i feel like he would like the cure

Silver Silence Part 3

Pairing: Bucky x shy enhanced reader

Summary: Bucky finally finds himself able to live at the compound with the team, but finds it difficult to repress his feelings for his new very shy and gentle teammate.

Word count: 1722

Warnings: Fluff and slight anst, mentions of sex, possible future smut but not in this part. Very shy reader, swearing

~Your POV~

I’m a prisoner in a body made of glass.

It sounds like a metaphor, like I’m just waiting to be broken, but it’s true. I feel like the world has betrayed me, like the entirety of all of fait pushed itself into making me dead weight. That’s all I really am right? Yes I can make energy pulses; yes I can throw people away from me with one tiny thought. But is any of that even worth it when I can’t even run without getting weak enough to pass out?

Tony said he would try his best to figure out a cure. But I know what he means by that. He wants to be able to keep me strong but also with my powers still intact.

I’d rather throw them away then be the weak, frail glass doll that I am. I’d give away my powers any day to be able to run around and play baseball with the team. Or to kick a soccer ball and actually see it sore into the air, or at least move more than just a few feet.  Or to have sex… it sounds silly, sounds like a useless request but… I’ve heard doctors and nurses explain to me before that I may not even posses the energy for that. That enough pressure against my bones from anything could cause them to break.  Besides, no matter what I’m tired, I’m weak, my hands shake and I never feel good.

The doctors used to tell me I had ‘Osteogenesis imperfecta’, or ‘brittle bone disease’, and for a while I thought that to. Hell everyone did, but that didn’t explain the constant fatigue, or the shaking, and it certainly didn’t explain the bursts of invisible waves that admitted from my body and knocked over everything in its path. Of course, they never heard about that part.


Narrators POV

It has become a habit of yours to never leave your room unless you where sure no one was near the places you wanted to go. That included during meals. So when dinner rolled around you waited roughly 2 hours for the team to retreat back to their rooms, by now almost completely in sync with their schedules.

As you walked down the hall and stepped inside the elevator, you glanced at your hands, trying desperately to hold them steady, but to no avail, as the shaking was one of the worst it’s been. Though slight shaking had always plagued your life it seemed that today was a particularly bad day, and its result was almost violent jolts.

When you arrived at the floor you wanted, you stepped out heading to the kitchen, not bothering to turn on the lights, as you wanted nothing more than to remain as quite as possible. You began to get a bowl out and then opened the fridge to see the day’s meal in a Tupperware box with your name on it. You grasped it in your palms and felt its lukewarm contents press against your hands. Your shakes causing it to rattle, and take pressure on your wounded wrist.  

Before you could do much more, you felt a buzz from around you, typically telling you someone was in the room. But that of course didn’t stop the fear of them suddenly making themselves known.

“hey” you heard a voice say suddenly, causing you to jump slightly letting out a small yelp and sending a small pulse from your palm that threw the Tupperware out of your hands and onto the floor.

From the shadow of the kitchen you saw Bucky emerge from the hall and walk towards you. “Sorry I really don’t mean to keep scaring you.” He said softly.

You gave nothing more than a slight nod, and began to pick up your container, with the lid luckily still in tack, and put it on the counter.

Bucky moved past you, looking at the contents of the pantry and then sighing. “I thought I told Sam not to touch my Cliff bars…” he mumbled under his breath but you still heard him.  You felt a soft laugh bubble inside you and you merely hummed and smiled to repress it.

“Do you always wait this long to eat?” he spoke up, causing your head to turn. You knew you wouldn’t really get away with a nod, as his eyes were still locked in the pantry.

“Yes…” you mumbled, hoping to subside his curiosity so the conversation would end, but then again… Did you really want it to?

“Why?” he questioned.

You looked at him curiously now, as he then turned around and waited for you to answer.

“I…” you sighed softly, trying to figure out the words to explain it without coming off rude.

“Well if it’s because you’re trying to avoid us, I understand, I was that way at first to. But I had Steve to help break that when we where away, and now being here is just as comfortable.” He smiled, and god if you didn’t melt with it. “I just want you to know, the more you see us, the easier it gets.”

He didn’t bother waiting for a response knowing you probably didn’t want to give one, just gave you a soft smile that bed his beautifully crafted eyes and walked away with the protein bar he found.

Leaving you to smile by yourself, thinking that maybe, just maybe, you would come around more often.


“Miss (y/n) tony requests your presence in the training room.” Friday spoke up out of nowhere, scaring the hell out of you once again and causing everything on your bedside table to get thrown to the floor, as well as a crack to appear on the body mirror in the corner. Why the hell would tony even want you in there? He said himself he didn’t want you to train in the first place.

“o-ok” you said, only barley loud as you hoped off your bed and made your way over to the door, slipping on your combat boots and heading out into the hall.

When you arrived at the training room your heart immediately dropped, Bruce, Tony, Steve, Wanda, Natasha, Clint, Sam, Bucky, and Helen where all waiting for you like an audience.

“There you are” tony spoke up, smiling and walking towards you.

“what’s this?” you mumbled, shifting your weight from one foot to the other and feeling your shaking hands ring together in front of you.

“I know I said you weren’t allowed to train, and you’re not, not yet, but I would like to see what you could do with those pulses, if you don’t mind.”

