i feel like crying there were just so many moments i swooned over

Wrong Place, Right Time.

Request from anon: Hey. Love your writing. Can I request a fic where Reader sleeps naked. Bucky’s so exhausted after a mission he barely can keep his eyes open and doesn’t realize he’s off by a floor, quickly showers, and collapses into bed. Next morning Bucky wakes up with no way to leave the bed without waking Reader. Both of them are mortified when they realize what’s happened but eventually it leads to them revealing they’ve had feelings for each other for a long time. (Smut or fluff, but preferably both). <3

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 2,456

Warnings: Smut, swearing, NSFW, unprotected sex…..anything I have missed let me know!

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine. All credit goes to their creators <3

It had been the fifth mission in as many days for The Avengers and they were all exhausted; Bucky more so given that he was still having a daily fight with the memories that taunted him 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and so as they all headed to their respective living quarters he attempted to do the same. A feat of which was made more difficult by the fact that it was becoming increasingly harder to keep his eyes open. 

One by one each of the team left the lift and soon enough he was the only one left to reach his room. He turned his attention to the buttons on the panel at the side of the doors – his vision wasn’t exactly his best friend at the moment though so the buttons that would usually be so clear were now completely out of focus for the tired soldier.

The only option he had if he wanted to get any form of sleep tonight was to go on memory and press the one he was sure he usually did.

By the time the lift doors opened he was particularly asleep. His aching body all but fell on the floor as he stumbled over to what he believed to be his room.

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FLUFF FLUFF FLUFF, with the lightest most PG mention of sex

