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Telepathy soulmates???? That would be so messed up with Hannibal!!

He’s always known there was something wrong with him. Well, he wouldn’t call it wrong himself, he’s just fine, but other people - “normal” people (whatever normal even means) would shudder at the images that live inside his brain. So he learned at a very young age - a too-young age - to hide the darkness inside him.

(He hoped against hope he would never find his soulmate, but if he did he would be prepared).

He taught himself how to project pleasant thoughts - how to squirrel away the nasty ones, the impulses to cut and destroy - how to smile on the outside and fool the world. And he believed that if or when the day came, he could fool his soulmate as well.

But, he thought, how likely would it even be that a monster like him could find a soulmate? Was he even capable of love himself?

Then the day came, a seemingly ordinary day, when he found himself in a harshly lit office with Jack Crawford in front of him, a man he’d just met beside him, and four words struck in his head clear as a bell.

He is so beautiful.

And Will Graham’s entire world changed.


Don’t let him hear you.

Hannibal starts at the words that slip into his mind unvoiced. He looks at Mr. Will Graham - this heavenly, angry creature with eyes cut from crystal - and thinks It can’t be.

And Mr. Graham just raises an irritated eyebrow at him and thinks Apparently it can.

Hannibal is not prepared. For once in his meticulous life, he is completely unmoored. He hadn’t allowed for this eventuality. Soulmates weren’t for him, he’d decided that years ago. Fate, apparently, had decided other things.

He needs to get away before he loses himself in Will’s mind entirely. He can already feel the sticky web of it pulling him in and - oh - oh, what a beautiful, deadly boy.

“My card,” Hannibal hands it to Will by way of introduction, and leaves the room. Jack sputters irately after him and he hears Will yell, “you got me a fucking shrink?!”


Will makes an appointment the next day.

Then he cancels it.

He makes another appointment for the following week.

He cancels that one as well.

He makes a third appointment, but this time Dr. Lecter’s secretary transfers him directly to her employer.

“Hello, Will.”

“I - hello, I was calling to make–”

“I should inform you that I have a cancellation fee.”

“I’m not going to cancel.”

“You cancelled the last two.”

“I had… emergencies.”

“It’s fortunate I’m not there to tell you you’re lying.”

“I think you just told me I’m lying.”

“Hm. I think I did. When would you like to see me?”

“I don’t want to see you.”

“That, at least, is truthful.”

Will smiles at the other end of the line. Why is he smiling. Why the fuck is he smiling?

“Tomorrow at 7pm,” Hannibal says, “do not be late.”

“I won’t,” Will replies, and means it.


They spend the first fifteen minutes of Will’s appointment thinking aggressively about the weather in complete silence.

Finally, Hannibal clears his throat.

“This won’t do.”

Will shifts in his chair and rubs at the three-day-old stubble on his face.

“I don’t know what to say.”

“Technically you don’t have to say anything.”

Will laughs without mirth. “Yeah, and that’s not fucking terrifying or anything.”

“Why does it scare you?”

“Oh, God.” Will bangs the back of his head against the armchair. “Why did my soulmate have to be a psychiatrist?”

Hannibal’s smile curls from his lips to his eyes. “You believe I’m your soulmate, Will?”

Will arches an eyebrow.

Can you hear me now?

Hannibal nods.

“Then it’s not a question of belief,” Will says. He gestures between the two of them. “Proof is in the pudding.”

“You’re doing an admirable job of keeping me out, I must say.”

“As are you. All I can glean from whatever’s up there is that you have a lot of favourite wines and you own a harpsichord.”

“Guilty as charged,” Hannibal replies. “And you like dogs.” He squints at Will. “All… seven of them?”

Will snorts and a tiny smile tugs at the corner of his mouth. “You could have figured that out from the dog hair I’m covered in.”


“Listen,” Will says. He leans forward in his chair and steeples his hands together. “The way I see it, neither of us have to do anything about this. I don’t even know if you’re gay, let alone interested, and besides that–”


“Yes, what? You’re gay or interested?”

Hannibal tilts his head, drinks Will in with his eyes. “Does it matter?”

“Well,” Will stutters, “I mean - well, I’m not gay–”

Yes, I am.

“Yes, you are.”

