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hey, this may be a random question, but, what does love feel like? i wanted to ask this to some one who is engaged and already in love, because you have experience. but, i feel like whenever i read a fan fic or a romance novel or something, it feels... unrealistic. like it's just exaggerated to the point where its not real. this may seem weird but, i wanted to ask you this because i don't want to get my expectations too high and get disappointed when i actually feel it. thank you and bye :)

ooooh it’s such a hard question, because I feel like everyone experiences love quite differently? We all are unique, so one may express their love in such a way another person will not understand it but!! I think I can describe what it’s like for me?

It’s like. To be honest it feels unreal sometimes for me too, because I never really knew something this great and amazing can actually happen to someone (especially me?? wha???)

It’s this feeling of protection and security and peace, when you know you can always no matter what rely on someone. You know you can trust this person, tell them your deepest fears and regrets and just things about yourself no one quite knows about and they will not judge you. It’s like friendship but on a somewhat deeper level? (not to degrade friendships here!) 

It’s going home and knowing someone is always waiting for you. And it’s waiting for someone to return and the feeling of home whenever you’re with that person. You want to make them happy.

Love is a lot of cheesy things that make you feel really warm and content inside. But also going through hardships together and like, I know how cheesy that is, but sharing those troubles and burdens together is always so much easier.

I don’t know I just feel so content and good and just happy? I feel like love is just looking at someone’s soul and connecting with it. If soulmates exist I feel like Sasha is mine. 

As for expectations, I feel like for me it exceeded and surpassed them all? I never had such mutual understanding with probably anyone. BUT what I can say, in fanfics it’s such a common thing for people to have constant heart squeezes and leg shaking and all that stuff, and I feel like even if there is something in the beginning it doesn’t guarantee the relationship will last. When I had crushes before it was almost painful in that way, but..uh. I never felt GOOd. It was all the shaking that I thought was love but now i know it wasn’t in the slightest. So..feeling content and protected and to feel the same way about someone else is what love is, in my opinion. Love is looking through the looks and seeing the true human soul and heart:”)

I’m sorry, I tweeted that before but I’m a sap and you could call me a homosappiens.

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These top 10 you do are really great, you have such good ideas. Would you be willing to do one like "Top 10 Katsuki/Nikiforov Moments That Had Everyone Swooning" (from interviews, caught by paparazzi, public, whatever you decide) - something like the sweetest, sappiest shit the media managed to catch of them and had everyone wonder how did these two go from rivals to relationship goals. Thank you so much <3 <3 <3

Hi!! Just wanted to say I love your story too much, especially the social media bits that make it even more enjoyable and funny!!! Also, if you feel comfortable with it and haven’t done it already, I was wondering if you could do Top 10 Viktuuri Posts that made the Fangirls Die from Nosebleeds!! Sorry if you already answered it or don’t have time, I still love you and your beautiful fanfiction no matter what!!!

Top ten Viktuuri PDA moments?

Right, I’m going to group these all together because they are similar enough that I can’t come up with separate lists for them all.

Top Ten Romantic Moments:

10) Once, when they had been apart for a couple of months for euros/4c, they reunited in an airport and it was like romance movie level drama. Yuuri literally ran and threw himself at Viktor and Viktor caught him and spun him around while they were both smiling and laughing and then dipped him into a kiss and everyone around them was like ‘that’s super adorable but also can you two not be Extra for like 2 minutes around each other’

9) At one point the paparazzi caught them on a date in Detroit when Yuuri was still living there and Viktor had come to see him and they both brought each other flowers at the restaurant and tried to give them to each other at the same time and then laughed about how they had both picked the exact same way to try and surprise each other

8) Once after a competition in a cold country Viktor said something to Yuuri that made him glare at Viktor for a second and then stuff freezing cold snow down the back of Viktor’s jacket in revenge. Viktor retaliated by chucking a snowball at Yuuri and it devolved into a completely childish snow war that ended with them slipping and falling together and then laughing and kissing in the snow.

7) During an interview which was the first that either of them had really spoken about what happened to lead up to The Big Kiss, Yuuri was really nervous. So all throughout the filmed interview Viktor kept subtly reassuring him with little touches and being close except nothing is subtle about the two of them and it eventually ended up with Yuuri practically sitting in Viktor’s lap for the majority of the interview and looking more relaxed than anyone had seen him during an interview before

6) At Hasetsu, a paparazzi snuck in to watch them on the beach together and got a bunch of photos of a super competitive beach volleyball game that ended with Yuuri tackling Viktor into the sea until he begged for mercy while laughing and then them kissing in the waves in a very ‘poster for a romance film’ kind of way in photo that very quickly went viral.  

