i feel like crying there were just so many moments i swooned over

you’re hot (when you’re mad)

isaac knows the perfect way to distract his wife when she’s angry.  

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Wrong Place, Right Time.

Request from anon: Hey. Love your writing. Can I request a fic where Reader sleeps naked. Bucky’s so exhausted after a mission he barely can keep his eyes open and doesn’t realize he’s off by a floor, quickly showers, and collapses into bed. Next morning Bucky wakes up with no way to leave the bed without waking Reader. Both of them are mortified when they realize what’s happened but eventually it leads to them revealing they’ve had feelings for each other for a long time. (Smut or fluff, but preferably both). <3

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 2,456

Warnings: Smut, swearing, NSFW, unprotected sex…..anything I have missed let me know!

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine. All credit goes to their creators <3

It had been the fifth mission in as many days for The Avengers and they were all exhausted; Bucky more so given that he was still having a daily fight with the memories that taunted him 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and so as they all headed to their respective living quarters he attempted to do the same. A feat of which was made more difficult by the fact that it was becoming increasingly harder to keep his eyes open. 

One by one each of the team left the lift and soon enough he was the only one left to reach his room. He turned his attention to the buttons on the panel at the side of the doors – his vision wasn’t exactly his best friend at the moment though so the buttons that would usually be so clear were now completely out of focus for the tired soldier.

The only option he had if he wanted to get any form of sleep tonight was to go on memory and press the one he was sure he usually did.

By the time the lift doors opened he was particularly asleep. His aching body all but fell on the floor as he stumbled over to what he believed to be his room.

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anonymous asked:

In light of Valentines day; could you do scenarios of the Chocobros, Nyx Ulric (if you can) and Cor proposing to their s/o? PS love the stuff you've been writing. :D Tis amazing and brilliant just like you!

I changed up one of them (heheh) just a little bit. Also, I got writer’s block for Cor, I’m so sorry! I’ll do a one-shot for him sometime soon based on this prompt to make up for it. And I still have yet to see Kingsglaive, so for now it’s just our four favourite boys.

This one is pretty long, since it’s a bunch of scenarios, so it’s under the cut. Enjoy! And Happy Valentine’s Day <3

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Powerful - Jaime Lannister

You have loved Jaime since you were a child. Everything he had done, the people he had killed and the horrors of the rest of his family did nothing to deter your affections. But now, Cersei Lannister sat on the Iron Throne and grew more, wildly defensive with each passing day. What happened when you tell Jaime that you’ve had enough? ( Words : 1491)

Warnings : Lannister incest of course, and lots of drama???

Originally posted by my-favoritess

“Y/N, what are you doing here?” Jaime Lannister asked in shock, and in concern. You had just barged into his room, tears running down your cheeks. You simply just shook your head and the Lannister man stood up. “Tell me what happened,” Jaime said softly, hoping a gentle approach would coax you to open up.

“It’s just,” you started but you couldn’t finish. More tears fell from your eyes. Jaime frowned and stepped towards you, his arms outstretched. You leaned into his embrace, wrapping your arms around his neck. You felt more tears fall down your cheeks when you felt his strong arms envelope your middle.

“I don’t know what happened,” Jaime started, his voice eerily calm, “but if someone hurt you, they will fall upon my blade faster than you can imagine.” You buried your face in his covered chest that his words; grateful for his support. You could feel the wet spots, where your salty tears had soaked into his shirt, against the skin of your cheek.

“Sorry,” you murmured, pulling away slightly. Yet Jaime wouldn’t let you go. His arms stayed around your waist and you could feel his chilled, gold hand against your back. “I didn’t mean to come in like that,” you whispered. Jaime moved his arm, brushing his left hand against your face to wipe away some the tears that lingered there.

“It’s quite alright, Y/N. You’ve been a family friend for how many years?” You gave him a weak smile and shrugged. You couldn’t even picture how you looked. Red in the face, your hair messed from being upset; but Jaime didn’t care. “Now,” he said, moving his hand away from your face, “what’s wrong?” His green eyes peered down into your face, as if trying to search for the answer.

“Jaime,” you said quietly. “It’s fine, I swear it,” but the Kingslayer was having none of it. His hand went to your neck, his thumb skirting against your jaw.

“Anything that makes you cry is not fine,” he said seriously. He leaned his head to yours, pressing the softest of kisses to your forehead. You swooned slightly, despite Jaime’s affection being common. Like he had said, your family had been a friend to House Lannister every since you could remember. You grew up alongside Jaime and his family, so you knew everything about him. Everything, included where his true affections lied.

“Thank you,” you whispered, pulling away from him fully. “I promise, it was nothing anyone did. Your hands can remain clean of blood.” Jaime gave you a half-hearted smile, as he still wished to know what had caused you to cry. He knew you far too well. You cried only in the darkest moments. When everything became too much to bear. He had seen you only a few times, once when you had been playing with his sister. It suddenly came to him in that moment. The only person who could get under your skin and make you upset without truly trying.

“It was Cersei, wasn’t it?” You curled your bottom lip between your teeth, unwilling to answer. “Y/N,” Jaime said, stepping towards you. “If it was her, I can talk to her. I can keep you away from her and,” he stopped when you started to shake your head.

“It won’t help, Jaime. You interfering might make it worse.” The Lannister cocked his head and leaned towards you again. “She’s the queen now and she’s your…”

You trailed off at that and Jaime stiffened. You had always had an inkling that there was something between the two twins. Your theories were only hardened when Joffrey came into the world; with his hair like golden spun straw.

“Do you-” you cut him off with a stern look. Your friend frowned and let you speak.

“Yes, I know. I had suspicions before, but Ceresi made it very clear this evening when I asked for your company during my travels to the Westerlands.” Jaime’s brows furrowed at your words, wondering why his sister would blatantly make their taboo romance public. “She said your place was beside her, not near the likes of myself. She said that you were hers and no one else’s.”

“That was not her place to say such things,” Jaime said, feeling angry course through his veins. “She does not control me in that manner,” he hinted at the idea of romance. You merely shook your head again, wondering why you had to love such a complicated man. You had admired Jaime as children, but those feelings had run rampant by now. Somehow, the subject of your affections had never once put that together.

“She said it anyway,” you said, turning towards the door. “I have to pack,” you said trying to suppress the tears that threatened to resurface. “I head to the Westerlands at dawn.” You stepped over to the door, your hand just brushing the knob before it was pulled away.

Jaime’s natural hand tightened around your wrist, turning you to look at him. His face was set, worried and slightly angered. You frowned and attempted to pull your hand free. Despite all your efforts, Jaime remained in your space. The close proximity, and that look in his eyes, made your insides flutter like mad.

“I will come with you,” he said, hoping to sound more calm than he felt. “Don’t let my sister intimidate you. I will let no harm come to you, especially now that you know.” You scoffed and finally got your hand free from his own. Jaime looked down at you with confusion, as if he thought his words would solve your problems.

“Especially now,” you repeated. The words left a bitter taste in your mouth. “When we were kids we’d defend Tyrion from your sister’s evil tricks. When you became Lord Commander of the Kingsguard, I was there, smiling at you. Even when you lied and snuck about, I was at your side.” Everything was spilling from your heart out your mouth, and even Jaime could sense the storm coming. “But you only seem to care when you’re at stake, or when my life is balancing right on the edge. You save me in the nick of time, every time; always. Do you know what that does to a person? Toying with ones feelings after they have committed them to you.”

“No,” Jaime said quietly, his eyes still holding your gaze. He would never show it, but his heart was racing. The beautiful girl he had known since he firs held a sword was confessing her feelings to him. He didn’t know how to genuinely react, so he didn’t react very much at all. You let out a tired laugh and wiped at your eyes. You glanced back up at him, letting him see your tear stained cheeks in the soft light of dusk; letting him see the years of damage on your soul.

