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TBBT: The Gyroscopic Collapse (10x23)

If you haven’t watched, SPOILERS ahead!!!

Omg!!! 😲😲😲 Mayor episode for Shamy lovers here and a wonderful episode all around. It has lingered in my mind ALL day and threw me into total fangirl mode! 🚑 In my top 3 now, for sure!!! Some random thoughts will follow but mostly in-depth discussion of Pasadena's favorite power couple. Be forewarned, it will probably be like Sheldon’s list of Comic-Con guests. 😂 I will start with a short summary and then dive into it. If you just want the Shamy goodness, jump to 4.

1. Celebration around the kitchen island in 4A:

The episode starts with the gang all reunited in good spirits. Happiness was bubbling out as the guy’s boasted of their accomplishments, except for left out Raj. I couldn’t help feeling nostalgic at the view seeing that our favorite cast is close to being off the air during their usual summer hiatus and knowing there is one episode left this season. 😢 And while I’m looking forward to the next episode, I’m also drafting the hiatus. Also, I felt a bit sad that Raj can’t celebrate any accomplishment lately. I’ve said it before and will say it again, they need to do some justice to this character. Crossing fingers for the next 2 seasons for Raj. 

2. Next scenes:

While the girls spend time with Raj, the guys head to work. They are met with the disillusion that their project has been taken away from them after all the hard work. (That really does suck 😠). Seeing the guys return with their spirits deflated after having been so happy moments ago was crushing. Nothing ever goes quite right for our guys. 

In the meantime, we have learned that Raj is moving out and Amy has been offered the internship in Princeton. The guys return to share their bummer and after hearing Sheldon say he feels betrayed, Amy understandably clams up her news about the internship. (Her face throughout this whole scene says she was struggling with how to share this with Sheldon.) I am so glad for once no one let the secret out before she was ready to talk to Sheldon one on one.  

Raj’s news is shared and we learn that he will be moving into Bert’s garage. Not sure how I feel about this. Don’t get me wrong, I like Bert. But we have seen him various times in season 10 and in the meantime, I’m missing more action with Stuart and would love to see some of our other favorites guests. Where the hell are Wil and Kripke for example? I don’t know, mixed feeling. It could bring comedic value but I don’t think it will do much to develop Raj’s character more.

BONUS: Leonard’s line after entering the wrong apartment: She might disappear but she’s definitely not cleaning. LMAO!!!

3. Howardette, clingy and adorable:

Howie vents to his wife who tried to console him with Neil Diamond. He refuses thinking it will get Bernie “sexed up”. 😂 Bernadette's face reads more like “yeah, right”. The rest of the episode we get clingy Howard who wants to snuggle his wife to death and a Bernadette that cringes to his every effort.

It’s funny but oh-so-cute! 😍 I love all the shows couples and enjoy when the writers explore these real dynamics in a realistic but positive way because I believe that conflict can also be growth opportunities. (Which is why I’ve had too many issues to discuss here with the way they are writing Lenny this season. I’m surprised (and grateful) they didn’t have them argue this episode again.

Bernie decides to have an honest conversation with her hubby about it and discovers in the process that she is more similar to her husband than she initially thought and has dealt thru similar circumstances in not the healthiest ways either. 😒 Funny how in relationships we are quick to notice when our partner is somehow walking a slippery slope but can’t see it in ourselves.

BONUS: Bernadette shares with the girls how Howard wanted to get a mammogram at the same time as her like if it was a couple’s massage. Lol. Really creepy but so damn hilarious. 😂😂😂

4. The cat is out of the bag:

Amy’s making Sheldon breakfast in their apartment. Sheldon is still visibly down regarding the quantum gyroscope. She doesn’t have the heart to break the news to him although she certainly was preparing everything to have that conversation. 

Mayim’s acting out of this scene is as real as it can get. While the script kept it light it also needed to portray her struggle. She managed both effectively with her facial expressions, her voice and her timing which were all perfect. 

Sheldon is able to appreciate Amy’s care in her gesture of not only making him oatmeal but making his favorite kind, plain. There is significance there. Plain because he feels comfort in familiarity. She is his secure “spot”. Keep this in mind with what’s about to develop. He’s hit with the realization of just how important she is to his life. Now, we the fandom knew this. But this was, I feel, an a-ha moment for Sheldon where he compliments her with these 4 lines:

You are so kind. (She’s the sweetest cinnamon roll to pure for this world)
I don’t know how I ever got by without you. (She’s the dryer sheets of his heart)
I’ve come to realize, I’m completely dependent on you. (Awww, he needs her)
To wake up every morning and know you are there is a great comfort to me. (She’s his oatmeal)

How do you do it? (I feel he meant all of the above and not just the oatmeal.)

Those are some heavy love declarations!!! Write that on a postcard and you have the most romantic letter ever. 😉 Each of these lines is delivered with raw honesty by Jim. They are subtle, intentional and sweet. By now I’m not only watching this to be entertained, my feels begin to act out and I’m praying this won’t turn into another cruel Molaro joke because Amy has deserved this for a long time. Poor girl is trying to comfort Sheldon and humbly downplays each compliment, afraid of his reaction and knowing this will be hard for him. 

Amy could’ve gotten away with this if it had been the Sheldon of years ago. But this Sheldon is in love with Amy. 😏 And he still can’t read social clues well with other people but with Amy is different. He knows something is off as soon as she doesn’t show enthusiasm for their own experiment.

Has something changed? Is there something you are not telling?

And she finally breaks the news after a perfectly timed pause.

And now it’s him with a perfectly timed pause. His face, omg!!! 😢

You could read it all in 2 seconds and my heart broke for him. 💔 Thank goodness for good writing, I cried but giggled in the same breath.

BONUS: “You have to go. This is important… So are you….” 🚑🚑🚑

5. Sheldon has the Blues (in an apartment as empty as his heart):

Raj and Leonard find a harmonica playing Sheldon with the blues because “my baby done left me”. BTW, love that Texan cowboy accent anytime. 🔥 Hoo! The guys are sweet and try to help until Raj accidentally suggests Sheldon can go back to his old room leading to a hilarious moment. Leonard asked to speak to him in the hallway and slammed the door in his face, LMAO!!! 😂😂😂 Mean but effective.

I really appreciated in this scene Leonard and Sheldon sitting on the floor and having a “man to man” talk. We get to remember that in spite of their differences, these 2 really bond and love each other like true brothers. 😊 Leonard was compassionate and showed concern. Sheldon was so sad! Still being Sheldon, he took Leonard to mean he needed to trick Amy into staying though. 😆 So glad he didn’t go that route.

6.  Loving and Supportive Boyfriend:

Sheldon enters the apartment with a good quality luggage presenting it as a peace offering of sorts. 

We all know he hates gift giving which made my heart flutter thinking he left the empty apartment with harmonica in his pocket, went to a store and told an employee how his girlfriend had to leave and he wanted the best luggage they had for her.This is exactly what happened - That’s why he said the salesman at the store had told him the luggage could survive a crash. 

Then he carried down the street with all eyes on him and up the stairs thinking every step of the way of what he would say to be supportive and how much he wanted to make love to her because he would miss her. 😢😢😢 Let THAT sink in. 😭😭😭 

He opens by explaining to Amy Leonard had pointed out how he wasn’t always loving and supportive. (Take you own advice, Leonard. Sheldon has come a long way.) He then lets her know “It’s a wonderful opportunity and you need to take it”. He knows this is important for her and unselfishly decides to let her go freely, earning him a sincere kiss from Amy which he gently returned stroking her arms. tears, tears, tears…..

What followed was the moment the fandom has been waiting for… Sheldon wants to make love to her and IT’S NOT HER BIRTHDAY. Coitus just because he wants to be intimate and wants to please her and be pleasured. He needs her and wants to, using his words, “make love”! Can you hear that??? The sound of fangirls yelling simultaneously near a heart attack! 🚑🚑🚑 HE FREAKING LED HER TO THE BEDROOM!!! 😲 BY THE HAND!!! 😲 INSERT OVARIES EXPLODING HERE… 💣💣💣💥💥💥 

If that wasn’t enough, their frenzied lovemaking turned out to be a moment we all wanted. Loud enough for Raj, Lenny and us to hear. It may be weird but I so wanted that because we are all Penny. By what we heard, they were having fun and getting freaky! (Btw, the naughty vixen totally rode that cowboy! 😉 Sorry. 🙊🙈🙉) 

BONUS: I’m just warning you, if you find yourself 3000 miles away craving a hit of this, I can’t Skype it to you. 😂😂😂 

7. It’s so hard to say goodbye: 

Sweet Shelley, being the southern gentleman he is, walks Amy down the stairs. He takes that opportunity to go over what he needs from her to make this separation more bearable. He wants her to: 

  • Text when she’s at the airport 
  • Text when she’s at the gate 
  • Text if she find GOT actors
  • Skype when she gets there Skype every morning
  • Remember he’s proud of her and supports her
  •  And of course, if she runs into another version of him but with Thor hair… step away and call him asap 

What he’s really saying is you haven’t left yet and I already miss you. 😍

In summary, a perfect episode with funny moments, great cast interactions, some sarcastic zingers we love, but also lots of character development and some fluffy scenes. I’m also so happy it was finally about Amy and in a good way. Thank you writers! 👐 

Plus, being the Sheldon lover I am, gym parsons body will kill me. His butt when he walks aways from Amy at breakfast, his arms and chest when he is kissing her, his hands caressing her arms and back, and of course, his sexy face and eyes when he says “or, we can fold them”!!! Hot Damn, he is fine AF!!!