“Goddamnit.” Will slaps his hands on his thighs. “I don’t want to do this. There’s too much going on up here.” He jabs a finger toward his temple and twirls it in a circle. “I don’t need anyone caught up in it, it’s hard enough to manage on my own.”

“What if I want to be caught?”

“Excuse me?”

Hannibal stands and crosses the few feet to Will’s chair, then kneels before him.

“I know you’re hiding something that you think is terrible. That much I can hear.”

Will’s eyes meet his and his fear is palpable. “You have no idea.”

I think I do.

“Stop doing that.”

Doing what?

Tears fill Will’s eyes. “Speaking to me.”

Hannibal’s hands come to rest on Will’s knees and he leans further forward, taking up all the space that he can.

“I have a suggestion, Will Graham. Open yourself to me, and I will do the same. If neither of us like what we see, we agree to part and never speak of it again.”

Will shakes his head. “I already know you won’t like–”

Hannibal reaches up and places a finger over Will’s lips.

“Yes or no, Will?”

Will looks at Hannibal, looks as deep and hard as he can into those dark, alert eyes. Something swims just out of sight below the depths and Will can feel it wriggling, dangerous. Whatever it is, it has teeth. He inhales sharply.

Maybe monsters do have soulmates, after all.

“Well?” Hannibal says. “Yes or no?”

Will closes his eyes.



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Chapter 5

╳ Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

╳ Genre: fluff, smut, angst

╳ Summary: Being the Duff has really changed you.”“Excuse me, the Duff?” I asked, my voice rising a little at the end.“You know, the Designated. Ugly. Fat. Friend.”

No missed calls. No missed texts. Nothing.

It’s been 5 days since Jungkook and I’s little fling.  Most of my thoughts have been swarming around him. Disgusting, right? How am I supposed to act when I see him next? Am I supposed to act like it didn’t happen? Still treat him like the dick he is? But because I kind of liked it, should I act grateful? Okay, fuck that. The last option was too far. And I absolutely did not like it.

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Definition: Someone you find yourself thinking about all the time; a person you are completely infatuated with.

Word Count: 2,866.

A/N: In honor of the official premiere for SM:HC, I came up with this insanely cute fic that will just about melt your heart. (you can thank me later) Hope you enjoy! <3 (no spoilers)

* credit to the note saying used is found here.

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thoughts & actions || b.b

Relationship: Librarian!Bucky x Reader

Summary: After getting a job at your local library, you overhear your boss say something to Bucky that absolutely breaks your heart and shatters his. Though Buck acts strong, you know you need to help him, and you do. 

Warnings: angst (baby boy buck gets hurt), fluff

Word Count: 1.7k

A/N: it makes me wanna vom just thinking about someone be this mean to fragile librarian!bucky ok

Finding a job was harder than you thought, especially for a student who didn’t have too much time and wasn’t looking for anything full-time. You went through many interviews, all of which said you were a good candidate if it weren’t for your lack of availability. 

You almost gave up hope, figuring it was hopeless and useless to use your free time on job interviews where you’d ultimately get rejected. That was until you saw the small sign hanging outside of your local library. 

Part-time help wanted. 

It was written in an almost discernible font, the letters looking like scribbles. Still you managed to get the words out with a little bit of deduction. You snapped a picture on your phone so you wouldn’t forget before making your way home, making a mental note to yourself to check it out tomorrow. 

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No matter how many times I watch it, this face always breaks my heart.

Look how fucking vulnerable he is. She’s just told him she’s avoiding him and his face looks so hurt and unable to comprehend. “Why, Swan? What did I do? We were fine last night. What happened?” and there’s half of him that’s probably. “This is it. This is where she tells me i’m not good enough. I knew it was too good to be true.”

His ‘scared little boy eyes’ wide open, his wifi brow at maximum angst signal.

But then I also fucking hurt for this bit right after.

Cos those defences are straight up and he’s all shielding himself. 

Mouth firmly shut, eyes are duller, Wifi signal gone- Emma’s not allowed the password for his feelings anymore.

But it’s what he says and the way he schools himself that kills me. “There’s more to this than just Regina, isn’t there?”

He fucking knows she’s lying but i always wonder just what he thinks she’s truly avoiding him for?

Does he think she regrets it? Is it because of what he is? Is it because her parents don’t approve of him? 

