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BTS Fic Recommendations

 There seems to be a weird divide in this fandom between reader x member and member x member stories, but I’m just here in the middle like “all Bangtan smut is good smut!” A good story is a good story and good writing is good writing. Some of these have no smut at all and some are so filthy that I can’t believe I’m recommending them, but, you know, BTS ruined my life and I have no shame anymore. 

I’ve probably read hundreds of BTS stories by now and these are the ones that I go back to over and over. I tried to pick only one per author, but all of these authors are amazing and you should go check out their whole masterlists. These are the authors that I personally fangirl over and stand in awe of. None of these are particularly similar to mine (eg. they are way better) and none of them are particular similar to each other. These are the fics that, for whatever reason, I couldn’t forget about after I read them.

Warning: Some of these are very explicit, so use caution. Anything marked with an M is definitely NSFW. 

Hope you enjoy!

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Apology Muffins


Summary: The reader returns from a work trip but it’s not as happy of a homecoming as she was expecting…

Pairing: Jensen x reader

Word Count: 1,000ish

Warnings: none (angst, fluff)

A/N: Written for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing ‘s Jensen September Quickie Challenge who also made the lovely aesthetic above…

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Last Assignment (#5)

Summary: Reader is in art class. The professor assigned a nude model to each student and gave a last assignment of the semester that has a lot of weight on the final grade.  

Pairing: AU!Bucky Barnes x Reader (Reader POV)  

Warnings: Mentions of trauma,

(Y/N) = your name

a/n: Here we go, part 5. Will your predictions for the phone call come true? Let’s find out, shall we? It came out a little cheesy, I apoogize in advance, I had a hard time bringing this part to life cause I kept struggling to find the right words. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find a beta reader in time, so I had to do most of the editing by myself, and so I’m sorry for any mistakes and any areas of the story that might feel a little off. Hope you enjoy it anyway.  Let’s talk about this story!!

Last Assignment Masterlist


He moved his lips from mine, and started whispering kisses up my jawline. I let my head fall back at the feeling of his teeth grazing my neck, moaning louder than before. I felt his hands on the back of my thighs gripping and kneading.

I was breathless.  

Then the phone rang.

Originally posted by jlstreck

The sound of heavy breathing and a loud ringing plagued the atmosphere. We stayed there for a couple of seconds, calming our breathing.
“What is that?” Breathed James. His warm hands still holding onto me with a firm grip. 

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Problem ~ Farkle Minkus


Could you do a Farkle imagine similar to rileytown but the reader is in Riley’s place and the bullying is worse and more about appearance because they are in high school and could there possibly be physical bullying if you’re comfortable writing it

Warnings: physical and mental abuse, cursing, mentions of bulimia

Y/n stood in front of her locker , hastily shoving her Allegra book into her locker and glancing over her shoulder ever few seconds. She pulled her hoodie closer to her shivering body. She jumped when a warm hand landed on her shoulder.

“Y/n?” It was only Farkle. She let out a shaky sigh of relief and closed her locker, adjusting her bag on her shoulder.

“Farkle, hey.” She said, giving him a slightly forced smile and subconsciously pulling down her sleeves to cover her bruised wrists.

“Hey, Y/n , I was wondering if you were coming with everyone to topanga’s this afternoon?” He smiled. She shrugged , glancing over his shoulder to make sure no one , mainly Sophie , Jackson, randy, and Carly , weren’t around to hear their conversation.

“Uh, yeah sure! I’ll see you guys there.” Farkle grinned, nodded, and walked away, leaving Y/n in the hallway alone. She would have asked him to walk with her to class but they had separate ones and hers wasn’t very far. She could make it, right? Wrong.

Just as she turned the corner , she felt herself meet the cold , hard , marble floor and She could hear faint snickering over her heart pounding in her ears. She tried to gather herself , and quickly escape to her class room that was only two doors down.

When she grabbed her bag, a clunky boot stomped down on her hand, eliciting a sickening crunch. She yelped in pain, tears springing to her eyes. Where was everyone?

“Where do you thing you’re going, Y/n? Off to find your fuck buddy , Lucas?” Randy, her ex boyfriend and bully, hissed. He pressed harder on her hand and if it wasn’t broken before, it certainly was now.

“He’s just a friend. He always was.” Y/n whimpered pathetically. Randy always suspected she cheated on him with Lucas. It’s the whole reason he hit her. Before and after she ended things.

“Who told you that you could talk, whore?” Jackson growled, kicking her in her side. Sophie giggled and hung on his arm as she smacked her double bubble bubblegum and kissed his cheek leaving a big shiny cherry lipgloss stain in its wake. Carly just stood in the background , not saying a word but shooting daggers at Y/n.

“Please, just let me go.” She cried , hand throbbing and head bleeding from its impact on the floor.

“Y'know , maybe randy wouldn’t have left you if you weren’t such a fat , ugly , slut.” Sophie nagged in her nasally voice as she inspected her new nose in a compact mirror. “I mean you should really lay off on the donuts and pick up a tube of mascara or something’.” She shrugged. Y/n almost wanted to laugh at the fact that she thought that randy left her, but that would never end well. She stayed silent on the floor.

“I’m bored, can we just finish this and get some pizza or somethin’?” Carly groaned in her thick Boston accent. Y/n liked to compare her to a slightly more sane Harley Quinn.

“Sure thing, sweet cheeks. ” randy chuckled , before glancing down at A bruised and bleeding Y/n. He lifted his boot and the last thing Y/n saw before she blacked out was a sinister grin making its way onto his rat like face and mr Matthews quickly running to the scene.

