i feel like everyone

so in hong kong, when there’s a typhoon that reaches level 8, everyone isn’t allowed to go out of the house, school and work are cancelled and it’s honestly the best feeling

sometimes i’m just so scared of looking at myself. physically, emotionally, spiritually. whatever. because sometimes. there’s nothing there. i am no one. i am nothing. it’s frightening. where did i go? where did the Me go? why is there just yawning gaping nothingness? why can i not find worth or substance? hollow endless painful void. screaming. just. guilt.

robert: how’s the cul-de-sac’s prettiest dad doing today

dadsona, not looking up from his word jumble: i dunno, how are you?

robert, voice cracking: i’m fine………..

Lars of the Stars

me every 1pm

HHH i’m so sorry if you messaged me and haven’t gotten a reply yet (here && on IG) – i read them all and i think you are all so sweet and kind (thank you so much) and i wanna reply to you all asap but aaah life is so busy right now ;;v;;

i like compiling asks and keeping them categorized so it’s easier for everyone (and for future me when i decide to reread some of them) – but tbh i do the compiling when i have free time at work // that’s why i can’t compile them right now – there’s too much stuff to do in the office and when i get home i work on some art stuff until like 1am-2am and then repeat for the next day ;;v;;

i’ll try to answer a set this week (starting with the more recent ones) – but asdsgfdg please know i’m not ignoring anyone ;;v;; i really do appreciate you all and your support inspires me and keeps me going ;v; Thank you so much! ♥

being a lesbian is so isolating and lonely sometimes like lesbian culture is not being able to relate to anything, ever,


I’m happy right now, so I’m nervous 
Because there’s always the calm before the storm
Because I don’t want to be set on fire and burn quickly
I’m cheering for love 


you squidbagged in the wrong neighborhood

Rhys: [walks into the High Lord Meeting with his wings out]