I swear it’s like you can see all those insecurities swimming around in his head and he’s just confronting her there and then, wanting to hear from her mouth just which one is it that’s making her run from him. Because i’m sure in his mind it’s one of them and it’s best to get this over with now rather than have to go another week of Emma politely brushing him off or avoiding him at every cost. 

His expressions in this scene just really destroy me every damn time and i’ll never be over talking about them.

In The Heat Of The Moment

Summary: Bucky confesses his feelings for you when he’s sure he’ll never get another chance to.

Word count: 2144

Warnings: swearing, almost dying?

A/N: this is for @just-some-drabbles 4k rom-com challenge, my prompt was ‘well… this is awkward’. Hope you like it! ☺️

‘It’s a simple mission if we do it properly’ Steve’s authoritative voice pulls you from your sleepy stupor and you turn to face him. ‘(Y/N) tell me again what you have to do?’ he asks and you sigh as all talk of the coming mission slips out of your mind.

‘I don’t know Steve’ you mumble sleepily, rubbing your eyes as your mouth stretches wide in an exhausted yawn. He tuts in disappointment and your eyes drift to Bucky sat opposite you, his head in his hand, elbow on the table and his eyelids about to fall closed. You know how much trouble he’ll be in if Steve catches him sleeping in a conference so you nudge his shin with the tip of your toes, his eyes fly open and he looks up and you, grinning from ear to ear. You smile sleepily in return and look to Steve who’s eyes are flitting from you to Bucky as if waiting for an explanation. You had stayed up all the previous night talking Bucky through a nightmare and whilst he’s used to the little sleep you are most definitely not. You’re not about to tell the team this though, they already suspect you and Bucky are secretly dating and this would just fuel their teasing. You’re not of course, Bucky is your closest friend and nothing more and, no matter how much you want there to be something more, you knew he just didn’t feel the way you did.

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Swimming pool - Bucky barnes smut

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Paring: Bucky Barnes x Reader


Rating: 18+ for sexual content

Requests are open! 

Y/N walks into the pitch black room. The pool is the only light the room gets and it looks perfect like this.

She and Bucky decided to meet here tonight. They keep their relationship a secret for their teammates, but mostly Steve, who believes Bucky isn’t ready for commitment. But he is and Y/N makes him happier than he has ever been, only the secret is weighting them both down.

Y/N removes her socks and sits down on the edge of the pool, letting her feet dangle in the water.

She hates waiting but waiting for Bucky is doable, because he always makes her happy.

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If you wanted us to date, you didn’t have to go to such extremes // SHAWN MENDES

Overview: Shawn and Y/n both like each other but are too scared to admit it too each other in case it ruins their friendship. One of Y/n’s friends encourages her to do something about it

Requested: nope

Author’s note: The friend characters are fictional and aren’t based on any of Shawn’s real friends :-)

“So, you and Shawn huh?” Lucy teases me, her elbow nudging mine. It was a Saturday and a group of friends, including Shawn and I, decided to head to the shopping mall.

“What do you mean?” I ask, letting my hair fall to hide my flushed cheeks.

“Oh come on,” She giggles. Our pace had slowed and now we were trailing behind the group. “It’s so obvious that you’re both head over heels for each other,”

My gaze locks onto Shawn’s back as he walks in front of me. I watched as he shoves Damon away as he whispered something into Shawn’s ear, laughing.

“I don’t think Shawn li-“

“If you’re about to say likes you, don’t do it.” She meets my eyes. “As a complete third party opinion, my input would be that Shawn’s dying to be with you and you’re dying to be with him yet you both just can’t seem to tell each other,”

“I don’t think that-“

She holds up her hand to stop me talking. “Okay so point A. You hate sharing food with anyone. If I want some, I have to take some when you’re not looking,”

“You take me food?” I ask shocked.

“Not important,” She says and I laugh, shaking my head.

“Last Tuesday when we got Indian, Shawn asked for some of your butter chicken. What was the response?” She pauses, giving me a knowing look. “Oh Shawn, of course you can have some of my chicken Shawn,” She says in a high dramatic voice.

“Shush, they might hear you,” I laugh, looking ahead to see if anyone turned around although the quiet hum of noise in the mall seemed to just cover her voice.

