i feel like doing this 20 times a day

How I do my Study Schedule

So this is the most efficient way I’ve found to create a study schedule. I’m sure I’m not the first one to use this method, but these are my pictures. Sorry if I couldn’t be more of a perfectionist when it comes to the aesthetics of it all cuz i’m really busy right now now! let’s begin.

1. Write a task list

write down in a random piece of paper (you can throw out later or not) every little study task, assignment, etc. you need to do for the time you want to schedule.

make the tasks as detailed as you possible can so you can get a better grasp of what you actually have to do. 

You can do as many sheets as you feel comfortable, I did a bunch because I’m trynna do the most for my exams.

2. Fit your tasks in your calendar

Depending on the time you have to complete all your tasks, divide them day by day or week by week. That’s why it’s great to start early, cuz the sooner you start, the less you have to do each day.

The less you have to do each day, the more likely you are to stick to the plan.

e.g: have 20 tasks to do in 10 days. That means 2 tasks a day.

It’s crucial that you manage your time wisely. Some tips for not overscheduling:

  • be super duper realistic, even if you feel kinda bad. Just because you want to finish that task in 30 minutes, doesn’t mean you’ll do it. some things take time and you know it, you’ve probably worked enough to know how long your usual study tasks take you.
  • if you have absolutely no idea, schedule a day (per week if you can)for catch up. All the tasks you couldn’t finish during the week go to that day.
  • If you end up doing everything that week, just skip the catch up day and continue with your schedule.

2.1. Write everything down

Write down in a separate piece of paper or your planner the tasks for each day. Doesn’t have to look pretty. The big list looks scary and the division day by day or week by week should make you feel much better. I have 8 weeks till exams so I divided by week.

3. Make stuff look pretty now

If you don’t have a weekly planner you don’t have to, just get a random notebook or your bujo, your prettiest post its & washi, or just your pens and start making daily spreads so you can check your tasks more easily, copying from that previous messy spread. Make it as spaced as possible, I made a spread per week.

You don’t have to make all of your spreads at once, I did the first 2 weeks. After a while you can always go back to that messy spread and continue your planning, adjust what you need.

4. Daily planning

If you want to make 100% sure you are managing your time well, get a daily planner if you can, doesn’t have to be brand. This one has half an hour time blocks from 8 to 21, but there are tons out there, cheap ones too.

I colour code each of my subjects, and some other important tasks like exercise and reading.

I start by marking my meal times first.

Then any events. That day I only had swimming practice, I would also mark class the days I have it.

Finally, you are left with all the time of the day to complete your tasks. Fill time to complete each task. Make sure you give yourself plenty of breaks, not too many, not too little. With practice it’ll come easier to you.

If you fail, wich will happen at some point, don’t give up, keep learning from your mistakes and schedule accordingly to what feels better to you. Everyone’s different.

So, if something doesn’t go as planned, push your tasks to your catch up day, and try your best to be as disciplined as possible.

(For self discipline tips, check this post)

Hopefully that was helpful guys! Go rock your schedule, I know you can do it!

pretty crimson.

I remember our first conversation and how you said that I suffer because of how sensitive I am to the world. Frail heart with a red smile, we enjoy poetry because it’s like breathing. So breathe with me and I’ll breathe with you. Life happens to us and we’ll change. We’re not perfect and that’s okay. I’m selfish and hollow too. Living in your 20s with so much on your mind. I think it’s normal to feel like a bad friend or a bad lover. We’ll fix it someday, won’t we? There is an ocean within your tears, your soul is bright molten lava spewing from your pain. People don’t understand us, they don’t think like us. Have you heard about the paradox of choice? There is an infinite amount of things to do– it ultimately leads back to who you truly want to be. Time doesn’t stop for anyone, it passes us by like clouds during a normal day. Maybe that’s why it’s called the past. You learn to love people, but they never learn to love you. Well… at least not how you’d want them to. Maybe you want guys to see past the pretty face and nice body. Maybe you pray because you’re scared and faith gives you a solid reason to believe again. So breathe with me and I’ll breathe with you. I pick up just to hear you cry– I don’t enjoy it. Humans are strange, we built a society that tells us you are more if you have more and you ain’t shit if you ain’t got shit. We sold our souls a long time ago. Our identities crushed by the pressures of our peers and our parents. I’m sick and tired of people telling me how to live my life. What is the value of a dollar if your passion is dead? What is the point of freedom if your mind is a slave to material things? We’re out of touch with reality. We have forgotten about Mother Nature. The trees and the bees are upset with us. Flawed creatures searching for a future amongst dollar signs. I guess that is kinda morbid. Time is running out and the choices we’ll make today– they affect tomorrow in ways that we can’t see. You’re sensitive to words. Always have been, always will be. So I’ll leave you with another I love you.

For real though, seeing the girls in these outfits, in person, almost killed me. You don’t even know.

Kendrick kept having to fix her boots because she’s so tiny and they kept sagging. She also kept taking off her jacket and the crew kept telling her to put it back on, but she would stick out her tongue and yell (more like squeal) “noooo”.

Camp literally slipped on the stairs and almost busted her ass, which is why she doesn’t have her heels on in this pic. She kept taking them off.

Rebel made the girls laugh so much, which made the audience laugh. I’m sure that’s why we ended up doing 20+ takes.