Things for the writers to think about going forward are: how will Raj do with his upcoming living arrangement and will they finally address the development of his character? Will Lenny continue in a good place? How will Shamy do with the long distance thing? Will this be another revelation for Sheldon once he misses her enough or will this be another disaster waiting to happen - (I think they can get through this)? What will happen with the guys’ project? What will Howard do now that his money making idea is no longer his thing? Aaaaand, where the hell is Stuart, lol? 

DM if you need me and please, no spoilers in the comments of this review. A very special thanks to my lovely friend @platypus-quacks-too for some of the gifs. Timing wasn’t on our side for our usual collab but I’m grateful for the talented @tbbt-faves - whom I’m collaborating with for the first time and allowed me to use her gifs in this review. I have been a fan and follower and I’m thankful for her work and to have her blessing in using most of the gifs in this review. Go follow these talented people.

Bye fandom!! I will once again go into hiding/ninja mode until the finale. Read you all after that. Love you all!! 

Tsukista TV Ep 5 Summary Notes

This week’s episode focused on Washio Shuuto, who plays You, and Tani Yoshiki, who plays Yoru. Read under the cut for the summary, screencaps, and gifs! I have to say, I knew Tani was the type of person who goofs off, but this episode really exemplified that to an even greater extent. Shuuto is also a precious cinnamon roll who puts up with Tani’s antics all the time. You’re always welcome to correct me on anything or ask me stuff if my writing isn’t clear! (Side note: next week’s Ep 6 notes will be delayed due to my final exams, but Ep 1 will be posted shortly after the Ep 6 notes.)

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HOW would deidara fall in love you think? I have a strong feeling the girl would have to show how devoted she is. Like some take a grenade for him shit.

Wow, well I think it wouldn’t take long for him to be interested in someone. Like, he’s a passionate guy, lives by his emotions… You know, artsy lifestyle junk. So I think if he sees an attractive woman who does even one thing that makes him respect her, he’s after the kill. I personally think he’s a bit of a trouble-maker, and in order for the woman to keep his interest, she has to inspire him in some way. And if she manages this- boom- he’s head over heels.

To answer your actual question about devotion, and how he would fall in love hypothetically, here is the long answer under the cut (bolded things he looks for and things to do):

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Dating Captain Boomerang

×  Constant Kisses

× Sex Isn’t A Main Priority To Him
-He Can Wait

× Great With Kids
-He Wants Like 5
-But Only With You. Nobody Else

× He Wants To Be Married
-Only To You

× Deep Conversations At 2 AM

× Give The Man Cuddles & Head Scratches And He’s The Happiest Man In The World​​​

× Not Hard To Please

× Super Supportive

× Loves Spoiling You- Even If You Don’t Wanna Be.

× He Trusts You With His Life
-Only Person He Tells His Secrets To
-He’s Also Very Loyal

 × Stubborn Af-

“Digger~ Could You Please Not Throw The Boomerang Indoors? Your Gonna Bust Something”

“Will Not! I’ll Be K’ Luv”

-2 Minutes Later-

“…I Cracked The TV”

× Hardly Understanding Him When He’s Angry

-His Accent Is Too Fucking Strong & His Voice Gets Higher
-Him Getting Upset Bc He Has To Keep Repeating Himself

-His Hugs Are Always Warm & Tight
-Oh God
-Especially After A Mission & He’s Missed You

× He’ll Do Literally Anything For You
- Need Pads? He’s On It. Need Sweets? He’s Already Got Them. Cuddles? Done. A Gigantic Stolen Diamond Necklace? Already Around Your Neck.

× s m a r t a s s
-It’s Digger For Fucks Sake

× Whenever Your Hurt, He’s Hurt.
-Emotionally Or Physically

× Doesn’t Like Arguing/Fighting
-If You Threaten To Leave That’s It. He’s Done Arguing. If He Sees One Tear- He’s Done. 
-Mad Sprints At You And Hold You Close To Him 
- “I’m Sorry Luv, Don’t Leave Me.. I Don’t Know What I’d Do Without ‘Ya”

× Personal Chef
-He Likes To Cook… Occasionally

× You’re The Only Person Allowed To Call Him George
-You Only Do When Your Mad Tbh

× Digger Doesn’t Think He’s Good Enough For You -You Having To Constantly Reassure Him That He Is

× Would Actually Clean Up For You
-Other Than A Shower
-Like- Wanting To Shave & Get The Fake Gold Tooth Removed
- Begging Him To Keep It Bc You Think Its Actually Hot

× Speaking Of The Tooth In Question:
-Finding Out Its Just A Cap
-His Actual Tooth Is There But There’s Just A Gold Cap Over It

× Digger Doesn’t Really Pay Attention A Lot But There’s Certain Moments When You Could Be Talking And He’d Just Listen -And Actually Pay Attention -Its Cute -Especially When Its About Something You Love -He Loves It

× Literal Dirty Scruffy Puppy
-He Just Wants Attention 

× You’re His Queen & He Will Do Anything To Keep It That Way
× Will Always Take Care Of You
-Personal Nurse

× Loves When You Put Your Head On His Chest, Makes Him Feel Loved

× Late Night Gas Station Trips For Snacks

× Bad Puns

~ “Y/N, What Do You Call A Snobbish Criminal Going Down The Stairs?”

“Digger I’m Not Do-”

“A Condescending Con Descending”

× His Music Style Is Wtf
-Will Literally Go From Led Zeppelin To Justin Timberlake

× Tickle Fights

× Food Fights

× Insult Battles

× Him Showing You How To Throw The Boomerang

​​​​​​×Him Buying You Your Own Boomerang

× 0 Tolerance For Flirting. Period.
-Will Literally Pull You Away From A Guy And Make Out Right In Front Of Said Guy

-Super Protective
-He’s Like A Giant Teddy Bear

-You’re The Only Person He’d Give Pinky Up For
-That’s A Hard Accomplishment
-Be Proud

×He Loves French Kisses
-And Neck Kisses
-And Throat Kisses
-And Kisses To His Shoulders
-And Biceps
-And Jawline
-The Man Just Really Enjoys Your Kisses

× He Loves To Hold You

× Your Hair
-Something About It, Its Too Soft
-He Loves To Run His Fingers In It, Braid It, Brush It, Curl It
-He Just Rly Likes It


× The Things This Man Can Do…
Oh God

× Loves To Tease

× S l o w A s H e l l
-He Will Literally Take Two Hours To Kiss Down Your Body
-And Undress You
-Like I Said- Loves To Tease
- Unless He’s Really Horny, Then Clothes Come Off In .2 Seconds

× Thicc
-At Least 8

× Dirty Talk? Occasionally
-He Likes To Dirty Talk And Be Rough Whenever He’s Had A Bad Day
- But When Its Coming Back From A Mission Its Usually Sweet & Slow & Kisses, Not Dirty Talk

× Tip- Surprise Him With Weed.
-High Sex Is Literally His Most Favorite Thing Ever.
-Other Than You
-High Sex With You Tho? Hottest Thing Since Sliced Bread

× He Can Make You Orgasm At Least 5 Times Just By Eating You Out
-He Loves To Do It
-Loves Your Reaction

× G o d, T h e S m i r k s

×The Neighbors Definitely Know His Name

× Not Rough All The Time, But When He Is
-Holy Shit
-The Bedframe Doesn’t Stop Slamming The Wall
-Your Hips Are Bruised Every Time
-Your Covered In Bite Marks, Hickeys, Ass Slaps & Nail Marks
-So Is He Lmao-
-Not The Ass Slaps Tho

× He Loves BJ’s Btw
-Especially Yours

× Feeling His Beard When He Goes Down On You
-Hot Af

× ​​​​​​Loves Simple Lingerie-
Nothing Too Old Fashioned Yet Nothing Too Complicated
-Black Is His Favorite
Selfies In Your Lingerie Gets Him Harder Than Just A Nude Selfie
-He Likes The Teasing Aspect Of It

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anonymous asked:

hey how to start drawing SHIT if I am a beginner?

