally be together. Blair reverted back to her season 2 self, she became immature and petty. Like where’s the girl that worked her ass off to get an internship she desperately wanted in season 4? Where’s the intelligent, strong dictator of taste? And it’s the same with Serena, she’s leaving New York the same way she did 5 years ago as if she learned nothing. She’s sleeping with her best friend’s boyfriend exactly like she did 5 years ago. And Serena and Blair are fighting about stupid, petty things like they are 15 years old again. Dan is suddenly getting back together with Serena even though he was in love with her best friend for a year, even though he chose her best friend over her multiple times. Nate is having the same money problems that his dad had and Chuck is trying to win back a company he never knew how to run in the first place. And then there’s the fact that they all ended up like their parents. Like there’s literally a line in the pilot where Nate says something along the lines of “don’t you ever worry that we might end up exactly like our parents?”. And guess what? That’s exactly what happens. Nate who never finished college and never wanted to go into politics is suddenly running for mayor?? Blair is running her mother’s company, a company that she has never wanted to run (and she says this multiple times throughout the show), a company that she isn’t even equipped to run. Serena is a mindless socialite like her mom. Chuck is running his father’s company. And Dan becomes a trophy husband.

I will admit the very first time I ever watched this show I loved chair. Seriously I shipped them so hard. And I do agree that they had amazing chemistry and an interesting dynamic. But as time went on the ship just went downhill. Honestly it just got harder and harder for me to ship them. I couldn’t ship chair after Chuck sold her for a hotel and vowed to destroy her life and just did a million other things that were just so awful. The relationship became toxic and abusive and unhealthy and I no longer loved it the way I once did. I think it even took me rewatching and analyzing the show to realize the unhealthy aspects of chair in seasons 1 & 2. Dan and Blair was something wonderful that came as almost a surprise. They formed a friendship and quickly became each other’s best friends and confidantes. They stimulated and challenged each other. They brought out the best in each other and they were good for each other. There was so much character development and build up. He loved her so much and she was so content. And their entire relationship was based on friendship. I kind of just fell in love with them. When Blair chose Chuck instead of Dan I was angry and heartbroken. As I stated before it didn’t make any sense that she would choose to be with someone that made her feel unhappy and vulnerable. The only explanation that I can come up with for what happened is that the writers ruined them. Up until their break up they were written well, well enough to be endgame. Dan and Blair had a beautiful journey. They went from enemies to friends to best friends to lovers; they were the very definition of relationship development. They found each other, they found love in each other. But the writers decided to ruin them because I guess everyone is just supposed to end up with their high school sweetheart.

And anyway, when it comes to whether the ending bothers me, I will say that 90% of the ships I ship have disasterous ends and aren’t endgame. But does that matter? Is that any reason not to ship them? I still enjoy them and love them and ship them. I still enjoy their chemistry and their interactions and their dynamic. I still enjoy their moments and their build up and their overall love story. I still love a lot of ships even after they end. Sometimes it’s not about the ending but about THE STORY. We don’t read things or watch things for the ending, we watch them or read them for the story.

SO UM- I'm trash

Okay so since I’m still in the camp camp fandom and still want to contribute-

AU time!

Now, yes, this one will be weird and sorry if you all suddenly hate me for the idea.

But have you all seen the new IT or even the miniseries one that was made back in 1990? Or even read the book?

If not, well I suggest doing so, only if you’re not afraid of clowns however and aren’t sensitive to the horror genre.

Anyways, I am trash for the new remake and I got an idea

“how about I ruin the fun for everyone and make an IT AU for camp camp?”
(I’m sorry if I do ruin everything you love I truly am sorry)

So here’s how it goes

Bill - Davey (aka young David if you didn’t know)
Georgie - Jasper
Richie - Max
Bev- Nikki
Stanley - (Still slightly undecided, but could possibly be Neil)
Eddie - (Undecided as well, but Preston might be a good fit due to how dramatic he gets)
Ben - Space Kid (I’ll explain later if you’re confused)
Mike - Harrison (will also explain later)

And of course
Pennywise/IT - Daniel

Now let me explain how some of this would go,

If you haven’t heard of IT before, it’s a story of seven kids in a town called Derry, every 27 an awful presence lurks through the town and killing or kidnapping children for food, and unfortunately these kids are victims. They must find a way to stop IT from killing them or anyone else after the major disappearances in the town including Bills little brother, Georgie.

Now for my AU, it will still be taking place at the camp and of course Jasper and Davey won’t be brothers, but will have that close and brotherly bond, enough for it to effect Davey into investigating what could’ve happened to him.

Along side him who also go along with Davey’s journey is his friends. Max is a good fit for Richie due to many reasons of you have seen the recent film. Both are funny and sarcastic and badass as well, but only you would know that if you had watched the new movie.

Nikki being Bev(erly) is understandable, she’s a tomboy as is Bev, she’s independent, and she isn’t as afraid as her other friends are. She can overcome her own fears and we all know she could probably kick IT’s ass- but she knows that they all need to stick together through this as Bev does.

Neil being Stanley, is probably the best option, but he could also be Eddie if you think on it. Still, I think he would fit Stanley, both are awkward, yes but they are gentle with certain things. And both are Jewish but I don’t know weather to consider that a trait for both because they don’t let it truly define them. I feel as if both have a dark and secret hate for something or possibly someone, but I can’t put my finger on it.

Preston being Eddie is worth considering, both are dramatic at times, and seems to be very strict on certain things or issues, and I can see a match for these two, how loud they are and how dramatic they get, but also how comedic they can be!

Space Kid being Ben may raise a few eyebrows to some, but seeing how we all know Space Kid does his own fair of research on space as Ben does on the town of Derry, I feel a match between them. But, I will consider Nerris for this as well, yes she’s adventurous, but I could see her trying to track down everything she could to find out what’s up with the town of Derry or the camp itself.

