i feel like fury

“So I’m your huntress and thief?” His hands slid down to cup the backs of my knees as he said with a roguish grin, “You are my salvation, Feyre.”


“What was great about this is that the luxury of a love story was not where we were, I mean they can’t even talk to each other. We never even talked about it - it was never there, no one said ‘maybe’, we never had to fight against it. It was always going to be two warriors on par, starting off with very little respect for each other and ending up with a massive respect for each other.

the difference in gameplay i felt in automata was pretty intense cuz while playing as 2b it’s like “don’t worry i got this” while feeling really bad every time i saw 9s get punched across the room cuz he wanted to help, and then when playing as 9s it was a lot of panicked “i don’t got this” while feeling blessed every time 2b just sliced apart hostiles whenever she felt like it.

I want to tell you a story.

I want to tell you a story.

I’ve been a good kid all my life.
Was an overachiever, was smart. People liked me, I was told.
I had friends. I never really knew that though. Because
I was always in trouble.
With authorities.
I didn’t know what the dynamic was. I just knew I was a “fuck up.”
Any time I stood up for myself when I was being wronged, I was punished.
Any activity I loved, they would find a way to take it away.
Any time I was myself, it was bad.

And because of this, I never let myself have the good things.
I never let myself even experience joys, even as I was creating them.

As I climbed greater heights, I was told it was because of XYZ, but never
because I was talented, smart, diligent, thoughtful, kind.
It was because I was being given things.
Because I was cute.
Or a girl, and cause you know, we’re “In” right now.
I worked very very hard.
I work very hard.
But my whole life, I thought, “When will I be good enough. Why am I so bad?”
And I’ve hated myself.

Flash forward to me, at 30, premiering a movie I wrote, directed, starred in.
People really loved it.
Something born in my brain, but mostly my heart, made it a very long way
To be watched by strangers in a beautiful theater.

A man who I grew up with, a man who spear-headed this bad dynamic in my life,
said to a friend of mine, after people left the theater
“You know, Noël never knew how to behave.”
He said it as a joke, I’m sure, as it’s often presented,
When someone wants to tear you down with a smile.

I was very sad to hear this.
That even at the height of my success so far, I’m still not good enough.
I’m a misbehave-er. For valuing myself. And my voice.
For telling a kind story. About fucking up and forgiving people.
I was crushed.

I’ve been very heartbroken.
And I’ve sat in it for a few days.
Like I’ve sat in it my whole life.
But this time, something different happened.
The sadness started to transform.
And with it, some identity started to break down.
This victimhood. Of being told me, my essence,
my being, is wrong.

And in it’s place, a new emotion has started to develop.
I think they call it “RAGE”

This past week,
I feel like an animal.
I am a fury
at every man who has told me
being great is being bad.
Doing what I love, connecting with people, and expressing myself
is wrong.
At every PERSON who has internalized violence, misogyny, or injustice as TRUTH
and locked people up inside of it.
For every person who doesn’t see me for me,
Or who can’t see any CHILD, or WOMAN, or OTHER who sees things as they are.

I am a madness toward anyone who doesn’t recognize how incredibly powerful
I am.
We all are.
KINDNESS is not a weakness. LEADERSHIP isn’t BADNESS.
And neither is my ANGER.
My anger isn’t bad, it’s the truth.

I am very mad. I will let it pass, but I am allowed to be
enraged by all that has been taken from me.
And all the ways I’ve been told I was wrong,
When I’ve been right all along.

ACOWAR/TOG detail I forgot

Sarah was asked who would win in a fight. After much deliberation she said they would draw, but it would be a great and sexy battle with rain and muscles and everything. She then said that Lorcan is deep in the doghouse right now, and needs some help. We’re not sure if Cassian would be the best choice. After a few rounds and complaining about their totally-not-love lives, they would go start trouble in the Spring Court. It would probably end with the whole Court burning to the ground.

The Mate Males Group Chat
  • (Because of course they do)
  • Lucien: Help, Elain keeps making me flower crowns and I don't know where to put them all.
  • Cassian: Help, Nesta keeps sending me scrolls that say "open this in private ;)" but they're just pictures of broken cucumbers
  • Azriel: Help, Mor and I are playing strip poker and she keeps cheating and I'm cold
  • Rhysand: Help, Feyre is making terrible puns and I can't stop laughing at all of them
  • Amren: how did I get added to this
I Don’t Know What I’d Do Without You (Avengers X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Avengers X Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Self conscious reader, teasing


Request: Can you do a female reader, where she feels as if she isn’t worthy enough to be in the avengers, she feels as if she’s the odd one out. Nat overhears her talking to her friend on the phone about thinking about leaving and she gets the others to convince her she is worthy?