“Point B, Shawn is like, always touching you 95% of the time. Whether it be his hand on your knee when we’re sitting down for dinner, his arm around your shoulders when we’re walking or even his hand on your back- just friends don’t do that,”

“I suppose so but in our friendship that’s what we do,” I say, smiling at her.

Lucy rolls her eyes. “Point C. The way you guys look at each other. Enough said.”

“You mean the look of friends?” I ask giggling.

“No!” she groans. “He looks at you like you’re his whole world, which, by the way, if that isn’t relationship goals I don’t know what is,”

“What’s you’re point with this?” I whisper as we approach the group that had stopped to look in a shop window.

“I want to devise a plan to get you and him to date,” She says, a grin forming on her face.

“And you think he would actually want to go out with me?” I raise an eyebrow septically.

“Who wants to go out with you?” Shawn asks, walking over and throwing an arm around my shoulder, tucking me into his side. Lucy gives me a look.

“No one-“

“There’s this guy that’s really interested in Y/n,” Lucy buts in. I shoot her a confused glance and she smiles reassuringly.

“Oh,” Shawn frowns for a moment. “And you’re going to ask him out?” he asks me, face blank of emotions.

“Well… I’m not sure if he would say yes to me,” I mumble. Out of the corner of my eye, I notice Lucy nodding at me enthusiastically.

“He’d be pretty stupid to say no,” Shawn says so quietly that I barely catch it.

“You think?” I ask, meeting his caramel eyes.

“Yeah,” He breathes, the noise in the room seeming to disappear.

“Oh he would so say yes,” another voice breaks me out of the haze.

“Lucy!” I say laughing.

“Well its true I mean, look at the signs,” She shrugs her shoulders.

“If he’s giving these ‘signs’ you girls are talking about, than you should go for it. I mean like, the guy could just be scared to tell you how he feels in case it scares you way,” Shawn adds, nodding his head as if he knew exactly what we were talking about.

“Shawn, you don’t know what you’re getting yourself into right now,” I tease, nudging his side as we began waking again.

“Girl talk can be dangerous water Mendes,” Lucy mentions, falling into stride.

“I can swim,” He smirks, his arm slipping down from my shoulders to my waist where his hand rested on my hip.

“So you think that if this guy likes me and is showing all the signs- I should just go for it and tell him how I feel,” I ask Shawn, my nerves picking up from what I’m about to do.

“As I said before, he’d be stupid not to say yes to you so if you feel that way about him, go for it” Shawn doesn’t meet my eyes as he talks.

“So I should go straight up to him and be like, I like you,”

“Why not?” he says, glancing at me quickly.

“I like you,” I say abruptly, as soon as the words are out of his mouth.

“Yeah, just like that,” Shawn replies, not looking down at me, one hand reaching up to ruffle his hair.

“No Shawn, I like you,

At first, he doesn’t seem to realise what I’ve confessed.

“Are you serious?” He stops, pulling me back to him when I went to continue walking.

“Of course I’m serious,” I say, a weak smile on my face. Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything.

“Holy shit,” his hands drop mine and a shocked look appears on his face.

“Damon!” He calls to the group ahead and the tallest turns around to face us. “You were fucking right,” His face breaks out in a grin.

“I told you to do it man,” Damon calls back laughing, shooting me a thumbs up.

Shawn turns back to me smirking.

“You know,” He trails off, moving back slightly to lean against the wall, pulling me gently so I stood in-between his legs. “If you wanted us to date, you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

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could you describe how it feels to be in love? thank you dearest :)

It is like swimming in the bluest waters of the Mediterranean and cutting your foot on a rock. Sharp and brutal, real, a raw wound. Every time I think of him I think also: how can I be living through such beauty and such anguish at once?  I remember his eyes the most (“whose eyes smell of the sound of rain”) but also his smile, the way he moves through the night, the way the night moves around him. Sweet, painful, as tender as the interiors of a lychee. I looked at him under the cherry blossoms and we melted into the mist.

Bucky the Jerk, part 3.0

hey peeps


lke seriously how what why, i wanna scream. 

I bring you the first part of chapter 3, my sweet lilypads

here it is

Bucky x Reader

Summary: Bucky is being a dick to you, and you can’t understand why is he the only one from Avengers who doesn’t like you.

