i feel like he's a very good interesting villain

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Are you pro-yoda or anti-yoda?

I think Yoda is a selfish sumbitch who uses people (children, adults, you name it) with obvious PTSD to further his own ends, he abandons people, and the only differences between him and Palpatine are the color of their lightsabers and the fact that Yoda doesn’t want to rule the galaxy. He’s dogmatic to a fault, he’s definitely an asshole, and the Order wouldn’t have fallen if it wasn’t for him.

All that being said, I’m not anti-Yoda. It’s very similar to how I’ve come to feel about Dumbledore: they’re not this shimmering example of moral goodness people tend to paint them as, but they’re complex and interesting. They use whatever means they have available to them to try and right the wrongs of the world, which often leads them to behave like villains.

And for all his faults, Yoda is still a good guy, or, well, he tries to be, at least. I appreciate that. He’s just tends to fuck it up, and I think he knows it, too.


Thunderfact (or is it a question??): Max’s second secret lair

First the facts:

This is Max’s door (Phoebe says: “Your Thundertanium door”).

The notes are placed all over it (and the most/all are from Barb), here I put for you the ones I could read plus the one Phoebe read out loud.



“My love for you is not a phase.”

“You can hide those feels, but never your love.”



“Big Bros R Cooler”


“I know what you did and I forgive you”



“Be The HERO that I believe you are”


“Feeling blue, this coupon is good for a Mommy-Maxi-hug.”

“PEACE” “Smiley” “HEART” (Symbols)

I mean how cute are those? Some a very interesting too…especially the second one. If any one of you can read some more, please let me know.

The question: What is this room? Does it belong to Max? (You can also spot a picture of Barb and Hank and the foto of Phoebe and Max on “Thunderman the ride” on the table). Max is hiding all those notes there…behind this door. That means it has do be private, or? It’s like he has a second identity…an upcoming villain in his lair and who??? in this very room?

Sangwoo is an excellent villain

I mean, think about it. Most of the villains in fiction are the type that are either
1. extremely annoying
2. too perfect
3. interesting but not hateable
4. so mustache-twirlingly evil that you can’t take them seriously

A ‘bad guy’ I can name off the top of my head is Light Yagami. His character was extremely interesting to watch, but I can’t say I genuinely hated him as I should. Hell, in some parts of the anime I was actually rooting for him. Also, Light was a bit too perfect, he was a genius that managed to get out of most tight situations throughout the show. The only time he TRULY cracked was at the end of the show where he ultimately Fucked Up. Honestly, it was only in the last episode where he felt truly human rather than someone who felt so untouchable.

Another of my favourites is Hisoka. Sangwoo actually reminds me of him a bit, both are serial killers (except Hisoka makes Sangwoo’s crimes look like a joke) and both of them get off on really….interesting things. But again, I just can’t see Hisoka as ‘human’ because the dude has never truly lost it. He’s ALWAYS in control and has the same expression most of the time. Sometimes I actually forget he’s not supposed to be a good guy at all because of how freaking lovable he can be (I actually had Schwing as my wallpaper for a while…lol). These aren’t really what I’m looking for in a villain. I guess I find Hisoka a little bit too predictable too? He usually wins every fight, so I don’t feel like he’s ever truly in danger (talking about anime-only events here).

But getting to the main point, Sangwoo is fucking amazing. I genuinely loathe this guy and find him creepy as fuck. I want to see him six feet deep in the ground, but I also LOVE watching him and trying to guess what he’ll do next (he’s honestly unpredictable as fuck). He has typical villain qualities like being very charismatic, good looking, and smart, BUT that isn’t all he has. I can easily see Sangwoo as human because he can actually get nervous or scared too, and has lots of flaws. I hate him but find him intriguing and interesting yet NOT annoying, which to me, is some astounding characterization. He might actually be the first character whom I felt this way about. I mean, Killing Stalking is not even close to being over, but WE’VE ALREADY SEEN MANY DIFFERENT FACES OF SANGWOO. He doesn’t feel flat! I loved, loved, loved chapter 13 for this reason; the terrifying bad guy actually completely loses it:

Sangwoo actually shows uncertainty in his actions, he knows that he’s not perfect and indestructible. The best part is, once Yoonbum realizes this he can actually use it to his advantage. I can see Sangwoo as a real person, one who’s extremely disturbing, fucked up, and creepy (there are no shortages of him irl).