“For years I have stayed with you, your family. We have had each other’s backs since childhood,” you said coldly. “Despite all that time, you haven’t even glanced at me the way you look at your sister. The times I hinted at what could be between us, you were looking at her. Because she is powerful. Just as Brienne is powerful in her own right.” Jaime flinched at the mention of his companion. Granted they fought for different things now. “You love strong women,” you finished, “and I will never be enough. Not for you.”

“Y/N,” Jaime flipped through everything he could say to make this better. Then the man realized there was nothing he could say to make up for all that lost time. “I’m sorry,” he murmured and you nodded solemnly. You turned your back to him, taking a deep breath. Jaime took a step towards you then, still desperate to make amends. “Is there anything I can do to show you that you are enough. Please,” he begged, resting his chest against your back. His heart ached at the thought of you leaving him in your state. He wanted to prove he could love you just the same.

His arms hugged your waist, pulling your body flush to his front. He rested his head against the back of your shoulder and you felt his lips brush against the exposed skin there. You suppressed a shudder as his short, blond hair tickled the sensitive skin of your neck. If you let go, you would’ve melted into his touch, just as you had done so many times before. Enough was enough. You pulled free of his embrace, meeting his eyes for what could be the last time.

“Meet me at the gates if you so wish,” you whispered. “If you do join me, maybe we can work through this.” The air around the two of you had changed. With everything out in the open, it hung in the space between your bodies like a body from a tree. You could almost feel his breath on your lips, that’s how close Jaime had gotten. You hand turned the door open and you added, “we ride at dawn.”

You left Jaime, standing in his doorway with his head hung in deep thought. Going against his sister and leaving with you, meant tearing himself away from the rest of his family; his lover. But if he didn’t leave, he would lose his best friend and that was something he didn’t think he could survive. After losing his children, his family, he couldn’t lose you.

However, leaving with you also meant angering an already testy Queen. Cersei had turned vile with her new found power; her heart tormented by the same loss that plagued Jaime himself. Whatever path he chose lead to danger; but whatever path he chose also shone with the hope of possible love.

a part two maybe???


Request: G-Dragon has a daughter that is 4 years old and does not know if he is her real father because he is never around.

(For optimal immersion, I am naming your daughter Mirre.)


   “Wake up, baby girl.” I whisper softly, brushing the tips of my fingers over my daughter’s soft cheeks. With a tiny giggle, the corners of her lips begin to widen, revealing the adorable smile that melts my heart every time I see it.

   “Morning, eomma.” She stares up at me with bright, beautiful eyes that remind me so much of Ji-Yong. She is a spitting image of him. He has always taken pride in it, when he is around, that is. 

   Leaning down, I press a kiss to her forehead. A hearty laugh falls past her pink lips when I lift her right out of bed and into the air, smiling widely up at her. Bringing her back down, I rest her on my hip and carry her to the kitchen where I set her on the counter. “What would you like for breakfast, love?” I ask, leaning on my elbows.

   “Whatever is easiest for you.” She smiles at me. I can’t help but feel overwhelmed by love. 

   “How did I end up with the most considerate, intelligent, gorgeous, and loving daughter in the world?” I sigh, wrapping her small body in my arms and hugging her impossibly close. She giggles loudly as she squeezes me back. With a sigh, I release her and look through the cabinets to begin making her breakfast. “So, Mirre, your birthday is in a few days. Appa and I would like to know what you want.” I inform, already knowing and having already bought the deluxe doll house she has been swooning over for months.

   I wait for a few moments, but when the silence goes on for too long, I furrow my eyebrows and turn around to face her. To my surprise, a frown has settled itself on her pouty lips. “What’s wrong, Mirre?” I ask, becoming concerned.

   She looks up at me with a tiny jump, as if she were just startled out of deep thought. “Is G-Dra- G-Dragon my real appa?” She asks.

   Every ounce of breath has left my body as I stare at my daughter in complete shock. My mouth slips ajar, the words I was going to speak caught on the tip of my tongue. How do I even respond to this? Why would she think Ji-Yong isn’t her appa? Why would she refer to him as his stage name? I know she has heard me call him Ji-Yong. Many more questions fill my mind but by her silence, I can see she is becoming uncomfortable. “W-What makes you think he isn’t your appa?” I question somewhat sternly. 

   A frown settles itself on her face. “He never comes home.. I can’t remember the last time I saw him. He didn’t come to my last birthday, he missed Christmas and he missed your birthday, too, eomma. You’re always sad.” Mirre looks up at me with tears leaking from her eyes. 

   From the wetness on my cheeks, I’m also crying. I didn’t even realize I was sad about this. Mirre brings up a good point. I’ve been ignoring the fact that Ji-Yong is never around. I never wanted to accept it and it has always been easiest to ignore how much I’ve been hurting. “And now you’re crying again.” Mirre sighs, her bottom lip quivering. 

   “Hey,” I smile, wiping my tears away quickly, “I don’t want you to worry about me, okay? Ji-Yong is your appa. He will be here for your birthday and he will be around more often. I promise you.” I hold my pinky out, grinning when she links her own tiny pinky with my own. 

   “Hey, babe.” Ji-Yong greets upon answering his phone. My immediate instinct is to melt into his words, but I refrain.

   “Hi.” Silence spreads over the line. I can tell he knows something is wrong, which is exactly why he isn’t saying anything.

   “Is everything okay?” He questions cautiously. 

   He genuinely sounds concerned, which leads me to bite my lip harshly, desperately trying to hold back tears. “Ji-Yong..” I murmur, tears already beginning to slip down my cheeks. 

   A sigh falls past his lips and I just know he is running a hand down his face. “Don’t cry, love. C’mon, you can tell me.” He says softly. 

   With a deep breath, I am able to compose myself. “You’re never around.” His stunned silence prompts me to continue. “When’s the last time you saw your daughter? She asked me today if G-Dragon was her real appa. She barely even knows who you are.” I rant, all of the words just spilling out of my mouth. “Think about that for a while. Maybe you’ll start putting you daughter before your career, G-Dragon.” 

   “Happy birthday, my love.” I sigh, kissing Mirre on the cheek. She giggles happily, staring up at her deluxe doll house. The last of the guests have left, and I can just tell how exhausted she is from all the exertion and playing.

   “Thank you for the presents, eomma.” There is a hint of sadness to her voice. I can see in her eyes that she misses her abeoji. “Appa isn’t going to come, is he?” She murmurs, her sad, little eyes gazing at the floor boards. 

   I immediately engulf her in my embrace. “I don’t know what to say, my love.” I sigh, at a complete loss for words. How do you explain to your daughter that her abeoji cares more about his career than he does his family? “Appa is just-”

   “I’m here!” A voice suddenly yells from the doorway. Mirre and I both snap our heads towards the direction of the noise. Standing in front of the door, holding a giant, wrapped box, with sweat pouring down the side of his face, is Ji-Yong. “I got stuck in traffic for three hours.” He gently places the box down and leans against the wall. “I tried to get here on time.. this was my chance to show you both that I’ve changed and I messed it up..” 

   Before his spiel can continue, a tiny squeal interrupts him. “Appa!” Mirre shrieks, bursting out of my hold and sprinting as fast as her miniature legs will take her towards Ji-Yong. “Appa!” She jumps into him, effectively knocking him over.

   “Hey baby girl.” He laughs holding her tightly to his body. “I missed you so much.”

   “I missed you, too, appa.” She cries. I can see the pain in his eyes just from those few simple words. He makes eye contact with me, but I quickly avert my gaze. “I thought you didn’t love me anymore.” 