Chapter summary and warnings: A bit more of Bucky being a dick. and also *le gasp* some plot!

A week passed, and you hardly even saw him, which filled your heart with joy and something like anticipation - every moment you expected him to come into the room and sneer at you.

You almost felt disappointed every time it wasn’t him, and you told yourself that it was your fear of being ridiculed again.

You had a couple of missions, nothing too serious, and you were brilliant in them - your powers grew, you were learning to use them. You didn’t have an opportunity to test out the few simple moves you mastered so far from Steve’s straining, but that was rather a good thing.

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insecure: jealousy;

member- taekook x you

genre- fluff, (very) slight angst, au

words- 1,352

summary- you cant help but get a little jealous of taehyung & jungkook always being toegther. polyamorous!au

a/n- here is the fluffy version! i hope you guys like this one too! i hope they aren’t too similar! 

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Usually, you aren’t the jealous type. In fact, it’s crucial for your relationship not to be. But sometimes you just can’t help it. Especially when it’s swim season. 

It started with Jungkook. He likes to be active all the time, which is why he’s on both the school’s baseball and swim team. When Jungkook went to the first optional swim practice, he came back buzzing about how much fun it was and how Taehyung would love it. Next thing you knew, Taehyung was going to practices with Jungkook, which ended up in both of them making the team. Of course, your boys are talented (and they both happen to look fantastic without a shirt on). Once they were both on the team, it was weekends without them and evenings spent waiting for them to come home. And you hate it. 

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I Need You (Jim Kirk x Reader)

Pairing: Jim Kirk x reader

Summary: Kirk is rocked with feelings of self-doubt and takes comfort in the reader who just wants to see him smile again.

Warnings: making out, self doubt, angst

A/n: quite a lot of angst in this one so look forward to some fluff soon.

Words: 1,241

Jim stared at his reflection in the glass of a monitor hanging on the medbay wall. His hair was stuck up in every direction, and he was covered in dirt and tiny scratches from the tiny claws of the lizard like species he had tried to negotiate with. He had busted his hand punching a wall to try and free it from one who had it in their tiny clutches. The inspection of his reflection moved further down to his chest, where his yellow command shirt was practically in tatters from the altercation.

“Why does nobody else’s shirts rip as much as mine?” Jim complained, his hand held up in the air as it was bandaged.

“Not sure” McCoy replied focusing on his work. “Maybe it’s ‘cause the aliens take one look at you and wanna hit you… I know I do”

“I guess they just can’t keep their hand off me” Jim joked back, attempting to insight something other than sarcasm from his friend.

“Sure” McCoy replied, entertaining his joke with a suppressed smile. “We’re done here. Meet at the bar for a drink later? Around 8?”

“Sure” Jim sighed, hopping off the bed, “it’s a date.”

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Auston Matthews - Part 23

Little shorter than my usual posts, but setting up for the real fun starting next post

My mom leaves me staring after her with a dumbfounded expression on my face. Wha… what? I look absentmindedly around my room, at a complete loss of what to do and seeing the time glaring back at me, decide to just get into bed. I call my two pups into the room and snuggle down into my covers with them on either side of me, my two little personal heaters.

               My mind wanders to Auston, I don’t have to wonder what he’s currently doing because my phone is still going off at regular intervals of pictures of him sent by either Marner, Nylander or one of the other several player who seem to have my number now. Auston sends me them too, though his aren’t every thirty seconds. My phone vibrates from a text and I swipe down for look at it.

               R u awake?

               I smile when I see who it’s from.

               Nope, sleep texting


               How was dinner?

               I don’t really think u need to ask that. U were pretty much there with all the snapping.

               True, your chicken looked delicious

               I didn’t send you any pictures of my chicken

               I know

               Jesus. Is there anything they didn’t send you?


               There’s a minute before he responds and I wonder if I went too far. Then the little bubbles pop up and I relax.

               Thank god for that, I would hate killing my best friends.

               I giggle and roll onto my back, my eyes are getting tired.

               Well they r safe for the night

               Ur getting tired

               How do u know that?

               U never abbreviate words or forget punctuation


               Go to bed



               I’m going to bed

               Then y did u say no???

               Don’t tell me what to do

               I giggle again when he sends me a bunch of the exasperated emojis.