Harrison being Mike may be confusing to some, but I think it would be a good match. Mike is often treated differently due to his race and possibly that he’s homeschooled. Harrison would also be treated like this due to his abilities, if any of you have forgotten, both of Harrison’s parents were terrified of the things he could do, you could only imagine how everyone else felt once they found out. I can also see the same guilt they have, Mike feels guilt from the burning of the Black Spot which took both very important lives to him. I feel like Harrison would have a similar guilt due to him making his brother disappear and never being able to bring him back.

And should I even begin to explain why Daniel is a good fit for Pennywise/ IT? I mean come on, if you have to, rewatch S2 E1 of camp camp and I know you’ll understand.

Ok..if you did and still don’t, guess I’ll explain.

In both versions and the book, Pennywise is supposed to come off as friendly to children to lure them into his trap. He also lures them in by creating or transforming into their terrifying fears. Daniel gives off that vibe during S2 E1, he seems friendly and nice, but once you dig deeper you begin to see the true colors, he’s not at all what he seems to be and you’ll only realize it when it might be too late.

Also one more thing, for those who have watched or read IT, there is a slight love triangle, but in this AU, I honestly wouldn’t see any between Davey, Nikki, and Space Kid. So for this AU, there isn’t a love triangle, it’s just close friend relationships.

Anyways, knowing me I will probably draw fanart of this AU soon so just look out for that everyone.

This is Obsessed signing off-

Goodbye! Tell me your thoughts of this AU by messaging me, sending in an ask or reblogging!

That time Tim Drake gave a speech but it was all memes

okay this is late but based off this post by @askagothamite

if you’ve never played, “what are the odds” is like truth or dare, but someone says “What are the odds you’ll do this” and then depending on how much you’re willing to do it you give them the odds, ex. 1 out of 25. Then on the count of three you both say a number between 1 and 25 and if it’s the same number you have to do the thing. so saying the odds and 1 out of 2 is like a fifty-fifty chance. i’ll stop rambling now.


Bruce sighs deeply as he removes his cowl, almost sticking to his face from all the leftover grime of the latest Justice League mission. His muscles are stiff and sore, but he is unwilling to admit to himself that he had a little trouble keeping up with Dinah earlier in the day. Deep in thought about just when she got so damn fast, he vaguely picks up the sound of a local news channel echoing through the corridors of the cave. One of the boys must have left it on, for the rest of those who frequent the space have respect for conserving energy.

He trudges out of the garage and towards the TV screens, feeling quite at home after spending a day in sunny Metropolis. Bruce expects at least a couple of the kids to be hanging around, as they tend to do, but he finds himself alone. He allows himself to enjoy the feeling of bliss. The man settles down in his chair, ready to enter some new files, as he listens in on the TV playing above him.

“-The Gotham Knights beating the Metropolis Meteors by four runs this afternoon…” Bruce snickers as he realizes Clark will be writing that story up for tomorrow. It’s the little things. But the news lady drones on, this time with more inflection, “But the main story tonight is of course Timothy Drake-Wayne, former acting CEO of Wayne Enterprises and Bruce Wayne’s adopted son, announcing a very surprise press conference…”

Batman feels any ounce of what was once tranquility leave his body. He knows Tim is a smart kid. A really smart kid. But he also knows his drive. The way he will see anything to its end. And recently, things with the kids have been a little tense. He gives up any hope of filing, all his attention is solely on what might come out of his son’s mouth.

Bruce watches as the teenager walks on stage, dressed smartly and with the biggest shit-eating grin on his face. Tim catches the camera and gives it a long stare with a smug smile, one that boldly says nothing but “I win.” The older man sinks into his chair, regretting ever coming home. The kids have been insufferable lately, even more than usual. It all started when Duke showed them a game he used to play as a kid. “What Are The Odds?”

He cringes everytime he hears the phrase, because he knows it will definitely be followed by an act of public stupidity. Now their version of “Truth or Dare?”, it started out innocently enough. A fun way to get them through slow nights of patrol or Wayne Galas that never seem to end. But, “What are the odds you’ll knock-knock ditch that house?” quickly devolved into “What are the odds you’ll swing all the way back to the manor in nothing but your domino mask?”

Bruce knows his kids, and he knows that none of them are very great at losing. It is in their nature to take a fun children’s game and twist it into a cut-throat competition, with most of the bets going at 1 out of 2 odds, almost guaranteeing the crazy dares with how in-sync all of them are.  

He can only imagine what this one might be.

Tim moseys up to the microphone stand, with a certain swagger about him. Bruce can say a lot about his kids, but none of them lack confidence when they need it. He watches as Tim tries to grab the microphone, and struggles as he can’t get it out. Suddenly, it slides out of the holder and careens towards him, clocking the former robin in the nose and making a hideous screeching noise as it bounces on the stage.

Bruce slowly lowers his head into his hands, rubbing his aching temples. He sees right through Tim’s theater acting routine, but his audience seems to have bought it.

Except for a few concerned gasps, the mass crowd of media personnel that had quickly gathered minutes before this impromptu meeting was dead silence as they watched the young man stumble around onstage.

Tim finally gathers his bearings, leaning down to acquire the forgotten microphone. As he straightens back up he mumbles something under his breath. But it was just clear enough to be unmistakeable.

“Thanks, Batman.”

Bruce pauses as every muscle in his body goes stiff. He knows what this is. He hates that he knows what this is.

Tim loudly clears his throat when upright again. He looks at a crumpled paper in his hand, but Bruce knows whatever he’s about to say he’s got memorized no doubt. The teen begins his speech with the utmost sincerity.

“Thank you all for joining me today on such short notice. But I believe this is a topic that needed to be addressed. I recently, and I’m sure you have too, have noticed an uptick of conversations surrounding a certain “conspiracy” on many internet chatrooms.”