Art tips for anon who doesn’t know SHIT (slightly updated text and links since I didn’t actually answered to ‘how to start’ but rather gave many tips lmao):

  1. - Have a sketchbook. Or any drawing paper just so could have it with yourself at all times. Unless you’re Artgerm, who once in some interview have stated that he doesn’t doodle in a sketchbook, ever. I wish we all were him but we all can’t be him.
  2. - Doodle once in awhile, doesn’t have to be everyday but make it your goal. This is the best way to start. As children we all started off with doodling so why not to take it into another level when you are able to learn faster and more efficient with just doodling!
  3. - Less “Awh they’re so much better than me and they are YOUNGER than me :(” more: “Everyone is evolving at different pace and everyone are at different point in their journey. So what can I do to improve?”
  4. - Try to draw what makes you happy.
  5. - Take a moments in stretching your wrists.
  6. - (ノ◡‿◡)ノ~『✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Practice *:・゚✧*:・゚✧』
  7. - Keep a neat folder or a blog with pictures that inspire you.
  8. - There are things like /idea generators/. Look those up.
  9. - I know motivation is important but you need to also start learning how to do things when you don’t have it. Discipline yourself if you really want to reach some sort of “pro level” or you want to draw for a living in the future.
  10. - Doodle/draw with a pen/permanent marker. Trust me it healthy. (if you’re starting digitally - avoid ‘Ctrl+Z/Cmd-Z’)
  11. - You learn from mistakes ?? Like you will know next time what not to do. Like Bob Ross has said ‘’We don’t make mistakes we just have happy accidents.’’ So you either learn from them or try to adapt it into your advantage??? *
  12. - Reference photos are friends not foes.
  13. - Break complex forms (like dragons, insects, exotic birds, ect) into their basic shapes.
  14. - Try various mediums if you can (watercolour, pencils, gouache, oils, pastel, oil pastels, crayons, acrylics, plasticine, papier mache, glueing an image from coloured paper or magazine? idk it seems fun lmao, digital art, ect.).
  15. - Try new things if you feel brave enough (take up some 30 days challenge or theme challenges and you don’t even have to do them all).
  16. - Learn from others, figure out how they accomplished something you like and would like to apply to your own liking.
  17. - Try to ask other artists for advice/general tips.
  18. - Ask for critiques. Others might see things you have missed. As a beginner it is usually not on the mindset, more like being afraid of it an failure but critiques can really just help you see what is wrong in your artwork.
  19. - Don’t take criticism personally. It is a critique of an art work not the person behind it. So if you get some ‘’I don’t like it’’ for a critique, as in their personal taste, I let you punch them in the throat.
  20. - (ノ◕‿◕)ノ~『✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Practice *:・゚✧*:・゚✧』
  21. - Again. STRETCH.DAT.WRIST. Or you may have some serious health problems in the future. Stretching and taking breaks are crucial.
  22. - When drawing some original random characters or something like that. Make their designs somewhat believable. Doesn’t have to be just as same as in real life but it has to be fantasy-believable. It takes time to figure this one out but the earlier you learn about this the better for the future. Since if you take away all the decorative details off of your character’s design you might left off with some blond white guy wearing a shirt and some straight pants. Not extremely appealing.
  23. If you are suffering from “same face” check out this blog and this tutorial.
  24. - Don’t draw ladies in illogical, impractical, non-functional bikini/boob window/“bra” plate “armour”. That shit is everywhere and it sucks. It’s so damn boring not even that sexist it is just simply boring, unprofessional, lack of imagination. Unless you decided to draw men with some thongs as their ‘armour’ then please, be free to draw both like that but if your design choices are like that please get out of my face and go to the pit of shame.
  25. - Sycra’s ‘Foundations of Light and Shadow’ is some good stuff, my friend.*
  26. - When colouring. Remember that each colour looks a bit different near/surrounded by other colours. For example: grey is a neutral colour but will seem warm being besides or surrounded with cool colours like blue AND yet the same grey will appear cool next to warm tones of oranges or reds. So if you see someone say “light skinned men lower part of the face is more blue than their forehead/middle part” please don’t use actual blue but just make it more neutral/to the grey area.
  27. - If light source is warm (sun or fire) then shadows will look cooler. If light source is cool(most of artificial lightings) then shadows appear warmer.I already mentioned how grey appears near different colours so this is the same the lighter area appear more warm or cool depending on the light source while the shadows stays usually /neutral/ I mean there can be more than one light source, or depends from the weather outside, ect.
  28. - Really do not shade with black and white. That is unrealistic and mostly boring. You can check that with put a white paper close to a bright light source, put something white on that paper and near that object put some bright red object, the white object will have shades of red on it’s side. So would you choose to draw that shadow with still only shades of black? or add red? Same for objects outside, the sky is blue, the shadows becomes more blue, the sun is emitting warm light so shadows already looked cooler. Just to colouring there are so many things.
  29. - People’s skin have different undertones. It can be orange, red, purple, yellow in almost any ethnicity (you can figure it out when looking at the skin w/o direct sunlight or in the shadows). ∩(︶▽︶)∩ *
  30. - Do not forget about different possibilities for lighting: strong lighting, night lights, light from behind, ambient light, light from below, different colour lights and even underwater.
  31. - Things in focal points are more detailed, sharpest edges, highest value contrast while everything else can be blurred and faded out. *
  32. - Wet objects are darker and shinier if the surface is smooth enough and there is enough of water).
  33. - Clothes has folds and different textures which determine the “highlight” which usually doesn’t exist on clothes but people draws those as if it’s some latex.
  34. - (ノ⊙‿⊙)ノ~『✧・゚: *✧・゚:* PRACTICE *:・゚✧*:・゚✧』
  35. -If you’re digital art rookie then FLIP THE IMAGE HORIZONTALLY.
  36. - Thumbnailing is the best (think of some film with great cinematography/composition - draw as many scenes as you can from that movie).
  37. - When you think you’re done. Take a picture of it with your phone. You will know if it’s really done or not (doesn’t matter if it’s a traditional or digital art work).
  38. - Check values with either taking a picture and making it black and white or digitally with desaturation(sai)/‘colour’ mode black layer (Photoshop).
  39. - Use guide/leading “lines” so your drawing isn’t all over the place and you don’t know where to look. Make the viewer look at that one most important point. *
  40. - (ノಥ 益 ಥ)ノ~『✧・゚: *✧・゚:* JUST.DO.IT. *:・゚✧*:・゚✧』

Under a cut there are more links to things and things that were marked with the asterisk/* : https://uk.pinterest.com/aestheticspace/art-tutorials-for-total-beginners/






http://foervraengd.deviantart.com/art/MANGA-to-REALISTIC-PART-ONE-215317699 (in the artist comment there are more links to other parts of course)





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I REALLY LOVE UR PREVIOUS HEADCANONS AND WAS WONDERING IF YOU COULD DO MINE? 👉🏻👈🏻 (its for jikook where they're a married celebrity couple and jimins an actor and jk's a singer and one day while jk was in another country having a concert he heard the news that jimin fainted on set and was in the hospital and jk immediately took the first flight to korea and stayed by he's husbands side until he gets better <3) ((this incident actually happened on tv in my country^^))

aw thank you sweetie <3 <3 <3 I’m glad you liked it ^^
I should be writing other stuff but I keep on getting distracted and tbh these headcanons kinda help me get in the mood hahahah

//Jimin and Jungkook met at one of those awards shows held at the end of the year. Jungkook was there to perform and Jimin to get an award for best lead role. Jimin was a big fan of Jungkook so when he saw him at backstage he couldn’t let pass the chance to get a pic with his idol aka crush aka the love of his life.

//They talk for a bit later, so into the conversation that for a moment they forget where they are. They exchange phone numbers with the promise to talk more and to meet someday for a meal.

//At first is all friendly convos that quickly turn into serious talk about their struggles, hardships, stress…. They find on each other someone to confide in, a support…

//It wasn’t supposed to happen, but it did. One can’t choose who they fall in love with and with them it just happened. The friendly meetings turn into dates, the casual touches turn into handholding, and the encouraging words of a friend turn into whispered i love yous.

// they don’t make it official, but fans aren’t stupid. There are tons of selcas of them together on their personal social media acc, fancams of their “dates”…. tons and tons of them. So even if no one supposedly knows, everyone knows.

//Jimin goes to Jungkook’s concerts whenever he can. Sends his boyfriend a giant bouquet of flowers and always makes sure to stop by before the opening to give him a good luck kiss.

//Jungkook is invited to the premiere of Jimin’s movies and makes sure to tell Jimin later how hot he looked playing the role of a spy.

//The hardest is to find time for each other. As Jimin’s popularity grows he has less free time, and the fact that Jungkook is preparing for his world tour doesn’t help much. They manage to make it work, though, by meeting late in the night when no one is around too look. they usually go to each other’s place, because one, they are too tired to do something else, and two, sleepy cuddles are the best.

//When Jungkook is on the other side of the world they try to communicate through skype, text messages, whatever they can just to stay in contact.
“I miss you, hyung…”
“Me too, Jungkook… when you get back, what about we go on vacation together?”
“Can you take some time off?”
“I talked with my manager already and since I’m working so much lately he agreed.”

//Jungkook is in the middle of a rehearsal when his manager calls him to backstage to tell him about Jimin. Apparently it’s nothing serious, just a faint due exhaustion and even if his manager tells him Jimin is ok and being taken care of, Jungkook can’t get the words “jimin” “faint” and “hospital” out of his mind.
So he flies, books the first plane ticket he can get and is back to Korea in a blink of an eye.