Ester and Kendrick’s dance moves gave me so many feels. Kendrick kept dancing in between takes bc they would play music while setting up the cameras. But when Can’t Stop the Feeling came on she was like “really guys?! come on!”

Her interacting with Snow made me scream EVERY time bc honestly, I live for Sendrick and Bechloe

I keep remembering different pieces of the day. I loved every second of it.

I'm "tired" of your Craigslist ads

This happened a couple years ago but I just remembered while browsing craigslist.

My dad needed some new tires for his truck but being low on funds we turned to craigslist for a used set. I found him what looked to be a good deal only a few blocks from home at some guy’s shop which was more or less just a detached garage next to his house. Dad went and got the tires installed and less than a week later one of them had a huge bubble form where the tread separated and became unusable. We called the guy and he said tough luck, we should have inspected them better. I agree, my dad should have looked them over better but I was still pissed that the guy was selling garbage to unsuspecting customers.

I forget about it and a few months go by but now I am looking for some used tires for my truck on craigslist. Nothing on craigslist annoys me more than when people list their items for $1 just so it shows up more often when people search by price. I start to see multiple listings for the same tires. All listed one day apart, all for $1 and no other mention of price in the ad itself. I begin flagging the multiple listings when I notice the name is the same as the guy who sold the tires to my dad months before (Tom) and my heart starts pounding with excitement as a plan forms in my head.

A couple days later I drive to Tom’s shop and ask to see the tires from the ad. He takes me out back and pulls them down from a rack so I can inspect them. I spend about 10 minutes looking over every inch of the tires then just stand there staring at them and thinking. My original plan was to go inspect them and then after wasting his time tell him I didn’t like them. The problem however, was that the tires were in perfect condition. New plan. After a few more minutes of us standing there in silence it comes to me.

Me: “The tires look great. I’ll take them!”

Tom: “Great, let’s go to my office and write up a receipt.”

Me: “No, it’s ok. I’ll just pay you here.”

I pull out my wallet and ask: “Is it $1 for all four or $1 for each tire?”

He looks at me annoyed as if he sees where this is going and explains he can’t sell them for only $1. I pull out my phone and show him five, yes five, separate listings for the exact same set of tires all listed at $1 with his name and contact info underneath. He didn’t like that and told me firmly to either stop wasting his time and pay him or leave, so I left as he stacked the tires back on the rack.

In all I wasted about 20 minutes of his day and made him lift heavy tires. He didn’t learn his lesson because today I found him doing the same thing with his craigslist listings, so I flagged then all and it feels amazing.

ladyknighttime  asked:

How much has your blog changed/ how many new followers do you have since the crucifix nail stuff?

This time last year I had just under 1000 followers. As of right now I have 11,269

My inbox went from silent to anywhere from 20 messages to 200 if it’s a busy day. Most of it not spam and I always feel bad that I don’t manage to keep up.

I could make posts without people trying to admonish me for talking about certain things, or treating me like a news source. But on the other hand when I do post other things I am faced with overwhelming love and support that is quite frankly humbling. The kindness is more common that the other.

I get tagged in so many posts so often I can’t keep up. Tumblr has straight up stopped telling me when I get comments on posts. It doesn’t even tell me when I get new followers anymore, despite having these settings turned on.

Random mad cap ideas I never thought much of have ended up being turned into novel ideas. As such I don’t have time to write much fanfic but I miss the Dishonored prompts every now and then. My dash used to be very fandom focused but now it’s mostly politics and fundraisers and answering a lot of questions I don’t always feel qualified to answer. I miss the former, but know I have to use whatever small platform I have for good.

In short, it’s gone from fandom and fun to being a near full time job that I don’t quite know how to keep up with but am nevertheless immensley thankful for, for the found family it has brought me, and the friends who are closer than blood.

Even when people insist on spamming me with my own shit post editing stories that refuse to die :p

Heres the thing, I understand not liking Jaymes Mansfield and I understand finding her annoying. I get it, her drag persona is not for everybody. But she’s been booed on stage and she’s been getting hate comments and the ‘well someone has to go first’ comments. For what exactly? What did she do to deserve the hate? If you’re judging her based on 20 minutes that were released then shame on you cuz you’re missing out. It’s not my job to tell you what to enjoy or what not, just don’t send the poor girl hate cuz that’s the last thing she deserves. This is the last time I make a post on the issue, cuz each time some people will take time out of their day to tell me how Jaymes is annoying and stuff, literally keep that to yourself. Just think what it would feel like to have people judge you based on the character you made that is a reference to an older star and completely disregard your talents and actual personality based on 20 minutes they saw on TV.


Like a lot of girls, I was not able to get Sebastian as I had hoped I would. But, I am going to do a special early shoutout to my favorite Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler imagine blogs on Tum-Tum. They also do headcanons, scenarios, and match ups. My favorite. =)

@fandomsimaginationstation - I have read a few of their posts, and I have to say they are very gifted. Please show them some love.

@sharingan-rasengan-chidori - I love her writing. She also does Sherlock Homes, Death Note, Bleach, Naruto, Red Dwarf, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Ghost Hunt, Criminal Minds, and more. Check her out. You won’t regret it. Out of the blogs I have listed here, I am closer to her since I have been talking with her like a friend.