Batman wonders what he did to deserve this.

“2,786. Not only is that the number of siblings I have, but it also happens to be the number of men, and women, compiled onto a very comprehensive list of possible masked crusaders.”

Tim clicks the remote in his hand, causing the powerpoint displayed behind him to advance. This slide displays the words “WHO IS THE BATMAN?” boldly typed in Comic Sans, surrounded by pictures of various celebrities, politicians, prominent members of society, and some random stock images. Each and every one of them has a black mask sloppily drawn onto the tops of their faces, likely with MS Paint.

“And among this list is someone very dear to my heart.”

He advances the slideshow once more, and the title this time is “BRUCE WAYNE.” Below it is a picture of a man with dark hair, pale skin, a sharp business suit, and a drawn Batman mask, someone who happens to be most definitely not Bruce Wayne.

The camera pans to a familiar group of young people in the audience, ones fighting very hard to keep their straight faces. Bruce swears he even sees a tear roll down Dick’s cheek. He doesn’t care if most of them have moved out, they’re all grounded.

“Rumors like these are not victimless crimes. They are hurtful and damaging. Batman’s street cred takes a hit every time someone compares him to rich, sissy businessmen like us. If this trend continues at the rate it’s growing, the Batman will no longer be able to operate. Maybe he’ll just become a supervillain. None of them are really that frightening.”

Bruce’s phone is ringing but he does not want to talk to Lucius at the moment. He’ll deal with the PR disaster tomorrow.

“Like seriously, I heard Batman once played Russian Roulette with a loaded gun and won. Bruce stubbed his toe the other day and cried for like three hours.”

Bruce would get him back for that one next time he sees the Teen Titans. He just needs to decide which embarassing secret to tell.

“In conclusion, Bruce Wayne is not Batman. I sort of wish he was, but he’s not. Who we really should be looking into is Keanu Reeves.”

Tim takes a deep breath and brings the microphone close.

“Because despite whatever proof you think you might have, the butts. don’t. match.”

Mischief Behind The Stage: | Warning: THIS IS LEMON 🍋 

Tanaka Sora stood in a crowded room full of men and some women, cleaning and putting away certain hairbrushes, pins and makeup brushes away after she finished using them. Now her attention was set on the nine men getting their hairstyles in place or their outfits on for the show while a certain one poked out among the eight, filling the room with his voice as he rehearsed on his own the lyrics to the next song while some chatted among themselves. 

She watched him carefully, she adored the way his smooth voice filled the room and muted everyone else and revel in watching him dance on each show through the small tv their dressing room had for the staff to enjoy. But Sora .. she was the one to always savor his gift in entertainment the most in the end each time she could. 

But Sora knew she was playing risky business, she knew very well she was playing with fire, and even though somehow she lies to herself into believing that the “last time” will be the ultimate last time, she always ends up falling and giving in .. 

“Ok, guys! You’re all up in 3 minutes. Get your final retouches and let’s go!”, through the room bursted their manager announcing how much time the nine men had left before leaving for the stage once again. 

Also, the man bursting through the door is also Sora’s current boyfriend, Shun Kumamoto. Shun is the manager of pop idol group Hey! Say! Jump and she was none other than their makeup and hair stylist, her partner has been their manager for years but she was brand new to the whole backstage scene as she’s merely a freshly graduated makeup artist and hairstylist. 

However, Sora wasn’t planning on getting in so deep and personal with her clients or work partners like she has for the past six months with this certain guy .. 

Sora was almost caught in the act of perhaps staring far too long at this guy’s singing frame but fortunately for her Shun’s smiling face had quickly broken her concentration with a quick and sudden peck on the cheek, also breaking her into a flushed mess .. not because of the shameless public display of affection, but because in that tiny moment she had finally caught Yamada Ryosuke’s eyes with hers. 

That was enough to make her blush madly without much efforts, not even her boyfriend’s kisses could manage such a simple and harmless reaction on her .. at least not the way Ryosuke does on her. 

“Wanna grab something to eat when this is over? The guys don’t have any interviews so I’ll be finishing early tonight. Also, my mom is coming over tomorrow, I thought you’d like to come home for a while and be with us.”, while Shun offers for a meal and announces his mother’s visit, her eyes can’t help but peek over his shoulder and see how everyone in the room was leaving. 

Um, I guess ..”, but as Sora spoke she wasn’t paying attention to her words, instead her eyes followed Ryosuke’s back as he was the last one to exit the room, she was however, greatly disappointed when their eyes didn’t meet again. 

.. I guess I could if I’m not too tired ..”, she proposed with a weary sigh while dropping her gaze elsewhere but his eyes, either way, Shun didn’t notice his girlfriend’s sudden down mood and continued on by giving her a time and place, then a last peck on the lips before exiting the room. 

He can’t even notice how tired I really am ..”, slightly irritated, she turns to clean her space and continue busying her mind. However, the door opening and quickly closing behind made her assume for slight seconds Shun had most likely forgotten something .. but she was greatly mistaken. 

Sora’s thin waist was embraced by a pair of familiar limbs and her senses were consumed by his heavenly cologne, but this, this wasn’t Shun. It was none other than Yamada Ryosuke, and while he didn’t forget or leave anything material behind for his performance on stage, he did missed the chance to steal a kiss from the girl that has been driving him to the edge for the past six months or so .. 

“Ryosuke, get off! Please, can’t you be more discreet? We’re at work and my boyfriend can come in anytime ..”, she desperately tried to unlock his fingers from her hips and untwine his arms from around her, but her demands became unnoticed as her voice was nothing but a false plea against the tantalizing kisses he bestowed upon the fine line of her neck. 

Miserably she attempted to squirm her way out of Ryosuke’s grip but failing just as miserably when small nibbles penetrated her sensitive skin one too many times obligating her to succumb and arch her neck just to give him more access. 