//When Jimin wakes up the first thing he sees is white wall dimly lit by a tiny lamp on the nightstand besides the bed he’s laying on. He doesn’t remember much, one second he was going through the script on set with the others and the next one everything was black. He had been feeling bad the previous days, but he had shrugged it off because he had duties to accomplish. Now he regrets not taking better care of himself because this will put a damper on his schedule for sure.

//Then he hears movement at his side, so when he tilts his head down a surprised sound comes out of his mouth because Jungkook is seated next to his bed, his hand grasping Jimin’s tightly and his eyes teary.
“Aren’t you supposed to be in Berlin right now?”
“As if I could be there worrying about you… I needed to see you.”
“I’m Ok…”
“You better be OK hyung, don’t scare me like this ever again…”

//Jungkook decides to stay a couple of days in Korea until Jimin is discarded from the hospital despite Jimin’s complains. Jimin’s manager decides to give him a break and gives the actor permission to go tour with Jungkook.

//Jungkook’s world tour turns into their first little vacation as a couple and the way they decide to tell their fans they are an official couple (no one is surprised tho, it was pretty evident lmao)

2016 IS ENDING !!!

It’s finally the end of 2016!! It’s been a very rough one for all of us, but I’ve made so many new friends and have made enough happy memories to battle the bad ones! This is gonna start with the people who have impacted me the most and then after that its everyone who I can’t live without seeing on my dash~

FOR KPOP BLOGS (i am also @kissmybt-ass and will also be making another separate ff for more recognition ayyy~)

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Eric and Jack headcannons!