               Night Auston

               Night Y/N

               I stare at my screen for a few moments, my heart fluttering against my ribs and I try to figure out why. There wasn’t really any flirting, just conversation yet my heart is beating like he really did send me nudes. I click my screen off and shove my phone under the pillow, determined to fall asleep without thinking about the stupid boy.

               Two days pass a lot faster than I would have thought possible. Now I’m standing outside the house I grew up in, looking at all the grandness of it one more time before I get into my waiting car, with a trail of my parents SUV a handful of family and friends, all with their cars packed to the brim as well and a hauling truck bringing up the rear. My parents are in their respective vehicles, letting me have my moment. We had said our goodbyes last night.

               I had just gotten off the phone with Auston and had only been asleep for a few minutes when my father gently shook me awake. Silently he had taken my hand and pulled me downstairs, helped me put on my coat and then we went outside hand in hand. Perched on our usual spot on the picnic table, we sat side by side in silence for several hours, our eyes on the sky and silent tears rolling down our cheeks. We didn’t need words to communicate.

               Now, standing outside the home that I had learned to walk, there was a sizeable dent in the master bedroom doorframe from one of my failed attempts at that. My eyes trail to the driveway to my right, where I had skinned by knees more times than I can count trying to play street hockey and riding my bike. None of these things made me sad to think about, though tears did come, they were just memories trailing down my cheeks, making room for even more beautiful memories to come.

               The drive over to Canada goes without any difficultly and before I know it, I’m standing outside my new house. My two dogs are already bounding around in the few inches of snow that must have just fallen, within moments it looks like I own two little polar bears instead of two labs. The house is nicer than I had thought, built less than five years ago, it fits in with the few newer houses littering the block. I can’t help but grin at myself. This is my home.

               The next four hours are spent with my parents and various friends and relatives unloading the U-Haul and other vehicles lined up on the street. I mostly just stand in the foyer and point people in the right direction with boxes and pieces of furniture, I feel extremely lazy just watching but there’s so many people that they need direction. I’m amazed at how quickly everything is brought inside and I have never been more grateful that my grandparents own a home renovation company and over the years they have been putting various pieces of furniture to the side for me and my cousins. Most everything that is now taking up space in my house I didn’t have to pay a dime for.

               The only time that my happiness falters is when I glimpse my parents, the pain of leaving them so great I don’t know how I don’t fall over. Once the last of the boxes have been moved inside, the majority of my family and friends leave until it’s just my parents and me. They stand at the bottom of the stairs as I make my way down to them, their fingers entwined and my heart pangs in my chest. I could never imagine being in love like my parents are.

               I reach the bottom of the stairs, my hand lingering on the banister, I open my mouth to say something but nothing comes out and I reach for my parents. They embrace me and I bury my head into my father’s chest. Not caring in the slightest that I’m a full grown adult and hugging them like I did when I was five years old.

               This time I don’t sob like I expect to, my tears are all dried out. Instead I try to memorize everything I can about them, their smell and the crinkles by my mom’s eyes, the result of smiling more than the average human, the rough stubble of my dad’s beard and the gray streaks in his hair that he always tries to blame on me.

               “Alright, time for your first home picture,” my mom finally says, her hand running through my hair once more before putting her hand on my shoulder and I take a step back, my hand still firmly in my fathers.

               I join them on the porch, taking my place by the front door as my mom takes my phone and hers out into the lawn, my dad following. I beam at the camera and throw my hands out to either side of me, my two dogs make an appearance at just the right time and make the picture.

               “Beautiful as always,” my dad says from my mother’s side.

               “You didn’t even see the picture,” I roll my eyes at him, returning to his side. He quickly ducks me under his arm and gives me a noogie, I squeal and try to swat his hand away.

               “Don’t need to look to know,” he says and I can’t help but grin at him as I try to smooth my hair back out.

               “It’s time kid,” my dad says gruffly and I know this has to be harder for them than it is for me.

               My mom joins us on the lawn, the snow sitting in her hair like a halo, her arms encircle me and then my dad’s cover hers.

               “I love you so much,” I whisper.

               “We love you too baby, more than you know,” my mom whispers back, I can feel her wet tears falling into my hair.

               “Proud doesn’t even begin to cover it,” dad chimes in, his voice even more gruff than before and my heart twinges.