But someone like Hisoka? Not realistic at all. I love him, but not as a villain. 

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Do you sympathize with bum in ks? Or do you also find him questionable. Is there anything in ks that you find questionable/iffy??

Ah, well I feel bad for Bum, but his character is pretty questionable since he is a stalker– I just feel like he needs to seek professional help and needs to be in a safer environment away from Sangwoo and from his uncle/family– I find A LOT of things in KS questionable. Like of course Sangwoo is the most questionable, but that’s what makes him a very good villain. Majority of the readers have the consensus that he’s evil and he needs to be stopped, but his mannerisms and unpredictable personality makes you wonder how he would react in a certain situation. 

The whole premise of the story is interesting, but the situations in it are very dangerous and triggering. But then again, given the context of the title, I sure hope no one goes into this comic, thinking it’s going to be a cute romantic story (which is why I think it’s fucking stupid when people are comparing YOI to KS– Like please don’t do that. Keep both fandoms separated, it already caused a toxic shift.) I don’t find the relationship between Sangwoo and Bum romantic in anyway, nor do I wish to see them end up together. Like, reading this story is something that people should keep in mind of what an extremely unhealthy relationship looks like (and people who actually want Sangwoo and Bum to get together… needs to rethink their morals). 

Honestly, through the developments of Bum’s character, I’m pleasantly surprise to see that he’s not turning out to have full blown Stockholm Syndrome. I have a lot of thoughts on KS, but I have to commend the artist for being able to write a story that’s so chilling and compelling, plus I really love the quality of their art.

Because I'm still seeing NF's and Hook's responses regarding Walsh compared incorrectly...

Neal and Hook both had discussions with Emma about Walsh.  I’ve seen quite a few arguing that Hook’s and Neal’s responses are the antithesis of each other, and meant to show how Killian is filled with rainbows and sunshine at the thought that Emma is heart broken while Neal had the appropriate, sympathetic response.

I’ve already meta’d on the fact of what Hook meant, but now we have Neal’s response and people seem to think they address the same thing and are therefore  directly comparable.

What Neal said: I’m sorry it didn’t work out.

What Neal meant: I’m sorry you got your heart broken. 

Sympathetic, appropriate, nice. Here, Neal is referencing the state/success (or in this case failure) of the relationship specifically.

Not to mention that Emma, with Neal, is not copping to the fact that Walsh hurt her, she’s laughing it off.  And while it is quite ridiculous the dude was a simian, he also legitimately  broke her heart, but she isn’t prepared to make that sort of vulnerable confession to Neal.

What Killian said:Don’t take this the wrong way, but I’m glad to hear that…if it can be broken that means it still works.

What Killian meant: I’m glad that even though you got your heart broken, you’re acknowledging it instead of being in denial and hiding behind walls. (A heart that can be broken is a heart that can still feel).

Hook is not referencing the failure of the relationship specifically like Neal did, but the fall-out of it and how Emma is choosing to express how she is feeling about it.  Because Hook cares about Emma and also because he has a vested interest in whether Emma closes herself off again.

In this case, Emma is honest (which makes her vulnerable) with Hook about how she feels about what Walsh did, rather than deflecting with humor like she did with Neal.

I guess I’m just annoyed at the constant need to compare lines out of context, without attention to tone, intent, or body language (or swelling romantic music), and what feels like deliberate misrepresentation to paint one guy as the very bad, no good villain monster and the other as an angel and saint of love and puppies. (not that is matters I suppose, because dudebro has crossed the road to get to the other side).