   Ji-Yong lets out a choked sob. “No, baby girl. I love you and eomeoni with all my heart. You two are the only girls I want in my life.” He says sincerely, running his fingers through her hair. 

   “Did you get me a present?” She asks excitedly. He nods, prompting her to run over and rip away the wrapping paper. “Appa.. eomma already got me this doll house.” She giggles, looking over at him with innocent eyes. 

   I hold in a laugh, shaking my head. “Oh man… do you want me to return it and get you something else?” He frowns.

   “No, it will do.” She grins. “Now my dolls will have two houses!” 

   As I stare fondly at our daughter, I don’t notice Ji-Yong make his way over to me. “I’m sorry for never being here for the two of you.” He whispers. Heat rushes to my cheeks and I hold back the urge to start crying. “I didn’t have my priorities in check. I don’t want to mess up what I have. You and Mirre are my life. And I’m sorry it took me so long to figure that out.” He runs his fingertips over my cheek. “I love you.”

   “It’s going to take more than an apology and some sweet words to convince me otherwise.” I state matter-of-factly, smirking at him. He flashes me a smile before leaning down and pressing a kiss to my lips. 

   “I’ve got a lot planned for you, love.” He grins cheekily, pressing another kiss to my lips. “You’ll see soon. I’m changing my ways.” 

   “Appa!” Mirre calls. “Please come build the doll houses for me!” With a quick wink to me, Ji-Yong goes to help assemble the doll houses. I stare adoringly at my small family, knowing that things are going to turn around and only get better from here on out.

Look, it’s Peter Pan!

+ Robbie Kay

author’s note: au but like… au-ish? probably v shitty imagine & sorta long and disappointing!!

Prompt: In which a boy named Robbie Kay is an actor at Disney, playing Peter Pan & he meets a girl but can’t break character to ask her out. 

Today is the day you and your family is going to Disney Land. The happiest place on Earth, tailored for even the oldest of ages.

A place and the figment of Disney its self is timeless, which is why you picked the special place for the whole family when you were asked to pick. 

A small, dainty hand is clutched to yours, the sweat seeping from the hand to yours. You look down and grin at your little sister who is so infatuated with Disney that she doesn’t realize she is sweating. 

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Sober- Part Two

G-Dragon & Song Mino-Angst

Part One Part Three

Originally posted by ibmariji

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 13 (2.0) PART 14 END

Text series with last part as a fan fiction - can be read alone

AO3 version

Word count: 9,787

Paring: Jungkook x reader

Warning: Super fluff, cliche, gross gooey, cheesy asf

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (Modern AU)

Summary: Recently jilted and determined to avoid any love story cliches, you reluctantly attend a wedding, only to run into your college crush.

for @dearthofequanimity

A/N: I’m overwhelmed by all the love on my first story! Thank you so much for the warm feedback; I only hope this one also brings a smile to your face! -j xx

“Another one?”

Almost immediately another blackberry gin and tonic slides in front of you, courtesy of the very sweet bartender. You raise your glass at him before sliding off the bar stool. You got your alcohol. Now you wanted dessert.

You glance at the bride’s bouquet sitting on the counter you had just occupied. With a scoff you toss your hair and stomp off in your stilettos without it.

During the bouquet toss, the bride had thought it would be cute if she first pretended to throw the flowers but then turn around and hand you the bouquet. She thought it would be cute and cheer you up.

Oh, Lord! When she realized her idea wasn’t actually cute, the bride awkwardly tried to play it off as a joke. A man in the crowd quickly saved the situation by clinking his glass and loudly chanting, “Kiss! Kiss!”, giving you the opportunity to slink away to the open bar as the couple of the hour kissed to the melody of clinking glasses.

The bouquet only reminds you of your unattached status. Normally you don’t mind being single, but you’d checked “Plus One” when filling out the wedding invite. How were you supposed to know that your now-ex would break up with you over text a day before the wedding?

The heartbroken single at a wedding. What a pathetic cliche.

You pick out a cream puff from the dessert table. Right when you’re about to bite in, you feel a light tap on your shoulder.

Who dares to disturb your dessert bliss? You slowly spin on your heel, ready to give the person a piece of your mind but as soon as you see who it is, you practically choke on your cream puff.

“Oh my God, Bucky?”

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I did an otp question meme thing for Etta/Diana. Be warned: I’m basing this all off the movie, which I’ve only seen once. I might be iffy on characterization or speech patterns. Also, I rambled.

Who is the big spoon/little spoon?
Diana likes both, but Etta definitely prefers being the little spoon. The first time Diana tucked an arm around her in bed, Etta’s eyes got really wide and her breath caught, because while she’s a fierce, determined (and previously single) woman in her mid-40’s, she yearns for cuddles. Especially cuddles from tall, beautiful, badass women.

Favourite non-sexual activity?
After a number of truly disastrous dates, Etta finally loosens up about trying to corral Diana in public and just lets her be, and finds she enjoys going out and just exploring the city together. They do a lot of traveling, too, to wherever Diana is needed, and even though Etta makes a lot of frowny and/or exasperated and/or frantic faces over trying to be the more organized and responsible of the two during their adventures (you can’t just show up in another country and start winning people’s wars or solving crisis’s, Diana, there’s plenty else that’s got to be considered like food and lodging and not creating an international incident) she loves getting involved and making a difference.

Who uses all the hot water?
Diana, because it occasionally escapes her notice that she’s no longer in paradise, and she does have a very subtle spoiled streak (bloody princess); but Diana goes out of her way to make sure Etta gets to have relaxing baths and other self-indulgent activities, so it evens out in the end.

The most trivial thing they fight over?
Diana feels that Etta clings far to closely to social rules that make no sense (why shouldn’t I hold your hand in public? I was told this is to show others we are together) and Etta thinks Diana takes safety for granted. The issues are actually not trivial at all, but each thinks it is.  

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terynosaurusrex  asked:

Also, Dex being hella doubtful of Nursey's abilities as a fighter and writes him off as lazy and/or pretentious and then watching Nursey fuckin slay all graceful and shit boi just swoons, but simultaneously Nursey writes him off as a grouch and an ass and then one day watches him work in his little workshop on something he really loves and is gone once he sees Dex smile really big and his eyes light up at making a successful thingy That was articulated horribly but I have lots of dexnursey feels

You didn’t ask this as a prompt but I just really wanted to write something for this AU so here we go. There will be a part two whenever I get the time/motivation. For now, have this weird rough little ficlet I wrote in like an hour.

For the Percy Jackson AU

The thing about Nursey was he was the worst.

The majority of Dex’s siblings liked to argue that this was a subjective opinion, but Dex knew it to be objective fact.

“Why does he bother you so much?” Gwen had asked, an active blow torch left dangerously unattended in her hands as she stared at him.

“Yeah, he’s actually cool?” Serena had then ventured, sharpening a blade and ignoring the daggers Dex was glaring her way. “Like, most of the Ares kids are horrible, but he’s actually really nice.”

“And you thought he was a son of Aphrodite,” Thomas interjected, dodging the actual dagger that Dex hurled at him as the rest of Bunker Nine laughed. 

That incident had taken place three hours ago, and Dex’s mood had not improved. It didn’t help that Chowder was just as enamored with Nursey as the rest of the camp.

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Music Series: Stone Cold by Demi Lovato

(Sighing heavily…)

Without going into long detail of how this post transpired, and protecting the person who requested it, this post makes me a bit uncomfortable and I may trash it at some point. Someone told me a couple of days ago that they think about Harry in an admittedly unhealthy way (who in Harrydom hasn’t at some point), to the point that when she reads or sees stories that link him to women or love interests, she cries, feeling heartbroken. It made me realize there are probably a lot of people who feel this way about the celebrity they swoon over, and Harry being total swoon material, I get it.

