i feel like i havent drawn in ages

yurio blues yellows

i wonder what all he thinks about that gold. does he feel the pressure and expectations to continue being the best? is he just happy? happy that he has proven himself but also that yuuri won’t retire? guess only s2 would tell

anonymous asked:

I know your inbox must be full but..How did Bodran react to Anders blowing up the chantry??

Oh don’t worry! My inbox isn’t full–I’m just so slow at getting around to draw these messages. (If it’s been a while and I still haven’t gotten to your message, feel free to send it again or enquire after it!)

Bodran couldn’t give a rat’s ass if Kirkwall burnt to the ground or fell into the sea (or both!). All he wanted was it to fall after he had 1) thoroughly plundered it and 2) successfully gotten a safe distance away. Then Anders had to go ahead with his own plans (and without so much as a by your leave!) and show Bodran up with his fancy explosive magics. It was a disaster.