5) Once Yuuri slipped and fell on the ice in a street in St Petersburg and hurt his ankle and instead of calling for a taxi like a normal person, Viktor carried him bridal style all the way back to their apartment

4) After being apart for a while, Yuuri and Viktor planned to meet up at one of Viktor’s competitions that Yuuri wasn’t skating in but his flight was delayed and his missed the start. He showed up in the middle of Viktor’s skating and as soon as Viktor got off the ice he ran and literally jumped into Viktor’s arms to kiss him with his legs wrapped around Viktor’s waist which got a lot of approving cheers and wolf whistling from the crowd around them.  

3) At the competition after the events of chapter 14, their exhibition skates had changed to Viktor’s being the duet of Stay Close to Me and Yuuri’s being Dark Eyes in honour of Viktor. Yuuri skating to something Russian made everyone’s heart melt and the Stay Close to Me duet became considered one of the most romantic moments ever. Both exhibitions were generally considered their best non-competitive skates ever. The only other one that came close to that title was the time when a group of people started saying that Yuuri had only slept with Viktor to win gold and in retaliation in an ice show, Yuuri skated to ‘Fucked My Way Up To The Top’ out of pure spite and everyone loved it.

2) The Kiss from chapter 14

1) The engagement announcement but I won’t say when, how or who proposed ;)


I personally think it would have been a really interesting dynamic to see this Asian-American guy who’s not in touch with his Asian roots go and get in touch with them and discover this power. I think that’s super interesting and we’ve never seen that. We’ve seen this narrative already; we’ve seen it many times. So I thought it would be cool and that it would add some more color to The Defenders. And obviously I can do my own fight sequences, so those would be more dynamic. I think it would be really interesting to have that feeling of an outsider. There’s no more of an outsider than an Asian-American: We feel like outsiders in Asia and we feel like outsiders at home. That’s been really difficult — especially for me. It’s been hard for me, because in the casting world, it’s very specific. So when they see me and I’m six-two, I’m a 180 pounds, I’m a muscular half-Asian dude. They’re like, “Well, I don’t know what to do with this guy.” They’re like, “He’s not Asian, he’s not white … no.” That’s what I’ve been dealing with my whole life. So I understand those frustrations of being an outsider. Like Danny’s character. I understand him very well. — Lewis Tan

I can’t say how much I feel grateful to Kaiba on the DSoD.

I’ve fallen in love with Atem in 2004, when he has already gone. It has been so painful to love someone who is already ‘dead’ for 12 years, even if he’s merely a fictional character. Now frankly speaking, even his starring appearance in the BBT failed to truely make me rejoice; it couldn’t change my mind like, “But he’s dead anyway.”

Seto, however, has finally removed that thorn that has been fiercely pricking my heart. His undeterred conviction and the bond with Atem have eventually proved that Atem is living somewhere the way we do, that the difference is he’s just living in another dimension known as netherworld.

Thank you Seto, thank you so much for providing me with the concrete evidence that “Atem is ALIVE.”

Supergirl - Ace Reporter

Okay, addressing and sort of vaguely analyzing episode 2x18 other than the fact that it’s legit a fucking month away…

I’m suspecting this viral video (maybe) sent out is perhaps PERHAPS either about insane mind-controlled people by Biomax (Jack Spheer, Lena’s ex) or about a feed revealing Kara as Supergirl from a supposed car crash? It’s just, why would you have a shot of Kara in civilian clothing with the center singed off to reveal her emblem? Maybe Lena was in the car with her? Idk.

Regardless, I actually think Lena might find out Kara is Supergirl in 2x18, assuming she doesn’t know already, and might have mixed feelings about it? I mean, she likes Kara and Supergirl, but finding out they’re the same person might kind of be overwhelming, and she might think that Kara is just spying on her or something idk, but she looks like she might be hurt at the revelation if there is one (assuming there is one, they may or may not go the Smallville route with Lena in the next ep, who knows).

And then the scene with them hugging on The Couch might be because Lena is sad over Jack and Kara is comforting her. That or they discussed Kara being Supergirl. Either way, it seems like a very vulnerable and emotional scene.

Xana's House - Monday, 1:20pm

When she slid a bowl on the table, Zero looked at it for awhile. “I haven’t had this since…” Yeah, she knew. Since his mother was alive. After shaking himself, he gave it a taste test. Amazing. Delicious, and a slice of home. Then he remembered.

“I’m sure you didn’t call me here to shove food in my face.”

“No….” Zero stopped eating. “What? What happened?”

