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Todays motivation:

Its hard to start motivating and staying motivated. But the thing is, your body won’t change unless you do something. Actions do (in this case) speak louder than words! Whenever I’m lacking motivation I go on my blog and think “If I want a change I better be doing something to see the change, I want to look good, I want to feel confident, I want to be _____.” For me I want to look healthy and feel healthy, to fit in my old pair of jeans. To remember what it feels like to put on something and not feel like I have to suck in to make it look good on me. I want those changes, but eating unhealthy and not working out will not show any results. SO GET YOUR ASS UP AND LETS START SEEING RESULTS PPL

I hardly remember the girl in the before picture, but I don’t want to forget her. I don’t want to forget what it was like to feel like a prisoner in my own body. The pain, the powerlessness to change. Change is slow and getting started is hard, but it’s possible when broken down into tiny manageable habits. If you’ve never struggled with obesity, it’s easy to think you just need to muster up a little discipline and put down the fork, but you’re wrong. It’s so much more complex than that. There’s a reason why 95% of those who lose regain it and it’s not because they’re lazy. We probably judge ourselves more than you because we’ve all been taught that it’s our fault. I’m working really hard to have compassion for myself – then and now –and for those who share the burden of obesity. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. But it doesn’t make us bad or lazy or stupid, it makes us sick. and I’m sick of a culture that believes otherwise and marginalizes people who are trying and failing despite their other achievements. Sorry to go off on a tangent, but this disconnect in understanding and compassion pains me. I am strong willed and determined and pursue my dreams with vigor, but when it comes to this, if I let my guard down, I’ll be back there in an instant. Seriously, eff obesity, but more than that, eff anyone who doesn’t have compassion for those of us who are up against it. Excuse my language, it’s the only word that feels appropriate this morning. Keep fighting the good fight babes and never give up. Happy Humpday 🐫

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I feel like Tom knows about Tumblr and him deleting that video was a tease to send us into a fit.

Just for his own amusement. Like imagine:

“Harrison come here! Look at all these comments.” Tom yells

“This one says, ‘Bout time Tom… Ugh fuck he’s so hot 😩’. From someone named @nightinday .” Harrison snickers.

“I think I should do this from now on. Post something and then delete it so they freak out again.” Tom laughs.

“Calm down Satan.” Harrison jokes.br>


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Is it weird I struggle calling myself gay? I can say I like men but not that word

I mean it depends. There are some questions you gotta ask yourself. And they’ll get deep. Are you avoiding using the word gay to describe yourself because you feel like it doesn’t adequately describe who you are?? Because you may be possibly bi, pan, questioning, or queer?? Or do you not like to use it because of a fear of the implications of the word or a dislike for it? These are questions you need to ask yourself to understand if you just don’t fit in what you consider as gay, in which case there are plenty of other ways and words to help accurately describe yourself. Or if it’s out of some unrealized internalized homophobia you may be feeling towards yourself.

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to clarify: nora didn't have the term demisexual in mind when she wrote the story during the span of 13 years. neil's story is simply neil's story, it wasn't put together to fit a label or another (though she knew he was ace spec). then, one year after the publication, someone in the fandom identified him as demisexual, nora looked it up, and said "yes! that's exactly him" the question that prompted that post will clarify that implication you were worried about, but not now because spoilers xD

Thank you for clarifying!! 

Love the relationship Nora has to the fandom by the way, I feel like it’s a lot closer than with “big” authors and you can have a lot more interaction (aka the reason I love indie authors/bands/youtubers/etc.)

Also 13 YEARS are u joking what the hell. That’s 4.3 years per book. What the hell.

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I'm always sooo happy to see your feed bc it makes me feel like large bodies that still don't fit the thick body type that is praised by society are normal and on here that is EVERYTHING. Chub is normal n I forget that

Aw that makes me so happy!! thank you!! xoxo

Yes this game totally sounds like the perfect fit for Garnet.

