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So, I saw this picture of the Diamond’s ships, all together… 

 Isn’t weird how White and Pink’s are the most big?… 

(I’m editing this lmfao, I felt like I could comment more about this pic)

So, just normal information rofl

Alright so I was thinking about how the ships were placed. So, White’s the head, on top, Pink’s the legs, on the bottom, blue’s the left hand and Yellow’s the right hand.

This caught my attention, lmao, it’s probably obvious, but anyways, just putting this out here.

I started searching what the meaning of this would be, I searched for the feelings/thing they can do, so:

Yellow has the right arm, the right hand. It appears that the right hand (that is controlled by the left hemisphere of the brain) controls:

  1. Speech, 
  2. Language,
  3. Writing,
  4. Logic, 
  5. Mathematics and 
  6. Science.

Blue has the left arm, the left hand. So, the left hand (which is controlled by the right hemisphere of the brain) controls:

  1. Music,
  2. Art,
  3. Creativity,
  4. Perception,
  5. Emotions and
  6. Genius

White has the upper part of the body, so she has the head. The brain is the boss of the body. It runs the show and controls just about everything you do, even when you’re asleep. 

Pink has the lower part of the body, so she has the legs. Legs supports the body when standing and provides the ability to walk, run, jump and other movements.

Idk, lmao, it just seemed interesting, I think it helps us know each diamond better :^P

(Credits to the author)


j u n g s h o o k

Requested by @august-d-boy

I’m so sorry for being gone for so long!!!! I took a short hiatus bc I was feeling really overwhelmed with life. I’m back now but please note that edits won’t be produced like a machine. It’ll take some time lol. I want to apologize in advance to anyone that has requested for an edit, I’m sorry it’ll take some time! Also, current requests in my inbox will be cleared, slowly but surely.

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Hello, Everyone. My work was stolen and I need your help ^^

@choratri sent me this pic (Thank you very much.) The first one is my work and the below is the post of someone work which is re-edited from mine. I have never given them a permission to do this and I’m extremely mad at this. So I need your help by reporting this post. Plese, help me if you don’t want to see other artists’ work be stolen like me.

Go to this link >>> https://www.instagram.com/p/BV15fJpA88H/  Then choose report -> It’s inappropriate -> Intellectual property violation

And more importantly, The biggest part which makes me feel very angry is WHY YOU HAVE TO CHANGE MY BELOVED ERURI INTO AN ERERI!!??! If you just repost it won’t makes me feel this mad! Erwin isn’t good enough for Levi huh? You wanna make a cute ereri but you re-edit from my eruri post?? Have no shame at all!!

Thank you very much for you big help. I love you guys ^^ 

uchan-draws  asked:

Hi! I love the way you use colors on your drawings! Do you have any tips for choosing colors? I always seem to mess them up ;( (Pd: love your comic! ♡)

Hellooo! Aaaa thanks so much!!! Oh gosh! I’m known to be TRULY wild with my color choice so I’m unsure if I’m qualified..! But, regardless, I’d love to help!

To start, there’s no harm in using references for colors, similarly with how you’d use reference for drawing poses, backgrounds, clothing, etc. Here are some sites:

  • colourlovers - this is my favorite one! Sometimes I’ll search a random word (like “happy,” “friends,” “sunshine,” “sadness”) and pick what I think would fit the mood of my piece. A lot of times I’ll end up editing the colors to fit more what I want, adding a color that complements the rest, or adjusting the values of the colors so my piece will be more balanced. But overall it gives you great ideas and can be a fun exercise to limit yourself with their palettes 💖
  • colrd
  • shutterstock labs / palette / spectrum
  • pictaculous - upload a photo/pic you like and get a limited color scheme for it!
  • (anyone please feel free to link other resources in the comments!)

If you’re struggling more with technicalities, I have some tips, too 😁:

1) Don’t rely on local color

This is sort of funny but I didn’t even know what the term “local color” meant until, like, my 3rd year of college? LOL anyway, there’s no reason to use real colors ever! Instead of making your color scheme work around your subject, try stylizing your color choice! Settle on a color scheme and substitute the local color with one that might be similar (or just go wild). For example:

  • red sand might remind you of brown sand
  • purple sidewalk might remind you of grey sidewalks (or maybe just sidewalks with a nighttime feeling?)
  • Landon’s hair is pink instead of red + a pink cactus because I’m Wild

2) Limit your color scheme

It may or may not be obvious that I love to use as few colors as possible… LOL. Doing this is super exciting IMO, because you literally only choose the colors you like!!! DOWN WITH BROWN! I don’t ike brown………… except to eat chocolate