I need my good luck kiss from my favorite girl.”, he purrs down her neck with a mischievous smile tugging his lips, knowing very well the risk he’s taking while pulling this stunt, yet that is a factor he gets a rather good kick out of. 

Ryosuke, just .. just go. The show is about to start, please ..”, Sora begged with little to no power whatsoever, her eyes had already betrayed her by closing upon the tingles her skin felt by the countless kisses and all she wanted was for him to stop the torture. 

“Alright then, I’ll get my kiss one way or another. That being said, ditch Shun and come home with me .. tomorrow’s your birthday and I’m betting my balls he doesn’t have shit planned for you.”, Ryosuke said those last words with cockiness yet with a hint of bitterness dripping from his tongue. 

Now this, this took Sora by surprise! She herself had completely forgotten tomorrow was her special day, but due to work her mind has been everywhere but on herself. Sora has placed others before her and dismissed herself unintentionally, and she has learned the harsh way that even her one year partner has in a way forgotten the little details in a relationship .. yet Ryosuke has popped into her life showing her things others haven’t in a long time. 

“Do you? You’re basically drowning with work, you can’t possibly have much for me other than sex—”, but her sentence got hastily cut off by his hand taking total control of her jawline and his lips crashing into hers fully, silencing her in her most favorite manner. 

“Shut up and just come home with me. Does it matter if I do? In the end, you prefer spending the night with me rather than going home with him ..”, his lips were once again on hers, succeeding in taking her breath away and stealing her words. As cocky as he was, Sora knew he was undeniably right .. 

Ryosuke .. this has to stop.”, Sora weakly demands with her eyes set on his supple lips, hypnotized by the natural pink shade they have and the flavor they possess that win her over so easily. Sora knew her demand would be pointless, but somehow she felt like the better person pointing that she’s taken .. an absolutely pointless demand that had no real meaning, after all she knew where her heart was heading towards to, and it wasn’t Shun. 

“Last time I heard that, I made you cum three times the same day. You can play all the games you want and act like you cared for him, but you don’t .. so, anything else you’d like to say you can address it in my apartment.”, once again he takes control of her lips before taking his exit, leaving her to stand like a dazzled fool with quivering knees and tingling lips. 

Sora stood trying to calm her thrumming wild heart and her ablaze skin, Ryosuke’s ever so taunting statement made a shiver run down her spine and down to her toes, his kisses consumed her with warmth and desires and made her feel good in every way possible .. enough is to say that nothing about these factors make her feel bad about the things she does behind Shun’s back, but she so badly wished she could feel just a tiny hint of remorse. 

“I’m sorry, Shun ..”, it was all she could manage to say before taking her things and head for the door. Considering only a few songs were left before the final performance, she took a head start and decided to meet Ryosuke in his own apartment .. if there’s anything they’ll need to talk about, might as well be now.


It was almost 11:30pm and with each passing second Sora would bite her nails harder, she knew it would be a while until Ryosuke would arrive to his apartment, but knowing she had to say a few things about her current relationship and where they both stand upon this slight mess she’s led on, puts her in quite the frenzy. Sora had taken the liberty in showering and getting herself comfortable with some sweats and hoodie, after all this wasn’t the first time she was given the keys to his home in case she needed a place to escape, and she did quite often .. 

What have you gotten yourself into, Sora?”, she quietly asks herself as her mind swirls with an abundance of questions of what has happened over the past six months. But nevertheless, Sora knew exactly what she was getting herself into the moment it happened. 

The moment Yamada Ryosuke began to show interest in her she fell into a hole of curiosity for the idol, she was consumed by his charisma and his cocky arrogance, among many other things .. 

She hoped to God that he wasn’t worth it, she wished Yamada Ryosuke would’ve been nothing but a mistake and that their first one night stand would’ve proven to her that he was all big talk and nothing to look forward to if it did happened again .. but she was sadly disappointed with her wishes as they did not come true. 

Sora hoped for the worst and obtained the best she’s ever had in return. She knew that this wasn’t right, yet, it felt undeniably good behaving so badly. She hated the fact that she couldn’t find a proper way to end her one year relationship with someone who doesn’t satisfy her as good as Ryosuke does, she simply wants to believe that this is all just a big mistake she can take care of later .. when she isn’t dealing with Ryosuke that is. 

For her, Yamada Ryosuke wasn’t ordinary; of course he wasn’t considering, he’s an idol. But intimately he was more than what she hoped and expected, in the end she proved herself that the guy had every right to be as arrogant as he is with her .. 

“I do have to admit I feel very jealous of Shun, I mean; arriving exhausted to your home and seeing a face like yours sure makes me excited ..”, her thoughts were abruptly broken by Ryosuke’s voice coming from the front door, as she looks to his direction, she is met by a dazzling smirk and a freshly showered Ryosuke who was coming her way. 

Ryosuke, we .. we need to talk.”, she announces timidly entwining her fingers as she stands from the living room sofa with a nervous gaze, almost on the verge of biting down her lower lip. 

“Now that, that is a devastating thing to hear as soon as you come home.”, he jokes with a sly smirk curving his lips as he takes Sora’s fidgety hands and slides them around his neck while placing his own around her waist to pull her closer. 

“I’m serious, Ryosuke. What are we even doing? I’m in a relationship—” 

“One that doesn’t satisfy you. I know what I’m doing, very well in fact .. do you?”, he chimes in before letting her continue, but he wasn’t lying in the end, he knows what he’s doing very well, he’s merely waiting on Sora to deal with her unsatisfying relationship. 

“I .. I kinda’ lost my way inside this mess, Ryosuke.”, it was the only explanation Sora could come up with, but Ryosuke once again proved her why she always ends up in his arms. 

