i feel like everything has been made already

when your friend says something really offensive/sexist/transphobic and you can’t call them out because what if they get mad at you and stop liking you and you must avoid conflict at all costs so you pretend everything is fine even though their comment upset you and made you feel unsafe



I haven’t posted anything from my new job sooner because I didn’t know what to expect and was partially afraid that I would get fired my first day😂but it’s been a whole week and our clientele has spiked tremendously since I started working here.

Evoke is a very lenient company that allows me to work from home most of my days and only show up at office twice a week to go over numbers and my progress with my boss. I went in most of the time during this week though because I wanted to get a feel of everything. It was hard waking up, especially after staying up long nights with a certain someone, but I made due.

My office already looks like I’ve been working here for months and I’m not even done decorating. The life of a hoarder…

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Someone said technically Kagome came between inukik than Kikyo coming in between inukag. While if you wanna be technical, but Inuyasha felt Kikyo was dead when he met Kagome and had feelings already for her when Kikyo came back which made everything more complicated later with Kikyo. What do you think?

Well… both can true depending on who you ask, really.

Kikyo thinks that Kagome is in the way. We’ve seen that she’s jealous since she can see Kagome living the life that she would have wanted to live with Inuyasha. She says things like “I should have been the one to heal Inuyasha’s heart” (i’m paraphrasing). She knows that her time is borrowed, while Kagome has the rest of her life to spend with Inuyasha. I’m pretty sure that if Kagome had not fell into the well and met Inuyasha, but Inuyasha had still been awakened and Kikyo resurrected, Kikyo would have had a much better chance at rekindling her romance with Inuyasha. 

But on the other hand, like you said, Inuyasha and Kagome started having feelings for each other a bit before Kikyo was brought back to life  (when I say “feelings” I mean more like a “crush” nothing super serious yet). Kagome became attached to Inuyasha without ever thinking that his dead ex could come back to life. Later on, of course, she sometimes feels like she’s in second place and she can’t compete with Kikyo… BUT I don’t think that inukag’s relationship would have necessarily been better if Kikyo had never been brought back to life…?

I think Inuyasha would have felt even more guilt and sadness while thinking of Kikyo if he had never got the chance to “make up” with her and tell her goodbye. He would have had to live forever with regrets knowing that Kikyo died hating him.  So if you look at it that way, I don’t really think that Kikyo is “in the way”. She was there first after all, and she and Inuyasha had to end their relationship properly before he could really move on. It was a pretty good for everyone that she had a second chance: even though she didn’t achieve her goal of killing Naraku, she still did some good, like saving Kohaku. 

And on the other hand, Kagome didn’t force herself between Inuyasha and Kikyo either. She made it clear that she would have been willing to leave Inuyasha or remain only friend with him if that’s what he wanted. 

Neither of them are really purposely trying to get in the way of the other’s relationship, so I think it’s kind of pointless to try to put the blame on either of them ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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can i please request a yoonmin fluff where jimin has a bit too much to drink and is a really touchy feely drunk and yoongi is amazed at how adorable his boyfriend is

Maybe it’s the little giggles passing Jimin’s lips every few seconds like he can’t believe he’s kissed a guy he’s already been kissing for two years now that make Yoongi feel like he really, really was not mad at all.

Yoongi is pretty sure that in his two years and something months of Jimin moving in with him, he has basically seen everything there was to know about the guy he is hopelessly in love with.

I mean, he’s caught Jimin watching ‘The Little Mermaid’ on Netflix when he was down with the flu and had basically made Yoongi watch it with him four times in a row (like, the plot wasn’t going to change, but Jimin was pining and Yoongi was weak) as Yoongi wiped Jimin’s runny nose at periodic intervals.

And Yoongi might think he’s seen it all, from Jimin’s pink boxers to his obsession with the granola bars he stacks at the back of the fridge he thinks Yoongi doesn’t know about, but it’s not quite the truth.

Because he’s pretty sure he’s never, ever seen Jimin quite this drunk show up home quite this early from work.

“What the fuck, Jimin,” Yoongi breathes, doing everything he can to suppress the upward twitch of his lips as he is greeted with sad brown eyes and the smell of alcohol on Jimin’s breath.

“Y-yoongi,” Jimin slurs, head tilting ever so slightly. “Have I ever told you how good you look in that shirt?”