  • 1st img, I used the same red for hair + shirt, the same orange in the jacket details + shoes, and for the jacket + pants I used the same grey but used the color slider and made the pants lighter
  • 2nd img, I used a formula where there’s pink hair/shirt/shorts/shoes (note: that kid is a brunette but I made him have pink hair) + grey hair/shirt/pants/shoes + purple accessories…………….. do you see it, like a zig-zag? Fun, right? 😁
  • 3rd img is where I most obviously used limited colors. I’m sure not every furniture in a house will be blue/purple/green but those are the colors I chose when I started so I just used them! You can do the same with clothing. Nothing has to be real 🎉 WE’RE WILD AND FREE 🎉

3A) Try not to use black or grey

I mean, if it’s part of your color scheme, go for it! But black and 100% grey are pretty heavy and don’t always add to color schemes, especially if you’re trying to be more stylized with them.

  • in the first 2 examples, the outfits (including the cat bag) are supposed to be all black–but I used shades of purple instead.
  • 3rd img, rather than using just straight up grey, I gave it a more purple-leaning (RGB color code R: 188, G: 169, B: 188)


Changing the lineart color makes suuuuch a huge difference. I very rarely use black lines in my colored pieces! I go back-and-forth using a lineart color that:

  • contrasts most of the colors of the piece ➡️ like using a blue line when most of the colors are oranges/yellows or
  • complements them ➡️ like using a dark purple line in a piece that’s many shades of purples/blues

4) Experiment with overlays

Yeah……… LOLOL. 

  • Add a layer on top of your colors/lines ➡️ fill a color (purple? pink? blue?) ➡️ set the layer style to overlay, screen, color burn, soft light, whatever, anything you like! ➡️ lower the opacity (so it’s not super wild, if you want)! Sometimes this will balance the piece by having the colors all lean towards the one color you filled the layer with.
  • Don’t be afraid to use fill/adjustment layers in Photoshop and play around with the color balance!

5) Think about and plan your colors

Maybe try thinking about what colors mean? Very basically, as an example:

  • warm colors, yellows, oranges = feels happier
  • cool colors, blues, purples = sadder, more somber
  • like, if your goth kid is sad, maybe you’d use cooler and darker tones
  • maybe your character is super angry so you’ll use a violent, loud shade of red

I say this but all my works are rainbow, so…… LOLOL 😂

Anyway, those are my ideas! I’m not very fancy… //// in fact, I don’t even like to color LOLOL but those are the sorts of things I go with! If you have more questions, feel free to ask. 😚 Most of all, HAVE FUN! Best wishes!!! 💖💖💖


Prompt: You and Me and Him

Read: [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10] [Part 11]

Kpop Text Masterlist <—–

*Mobile Kpop Text Masterlist <—–

Request a text Here <—–

Official Prompt:  can i request a text scenario of jungkook x reader x yoongi, in which yoongi has a crush on jungkook’s girlfriend ever since they all met but he never had the guts to be honest and open about his feelings until jungkook and his s/o get into a big fight and are taking a “break” so he decides to at least be honest of his feelings even if nothing comes from it. Please make jungkook’s girlfriend a noona since he likes older girls but younger than yoongi since he likes younger girls. thanks. XD

For Anon. I hope you enjoyed it!! Making Jungkook the bad guy and and you being confused for your feelings. I actually might make multiple parts to this, just because I don’t want it to end here. But this also depends on you all, if you want more parts to this, then let me know! 

Also, don’t be shy and send me requests! I have 2 more to do at the moment, but I really don’t mind having more! It’s really fun making these. So request away! 

P.S © dawnwith_u for last pic | do not edit

I’m back home again after this amazing weekend of mcm and looking trough all the (1200) pics we took this weekend..

this pic @spacetwinsies took of my Otabek cosplay literally has me shook I can’t believe this is me????

there are loads more pics to show so I will do my best to edit as much as possible pics in the next few days

anonymous asked:

Hi! I really love your Victuuri AU so much, your art as much as the stories. But the stories are a bit hard for me as a pet owner since Victor doesn't go out it with Makkachin nearly often enough? And lets him wait? Like in the last story Victor gets up and goes to work without walking his dog? This pains me so much, I had to stop reading, I am so sorry. Please please lt Viktor take care of the dog?

I should probably write this into the fics themselves to make it clear, but I looked into this before I started and decided that Victor does have a dog sitter!

I headcanon this to be Nikolai (Yurio’s Grandpa) but I simply haven’t crossed the subject yet. He helped Victor set up his business, but has free time in retirement and can accompany Makkachin. Victor pays him, of course. 