“You didn’t lose your way, you know exactly where you are and you want to stay. Yet you go back to someone who doesn’t please you emotionally nor physically just for the sake of not having the “it’s not you, it’s me” conversation. You go back to someone who spends more time working and with his mom than taking care of you ..”, he begins spilling words of truth, kicking her straight to the gut as he mentions Shun’s slight “mama’s boy” trait he has, she couldn’t do much but listen. 

“Sweetheart, I work my ass off and I still have time for you; I always do. This might be wrong, but you love it just as much as I do .. you love it because it excites you more than he ever will. You can come up with all the excuses you want, just know that my doors are always open for you whenever you want ..”, his hands began to travel underneath her grey hoodie and his fingers slowly poked their way underneath her sweat’s waistband automatically setting her skin on fire and her breathing a trembling mess. 

Sora wanted to fight back, she greatly wanted to tell him how wrong and arrogant he was being but she couldn’t. She couldn’t because he was right, and his fingers taunting her skin wasn’t making it any easier on her .. 

Ryosuke looked down at how truly distressed she was over the ordeal, he understands the girl knows what she’s doing, she’s simply lost as to how she should end her relationship after so long. 

He’s aware of that factor, yet he can’t help but continue pursuing the girl and he cannot deny that the fire and thrills they create over their secret escapades excites him to an extent he can’t quite put an end to. But those are just some of the few reasons he has to continue seeing her intimately, in the end, he has learned that perhaps there are far more deeper feelings than mere “one night stands” with his manager’s girlfriend. 

“Ryosuke, he’s .. also my boss.”, she softly says, still trying to find a way to make this all seem like a big mistake, and while it is, she can’t even find a way to believe in her own excuses. 

“Technically, I am. He can change a few things here and there but he can’t change with who I want to work with. If I want to see your face every day I will .. he can fuck off and cry on a corner.”, by the end of his statement Sora could see the irritation on him, an emotion that led her to simply let out a heavy sigh, she herself feels frustrated upon the situation. Yet she can’t back away and walk out of his apartment, she cannot pull her arms to her sides and off his shoulders and she cannot detach herself from this man even if her mind told her differently. 

“Just stay, Sora. We can sort this out, but not tonight ..”, his voice was low and almost a plea, she was unable to move due to his forehead resting on hers and his lips on the verge of caressing hers. This was a mess she didn’t want to get out of .. 

Consumed by the growing body heat and tingling lips she kissed his lips fully, from a slow and longing kiss her hunger increased by the second leading her hands to rest on his warm neck begging for more. Ryosuke’s tongue caressed her bottom lip demanding for entrance in which she didn’t deny, heated and excited Ryosuke lifted Sora and quickly entangled her legs around his waist and took her to his bedroom still with locked lips. 

Suddenly breaking their kiss, he lays her on the bed but he didn’t join her, instead he took her legs and dragged her closer to the bed’s edge, her anticipation grew and the butterflies in her belly fluttered with uncontrollable excitement as she watched him kneel down to her womanhood level with the most taunting smirk she has seen curving his supple lips. However, as his hands slowly got rid of her underwear, a sudden vibration inside her hoodie’s pocket broke each of their concentration. 

In that moment Sora remember she had indeed ditched Shun and completely forgot his invite for a meal, for slight seconds she panicked when she could’ve simply ignored the call. 

“Shit. I forgot Shun wanted to grab a meal after work, I didn’t call him to cancel.”, stressed she explained. However, she was surprised to hear Ryosuke giving her a chance to build an excuse for Shun, yet she forgot how Ryosuke’s teasing ways work when he’s trying to make a statement. 

As soon as she took the call, all that came out of her lips was an incredibly shaky “Hello” due to a single lick bestowed upon her clit automatically obligating her to place a hand on her mouth as an attempt to control her whimpers. Satisfied with her reaction he once again took his time in tasting her, enough to make her squirm and curl her toes to the euphoric sensation. 

“B-Baby, I’m .. I’m sorry. I forgot.”, Sora worked her way into sounding tired and just woken up, but for Ryosuke that wouldn’t work. His arms surrounded her thighs and rested on her pelvis holding her down and close, he kissed and sucked each time taking her by surprise by his sudden attention. From soft and gentle, he worked his way into deepening each lick and increasing a little bit of speed making her lose her mind. 

Shun was absolutely oblivious to his lover’s difficulty in speaking even though she tried her best, between muffled “Yes” and a quivering “I’ll see you later”, she finally ended the call with a moan that was bound to burst from her lips.

“That’s a good girl. Next time I’ll do it until you have no choice but to end the call.”, Ryosuke swore to himself that he would, if there’s anything he enjoys more is showing Sora to whom she belongs even though technically she’s someone else’s, in the end he’ll always make sure to prove a point. 

“Why the hell .. would you do that to me?”, Sora heavily asks, lifting her upper body enough to see the satisfied grin on his lips. Although she asked bewildered, she couldn’t deny how erotic that felt. 

“Sweetheart, I have a whole list of things I want and will do to you. That was nothing, now stay like that and watch ..”, biting her lower lip to the sound of his sultry and lascivious words, she followed his orders with anticipation completely engulfed by the obscure eyes that penetrate hers making sure they were on his ..

Ryosuke continued his assault, tasting every bit of her and devouring every inch of her just the way she so badly loves it. Each time this happens, he brings something new to the table, his tongue simply works like magic for her most neediest desires, and he gladly makes sure she enjoys herself as much as he does .. 

Her fingers entangled themselves on his hair and pulled when necessary, when his tongue moved in a slow and tantalizing rhythm she stroked his soft hair as a gentle and sweet gesture, showing him soothing affection and letting him know the pace was absolutely perfect. Sora carefully watched him, seeing how Ryosuke was completely indulging on her and watching how he was surely lost in pleasuring her properly. 