~ Y/n peeled open her eyes to the dull white walls of an unfamiliar room filled with beeping machines that read things she couldn’t understand. The rough sheets scratched her aching legs and her blankets felt like chains as they held her to the poor excuse of a bed.

Her throat burned and she coughed, looking around for a cup of water. She saw one on the small table by her bed and reached for it with her good hand. However, the cup was too far away and she could only manage to brush it with her finger tips. She kept reaching and reaching until the cup slid off the table and fell the floor. She sighed and laid back again.

Just then the door opened and the doctor walked in , her parents trailing behind her with saddened yet relieved looks on their faces. It was very obvious her mother had been crying.

“Good morning , miss y/l/n. Glad to see you are finally awake.” Morning? Had she really been asleep that long? Where were her friends? ‘At school , you idiot’ she scolded herself.

“W-water?” She squeaked out , hoarsely. Her dad saw the spilled water and got a towel while her mom raced to get another cup.

“Now , you seem to have taken quite the beating. How are you feeling?” The doctor asked softly. Her mom came in and she took a sip, the cold water soothing her aching throat.

“My head and hand hurts.” She said quietly. The doctor nodded.

“That’s normal. You broke your hand in three different places and you hit your head quite hard. I would like to discus something with you in private, if that is alright with you and your parents.” She nodded and her parents hesitantly left the room after giving her a kiss on the forehead. The doctor pulled up a chair and sat by the hospital bed. “You are extremely under weight , Y/n. Your parents say that you’ve been eating , but I have a hard time believing that this is natural. ”

She looked down at her cast , picking at the plaster.

“I do eat, I do. But…when my parents go to sleep I go to the bathroom and…” She stopped and the doctor nodded , understanding what she was implying.

“Well, we obviously can’t have you continue on this way. You will have to go through treatment. That includes counseling , medications , and nutrition education. It will be a long process but you can get through this. “He gave her an encouraging smile that she couldn’t seem to return no matter how hard she tried. ” now, onto your injuries. Your teacher says that he found you surrounded by four students. Are they the ones who hurt you?“ She nodded. "What are their names?”

“Jackson Sanchez , Carly Conklin , Sophie Reynolds , and randy karlberg. ” she said quietly. The doctor quickly wrote down the names before leaving and sending in your parents.


You walked into class two days later , head down and hood on. So far, no one had noticed you. You had managed to get through the day without seeing any of the four students that had been harassing her for a year. Finally she made it to her last class of the day. The only class she had all of her friends in.

As she walked in all her friends turned to her , their conversation already forgotten. Farkle was the first to stand and stared at her for a second before running over to her and engulfing her in a warm hug filled with emotion.

Riley was next to hug her, sniffling as she tried to hide her tears.

“I was so worried out you!” The group all shared their concern and happiness that she was okay.

“Why didn’t you tell us , Y/n?” Maya asked , placing a comforting hand on her shoulder. Y/n shrugged, playing with her cast , again.

“I didn’t want you guys to worry about it. It was my problem, I wanted to handle it myself. I guess I didn’t do a good enough job , huh?” She chuckled in spite of herself.

“Y/n, the next time you have a problem, please , I beg of you, come to me. You can always come to me Y/n.” Farkle pleading , grabbing her hand subconsciously before blushing and dropping it.

“Why do you care so much, Farkle? I know you care because you’re my friend but you seem to care a lot more than everyone else.” She raised an eyebrow and Maya smirked , crossing her arms.

“Yeah, boy genius? Let’s see you answer that.” The rest of the group watch you two , amused.

“I-uh-you see- I-”

“Spit it out , bro!” Lucas growled. Farkle sighed.

“I really, really like you Y/n. When I found out you were hurt , I felt like it was some how my fault. Like I could have prevented it somehow. ” Y/n smiled and this time it was real.

“I-I like you too , Farkle. I really do.” Farkle grinned. Mr Matthews walked in. The two smiled at each other before taking their seats.

“How are you , Y/n?” Mr Matthews asked.she smiled at him.

“I’m getting better. Thank you.”

“It’s good to have you back.”

“It’s good to be back. "Y/n looked to Farkle before turning to the board, the smile not leaving her face.

The ending sucked but oh well

17 Days

Taking a shot at an AU! This is Jensen x Reader for the let’s go crazy challenge hosted by @chelsea072498. I had the song 17 days and the prompt ‘he knew he was home when his lips touched hers’. Please note that this is a work of fiction and in no way is hatred towards the Ackles family (I love them all) Also I tried to go a bit different with this so hopefully you enjoy it as much as I did writing it!

Word count: 1,109

Characters: actress Reader, Jensen, Jared, mentions of other Supernatural cast

Warnings: a ton of swear words

DAY 1.

Holy hell. I was in…well hell. Or at least the set of hell used on Supernatural. I had been acting for just under 4 years and this – a 2 episode guest arc as this bad-ass hunter that helps out the Winchesters – was by far beyond anything that I could’ve imagined getting when I’d moved to L.A. Not to mention that I had watched this show from the beginning and my inner fangirl was jumping around like an excitable puppy.

I had been introduced to the cast and crew, been in make up and wardrobe and now I was preparing to film my first scene – opposite Jensen Ackles no less. OK Y/N deep breath. Don’t make a fool out of yourself. You worked your ass off for this. You deserve to be here.

DAY 2.

As Bobby Singer would say, balls. My alarm had started beeping, not that it mattered when I’d already been up a couple of hours. Every time I’d closed my eyes all I could see was the utter car crash my first day had descended into. Literally. Day 1 and I crash the impala of all things. Couldn’t have just broken a glass or one of the prop guns – nope that would’ve been too kind. F my actual life. These next 15 days were going to drag.