@bishesreactions - I really love this blog. Please check her out. You will love her writing. She is also deadxxxmoon. She is on here, I promise you. =) She doesn’t do match ups, but she is still a very entertaining writer.

@kuroshitsuji-scenarios - You will love Nadia’s work. I love her portrayal of Sebastian, and her non-imagine works are enriching to read. You can take me word for it. =)

@blackbutlerscenarios - This blog hasn’t been active in a while, but they still have a good blog to go through while you wait for them to come back.

@black-butler-imagines - This blog doesn’t do match ups, and just like the last one, they have not been active in a while. But they have good imagine posts to read through to pass the times. I would know. I have almost read through all of them. =D

@iamsimplyonehellofawriter - I forgot about this one. They give very accurate character portrayals in their posts. You will find it very refreshing from most imagine blogs. =) —– March 20 is Positivity Day for the Black Butler community. I decided to do this part of the young tradition early since a certain someone was feeling down. Hope you feel better! =D

Waking up early is a struggle for many students, me included. As someone who wakes up at 6am every school day I know this all too well. So I decided to create this post to give you some tips on how to make it a bit more manageable to wake up early. 

It can be really difficult to force yourself out of bed but I think that there are more advantages than disadvantages to it in the end.

So here we go!

The night before

Start your night routine 1 hour before you want to close your eyes for the night. For me that time is 9pm since I want to go to bed at 10pm. So I try to stop studying around that time and start making my bag and such. That usually takes 30 min which means that I have 30 minutes for myself before bed. 

Put out clothes for the next day. This is a classic but it works really well. Check the weather for the next day and choose appropriate clothes. This way you will save time in the morning and won’t have to stress about what to wear. 

Make your bag. This is very effective and saves loads of time in the morning. Put all your school books in your bag for the next day and add any snacks or drinks that you’ll bring. 

Put your alarm somewhere you can’t reach it. Put it away from your bed so that you have to get up to turn it off. This way you are less likely to get back to bed. Also it prevents you from using your phone into the endless hours of the night. 

Put your alarm so that your have more time than you need in the morning. I personally don’t like being stressed in the morning so I’d rather put my alarm for a bit to early. 

Have a glass of water by your bed. In case you get thirsty in the middle of the night. 

You will have to go to bed on time. This is unavoidable if you want to feel alive the next day. I personally like to go to bed at 10pm. I’ve never been much of a night person. I would recommend getting at least 7 hours of sleep. 

In the morning

Let all that light in. Don’t dwell in the darkness because you’ll just make it more difficult to get up.

Don’t snooze! I know that it is tempting but don’t do it! You’ll just go back to bed and be more tired and get up an hour later and then be late for class. 

Splash your face with cold water. A kinder version of the cold shower. I personally don’t like to shower in the morning and this works just as well. 

Get dressed ASAP. Then you feel more awake and you’re less likely to go back to bed. 

Do something that you like. I like to watch a tv show episode in the morning because I really like my tv shows and it also gives me a reason to get up on time. If I don’t get up on time I won’t be able to watch my episode. But you could do anything that you enjoy like sudoku or drawing. It becomes a good start of the day. 

Food! I am personally not a big fan of breakfast to early in the morning so I eat really slowly which is another reason for why I like to have a lot of time in the morning. Make something that you know you like, and if that an is avocado sandwich then great but simpler stuff like a cheese sandwich works just as well. 

Decide on a time that you will leave the house. This will make it easier for you not to lounge around at home for too long.

Benefits of an early start

You have time to exercise in the morning! I know that this isn’t something that people like but it is a very good way of waking up. You don’t have to do a full out work out routine, it can just be a 20 min yoga session or a light jog. 

You add like 3 hours to your day. This is what enjoy the most when it comes to waking up early. It really feels like your day becomes twice as long. 

You can distribute your studying time. I personally like to study in the morning if my classes start after 9am. That way I don’t have to do all of my schoolwork in the afternoon. 

You get some me time. Wether this will be in the afternoon or in the morning is up to you. But in the end you will have more time for yourself. You can also be completely by yourself in the mornings since you’ll be the only one awake. I quite like that. 

You get to enjoy the sunrise! 

This advise is based on what I like to do in the morning so everything might not work for everyone but I hope that you might find some of it useful. And be patient, because it will not be easy to wake up early on the first day. But if you do it for a while it will become easier :)

– How many times have I already died? 20? 40? 100? Every resurrection feels as if it stealing a part of me. I don’t know how much more I can handle before I completely lose myself.
– I’d like to help You, Mr. Higgsbury, but rules are rules… Just remember no matter what happens, no matter how black is your day, do not listen the voices in the darkness – they’re lying. Don’t settle for a deal: until you say “Yes”, you are not lost.

Let’s Talk About Offerings

Almost every form of neopaganism has some form of offerings, yet one of the questions I see most is “How do I give offerings? Who do I give to? How do I know when to take it away? How do I know if They liked it?” so here we go, a big ol’ wordy post to forever be a resource. 

Disclaimer: I am a Heathen, so I’m only speaking in regards to Norse deities. Some of this may travel across pantheons, some of it may not. 

So why give offerings in the first place? As discussed in Hávamál, hospitality and reciprocity both had solid places in the culture and traditions of the time. The general idea is that you’re giving a gift to a deity in order to thank them, show appreciation/reverence, or gain their favor. 