Yoongi doesn’t even bother glancing down at what he’s wearing because it’s Jimin’s (of course it is) and laundry day was tomorrow, and like hell Yoongi was going to patronize Jimin by letting him see Yoongi blushing.

Instead, he just sighs and gently grabs Jimin by the wrist and guides him to the couch, hoping Jimin is too drunk to notice the red creeping up his cheeks.

“Who got you home like this?” Yoongi asks at last when he’s settled Jimin on the couch, working off his shoes and socks and work blazer, undoing his tie. Jimin does everything in his power to make it as difficult for Yoongi as he can, poking at Yoongi’s face, pulling him onto the couch, peppering kisses on Yoongi’s neck.

“Namjoon hyung,” Jimin says, squinting up at Yoongi’s face like he was seeing it for the first time.

“How did I get someone as pretty as you to go out with me?” Jimin adds, almost as an afterthought and Yoongi has to bite his lip from how embarrassing the existence of that statement was, because if anyone was pretty in this relationship, it was Jimin.

“You conned me into living with you and I couldn’t refuse,” Yoongi replies, ducking his head to hide his now undeniable blush.

Jimin nods thoughtfully, like he was seriously considering the possibility of that happening. “That was pretty clever of me,” he sighs contentedly, shaky smiling spreading on his lips and this time, Yoongi makes no attempt to hide his own grin as well, because of all the sides of Park Jimin he has seen, drunk, clingy and way too honest was probably the cutest.

(Yoongi has literally never used the word ‘cute’ to describe anything in his life, so that was saying something.)

“How much did you drink,” Yoongi mumbles, but it’s a rhetorical question, because if Jimin’s messy hair and crumpled shirt are anything to go by, it wasn’t just a shot or two in Yoongi’s experience.

“Are you m-mad?” Jimin asks suddenly as if the thought has just occurred to him, just as Yoongi is getting up to leave. There is a distinct note of desperation in Jimin’s voice, the way he latches onto Yoongi’s arm and tugs Yoongi down with him.

“P-please don’t be mad,” Jimin whispers, lower lip quivering in genuine sadness that makes Yoongi want to either pull Jimin into a kiss so long they forget how to breathe, or giggle.

Fucking giggle. This is Min Yoongi we’re talking about.

“Jimin, let go, I’m getting you some coffee and pajamas and I can’t do that if you’re clinging to me like that,” Yoongi chuckles against Jimin’s chest, nose buried in his neck.

Jimin loosens his grip and Yoongi jerks up to find a very pouty Park Jimin. It takes everything Yoongi has not to kiss Jimin senseless right then.

“You’re mad, aren’t you?” Jimin whines, getting off the couch, eyes tearing up at an alarming rate. “Y-you can’t be mad at me, not yet, I-I love you so much and I’m s-so sorry, Yoongi hyung and I can’t g-go on if you leave me, I haven’t even asked you to m-marry me yet and I n-named our kids, I can’t let you go, I won’t let you-”

Yoongi’s lips have found Jimin’s before he knows it himself, and it tastes like Jimin always does, strawberries and only this time, laced with a little alcohol that has Yoongi feeling higher than usual when his lips move against Jimin’s in a slow, perfect burn.

“I’m not mad, you idiot,” he sighs, letting Jimin lean against Yoongi’s shoulder, because if he was unstable standing up before, he’s totally misbalanced after that kiss now.


And Yoongi is fucking terrible at promises he cannot keep but maybe it’s the little giggles passing Jimin’s lips every few seconds like he can’t believe he’s kissed a guy he’s already been kissing for two years now that make Yoongi feel like he really, really was not mad at all.


It’s lucky tomorrow is a Sunday, Yoongi thinks, because it might be kind of impossible to say no to Jimin’s need to cuddle the night away on the couch, and it’s the tiny perks of being in love with Park Jimin that Yoongi lives for anyway.