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masterlist | ask 

  • confesses his feelings for you live on vapp accidentally in front of millions of viewers including you
  • “there’s this friend of mine that i think would be a good wife, she’s a very beautiful and sweet girl. i like her a lot.” he smiled as he read through the comments, “her name? why would i tell you Y/N’s name?” 
  • namjoon just in the background on his phone like ummm
  • calls you straight after the live show and apologises over and over again until you tell him it’s okay and you feel the same way 
  • throws his phone in excitement after the call and accidentally smashes the screen
  • takes you out that weekend to see a romantic movie, insisting that you get the popcorn AND the ice cream because you deserve the world and if there are two food options you should always get both
  • never wears a mask or a disguise on dates because he wants people to know he’s seeing someone romantically and more importantly he wants you to know he’s not ashamed of anybody knowing about your relationship 
  • loves taking you on shopping sprees and always spoils you because how can he say no to that pouty thing you do with your face when you’re looking at something you’re in love with
  • very protective of you, even more so than he is with his members 
  • waits a while before introducing you to his dongsaengs because he just knows they’re going to be assholes and embarrass him so bad 
  • but it wasn’t as bad as he thought it would be, though namjoon did give you a stern talk about the responsibilities of dating an idol; as well as the good old “if you hurt him i will-“ 
  • jin is just like “i’m so sorry he’s normally really shy so i don’t know where that came from.”
  • prefers to cook for you himself instead of taking you out for a meal 
  • you go to see so many movies together when he’s not on schedule, it’s like your thing to go and see a movie at midnight because why not 
  • trips to art galleries and acoustic live band performances in small coffee shops
  • after a few weeks of seeing each other he asks you to be his official girlfriend over dinner, to which you obviously swoon over his words and say yes
  • smiley sunshine seokjin 
  • always talks about you during interviews, can’t stop gushing about your likes and interests and your recent achievements 
  • honestly can’t tolerate some of your friends but makes an effort just for you, however he 10/10 complains about said friends when they’re gone and he’s done playing nice guy 
  • a nervous angel when you meet his family but all goes well cause they really like you and think you’re good for their handsome prince and even ask for your number to keep in touch when he’s on tour
  • constantly bickering with you over the tiniest things like putting salt on your food and the way you put your shoes on, but he gets offended when you make fun of his crazy bendy fingers 
  • loves to cuddle you on the sofa while watching television, but not in front of the members as he’s not a fan of PDA in general, minus occasional hand holding and rare stolen kisses
  • really goes the extra mile for birthdays and christmas, even if he can’t be physically with you on the occasion he’s super sweet and watches you open your gifts via skype with this huge cheesy grin cause he knows you’ll love them 
  • spoils you so much with expensive jewellery and makeup and things you pointed out whilst shopping one day. he always remembers every little detail about what you saw and heads back into the store alone the next day trying to find it 
  • gets mad whenever you try to help him cook
  • gets mad whenever you don’t help him cook
  • always low-key ready to fight, always jokingly scolding you 
  • calls you twice every day no matter how busy his schedule is because he wants to be the best boyfriend he can and never let you down and he’s low-key checking up on you cause he’s insecure you will leave him for somebody else. despite the hundreds of times you’ve told him otherwise
  • really interested by your hobbies and always asks if he can join in with whatever activity you’re doing 
  • sex gets introduced into the relationship at the five month mark, he wanted to make sure you were 100% comfortable and absolutely certain about it before it happened 
  • after weeks of telling him you were sure one date night he finally listened to you and pretty much shoved you into the dorms
  • romantic sex 
  • honestly your biggest fan he’s so supportive of what you do and gloats about you at every chance he gets, promos you just as much as he does his group
  • when you go to their performances he asks you to watch jimin dance instead of him because he’s afraid you’ll laugh at him 
  • adventure-like dates, doesn’t like to stay inside would much rather head out somewhere and do something with you instead
  • gets mad when people make you upset and or cry, god help them if they ever ran into angry overprotective doting boyfriend
  • thinks you’re laughing at his jokes when 50% of the time you’re actually laughing at him 
  • for your one year anniversary he takes you to california
  • one day you go to the beach he’s constantly talking about and has wanted to take you for so long because of how beautiful it is but forgets all about the beach when he sees you in your swimwear 
  • tries to take you to different places when he has a break but california holds a special place in your relationship 
  • he’s the one to say “i love you” first and you say it back right away, the two of you turning into smiling babies for a moment 
  • to make up for all the fatty foods you eat together
  • asks you to move in with him around the three year mark but he has some “conditions” 
  • the kitchen is his and never forget it 
  • he gets to shower first because apparently you take too long 
  • he gets to get a puppy once you’re settled in 
  • literally makes you sign an agreement and has namjoon as a witness 
  • once you both move in together he turns into domestic husband goals like he’s always bringing you breakfast in bed and running you bubble baths and cooks the most amazing meals 
  • that christmas you surprise him with a puppy and he’s honestly overwhelmed he nearly cries because he loves you so much and now you have this bundle of fluff to take care of and love unconditionally
  • treats the dog like his child
  • threatens to call the dog jungkook 
  • hates it when you go to bed with wet hair cause it makes him colder
  • always inviting his members round for a meal, especially namjoon and his girlfriend who blossomed into a good friend of yours
  • complains there’s not enough room in the fridge every time you get back from grocery shopping
  • “buy another fridge then.” 
  • actually does  
  • has his family stay with you for one long weekend during the summer and realises that what you have is beyond rare and so special. immediately tells his parents about his plans to propose to you
  • one day he’s out with the dog and you’re doing some dusting and when you open his wardrobe you find an engagement ring box just sitting there minding it’s own business. before you can freak out you hear him come home and you’re just like asdfghjkl inwardly 
  • you don’t say anything though because you know he’d get upset about it
  • two weeks later he’s preparing a meal for you when you come home, and everywhere is covered with roses because that’s the night he asks you to be his wife

anonymous asked:

In light of Valentines day; could you do scenarios of the Chocobros, Nyx Ulric (if you can) and Cor proposing to their s/o? PS love the stuff you've been writing. :D Tis amazing and brilliant just like you!

I changed up one of them (heheh) just a little bit. Also, I got writer’s block for Cor, I’m so sorry! I’ll do a one-shot for him sometime soon based on this prompt to make up for it. And I still have yet to see Kingsglaive, so for now it’s just our four favourite boys.

This one is pretty long, since it’s a bunch of scenarios, so it’s under the cut. Enjoy! And Happy Valentine’s Day <3

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terynosaurusrex  asked:

Also, Dex being hella doubtful of Nursey's abilities as a fighter and writes him off as lazy and/or pretentious and then watching Nursey fuckin slay all graceful and shit boi just swoons, but simultaneously Nursey writes him off as a grouch and an ass and then one day watches him work in his little workshop on something he really loves and is gone once he sees Dex smile really big and his eyes light up at making a successful thingy That was articulated horribly but I have lots of dexnursey feels

You didn’t ask this as a prompt but I just really wanted to write something for this AU so here we go. There will be a part two whenever I get the time/motivation. For now, have this weird rough little ficlet I wrote in like an hour.