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Send me a ship and I’ll give you my (brutally) honest opinion on it

Ah yes, the ship that must not be named. Or that I like to call err0ri because it’s like an error in the matrix or idk. I’m not directly answering the ask because I don’t want it to show up in the search and have any brats in my inbox lol.
Alright, sit down, my child because this turned out so long, holy shit X”D

Tbh this ship never made any sense to me, and I was baffled when I joined the fandom and found out that it’s the biggest/most popular ship in the fandom. Like wtf the wrong with y’all?? First of all there is the obvious age gap. Why you gotta turn Levi into a pedo? He just doesn’t strike me as the guy that would fall for a teenager. He might care for them as a father figure and superior because he’s empathetic. But romance? Never. “But it’s only fiction!!!!!!!!!!!” Have you seen how teenager boys act nowadays? How can you look at someone as immature as Eren and think he would be able to take care of a man in his 30s irl? You wouldn’t. And idk what should be so different in the snk verse. Eren is immature and egoistic and definitely not, NOT. AT. ALL. suited to take care of someone like Levi who went through so much shit, grew up underground and lost so many people that were dear to him. They are on totally different levels. But there is more to it than just the age gap. There is a total lack of chemistry. I just don’t see it! But the worst is that the whole ship is built on an act of violence. How can abuse be the base for a ship? When I joined the fandom in 2013 it was totally a thing in err0ri fanart that Levi would beat Eren up before anything romantic or sexual happened. It looked like violence was a foreplay for them and that’s simply disgusting. Abuse was heavily romanticized and played down in this fandom. But it was just a trick to get Eren into the Scouting Legion right? Also it was the plan of Erwin, the evil guy that stands in the way of this ~dream ship~. Let’s just ignore how Levi did not only beat Eren a second but also a third time. The second time was just Levi’s way of bonding with his new squad, right? Lmao this was such a fucked up “meta” post that I read. For the third time they couldn’t even make any excuses. They just simply ignore it. Like basically everything else that happens in canon. This ship is so damn ooc. It’s like they are two completely different characters that just coincidentally look exactly like Eren and Levi. This fandom is an expert in mischaracterizing characters and I’m also talking about third parties, like every other character that could come in the way of the ship is a potential danger, an abuser and rapist. Maybe it’s because most shippers are very young and just see Eren as a self insert. Maybe they haven’t written many fics and that’s why they can’t get the characterization right. Who knows, maybe I would’ve fallen for this ship too when I was 15. (Though I was always into height differences, so who knows?) However, there are also enough people that are not teenagers or even around Levi’s age that ship him with Eren. I honestly can’t come up with any logical reason why you would ship these two. I don’t understand it and I honestly don’t want to. The only reason I can somewhat understand is “they are my favorite and second favorite character so I just want to see them together and fuck canon, I make up my own canon/AU”. Or if someone ships them for the ~aesthetics~. I don’t see these aesthetics, but tastes are different.

I gotta admit that in the beginning I was just unfazed by this ship and felt just indifferent. I didn’t mind if it showed up on my dash, I scrolled past it and sometimes even took a second to appreciate the art itself even if I didn’t like what it portrayed. But the more time passed the more I’ve learned how nasty the shippers are. Istg the shippers made me hate this ship with a burning passion. Now if any err0ri shows up on my dash, I get physically sick. I totally wish I could go back to indifference instead of feeling like puking, but I can’t. I’ve seen too much shit. And I’m totally aware that there are normal shippers, and that other ships have black sheeps in their flock too. But there are just so many err0ri shippers that can’t stay in their damn line. They have to take art of other ships and turn change Levi’s partner into Eren. They have to leave nasty comments under eru/ri art like “I think you meant to draw Eren as Levi’s husband instead of Erwin” or that the artist drew a rape scene under a simple nsfw drawing. And don’t get me started on the shit that goes on in the eru/ri tag on AO3. Why do so many writers have to tag their err0ri fics as eru/ri? Istg no matter when I check the tag, there are always 20-25% err0ri fics. I’m so fucking tired of this shit. I don’t want to see it! NO ONE goes into the eru/ri tag to see this endgame err0ri crap. Especially not if all of them turn Erwin into a monster. Aren’t they tired of reading their own same shit over and over again? Can’t they come up with anything new? Why does it always have to be Erwin who is the bad ex and Eren the knight on a white horse who rescues Levi? Levi is no fucking damsel in distress. He would never let Erwin abuse him and he’s definitely not unable to defend himself. He doesn’t need a third person to get him out of there, especially not someone as unsuited as Eren lol. But I‘m repeating myself and already talked enough about mischaracterization. I just wish they would take a random OC instead or just stop to tag their fics as eru/ri if it’s just a past relationship and not the endgame. And NO, eruri/ren is NOT the solution. That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. If I already hate err0ri, I definitely don’t want to drag Erwin into this shit as well. Leave him out of it. I know multishippers exist. I don’t understand how you can ship both of them when eru/ri is basically perfect while err0ri is the bad kind of trash, but ok. But I’ve never got along with those kind of multishippers. I talked to some in the past but it never ended well. So I prefer to avoid any people that are shipping err0ri tbh. Oh and one last thing… why do so many of them are such apologists? Whenever they are confronted with the “pedo argument” (yes, I’m aware that pedophilia is the wrong term and it should be actually hebephilia/ephebophilia but most people use pedophilia as a synonym for a minor/adult relationship), they get so defensive and aggressive and try to find stupid excuses why this ship is not problematic. Suddenly Eren is so mature because he’s in the military and that automatically makes him an adult. But once he has to face punishment for insubordination he’s a sweet child that doesn’t know any better. That’s so fucking pathetic and hypocritical. Just admit that you like a problematic ship and that’s it. It’s not that hard isn’t it?