               I meet my father’s eyes, swimming with tears and I think back to that very first night under the stars, he gave me everything I could have ever asked for, and I tell him so.

               “No, Y/N, I introduced you to it, you made it into something beautiful,” he grazes me cheek with his knuckles and I lean into his hand.

               “I love you,” I repeat, he winks at me and his hand drops from my face, taking my mom’s hand instead, tugging her gently towards the car.

               She kisses my forehead once more and pats the heads of the two dogs bouncing around in the snow before climbing into the passenger seat of the SUV. I close her door gently and she rolls down the window. Though don’t say anything more. We can’t.

               I watch them pull away from the curb, down the street and around the corner. I stand there several more minutes, staring into the distance before turning and looking at my house. I stuff my hands in my pockets and whistle for my dogs, walking up the front steps and through my front door.

               Getting set in the kitchen is first on my list, my family offered to stay and help unpack the boxes but I refused. There was no way I was letting someone have all the fun of organizing my house. My phone buzzes the moment I touch the first box and I let out a frustrated sigh. Really?

               I snatch up my phone and my annoyance fades away immediately. I had sent the picture my mom took of me to Auston and he had finally responded.

               You know I always had a thing for older, responsible women

               Haven’t you always had a thing for me?

               My point exactly

               I giggle and lean against my counter, opening my snapchat and sending a picture of my T.V already set up in the living room, which was the only thing I had allowed anyone to touch because I knew I would mess it up somehow. I caption it “So you can’t yell at me for not watching your game again” and send it to Auston. Last week I had watched the Detroit game that was playing at the same time as the Toronto one and boy had I heard about it from not only Auston but every Leaf’s player that had my number.

               I open my text messages again and type out a response.

               Are you calling me old??

               Little bit, but im into it.

               I roll my eyes and another message from Auston appears.

               Ur rolling ur eyes right now aren’t u?

               Little bit

               I can think of other ways to make them roll

               A tingle goes through my spine and I blush even though there is no one around.

               I don’t think it’s exactly fair that you can say that kind of stuff but I can’t…

               Says the girl who just the other day said that she slept naked in my childhood bed!


               A snapchat notification pops up and I click it open, seeing a picture of Auston’s shoes and I know he’s on the bus heading to the arena for the game against San Jose tonight. “Good girl” it’s captioned and I roll my eyes again.

               Alright, we just got to the arena, I’m guessing u’ll be asleep by the time I’m able to call u. So I’ll see u tomorrow?

                Another tingle shoots through my spine at the thought of finally seeing Auston tomorrow. For the last twelve days all I’ve been able to do is imagine his lips against mine and… Other things.

               Depends, your rule still in place?

               Of course

               Then I can’t wait

               There’s a pause between messages.

               You are literally the worst

               I just send a kissy face emoji and receive an unimpressed one in response. I grin, pleased with myself and set my phone back down on the counter. I eye my dogs who are already lounging on the sectional couch.

               “Hey! Get to work!” I call to them and they just flick their ears in my direction and give a “really mom?” expression. I scoff at them and turn back the first box I see, now is when the fun begins.

Sam Wesson, FBI

Characters: Sam Winchester, Reader Insert, Dean Winchester (Brief)
Word Count: 3,955
Warnings: Canon violence, a little blood, sassy reader, pancakes.
A/N: This was written for @atc74‘s 2k celebration challenge! Congratulations, doll! 

This was beta’d by my beautiful and smart waterbear @trexrambling: “This scale is my new favorite scale.”

As usual, tags are at the bottom. If you’d like to be added, please let me know. :)

Overview: You go to work expecting a normal day at the bar when two FBI agents stroll in and interrupt your regularly scheduled programming. Is the handsome stranger who he says he is? Unfortunately for you, you’re about to find out the hard way. 

I woke up this morning thinking it was just another day, and holy hell, was I ever wrong. I don’t think I have ever been more unprepared in my life. And this is coming from a girl that once spent the evening tending bar for a Hell’s Angel birthday party.

I’m wiping down the bar when Sarah walks over and jabs me hard, right in the ribs. I swear under my breath and glare at her, “What the hell was that for?”

She jerks her chin towards the door and grins, “Did you see the two walking, talking hunks of sex that just walked in?”