She asked if I thought she was crazy. Drooling over an idol does not make you crazy! It makes you human. Fantasy can be healthy, to an extent. And Harry being so personable to people, making him relatable, it’s completely understandable that many would feel this way. He has the “Prince Charming effect” going for him in a big way. Do you think girls years ago didn’t dream about being with Paul McCartney or Elvis? Actually, my answer to her was something more like, “Honey, I write potentially unhealthy Harry fanfic in my feeble attempt to help myself and others feel a connection to Harry, because God knows he’ll never know I exist, nor be interested.” Are you feelin’ me right now?

I think what we should remember is, Harry can have girlfriends, and friends who are girls, and he’s allowed privacy, AND not everything you see on the internet is what it seems or even true. Whether he has a love interest or not, I don’t know. But if he does, we should be happy for him, even if it crushes dreams globally of being his one and only. And if he does, it doesn’t mean they are secretly shacked up with 2.4 kids and a dog named Spanky with a family unit condo in Malibu. He’s 23. Relationships come and go, so be happy for him if he has one.

All of that said, I hope this creation, featuring “Stone Cold” by Demi Lovato, will embody my idea of this situation. Thanks for reading! xo


Link to this song on my Spotify playlist called “Singing in the Shower”: https://open.spotify.com/track/56twMOlq9DJc3EgpVUVIrW

p.s. Wrote this sporadically throughout the day while working so I hope it makes sense. Busy workday, sloshy brain.


Stone cold, Stone cold

You see me standing, but I’m dyin’ on the floor

Stone cold, Stone cold

Maybe if I don’t cry, I won’t feel anymore

Stone cold, Baby

God knows I try to feel happy for you

“Hi,” you say, as you see Harry looking at something on the store shelf.

Harry turns around and looks at you surprised, then smiles sweetly.

“Hi,” he replies, looking at you for a moment before leaning to you with a kiss to your cheek. “Been awhile.”

“Yes, it has,” you reply, smiling back. Three months, to be precise. Three months since you and Harry had decided to break up. It was a mutual agreement, even if you had both cried.

‘It’s not because I don’t have feelings for you,’ Harry said, sadly.

‘I know…just…not working,’  you had agreed.

‘Our lives are…’  he had started.

‘Going in different directions right now…I know…’ you had finished.

“How’ve you been?” he asks politely, looking around a bit.

“Fine. You? Work good?” you ask, trying to expand but forgetting how to think.

“Yeah,” he said, nodding. “Staying busy, you know?”

“Yeah, I caught your show when you were in LA. I knew I’d be there for work,” you admit.

“Did you? I wish you’d stopped and said hello!” he says, seeming disappointed.

“I…didn’t…” you try, but are interrupted.

“Harry?” the girl said to him as she took hold of his elbow. The same elbow you used to cling to when you and Harry would go for a walk, or as you drove in the car together.

“Um, yeah, you ready?” he asked her, seeing you respond to the interruption by looking at the floor. The girl nodded then walked toward the checkout counter.

Know that I am, Even if I can’t understand

I’ll take the pain, Give me the truth

Me and my heart, We’ll make it through

If happy is her, I’m happy for you

Harry looked at you for a long moment then hugged you, pulling away slowly. “Let’s talk again soon, alright? Catch up a bit while I’m here in London?”

All can you do is nod and paint on another smile, as your throat tightens and you feel the fluid building in your eyes, as he slowly backs away, still looking at you, then turns and walks to where the girl is waiting for him.

Your’s and Harry’s decision to break up was a difficult one. You’d been together for a long time. But the stress and distance involved in being in a relationship with Harry, not to mention you have a job, too, just became too difficult to make work. It was sad, really. You still had strong feelings for him, and had hoped maybe he felt the same. You were still in love with him, and it hurt to see him. Not only because he was with another girl, not even knowing what they were to each other really, but merely seeing him again and hearing his voice after three months of nothing, it just hurt.

Stone cold, Stone cold

You’re dancing with her, While I’m staring at my phone

Stone cold, Stone cold

I was your amber, but now, She’s your shade of gold

Stone cold, Baby

God knows I try to feel, Happy for you

You hadn’t really believed him when he said you would talk again soon. You thought he might have meant it at the time, but you knew how things were with him, and now that several days had passed, you had lost all hope in it happening. His life was a busy one. Too busy sometimes to fit everything in. It wasn’t the first time he had left you hoping.

As you lay in your bed, unable to sleep and scrolling through your social media on your phone, you saw the confirmation that you wouldn’t be getting together with him this trip after all. You played the “live” video replay hesitantly, one of him and the girl from the store, dancing with a group of people at some sort of party. The video was posted only 4 minutes earlier, and was captioned, “When Harry Styles and his date show up at your New York event unannounced!”

You exhale heavily and attempt to choke back your tears, but it doesn’t change how much you miss Harry. Miss being around him. Miss his friendship. Miss talking to him. Miss spending time with him. Missing the intimacy. You wonder sometimes if he misses you at all, even thinks about you. Maybe it’s time to try to move on. You hadn’t wanted to move on. You wanted to wait and see if he couldn’t live without you and begged you back, but he hadn’t. Maybe it was just time to be happy for him now and…try.

Don’t wanna be stone cold

Stone, I wish I could mend this

But here’s my good-bye, Oh, I’m happy for you

Know that I am, Even if I can’t understand

If happy is her, If happy is her

I’m happy for you.

As you finish your day at work, you walk out the front door of the building and begin your daily strides toward home. You see the little coffee and tea shop that you and Harry used to frequent, and reminisce in your mind. You pass the floral shop, where Harry used to buy you flowers at least once a week. You remember how happy he looked when you would wrap your arms around him every time, always acting surprised, and always appreciative that he thought of you.

“Stop it!” you shout at yourself in your mind. Just stop doing this to yourself and move on already! Harry apparently has so you should, too! Why couldn’t you?

As you slowly approach your house, you slow as you walk toward the steps. You hadn’t noticed Harry’s car parked nearby, but there he sat on your front steps, waiting for you. You stop as you see him smile at you, then slowly walk closer to him. He stands and walks to you, that same look in his eyes from the day in the little store.

“Do you mind some company this evening? I think we need to talk.”

An excuse to give a certain Jedi all the hugs

Ok, this is entirely @forcearama ’s fault - her recaps not only got me into TCW, but gave me all sorts of Kenobi feels. I’m not completely happy with this, but It’s been hanging around on my drive unfinished for long enough, so here, have a silly Mortis AU created purely to ensure Obi-Wan gets a well deserved hug.

Outside the thunder roars, a cacophony of light and noise as the planet tears itself apart in an orgy of chaos and destruction. Inside the cave however it is quiet, the silence only broken by the  crackling of the fire and occasional rustle of clothing as Ahsoka shifts in her sleep. Obi-Wan should be sleeping too. Who knows what new impossibility Mortis will throw at them in the morning?  But rest eludes him. The visions have left him unsettled, his mind turning itself over and over in an attempt to make sense of it all. Ahsoka had refused to speak of what she had seen, but if it was anything like his own experience… ( “you must realise with his power this is a very dangerous place to be” says a ghost ) 

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It’s Complicated: Part One

                                        “ITS COMPLICATED”

SUMMARY: Shorter than most, your frame had shown a curve much different than a Natasha Romanoff or Wanda Maximoff, glasses along your ears to match. Hired on as an assistant to the avengers - dealing mostly with the technology side, you werent keen on being surrounded by them. It wasnt until you realized, the moment you met Bucky Barnes - you knew your life was now going to become complicated, falling for a man you knew in your heart could never fall for a girl like you.