You thought for a moment before nodding and earning a smile from tony as he clapped his hands together “great! Just stand over here and I’m going to give you some tests”

You cautiously stepped over to a mat at the center of the room, well the others stood against the wall watching. Tony came out in front of you and you simply stood there, not really figuring that the fighter stance would work for you.

“Ready?” Tony asked softly, and you gave a simple curt nod. “Okay all I want you to do is push me back”

You looked up at him then gave another shake of your head yes.  You let a thought cross your mind, seeing his figure slowly push itself back and glide on the mat, only a few feat.

“Good, very good” Tony complimented. “Now let’s take it up a notch.”

He motioned over to the group on the sidelines, “America Boy, Robin Hood, come stand beside me”

Your face turned up in curiosity until Clint and Steve exchanged glares at Tony. They did as instructed and stood beside him, and he nodded for you to go ahead.

You thought slightly harder, focusing your force on all three men, and then pushing them back a few feet, with one quick burst, knocking Clint slightly off balance.

“Cap get your shield” tony spoke up. Steve’s brows knitted together in confusion. “Why?” he questioned.

“Because I want to see how well the pulses do on Vibrainium.” Tony answered, coming over to you and patting you on the shoulder. Probably cause you looked terrified and already very tired. “You’re doing great kid”

When Steve came back with his shield, tony instructed him to stand in front of you a few feet away.

“I want you to push him back to that wall.” He pointed to the wall that was only a few feet behind Steve, you gave a nod, seeing Steve lift his shield in a fighting pose that covered his face.

You pushed against the thought of the pulse and felt it escape you but only slightly brush the shield that Steve held up. You did so again, this time with added force and only got him to scoot back an inch, as you felt the aftermath cast a breeze against your face.

“Focus (y/n) you can do this.” Tony said from the side of the room.

This time you planted your foot in front of you and raised one hand, hoping to focus the force on it, pushing at the energy until it jolted out of your palm and caused him to slide back about another three inches, and you to scoot back as well.

By this time you where not only confused, but also a little angry that you couldn’t get it to work properly. So with both hands raised you forced all your energy out of your body and felt it launch the captain back against the wall, yet also forcing you back.

Your eyes screwed them self shut as you felt your body drift back with a quick jerking motion. You knew if you hit the wall or even the floor with enough force you would have at least broken one or two bones, so you braced yourself for impact, only for arms to wrap around you.

You opened your eyes to look up at the face hovering above yours, the body behind you belonging to none other than Bucky Barnes.

You smiled up at him, not really meaning to, but more as thanks as you collapsed into his arms, feeling your bones sting with fatigue.

Maybe you are just dead weight.

Okay but what if post dai anders & justice find a way that they can help cure tranquil mages

If Anders could literally heal all the tranquil mages out there. The ultimate healing role for them

What if...

I was thinking about magus last night and my imagination went a little wild. So I give you the result of my ramblings.

What if Elias can’t find a cure for Chise’s weakness but IS actually the cure.

We can see throughout the manga that he seems to wake up to emotions, even it he doesn’t realise it yet.

So I imagined a moment in the - probably very distant- future when he realises that he really actually feels love towards Chise and tells her so. His confession would then suddenly cast a spell that would surrender them both in a whirlpool of light. The ancients like Titania or Lindell would appear after the whirlpool and tell Elias that he cured Chise and they were truly husband and wife now.

And they would live happily ever after… Or something like that…

I know, I know, it is so cheesy I could choke on it… But I couldn’t resist and, tbh, I am not even sorry.

[In an aside, there really are too few ff on this two cuties…]

Well, now! I am going to return to my hole. Thank you for indulging me…

So, random finale theory. We’ve been talking about how it looks like there is angel grace in the spell to cure Dean, but why would they use Cas’ grace when he has Metatron’s on hand?

Well it sounds like they need something from Crowley too, so what if his price for helping is that Cas uses his own grace? We could even get romantic with it. “You know you want this, Cas, to be human, to feel and live. I’m a monster there’s no chance for me to be forgiven, to go back, but you do have a chance for the life we both want. With him.”


With his time in office winding down, Obama has executed one of the most victimless backstabbings of all time by going back on his promise to protect drug companies’ profit margins. That’s why they are now pumping their millions into PACs dedicated to overturning the Affordable Care Act.

However, none of that explains why drug company price gouging is big news right now. That all comes down to one thing: this stupid face.

To be honest, I’d probably hate that guy no matter what he was doing. He could be curing AIDS, and I feel like a lot of people would still kind of want to punch him in the face.

Don’t get me wrong; raising the price of Daraprim the way he did was an abhorrent thing to do. But if almost anyone else had done it, the ensuing media outrage wouldn’t have been nearly as intense – if there was any at all. The circumstances that allow people like Martin Shkreli to do this kind of thing need to be addressed. As awful as he is, we should at least acknowledge that his unrelenting douchebaggery played a huge part in giving drug price gouging the attention it deserves in the media.

5 Reasons We Shouldn’t (Totally) Hate Martin Shkreli

“You know,” Fox began what would likely be a lengthy greeting, “On nights like this, I always think about something really sort of philosophical. And tonight, with the stars and stuff, I’m thinking about purposes on Earth. Some people were put here to destroy, others were meant to find cures.”

His voiced trailed off, he acted like the resolution to this conversation would be deep. “I’m pretty sure mine’s to meet just one alien.”