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Looking at the team known as the Avengers, you had: Two Super soldiers from the second world war, one of which has a metal arm, a Brainiac who makes metallic suits which can withstand a beating, and even made one for his friend, artificial intelligence made by the Brainiac, an assassin trained since birth, another assassin who never misses his shot, a man with mechanical wings a doctor who can turn into a giant green monster who can probably throw a plane when he gets pissed off, a twin pair of super enhanced twins which can move things with her mind and her brother who has super speed, and a literal God… oh, and you, a simple agent.

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princelydisaster  asked:

Maybe something with Furiosa & finding a new hobby, now that she has time to pursue stuff that's not all "manly" and stuff?

Holy Words Batman! I just cannot keep something actually short. At least it’s not long! Thanks for the prompt!! (‾̀◡‾́) 

Furiosa lowered herself, cross-legged, into the small circle of women, two of whom were the remaining Vuvalini. She was spending most of her evenings with them when she could no longer work. Since recovering after the Fury Road, she’d found she didn’t like the idle moments between work, but truth was, several months later and things were running smoothly at Citadel. She liked to keep busy. She didn’t know what to do with herself if it wasn’t something productive, something to push forward. But something about that had started to feel wrong. She couldn’t place what it was.

The soft murmurs of the Vuvalini women as they told their stories and stitched their fabrics focused her back in on her surroundings. The Vuvalini were the sharpest shooters at Citadel and often took shifts as sentries, but in the evenings, they wove. They had taught Cheedo this art, and she sat among them as well, her fingers dancing with the threads as she crafted an intricate scarf. Toast had even taken up the hobby as part of a bargain with Weaver. Toast wanted to learn their aim, but Weaver insisted that nimble, agile fingers were an important step. Toast wasn’t half as good as Cheedo, but she had made much progress since beginning.

Furiosa turned her gaze away, her phantom fingers itching jealously. She hadn’t asked them to teach her, not with only half the nimble fingers that the Revolutionaries had.

“You look troubled,” Nightengale commented, as she finished her stitches, tying off a knot in the pants she was mending.

Furiosa didn’t know how to answer that. Imminently, knowing she’d never share this part of their nightly rituals troubled her greatly, but this was in large part because she found that she was, in general, discontent.

“Dag asked about you today.” Cheedo commented, looking up from her project. Her fingers didn’t stop moving. “Come with me to visit her tomorrow. She said to say so.”

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When EVERYONE’s theory on whose gonna die in ACOWAR is Azriel I die a little more inside. If he gets hurt or does end up dying … I will be done. I’ll quit.

Brigid Tenenbaum

One of the children came and sat in my lap. I push her off, I shout, “Get away from me!” I can see the ADAM oozing out of the corner of her mouth, thick and green. Her filthy hair hanging in her face, dirty clothes, and that dead glow in her eye… I feel… hatred, like I never felt before, in my chest. Bitter, burning fury. I can barely breathe. And suddenly, I know, it is not this child I hate.


Prompt: The reader is Lydia’s cousin, because of previous events between the two, the reader doesn’t trust Lydia and even despites her. As the reader is forced to hang out with Lydia’s group of friends, she is surprised to see some familiar faces and even more surprised when an unexpected connection is born with an unexpected pack member.

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1938

A/N: This is the first imagine I’ve been posting after a year of writers’ block. I hope you’ll like it J

Special Gratitude: @joeynihil

Part 1:

“Maybe I should stay over at Emma’s for the Summer?” I suggested, doing my best to prevent my dad from taking my suitcase down the stairs.

My father sighed, tired of having the same conversation with me, “Christmas is a family holiday and Natalie invited us, so we are ALL going. Period!” he decided, earning a frown from me, “now, take your suitcase and let’s go” he said kissing my forehead.

But I gently pushed him away, “leave me alone” I mumbled as I grabbed my suitcase, struggling with it as I step down the stairs.

It’s been an hour of driving so far, the earphones are on full volume as the 15th song was playing, I could see my father’s attempts to get my attention, but I ignored it… until I felt one of the earphones are being pulled out of my right ear.