I just saw an amazing post by emphanadas (I’m sourcing it), talking about what Dan said in his liveshow today (4th August) about what happened at Vidcon with Glozell in the ‘Laughing at us and with us’ panel and how he didn’t really consent to it and it made him uncomfortable. And I realized that this issue has been bugging me since Vidcon ended. I’m not about to lie and say I didn’t laugh, take screenshots, retweet, fave, blog, everything about the twerking thing (so much that Glozell tweeted me) at the time but after that I felt bad because thinking about it, would Dan have ever consented to something like that? He’s already stated that even something like the sexy endscreen dance makes him feel uncomfortable, so is it any surprise he didn’t like the lap dance? It’s obvious it wasn’t planned and nothing he would ever suggest or agree to, it was Glozell being her usual ‘wacky’ self.
Glozell can be funny at times, but she takes some things too far, like all of the things she did to Dan: twerking on him, picking him up and putting her hand right on his crotch, and later licking his face. But the thing about Dan is that he’s just going to sit there and take it, because that’s the Dan mentality.
Dan has created his entire enterprise on self deprecation. His videos are all about the embarrassing things he’s done and are meant for people to laugh at. His twitter bio is ‘I make videos and people laugh at me’. So Dan lives up to his reputation by taking all of the things those people on the panel dished out at him, being the butt of the jokes, being treated like the 'eye candy’ for the fans by making them scream every time the host said 'Dan Howell’, all of the stuff Glozell put him through, and then being subjected to having to watch his first video even though he has stated many times how uncomfortable that makes him. But as he is kind of like the 'little kid’ of the group–meaning that the other panelists are more experienced and higher profile comedians and his videos are not directed solely at comedy–he’s not about to say 'Stop’ because that would ruin the fun. The point is to laugh at him.
But I don’t want to laugh at Dan at the expense of his comfort. In a situation where Dan was comfortable and in control, none of that would’ve happened. I wish he knew that it was okay to speak out against stuff even to the disappointment of people because more than anyone, this is his life. Sure, he is an entertainer, he wants to cater to the fans, but as a fan I can say that I would much rather he be happy than not just for a cheap laugh.

taylorswift I need a pep talk today. Today, everything has just started to crumble. I’ve tried so hard to keep it together and stay strong, but there’s only so long you can live a certain way. This year hasn’t been amazing for me, other than meeting you of course cause dream come true, but everything else the life has thrown at me hasn’t been amazing. First off, my dad walked out a few years ago and it makes me sick to my stomach to think that he could just do that to us. He left me and my brother and mom just in the dust, no calls, no texts, nothing. I was diagnosed with costochondritis which means my ribs and lung rub against each other and sometimes I guess you can say it feels like I’m having a heart attack or am getting them pulled out. That made my already bad anxiety even worse. I’ve made so many amazing friends but I’ve lost a few and it makes me want to puke to know that someone that I felt like I could talk to with anything would just walk out of my life just like my dad. People just haven’t treated me right and this year I guess it was just time to end all those relationships and it sucks and it hurts so bad to do that. I’ve recently started being bullied by, what I used to call my best friend. She started to threaten me and say if I don’t do blank then she will do blank. It’s gotten so out of hand and I just don’t know what to do. I’m scared to do anything and I’ve tried everything. I’ve tried to just let it go, I’d rather just deal with the pain myself then get anyone else involved. But it’s not right for me to put myself through that when all I’ve done is be kind to her. Preseason starts soon and it makes me want to puke knowing that I have to go see the person that has been saying horrible things about me. Idk it just sucks cause I try and be nice to people and I’d rather let myself suffer than someone else and i know that’s not right for me but i just don’t know what to do

My decision to commit to Alabama was a long decision that took a lot of time and thought because I’ve been committed to Florida since I was like eight years old. (Note: She’s not speaking literally.) When I went to Alabama, Dana was amazing and made me feel at home. Something about it was just unfamiliar to me and I was like ‘I like this. I know everything about UF that there is because I’ve been on two visits with my sisters before even mine. I just feel like this will be better for me.’ I felt like that and it scared me almost…to like not be going to Florida. It took me a few months to sort it through. At Alabama I know I’ll be there and competing all the time. Florida has a lot of amazing gymnasts already going there and I know at Alabama I’ll be one of their top people- I can be like a leader for the team. Having to call Jenny was really hard. I remember crying on the phone and she was so nice about it. She was like 'You know Em, I just want you to have the best experience and don’t be afraid to come in an say hi.’ I’ll always be a Gator fan…just more of an Alabama gymnastics fan I have to say. [Laughs] It’s just like a whole new experience for me that I can’t wait to start.
—  Emily Gaskins on switching her commitment from Florida to Alabama