Notes: Loved writing this, the girl is so much like me omg haha. Sexual tension, humor. Slight swearing.

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9 Reasons Why I Ship Falcon Song (aka Li Chang Ge x Ashina Sun From Chang Ge Xing)

Or, rambles on an awesome OTP from an inexplicably small fandom that deserves way more love. (seriously, where are all you lovely international fans at?)

Warning: Great Wall Of Text ahead. Also contains spoilers up to Chapter 58.1

1. They mutually respect and value each other’s abilities

Sun recognizes Chang Ge first and foremost by her abilities, regardless of her title or appearance. He’s a war veteran who first rode into battle at the age of 9. But even before they meet, he acknowledges the opposing Han strategist Li Chang Ge’s military tactics:

“Tch! So they blocked off the river with a dam and made it look like it dried up, and used smoke signals to release the water.”

“Interesting. As expected of Gong Sun Heng.”

After he falls into a trap set by Chang Ge, he is even more impressed:

“It was such a dirty tactic, but it was well worth the fight.”

Enough to ask Mu Jin to “Get some info on this Captain Li” and to “leave that Captain Li alive.” 

When they do meet, Sun finds that his opponent all along “was a scrawny little female-looking guy”. But that doesn’t stop him from making her his military advisor, and very quickly including her into his inner circle. And what happens when he finds out that she’s a woman? Nothing different, really. Mr. Ahead of His Times (remember, this is ancient China we’re talking about) continues to value her opinions, trust her with important matters, and basically treat her as an equal.

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Sanvers Couch Saga - Part 2

Part 1: https://whatdoidowiththisthing.tumblr.com/post/162119713152/sanvers-couch-saga-part-1

Friendly heads up: They’re gonna fight a little, but they’re gonna be ok.


She didn’t think it would feel that different—being engaged—but there’s something…permanent about it. Permanent in a way Maggie never could imagine her life would be. A way she never thought she would love.

Until recently, of course. Now, she couldn’t imagine it any other way.

But still…they’re learning. And it’s not always easy. The road to their happily ever after requires making decisions, which requires discussions, and sometimes…occasionally…means arguments.

And, boy, did they argue tonight.

Over the couch.

Seriously…the damn couch.

They’d avoided a lot of the pettiness they’d seen in other peoples relationships. They talked openly, honestly, and kindly almost all of the time. Both of them surrounded by enough drama and divisiveness in their work lives and past lives to know that they never wanted to intentionally cause the other that kind of pain. True fights happened rarely. Most were small and dissolved quickly.

One time, it starts with “You’re loading the dishwasher wrong.”

Maggie pokes her head over the counter, staring at Alex in the living room as if she had just told her she had three heads. “If the dishes come out clean, how can it possibly be wrong?”

Alex closes her book, sighing, “The cups have to go on the left, and the bowls go on the right.”

Maggie knew her tone was serious, but she simply raises her eyebrows and continues loading them “wrong” anyway. She isn’t about to redo it. Alex huffs and stalks over. So, naturally, Maggie hurries the dishwasher shut and flips it on. It locks automatically and starts the cycle.

Alex is not pleased. Maggie is betting she can change that.

“Mags, they won’t get clean!” she whines, just on the edge of anger.

Maggie holds her ground, holds her back against the dishwasher, calm, “I promise you, they will.”

Alex crosses her arms, gives her a look that says she is not playing games. Maggie takes that as a challenge.

She steps slowly toward Alex, invading her space, but not quite touching her. She gives Alex her best puppy dog face—head tilt, dimples and all—but Alex doesn’t flinch. So Maggie tries another tactic.

She brings her hands to the sides of Alex’s waist, dances her fingers under the hem of Alex’s t-shirt, skimming her waist softly, slowly. She feels the goosebumps on Alex’s stomach, feels her skin dance under her hands. But Alex is stubborn. Her body may be betraying her, but she won’t let her face show it.

Maggie smirks and bites her bottom lip, but Alex holds strong. “I was trained in psychological warfare. I’m a secret agent in a government black-ops unit. I can withstand—” And Maggie suddenly pulls her waist hard and fast, pulls her against her own body. Alex’s hands automatically reach out to Maggie’s shoulders to catch her balance, and she gasps. She exhales the end of her sentence, barely above a whisper “—torture.”

Maggie’s eyes burn hot. She feels Alex’s body melt against her own, feels her tension, her annoyance, fade. She knows she’s got her now, so she keeps going. She slips her hands in Alex’s back pockets and pulls her impossibly closer—tighter. She puts her mouth up to her ear, gently bites at her earlobe, earning a low moan from Alex, and Alex’s hands through her hair. She whispers low, “I’m not sure we’re talking about the same kind of torture…”

Maggie could load the dishwasher however she wanted after that.

But today…today was different.

Today, they couldn’t use their hands, their mouths, their bodies, to will the other into compromise. Today, the emotions went deeper. Tempers ran hotter. Today, the fight held real pain.

And they felt it.

Maggie’d had an awful day at the precinct. She had to stand as backup and watch other cops follow through on an arrest warrant for a single mother accused of distributing drugs and child abuse…among other things.

She had to stand and watch CPS take three terrified little kids away from their home, their life, their mother. She had to watch the oldest boy try to comfort his crying sisters, not shedding a single tear himself. She had to watch them get loaded into a van and taken away.

She watched them pull away knowing their world was turning upside down, and memories of how hers had so many years ago flooded her brain.

She watched them pull away knowing they were headed for foster care, and so she watched them pull away praying, praying, they’d end up in the good kind. She consequently spent the rest of her day with her mind caught up in moments she’d really hoped she’d forgotten. Moments she hadn’t thought of in…well, in quite a while, actually…now that she thought about it.

By the time her shift ended she’d dug herself into a painful hole she couldn’t climb out of, and she was angry at everything. Angry at that mother for her poor decision making. Angry at her own parents for their poor decisions. Angry at foster parents who didn’t give a damn about the kids they were responsible for. Angry at the system in general that forced her to witness the whole thing.

She turned the corner of their street white-knuckling the steering wheel and seething. Seeing their building, her home, snapped her out of her anger just enough that she started taking deep breaths to calm herself, to try not to bring all that pain inside with her. Then she pulled up to the curb to see Alex’s couch—their couch—sitting on the curb outside the building. That sent her spiraling back into anger, and by the time she got in the door, she’d worked herself up again, and she was livid.

A new couch was in the middle of their living room, looking so out of place to her. Too new, too big, too clean. Alex was in the kitchen finishing up dinner when Maggie walked in, greeting her with a smile like everything was fine, everything was normal. A smile that on most days, made Maggie swoon.

“Hey babe, how was your day?”

“What the hell is this?” Maggie’s standing with one hand on her hip, one held out, gesturing at the couch.

Alex turns around. “Oh…” Her face a little confused, a little apologetic. “I ordered that a while ago. With everything that’s been going on, I actually forgot about it until they called me this afternoon to say they were dropping it off.” She registers Maggie’s anger and tries to address it, “I know it’s not quite the same as the old one, but…” she gives it a once over and shrugs, “it’s ok I guess?”

Maggie throws down her keys and her bag. “You didn’t think to tell me?”

Alex tries to read her face, figure out where the anger is coming from, but she has to turn her attention to the stove, to dinner. “I’m sorry, like I said, I forgot all about it! I ordered it…I don’t know…” she thinks back, “almost two months ago?”

Maggie kicks off her boots, seething silently on her way to the bedroom to change. Alex finishes quickly in the kitchen and by the time she’s made it to the bedroom, Maggie has changed, but is now somehow angrier.