“…I slept with Cercin.” A throat clearing. “I already figured that out. His scent is all over you.”

“…Have you ever refused to mark female?”

“Yeah.” More than once he hadn’t marked the woman he loved. Something he regretted. “And yet, you have fang marks on your neck.”

“I let Sado feed from me. Probably shouldn’t have since I feel like one of those damn Vampire thralls.”

“Did you sleep with her?”

“No. Sado and I haven’t even gone past kissing, but this isn’t about me. Are you regretting things with Cercin?”

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  • Me: "Alright Brain, time to go to sleep now"
  • Brain: "Hm... I wonder what's going on on Tumblr now"
  • Me: "Dude, come on, I have to get up early tomorrow!"
  • Brain: "Oh, remember that cup of coffee you drank like 12 hours ago that seemed not to work? I can definitely feel it now!"
  • Me: "Are you kidding me? Just stop shitting around! I already only have 4 hours of sleep left"
  • Brain: "Ooooh, remember those really embarrassing moments that happened when you were a kid? Those moments you constantly try not to remember? Good times"
  • Me: "Let me guess. I'm not falling asleep any time soon, am I?"
  • Brain: "Yes"

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Hey! *waves* Just dropping by to say that your new redheaded guy looks pretty freakin' awesome! (And I wouldn't object if you were to put him up for download at any point...) And I have a couple of inquiries about his content: where could I get his earrings and his hair? It doesn't look familiar to me and one can never have enough long hair for the dudes. ;) Btw, feel free to post this as a proper wcif! You know how tumblr is with links...

Hi there, dear! :D So glad you like him! *O* I’m definitely going to upload him one of these days (I already have the preview pics, it’s just a matter of extracting him :D). In the meantime, here’s where to find the CC he’s using! :D

His hair is a ftm conversion by UmiSims of Alesso’s Wine hair and can be found here. As for his earrings, they were made by the lovely @damask-wallpaper​ and can be found here :D 

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I know it's something that is already very behind in your aus, but you can do more of the rivalry of Dave and Tom? I really liked Dave character as a conflict for Tom, and Marco always supporting Tom so that Dave does not make him feel less

Of course I can do that! I really liked the au of Dave too! @mage-of-words came up with a pretty good character, huh? I sure like it! I personally love love LOVE the idea of Marco becoming super protective and strong for Tom! This one didn’t have much of that. But I did leave you on a cliffhanger! So tell me if you want me to finish it! Enjoy!

Read the last one here! https://tomco-headcannons.tumblr.com/post/158286094572/the-story-u-wrote-for-me-was-super-amazing-that-i

Tom stood with his head down and listened to the commotion around him. He hated how they made him stand there and listen to his entire family talk him down. This happened every single time he messed up, which was often. And it was normally led by Dave, who got some sort of enjoyment at seeing them cause the smaller demon distress.

“Well, Tom, have you thought at all about what you have heard here today?” Tom looked up and saw his older cousin standing over him. Tom made a face and Dave laughed. “Come on, hearing everyone agree about your shortcomings MUST make you feel some sort of shame for… well who you are as a person.” He muttered.

“Yeah well, I don’t.” Tom bit back. Dave narrowed his eyes. “Just tell yourself the truth, the only reason you talk me down is because you’re jealous.” Tom hissed.

“Of you? Please tell me you’re joking.” Dave scoffed.

“Maybe not of me, but of what I have. The ONLY thing you’ve even wanted was to be the heir, but you aren’t. I am.” Tom smiled very smugly. “One day I’m going to rule this kingdom, and my dad won’t be around for you to complain to. Nobody will listen to you, and nobody will see your power, and you know it.” Tom jabbed his cousin.

“You entitled little brat!” Dave hissed, grabbing Tom by the wrist. Tom tried not to let anything show in his face as he ripped away.

“The only reason you try and get others to hate me is because you think they’ll make you the heir and kick me out, but you KNOW that’ll never happen!” Tom yelled at him.

“What do you know!?” Dave hissed. “You know nothing! Nothing at all! You never talked this big until that human showed up! And now you try and act string to impress him. Who are you fooling?” He demanded.

“I’m not acting strong to impress Marco.” Tom raged. He HATED when his cousin talked about Marco. Marco was too important to him for Dave to talk down. “I’m acting confident to piss you off.” To  smiled in an infuriating manner and turned, walking away.

When Tom turned away he finally cracked and let feeling show on his face. But it wasn’t at once sad. He smiled, big. He was proud of himself! He stood up for himself and didn’t get angry and lash out. He was civil and he acted like the bigger person. The nice person Marco always assured him that he could be. Maybe even Marco would be proud of him! And he would tell him he did good.