  • Okay so after the events of Semi-Formal, Eric and Jack officially reconnect and all and start hanging out again
  • You know, chilling, going out to movies and bars on free time, and Eric starts helping Jack try to reform his company and all
  • And Eric is just on cloud nine tbh his best friend is back!!! This is great!!! He’s really missed Jack and all their whacky misadventures together all these years.
  • And Jack is happy too, obviously, but after a couple months during which he has seen Eric literally every day, he’s just like…wait…shit…something doesn’t feel all Platonic about this. Which freaks him out, obviously.
  • Because like??? He’s Jack and it’s Eric and they were always all about the girls when they were younger and he’s literally felt remotely like this before except for Rachel, wha t the fu ck.
  • So Jack starts lowkey freaking out and he wants to just cut ties again and transfer firms or something but like…Did you hear all that gay shit he said in Semi-Formal about Eric’s voice never leaving his head and how sticking with Eric has been his only good decision???? He knows he can’t just leave again. Plus, the more he reconnects with Eric, the more apparent it is that other than his siblings and Rachel, Eric hasn’t really had any relationships or strong friendships in a while. Jack peaceing out again would probably crush him.
  • So Jack decides to just boil in a stew of confusing emotions and sell it with a smile
  • (Eric can tell it’s a fake smile but Jack clamps up whenever he asks what’s wrong)
  • Okay so meanwhile,
  • Shawn was doing a job in Oregon a few months prior to all this when he gets a text from Cory reading:
  • “I T  H A S  B E G U N”
  • So Shawn is like wtf and he responds like “Cory this is the most ominous message you have ever sent me what is happening omfg” 
  • And Cory responds with a stalker picture of Eric and Jack laughing by the punch bowl
  • And Shawn just responds with a lot of screaming-face emojis (Shawn Hunter fucking loves emojis don’t fight me on this)
  • “FUCK.”
  • So they just continue to freak out like that for a while.
  • Shawn and Cory really fucking ship their brothers okay. They just know they’re perfect for each other. They’ve been shipping and scheming to get them together since Shawn was living with Eric and Jack, but after the unfortunate 15 year radio silence, they started to loose hope omfg.
  • But now, after what Cory is witnessing at this dance??? They are back with a vengeance omfg. The second Shawn gets back in New York they’re just like WE NEED TO STRATEGIZE.
  • They decide until any new developments happen, they should just mostly stick to their old tactics- Shawn will be super vague and implying around them and see if they pick up and try to talk to him about it. Cory just makes outright statements framed as jokes so he can judge their reactions (A-la that ‘So nothing’s changed!’ quip he made when Jack jokingly said Eric was his date)
  • So for the next couple months, as Eric and Jack reconnect and Jack starts to get more and more confused about his feelings, Cory and Shawn are keeping that up, and also lowkey follow them some nights when they’re ‘hanging out’, and also try to get all four of them to hang out so Cory and Shawn can ‘observe and collect date’ (they just like using all the terms it makes them feel cool)
  • “Brothers Brunch Dates are totally a thing!!! It’s the new fad!” “Oh, really? Cool, I’ll call Joshie and-” “NO WE DON’T LIKE HIM ANYMORE LEAVE HIM OUT OF THIS.”
  • Cory just knows that Joshua will somehow manage to fuck all this up for him. He’s been putting hard work into this relationship for damn near two decades hE WONT BE DEFEATED NOW
  • Okay so they keep up their antics, but they don’t notice how uncomfortable Jack is getting, they’ve been expecting Eric to crack first.
  • So one night, Shawn’s at the apartment flipping through a fucking binder he’s compiled of ‘evidence, theories, and plots’ to get Jack and Eric together when he groans and throws it down on the table, and he’s just like “It’s been five months why the fuck aren’t the married yet.”
  • “Shawn, they need time. We just have to wait-”
  • Shawn.”
  • So Topanga hears that nonsense and comes to investigate lol. She had a general idea that they wanted their brothers together, but she didn’t know that they had reached, like, plotting and scheming levels. So she sees Shawn’s binder and f l i p s
  • So they tell her everything, everything they’ve been trying to accomplish on the lowkey since they were teenagers. Topanga’s just like “You’re failures and I’m gonna make this happen in 2 seconds.” and whips her phone out
  • So the guys are like wait no??? Because they thought she was calling Eric or Jack, but when they realize who she calls they just. Groan. How had this never occurred to them before now?
  • Okay so back to Eric and Jack.
  • It’s been five months since they’ve reconnected and they are deadass seeing each other every night
  • Even if Jack has a business meeting out of town or Eric has to jet off for senator work, they still fucking facetime with each other every night ugh these losers
  • And Jack’s been really dedicated to making his life better- he starts to turn his company around and tries to make them more environmentally friendly, he starts helping out a lot of charities, through Eric he’s been able to reconnect with Rachel and now they’re all friends again.
  • But he still is so confused over what he’s feeling towards Eric. He keeps telling himself he’s crazy, it’s just because they haven’t seen each other in so long, stuff like that. But the stress of bottling everything up is getting to him so he starts gambling again
  • Because he’s a fucking idiot but anywho
  • So now Eric’s really fucking worried because he knows Jack is hiding something and his gambling problems acting up are literally never a good sign
  • But Jack’s telling him literally anything except whatever this problem is so he’s like!!!! How am I supposed to help you!!!
  • He’s like really distressed about this, he’s worried Jack’s just gonna up and stop talking to him again. He brings this up whenever he talks to Rachel, because she’s a therapist she should be able to figure this out right
  • She can’t lol. She thinks Eric’s making a big deal about nothing, but she does wonder why both of them are acting so strange.
  • Then, she gets a call from Topanga that basically boils down to “I need you to get Eric and Jack together” and she’s just like. Oh my GOD. How did I possibly miss this???
  • So Rachel flies her ass to New York almost immediately lmao. Didn’t tell anyone she was coming, just shows up in the middle of one of Eric’s meetings and demands he buy her lunch.
  • So he agrees lol and they go out to some cute little restaurant and the second they sit down Rachel just grabs his hands and is like, “Okay, so. Sweetie-” and they spend this entire fucking lunch (that ends up being like 4 hours long omg) just delving into the innermost parts of Eric’s mind and person omfg
  • It got really fucking intense okay omg
  • And a lot of it she was like dissecting his relationships with people and she put a lot of focus on his relationship with Jack. Like, he’s oblivious to what she’s doing at first, but after a while he catches on and admits that he’s thought for quite a while that maybe it’s not exactly platonic but he always convinces himself he’s just being stupid and ignores it
  • So they talk that out and ambush therapy sesh ends with him coming to terms with the fact that he ‘like-likes’ Jack
  • “What show are you seeing?”
  • “His cousin gave him the tickets, I think he said it’s called Hedwig or something.”
  • “That’s…that’s a really gay show in the first place.”
  • So they talk about that for a little longer, she helps him calm down about the whole thing, and then Eric really has to get back to work so he heads off.
  • So now she’s on a quest to track down Jack Hunter
  • She went to his work and was told he had the day off, so she’s like “I’m gonna have to track his ass down to a shady casino aren’t I”
  • She did
  • He was loosing
  • So she confronts him and he’s freaking out bc even though they’ve reconnected and have been talking again, he hasn’t physically seen her in literally like 12 years omfg
  • So she drags him out and to the park or something and they have fun catching up for a bit
  • So finally, she decides that instead of working into it like she did with Eric, Jack won’t stand for that bullshit. So literally out of the blue she’s like “You dumped me and left me alone in the Peace Corps. Explain the motivation.” and Jack is like w e  l  l   u m
  • He tries to escape but she grabs him and goes to town trying to analyze why he left and he’s like “Maybe I just wanted my inheritance back?” and she’s like “Okay well then explain your lack of serious relationships or even meaningless flings in the past decade START TALKING I DARE YOU”
  • So he just starts listing off all these excuses and she just keeps antagonizing him until he finally snaps and yells “IT’S BECAUSE I HAVE FEELINGS FOR ERIC OKAY” and then everything goes silent because he’s never said that out loud before so he’s clearly freaking out but Rachel is all but jumping for joy now.
  • Jack looks like he’s lowkey about to have a panic attack and Rachel’s about to say something when they hear an impressed whisper-shout of “SHE!!! DID!!! THAT!!!” and look up to discover Cory and Shawn fucking hiding in the tree above them o m f g
  • Jack yells up “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?” and Cory yells back “WHEN WILL YOU FINALLY MAKE AN HONEST WOMAN OUT OF MY BROTHER?” which just gets Rachel cracking tf up
  • Jack is just like???? LEAVE! and Shawn yells back “THIS EFFECTS US TOO”
  • Jack throws a rock at them and they fall out of the tree and run out of the park lmao
  • So now he’s f r e a k i n g out obviously and Rachel’s trying to calm him down and tell him it’s fine and everything
  • But he’s still loosing it because he finally said it out loud and it felt right but the whole situation is so weird to him and now he’s gotta see Eric in a few hours and sit next to him in a dark room for a while f u c k
  • But he doesn’t want to cancel because Eric would be suspicious and he still wants to be near him and u g h
  • Rachel’s not telling Jack that she already talked to Eric and she’s not planning on telling Eric about what Jack said. She wants them to get there on their own,
  • So Jack is like “You know what??? I’m rich, I could totally get a third ticket if I wanted to. Rachel please come with us??” but she’s like “Lol Jack sweetie I flew in specifically to do this my flight leaves in an hour and a half bye have fun make out with Eric for me” and just LEAVES and he’s screaming
  • So he’s panicking and it’s at this point that he runs into Josh Matthews right
  • And Josh was just offering a passing “Oh hey man” but Jack was DESPERATE so he told Josh he had a third ticket to a musical he was seeing with Eric that night
  • And Josh, funnily enough, had just opened up a chain text from Cory, sent to himself, Topanga, Morgan and Feeny, that just reads “SHAWN AND I WERE THERE AND JACK CONFESSED HIS LOVE FOR ERIC THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE THE PROPHECY IS UPON US.”
  • (As Rachel hadn’t told anyone she was coming in, Cory and Shawn happened to find her by accident. They have no idea she talked to Eric too)
  • So Josh reads this text and that looks up at the clearly freaked out Jack Hunter standing before him, and just grins a bit deviously and is like “Yes. Yes, I’d love to come.”
  • Okay omg so the rest of the day, Eric had been hyping himself up and planned to just get this whole thing over with.
  • Like, he definitely doesn’t think Jack has any feelings for him. But he was planning on sitting through the show and reading Jack’s reactions to some of the content, and then bringing it up with him at dinner afterword, and if it was positive he’d bring up what he’s feeling so they could just acknowledge them and get the whole thing out of the way. He didn’t think anything would like, happen, so he just wanted to clear the air so he could make himself move on.
  • So then he gets to the theater and sees Jack and starts internally freaking out…But then he notices Josh and he’s just like “WHAT are you doing here??”
  • And Josh is giving him an “I’m gonna ruin your life’ smile and is like “oh, Jack had an extra ticket and invited me! I LOVE this show, saw it with Riley and Maya last year.’ and then he smiles at both of them and is like ‘I think we’ll have fun’ and HEADS INSIDE WHAT A SHIT
  • So Eric and Jack are outside talking awkwardly for a few minutes but they won’t make eye contact and they’re trying to figure out what’s up with each other omg eventually they just quit and head inside
  • Okay so remembered I mentioned Cory has always had a feeling Josh would ruin his shipping dreams here??? Josh is aware Cory thinks that.
  • So that’s why Josh Matthews sits his ass down right in between Eric and Jack, pulls out his phone yelling “Pre-show selfie!!!!”, and sends the picture to Cory captioned “I’M COCKBLOCKING ALL YOUR HOPES AND DREAMS.”
  • So anyway, the show starts.
  • If you’re unfamiliar, the show has no fourth wall and is very interactive- it’s played out as ‘Hedwig’, a singer who’s career has been plummeting, is playing a concert, and the audience is at that concert rather than a musical, you feel?
  • So of course…Jack’s cousin had to give them seats that were predetermined for the actor to mess with.
  • Jack and Josh both got pulled up on stage, Jack got chased off by a jealous Yitzhak after being all but dry humped, and Eric got kissed during “Sugar Daddy” it was fucking great Josh was having the time of his life. Jack and Eric were lowkey freaking out. They out here tryna struggle with their sexualities and some hot actor in drag is all over them. What the fuck
  • Oh great now he’s stripping down to his underwear
  • Josh can feel the tension radiating off both of them he’s having so much fun what a little asshole
  • So the show ends and boy, these guys thought they were confused about everything before. They have no idea wtf is happening now
  • They both feel a little less, weird about having feelings for each other at least. But they also both still believe the other sees this as the strictly platonic best friendship they’ve always had. So they’re still freaking out but it’s not getting talked about!!!
  • Because Jack was too scared to do it in the first place and Josh’s presence has psyched Eric out omfg
  • So now they’re at dinner and just sitting there quietly, not making looking at each other, as Josh just yammers on about the show lol
  • So finally Eric says something dumb or whatever that gets Jack to laugh and look up, and then he rolls his eye because he realizes Eric still has lipstick smeared all over his lips from when Hedwig kissed him lol
  • So he grabs a napkin and reaches over to get it for him, and he was totally not expecting it to turn into one of those cliché emotionally charged moments you see in the movies, but it DID omfg
  • He’s being gentle trying to get it off and Eric’s not moving an inch and they’re holding eye contact and their breath is hitched omfg
  • After Jack pulls back there’s a long moment of silence before Josh just goes “…Wow.”
  • They both turn and glare at him and he just silently takes a sip of his drink and tries not to laugh lol
  • So dinner happens relatively quietly after that, any conversation is just them asking Josh about school lol.
  • So they all start walking home right. And Josh’s campus was the first stop while Eric and Jack’s apartments weren’t that far away
  • So Josh is saying goodnight and thanking Jack for the tickets and everything, and then he’s about to walk away but he turns back and goes, “Oh, one more thing: YOU’RE BOTH IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER. DISCUSS.”
  • So now Eric and Jack are just like uh Uh UHHHH
  • They panic around each other for a few minutes and look and act like idiots but finally Jack pulls his shit together and he’s like “let’s just head back to your place and talk this all out” omg
  • And they do
  • Talking happens
  • Other things happen
  • And they end up being really surprised by how…natural everything seems, you know? Like they were expecting some big freak out that could ruin their friendship because these feelings are weird and obviously not reciprocated. Not ‘Oh, we kiss now? Awesome!’ like it ended up not *feeling* like the big deal they were expecting, it just felt very natural, just Eric and Jack in their whacky situations. This week they make out on Eric’s couch! Whatever will they do next!
  • So they decide like, okay, this is just a natural next step in our relationship, this is what we do now, not a big deal. But they don’t want to tell anyone yet.
  • Mostly because they don’t 100% know how their friends and family will react (they know some of them, sure, but not all), but also??? Eric’s a senator and Jack’s a very successful businessman. The media would be all over it omfg like they’re still figuring this out themselves, they don’t need gossip mags and twitter and CNN’s opinions on it.
  • So they keep it under wraps. After about 2 weeks they decide they’re officially dating, but still keep it hush hush for a few months (except Josh knows bc he showed up the day after Hedwig demanding answers lmao).
  • Okay, so one day, it’s their 6 month anniversary, and Jack is EXCITED omg he’s out at the store buying a cake and candles and a bouquet of flowers and he’s trying to pick up a present. He’s gonna surprise Eric and finally be the romantic one for once. He’s so pumped, he’s so proud of himself-
  • He gets a text from Eric reading “Heads up, Riley’s sleeping over my place all weekend. We’re just friends.”
  • And Jack is like???? “It’s our anniversary are you KIDDING me what is so wrong with her apartment?”
  • “She’s not saying anything, but I think she got in a fight with Topanga. She’s REALLY upset, I already told Cory I’d watch her.”
  • So Jack is just like u  g h
  • But he heads to Eric’s (his apartment building was getting fumigated) and tbh Riley does look pretty upset but Jack is salty so he’s decided she doesn’t look upset enough to temporarily run away. He doesn’t say anything though and manages to convince her the ‘Happy Anniversary’ cake was on display/sale and he picked it up because chocolate helps girls right???
  • Eric rolled his eyes and Riley didn’t look like she entirely bought it but no one said anything lol
  • So the night wears on, Riley still won’t talk about why she’s upset and Jack can’t help but feel a little uncomfortable around her since he doesn’t know her that well
  • Eric’s perfectly fine though and keeps her talking about trivial things and keeps her occupied
  • And this is a PROBLEM okay
  • Jack had just…forgotten about Eric with kids, okay. Just completely forgot.
  • And now here he is, braiding Riley’s hair and making her tears turn into laughter and playing dumb little games with her and it was magic and Jack is just like
  • All Jack wants to do is make out with this magical idiot of his and he CAN’T because of Riley omfggggggg
  • So at some point Riley nods off on the couch right. And Jack immediately pulls Eric into the bedroom lol
  • So Eric’s like ‘maybe not with the depressed 15 year old in the other room’ but Jack’s like “I mean honestly she doesn’t seem all that upset, this could be an overreaction. We should send her home to make sure!” and Eric’s just like omfg Jack I raised her for the first six years of her life I think I can read her emotions better than you
  • And Jack actually hadn’t heard about that before so he was like ‘wait seriously?’ and Eric gives a rushed explanation of how he helped out Cory and Topanga while they were still in school.
  • And after that Jack is just like??? What the fuck??? You’re an angel???? What the fu c k
  • So Eric kisses him and the door IMMEDIATELY OPENS
  • So now they’re like…Time to Panic. omfg
  • They’re pacing around the room and mapping out a damn game plan on how to discuss this with Riley, explain their relationship, make sure she doesn’t have a problem with it and beg her not to tell anyone, amongst other things. Mapping out the game plan takes them like half an hour omg
  • So by the time they come out, Riley’s back on the couch and has apparently ordered pizza lol. So they turn off the tv and sit across from her all seriously and she’s like??? Something wrong????
  • And Eric’s trying to ease into it or something and he’s like okay princess so about what you saw-
  • And she’s like??? Listen I’m sorry about that I thought it was the bathroom door??? Are you honestly that mad????
  • And Eric and Jack are like omg no we aren’t mad. Aren’t you freaked out???
  • And Riley’s just like…why would I be? You were just kissing. I’ve literally walked in on my parents having sex with a cardboard cutout of Chase Utley watching. Nothing can break me anymore.
  • So they’re like o h m y G o d didn’t need that image but now Eric’s trying to be like okay so like??? You’re okay that Jack is also a guy???
  • And Riley’s like Uncle Eric p l e a s e I have literally no problems with that. I just want you to be happy, and from the way I’ve heard you talk about Jack, I have every reason to believe you are!
  • So they’re all crying and hug it out nbd. Riley doesn’t think anyone in the family would have a problem with them being together but agrees to keep quiet.
  • But then Riley spies the half eaten cake and is like f u c k I’m ruining an anniversary I’m a monster I’m leaving peace out use protection and she’s literally trying to shove all her stuff back in her backpack and escape as Eric and Jack are like “omfg it’s fine we’re not letting you roam the streets at 11:00 at night” but she’s insisting she’ll just head over to Farkle’s because she really doesn’t wanna kill their anniversary
  • But finally Jack convinces her that they want her there and the anniversary isn’t ruined ya-da-ya-da
  • So the three of them have a cute little weekend- Riley and Jack bond, Eric tries to teach them both his pizza eating trick, Riley successfully avoids all her problems for 3 days, and she also makes a point to give them some alone time which is nice
  • So anyway, Cory and Shawn are frustrated and miserable
  • They’ve been trying to get their brothers to fall in love for SO LONG but there are no developments omfg save these poor losers
  • So one day they’re just moping around, sadly flipping through Shawn’s binder and trying to brainstorm, when Shawn mumbles “What if…we…involved the youth.”
  • “The youth?”
  • “The youth.”
  • The youth.”
  • “THE YOUTH.”
  • Maya, Farkle and Riley, who have just arrived from school, are like “Why are you guys just yelling about youth wtf”
  • Shawn and Cory see them and scream “YOUTH” really loudly, like they all jump lol, and shoved the three of them onto the couch and are just like “Listen we need to make our brothers love each other.”
  • Farkle is immediately like “I’m out, I’m sick of romance drama, fucking goodbye, just send whatever you’re having for dinner to my house” and walks out omfg
  • Cory, yelling loudly at Farkle’s retreating figure, “Okay, now that the WEAK LINK IS GONE-”
  • So anyway, they explain their plans and objective to the girls.
  • Maya’s on board in ten seconds flat lmao but Riley is just like…why don’t we let them live their lives and whatever happens, happens
  • “What child of mine would EVER say that?”
  • So they ignore her and go back to plotting and Riley’s deadass just live blogging this whole experience she opened up a group message with Eric, Jack, and Josh and they’re all cracking up and trying to come up with ideas to mess up the schemes or make Shawn and Cory think Eric and Jack got in another fight and aren’t talking again lmao
  • So they have fun with that for a couple weeks
  • Okay so one night, Eric and Jack take Riley and Josh out to dinner because Riley won a writing competition but she didn’t tell anyone else she entered the contest but those three wanted to celebrate it was this whole thing
  • So they’ve got a very private, secluded both in the restaurant, so they feel safe discussing their relationship, and Josh asks them when exactly they were planning on telling everyone else, because the holiday season is coming up so like?? They should figure something out.
  • So they started going back and forth, doing pros and cons of different ideas. Riley and Josh are really anything but helpful lol
  • Jack said something like “I mean, we could just do it over the phone” and they both slammed their drinks down and demanded “But where’s the drama in that?!” in perfect unison, and then gave each other ‘wtf’ looks because they had surprised themselves. That had Eric cracking up lol
  • Eric keeps giving ridiculous ideas like “What if we just let them catch us making out over the Thanksgiving meal” or “Let’s send out some Ambiguously Gay Duo style Christmas cards” 
  • “Eric there’s nothing ambiguous about this
  • And then Jack leans over and kisses him while Riley and Josh give mildly sarcastic ‘awwww’s
  • And then there’s a camera flash
  • f u c k
  • All four of them start looking around in a panic but they can’t figure out who took the picture holy shit they’re freaking out
  • They can’t just outright interrogate restaurant patrons or personal but like!!!! Code red!!!! Code blue!!!! Code apricot!!!!
  • Eric waves over Agent LaChance to ask him to help but he’s holding up his cell phone which has a notification from a huge news site that’s promising they ‘Just dug up some MAJOR DIRT on our favorite New York Senator, story hitting in 15 minutes!’ and like…they screwed omfg
  • So they just all rush out into the car and Jack and Eric are deadass  calling their parents and grandparents and Feeny but since it’s dinner time no one’s picking up so they’re literally just LEAVING VOICEMAILS LIKE ‘HEY FAMILY I’VE HAD A STEADY BOYFRIEND FOR 8 MONTHS WE LIVE TOGETHER SEE YOU AT THE HOLIDAYS LOVE YOU BYE” OMFG
  • So they get to Cory’s apartment and burst in and Eric’s in Serious Mode ™ and is all like ‘Cor dude I need you to not freak out right now because I’m already freaking out and I didn’t want to tell you guys about this yet but I also don’t want you to find out from the news you know???” and Cory and Topanga (and Auggie, Farkle and Maya are chilling there too) are just like omfg what’s happening what’s wrong what’s hitting the news in five minutes??
  • So Eric tells them he’s with Jack and Jack, Josh and Riley are just kinda awkwardly waving in the back and Cory just. silently collapses onto the couch.
  • So everyone’s lowkey freaking out- not in a bad way, just in a ‘holy shit’ way. And then the news report comes on
  • And THAT’S bad omfg.
  • Shawn’s immediately blowing up Jack’s phone like why the fuck didn’t you tell me???
  • Everyone’s calling and texting them omfg phones are blowing up
  • And obviously there was A LOT of negative feedback from the news site itself and some viewers bc politics are a shit show but they powered through all that bs
  • Eventually get married and adopt 3 kids and have 2 via surrogate yay
  • This is like fucking 11 pages long if you made it through honestly congrats bro I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS ABOUT ERIC MATTHEWS AND JACK HUNTER

