i feel like doing more of these idk

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Try fan casting Spring Awakening using only tumblr bloggers

idk where this came from but ill give it my best shot ok here we go

wendla - @uranowitz ley u would be so good for this part

melchior - @fredrikegerman ;))) need i say more

moritz - i feel like @bangarang-peter would do a gr8 interpretation of the part

ilse - me!! it’s such a dream role of mine god

ernst - @hnschen u give me real ernst vibes!!

hanschen - @dustinkroppsbf !!! idk i just thing you would do amazing job !!!

honestly idk for the rest but these r the Main parts so !!

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Black Hat

1. sexuality hc: personally i believe he wouldnt use any labels on himself (after all he is…something else). that being said however i do like the idea of him being ace and/or aro (and him also being gay)

2. otp: ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh 

3. brotp: look above

4. notp: paperhat. 

5. first hc that comes to mind: i feel like bh has Some kind of standards? maybe? idk what they’d be tho, at least rn.

6. one way in which i relate to this character: i too like suits. 

7. things that give me 2nd hand embarrassment about this character: nothing.

8. cinnamon bun or problematic fave: is this even a question, he is 10000000% a problematic fave.

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Hey so I recently came out to my mom She was so so supportive! But ugh I feel more overwhelmed than relieved, and I can't control my feelings, and I feel like she's putting pressure on me to tell my dad cause she keeps saying it's unfair she knows and he doesn't snd that it's not a big deal and why would I tell her and not my dad! And I want to tell my dad, but I'm just so overwhelmed and don't want to do it straight away and ugh idk I want to cry

I’m so sorry that she’s pressuring you like that. You need to do what’s comfortable for you, this process isn’t a race and she should understand that

Ah, yes. The signature I Don’t Know What You Did But I Can Already Tell I Will Disapprove look from Darius.

I think the version of Alterra that lives in my head is the wrong one. I miss the shenanigans these two used to get into. The version I have in my head doesn’t allow me to show you the more playful side that is the true nature of this relationship. It’s just PAIN AND ANGST AND MORE PAIN AND MORE ANGST and idk. That doesn’t feel right.

I have been rethinking Alterra lately. I am sure it’s because I am getting “cold feet” about pursuing an original project. But honestly…it just doesn’t feel ready like I thought it did.

I want to do something more fun. Like….I don’t feel compelled to write Alterra the way I felt compelled to write Conquest of Spaces.

And I wonder if it’s because I am trying to tell the wrong version of the story…

Tales From Alterra
Original work by me
Neo Kaichi and Darius Minoma are mine

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i know they donn't have the rights to do this, but how would you feel if the sh creators took cc's other two works (tid and tda) and made spin off shows with them (and like sh made them more diverse, less problematic, and just overall better)?

yeah that would be cool i guess i read tid and i liked it but idk anything about the other one but yeah i’d probably watched them especially since magnus makes an appearance in both if i’m not mistaken

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I like Gabbie and all her singing in her snapchats but I think now she just does them so Zane will recreate them and to me it's getting old.. Idk I feel like jokes seem to get less funny the more they are used.

it’s totally cool that she does it since it shows how confident she is, but for some reason it triggers the same cringey reaction from a lot of people. if she keeps doing it all the time it’ll get old fast, she could post singing videos on youtube or somewhere

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Hi I'm the guy who messaged you about the ex's older brother thing!! Thank you for your advice, otherwise I think I'd have just presumed he'd regret it. I told my best friend and she was shocked and a bit mad but is cool with us. I went over last night when she was out and there was a thunderstorm+ we watched it and then had sex and I feel good about it! Idk what to do now + Im scared someone will find out (I'm black and from south London so kinda unsafe) but feeling positive and really like him

thank you so much for updating me! i’ve been thinking about you and i’m so glad to hear that you talked to your friend & spent more time with her brother! i’m smiling so big rn i’m really happy for you. take this thing with him one day at a time and see where it goes! i’m praying for your safety as well. you’re always welcome in my DMs if you ever wanna have a chat about anything at all!! ❤️💕❣️ i’m sending you love and warmth and some really big hugs.

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Hi, uh, I'm 14 and ever since I got my first bras, about a year after I didnt really like having boobs. Perhaps it was cause I was developing which could be annoying but a few months ago i found out about what nonbinary means and the terms under it. I've been thinking about it, and I just generally dont like being a girl? But i like my long hair even if its feminine. Idk if i'd want to be agender because i dont look androgynous enough, but i dont feel like being a girl. - N* (i may ask more ;w;)

Well being agender doesn’t have anything to do with being androgynous, and vice versa. 

But I mean… I could just be reading this all wrong, and if so, I’m very sorry, but you saying that you just don’t want to be a girl and not wanting to be agender is kind of… not the point? You either are or you aren’t. You don’t just choose to be nonbinary because you don’t “feel like being a girl”.

okay but considering that like all the bmc ppl are super chill and approving abt everything, how much do you wanna bet that they’d actually add a pride-patch to michael’s jacket if they did a revival?