“Oh Tommy! I’m so proud of you.” Marco beamed. Tom smiled and Marco held his hands.

“I did good?” Tom asked, unsure. Marco smiled big and stole a kiss from the demon, nodding excitedly.

“Of course you did.” He promised. Marco’s smiled then faded. “I just… wish they didn’t put you through that in the first place.” Marco sighed. He played with Tom’s hands and intertwined their fingers. Tom tilted his head.

“But it’s okay now, I have you. You make me feel like it’s okay.” Tom assured Marco smiled and this and gave the demon another kiss on the head.

“I know but… I also know how hearing them say such awful things day after day… it gets to you.” Marco whispered this. “I just… want you to know that you’re worth so much more than they try and tell you.” He promised. Marco squeezed his eyes shut. “I-I know you try your best not to let it get to you, and you do so well. You’re so strong, you’re my brave little soldier but…” Marco trield off. He decided some things were best left unsaid. He could still see how much it bothered Tom. He could see how their words and actions broke him down little by little. All those years of being told things, he starts to believe. But the verbal abuse was actually the least of Marco’s concerns, sometimes Marco got nightmares from anxiety. He would wake up in fear that Tom was unsafe or hurt. Somewhere Marco couldn’t get to him.

“Marco… it’s okay.” Tom smiled warmly and Marco wrapped his arms around the demon. “You make me stronger. You’re all the support I need.” Tom whispered against Marco. The human held the demon tighter and rubbed his back.

“I’m always going to be here for you.” Marco promised.

“You’ve helped me so much already I… I’m always going to be here for you too.” Tom beamed. “Any time you need me for support, I’m here too. No matter what.” Tom promised. Marco sighed in what seemed like relief and leaned against his demon.

“I can’t believe you used to be this scary bad boy I would fight with.” Marco giggled a bit at this memory. “You always seemed like the biggest threat.” He laughed harder. Tom giggled a bit as well and kissed Marco’s hair.

“I remember how much you got on my nerves. Even seeing you got me worked up.” Tom teased. Marco gave Tom another kiss and pressed his head against his.

“Well, we grow.” Marco told him. “You’ve grown. A lot.” He added. Tom looked down curiously and Marco kissed the back of Tom’s hand. “I’m proud of you.” He told the demon. Tom’s eyes lit up and he cupped Marco’s face, kissing him deeply.

“Thank you for helping me.” Tom whispered. “There were times I thought, that I just wouldn’t be able to get through it anymore. But you make me WANT to keep going.” Tom admitted. “I need you Marco.” He whispered this last part and Marco tackled im in kisses. Drowning him in love and affection.

“You’ll never lose me.” Marco swore.

Dave watched the boys enjoy each other’s love through Star’s mirror, which he used a spell to– in a sense– hack into. He made a face and watched Tom hold the human close. “If Marco is what you need… then he is what you are going to lose.”

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I had already accepted that we weren't going to get our canon ship this season and suddenly Bob appears out of nowhere and starts to push the blarke agenda. "The writers are pushing the audience to think that way. I know where the relationship is going. I want to avoid the question" also, talks about shooting kisses and feels the need to add "I wouldn't know about it" when Thomas talks about kissing ej. CAN HE JUST NOT? WHY IS HE LIKE THIS? SOMEONE STOP HIM.

because he wants all of us to die if the blarkes die he won’t have to answer anymore blarke questions he’ll get to live on in peace where he can just talk about building his house and planting plums

I'm not jealous, I'm just protective! - Chapter 3 - Melinaa - The 100 (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Abby and Marcus have a little moment which Marcus knows to destroy quite well (thank you… not), Callie finally gets her first good grade in a music exam and Abby may admit that she’s not that unaffected by Marcus’s Feelings for another girl…

And there is the new chapter. I actually wanted to post it on the weekend already, but I had less time than expected. But now, it’s done ^^ I hope, you like it :)

kyu is enjoyable, BUT

2 girls is 2 few. on a team of six two girls is fine but on a team of nine, soon to be 11, it’s pathetic. maybe mr toei is like “we haven’t done a one girl season in a while, let’s get that ratio down” but? they should just stop doing one girl seasons imo

nine is too many. like, naga and balance were introduced as these ultimate partners but there’s already been an episode go by where they barely speak to each other. I think overall they’ll probably manage to balance screen time out but I do think this was biting off more than they could chew

what was up with stinger secretly being a good guy the whole time. I guess I would have to rewatch his intro ep to see if that makes any sense bc I feel like it didnt