Her breathing was rigid and her toes were surely beginning to hurt by how much they’ve been curling since the assault, her moans were low yet came from deep inside her throat making sure he knew how good he was making her feel. Ryosuke continued until she couldn’t hold her gaze anymore, meaning that he had succeeded enough to exhaust Sora. He was satisfied with his work and on her reaction, pleased of her rigid breathing and heaving chest, it was enough for him and a green light to move onto the next step. 

Getting up and never taking his eyes off the tired girl underneath him, he quickly took his clothing off, giving her enough time and space to gather all the air she needed. All she had left was her hoodie and once he was on top of Sora he slowly lifted the item off and finally he had her all for himself and in all her glorious nude self. 

“Does he treat you the way I treat you or even kiss you the way I do?”, his sultry inquiry came paired with a sensual kiss that surely stole her gathered breath once again, at the same time she couldn’t help a shy smile peek between their locked lips to the sound of his teasing egotism. Sora couldn’t lie to herself anymore, she loved his sensual arrogance, it made her feel wanted and needed. And in the end, Ryosuke was absolutely right .. she simply felt bad admitting how truly unsatisfied she was. 

Ryosuke didn’t need to hear a proper answer, he knew very well that by her silence, the way she shyly smiles and the manner in which she kisses him back prove his point to perfection. He knew Shun didn’t satisfy her the way he does, yet he adores reminding her that fact, something about that detail drives her hunger for Ryosuke insane. 

“What makes you so sure?”, Sora asks for her own amusement and to simply boost his ego even more, and she got exactly what he wanted by the sight of his mischievous smirk backing away from her lips and onto her neck, slightly distracting her from the answer. 

“That’s a funny question considering the current situation between us ..”, he kissed her neck followed by his tongue peeking in between kisses, feeling the goosebumps form and the heavy sighs that escaped her lips. 

“Every time you want us to stop this you come back to me, and each time you leave, you leave after several orgasms ..”, he continues while his kisses go lower onto her collarbones where he leaves bites, showing her who’s in command at the moment. 

“I’ve had you in all the ways imaginable, some of which you begged. It isn’t much, but I’m sure you get the point .. while he’s busy with his mom, I’m making you cum in my bed.”, he adds and finishes by taking his mouth around her nipple, leisurely sucking and nibbling both until she could no longer have reasons to doubt him. Every doubt and thought of Shun was immediately washed away, Sora could no longer ask herself as to why she’d be doing this to Shun, even though she knows this isn’t right, she did managed to come to the conclusion that he simply didn’t satisfy her in any way .. 

As Ryosuke gave her breast all the attention they needed with his mouth and fingers, she could feel the uncomfortableness on her lower area, feeling the excruciating needs her womanhood wanted from his groin touching her in a teasing manner, her entire body was screaming with desires for him entirely, and so, she could no longer wait and took control. 

With a sudden flip she was now on top of Ryosuke taking him by surprise, but his amused amazement came to a quick end when Sora grind all of her wetness around his groin, relieving her pressuring needs with the erotic act for the moment. His eyes were in a battle of whether he should keep them on hers or simply look down and admire her every movement on top of him, at some point he settled for relaxing and closing his eyes to the bliss he was going through .. 

“You talk too much. Hope this shuts you up ..”, Sora breathes out with a lazy smirk tugging her lips, in return Ryosuke smiled widely at her while his hands reached for her breasts as she kept the same pace on top of him. 

“Trust me .. it’s working.”, he admits almost breathlessly, still admiring Sora’s every curve and swaying hips as she herself is getting lost within the pleasure. Now that was ultimately, Ryosuke’s most favorite view, Sora in all her glory enjoying herself. 

“Good. Let’s see how long it’ll last ..”, without warning Sora takes him in her hand and smoothly slid him inside, immediately Ryosuke was consumed by her warmth and the familiar sensation only she could bring him making him throw his head back and dig his nails upon her moving hips. The pace was slow and gentle, sensual in a way as she adjusts her body to satisfy her needs. 

She finally picks up her pace and moved to the rhythm of her sensitive spots’ needs, Ryosuke simply watched the bliss display so perfectly on her delicate features, helping Sora in keeping her tantalizing pace by placing his hands on her hips and thighs, gripping tightly from time to time if needed .. 

However, in between his own bliss and hers, Ryosuke couldn’t help but think a little bit past their current situation. Somehow the moment reminded him how much he truly cares for the girl, if not he would’ve easily drop her and continue on with other women .. yet he stayed with Sora, not just for the sex, but because outside of that erotic zone they’re constantly in he has realized how wonderfully fulfilling it is to be a single day with her. 

With that realization, Ryosuke sat up and surrounded her torso with an arm holding her tight and secure against him while his left hand took her face for a full kiss, one that was as longing as if years had passed between the two of not seeing each other. 

“God you’re beautiful ..”, he happily breathes between their lips after leaving a small nibble on her lower lip making her gasp by the sudden sharp pain, yet feeling undeniably flattered by his exuberant praise and his roaming hands around her butt. The wide smile that played across her lips and the kiss she bestowed on his were received as the perfect “Thank you” from her part, she then placed her hands on his neck firmly and continued grinding, perfectly watching how pleasure writes itself on his flawless complexion. 

His hands firmly squeezed her butt and added pressure to her movements, guiding her into going deeper and faster, while Ryosuke doesn’t intend for her to do all the work he does love seeing Sora perfecting herself every time he demands something, just for him .. 

Sora pleased him as much as her body allowed her to and Ryosuke gave her all the motivation by placing kisses and bites where she most likes it, giving her breasts their undivided attention and by simply caressing her skin where perhaps his lips couldn’t reach at the moment. Now, it was time for Ryosuke to take control and give Sora a decent breather. In a quick movement he was on top and holding her down securely by placing both her hands above her head and entwining their fingers together, his lips began to leave soft trails of kisses down the fine line of her neck, lowering to her collarbones. 