Thanks for your ask, and sorry that this got so long :”D

A Punching Bag For Emotions (one of these days)

Summary: After losing someone on a hunt you’re tense and get into a fight with Dean. He proposes boxing to relief some stress and soon you’re confessing things you’ve held in for too long. All this turns out differently than you though it would.

Characters: Dean x Reader, Reader (Y/N), Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester (only briefly mentioned)

Words: 2442

Warnings: angst (self-doubt, -loathing) other than that very fluffy

It was just one of these days. These days that everyone has, every once in a while. A day where you didn’t feel good, just kind of sad and not really motivated to do anything at all. The last hunt went pretty well. Sam, Dean and you got almost everyone out alive; except for a young girl.

She volunteered to be the bait and even though you didn’t want her to she still did it anyway. Whilst Sam and Dean had fought against the majority of the werewolves that were present, you tried to help everyone who was still trapped to get out. This young girl, god you didn’t even ask for her name, distracted the other werewolves as good as she could and you hurried so you could help her. When you got to her though, she was lying on the floor, bleeding and shaking violently. With two precisely planned shots you took out the last remaining werewolves. As soon as they hit the floor you were above her, getting rid of your jacket and tearing it to pieces so you could try and stop the bleeding. You pressed it onto the wound and talked to her. “Hey! Hey, sweetheart! Look at me!” You shouted whilst you heard heavy footsteps approaching, which meant that Sam and Dean were on their way to you. She turned her head and slowly opened her eyes, using her last bit of strength to focus on you. You were covered in her blood and even though you knew that she wouldn’t make it, you didn’t want to let go. “Stay awake, sweetie. Don’t fall asleep.” You said, stroking a strand of hair out of her face. But she just slowly shook her head, speaking in a low and weak voice she said: “Thanks for saving my family.” Then her eyes weren’t focused anymore and you could feel that she had stopped breathing. You looked at her, God she was so young and she died just because you failed. After a good minute or so you got up, bloody all over. Not covered in your own but in her blood after all. The boys were watching you with this certain kind of gaze; it was Winchester for “You are so not fine, please talk to us!” But you just grabbed your now torn and blood red jacket and said: “Let’s go. Case closed.” And walked right past them. When you got back to the motel room all three of you had to share, you told Sam and Dean they could have a bed each; you’d be at a bar ‘til very late and just crash on the couch when you came back. You could see it in their eyes, they were saying that you shouldn’t go but talk to them. Not caring about that at all you quickly changed and got out just to head to the next bar.

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A  Timeline of Asagao Academy according to my experience

This game came out a year ago today,, weird to think that was so long ago.

I feel like if I try and make something super sentimental I’m just going to start rambling and crying so I’m going to do this in the most low-key way I can; I’m putting together a timeline of the Asagao fandom, but solely from my perspective. So, let’s take a look at how things have changed over the course of this year, shall we?

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Summoning Candyman Ch.2 (Jumin X Reader fanfic)

Fandom: Mystic Messenger
Rating : M 
Summary: “Jumin Han, Jumin Han, Jumin Han” you repeated in front of the mirror. When you wished for Jumin to be real on Halloween night, you didn’t expect him to turn out to be a criminal lord with a strange pet fetish… 
Keywords: Super AU, self-insert, loss of control kink, pet kink, creepy dominant Jumin, criminal setting, also some Yoosung X Seven and Jaehee X Zen
Author’s Notes: WOW GUYS, you blew me away with the number of notes for the first chapter!! You really want that crime boss in your bed, I see :D Well, I’m glad to oblige…in a few chapters;) For now, enjoy the slow seduction ~ 

Chapter 1

Chapter 2: There’s no harm in a gift

“Hurry, faster, faster” you willed the bus under your breath. Jehan hadn’t said when he’d call again, but you prayed it wouldn’t be while you were sandwiched between a gross gorilla sweating grease and an old lady smelling like cat piss. “Awkward” wouldn’t even begin to describe the situation, and you wished to leave a better impression this time.

I must really be masochistic to look forward to it, you reflected as yet more passengers got in, squeezing you almost painfully against the stanchion you were holding on for support. Aldo’s sudden change was welcome, but you were not foolish enough not to see the danger of retaining Jehan’s interest, no matter how benevolent he had seemed yesterday. As Maria had reasonably put this morning when you had told her the news, all you could do was hope that last night’s events had been at best an altruistic whim, at worse a demonstration of power, and that it was the end of it.

Still, you couldn’t help the butterflies in your stomach as you approached your stop. His presence had been terrifying, but his words had made you feel so… special. What did he want to talk about? What if he wanted to call again? Perhaps you should rehearse a few times so you didn’t stutter so badly when you’d greet him—

Ding, went your phone, and you cursed a river as you fumbled to grab it and answer the call. Of all the times, when you had to fight your way through the jam-packed crowd to reach the exit—

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This Isn’t You

Request: “Hi can you please do a newtxreader imagine where something happens making the reader think that newt likes fierce and tough girls like the ones from group b so the reader secretly trains herself to be like them but gets hurt in the process. Then newt notices the injuries and explains to the reader that he fell in love with the kind, loving nature and gentle medjack he met in the glade lots of fluff please”

Originally posted by flower-crowns-and-newts-ass

You whittled your knife, the image of an awestruck Newt popping up. 

The other day Brenda had taken a crank with nothing but a small pocket knife. Of course the boys stood back in wonder. Newt the most baffled, couldn’t stop gushing and reliving it. 

You couldn’t help but feel your blood boil. The way he gawked at her… You couldn’t erase it from your brain. 

