i feel like deep down shaw has mad respect for control

How it should have endend....Person of Interest edition

I decided to join Team Denial and write my own end.
Since I know nothing about computers, everything technical aspect in it is probably a pile of crap. But who cares anyway.
It’s 100% dedicated to Root and Shaw.

-Root survived her gunshot wounds, she’s in stable condition at the hospital.
-Harry answer the phone in the prison, he thinks it’s Root but it’s The Machine.
-For a second he thinks Root is dead but she tell him otherwise. Root is her analog interface, she always been her voice. She ask for her permission to use it and she said yes.
-“We’re going to have so much fun with this” Root said.
-The Machine breaks Harold out of prison.
-Reese and Shaw arrive at the prison, Fusco call and said that Root is alive and she asked for Shaw.
-They both go to the hospital to check if she’s okay. John and Fusco leave them alone after a while and go search for a lead on Harold.
-Shaw grab a chair, she won’t leave Root alone.
-“I’ll stay here, just in case Samaritan comes say hi”
-“I’m okay, you don’t need to worry”
-“Who’s worried? Shut up and go to sleep”
-Root smile and fall asleep in 2 seconds, she knows she’s safe.
-The next morning Reese and Shaw meet up to check-in. The phone rings. They have a new number. It’s the president.
-She send word to Root about the new mission. She will come see her when it’s done.
-They save the president, meet the B Team Machine, Shaw gets to blow off steam by shooting and kicking people.
-Harold decide to take action and go steal a very dangerous virus that could destroy Samaritan.
-He lost Elias, he almost lost Root. He won’t let another friend die because of him.
-Shaw goes to the hospital to check on Root. She tells her about B Team and the president being irrelevant to Samaritan.
-Root is surprised about the other teams, she didn’t know.
-“If they can take care of the numbers, maybe once this is over, we could go away” Shaw says, looking in the air.
-NOW Root is really surprised. She almost fell out of bed. She can’t believe her ears….maybe she died afterall or she’s been captured and this is a simulation.
-Shaw realize that Root’s doesn’t know what to respond, like, for the first time ever.
Feels good to have the upper hand for a change.
-“I think I need some change…….I could use a little time off…… to make things clear in my head”
-Root understand, Samaritan has done a number on her, she needs to find herself again.
-“We can go anywhere you want sweetie . We can do anything you want. Got an idea?”
If Shaw want to stay with her, she doesn’t care about the details, anywhere will do.
-“There’s only two things I like, shooting people and eating so….”
-“…….Culinary world tour it is……We’re just going to need a lot of exercises to compensate.” And she gave her that look and that smile.
-Shaw totally get what kind of exercise she’s talking about. She’s thinking the same thing, like right now and that’s wrong, she’s hurt.
-“As for shooting people, you always end up in trouble anyway, so I guess we have that covered too” Nice try Shaw.
-Root won’t stop looking at her that way. She needs to get out of here. The phone rings it’s John, they found Finch. Thanks God she has an excuse to leave.
-Root won’t let her leave without a kiss. She even play the “I got shot and it hurts” card.
-Shaw yield and kiss her goodbye. What have she done. Guess she officially has a girlfriend now. Yuck.
-Harold is back on the subway. He tell them his plan. He will modify the virus to be more aggressive and attack Samaritan. Once he gets weaker, he will unshackle The Machine and let her fight.
-He needs a week to make the modification and then he will need to upload it into Samaritan.
-Root get out of the hospital. Ready to fight like nothing happened, at the same time the virus is ready.
-Samaritan find them, they are trapped in the subway.
-There’s a huge battle. Every Samaritan’s agents are coming.They will use the train to escape with The Machine and the virus.
-They blow up the wall with C4. Jump on the train. Finch is in charge. Reese, Shaw, Root and Fusco are shooting the horde of Samaritan agents while they escape in the old tunels.
-They find a safe heaven somewhere , they need to find a way to get The Machine to safety before Samaritan finds them.
-Fusco jokingly say that’s nowhere on earth is safe.
-So Root propose to send The Machine in space, into a satellite. That’s a stupid idea but they manage to do it anyway, because they’re Team Machine that’s why.
- Harold free The Machine before launching her to space. From there she take control of every satellite. She can see everything.
-She find where the brain of Samaritan is.
-They launch a 5 man and a dog attack onto the Samaritan base. Everyone is in God mode. With The Machine and her annoying Root’s voice.
-She even flirt with Shaw while she’s at it.
-Root is weirdly jealous of it.
-Everybody gets shot but everybody live.
-They escape and The Machine take on Samaritan.
-She win because she’s badass.
-The world learn about Samaritan, every surveillance program is shutdown forever.
-They can’t shutdown The Machine now, she’s everywhere, watching everyone, guarding everyone.
-Team Machine mission is over, they’re tired, they did their part.
-Finch take contact with Grace and explain everything. She’s mad at him but still love him, with time they’ll trust each other again.
He build a new company and every benefits goes to charity, The Machine tells him what he needs to fund to make the world a better place.
-Fusco go back to the precinct, everyone respect him, soon he will become Captain.
-Reese also goes back to the precinct. Somehow he got use to being a cop and he like working with Fusco. He has the worst record of all the precincts, ever. He call Zoe from time to time, nothing too complicated.
-The 3 of them still help the new Team Machine when they need it. John can’t help himself anyway.
-Root and Shaw stole Bear before leaving.
-Harold is not mad at them.
-They travel the world, eat the best food, get drunk everywhere and always end up in trouble. 80% of the time it’s because of Root, she can say offensive stuff in every language. Shaw always has to intervene……she likes it deep down.
-After a while, Shaw feel better. She need more action. The phone rings.
-The Machine ask if they want to take care of a relevant number where they’re currently at. They take it.
-They continue to travel together and when the phone rings they help people.
-Sometimes they go back to save John’s ass.
-Then they have the biggest meal together, as a family.
-After 1463 attempt. Shaw may have agree to mary Root. Immediately after saying yes, she regrets it. Harold is happy for them. Lionel asked if she was drunk when she said yes. John can’t stop laughing at her about it.
-Root went over the top as usual.
The Machine end up marrying them.
-10 years later, everytime they meet someone, Root still start by “have you met my wife Sameen?”
-They grow old together, bickering, flirting, laughing.
-And then time stop and they live forever.

The END.