Ryosuke greatly wished he could leave a few of his marks adorning her soft skin, but while Sora is indeed entangled in his bed most of the time, he is in no place to mark territory .. after all, she isn’t officially his but Shun’s. Neither would Ryosuke allow his selfishness and arrogance to only think of himself, while he’s battling with himself to not leave any temporary bruises, he won’t risk her into getting in deep trouble with her oblivious lover. In Ryosuke’s mind he swore to himself that if any of the two get caught, it would be together .. 

“Fuck. You always feel so good ..”, Sora blurts out, sounding as if she was exhausted of trying to restrain those words and keep them from spilling. But she failed miserably, yet she felt like a big weight was lifted off her shoulders, she was indeed anticipating the time where she’d be bold enough to say those kinds of things to him. To the sound of those words, Ryosuke’s ego skyrocketed in all the right directions, meaning that his cockiness would increase and so will his thrusts inside of her. Now his kisses were smooth and unbothered, making her feel lightheaded by the gentleness and softness they possess, but ultimately obligating her to have her undivided attention in his thrusting. 

“I was hoping I did. Being inside you almost every weekend made me wonder a lot, so please .. don’t hesitate in spilling your secrets.”, Ryosuke smiles with satisfaction seeing the sheer embarrassment flush her cheeks and lazily curve her lips upwards while trying to divert his obscure eyes gazing down on her. Ryosuke was indeed being his usual cocky-self with her, yet he didn’t miss a chance in letting her know he was being serious. There have been days where he has wonder about their casual “one night stands” and what they mean to her, if she’s happy or doing it out of spite for Shun .. his questions could go on, but he knows nothing between them is driven by hate for anyone. 

This is all a mess caused by two people that want each other on the worst of times .. 

“And to be very honest ..”, he kisses her before spilling his own little fair share of secrets. Currently he sees no point in keeping the few he has for himself. 

“You’re the best I’ve ever had, and ever will have.”, Ryosuke calmly admits giving Sora enough time to gather her thoughts between a soft kiss upon her cheek, his confession wasn’t the shocking part, it was the sweetness and warmth emanating from such a simple kiss like the one Ryosuke had just shared with her. 

Then, he finally gave Sora a chance to place her hands wherever she desired as he let them go and placed his on the sides of her face, his left one for supporting his weight and the right one to comfortably enjoy her lips as he cups her cheek. Sora’s bafflement quickly disappeared when moans and whimpers took control of her entirely, putting her attention back in place Ryosuke thrusts in and out quickening his pace to the sensation of his release approaching, also lusting for more of Sora’s pleas combined with the scratches taking place on his shoulders. 

 Everything within them was giving out, their bellies were full of butterflies, toes curling, fingers gripping the sheets, longing kisses and backs arching to the sensation of a near orgasm. Ryosuke thrusts were deep and Sora was tightening herself with each one making it easier and so much more enjoyable for him to have his release, she was satisfied in the end .. 

As he quivered inside of her and she added more pressure, they finally reached their much needed and wanted orgasm. Ryosuke’s seeds scattered all over Sora’s heaving belly and almost reached her breast, her skin adorned a mix of her own sweat and himself. And yet again, he finds himself admiring and loving the oddest of things about her, like the mere sight of her exhausted frame underneath him with his own cum on her body, but truth be told he never payed much attention to these types of things after sex with other women .. 

Sora has been the only one to lure and intrigue him as much as she does. Ryosuke carefully tumbled down besides Sora and remained facing her side profile while she still had air to catch, he simply stared like a dazed fool and smile an idiotic grin, one that he hasn’t shown in quite some time. 

“I’m not too sure, maybe it’s the endorphins still kicking in .. but there might be a possibility of me falling for you. Hard, really hard ..”, Ryosuke confesses a bothersome fact he has been dealing with for a few months now, somehow he knew the possibility was right after feeling lightweight. As if the secret was weighing him down all these months .. 

Nevertheless, despite the rare shyness he showed, Ryosuke indeed felt relieved. More so when a soft and warm smile curved Sora’s lips, soon she faced him without concerns for the mess on her belly, in the end she planned on staying and not living stains behind nonetheless. 

“Then fall. There might be a possibility of me joining you ..”, the two smiled like complete fools, perhaps the new atmosphere forming in their little bubble was bringing out all these new feelings and confessions, they felt safe and secure in each other, warm and calm within the air they breathe, simply comfortable with each other. 

“Then what are you going to do about Shun—” 

“I’m breaking up with him. I’m not happy and I think that’s quite clear. He wasn’t the best, but I can’t keep on doing this behind his back, it’s not fair ..”, the air didn’t grow thick enough but it was obvious the moods were changing between the two. 

However, Ryosuke placed a single kiss on her lips before moving to her forehead, he would do anything just to get her to sleep with no worries about her current boyfriend. 

“Like I said, we’ll sort everything out, just not tonight or tomorrow since it’s your birthday. And lucky for you I’m available for the entire day, meaning I’m all yours ..”, his mischievous statement came more as a teasing proposal, announcing his availability just for her, it was hard to decline his presence for the entire day and she was greatly tempted to simply stay exactly like this for the day. 

“So, can I stay?”, Sora asks with a hopeful smile curving her lips as she tucks herself closer into his chest and neck, she received a heavenly chuckle from Ryosuke’s lips and hers were shortly sealed by them as arms gently surrounded her torso to pull her in. 

“Always ..” 




“O-kay, turn ‘round and let’s see how that looks.”
Emily Ripov turned to face the friendly zbornak — Sylvia, she’d called herself Sylvia — but she did so awkwardly. Ripov was no longer used to kindness without a price, and had quickly learnt to trust no one while travelling the galaxy. This was the source of her discomfort now as she was dealt with something (or rather someone), that flew in the face of all her experiences. The hunter hesitantly raised a hand to her head, trying to imagine what she looked like now the zbornak was finished.