“I know you are not a big fan of Lydia-“ my mom started.

“-I hate her” I corrected impatiently.

“She’s still family” my dad warned me looking at me thru the rearview, and I stuck my tongue out at him as a reply, causing him to laugh.

“I talked with Natalia, and she told me Lydia has changed a lot” my mom said, trying to convince me.

I chuckled humorlessly, “Well, I don’t buy it considering she pretended to be my best friend during freshman year, and then she humiliated me in front of the whole school saying, and I quote: ‘you are a shame to the Martin family, you don’t deserve to be my cousin’, while I was, literally, on the floor with everyone pointing and laughing” I said with venomous attitude in my voice, not even taking a breath between the words and fury I was feeling, “so no, I don’t like her, or buy the whole ‘she matured’ kind of speech” I said, air quoting the matured parts.

My mom looked at me with sad eyes, remembering how much this day affected me – affected so much that we had to move away.

“now if you will excuse me, I’m going back to listening to some music” I said pushing my earphones back into my ears, hoping the care ride will never end and our destination will never be in sight.

“you’ve grown so much Y/N!” aunt Natalia said with such excitement as she cupped my cheeks before embracing me in a tight hug.

“long time no see, auntie” I smiled at her, doing my best to make it seem as real as possible.

“I am so happy you could make it, how are you?” Natalia asked greeting mom and dad.

“we are doing great, happy to spend the Summer back here” my dad smiled at his sister, clearly he missed her.

“alright, enough with the greetings” my aunt dismissed, “I bet you had a long ride and you want to settle down and unpack, so the guestroom will be at your service, Kyle and Maya” she smiled looking at her brother and sister in law, “and for my dear nephew, I organized you a bed in Lydia’s bedroom, I hope you will feel comfortable” she smiled.

My heart dropped, “Awesome!” I faked a smile, “now it would be even awesomer, if you could kill me now and skip the torture part” I said, sarcastically making everyone snicker.

I looked at them with crossed arms and raised eyebrow, “I was not joking”.

My heart was pounding as I stood in front of Lydia’s bedroom’s door. It looked exactly the same.
I took in a deep breath and got the courage to finally knock.

“yes?” I heard Lydia’s voice for the first time in almost three years.

I slowly turned the knob and walked in, my heart dropped the moment Lydia’s eyes met with mine, she looked exactly the same, same style of clothes, same love for hairstyles and the same face.

“Y/N! long time no see” Lydia beamed, getting off her bed making her way to welcome me, but I stopped her immediately.

“cut it, Lydia” I snapped.

“but Y/N-“ she started but I stopped her once again.

“they say you’ve changed, but I don’t believe it” I continued, “unfortunately, I’m forced to share a room with you, so let’s just stay out of each other’s way and pray for this Christmas to be over before it even begun” I attacked immediately.

We were both quiet, staring at each other’s eyes, mine were furious while hers looked as if they filled with mixed emotions.

She pressed her lips, speechless and a bit offended(?), she just replied, “however you want”.

It’s been three days since I came, and Lydia seemed to understand the message. Every now and then, she would try to get on my good side, but all I did was shooting an uninterested expression and she would just drop it.

But today, it seemed she was more than determinate to have some alone time with me.

At the breakfast table, she got me trapped, offering me in front of our parents to go shopping with her. And even when I tried to find a way out, my parents thought it was a “fantastic idea”.

So yeah, here I am in the passenger seat of Lydia’s car, with crossed arms and the most killer vibes ever, the uncomfortable feeling could be felt from and to miles away.

“I like your outfit” she said, trying to break the silence.

“no you don’t” I replied knowingly.

She huffed, “fine, I don’t, but at least I am trying to make a conversation” she shrugged.

I huffed back rolling my eyes again, “Don’t bother”.

“I really have changed” she confirmed confidently, “I am much more persistent these days” she pressed her lips with the all too familiar old Lydia Martin attitude.

I rolled my eyes, you’ve changed Lydia? Well guess what? So have I.


“are you ready cous?” Lydia asked with a smirk.

I stared at her with fury, “Do you think it’s funny?!” I snapped turning to face her, “What don’t you get Lydia?! I don’t want anything to do with you! The only reason I am here is because I was freaking FORCED to!” I raised my voice at her.