anonymous asked:

if it's not too much to ask of you, could you do an analysis of kihyun personality-wise? i'm personally really fond of him after seeing many sides to his personality, but i feel like they're quite hard to pin down at times, and i was just curious about another person's perspective of him ^^

( note: i’m so sorry this has taken me so long. i had a lot going on life-wise, and on top of that, i really wanted to make sure this was as accurate and detailed as i could make it, bc kihyun is the idol i probably relate to the most, and i think we’re quite similar. i bet i’ll still feel like i want to add to this even after i post, orz. thank you for your patience! )

i usually start analyses with an overarching theme, but for kihyun, it’s a little more difficult, since he is complex, and yet so straightforward… if i had to summarise him, i’d say he’s aware. immediately, i have to clarify: this doesn’t exactly mean he goes out of his way to be caring or to exert his influence in some way, i mean he analyses things quite quickly–sizes them up, if you will, but not in a manipulative way, just for his own sake. this isn’t something that’s very apparent, but it is the foundation of the way he acts and carries himself, in my opinion. one big sign of this is the way he talks about himself, especially during no.mercy: he knows he’s good at singing and is embarrassed to be ranked low, but he doesn’t particularly show this off or trashtalk others, unless he is asked. he knows the facts, but holds his cards to his chest until he needs them in some way. furthermore, he’s logical and rational enough that this isn’t so much a question of self-confidence anymore; he knows his strengths and limitations, and he doesn’t see a need to make it seem otherwise.