Some comparisons can be made:

  • You’re inviting someone to your home for the first time, and when they get there you offer them tea and a snack.
  • Your friend fed your fish while you were on vacation, so you get them a cookie from the local bakery to say thanks.
  • Your parent is really just great, aren’t they? You surprise them at work with some flowers, just because. 

Okay, I think I kinda get it. What can I give Them? Pretty much anything. Food of any kind, booze, flowers, candles, incense, writings, drawings, workouts, sex, reading, feeding your fish, watering your plants…

So….How do I pick what to give Them?

The general idea is to offer something that relates to that deity in some way, but don’t get too caught up in it. I would say most of my offerings have just been what I had already, or what a gut feeling told me that deity would like.

Where do I put physical offerings?

For your first offering, it’s perfectly fine to just set the offering somewhere and say “YO THIS IS FOR YOU!”. In the long term, you may wish to set up a formal altar/shrine, in which case you can communicate with specific deities to say “Hey, if something is on this plate, it’s for you!”

What do I say?

The exact verbage I use every time I give an offering is: “I hereby dedicate this (workout) to the God/ess (Thor) in the hopes the He receives it in the spirit with which it was intended.”

Is it stiff and formal? Yeah, a bit. Feel free to do something totally different. But hey, it works for me. I speak it out loud, replacing the offering and deity as needed, every time I want to dedicate something to someone. 

How do I know when it’s been received? Or if They liked/disliked it?

For me personally, it’s just kinda a gut feeling? I rarely experience much when They do like an offering, but get strong feelings when They don’t. I usually leave physical offerings out for at least 20 minutes. 

Some use divination, some astral travel, some say no news is good news. Unless you’re getting definite Angery Vibes, you’re probably doing just fine.

How often should I offer?

As often as you feel you need to. Some offer on specific days of the week(at least four deities have their own day of the week, off the top of my head), some daily, some only when the spirit moves them. 

Don’t let me dictate your life, but I personally believe it’s important not to just call on deities when you need them. I mean, how would you feel if you had a buddy who every time they asked you over to their house, they gave you a slice of cake and said “heeeeeeeeey i need a favor”

You would feel sad. And used. Don’t let your deities feel sad and used

I recently surveyed 56 individuals about their habits in regards to offerings, and here are some of the results. Remember you do not have to be like everyone else, but these habits might serve as a starting point until you find your own path.

  • Most give offerings to their primary deity/ies about once a week.
  • Most offer to deities they work with less often only on holidays or when they need Them for something.
  • Candles, incense, flowers, spirits(booze not ghosts), candy, and a portion of their own meal are some of the most common physical items offered.
  • Knowledge-based offerings, such as reading and learning new things are the most common non-physical offering, followed by wearing specific items of clothing and the use/creation of art and music. 
  • Most spend anywhere from 1-10 minutes on offerings weekly.
  • Most rarely spend money on devotional items such as special foods, altar decor items, etc. 
  • Most say that how they dispose of an offering varies from deity to deity, but putting it outside or eating it were popular options.
Desirous // M.C

Originally posted by peachyemo

A/N: I havent posted something in so long wow. Please do request! bc honestly im lonely i need friends lol

Title: Desirous

Summary: You had a long day of school and all you desired was to be with your boyfriend and just cuddle

Word Count: 538

Warnings: literally just fluff but some bad language


 It was a long day at school, the patronising long classes were beginning to make you feel antsy. All you wanted to do was be wrapped up in your boyfriend, Michael’s, arms. Of course time felt like way longer as you glared at the large clock on the wall. It was hard to concentrate when you weren’t feeling your best.

 20 minutes later you could finally leave the building. The anticipation of seeing your boyfriend overwhelmed your senses. Although you weren’t supposed to go to Michael’s house straight away, you didn’t care since all you could think about was being wrapped up in arms while watching your favourite series on his laptop in bed.

 You walked to the bus stop to get to his small apartment, the weight of your schoolbag on your back becoming heavier and heavier as you trudged on. Once a bus arrived you quickly scampered onto it and found a seat. Straight away you plugged in your earphones and blasted a playlist that Michael made for you. 

 The whole ride you watched the scenery pass by with your head against the window. You were on the verge of falling asleep on the bus but you were frantically awakened by a loud noise coming from your earphones. It was a text notification from Michael.

 'babe can you pls tell luke to leave me the fuck alone he keeps sending me old memes' 

 You rolled your eyes at his dorkiness that shined through the message. You replied with by sending him a meme of himself and locked your phone, listening to the music play in your ears. 

 You eventually arrived at Michael’s apartment, the 15 minute journey feeling way longer than it was. You tiredly unlocked the door wanting nothing more than to cuddle and sleep. 

 You threw your bag on the couch as you began to strip yourself of clothing, leaving you in only your shirt. Slowly, you ventured to Michael’s room. 

 The blonde haired boy was lying on his unmade bed in nothing but some tracksuit pants, on his phone doing who knows what. Once he acknowledged your presence, he held his arms wide open with a knowing smile on his lips. 

“C'mere baby” he called knowing exactly what mood you were in. You leaped onto the bed before crawling into his arms. Your head rested against his chest while your legs intertwined with eachother before Michael finally encased his arms around your form. 

 He placed a small kiss upon your hair before pulling his blanket over the both of you. His laptop played some old reruns of a show you had yet to know. You smiled at the scene as you cuddled closer onto his chest.

