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I doubt Matt will ever forgive Elektra for killing Stick. Despite all the conflicts and hardship and disagreements, Stick was still the closest thing Matt had left of a father figure. Also consider that he stops in the middle of explaining to Foggy what happened to process that Elektra, the woman he loved and thought was dead, killed Stick. He’s so shocked and horrified he has trouble processing it, and ends up crying before finally being able to collect himself enough to continue.

I think his feelings will be very complicated around this issue, but I’ll have to disagree with the general statement. Here’s why:

Yes, you’re right that despite all of the shit and borderline abuse Stick put him through, he was still the closest thing Matt had to a father figure and that level of attachment Matt had to Stick has never really wavered, even in the lowest of moments in their relationship. But for some reason, you’re assuming this attachment he has to Stick is deeper than the one he had to Elektra. I would argue no. In fact, I think his attachment to both of them come from a very similar place – with Stick, it’s this deep level of gratitude for being there at his lowest point and for giving him the skills and abilities to overcome that moment and to cope, as unorthodox as they may have been. And with Elektra, he’ll never forget that she was the first person he could ever truly be completely himself with, who made him come alive, who never looked down on him or treated him differently because of his perceived disabilities, someone he could stand toe to toe with and then some. So in actuality, I don’t see much different in the depth of his affection for either of them, just that they’re different types of affection (familial for Stick, romantic for Elektra). 

Matt breaking down in the precinct during his conversation with Foggy is certainly a very palpable moment of grief, though that time to mourn is unfortunately cut short since he has to get right back on taking down the Hand. But let’s not forget that this scene happens before to the last act of the show. For as much trouble as he may have had processing his grief in that scene, he’s of a pretty clear state of mind by the time he gets to Midland Circle. If this were the straw to break the camel’s back, if this were really the one thing that was truly unforgivable, then I don’t think Matt would have made the choice that he did to ultimately stay at the bottom of the hole with Elektra. Even after killing Stick and having that inexcusable death on her hands, he still has belief in her redemption, that he can pull her back from the edge. 

The fact that one of the most important people in his life (Elektra) kills the other most important person in life (Stick) is definitely a really messy dynamic to have to come to terms with. And I don’t doubt that he’ll struggle with that at some point, if he ever gets a chance to breathe and think about it in DDS3. But let’s not forget that Stick also came after Elektra in DDS2 and was ready to come for her during Defenders. And I think that if Stick had been successful in either situation, I don’t think Matt would have had it in him to let go of the man who gave him back his life. And this is part of the reason why I don’t feel like he could completely disown Elektra from his life over her part in Stick’s death, as tragic as it was. 

So to sum up…I think Matt will forgive her. And I’m sure there may be a struggle with it, with the fact that any of it happened, but if she’s indeed alive and the one who saves his life, well, I believe Elektra means too much to him for this to be the last strike against her.

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can you please write a karmy couple fic of them being all awkward around karma's hilarious and (maybe a little too accepting) parents? thank you!

Amy knocked on Karma’s front door rocking back and forward on her heels as she waited, anxious to see her girlfriend. They had seen each other at school that day but it was different when they were at each others houses with no one else around, it was different in a good yet slightly terrifying way.

When the door swung open instead of being greeted by the wide smile of her auburn haired best friend she found herself face to face with Molly Ashcroft. 

“Amy” she practically squealed grabbing Amy off the porch and pulling her into to a giant warm hug. Amy’s eyes were wide with shock as she gave Molly a light hug back then struggled to escape her tight embrace.

“Jesus Mom, don’t suffocate her” Karma’s voice immediately saved Amy as she appeared behind her mother with her arms folded and a slight disapproval in her eyes.

“I’m sorry” Molly grinned “I just haven’t seen you for ages sweetness” 

Amy gave a small awkward smile and as soon as she was released from Molly’s grasp stepped towards Karma for protection.

“You’re just in time for dinner” she continued with the happy exclaiming as she pointed into the dining area before dancing off in that direction.

“Oh no that’s okay I already…” Amy’s voice trailed off when she realised there was no point in arguing, she looked at Karma and let out a mouthful of air.

“Please get the door next time” she said and Karma just laughed wrapping her arms around Amy and pulling her close. They stood with their arms around each other for several seconds just enjoying the closeness and feeling each others bodies pressed against their own. Amy pulled back to place a kiss on Karma’s lips but immediately froze, her arms dropping to her sides and she took a small step back from Karma as her father appeared with a wide grin on his face.

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