I roll my eyes, “Literally every single guy that walks through that door earns that title from you. Unlike you, I’m actually working.” I pick up a glass and start swirling the dishtowel around the smooth surface and purposely avoid looking up.

Sarah groans, “Come on, look at them, I promise it’s worth it this time.”

I sit the glass down a little more forcefully than necessary, “Fine, but this is it, you’ve used all of your pretty man cards for the evening-” My thought is interrupted when I look up and see two men in suits standing near the door talking quietly to each other as they look around the bar. “Okay, so you weren’t wrong.”

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As your feelings for someone grow stronger so does your fear of losing them. 

“Oi! Shit—” Bakugou cuts himself off as he tries to crawl to you, his blonde hair caked with ash and blood. His face is colored in bruises, the corner of the right side of his mouth busted and bleeding, a large gash inflicted from his left cheek over the bridge of his nose. “Goddammit—” he wheezes as his hands scrape against gravel, trying to reach you.

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Imagine  Pt3 Come float with me...

With Alex away, you sleep fitfully, tossing and turning all night and ended up sleeping late, waking with mussed up hair and a even worse mood than when you were fighting with Alex yesterday.

You and Bill had stayed up late, not really talking much, but still, something about his company was reassuring. He’d left when it was dark outside, hanging on the door and looking at you with big eyes.

“I’m just over the road…if you need me..”

You nodded, closing the door before you did something stupid like ask him to stay.

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scoundrels-in-love  asked:

If you feel inclined, mileven fic where Mike continues his growth spurt and El doesn't catch up so quickly? Possible floating hijinks ensue, maybe? (Also known as I live for height differences.)

“Mike,” she looks at him doubtfully, “this is bad.”

Mike smiles back at her warmly, his hand tight around hers. Eleven knows instinctively what he’s going to ask her to do and she really, really thinks this is a bad idea. She looks down at her blue bracelet and swallows tightly, remembering her promise. She nods at Mike and wades out a little farther with him.

This water is very different from the water she’s been in before.

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anonymous asked:

Congrats on 900, you deserve it!! This isn't a prompt but can I request an at pool Tol and smol scenario where smol doesn't want to get in so Tol picks them up and jumps in with them? With Jason please? Thanks so much and congrats again! 🎉

I feel like this should have been on the list

“Y/N, I thought you wanted to swim.” Jason said as he approached his girlfriend. 

“Yeah, but that was before I realized this was a tall person pool.” Y/N said quietly. 

“A tall person pool?” Jason asked, his eyes sparkling with amusement. 

“Laugh if you want, but who the fuck doesn’t have a shallow end for shorties anyways.” Y/N pouted as she crossed her arms over her chest.

Jason smirked and picked her up. She squeaked, but didn’t have time to struggle before he jumped in. They came up and he kissed her on the cheek. “Don’t worry, doll. This tall person will make sure you don’t drown.”

“Sometimes I hate you.” Y/N muttered as she clung to him.

(900 follower celebration)


Author: smutandahalf

Characters: Reader x Scott x Stiles


Word Count: 2,119

**There will be a part 2!**

Originally posted by sevgisonsuz

           I stare down at the dark water below me, the surface of the water is smooth without a single ripple, like black glass. The winds picks up slightly, stirring through my hair as goosebumps erupt and spread across my skin. I take a deep breath, taking a moment to appreciate the silence of the night around me. Shrugging off my zippered jacket, I’m left standing in nothing but a tank top and a pair of black spandex shorts. My toes hang over the edge of the bridge, and I pause; wiggling my toes slightly. I lean forward slightly, allowing gravity to take control and pull me down. The wind whistles past me, an I land in the water with a slam.

           In my personal opinion, drowning is the worst way to die. It’s not the water that makes it unbearable, it’s the fact that you’re fighting so desperately to survive and not being able to stop your lungs going from a slow burn to a raging scorch as you run out of oxygen. It hurts the first few times, the way the terror seeps into your limbs- but once you stop fighting it and learn to just accept what’s happening it’s actually kind of peaceful.

           I open my eyes, starring at my watery surroundings as the water begins to fill my lungs. The edges of my vision begin to blur, my head pounding. The world around me turns black, and then there’s nothing; absolutely nothing but darkness and silence.

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