i feel like i haven't been on in ages

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I feel like we haven't seen Hanzo in ages... Maybe he could drop by and say hi sometime? I loved his design :v

wELL that’s probably because they haven’t been in the Shimada’s ahaha, and Hanzo is a busy young man, he’s in the sidelines, sorta-knowing what is going on

  • Me: I want to reread Captive Prince.
  • Logical Me: You have no time to reread Captive Prince.
  • Logical Me: Even if you did have time to reread Captive Prince in the few minutes you could steal from studying time, you'd end up wanting to write metas, and metas take up even more time you don't have.
  • Me: But I want to reread Captive Prince.
  • Logical Me: ...you know...you make a compelling argument there...

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your inbox is probably flooding with the same idea asks, but the handbook confirmed shiro and keith's ages (i haven't seen the rest, so i won't say much) and antis can just... save it tbh. i'd always feel bad or scared for shipping sheith and now i don't feel guilty about it at all?? it's such a relief to be able to ship whatever you want without all these toxic fans shoving their opinions down your throat, y'know? anyway-- hope your day is going well, i really admire you and your blog <33


Please please please reconsider if you’re about to cuss out a 12 year old for saying something problematic holy shit, kids mess up, kids to dumb stuff, kids have opinions that are ignorant because they’re kids and yes that can be damaging to other people but that doesn’t mean they deserve a shitton of hate for it. They’re still a KID please please keep people’s age in mind before going on a witch-hunt.


C a n n o n s !

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is it bad that i feel too much second hand embarrassment to watch the urge and the hand videos like i've been in the phandom for ages but i still haven't watched those videos

it’s ok the only redeeming qualities of the videos are the harry styles art in the hand

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I feel like I haven't seen posts from you in ages lol, how are you?

I’m doing well, thanks!! Sorry it’s been so long. Honestly this blog can be really tedious sometimes so I’m finding some relief in taking periods of time away from it. Thanks for checking in on me! I’ll be sure to post some new stims soon <3 love you!


this time on “fenhawke au no one asked for”: Cinderella au where hawke is the beautiful prince who could kill you with a glance and fenris is there to just have a good time and didn’t even plan on falling in love but guess what asshole

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I also made up fake dancers and a dance studio in my head, along with choreographing their "dances"! I started it in like 2012, when the dancers were competing age 5, and it's crazy they will compete 11 next year. I imagine this fake world every day when I'm bored or need a break, and it's really become my place of escape where I can feel accomplished in things that I haven't been able to do in dance. Idk but I think it's really cool that someone else does the same thing!

dude i have a fake world i imagine too. wow i’m so glad i’m not alone 

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Oh my gosh absolutely everything about that Hogwarts au was perfect! somehow I haven't made the connection between beaters and defenders in all these years I've been exposed to both but yessssssss. Vinny and Mike on the same team? Mike defending Vinny!? Anton the beater!? Madam Pomfrey knows Thomas super well!!?!? So. Much. Yes. (also yay for background Jordan. Does this mean Hank is madam Hooch and it's even dodgier?)

Despite Mike being a forward, I feel like he’d take quite the liking to smacking lead balls at people.

Say there are seventh year officiators! Sketchy but not TOO sketchy (I can’t go with exact age differences here since Mike’s, like, almost eight years older than David), so headcanon for this is Vin and Anton are sixth years, Jordy fifth year, Mike seventh, and David the murderous-est third year anyone has ever seen. (Jake sends him a Valentine. David yells at him in public for his mean ‘joke’)

maybe i should obligate myself to actually working on an art piece and finishing it

okay let’s pray i get this past being a wip

Lol I accidentally wrote 14k for my new DA:I fanfic, and Quizzy hasn’t even defeated the pride demon at the Breach yet….. This is going to be a long fic. Oops?