Alex puts a hand gently, gently, on Maggie’s side, but Maggie pulls away like it’s fire. Alex flinches, tears threatening to spring up in her eyes. “I’m sorry, Maggie. I should’ve told you. I was too busy rushing back from the DEO and helping the moving guys shuffle things around and then…I was making dinner…”

Maggie relaxes just slightly. She knows she’s being immature, but she’s still hurt.

“…I didn’t think it was a big deal.” The sentence comes out of her mouth before she can take it back, and Alex regrets it immediately. She braces herself.

Any tension Alex had eased is back in spades. “You didn’t think it was a big deal?”

“I didn’t mean…I’m sorry. That came out wrong—” Alex backpedals. She pleads.

Maggie doesn’t hold back now, “I’m sorry, Alex. I know this is your apartment, your couch, but I thought it was our apartment now. I thought this was our home. My home. Which means I get a say in things too. Or is that not how this works?”

“Of course it’s our home, Maggie! Of course you get a say—” Alex tries, but Maggie cuts her off, almost yelling now.

“I deserve to be heard, Alex! I deserve to be asked, to be considered. You can’t just go ahead and make all the decisions without even telling me!”

“Whoa, whoa…Hold on.” Alex goes on offense. “It’s a couch, Maggie. Now I’m sorry I didn’t tell you, and I’ve apologized for that. If it bothers you so much, we can take it back—”

“That’s not the point!”

“What is the point?!”

Maggie is angrier than Alex has ever seen, “You didn’t even think to tell me? It never once occurred to you to consult the other person living here, you know, your fiancée?!

Alex tries to reel her in, even slightly, “Ok. You’re right. Please, just…talk to me. Just calm down.”

Maggie scoffs, “You do NOT get to decide that for me, Alex.”

That cuts deeper than she intended.

The tears Alex was holding back finally spill over, starting silently down her cheeks. They’re not going to get anywhere this way, but Maggie’s not backing down. Alex knows she’s talking—shouting, really—without saying what she actually means. But Alex is not going to stand here and be yelled at. She waits a few seconds, tries to cut through the anger on Maggie’s face, but Maggie can hardly look at her. Not right now.

So Alex resigns. She turns her back on Maggie standing in the bedroom, stone-faced, shaking in anger.

The silence is as deafening as the shouting.

Alex heads to the door and quietly pulls on her jacket, her boots. She grabs her keys with one last look to Maggie, now sitting on the edge of the bed, but Maggie still isn’t looking at her. She can’t.

Alex doesn’t even slam the door when she leaves. Maggie wishes she would. Then she could justify a little bit more of her anger. The door clicks quietly shut and Maggie surrenders to her own tears.

That was three hours ago.

Alone in the dark, quiet apartment, Maggie sits curled up in the armchair, staring down the couch. If she were Kara, she would’ve burned it to the ground hours ago.

Actually…she almost thinks to text Kara, ask if Alex is there. But she knows Alex could be anywhere, and if she’s not with Kara, the text would just send her into a panic. Instead she checks her watch. It’s past 10. She catches her reflection, eyes red and puffy from crying, even though she’s long been out of tears. She takes a moment to replay their whole argument in her mind and manages to laugh to herself…I guess this is technically a first. She tells herself to remind Alex of that…later, though. Maybe tomorrow.

She stares at the couch again. The stupid couch that sparked her anger. And Lord…there was so, so much anger. More than she even knew she still carried. And Alex…god, Alex.

Now that she’d calmed down, she knew she was actually a little upset about the couch—not really the couch itself, more what it represented. But mostly, she also knew, she was over-exhausted and bitter and on edge after work…so when she saw it, she overreacted. And that was not Alex’s fault. Or the couch’s.

She slowly uncurls herself from the chair and stands in front of the couch for a second considering it, thinking. Just sit on it already. It’s only a couch. It’s actually…it’s way bigger than our last couch. She sits, reluctantly.

And it’s also really comfortable.

“Dammit,” she mumbles to herself.

The sound of the door opening makes her jump, but it’s only Alex. She breathes. She waits.

Alex doesn’t look at her, not at first. She kicks off her shoes, shrugs out of her jacket and finds Maggie sitting in the middle of the couch. She tries to read her face—her temperament—before she speaks. “I see you two have made amends.” It could be a joke, but it’s quiet. It’s careful.

Maggie looks sorry, but all she says is, “Come here. Please?”

Alex does. Despite her own anger, her hurt, she trusts Maggie, loves Maggie. She sits with a distance between them though. Not quite ready to forgive.

Maggie tries to bridge the distance with her words first, “I am so, so sorry, Alex.” She reaches a hand out to Alex, but stops short, dropping it on her own leg at the last second.

“That was really unfair of me, and I am sorry for how I acted,” she adds, “…over a couch.” The word makes her laugh just a little. But Alex doesn’t laugh. She’s still searching Maggie’s face for more.

“I think this may be about more than the couch.”

Maggie shrugs, looks up at Alex a little embarrassed, “It was a little bit about the couch.”

Now Alex laughs, “Is it really that bad?”

Maggie takes Alex hand and is grateful that Alex doesn’t pull it away. “No, it’s fine. It’s actually really comfortable, which makes it so much harder to be mad at.”

Alex puts her other hand on Maggie’s cheek, “I promise not to buy any more new furniture without you.”

Maggie turns and kisses the inside of her palm. “I appreciate that.”

Alex knows there’s more. She’s waiting to hear what Maggie has to say, but Maggie only flips Alex’s hand in hers and traces circles into her palm, staring down at it, avoiding Alex’s gaze.

Alex pushes a little, “You gotta talk to me, Mags. You’re allowed to be angry, ok? You’re even allowed to be angry at me…” she laughs a little, “although I’d prefer you weren’t.” Maggie smiles, meets her eyes briefly. “Talk to me? Please?”

Maggie sighs, nods, “I had a bad day at work. Watched some kids get taken off to foster care while their mom was arrested. I just…It brought back a lot of memories. Of me, my own childhood, that feeling of helplessness…” A tear falls down her cheek and Alex gently, gently wipes it away. Ironically, her kindness makes Maggie tear up more. “I just…I don’t know…to come home and see that stupid couch sitting out on the curb…out with the garbage…it felt like…like the day I found my stuff on the curb.”

She gathers the strength to look up at Alex. She sees the tears in her eyes too—she’s hurt, but she’s not angry. Maggie continues, “That couch felt like a part of us, you know? A part of our story. There’s a lot of memories there. Seeing it out like that… It felt like you could take a piece of us—of me—and just throw it away without telling me.”

Alex’s heart breaks. “Mags—” She takes Maggie’s face into her hands, kisses her forehead, and makes sure she’s looking right at her. “I would never, ever, throw away any part of you—or of us. I’m sorry I made you feel that way. That was so far from my intention.”

Maggie is grateful, even if slightly embarrassed at the amount of feelings she has over something as silly as a couch. “I know, I just…I panicked.” A small sparkle comes back into her eyes, “We had some good times on that couch.”

Alex laughs and kisses her, “Yeah, we did.”

Alex puts her arms around Maggie, holds her close. “I never want to get rid of any of those memories, Mags.” She waits for Maggie’s breathing to calm, waits for her to relax into her more. “But…you know…we’ve needed a new couch since you and Kara ruined the last one.”

Maggie pulls away, looks at Alex in shock, mouth wide open, “You knew?!

Alex laughs, kisses Maggie’s shocked face, “Instantly. Like…as soon as I walked in the door.”

Maggie laughs, shaking her head. Alex pulls her to her chest again, “Normally I would’ve been mad at you two for lying to me but…that was the moment you guys started becoming sisters. I couldn’t take that from you. Either of you.”

Maggie looks up and pulls her into a long, sweet kiss, “I love you.”