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anonymous asked:

do you have any writing tips ella? like you publish fic so often and its always super cool?? it takes me forever to psych myself up enough to write lmao how do you do it?

ahhh you’re so sweet! i tend to do the will graham version of writing/trying to live in characters’ heads which i heavily do not recommend oh god don’t do it, love yourself nonny. ahem, that said, hopefully some of this helps <3

try to figure out what exactly is blocking you/stopping you from getting excited, so-

  • for lack of inspiration: talking to fandom friends, asking for prompts, looking at au lists/imagine your otp posts, listening to music, looking at character or ship specific graphics/gifs/fanart/meta
  • for lack of motivation: try to do self-care tasks first (go through the have you regularly eaten/drank/showered/taken meds/etc.), appraise your own mental health if you’re physically caught up & have ideas but just don’t want to write them- i usually reread old comments/recs that were really nice & totally have a tag just for that purpose
  • the ‘idk i should be good to write but i’m not??’ feel: try writing something short just for yourself- like aim for 200 words. and i really mean just for you, like a blatant self-insert fic where you’re on a date with kira yukimura watching hamilton in the front row and you get to go backstage after. anyways, the point here is mostly a quick check to see if you want push yourself to write or not
  • i also like to pick up tropes, sometimes characters, that i usually avoid & try to figure out a way to write them that works for me. um, idk if you’d find that fun but it tends to really stimulate the mind? x)
  • and some days just aren’t good writing days like that’s super ok 
  • alright so if you’re at this point, you have a lovely fic idea you like, your body and mind are chill, you’re okay to write, but you need another little push and shia labeouf screaming just do it isn’t working
  • set up a small reward for yourself after finishing the fic or adding x words- i usually do this with new episodes (which is extra fun since the new content in turn sometimes sparks you to write something else)
  • if you’re staring at the same 500 words and you haven’t added anything in like a half hour, try asking yourself questions about other characters in the fic’s background or switching your pov for a paragraph - it doesn’t matter if the paragraph eventually gets deleted if it gives you a new idea of where to go next or how to get there
  • on a similar note, if you have a friend that can content beta that can be helpful for the same fresh perspective reasoning
  • if the pressure of a deadline works for you there are some multifandom lj comms still ticking and tumblr has a lot of events (ask if you want specifics on either) & you can always make lists of fic(s) you want done by the day, week, or month 
  • for me a lot of publishing often is more letting go of anxiety related to what happens after i publish. (also lmao writing hella short fic) i do have fics that im genuinely proud of, that have like under 50 hits and no comments that im cool with. but those are definitely in the minority, and for most fics im v yes Validate me and for that i try to ignore hits and kudos and notes and just focus on comments and reblog tags 
Say You Won’t Leave Me

Summary: After Mary left Sam and Dean, Sam sends you a message to tell you how much Dean needs you. You hurry back home, wanting to show Dean that you are never going to leave again. (Takes place after 12x03)

Characters: Dean Winchester x Reader (yes they are already kind of a couple before), Sam Winchester

Warnings: season 11 & 12 spoilers!!, a lot of angst, fluff

Words: 1603

A/N: Because I feel sorry for Dean and he deserves some love. Also I have a great request to work through so I’m excited for that. Please leave feedback and requests if you want

There is this feeling. This one certain feeling; rare and distinct but also one of the most frightening ones. The feeling you got, when something bad happened. Or rather the feeling, when something bad was about to happen.

But that didn’t mean, that there was actually something going on. After years of hunting, this could also be the kind of paranoia every hunter seemed to develop. An unsettling feeling, of always having to be ready to fight. The constant urge, to be able to defend your life and ultimately, the life of others.

Or maybe this feeling was just the aftershocks of the hunt, doubts getting to you; something that had happened a lot to you lately. Starting with the reappearance of Sam and Dean’s mother, Mary. It had taken you a few hours, to place that feeling you had about Mary being back. It wasn’t jealousy, not in the least, it wasn’t anger either, nor was it happiness because Sam and Dean were your family, and you had never met Mary so you were only happy for the brothers.

Eventually that feeling crept up inside of you, nevertheless. Like a small spark surrounded by books, quickly licking and feeding off of the pages, spreading similarly to that feeling that was spreading through your mind. Somewhere along the way you even found a word to describe how you felt: Doubt.

You had doubted this “gift”, Amara had given to Dean all along. Not because of Mary. Not because of Dean. But because of the single fact that it was Amara, after all. She was destruction, no matter how much you wanted to, you couldn’t bring yourself to believe she could do something only good. Maybe it was pessimistic to think so, still you wouldn’t make the mistake to lie to yourself and just accept this.

However, you were willing to accept that Mary and her Boys needed time. Sam had been back and the small family reunited. No matter how happy you were to finally have Sam safe and sound, or to know Dean was alive and still here, you knew they needed time to themselves. And you knew too well this wouldn’t be able with you around, being just another distraction. So you packed your stuff and told the boys you’d hunt on your own a while, being back in a few weeks.

Until you had uttered these very words, you hadn’t known it was possible to kill someone by simply telling them the right thing. Yet you were fully convinced to see Sam and Dean die a little bit as you drove away, Dean maybe more than Sam.

But the moment, you heard your phone ring, you knew there was something wrong. Before your, from the hunt still dirty, fingers had reached for the device in your pocket, you were certain you wouldn’t be staying here much longer. The moment you saw Sam’s name looking back at you from the display, your chest tightened.

Three words.

Three words were all it took to immediately drop everything and head back to them. Back home. Because they were family, you’d die for them and so would they. Even if doubt was burning your mind like a wildfire the last few days, you would never doubt that Sam and Dean Winchester were you family.