I forgot how horribly terrible names arcade games had.

This looks kind of cool, i was always into fighting games when i was young, but they were so expensive.


I already feel bad for this thing

I don’t think a single piece of it would ramain after that


“Tell my wife i’m sorry!”

oh god Garnet see what you did, you ruined a family.

Garnet is going to be beating the meat it seems. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

So for YA novels unless it’s epic fantasy agents and editors want to see debuts at under 100,000 words , a lot of times even cut at 80,000 words (esp contemporary). Now, anyone who reads my fics knows I write super long stuff and always end up adding more than I planned. So as my current original WIP grows and grows and I feel like I’ve barely started I DON’T KNOW WHY I’M SURPRISED. Cutting stuff to fit the word count limits will be the death of me. But HEY, you can expect an 800-page-last-book- in-the-series then!! (I like big books and I cannot lie). But for now…onward! At least I’ll have a lot of deleted scenes to share. Followers who write, do you usually have too little or too much too work with?

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I feel alone... like I don't fit in anywhere. Books are my only friends :-(

Books are my only irl friends, I have no one else <3 My only friends are people I’ve met on tumblr. It gets lonely a lot of the times. But I’m happy my books are there for me. :) And I’m happy they’re there for you too <3

I’m sending all my hugs to you <3

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Hey Chris I was wondering how you battled gym dysphoria before you got top surgery? I'm going to start working out at a public gym soon and I can't wear my binder while working out and wearing a sports bra makes me all kinds of anxious :(

my biggest recommendation for dealing with gym dysphoria is going to the gym during less crowded hours. I go to planet fitness and they’re open 24 hours so I used to go to the gym at like midnight because an empty gym is a great gym and there’s no one to make you feel weird or anything. 

besides that, honestly, no one is gonna be looking at you. it’s hard to believe that, but most people are there to focus on themselves and they’re too busy putting in work to be concerned with people around them. 

also also bodies come in all shapes and sizes! so if you’re wearing a sports bra and not so flat that’s okay! 


So I was looking through pictures of Dita’s martini burlesque. And as I was looking I saw something.

Now we can agree Dita is very fit-petit something I would like to be similar to. But holy shit! She has rolls! She’s petit(I don’t want to say skinny) but she still has rolls! Sitting there she has rolls.

Everyone has some kind of rolls when they sit, move, lay down, etc. I knew that, but seeing it on someone I think is something I’d like to look like-ish made me feel better.

I hate that feeling when I’m having a semi normal night, muddling through and managing when suddenly my brain ambushes me, cornering me and screaming “YOU DONT FIT IN ANYWHERE YOURE WEIRD AND GROSS AND EVERYONE THINKS YOURE ANNOYING. YOURE GONNA DIE ALONE AND MISERABLE” like okay… I’m crying in a bathroom stall at work right now because I hate myself so much that’s cool that’s fine that’s normal

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I feel like in general they really fucked up the Percy Jackson series but I will disagree with you and say that they upped Percy's age in the movies. I know his actor was 18 at the time but in the movie he was supposed to be 15-16 not a middle schooler. It was really obvious. Not trying to be mean or anything.

I know that, and that makes it worse, not better. 

Here’s the thing, Harry Potter is a pitch perfect story of what it’s like to be 11 years old and feel like you don’t fit in, the tone, the story all of it is Laser focused on getting that feeling, it’s why it’s a book that connected every one at some point was 10, 11, 12 years old and felt that way, even for just a week. The story of being 16 and feeling like you don’t fit is totally totally different, and if you told the story of being 11 and not fitting in, wanting more, wanting to belong but you used 18 year old actors and said the characters were 16, it would not make sense, it wouldn’t work. Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief is the pitch perfect story of being 12 and being the kid labelled as “the bad kid” the kid the teacher always always picks on, but again that type of kid/person at 11-12 is very different  his story is very different than 16. 

in fact we can see that in the books as they’re written, Percy Jackson and The Olympians has a much more kids book tone, things are goofier and lighter and more childlike, but getting less so as we move forward. come The Heroes of Olympians, that kiddy goofy tone is almost totally gone, because now our heroes are middle school age children, they’re 16-17 year old high school students. 