For the Percy Jackson AU

The thing about Nursey was he was the worst.

The majority of Dex’s siblings liked to argue that this was a subjective opinion, but Dex knew it to be objective fact.

“Why does he bother you so much?” Gwen had asked, an active blow torch left dangerously unattended in her hands as she stared at him.

“Yeah, he’s actually cool?” Serena had then ventured, sharpening a blade and ignoring the daggers Dex was glaring her way. “Like, most of the Ares kids are horrible, but he’s actually really nice.”

“And you thought he was a son of Aphrodite,” Thomas interjected, dodging the actual dagger that Dex hurled at him as the rest of Bunker Nine laughed. 

That incident had taken place three hours ago, and Dex’s mood had not improved. It didn’t help that Chowder was just as enamored with Nursey as the rest of the camp.

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Request: G-Dragon has a daughter that is 4 years old and does not know if he is her real father because he is never around.

(For optimal immersion, I am naming your daughter Mirre.)


   “Wake up, baby girl.” I whisper softly, brushing the tips of my fingers over my daughter’s soft cheeks. With a tiny giggle, the corners of her lips begin to widen, revealing the adorable smile that melts my heart every time I see it.

   “Morning, eomma.” She stares up at me with bright, beautiful eyes that remind me so much of Ji-Yong. She is a spitting image of him. He has always taken pride in it, when he is around, that is. 

   Leaning down, I press a kiss to her forehead. A hearty laugh falls past her pink lips when I lift her right out of bed and into the air, smiling widely up at her. Bringing her back down, I rest her on my hip and carry her to the kitchen where I set her on the counter. “What would you like for breakfast, love?” I ask, leaning on my elbows.

   “Whatever is easiest for you.” She smiles at me. I can’t help but feel overwhelmed by love. 

   “How did I end up with the most considerate, intelligent, gorgeous, and loving daughter in the world?” I sigh, wrapping her small body in my arms and hugging her impossibly close. She giggles loudly as she squeezes me back. With a sigh, I release her and look through the cabinets to begin making her breakfast. “So, Mirre, your birthday is in a few days. Appa and I would like to know what you want.” I inform, already knowing and having already bought the deluxe doll house she has been swooning over for months.

   I wait for a few moments, but when the silence goes on for too long, I furrow my eyebrows and turn around to face her. To my surprise, a frown has settled itself on her pouty lips. “What’s wrong, Mirre?” I ask, becoming concerned.

   She looks up at me with a tiny jump, as if she were just startled out of deep thought. “Is G-Dra- G-Dragon my real appa?” She asks.

   Every ounce of breath has left my body as I stare at my daughter in complete shock. My mouth slips ajar, the words I was going to speak caught on the tip of my tongue. How do I even respond to this? Why would she think Ji-Yong isn’t her appa? Why would she refer to him as his stage name? I know she has heard me call him Ji-Yong. Many more questions fill my mind but by her silence, I can see she is becoming uncomfortable. “W-What makes you think he isn’t your appa?” I question somewhat sternly. 

   A frown settles itself on her face. “He never comes home.. I can’t remember the last time I saw him. He didn’t come to my last birthday, he missed Christmas and he missed your birthday, too, eomma. You’re always sad.” Mirre looks up at me with tears leaking from her eyes. 

   From the wetness on my cheeks, I’m also crying. I didn’t even realize I was sad about this. Mirre brings up a good point. I’ve been ignoring the fact that Ji-Yong is never around. I never wanted to accept it and it has always been easiest to ignore how much I’ve been hurting. “And now you’re crying again.” Mirre sighs, her bottom lip quivering. 

   “Hey,” I smile, wiping my tears away quickly, “I don’t want you to worry about me, okay? Ji-Yong is your appa. He will be here for your birthday and he will be around more often. I promise you.” I hold my pinky out, grinning when she links her own tiny pinky with my own. 

   “Hey, babe.” Ji-Yong greets upon answering his phone. My immediate instinct is to melt into his words, but I refrain.