 "Comfortable?“ he asked, chuckling slightly, his small fingers traced patterns on your back. 

 "Mhmm,” you mumbled lowly before raising your head to give your boyfriend lazy peck on the lips, “Very" 

 He smiled cheekily at you before lowering his hand to give your bum a squeeze. You shrieked in surprise as you have him an unimpressed look. "That, my love, is what you get for sending that meme" 

 "Honestly I hate you" 

 "I love you more sweetie pie” he winked as you groaned into his cuddly chest.

death by glitter, a marauders au group chat fic

Note: It is about to turn 2am as I write this, so please, don’t ask.

james: cmon

remus: No.

sirius: no

peter: no


remus: still no

james: pls

peter: thats it im telling lily u said the four of us were married u deserve it

james: nO GOD

lily: heard ur cheating on me

james: lily no i swear

lily: im leaving u for sirius anyway

James renamed the group chat to Death by Glitter.

Remus renamed the group chat to james we, in no way in hell, are not becoming a punk rock band.

james: remus ill buy you that chocolate fudge

james: sirius i can get that motorcycle

james: peter whatever u want

peter: can i have that new broomstick yaknow what im talking about right

james: done

Remus renamed the group chat to Death By Glitter.



sirius: ur wife said my voice was better

james: i give up

peter: i can play guitar

remus: Since when did u play guitar, mate?

peter: my dad taught me


remus: I can play the drums.



remus: Are you actually that surprised or did you do that to annoy me?

sirius: both

peter: who’s the manager tho

sirius: lily

james: ???? okay shook

james: guess thats settled

james: operation the marauders are punk rock af is a go

sirius: our first single is now officially out now!!!


remus: We can head to that bar in Muggle London if you want.

james: y'all i need to find lily and drag her along but does anyone know where shes at

peter: oh i forgot shes at a theater performance and it’ll last until 11 so her phones probably silent she told me to tell u

james: thanks bro

peter: anytime

sirius: come on boys we have a smashing night ahead!!!

james: ur not really cheating on me with one of them right

james: they know an awful lot about u. its kinda sketchy

lily: james im pregnant with your child i do not have time for an affair

lily: oh shit

lily: james…

lily: james?

lily: listen tell sirius and peter that i didnt mean to tell yiu guys this way but im pregnant. and james just found out so pls just keep an eye on him

remus: Lily, do you want me to have a heart attack?

remus: That’s a given, though. I’ll return him to you safe, don’t worry.

lily: i owe you one

remus: That’s a bit off the mark, but I’ll take it.

james: lily is jt a her kr a xhe

lily: it’s a he, love.

james: im clming home nlw i love yoiu

lily: love you too.

Sirius renamed the group chat to in honor of harry james potter our next single is going to be called baby boy.

james: harry??

peter: yeah u said it over and over last night so i guess u like it

james: ha i only remember the part where i heard my name over and over

sirius: MY EYES

sirius: im SCARRED


remus: Funny, you said that last night too.

–james: listen i love that you’re subtly pointing out that yall had sex but peter and i have known for a long time now that u two like each other

peter: finally tho like took yall long enough

peter: also

peter: dumbledore’s calling

lily: i cant believe you’re going away for two weeks

lily: NOW too

lily: i understand that u feel you need to

lily: but just..dont

james: dont guilt trip me like that im begging you

james: its for marlene, love. you and i both know we have to do this for her

james: she deserves this at least

lily: how dare you

lily: presume that i don’t know how important this is to her

lily: go if u want then

james: lily, i

james: ill see you soon.

Sirius renamed the group chat to the mv was watched over 20 million times in the first two days SHOOK.

james: yall went ahead and uploaded it without me??

james: on the day i come back too

james: rude

Peter renamed the group chat to james talk to your wife u fool.

james: im coming home now

james: just..ill talk to you then

lily: you idiot oh my god

james: what omg i thought we were good now

lily: you forgot the FUCKING VENUE CONTRACT

james: dammit ill be right there

sirius: are you good now

james: yeah i apologized

sirius: good

sirius: james..this is what you want

sirius: what you’ve always wanted

sirius: dont risk it again

james: dont have to tell me twice

sirius: smh

sirius: one week man one week to the day

james: im dropping the contract off now ayy

sirius: this is gonna be lit

Remus renamed the group chat to today’s our first concert in a actual venue with upwards of five thousand people im

peter: oh fuck



sirius: bc u’d back out

peter: i feel exposed

remus: Go check on the audio mate

peter: yes sir

sirius: time for your pep talk james there’s six minutes to go

james: aight listen we got this. we’re prepared and they already love us. there’s nothing left to fix and i am positive each of us will give everything out there. get it boys

sirius: damn

remus: That was actually really good

peter: shook

peter: two minutes

james: r u here

lily: yeah

lily: love you

james: love you too

James renamed the group chat to THAT WAS FUCKING FANTASTIC!

Sirius renamed the group chat to you send texts through the chat not the group chat name u hoe.

To be continued.

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Ugh, my trigonometry teacher HATED that I always finished my work with time to spare and would then read or write quietly. So much so, that he forced me to stand in front of the class and read my short story out loud. I have the worst anxiety, and he knew it. To this day, almost 20 years later, I can't even be in the same room as someone reading my writing. Like, seriously!? Why on earth would a teacher feel the need to do that to someone who ISN'T causing trouble?