“I love you too.” Alex stares at her for just a little longer, pushes her hair behind her ear, “You know…it also means we get to make new memories on this couch…”

Maggie grins—dimples on full display, love in her eyes—and raises an eyebrow, “Oh, I have a few ideas…”

Part 3: https://whatdoidowiththisthing.tumblr.com/post/162120281232/sanvers-couch-saga-part-3

Let’s Not Fall In Love (T.O.P)

Group & Member: Big Bang’s Choi Seung-hyun (T.O.P)

Genre: GANG!AU Angst, Fluff, Tragedy, Romance, Smut/Eventual, Interracial 


Summary: A Young woman get’s involved with the wrong crowds and Cold hearted gang leader T.O.P acts as her guide.

A/N: FT.Monsta X, 2ne1, BTS and a few others

Parts: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8

I was shaking. They were like wolves circling around me. I decided to scream out at the tall one, the one with the smug smirk. “Who are you and What’s going to stop those… Those Monsters from coming after me again?!” The tall one smiled a little wider. Like he was looking down at the most wonderful bowl of ice cream on a hot day. “You can Call me TOP… and You, My little tiger lily.. You’re gonna be my girl.”


I was crying again. A little lighter this time, but I was crying again nonetheless. I looked up all the car window to look at the lights all around me, Gwangju, South Korea. That’s where I was right now, this is where I’ve been forced to come to.

my brother, Juniper, slipped his hand into mine. He didn’t look at me and if I said something to him he probably would have been able to hear me either. He had his earphones in and had gone on a talking strike. Mainly from my mother, he was not happy with her right now.

My parents got divorced when I was 9 years old and at first in the beginning I had taken it pretty well. but after the divorce, my mother decide to move back to Korea while my dad stayed in California with us. Me and juniper. I was content with that for a while, it wasn’t like mother was a deadbeat; she was very good mother and very consistent. We had two birthdays, two homes, two sets of friends. And I had been happy with that…

But about 2 months ago, that all changed. The driver claimed that he hadn’t been drinking that much, he claimed that he had given his car keys to a friend, he claimed he doesn’t remember what happened. What he couldn’t claim was the fact that he hit my dad in a fatal head on collision course when he was going the wrong way. And he couldn’t claim that he was no one that walked away from it fine. Well, not perfectly fine, but with a few bruises and scratches. But in that moment, in my eyes that was pretty much unharmed.

So I was forced to leave my Southern Californian home, with palm trees, skateboarding on the weekends, the most of all, my dad.

There were many things I had to leave behind. Our Mom made us pack about two weeks in advance after she told us. And now I only have one set of friends. And that was because the other set was across seas in California. 1 birthday. One home.

Jun, my brother. Had been livid, he threw a childish tantrum and refused to talk to my mother even after my father’s funeral. Which was about a month ago. But it’s not like things would be difficult for us being biracial shouldn’t be a problem should it? We were both confident in the Korean we spoke that and English grown up. We had visited the city frequently so we know our way around. We had cousins, aunts, uncles, and a few friends in this large city and a few of my cousins will be going to the same school we would.

But I know myself. & I knew my brother. And I knew it was going to take both of us a while to adjust to our surroundings each and our own different ways.

My thoughts were then interrupted by my mother speaking.
“ do you remember uncle Ken?” She started to ask us.“ Well all of your things showed up early and he took the liberty to get you guys mattresses and furniture for your rooms, isn’t that great?”

there was a little grunt of acknowledgement from my brother. & I gave him an annoyed look out of the corner of my eye. I didn’t care what he thought of this moment my mother gave us the world. I don’t care if he was older than me by 25 minutes. He would have to get over it. At least, that’s what my father would say. So I was the one speak up. I was normally a shy nervous person… Well, I am a shy nervous person but that didn’t mean I wasn’t sociable, and didn’t mean I didn’t know how to talk to people, and it certainly didn’t mean I was socially awkward because I wasn’t.

“ Uncle Ken?” I tried to sound enthusiastic about it but I think I overdid it. “ will he be there when we pull up?” I saw my mother smile at me from the rear view mirror and then she looked over at her “roommate.” Hansol. Who is the handsome man, and I know if I was my mom living with this man he wouldn’t have been just a roommate for a long .

“ No, he got a little busy. Before we landed actually. He had to go take care of some business downtown. But he promised you would have breakfast with you guys in the morning he’s so excited to see you.”

I smiled back at her, because aside from my dad, my uncle Ken was another important man in my life excluding juniper of course. Not because every time I saw him he will give us a present or told a funny joke. It was because he was another man in my life that was easy to talk to the man of his word would always be there for you and get you what you need to as long as they didn’t involve in wasting his time, and the best part about him was he never felt like he waste his time with me and my brother for his beloved sister aka my mother.

About 3 hours after we left the airport, we finally pulled up to the house that my mother and her so-called roommate shared. Not too big, not too small. Pale grey on the outside with bricks around the garage area and a smooth driveway. Two story. “ where that window is where your room will be, Amy. If I can, call you maybe can’t I?” asked Hansol. Surprised, I looked over at him and smiled. Yeah, definitely not just a roommate!

The cherry on top was when he stopped me from getting my bags out of the trunk of the car and started to take them in for me. My mother gave me a knowing look and then winked at me. Juniper was walking ahead of us, but I know he rolled his eyes. I could just feel it, it was like a twin thing. Just like when he turned his back after he annoyed me he would always tell me “ put your tongue back in your mouth.” Because I would stick it out of him.

I close my eyes before I cross the threshold of the house and prayed, because I knew that as of right now as of tonight, I would be starting my life new, I promised myself I wouldn’t be a different person. But I felt in my heart, that starting tonight this very moment this very Hour on this very night and South Korea, that things are going to change.

And I didn’t know how I felt about that.


Hi guys, I hope you really like this introduction chapter. I must warn you now the story is full of triggers. To name a few, self harm, gang related activities such as kkangpae and Yakuza. Rape, murder, and is all around bad things but aside from that, this is a romance, this is a comedy, this is a heartfelt touching story that I’m sure make you laugh I’m sure make you cry and I’m sure will make you have swoon where the moments. I hope to please you guys and I hope you guys will like the story in the chapters to come and many stories to come from me thank you all.

desolationofzara  asked:

Hi! I love your writing and I was wondering if you would write something for your flock sideways fic. If Revali goes to Link and asks for his help for asking you out/hitting on you. And Link (knowingly) gives him TERRIBLE advice like, "she loves pickup lines. Yeah, the really cheesy cringy kind." "Have you talked about yourself enough? She swoons every time." "Trust me Revali. Im her best friend." Hijinks ensue.

[A/N: Sorry this is super long, but I loved the idea so much and thought it’d be a great way to celebrate my birthday and having 200+ followers! Also i’m really sorry there are no puns, I am so bad with puns ;A;]

Word count: 1715

Link is a decent guy that most would agree on.  Despite that he is a glutton and an occasional airhead, he worked his way to become the appointed Knight of Princess Zelda and the one chosen by the Goddess to keep evil at bay. He was resourceful, strong willed, and the kind of guy that allowed anyone to cry on his shoulders.  Most folks would even say he has a natural charm, and women crawl after him like starve wolves.

Revali felt violently ill thinking of Link like that.

As he stood from afar of the group he watched as you laughed and shoved Link’s shoulder, and Revali had to control himself from rolling his eyes too hard out of his head. He never understood how the two of you got along so well when it took him forever to even get on your good side, and not like Revali was totally ignoring that fact Link and you had known each other since childhood.

After months of struggles and dangerous missions Revali had found himself growing attached to you and thinking of you in a different light. These elated feelings brought him to the moon and back, but he felt hollow being unable to express himself in a way to let you know he wanted to be something more.