   “Hi.” Silence spreads over the line. I can tell he knows something is wrong, which is exactly why he isn’t saying anything.

   “Is everything okay?” He questions cautiously. 

   He genuinely sounds concerned, which leads me to bite my lip harshly, desperately trying to hold back tears. “Ji-Yong..” I murmur, tears already beginning to slip down my cheeks. 

   A sigh falls past his lips and I just know he is running a hand down his face. “Don’t cry, love. C’mon, you can tell me.” He says softly. 

   With a deep breath, I am able to compose myself. “You’re never around.” His stunned silence prompts me to continue. “When’s the last time you saw your daughter? She asked me today if G-Dragon was her real appa. She barely even knows who you are.” I rant, all of the words just spilling out of my mouth. “Think about that for a while. Maybe you’ll start putting you daughter before your career, G-Dragon.” 

   “Happy birthday, my love.” I sigh, kissing Mirre on the cheek. She giggles happily, staring up at her deluxe doll house. The last of the guests have left, and I can just tell how exhausted she is from all the exertion and playing.

   “Thank you for the presents, eomma.” There is a hint of sadness to her voice. I can see in her eyes that she misses her abeoji. “Appa isn’t going to come, is he?” She murmurs, her sad, little eyes gazing at the floor boards. 

   I immediately engulf her in my embrace. “I don’t know what to say, my love.” I sigh, at a complete loss for words. How do you explain to your daughter that her abeoji cares more about his career than he does his family? “Appa is just-”

   “I’m here!” A voice suddenly yells from the doorway. Mirre and I both snap our heads towards the direction of the noise. Standing in front of the door, holding a giant, wrapped box, with sweat pouring down the side of his face, is Ji-Yong. “I got stuck in traffic for three hours.” He gently places the box down and leans against the wall. “I tried to get here on time.. this was my chance to show you both that I’ve changed and I messed it up..” 

   Before his spiel can continue, a tiny squeal interrupts him. “Appa!” Mirre shrieks, bursting out of my hold and sprinting as fast as her miniature legs will take her towards Ji-Yong. “Appa!” She jumps into him, effectively knocking him over.

   “Hey baby girl.” He laughs holding her tightly to his body. “I missed you so much.”

   “I missed you, too, appa.” She cries. I can see the pain in his eyes just from those few simple words. He makes eye contact with me, but I quickly avert my gaze. “I thought you didn’t love me anymore.” 

   Ji-Yong lets out a choked sob. “No, baby girl. I love you and eomeoni with all my heart. You two are the only girls I want in my life.” He says sincerely, running his fingers through her hair. 

   “Did you get me a present?” She asks excitedly. He nods, prompting her to run over and rip away the wrapping paper. “Appa.. eomma already got me this doll house.” She giggles, looking over at him with innocent eyes. 

   I hold in a laugh, shaking my head. “Oh man… do you want me to return it and get you something else?” He frowns.

   “No, it will do.” She grins. “Now my dolls will have two houses!” 

   As I stare fondly at our daughter, I don’t notice Ji-Yong make his way over to me. “I’m sorry for never being here for the two of you.” He whispers. Heat rushes to my cheeks and I hold back the urge to start crying. “I didn’t have my priorities in check. I don’t want to mess up what I have. You and Mirre are my life. And I’m sorry it took me so long to figure that out.” He runs his fingertips over my cheek. “I love you.”

   “It’s going to take more than an apology and some sweet words to convince me otherwise.” I state matter-of-factly, smirking at him. He flashes me a smile before leaning down and pressing a kiss to my lips. 

   “I’ve got a lot planned for you, love.” He grins cheekily, pressing another kiss to my lips. “You’ll see soon. I’m changing my ways.” 

   “Appa!” Mirre calls. “Please come build the doll houses for me!” With a quick wink to me, Ji-Yong goes to help assemble the doll houses. I stare adoringly at my small family, knowing that things are going to turn around and only get better from here on out.

Look, it’s Peter Pan!

+ Robbie Kay

author’s note: au but like… au-ish? probably v shitty imagine & sorta long and disappointing!!

Prompt: In which a boy named Robbie Kay is an actor at Disney, playing Peter Pan & he meets a girl but can’t break character to ask her out. 