That’s awful! Teachers have such power over how we act and feel as adults, it’s not a job where you can afford to be petty like that! That’s truly a shame, I’m sorry that happened to you :(

Days 22 and 23 of a 100 days of productivity

02.17.2016 - I failed my driving license exam for the second time (the exam is just stupid, only a few people can do it properly, the rest is too nervous to act normally, but after 20 hours training I feel like we all can perform those basic tasks, so…). Ugh! If I didn’t have to pay do try again I wouldn’t be so mad… Worked on a few future posts, let’s see where I can get, and spent sometime revising German (starting from the very beginning again, just to make sure everything is clear). As I’m on this German vibe… Ich weiß nicht, warum meine Kamera so werschwommen ist heute (why such a complicated word for blurry and that comma? German, why?). It seems like I’m still able to build up a sentence? I’m so happy for that! Except the punctuation, that never made any sense… 

Oh, what about yesterday? Finished studying Middle Age with a sassy mind map! Oops, I just love mind maps… 

Ferngully sentence starters

1. “Gravity works.”

2. “What’s a human?” 

3. “You lied to me!” 

4. “What are you supposed to be, some kind of fairy?” 

5. “Did you see that? It looked like some kind of flying rat.” 

6. “Puff up. Puff up. They hate that.” 

7. “I’ve been shrunk by an amateur!” 

8. “Can’t you feel its pain?” 

9. “This is the last time I save you, human.” 

10. “I want to learn magic like yours.” 

11. “Delicious. A first class smoke.” 

12. “How many times a day do I gotta threaten your life?” 

13. “Monster? What monster?” 

14. “Love the haircut.” 

15. “S/he’s still a little confused.” 

16. “We should stay here. It’s nice here.” 

17. “Maybe you should wait here for me.” 

18. “It’s okay, really. I’ll be right back.” 

19. “’Don’t go’ I said. ‘Bad idea’ I said. But did you listen to me? Noooo.” 

20. “Nobody cares about me.” 


22. “Am I dead?” 

23. “What do you do all day?” 

24. “Buzz off? I’m not buzzing anywhere. Now unshrink me, and I mean now!” 

25. “I’m up for anything you can dish out, bud.”    

27. “I love you. I’ll always be with you.” 

28. “It was the most amazing thing. Of course, it’s not really what the spell was supposed to do…” 

29. “You need a set of your own wings.” 

30. “I’ll tell you one thing, that kid doesn’t belong in the woods.”     

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nct / hogwarts headcanons?

oh man

long post warning but imagine

  • slytherin captain and ace chaser yuta
  • donghyuck commentating during matches but being totally biased towards slytherin
  • gryffindor chenle trying to steal the microphone back and being equally biased towards his own house
  • basically there’s a lot of yelling whenever it’s gryffindor vs slytherin
  • hufflepuff keeper mark is just really stressed
  • gryffindors ten and johnny taking illegal bets and being found out and sent to detention for two weeks
  • prefects taeyong (h), doyoung (s), jaehyun (g) and ravenclaw taeil
  • muggleborn hufflepuff sicheng being best friends with gryffindor jaehyun cos sicheng was a bit lost and wasn’t quite sure how to get to platform 9¾ in first year so jaehyun helped him and they sat together on the train and have been best friends since
  • they were disappointed they weren’t sorted into the same house but it never stopped them from being bffs anyway
  • sometimes sicheng sleeps in the gryffindor dorms and forgets that while he has early morning double potions, jaehyun has a free period, so he’s rushing to get dressed and get to class and he puts on jaehyun’s red tie instead of his yellow one
  • ten and johnny are also taking bets on how long it’s going to take for them to stop being oblivious and get together
  • (taeil ends up winning 20 galleons, doyoung is depressed because he was so sure it would happen after jaehyun’s quidditch match, not before)
  • yuta being paired up with taeyong in divination and not taking the class seriously at all, and instead, putting like 500% effort into making taeyong laugh
  • “what do you see in your teacup”
  • “i see the words ‘taeyong’s hair is very soft’, that sounds right to me”
  • (the jokes just get worse every time but taeyong laughs cos he feels sorry for yuta)
  • doyoung and taeil competing over the best table in the library
  • one day they enter the library at the same time and doyoung starts to power walking to The Table (in a cosy, undisturbed corner behind the Arithmancy section) and taeil really doesn’t want to lose his spot so he breaks out into a run and PUSHES DOYOUNG and doyoung is like about to go OFF when little jisung is just like
  • “um there are two seats why don’t you just share”
  • and yeah then there’s the time i swear jeno and renjun try to sneak into hogsmeade to buy jaemin a birthday present
  • donghyuck and doyoung starting a slytherin acapella group
  • mark sneaking hot chocolate out of the kitchen after lights out and sharing with donghyuck who always complains that the slytherin dorms are too cold

idk there are probably like a ton more i could go on forever


Blog - 2/20/2017: Home 

I grew up in rural Oregon, in a town of under 5,000. My graduating class in high school was around 125 students, most of whom I had known since kindergarten. I never was really inspired by the immediate area around where I spent my childhood, and I didn’t start to pursue photography until after I had moved away for college - meaning that while I’ve explored this town and the mountains surrounding it from top to bottom during my time growing up here, I’ve never done it with a camera in hand. I never felt the need to document this place, because I didn’t find it beautiful - I’d always wished we grew up somewhere warmer, preferably on the beach - something I grew out of with time.