Somehow it still felt so surreal, like you were watching yourself and hearing things through thick cotton. The way you didn’t even realize you had thrown the few things in the room, inside your duffle bag and grabbed your jacket. Reaching for enough money, you’d drop on the bed to pay for the time you had stayed at the motel. Even the roar of your beloved mustang didn’t get to you; there was only the echo of Sam’s words on your mind.

He needs you

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The American Explorer (Part 3)

(Third part! THIRD PART WOO!)

(Synopsis: The Mummy meets Supernatural. In this next installment, we are greeted by the assistant curator and a rather interesting insight into the Kelpie.

Pairing: 1920′s!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2000

Warnings: Sass. So much sass.

Catch up! Part 1 // Part 2)

You’d met Sam briefly when he brought in the best he could muster for women’s clothes. He was taller than his brother, though both were arguably giants. He seemed softer, though. Different, “Hope these are OK. Couldn’t exactly shop for style.” He laughed nervously, handing over the items. They were acceptable, you were sure, though not what you would have picked out. Brown slacks and a more form-fitting white blouse. They were far more liberal.

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Tattoos and Alcohol

Summary:  You’ve been friends with the Novak twins, Anna and Samandriel for years, and of course, come to befriend their older brother. The tattooed, punk Senior who everyone adores. Now in grade 11, you’re still the best of friends with the Novaks. Between your recent breakup with Dean Winchester and the notorious Halloween party thrown by Charlie quickly approaching, you’re totally not freaking out. And Cas is totally not hitting on you. He wouldn’t do that. Especially since he and Dean are best friends. Right?

Cas x Reader, Dean x Reader (Mentioned)

Words: 2006

Warnings: Language, almost fight?, breakup, kinda angst,

A/N: Of course I had to do a Punk!Cas fic, I just adore him and all his tattoos and piercings and the whole bad boy but good only to you thing. Yeah, I’m in love, sue me.

Originally posted by green-circles

You held the flyers for Charlie’s Halloween party tightly in your hands. You hated that she made you do this stuff for her. You were sitting at the lunch table surrounded by friends.

Anna was to your left, talking to her twin Samandriel about something their father had said.  

Ash, Charlie and Kevin were to your right, typing away on their computers in attempt to see who could hack into the schools wifi first.

Sam and Jessica were arguing over something, no doubt something about Sam’s new girlfriend Ruby.

You stared at the table a few yards down from your own, dread pouring through your veins.

“Darling, you seem tense, what’s the matter?” Balthazar asked you, his hand finding it’s way to your lower back.

You jumped at the contact, not that it made you uncomfortable. Balthazar and yourself had always had a friendly yet flirty relationship. You looked into his icy blue eyes and gave him a small smile.

“I’ve been better” you said honestly, twisting the flyers in your sweaty palms.

“It’s my turn to hand these out to…everyone” You said again, throwing another look towards Balthazar who smiled in understanding.

“Ah, you finally got tired of looking into those delectable green globes” he stated and you rolled your eyes, adjusting your position in your seat. Balthazar sighed and twirled a strand of your hair in his fingers.

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Junkyard Blues Part 2 (Dean Winchester)

A/N: Part 2 guys!!! hope your all as excited as I am about this series

Pairings: Dean Winchester x Reader (Eventually)

Warnings: Drinking

Word Count Approx: 1486 words

Summary: Being Bobby Singers daughter can be difficult; especially once he becomes paralysed and your stuck looking after him, the house and the junkyard. This wasn’t exactly the way you saw your life going but when a handsome stranger turns up for a job things don’t seem so bad.

Read Part 1 here!


I had been on my hands and knees for the last hour; trying unsuccessfully to untangle the birds nest of computer cords. Each of them were wrapped around each other at least three times and I was close to tearing my hair out in frustration. Was there anything in this place that was where it was supposed to be?! I wouldn’t have even noticed if it wasn’t for the unfortunate incident of dropping my pen onto the floor; I would have left too but…well it was leaving an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach every time I thought about it.
I sighed and threw the cords back into a pile when I felt my phone buzzing in my back pocket; the ring tone maddening as it echoed around the small space under the desk. Fishing it out I answered it, seeing Charlie’s name flashing across the screen.
“How does a large pepperoni pizza sound?”
“It sounds amazing Char…But I’m still at work and I don’t think I’ll be finished for a while”
“Than I’ll come to you…I’ll pick some beer up on the way”
“You’re a life saver!” I groaned in appreciation, my stomach flipping at the sound of food.
“See you soon”
After the call had disconnected I put my phone back into my pocket; about to jump right back into the maze of cords when I heard someone clear their throat from above me. I looked up under my lashes into the stunning green orbs of Dean, a wide smile and a few grease spots smudged over his cheeks.