March 27, 2017

I just got a job and I’ve only worked one day so far. I’m happy that I’m working again and don’t mind the job that I have. I work at McDonald’s and all of my friends work there with me so it’s cool. I haven’t even physically gotten a copy of my schedule yet but I’ve already calculated how much I’ll make every month and what bills will have to be paid. After adding everything up I won’t even have $200 left over every month to spend on myself. That money won’t even go to me personally. It will go to pay of my $1540 loan that I took out when I had to pay court fees. It’s upsetting and depressing because I feel like I will live to work and work to live. I feel like I need more hours and days than I am already given and it makes me cry knowing that all I can do is struggle even when I’m doing my best. Just thinking about never having money is sad. I’ll work as much as possible and won’t even have anything to show for it. The real world sucks and there’s nothing I can do about it. I just want to be happy but being broke is killing me on the inside.

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Have Mark and Youngjae talked to coco about the seperation yet?? I know seeing their parents seperating can be hard for kids...I just want her to be assured of what's going on and to understand why it's happening so she won't have to be too worried.

I feel like Youngjae legit would have sat her down already and explained to her that her parents still love her and each other very much it’s just the way things have to be now and that it’s not her fault! Coco is a strong women she puts up with a lot already living with those 7 fools lmao😂 she has probably grown thick skin she will make it though this💚

I’m a devoted RivaMika shipper because they are both strong soldiers, have so much in common, and work very efficiently as partners. The manga looks like it’s slowly reaching its end and I have a feeling that these two Ackermans will not end up together.

But unlike what happened with Bleach, I’m okay with my OTP not being together on canon. Because unlike IchiRuki, there isn’t much RivaMika bond shown in the manga aside from them being superior and subordinate, and probably sharing a family history together. IchiRuki, however, literally went through hell and back together, invaded each other’s soul, and suffered moments of loss when they were not together, and had already established a deep connection with each other long before everything else. They were a lot more than nakama.

Months after ‘moving on’ from the franchise, I’m still sour about the ending. Most of the time, I don’t care anymore. But every once in a while, I’d look back and think about could'ves, should'evs, and would'ves.

Well, at least Son Hak and Yona seem endgame. And Jughead and Betty, too. Been shipping Bughead for a quarter of a century. So happy they are together in the series!


cousy romfest 2k17 | day 1
↳ when did you start shipping daisy/coulson? · 1x04 eye spy

Granted, I was already all 👀 👀 👀 by the time Daisy & Coulson rode into the sunset at the end of the Pilot, but I feel like it wasn’t until 1x04 that I became a Shipper™. It was probably the combination of finally really caring for Coulson after the Akela storyline (although the ending of 1x03 also helped with that) and all the wonderful interactions the babes had. Between Coulson seeking Daisy’s help and ~just knowing~ where she would hide to have some quiet, to her being the only one who cared to understand his motivations in the episode and give him some support — I was clearly a goner.

And then that last scene with two Professional Co-Workers Just Chillin’ In The Back Of An SUV happened and she teased him and they talked a bit about themselves and they were all hearteyes at each other. There’s also this great bit of foreshadowing when Coulson mentions wanting to give people a “second chance” because he got one and Daisy makes a face, thinking about what she’s keeping from him and whether he’d give her another chance when he finds out (spoiler alert: he will).

But anyway, I was shippping 200x harder by the time the following episode ended, so really it was all downhill from here fml.

I’m debating how I feel about Gil’s romance, based on its focus. Specifically the ‘hey, my best friend is a reproductive tech worker who kinda pressures me but sorta not really about having kids’ thing.

On the one, it DOES feel like a real issue that colonists would face, where you’re inevitably getting gay men and women who come along for the ride and not reproducing is defeating the point.

On the other, I think it feels really uncomfortable and even insulting - we already face a lot of shit about reproduction, and a lot of us don’t or can’t have children in the first place, so putting this pressure front and center is, shall we say… Off-putting.

Like, this whole game is a clusterfuck of issues with queer people, as we’ve established. I don’t know what it’s like on the lesbian side, but it’s… really unfortunate that THIS massive step back is here for gay men, in terms of not just the representation but the story itself - this IS hammering an exclusively queer story, at least in parts and pieces, if not the primary focus (the bit of credit I’ll offer is that this hasn’t been the only use of Gil, re: him and Kallo jockeying about adjustments on the Tempest, but it’s close).

*sigh* Why does this have to be a one step forward, two steps back process? I really do love this series, but this has been a massive step in the wrong direction after ME3, and I had plenty of complaints there!