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161106 Super Junior's 11th anniversary letters ♡

Donghae’s letter:


Eunhyuk’s letter:


Leeteuk’s letter:


Kyuhyun’s letter:


Heechul’s letter:


Siwon’s letter:


Yesung’s letter:


Shindong’s letter:


Sungmin’s letter: 


To E.L.F whom I miss
Are you guys doing well? You guys are healthy, right? I have been healthy all these time, and have been diligently learning a lot of things and growing up while living the army life. ^^

Recently, I’ve been going around while getting dispatched with Shindongie and Eunhyukie, we’ve been living life together so it was really fun, we’ve made enjoyable memories and are slowly ending our army lives. Before knowing it, Dongie and I are going to get discharged from the army soon. Even though our Ryeowookie is still in the training centre… The weather has became colder so I’m worried (for him). Hoping for our members to get discharged from the army healthily!

Now that we have lived life while being separated, it makes me think a lot about the times that had passed without resting… It also makes me think about the things (which I) lacked in previously…

I had a lot of things which I wanted to say back then.. Because I really had no idea how to say those words, I was really lost. I’m really thankful that I’m given a chance like this to write a letter. Even though I wouldn’t be able to fit everything that I want to say (in this letter), it would be great if my thoughts/feelings are being brought across. To be honest.. I know that it’s too late.. Even so, I wanted to tell (you guys) about how I feel despite it being late…

I’m sorry…

I’m still hurting and sad from how I hurt and made things hard for the fans before I enlisted… I didn’t do it (to hurt the fans)…

I really didn’t want to hurt anyone, and I really didn’t want to cause any harm to the members, too.. I thought about things for a long time, and discussed with the company.. I had also prepared a lot and thought about how am I supposed to let you guys know about this in the best way… It was confusing and suffocating for me when things didn’t go the way I thought it would.. I couldn’t do anything else but to withstand all these without saying a word…

To be honest.. I thought, “this is not right.. this is not it..”. I couldn’t do anything about it and time was flowing recklessly.. Before I knew it, in the eyes of the people who were far away from me.. I already became someone who wasn’t me… Even though I was indeed sad, I thought about how people could of course misunderstand (this situation) since I wasn’t able to say anything (back then)..

I’m still feeling unfortunate and sad.. Also.. Sorry about this..

My heart hurts..

To the people who still supported and protected me despite me being like this, I’m really thankful, and I want to repay (you guys) with my hard work. Also.. I miss you all..

Before we know it, it has became our 11th anniversary with everyone.. And also the members.. Now that I’ve looked back, I really feel grateful towards the fans who have loved and led me who was lacking so much.

I’ve always put (these words) deep down in my heart… I’ve always thought.. That things became this way because I wasn’t able to express my feelings properly like how I really felt.

I hope for the day where my heart/feelings would reach (you guys) to come…

Please look after me while I work hard..!

We would be able to meet soon.. Salute!

-Lee Sungmin-

Ryeowook’s letter:


To. My babies whom I miss and always thankful for~
Hi? E.L.F. ^^ This is Recruit No. 40 Kim Ryeowook! kkkk Wah~ Our ELF are really the best when it comes to loving Super Junior,even the Suju magnae line are coming into the army~! Are you guys doing well? I got surprised because the weather suddenly got colder >.< The environment here is good, the food here is also especially good, everyone~ You don’t have to worry (about me) too much~ Has in been a little over 20 days?! Our ELF who supported me when I enlisted.. Also ELF who have cried while worrying about me.. To the cool ELF who have coolly sent me off since almost all the hyungs have came back already, thank you everyone~

The first day was really.. I couldn’t sleep well and I looked up at the ceiling thinking.. Where am I.. Who am I.. kk However, I’m doing fine with the rest of the 21~22 year old recruits now~ How do I say this.. I’m hanging out with them so much like friends that I tend to think that “am I really Suju”, “am I a bald high-schooler Ryeonggu” k.. We’re spending everyday relying on each other like family! You saw the photos, no~ ㅠ.ㅠ The photos which even I haven’t seen.. I’ve received letters on the fan-accounts (of the day I enlisted)~ Even so, I was really cool, right? kk I’ll come back again as a brave man! Salute! Yesterdat~ I wrote letters to each of the members and sent them through mail. Really.. The only way of communication in here is through letters and it’s the only precious time to breathe and rest, it’s as refreshing as drinking beer~ I don’t know why but I feel a little nervous thinking about how the hyungs and Kyuhyunie would be reading (my letters), and even though they probably won’t reply me, I end up waiting (for them to reply)~ Our ELFs, please tell them to reply me~ k (I’m half joking and half serious kkk) I wrote cards to the members before on 2005 Christmas.. I think about how the magnae Ryeonggu back then has now grown up to being 30 (years old) and currently in the army~ I ended up thinking about a lot of things while having to stand for night watch almost every night for 2 hours (we prepare for 20 mins and do duty for 1.5 hours).