Dean had been the easiest person to work with; extremely easy to like. He never complained about the work, always turned up on time and Dad had definitely been right when he said Dean was an amazing mechanic. Actually amazing didn’t quite cover it. I was constantly shocked by how quickly he could figure problems out, how easy he made fixing cars look. He had already finished off three cars and it was only the end of his first week.
Not to mention how good he actually looked while working on them…
I’m not going to lie; I would happily watch him for the whole day and never get bored. Every time I did catch glimpses of him I was distracted for hours, my thoughts clouded by his presence.
Normally he settled for working in a pair of faded blue jeans that hugged his thick thighs; paired off with a light grey Henley…and there had been many times I imagined that shirt not even being there.
My face flushed as I realized I had been staring at him for a few moments not saying anything; his eyebrows were raised and the smile on his face had been quickly replaced by a smirk.
“Sorry Dean…lost my train of thought for a second”
“Oh I noticed” He chuckled, running his hand back through his slightly sweaty hair.
“If you’ve uh finished up than you can just go early…I can close up no trouble”
“Actually I was looking for an attachment for the socket wrench…I couldn’t find it in the toolbox”
“Oh! I think I have that one…sorry I forgot to put it back last night”
“Working on a car?” He asked curiously as I lifted myself off of the floor, dusting the knees of my jeans off.
“Yeah…just when I have time”
I motioned for him to follow me out of the office; grabbing the cordless phone on my way past just in case someone decided to call. Locking the door to the office we made our way over to the smaller of the garages, the one I use personally. As I lifted the door I listened to Dean whistle at the car, walking right over to run his large hand across the hood.
“Nice to see you have good taste in cars y/n”
“Of course! You learn a thing or two if you grow up in a junkyard” I laughed.
Turning around I moved across to my work bench, finding the bit Dean was after still sitting on the old wood.
“Does it run?”
“Nah I’ve been having trouble scrounging up the right parts…”
“I could make a few calls for you if you like”
“Really that would be great…only if you don’t mind of course”
 I shifted around to give the piece to him when I noticed him standing right in front of me, that damn smirk of his back. I felt my breath hitch in my throat as he leaned his hands either side of me, his face only inches from mine. I could smell the grease and sweat on him, mixing with his cologne and oh god did it turn me on. My heart was hammering so fast I was sure it was about to come crashing through my ribcage any second. The butterflies careening through my system as I felt his hot breath fan across my cheekbones.
“I don’t mind at all” He answered; voice a lot deeper than before, slightly husky.
My eyes widened the longer I stared into his eyes, resisting the urge to raise my hand and wipe the smudges off his face. Unconsciously we were leaning towards each other, the anticipation sending a shiver down my spine.
We broke apart at the last minute by a cough from the other side of the room; Charlie standing there with a pizza box and a six pack, her face lit up in surprised amusement.
“I should uh…get back to…” He motioned back towards the door, the tops of his ears turning pink.
“The car…right” I muttered, my breathing not quite back to normal.
Dean was out the door in seconds, looking flustered as he walked back towards the other garage; I watched him go, a little annoyed that Charlie had chosen that exact moment to turn up. She of course was on me in seconds; opening two beers and thrusting one into my hands.
“Tell me everything!” She demanded.
“There’s not much to tell”
“Are you kidding? What was that!?” She pointed towards the door than back to me, waited patiently for me to start talking.
“That’s Dean…the new  mechanic Dad hired to help me out”
“Well I can definitely see why you wanted to stay here for as long as possible…If I was straight…Damn!”
“Charlie come on!” I laughed, shoving her shoulder playfully.


I was so consumed by laughing at something Charlie had said that I didn’t notice when Dean walked back into the garage. It wasn’t until she elbowed me in the ribs that I looked up.
“Hey Dean!” I gasped, holding my sides.
“I was just letting you know that I finished up with that car for tonight”
“Thank you Dean…don’t worry about coming in early tomorrow, there probably wont be much to do until lunch time”
Dean nodded his head and waved briefly before turning to walk out again. That was until Charlie piped up from the stool next to me.
“Hey! Do you want a beer?”
“Charlie I’m sure Dean has better things to do” I hissed back towards her
“I haven’t got anything planned…as long as it’s okay” He replied, running his hand over the back of his neck.
“It’s absolutely fine Dean…besides I want to know all about you!” Charlie answered, handing him a beer as he sat down near us.
“Oh well it’s really not that interesting”
“Humour me…I have to know whose working with my darling best friend”
Charlie!” I hissed again but she paid no attention to me, turning her body fully to look at Dean. He shifted in his seat suddenly very unsure about himself; I guess talking about his life was a topic he never enjoyed very much. I couldn’t help but feel for him…
“Where are you from?”
“Brothers or sisters?”
“One brother” He chuckled
“Shame” Charlie murmured, launching into another set of questions before I could stop her.  


It was past midnight by the time I was walking Dean back towards his car; Charlie long passed out on the couch inside the house.
“I’m really sorry about all Charlie’s questions…she can get a bit personal sometimes”
“No it’s okay really…she’s seems really nice”
“Pain in the ass if you ask me” I replied with a smile
Dean let out a loud laugh as he pulled his keys from his pocket, unlocking the door to the impala and sliding into the seat.
“Thanks for the beers y/n I had fun”
“Anytime Dean…I’ll see you tomorrow yeah?”
I watched him pull away from the lot, headlights shining brightly in the night. I rubbed my hands against my arms as a shiver ran down my spine; goose bumps erupting across my skin. I wasn’t sure if they were from the cool night air or my almost not quite something with Dean earlier…either way the thought of seeing him tomorrow brought a smile to my face.

Part 3

Writer Appreciation Day - Daiya Love Post

I’ve been meaning to do one of these for a while, then saw the Fanfic Writers Appreciation post and KNEW I had to do one of these today. So, I’m putting all my favorite Ace of Diamond/Daiya no Ace writers in one lovely post (since I know people love to reblog these as well) and it was going to be in alphabetical order but now in my most recent bookmarks order, and then continuing the love from there. 

Seriously though today go spread a little love to your favorite authors whether it’s a Tumblr post, kudos/bookmark/comment fest on AO3, or sending a few message or Tweets at them, just show them a little love on this lovely Sunday!

This post is EXTREMELY LONG and cut below this, but just letting anyone know who contributes to the Daiya fandom content, you are loved and I appreciate you and all of your work!