You can’t just look at a story written with child leads, and go “yeah it can be about teenagers fuck it!” it fucks up the whole story, Harry Potter 1 wouldn’t work if Hogwarts started at age 16, likewise Percy Jackson doesn’t work when Percy Jackson starts at age 16. 

As far as my story goes, I think that I’ve got at least the first book worth of material plotted out, just filling in the holes. Then maybe sooner than later I can get into actually writing the bloody thing and posting on this blog more again. I feel really bad that I used to be really active on this blog as opposed to my side blog, but I have such a narrow span of attention and tend to get obsessive easily, so you are more likely to find me fishing for inspiration and motivation over there. I’ve got a lot more characters than I originally intended to have and I am really pleased that I am able to fit in my original desire to have talking animals, the mafia, a Catholic school, and witchcraft involved plus a lot more. It’s definitely going to be a series worth of material. I’d love if it ends up an epic series like the Lord of the Rings, Dune, Harry Potter, and others. Also, Canada deserves a cool, epic story told taking place in it. 

So…I got my official autism diagnosis today. Idk it feels nice to have someone validate me. Lol the psychologist said he knew right away that I was autistic. He said I’m not the mildest case he’s seen but I’m definitely not more severe. He said that I’m a little too much to be “Asperger’s” but like, obviously still pretty mild. I feel weird since my mom had a weird reaction to it but at least I feel validated and I know 100%. It was nice I didn’t have to take any tests he just did the interview and said I fit every criteria of the DSM-V perfectly. He also said he’s happy that I seem to have insight on my ASD and how it effects me.

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damn look at seb getting ready for infinity wars, but am i the only one who wish he would go back to winter soldier figure. i did like beefy bucky but i really love lean bucky ;-; plus when seb described him eating waaay too much and how he ended up going over board with the food which got him to that size in the first place i feel so bad. dude had to get up and eat big ass meals in the mornings. it would be so easier on him if he stopped a lean fit build he had in tws

i agree with you tbh

;;Sooo I…may or may not take a little break like a day or so? idk from rp’ing because like…I feel like my muses don’t really fit into the BATIM community too well? Like Bendy is always really sad and mentally disturbed and Bentley is just….Bentley, I guess. Eh, I dunno. I’m hoping I’ll feel better about the whole thing after a night of sleep, but I’ll try to decide when I feel better and have a clearer head tomorrow

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#35 bokuroo :^) (or honestly any ship with either kuroo or bokuto, i feel like it fits either so well lol)

(hello and THANK YOU)

“So, uh, I noticed you’re kinda naked. Is that intentional, or…?”

Bokuto startled, then leaned casually against the shelf. He placed a boxing glove-clad hand on his cocked hip. 

“It’s intentional if you want it to be,” he said, low and sultry, leaving Kuroo equal parts confused and aroused. He was about to say so when somewhere in the darkness of the supply closet, the goat bleated.  

“Oh. He’s eating your shorts, isn’t he?”

“Like he knew I wasn’t wearing underwear!”

“Guuuuys,” came Oikawa’s voice from outside, thick with fake calm. “Ushiwaka is at my party asking about a goa–”

Laughter bubbled in Kuroo’s chest as he crossed the small space to Bokuto. “Happy Halloween, babe.”

“Kuroo– oh, damn– the goat.

“Ah, right, right!”

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mun's ships for Inigo/Laslow?

Let me just say the for the record, I don’t want anyone to feel pressured to ship with me because I love platonic and antagonistic relationships just as much and I understand that not everyone may have the same opinions/take on things that I do! So please don’t worry about that!

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