But as charismatic and talented as he was, Revali’s courting techniques fell….well, flat. He never had any interest in anyone before, not like now, where he felt his life would improve by taking you under his wing.

 However, he felt you were not the conventional person and that is why he is stewing like the dinner in the crock-pot you all were surrounded by. The closest person to you was Link, no one knew you better, but Revali’s inside felt like they were disintegrating. Did Revali really want to stoop so low by asking for his help?

When you turned around and caught Revali’s gaze, your smile made his heart thump against his ribcage and he looked away feeling bashful. Okay, he thought, perhaps for you it would be worth going through all the trouble. His moment arrived when you waved and walked away with Urbosa. It seemed like the two of you will be gone for a good moment and once you were out of sight Revali was hovering behind Link.

Link crunched his shoulders feeling a presence behind him and turned around to only be scared out of his wits. Revali looked at him feeling completely disinterested and spiteful, “I would like to make this quick, but I have predicament that requires your assistance…as poor of a choice that it already is.” Link only rose a brow and gave Revali a sour look. Revali grabbed the scruff of Link’s shirt and dragged him away from the campsite. Link fumbled around like a fool while Revali grumbled aloud, “Honestly.”

Revali made sure the area was clear of prying ears before glaring at Link. “You are well acquainted with [Name]. I believe they have mentioned knowing you since childhood, is that correct?” Link only nodded, and rubbed the area where his shirt had choked him. 

Revali only hummed, looking Link over and started pacing around him. One wing tucked behind his back while his other one waved around to emphasis his words, “Very well. I supposed you will do. As you know the Princess has been pairing [Name] and I together. Although there have been…hardships between us the truth of the matter is… I have grown fondly of [Name] and wish to swoon them. However, despite all my talents and charming personality; I lack, oh what is the word I am looking for, a certain finesse when it comes to expressing delicate sentiments.”

Link had zoned out halfway through Revali’s speech and was dozing off waiting for him to finish. Revali finally stopped in front of Link, his back turned and gazed into the stars, “It brings to my attention I do not know what will win them over. That is why-” Revali sighed heavily, “I am asking for advice. Your advice. Perhaps, I can bring some use out of you in the process.”

Link stared a moment, one hand holding his chin and hunched over. Now, there wasn’t many things that got under Link’s skin, but something about Revali poorly asking for help didn’t sit well with him, and, as your best friend, Link knew exactly what would woo you and what would not. Link had to prevent a smirk sneaking on his face as he realized Revali was giving him complete control. Would Revali listen to everything he said, he wondered, and stood up crossing his arms while nodding.

Revali coughed and straightened out his ascot, “V-very well then. Perhaps I shall start with the basics…” He rubbed the back of his neck, the feathers fluffing from the action. “What compliments would be suited for them?”

Link could feel his resolve slipping and tried his best to suppress the smirk that threaten to make its way forth. For the next hour, Link explained and gave suggestions while Revali, although he loathed to admit it, hung onto every piece of information.

Attempt 1: [Name] likes pick up lines

You had been sitting on a fence laughing away with Zelda and Link not having a care in the world while Revali was working up the nerves to speak to you. He’ll be damned if he allowed the Princess and Link prevent this opportunity and marched straight over. All the laughter came to a stop as Revali stood dignified next to you. You smiled and patted him on the shoulder, “Hey, Revali.”

Revali felt butterflies in his stomach and nervously spoke. “My, [Name], did you know you make me feel like a Lynel?”

Blinking, you just said, “What.”

“B-because when I see you I come charging.”

There was a silence between all four before Link turned around with his shoulders shaking. Revali felt himself starting to choke but he remembered Link told him that no matter what to keep going and no matter what you did it really meant you liked it. He tried to regain his confidence, opting to lean on the fence to get closer to you. “You know of my gale, correct?”

Fearing you’ll regret it, you asked, “….Yeah…Why?”

 “I am not the only thing it can bring to new heights.”

Link’s choking could be heard while you stare incredulously, “What the fuck, Revali. Ya weirdo.” You gave him the stink eye, lifting yourself off the fence and walked away with Zelda who was having just as a hard time like Link. Revali stood there his jaw to the ground.

 It hadn’t worked?? He looked over to Link questionably. Link only shrugged, trying not to let the smile be too pleased. Huh, Revali thought, on to phase two.

Attempt 2: [Name] dreams of flying

You bristled each time Revali approached. He had gotten some strange delusion that you wanted to go flying, but not on your glider.

On him.

Sweat began to form at your brow, crouched, and ready to spring away when an opening presented itself. Revali was exacerbated throwing a wing on his hip and the other covering his face, “Honestly, [Name], you are overreacting. There is nothing to be afraid of.”

“‘M not afraid!” You screeched,” I am just trying to point out all the reasons why that would not be a good idea!” He gave you a flat look, his wings held up in disbelief.

“I am much more reliable than that pathetic excuse of a glider!”  

“It’s not the glider I’m worried about!”

Revali just rolled his eyes and swooped for you, and you screamed bloody murder as your body lurched over his. What Revali was thinking you have no idea, but you weren’t even on his back properly, your legs choking his neck while the rest of your body flung around.

Link was fishing on the other side of the hill when he looked over and seeing Revali and you spiraling to the ground. The poor boy couldn’t catch his breath when heard the screams of agony.

Attempt 3: [Name] LOVES music, especially banjos.

Revali was irritated to say the least, none of the previous courting methods worked at all. He was going to give it one more shot before he called it quits.

 Link had courteously let Revali borrow his banjo, and as Revali stood outside your yurt in the moonlight he wasn’t sure if this was a good idea at all. Revali knew you were a light sleeper and got absolutely irritated being woken up.  However, again, Link had mention that there was nothing more than you wished for then being serenaded awake. A deep fantasy, Link had claimed.

Revali glanced at the instrument and strummed the strings nervously. He wasn’t completely horrible at playing, but he was no master musician. He was dressed in his best Rito garbs, free of his chest plate and warriors’ kilt. He hoped once you looked outside you’d be enamored by him playing under the moonlight.


A rude sound tore you from your deep sleep, and in the midst of waking into reality you were confused by what you were hearing.


Oh no, you paled.

No, no, you knew that sound. You rubbed your hands across your face when you heard singing accompanying the dreaded banjo. To your surprise, it wasn’t Link this time, and you were thrown into further confusion hearing Revali’s voice.

You flung yourself out from the yurt marching toward Revali. He was still playing when he noticed you approaching, and despite the nerves the threaten to freeze him, he kept going. It must be working! ….But then why did you look like you were ready to murder…?

You ripped the banjo from his feathers and thrashed it against the ground. You kept smashing the bloody instrument until it was in unrecognizable pieces and Revali had taken a step back. Huffing and wiping the sweat from your brow, you handed the neck of the banjo, the only thing left intact, back to Revali. He was left dumbstruck holding the broken instrument and watched you drag yourself back to sleep.

He stood there when a string curled off the neck, “W-why?”

Hot And Bothered

In which post-concert Harry is being a horny little shit and you have to deal with it all night.

A/N: Hello once again, my fellow thirsty Harry girls!  Sooo a backstory to this: I was at the OTRA Baltimore concert Saturday (Yep. I had to watch Drag Me Down live.  I had to hear Harry’s voice in the end with my own ears.).  How am I still alive, you ask?  Well, I’m barely hanging on to my life.  The post concert depression hasn’t gone away and basically all I want to do is lay on my couch and cry because GOD I LOVE HARRY SO MUCH. So, as a result, I wrote this to maybe quench my thirst (but in reality it just made it so much worse).  Hope you enjoy!

Stay thirsty, my friends. x

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