Sylvia cast an eye over Ripov’s unruly mop of hair and leaned in again to tighten the bandana she’d just tied around it another notch. She stood back then, arms crossed and eyes squinting in the planet’s weak light. She couldn’t exactly say the hair was tamed but it was better than the feral mess it had been before. Sylvia wasn’t one to worry about this kind of stuff usually, but when a young lady fails to deck some creep in a dive bar down to poor visibility, something needs to be done. Sylvia was happy to give up her own bandana for a good cause.

“…Well? How do I look?” Ripov asked, noticing the difference, now.
“I think… it looks like next time, you won’t miss.”
Her answer was accompanied by a wide grin that stretched even further as the larger creature’s gaze moved past Ripov, back towards the bar they’d just exited. The two watched a gaggle of the bar’s patrons begin to trudge purposefully towards them, creep numero uno leading the pack; Oh boy.
They shared a look, Sylvia pleased to see that Ripov could, Ripov pleased to have someone to shoot a look at. There was a high whirr as she fired up her blaster, ready to shoot something else;
“Looks like it’s next time already.”

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Hope this is cool for you, I know you were more interested in fic, but I wasn’t about to attempt to write something and try to call it a gift.

Your wish list was fantastic, you had so much material there to play with!! I had a lot of fun thinking about everything, but when you mentioned the possibility of Sylvia and Ripov meeting at some point in the past (possibility forgotten on a canon timeline), I couldn’t get it out of my head. I began to think about a younger Ripov and how she might look a little different – And then of course, both of our ladies have a bandana thing going on as bounty hunters.
I was thinking Sylvia went into bounty hunting by choice (and has been doing it for a while now), meanwhile Ripov has been plunged in there by pretty awful circumstances. Finding Sylvia sure could help her out.
Bounty Hunting takes you to a lot of pretty unsavoury places, too. I imagine them being able to bond when it comes to extra dangers they might face as women (“women”).

Anyway: Hope you’ve been feeling better lately and this has brought you some cheer. I’ll shut up now

a fickle thing; pt 1

HAHAHAHAHA no this was not a good idea, I’ll admit that much. Also, I have SO MUCH fic to catch up on in this fandom, *_* You all have been SO BUSY!

“Hm,” Obi frowned. “You must have had bad taste back then.”

Shirayuki jerked where she sat, perched atop a rough-hewn stool. Honestly, she was never going to understand what it was about Obi that managed to pry all of her more youthful, asinine stories from her, but she was determined to put a stop to it if abuse was all she was going to get.

“What! Why would you –”

“Well,” Obi interrupted, grinning. “Only a real idiot would ever think it acceptable to break your heart, Miss.”

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- leoraiweek is here ! AHH ! here’s my oneshot submission for the prompt: black and blue. enjoy :) -  

They had mentioned it long ago. Back before things got serious. Back when they were just kids who didn’t know any better. The conversation filled with giggles and cuddles, and, what hurt him the most: love

We’re like a yin-yang. Only black and blue instead.

Why black and blue?  she asked, a look of amusement on her face. 

They’re our colors. At least, I think they are. They remind me of us. And I might think of you anytime I see them together. He rubbed his hand on the back of his neck, awkwardly, as he spoke. She pressed a kiss to his snout. 

I completely agree.

Leonardo smiled as he stared into his girl’s eyes, wishing never to look away. He began to feel nervous as he reached into his belt pocket, the moment about to come. 

What have you got there? He had wanted to grab it out without her knowing, but being the ninja that she was, he should’ve known there was no way if her not seeing. 

OH, it’s just a little thing I wanted to give you.

Is- is that a ring?

Her eyes grew wide with shock and excitement as he handed-

Leonardo stopped the fading memory there. Not wanting to hurt himself further. He promised the guys he had stopped thinking about her. Of course she doesn’t consume my thoughts anymore. But it was all a charade. He though lying to them, and to himself, would help get her out of his mind. But she just kept coming back, no matter what he did. 

Running across rooftops, he took a deep breath of the cold air, hoping to let go of her memories as he exhaled. So many damn memories. 

Why would you think you proposing would change anything?

He lectured himself, like he did most nights when she entered his thoughts once more. He thought himself stupid for thinking he could make her stay. That someone his love would be enough for her to abandon her clan and stay in New York. I’m sure she doesn’t even wear the ring anymore. 

Stopping dead in tracks, he couldn’t believe where he had ventured. The Byerly Building. He wanted to run. To be anywhere else. But before he could leave, something caught his eye. 

An envelope was stuck to the top of the roof with a kunai. His curiosity piqued, he grabbed it off the ground. His name, Leonardo, written on the front. His heart immediately stopped. His mind immediately thought of her, but it was impossible. She told him she could never come back again. Just the thought of those words brought back the hurt he had felt just 5 years earlier. 

Opening it slowly, a blue paper came out, with a small note written on it.

Dear Leonardo, 

I know it’s been a long time. And I understand if you never want to see me again. Or if you’ve forgotten about me. But ever since I left, I’ve regretted it. I’ve come back to New York, and I don’t really know why. I know you probably will never forgive me for leaving. But maybe it’s just enough comfort to know I’m closer to you now. I hope you’re doing okay, and I’m sorry if this was the last thing you wanted. 

Love always, 

P.S. I lied about throwing away the ring. 

It was as if time had slowed down. Karai was here? In New York? 

She came back.

A smile smeared across his face as he whispered the words into the night. He knew he had to find her. He didn’t care of Raphael would be disappointed in him. All he could think about was how the memory he had been trying to forget for years, was finally a reality again. And as he examined the note again, he noticed the interesting choice of blue paper with black ink. She didn’t forget.

They were yin and yang. Black and blue. Opposites. Opponents. Friends. And lovers. And finally she was here again.

And as he turned around and found himself staring into her eyes once again. He knew ther was no place he’d rather be.