The feelings and dreams~ Which I had before debuting.. The records.. And memories~ which I made after meeting the hyungs.. And also our ELFs who have walked those times together with us.. I still remember vividly the day, like it was just yesterday, when we went back to the dorm and discussed about the name of our fandom~ Precious memories like that.. Seems like Super Junior was my everything when I was in my 20s. From the start till the end.. There were a lot times where I thought.. Should I give up because it’s too tiring.. I’ve worked so hard but why is it that I can only reach this far.. I also blamed and was disappointed with myself a lot.. I was also really shaken up whenever my mom.. or my dad falls sick, my emotions went through ups and downs frequently.. What should I do.. The times were difficult for me, just like going through puberty. However, whenever I was like this, the hyungs taught and believed in me, and whenever I was sulky, they counselled and held on to me, there were a lot of times like this. Of course, I also thought about our ELF and set my heart to it, and overcame it all! I don’t know if it’s because of this, despite me being Super Junior, but I really love the hyungs and also our name as much as Super Junior fans.

All 19 of us are currently living together in the training centre, we eat and sleep together.. Train and talk together.. I really miss our Super Junior members. I also really really miss the ELFs who love our members… I’m also substituting the characters of our Super Junior members into the friends here in the training centre.. kk If I see similar points, I would say, “you’re like Donghae hyung.. You’re like Eunhyukie hyung”~ kkk Ah~ Now that I’m writing a letter.. I suddenly feel like singing.. After coming here, I haven’t been using my throat, so there seems to be thorns forming~

Even though it’s still very far away, I really want to get discharged quickly and sing (to you guys). With my stories ^^ From when we first debuted, till now. And even in the future, we’ll keep going on together, right? I can keep thinking like that and continue with my trainings, right? Are you guys replying me? kk We’ve (been together for) 11 years~ I wanted to see your faces.. Hear your voices.. And celebrate~ ELFs who have been waiting for (my) letters~ This is okay, right? It has a feel to it, no(?) kk I’ll celebrate (with you guys) all~ I want in the future! (Time) would go quickly if we had belief and love with us~ Don’t fall sick.. Why do I keep thinking about the lyrics to Like a Star… Even when I was recording (the song), it was very sad..

I really am doing well, and I will think of and miss (you guys) every day.. So, our ELFs must eat your meals properly and sleep a lot! It would be great if (you guys) don’t receive too much stress from work or studies~ Don’t kick the blanket away just because it’s not that cold~ Since it gets really cold at dawn, bring along a sleeping bag and use it kk be careful not to catch a cold~ ^^

I’ll be writing a lot of letters in the future~ We shall meet again through the letters~
Sleep well~ Oppa is going to sleep after a roll-call! Another night watch today, heok! kk

My love, E.L.F.
Go on forever, E.L.F.
Self-congratulations on 11th anniversary~ ^^
Recruit No. 40 Kim Ryeowook
Super Junior Ryeowook
From Ryeonggu to our lovely ELF

P.S. Since (the letter is going to be sent) through mailing, I wrote this in advance.
The detail here is (me using) a blue pen (to write the letter) kkk

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Life as a woman
  • Woman: I am a Registered Nurse. I work 2 jobs on night shift, 7 pm to 7 am. I work in the hospital and work 12 hour shifts. My patients are mostly elderly people and they have Alzheimer's. My job is sad, hard, and dirty. After work, I go home and cook breakfast and dinner for my husband, who is a bus driver. He makes a quarter of what I make. I then take the kids for school. When he leaves for work I clean the house up. I vacuum and take out the trash and scrub the toilets. Then I sleep from 12 pm to 3 pm. Then I take the kids home, and then I sleep again from 4 pm to 6 pm. Then my husband comes home and then I go to work. On weekends, I go to Costco and have sex with my husband. My husband gets mad that we don't have more sex, but sometimes I am just so tired. I always wear skirts and dress feminine.
  • Woman: I am also 20 lbs overweight. I am so tired I don't feel like exercising.
  • Man: oh wait never mind. Fat lazy roastie pig!!
being 16 and escaping your mom but not recognizing or ever learning how to be a person, somehow it’s too late and you havent even begun yet
being 17 and and not having a mommy, just a mom who abandons you every time she hurts you again and again because she cant face her own demons and its always your fault
being 18 and escaping everything over and over again because you’re trapped outside the glass trying to get in
being 19 and in love love love love love love love and only love there is nothing else in the world but love, no moms no dads no food no home just love
being 20 and hurting, dying, living, hurting, living, dying, who is he who am i where am i and why is he here
being 21 and alone in a strange place with a strange cat in a run down old apartment that used to be a sex house but it isnt anymore and you live there
being 22 and chasing a tail of a glimpse of a hope that true love might be real and it might work out if you could just get out of bed for once or stop passing out from starving yourself
being 23 and drawing a picture and being proud of how it came out because its cute and a present for a new friend but then crying because you don’t know why you didnt draw when you were 16 and why you didnt try harder when you were 17 and why you werent smarter when you were 18 and why you didnt stop running when you were 19 or take better care of yourself when you were 20 or take better care of your cat when you were 21 and why am i alone even when im not? or why you feel like dying every day and why your whole life makes you want to give up. why life is a game of catch up that you never start even though life keeps going and going. you wonder when you lost. was it today or was it five years ago? do i lose all over again every day that i fail to make a difference?
do i lose every time i feel lost? will i ever be found?
—  bpd is…..