i feel like i haven't slept like in a week


Band Of Brothers 15th Anniversary

Episode 3. CARENTAN
[16 Sep. 2001]

  • Interviewer: For God's sake Will get some sleep. You look like you haven't slept for like 3 weeks or maybe that's just how you look.
  • Will: It is. I was once asked by just a complete stranger on the street, "Looks like you had a rough night last night, didn't you?" I was like, "No, I slept for 14 hours last night... and I feel wonderful."
  • Interviewer: *laughing* Genuinely concerned?
  • Will: He was like, "Ah, you look tired mate." I was like, "Okay?"

anonymous asked:

i need someone bc i am crying so much right now it's nearly 3am and im sitting here still doing my homework due tomorrow i haven't slept in like 21 hours and i feel like dying tbh school has started since 7 weeks or something and im alredy done so fucking done i can't function like this plus my mom is in the hospital which makes it even harder to concentrate in school. i hate this i hate my life and i hate myself sooooo fucking much im so so so so done. im so sorry oh my god

put down the work and go to sleep. yes, school is important but your health (physical and mental) are important too. get some sleep and let your teachers know whats going on and if they don’t understand you go straight to your guidance counsellor  and tell him/her everything thats going wrong and she can help you with everything thats happening in school and outside of school. hope everything works out and your mom gets healthy and comes home really soon i love you