Lydia smile, “Well I do want something with you, Y/N” she said, tossing a stand of her hair out of her sight with the back of her fingers “I want my cousin back” she admitted crossing her arms.

“Good luck in finding this gullible, because she ain’t believing anything coming from you” I shot back

“You sure take longer than me to get ready, you better hurry up so we won’t be late” she teased with a mischievous smile.

The car ride was wildly quiet, the fury was shooting out of my body.

Arriving to the host’s place, when we walked in I was surprised shocked to see her group of friends… well, the other’s I didn’t know but the two boys I was shocked to see.

“Y/N? is that you?” Scott asked completely shocked.

“I-I could ask you the same” I said as he pulled me in a warm embrace, he got more muscular and strong, seems that the unpopular wimpy Scott was long gone.

Looking at Stiles direction I was even more shocked when I saw Lydia and him greeting with a kiss on the lips.

“Y/N?” Stiles asked coming to greet me, “you took off the braces and the glasses!” he said surprised.

“yeah, I wear contacts now and the braces had to go at some point” I shot back, mocking excitement.

Stiles smiled proudly, “still a pain in the ass, good to see you” he said sarcastically before putting an arm around me, ushering me inside, “everyone, meet Y/N, Y/N meet everyone” he introduced me to quite a big group.

“Does ‘everyone’ have names?” I air quoted.

Scott stood from my other side, “these are Liam, Hayden, Corey, Mason, Theo and Malia” he introduced.

“I still don’t trust Theo” Stiles commented.

They all said hi, greeting me with smiles and waves of their hands, except of Malia who stood before me, eyes burning into mine, “hello?” I asked confused.

The moment I said that, she looked a bit nervous and just went to the other side of the room right after mumbling out “nice to meet you”.

I looked up at Scott, “is she always like that?” I asked quietly so she won’t hear me.

Scott looked as confused as I was, “not at all” he admitted.

I don’t know what it was about her, but I felt an unfamiliar tingle in my stomach.

What’s going on?


We decided to watch the movie ‘Jennifer’s Body’, we were all watching quietly, but I couldn’t help but every once in a while, to sneak a look at Malia. Something about her was different, and that made me feel good in a weird kind of way.

I really don’t know what it was, but I felt drawn.

How is that even possible, I am not gay nor bisexual. I love boys

“are you interested in someone?” I could hear Lydia whispering from beside me.

I felt my face heating up, “why would I trust telling you anything?” I shot at her, not taking my eyes off the TV.

Lydia sighed standing up, I looked up at her and before I even realized anything, she caught my hand and dragged me to one of the rooms in Scott’s house.

“you liked Jackson when we were freshmen, has something changed?” she raised an eyebrow.

I looked at her a bit confused, “yeah, I stopped liking this asshole” I replied, wrapping my palm around the door knob ready to leave this conversation, but Lydia stopped me, “let me go Lydia” I demanded thru gritted teeth.

“Are you Bisexual, Y/N?” she asked frowning in suspicious.

I sent her a death glare, before stepping outside the random room and back to the living room, leaving Lydia behind me.

Returning to the living room, I sat back down, this time on the couch next to Scott, as far as possible from Lydia.

As the night went on, the movie has finally reached to the scene where Jennifer and Needy started making out on the bed, as the scene was on, I shifted a little bit uncomfortably, the images before my eyes made my mind wonder to my wildest imagination, if it was only Malia and I?

“are you okay?” Scott whispered, snapping me out of my deep thoughts and dirty imagination.

I looked at him, feeling my heart pounding against my chest with such force I didn’t know was possible, “where’s the toilet?” I asked, completely ignoring his question.

“down the hall, turn left” he smiled softly, as if knowing wxactly what’s going thru my head.

I nodded thanking him, before speeding to the toilet, ignoring Lydia’s stares.

As I stepped into the bathroom, I pulled myself to the mirror and looked up at my reflection, the panic across my face was so obvious that I felt embarrassed that Scott probably noticed, if not everyone…

“what’s wrong with you?” I asked my reflection, “You just met her!” I kept talking, “Scratch that, you are not into girls, you are into boys!” I reminded the girl in the mirror.

I sighed, turning away from the girl in the reflection, closing my eyes I took a deep breath before shaking my head, forcing my brain to shut down any other thought and forced a smile on.

Without a second look at the girl in the mirror, I stepped out of the toilet and carried on as the night continued.