to take a leaf out of my case study interview prep lmao, i’ll now segment this analysis into how he interacts with people, to better illustrate and delve deeper into his aforementioned traits! 

firstly, with his members. obviously, this is the side of kihyun we see most often, from no.mercy until now. he’s known to be honest, funny, direct, and naggy, all of which stem from the fact that he’s comfortable with them. he’s lived with them and trained with them, so he knows them well, they’re all on friendly terms, and thus he can exercise less (or well, zero, sometimes) caution in the way he expresses himself, because he knows it won’t be taken the wrong way. 

this manifests itself in his “savagery”, because kihyun prioritises things quickly: he doesn’t like wasting time, shown during his mc stints during which he’s always good at guiding the conversation back to the topic at hand, and doesn’t like expending unnecessary effort or energy on superfluous or trivial matters which don’t contribute to their current objective–in the domestic sense, this means he knows he doesn’t need to waste time beating around the bush to soften the blow when he can just be honest and give his real, albeit cutting, opinion. in his work and hobbies, he’s focussed and always delivers, he’s sharp and works hard, and he has strong opinions and preferences when it comes to something that’s his own (for example, his photography aesthetic). 

with that in mind, he isn’t exactly calculating, nor lazy, at least, not actively. it’s more like, making the most of his life, getting the most accomplished, etc., in the most efficient way he can, but since this is part of his personality, he considers this automatically, so it all comes naturally. the fact that one can’t exactly see his thought process in an obvious or external way means he does get seen as “cunning” or working towards his own means, which, in a way, is true, but it’s not done in a malicious sense

secondly, with his seniors. kihyun’s worked with soyou and giriboy during no.mercy, then again with starship labelmates through starship planet and such, and i think it’s important to give some background! in general, starship artists, especially soloists, are all rather direct and in some cases, blunt, and this is very evident if you’ve seen any interactions between them (see junggigo, hyorin, madclown, in particular). this, coupled with the fact that they’re senior to kihyun, means he can’t take the same liberties with them as he does with his members. as mentioned before, a good part of the intensity or carelessness of his behaviour hinges on his accurate assessment of a situation or person, thus allowing him to predict how they’ll respond to him

in this case, he can’t really do that, so we see another side of kihyun. when addressed directly, he’s earnest and polite, and wants to make a good impression (this can be a tenuous link to his “most efficient way possible” outlook in that he wants to always do the best he can); when he’s just in the vicinity, like during their christmas vlive, he’s watching and listening and laughing in that cute awkward way he does when embarrassed or uncomfortable, usually in the secondhand sense. he really tones down his sense of humour and steps back to let the seniors talk, which is another good illustration of how conscious he is of his surroundings.

the last case is with his juniors. i’m not really counting seventeen in this since they have a friendly relationship, so i’m focussing on his interactions with cosmic girls: yteen promotions, singing the blue night of jeju island with yeunjung, and the christmas vlive which he co-mc-ed with yeunjung (i am a hardcore yeunjung stan lmao). once again, he doesn’t really know them well enough to joke around or be brutal, but he doesn’t need to really care about how they’ll react to him, since they’re juniors. 

to be honest, he kind of ignores them most of the time, which i suppose factors into the “avoiding unnecessary things” standpoint. still, you can tell he’s quite mindful of them, watching where they’re going, keeping at a respectful distance, that kind of thing. the christmas vlive was particularly insightful to me, because he just laughed at yeunjung’s oblivious mc-ing for the most part, especially when her starship seniors called her out, but then when they had to sing, he whispered “be careful” to her as she was getting tangled in the wires. it might not seem much, but i think it does show he’s more of a hands-off type as opposed to uncaring, and that he does have compassion for others who are naturally in a position lower than his own. furthermore, he was careful not to fluster her even more, while showing concern, and yet keeping the atmosphere in line with the attitude of the other artists.

to wrap this up, i think kihyun is a really interesting person, with lots of subtle nuances to his personality. for that reason, i do feel like my analysis might seem drawn upon tiny observations, but that’s really what subtlety is about orz; it’s difficult to describe kihyun since he’s so aware of everything that these situational assessments happen in his head, and he adjusts himself accordingly, all while still staying himself, as mentioned with regards to my introductory comment of his not displaying his knowledge of facts, despite, well, knowing them. aaah, i hope this analysis was what you wanted; i know it’s different to the approach i’ve taken before, but i felt like this was the clearest way to structure it ;;

Dangan Ronpa Togami spoiler summary (Chapter 1)

SO I’ve started translating DRT but I’ll probably take a week or two more to get things ready for posting (I was going to say a week but next weekend is actually my birthday and I’ll be super busy, so it seems less likely I’ll get anything ready then). Thanks for your patience there.

In the meantime, I’m going to post some spoilery summaries using the liveblogs I did in private. I will remove things that I now know are incorrect or unsubstantiated, but please realize that it’s possible I still misread something. Often I come to the wrong conclusion until I actually start translating and reading closer and realize it meant something different. So if any of the information here ends up being incorrect, I sincerely apologize. You should tune in to the actual translation as a more accurate and direct version of the information.


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Your opinión about Aly? (The way you did with Aliya)

Alexandra Rose Harrington Marie Raisman … was one of the first gymnasts I remember watching because London was the first meet i really followed and thanks to the /brilliant/ tape delaying of NBC I had the Team and AA results spoiled for me but I deleted the CNN app and was able to watch EFs spoiler free (and didn’t know of the gymternet so had no knowledge of livestreaming) and just absolutely enjoyed watching Aly win floor! 

I think she does a remarkable job of being the team captain in and out of meets - something that really shows by how coaches and other US gymnasts respect her and the impact she has had on the team. She really came into her own in 2011 and her attitude at competitions and the way she supports everyone - and remembers to always thank and congratulate international competitors during her greatest moments - makes me a big fan. I know she isn’t perfect and she has said some things that are wrong and that I don’t agree with but I really do find myself rooting for her because what she has accomplished and how she has accomplished that is amazing.

Her vaulting … its no secret its not clean lmao. Her DTY in 2011 and 2015 was pretty nice, not like OMG LOOK AT THAT, but it also wasnt OMG LOOK AT THAT in a bad way lmao. I appreciate towards Rio she got her amanar square and safely around because there were a few meets where Mrs. Mega Bun was doing the most and not in a good way. The way her amanar would fluctuate between a 15.2-15.8 is a medical mystery … but at least it was safe. Beam and bars is similar, the form isn’t her strong suit but shit at this point if you can stay on beam then have a party literally slam a sack of steak against the beam I don’t care just stay on lmao. Again, I like that she cleaned up her form on beam because 2012, while I appreciated her aggression on beam, those soft knees were wild. In 2016 they have been pacified. Bars - I just thank all the higher powers she got a double front dismount because that shit gives me life. 

Floor is where she fucks us up. She does the absolute most and she knows it and I feel blessed. That 3/2 to double arabian punch front is iconic and sure her choreo isn’t Podkopayeva or Pavlova but at least she gets people excited and moving and has tumbling down to a T. 

Perhaps greater than any single performance or event though is her consistency and her resolve. She isn’t the most flexible gymnast - and she worked hard as hell to fix that. She isn’t the best bar worker - but she sure as hell has improved. Her vaulting in 2015 was scrappy as hell - and she worked on that. Mix that with the fact that she is Rock-Solid Raisman and she is ready to /hillary clinton voice/ pokemon go to the podium. I had a feeling after London she would comeback but I had no idea what that comeback would look like - it seemed like she was ‘coming back’ for nearly a year and a half before her first postlympic meet and I was really surprised how well she came back - and then to just whoop my ass come 2016 just DAMN. Girl is a work horse and the fact she looked better in 2016 after taking off some two years than ever before … that is just i n c r e d i b l e. And there is a chance we haven’t seen the last of Mrs. Mega Bun either! ;) 

Summary: She is a great teammate and we all know her form and dance isn’t the greatest but mississippi goddamn can she work it in this sport. Also she gave us the Aly running meme and I thank her for that:

3,427 Hours

I find it amazing, as everyone else does, that it only took one shot…a taken chance…to flip everything Taylor once said about love. No one saw any of this coming and it was completely obvious that neither her nor Calvin did either. Months later, the signs are all there…and you know exactly what I mean. Taylor can hear this guy, HER GUY, gush about how amazing she is and how “absolutely fantastic” it is to be with her right now. She gets to have a slight blush creep across her face when she reads quotes about her extraordinary boyfriend being “insanely happy” about having her in his life and smile when he calls her an “incredible human being”. I try my best not to compare EXs but….has anything like this ever happened before? Have the social media pics ever happened before? the subtle yet spot-on “I’m so proud” shout outs to his girl in tweets? the maddening amounts of PDA and support at award shows? HAS ANY OF THIS EVERY HAPPENED BEFORE? ALL AT ONCE?? I know we have covered how different this is but…this is just something that can’t be stressed enough. They’re making all of this happen. They’re doing it. And we’re all here to watch it unfold and bloom into something far more beautiful than it is now because face it, it’s still fresh and there is so much more to come. This brings up what I want to say about shippers and supporters. Let me straightening something up for the rest of y’all….we ship, we laugh, we feel, we cry, we do all that shit. You don’t? that is completely okay. HOWEVER do not confuse what WE do with what the media did back in the day before there were beautifully written articles of support and well-wishes. No no no…this is nothing like the creation of sickening rumors which dehumanized Taylor and her lover in the public eye. We don’t speculate, we anticipate and dissect. What the media did then was create lies, look pieces that didn’t fit anywhere, crush, pound, saw, and destroy what Taylor was trying to build for herself. Everything we do, is out of entertainment (mostly humor if it’s happening on the dark side aka my blog) and excitement. So for one to say that “this is the pressure Taylor doesn’t really need” ummmmmmm??????? what pressure??????? Please for the love of everything in the arts & crafts section at Michael’s DO NOT CONFUSE PRESSURE WITH SUPPORT. I will give you one thing, there are people who talk about marriage and kids already (which i avoid almost completely) NOW THAT’S PRESSURE. But being happy about everything Calvin has said today and in the past? that’s cheering them on. That’s being completely proud fo everything happening between them. Why should we try to ignore this shit? this is fucking amazing? we get happy as fuck when all these other artists praise Taylor for the person she is and the shit she accomplishes and does for the world……why can’t we be happy about Calvin doing the same? Is is because he’s her boyfriend? and you’re trying to ignore the fact that she has a boyfriend somehow? because you have misconstrued something she has said??? get the hell out of my face lmao. This also (as it always does) brings to me to PR. Is this good PR? Of course it is! You would be lying to yourself if you tried to say both their names aren’t everywhere just a little more often since they began dating. But what the fuck makes you think this entire relationship was sewn together by a group of publicists JUST for this specific reason???? THEY’RE ARE BOTH AT THE TOP OF THEIR CAREERS AND THE BEST AT WHAT THEY DO. WHAT THE HELL DO THEY NEED EACH OTHER FOR PUBLICITY WISE? That being said. although the media supports their relationship….it would be great if Taylor’s own (supposedly) fans did. It’s been this long and there are still people trying to dig up receipts on Calvin as if Taylor doesn’t have her own or as if Taylor doesn’t know more about him than some random on the interwebs. Find your chill….and a hobby. It’s just amazing to see that they are working so hard for each other though. This is love. Everyone can see it. It’s……..glowing in the dark. When you can hear the smile on this guy’s face as he’s talking about her…..when he doesn’t hesitate to commend her on anything at all…when he is this happy to be with her….you know. And just the fact that she has the nerve to basically be open about actually being in love with him….you definitely know. If there is one thing that killed me about what Calvin said it’s: “It could be a lot worse and I would still be like insanely happy with her”. The second I heard him say this, I instantly thought about when Taylor said “No one wants to sign up for this”………??????????????????????????????????????? Is this not some type of amazing love story though??? This chick thought no one would be down for any of the stuff she comes with but here is Calvin like “Oh that’s all it is? Pffffft are you kidding me? Throw more at us and I’ll still be around” Calvin doesn’t care about any of the madness. He doesn’t care about the bullshit written about her or them….because that’s what it is….BULLSHIT. As Churchill once said “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on” But she’s worth it all. None of it means anything to her because he’s in it for her…..that’s it….this is amazing. I am so beyond happy about all of this. What a time to be alive. Happy 3,427 hours 

I’ve gone through so many boy band phases but I’ve never liked someone as much as I’ve liked Big Bang. I wouldn’t even call them a boyband because they’re much more than that.

When I was younger I would jump on the bandwagon of liking the Jonas Brothers (good times man) and One Direction and yeah their songs were good but none of them really caught my eye as much as Big Bang did.

I started liking them end of 2011 and there was just something about them that stood out? (The first mv I watched was wedding dress and I mean what’s more eye catching than a small guy with a mohawk with an amazing voice am I right)

And before I knew it I was downloading all their songs and watching all their music videos. Even my tumblr switched from one direction to big bang lmao. And literally I’m amazed that I started listening to them in my second year of high school and that I’m listening to them even now, in my second year of University.

Most bands, I get over in about 1 year but I’ve liked Big Bang for over almost four years. I didn’t know I’d be looking up to these guys as role models and using their successfulness as my motivation. Especially Seungri, I love them all equally but there’s just something about him that makes me look up to him so much. It’s obvious but it’s also a bit hard to explain.

In 2012 I even bought their lightstick and it stayed on my shelf in the same spot for years, dust was always on it and I would have to wipe it off all the time. Then in 2015 I got to see them live and it went to the point that Seungri noticed my sign which said “Seungri, I’m from New Zealand!” and he pointed to it and smiled. When I got home (where I was staying in Sydney) that night it hit me like a ton of bricks. Because of this group named Big Bang I’ve been able to feel more confident with myself and apply their success as motivation to my life. Like if you asked me a few years back “Would you travel to another country alone?” my answer would be no. But after this concert I just gained so much confidence and happiness because I’d taken steps I’d never taken before and I’d ticked something off my bucket list.

I don’t even know where I’m heading with this post if I’m being honest. But wow, I just find it amazing that in the span of four years I’ve accomplished so much and that entire time I’ve had Big Bang blasting away in my earphones.

Each time I look at them I remember that they started off with so little and now they’ve expanded into something so big that people around the world know them. Just this one thing motivates me to try hard and succeed. As they learn I learn as well. 

We all have different groups that we can maybe apply this too. I’m not sure. But for me Big Bang has definitely impacted my life in a good way and I’m quite proud to call myself a V.I.P

Idek man. I just felt the need to write this. 

About when I met Lily Rabe

How do I even begin to write about meeting the person that inspired me to be better and bolder in every single aspect of my life. That I didn’t faint or cry, is nothing less than a miracle.

Empowered by the love and sense of belonging I felt being with my tribe (mistydazed mylovepants highheeled-feminist jessicachastains), I sat in the very front row next to a snoring lady (wake up!!), right across from where Lily was standing and/or sitting on stage. The amount of self control it took to keep my eyes focused on the other actors doing the reading of the play when Lily wasn’t active on stage was insane. I tried so hard not to stare, but my eyes wandered to Lily’s and when she looked right back at me I felt my heart jumping out of my chest. There she was. Just a few feet away from me. It was very surreal, I had never been so close to someone I’d admired from afar that much before. I really didn’t know what to do with myself, now that I wasn’t just looking at her in a movie, but she was looking right back at me in the same room as me. 

When the reading was over, Lily and Hamish walked off stage and headed for the exit. Me and the tribe followed them, caught up with them and they stopped and talked with us. I had an out-of-body experience the entire time, but mistydazed made sure I got to talk to Lily, she really did save me from letting the moment pass me by. 

“You know how you think it’s crazy we came here all the way form California?” she said and Lily looked up at me “well she came all the way from Sweden!”
Lily looked genuinely shocked and smiled a bit nervously
“No you didn’t!?” she tried. I laughed at her reaction, but also at how insane it was that I actually flew across the atlantic ocean for her. 
“Well, of course I did!” 
“For this?” she asked
“No, for you.” 

I said I made her something, gave her the big black fanbook we all contributed to and she started flipping through it. I also gave her the very personal letter I wrote, decorated with butterfly stickers that I’d put in a pink envelope. Then we took a photo together and she wrote me an autograph and thanked me again. She really seemed happy about everything, and I’m so proud of myself for not being weird when talking to her. I was actually kind of funny. When we’d hugged and stuff, she said “oh, sorry some of my hair fell out on you” and took it off of my shoulder. “I can take that!” I said, jokingly and made her laugh. I think that was the last thing I said to her, and I feel good about that. One day, when I’ve saved enough money, I will see her in person again. But I’m so happy she liked the fanbook, and that she posted it on her instagram and everything. The whole idea was to make her feel appreciated, and I think we accomplished that. 

I also have video of her saying she loves my name. And she drew a moon for highheeled-feminist and mistydazed that the ENTIRE tribe got tattooed later. They asked her to draw a crescent moon and she drew one WITH A FACE. Lmao. I was like “I want that on my body!” The tattoo represents so much. Meeting all these wonderful people, my first time in new york aka future place of residency, first time meeting lily rabe, some personal stuff I wont go into detail about and.. well I will never forget this whole experience. No words will ever be enough to express how fortunate I feel to be alive and experience all that. All this. Because it’s ongoing. I use this positivity every single day now, because I know how much love and potential there is in my life. 

i met with this recruiter for the marines after school for a good hour and we went over several things like why i’d like to join, what boot camp entails (it’s 3 months, so, like, whoa– and i really didn’t feel like asking if we’d have time for social media at least at nighttime– i’d imagine we wouldn’t so everyone is focused LMAO), and so much more. some things i personally brought up that i hope to get out of joining were i would like to be finally self-sustaining, accomplish something worthwhile in my life, gain leadership skills, et cetera. i am beyond nervous, but i feel like if i go through with it, it will be very much worth it though!! i’m so, so torn right now between “3 months is a small sacrifice for what will last me a lifetime” and “i’m kinda sorta comfortable where i am, so i don’t want to do anything drastic,” but we will see!!