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Bittersweet Part 5 - A Jared Padalecki Story

Pairing: Jared Padalecki x reader
Summary: A complicated, but bittersweet love story between Jensen Ackles younger sister and Jared Padalecki. After a rough start that almost ruined all chances of them ever becoming a couple, they fight for their love.
Words: 2981
Mention of the morning after pill and loads of fluff

Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3Part 4

I just felt like I had to say this before you read the chapter… I know baby pills and protection to avoid getting pregnant is a often discussed topic. I don’t mean to offend anyone here by writing this, but this is just how I learned all of this and how I grew up… So please, don’t get angry or sad if you read this and disagree. I don’t mean to hurt or offend anyone or someones religion. It is very important for me that you all know this! 

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Never Do This To Me Again-Proving A Point

Summary: You and Dean get into and argument when he refuses to let you be the bait for a monster on a case. But events take a sudden turn as you try to take onto the thing you’re hunting alone and Dean is left thinking that he is going to lose you. (SOME IS WRITTEN IN DEAN POV, THAT’S THE CURSIVE PART)

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam Winchester

Warnings: near death experience if it counts, a lot of angst but other than that fluff

Words: 4020 (I know it’s very long but I needed every word)

A/N: Guys if you have any requests for me, oneshot, drabble or something else it doesn’t matter, feel free to put some requests in my inbox. ALSO SOME OF THIS ONESHOT IS WRITTEN IN DEAN POV, THAT’S THE CURSIVE BIT

“You have got to be kidding me! A mermaid?” Dean exclaimed as he looked between you and Sam in confusion. The beer he had been drinking was abandoned on the bedside table as Dean walked over the small table in the motel room.

A few days ago Sam, Dean and you had left the bunker to head to a small city where young woman kept going missing. Three young girls were already missing and all had been seen last at the local lake.

This could’ve been anything until the fourth one had gone missing and there was an actual witness. Her boyfriend, who wanted to take her on a romantic dinner at the lake, went to get something from the car and when he came back he didn’t find his girlfriend but he did see “a weird looking woman with seaweed like hair, gills and razor sharp teeth”

You had been following this story as a possible case and as soon as you had heard the description of the witness you knew there was something up. Sam was instantly convinced but Dean somehow seemed torn.

It took Sam and you a solid forty minutes to talk Dean into at least checking it out but he eventually agreed. Everyone packed their stuff and then you hit the road, hoping to find out what was up with this case.

Talking to the families, the witnesses and a lot of people in town took a while and after that you had no clues but the very crazy sounding description of one of the victims boyfriends. This could only mean one thing: research.

Sam had started digging through various lore books he had brought and searching the internet to maybe find something out, in the meantime you and Dean went to the local library to find out more about similar accidents in the past.

After it turned out that there had never occurred such a thing in the small town, you and Dean grabbed some fast food for lunch and headed back to the motel. Joing a very hungry and frustrated Sam, you ate and then got back to work.

Looking at the clock you were surprised that it was almost nine in the evening, you hadn’t suspected for it to be this late. Getting lost in research was a thing that rarely happened to you and you were happy to find something.

“No not a mermaid! Well not really.” You said and Dean pulled out the chair and sat down. Sam’s and his attention were on you as they waited for you to explain your theory.

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Dear Diary:Beginnings Wanda/Natasha X Reader

(Credit goes to images original owner.)

Suggested by an amazing anon (Bet you thought we had forgot about this :P)

Fandom: Marvel,Avengers

Characters: Natasha Romanoff,Wanda Maximoff

Word Count: 953


Dear Diary.                                              10/11/2020

Hi! My name is (Y/N) and I am a member of SHIELD who is currently working with the Avengers.It’s a pretty good job! Sure it has it’s downsides,such as the constant life threatening situations I’m put in on a day to day basis.But,I wouldn’t trade it for the world! I currently suffer from amnesia,which the doctors say I will never recover from,so I'm keeping a diary just in case it happens again.Currently I'm only able to remember names of my team mates and parts of their personalities,as well as parts of my surroundings.Aside from that,everything else is a blur.I intend to keep you informed on my life,so expect to see more of me soon!

x (Y/N)

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Every HS AU I read (doesn't matter the fandom/bandom)
  • Main character (popular athlete/rich kid): I act like I'm fine but I'm really not (blah blah blah "i'm more of a writer than a football player" blah blah blah "i wear a mask" blah blah blah)
  • Love interest (who tends to be a dork/geek/nerd/nobody for some reason but has also been friends with the main character for 5+ years): Hi let me help you, you don't look happy
  • MC: NO
  • LI: BUT
  • MC: NO
  • *about three-five chapters in*
  • *kiss*
  • LI: I should probably mention that I have an evil ex who's kind of messed up and may want to kill you once he finds out
  • MC: We'll work through it omg ilysm (insert name here)
  • LI: Ilyt (insert name here)
  • MC: I'm just so happy to be with you, (insert name here)
  • Evil Ex: That not right
  • LI: I'm happy to be with you too (insert name here)
  • *about six-??? chapters in*
  • MC: I'm really not as perfect as you think I am (blah blah blah "I've been living a lie" this is where the author inserts some confession along the lines of suicidal thoughts/self-harm/anxiety/depression/paranoia of the sort)
  • LI: I've loved you since I was twelve years old and we were best friends forever and ever and for some reason my feelings started to change for you...
  • *really awkward sex scene that makes you pray that no one is looking over your shoulder jfc*
  • Evil Ex: Don't go near (insert name here) or else I'll hunt you down
  • MC: *does anyways*
  • MC: *ends in hospital in a coma (can I take a moment to ask why some character is always in a coma?)*
  • MC: *wakes up*
  • Correct me if I'm wrong.