Modern Headcanons: Rowena Ravenclaw

Ok but just imagine…

  • Fuckin Rowena Ravenclaw doing dope ass art with her makeup like making a map of the constellations on her eyelids, or drawing a bunch of flowers on them like a garden. I think she’d be a very skilled MUA.
  • Rowena being captain of the debate team, and not only winning her debates but winning them with grace and humility. 
  • Rowena also being a hardcore parkour theatre nerd
    • she can be kinda pretentious though, like any theatre kid
    • if you say “Les Mis” is your favorite musical, she will a) roll her eyes with a rather condescending, “bless your heart” expression, and b) give you a list of musicals less mainstream for you to listen to/watch
    • she likes plays more than musicals, though.
    • mainly because she’s tone deaf
    • The Crucible by Arthur Miller and Medea by Euripides are her favorites. 
  • Hardcore feminist (not to be confused with a terf, or “femi-nazi”)
  • Think of Elle from Legally Blonde, how she managed to balance taking care of her personal appearance while also getting through Harvard Law
    • Thats basically Rowena except 10x sassier and less pink
  • She likes photography a lot- I don’t think she necessarily has the patience for painting 
    • One of her favorite photosets is the one of the Pit Bulls with flower crowns. 
  • She respects artists on a whole other level
  • Imagine Rowena helping fellow students when they’re having a hard time in school
    • because Rowena realizes that, sometimes, school doesn’t help each student reach their full potential
    • because everyone learns in different ways and some students absorb the material differently
    • thus they have a hard time in classes that don’t meet these educational needs that they have
    • and she knows that just because they don’t learn as easily through the preferred method of the teacher, it doesn’t mean they are any less smart than anyone in the class
    • if they have a thirst for knowledge and a willingness to learn, Rowena will take them under her wing
  • She’s totally the kind of girl to go to some obscure coffee place and order a plain black coffee, then sit there at a table by the window and read a book like The Great Gatsby (no hate on The Great Gatsby, I love that book)
  • She runs four separate blogs on tumblr
    • a studyblr with a bunch of aesthetically pleasing shots of her bullet journal and close-to-godlike handwriting
    • a blog where she rants about politics, socio-economic issues and what not. 
    • a blog where she posts about all her favorite fandoms and ships. 
    • and lastly, a blog hidden away from the light of day: a blog dedicated to dank memes. Rowena would be a memelord and no one can convince me otherwise. Though he doesn’t know it’s her, Godric is her most active follower. 
  • Though it seems like she does a lot of things ironically, or just to be edgy, she genuinely loves:
    • listening to albums on vinyl, just because of the whole aesthetic.
    • taking pictures on a polaroid (again, purely aesthetic). She has fairy lights lining the perimeter of her room with pictures clipped onto them with wooden clothespins.
  • Her room is a goddamn mess. 
    • clothes are scattered everywhere along with books, makeup brushes, movies, water bottles, chocolate bar wrappers, etc.
  • She and Helga totally had a thing before they broke it off and Helga started dating Salazar. 
  • Rowena’s still a bit bitter.
  • However, she and Helga raise succulents together and bond over all the cool plants. 
    • they’ll take special trips to a Home Depot or Walmart greenhouse just to look at the cool succulents. 
    • the plants have names. 
  • Sometimes she forgets to eat just because she’ll be so wrapped up in whatever she’s doing at the time, that it completely slips her mind
    • so a lot of the times Helga just invites herself into Rowena’s house and will start cooking while Rowena does her own thing
    • Rowena doesn’t even know she’s there until Helga sets a bowl of pasta and vegetables with a garlic butter sauce down in front of her 
    • it’s become a regular thing for Helga to come and cook dinner for Rowena and make sure she eats it because Merlin so help her
  • Rowena designing her own outfits and completely slaying everybody’s existence???
    • it’s a pastel grunge style
  • She has a bad habit of smoking when she gets stressed out- all of her friends scold her about it, even Salazar.
  • She bites her nails
    • sometimes she bites them so much that they start bleeding
    • it’s a habit when she’s nervous or irritated, along with picking at her lip.
  • Rowena feels like, since she’s a woman, she’s constantly having to prove herself worthy to everyone else
    • she has a lot of self worth issues and that’s where her stubborn pride stems from
    • she’s under so much pressure, the sweet bean just needs a hug. 
    • Rowena tries to hide her emotions a lot of the time, so it just ends up in bi-monthly sob sessions that she has with one or all of her friends. It’s usually Godric or Helga when it’s one on one, because bless his sweet, awkward heart, Salazar can’t handle so many emotions at once, he does want to help though. 
    • then all of her friends will pitch in to help her finish whatever is stressing her out
    • they have to be really patient though, because Rowena is very particular about the way she wants the project done- so they have to listen to her and follow her instructions to the T
    • they do it though cuz they love her
  • Rowena likes to do DIY projects, create new fonts, and try to invent new life hacks
  • She has calluses on her hands
  • Rowena having her own youtube channel that mostly consists of makeup tutorials and reviews, as well as conspiracy theories
    • what if she legit had like a cork board on her bedroom wall with a bunch of articles and pictures with red yarn connecting each piece of evidence to the next. 
  • A very “Chandler Bing” sense of humor
  • Has a secret fangirl life where she’s dedicated to so many different fandoms it’s ridiculous
    • you bet your ass she’s written fanfiction
      • it has gotten progressively better overtime but it was painfully c r i n g e y when she first started writing. 
    • one time Salazar caught her in her bedroom eating a gallon tub of ice cream and sobbing about one of her OTPs. 
    • he still doesn’t understand, but he’ll comfort her to the best of his abilities and listen to her rants 
  • She has 50 cats
    • I think dogs are too high maintenance and loud for her
    • she appreciates how cute and fluffy they are but at the end of the day, she doesn’t have enough energy, or willingness, to keep up with them
  • Rowena will get drunk, but she never gets hungover
  • If there’s an argument she’s not directly involved in, she will stay out of it and refuse to take sides 
  • She’s very intimidating to guys
  • Rowena is lowkey a problematic fav


  • She’s gay af