Makkachin is a very old poodle, and it’s briefly mentioned she has joint issues and can come by the shop when it’s warmer in What’s Love, Anyways? so I didn’t think it amiss to leave that detail.

“She’s getting a little old for walks, and has some joint problems, but Makkachin’s been around for a long time.” Victor explains, the earlier they go in his dog photos“I’m sorry to hear that.” Victor comments. “But if you would like to meet her, I can bring Makkachin to the shop once it gets a little warmer.”

Elderly dogs can’t handle extreme temperature so well, and considering that I place that particular fic around mid-March, it would still be quite cold in New York. 

Even in early April (aka the setting for That Fluttering Feeling,) New York is pretty cold, so dog sitting at home is most likely better for her. 

I feel like this warrants more exploration on Makkachin’s part so I may end up writing a fic about Makkachin in this AU- but I’m sorry you felt disconcerted by his lack of walking her! 

My family has seven poodles at home (pic below! I love them dearly), so I completely understand your concerns! But there are considerations I’m taking into account because Makkachin is over 10 years old. 

Thank you!

[EDIT: I also updated the latest fic to include a mention of Victor’s dog sitter, hope it helps!]


-What is up my Cranky Crew? It’s Ethan from CrankGameplays, and today I’m here with my brother!

~Hey guys! I’m BubblegumPlays.

-And we’re playing Portal 2 together!

More cranky twins! I did something a little different with this one, too; a friend of mine and I played co-op together, and I just recorded, hoping some ridiculous antics would come out of it. We managed to deliver. I had to completely redo these after Photoshop crashed and didn’t bother to try and restore anything, though >:(

I also threw a couple of my growing headcanons into this, mostly dialogue wise (in YouTube caption-esque format, click the pics to see ‘em!), ‘cause the more I work with these edits, the more ideas I get. I’ve decided to name the bubblegum boy Alex, ‘cause for some reason, I feel like the name works, and his fictional channel is bubblegumplays.

Tagging @markired and @derp—-ekho-did-a-derp ‘cause they both like these ^^ (seriously, thank you for enjoying my edits! I wouldn’t have kept doing them otherwise)

uhhh i feel i haven’t been posting enough about youtube lately so like … have this attempted edit that i made and forgot to post on here lmao

anonymous asked:

Question, how do draw your dragons feet Love your art, it inspires me to draw

Thank youu, it makes me really happy to hear I’m able to inspire someone! (´;ω;`)♥

There’s this post I made some time ago that you can try using. 

Hmmhmm answering this was way harder than I thought it would be! I’ve been drawing dragon feet for such a long time now that when I do them I just kinda draw them in without too much thinking. Also I’m not that good at analyzing my own processes and my anatomy skills are quite lacking SO I don’t know if I can actually get any helpful advice out of myself but I’ll try my best to shove some examples your way!

Look for reference material depending on what kinda feet you wanna draw; for example here’s some refs i used with my latest dragon drawing

Birds and reptiles offer a really great range of different kinds of feet options! You should also look into all different kinds of animals’ feet to just kinda see what aspects of their anatomy you like and could use in your own work. When drawing the front feet you can also try looking at your own fingers and try to adapt those shapes and joints into your drawing. 

Here’s a lil tutorial for hind feet that i tried to put together. It’s really rough but maybe you can get something out of it (´▽`;)

Start out with a really simple guideline of what you want to do and continue to add some “bones”. Add some meat around your “bones”. I usually start with the toe pad type things because I think it makes it easy to figure out what your foot is gonna look like and it gives a good base to work on. Keep adding structure to your foot until it actually kinda looks like a foot and you should be good to go! I think you can use this kinda method to do all kinds of different feet by just altering the thickness and/or the length of the toes. ALSO don’t feel obligated to draw dragons with 5 toes, I just like to draw them that way! (*・∀-)☆

I hope you maybe got something out of this answer! If you have some more specific things to ask about this whole thing or if something i said made no sense, feel free to throw another ask my way! (•́⌄•́๑)૭✧

(If the pictures are too small, let me know!)

Jikook Internet Friends AU 14


Where Jimin has a bad day

Anon I hope you liked it because I can’t angst tbh I feel more proud of my silly part. Low quality pics and shitty edits RISE. I put Jimin as being the one who’s more sad about it bc he’s just so smol he must be so cuddly and clingy. I also have a feel this contains a lot of grammar mistakes :D SUCH SPAM OF PICS :) As always if you have some request, you want to ask or say anything, go ahead! //posts irregularly 5ever

Sorry for the small mistakes and I hope you like it!