Today is the day you and your family is going to Disney Land. The happiest place on Earth, tailored for even the oldest of ages.

A place and the figment of Disney its self is timeless, which is why you picked the special place for the whole family when you were asked to pick. 

A small, dainty hand is clutched to yours, the sweat seeping from the hand to yours. You look down and grin at your little sister who is so infatuated with Disney that she doesn’t realize she is sweating. 

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Sober- Part Two

G-Dragon & Song Mino-Angst

Part One Part Three

Originally posted by ibmariji

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (Modern AU)

Summary: Recently jilted and determined to avoid any love story cliches, you reluctantly attend a wedding, only to run into your college crush.

for @dearthofequanimity

A/N: I’m overwhelmed by all the love on my first story! Thank you so much for the warm feedback; I only hope this one also brings a smile to your face! -j xx

“Another one?”

Almost immediately another blackberry gin and tonic slides in front of you, courtesy of the very sweet bartender. You raise your glass at him before sliding off the bar stool. You got your alcohol. Now you wanted dessert.

You glance at the bride’s bouquet sitting on the counter you had just occupied. With a scoff you toss your hair and stomp off in your stilettos without it.

During the bouquet toss, the bride had thought it would be cute if she first pretended to throw the flowers but then turn around and hand you the bouquet. She thought it would be cute and cheer you up.

Oh, Lord! When she realized her idea wasn’t actually cute, the bride awkwardly tried to play it off as a joke. A man in the crowd quickly saved the situation by clinking his glass and loudly chanting, “Kiss! Kiss!”, giving you the opportunity to slink away to the open bar as the couple of the hour kissed to the melody of clinking glasses.

The bouquet only reminds you of your unattached status. Normally you don’t mind being single, but you’d checked “Plus One” when filling out the wedding invite. How were you supposed to know that your now-ex would break up with you over text a day before the wedding?

The heartbroken single at a wedding. What a pathetic cliche.

You pick out a cream puff from the dessert table. Right when you’re about to bite in, you feel a light tap on your shoulder.

Who dares to disturb your dessert bliss? You slowly spin on your heel, ready to give the person a piece of your mind but as soon as you see who it is, you practically choke on your cream puff.

“Oh my God, Bucky?”

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Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 13 (2.0) PART 14 END

Text series with last part as a fan fiction - can be read alone

AO3 version

Word count: 9,787

Paring: Jungkook x reader

Warning: Super fluff, cliche, gross gooey, cheesy asf

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9 Reasons Why I Ship Falcon Song (aka Li Chang Ge x Ashina Sun From Chang Ge Xing)

Or, rambles on an awesome OTP from an inexplicably small fandom that deserves way more love. (seriously, where are all you lovely international fans at?)

Warning: Great Wall Of Text ahead. Also contains spoilers up to Chapter 58.1

1. They mutually respect and value each other’s abilities

Sun recognizes Chang Ge first and foremost by her abilities, regardless of her title or appearance. He’s a war veteran who first rode into battle at the age of 9. But even before they meet, he acknowledges the opposing Han strategist Li Chang Ge’s military tactics:

“Tch! So they blocked off the river with a dam and made it look like it dried up, and used smoke signals to release the water.”

“Interesting. As expected of Gong Sun Heng.”

After he falls into a trap set by Chang Ge, he is even more impressed:

“It was such a dirty tactic, but it was well worth the fight.”

Enough to ask Mu Jin to “Get some info on this Captain Li” and to “leave that Captain Li alive.” 

When they do meet, Sun finds that his opponent all along “was a scrawny little female-looking guy”. But that doesn’t stop him from making her his military advisor, and very quickly including her into his inner circle. And what happens when he finds out that she’s a woman? Nothing different, really. Mr. Ahead of His Times (remember, this is ancient China we’re talking about) continues to value her opinions, trust her with important matters, and basically treat her as an equal.

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Hot And Bothered

In which post-concert Harry is being a horny little shit and you have to deal with it all night.

A/N: Hello once again, my fellow thirsty Harry girls!  Sooo a backstory to this: I was at the OTRA Baltimore concert Saturday (Yep. I had to watch Drag Me Down live.  I had to hear Harry’s voice in the end with my own ears.).  How am I still alive, you ask?  Well, I’m barely hanging on to my life.  The post concert depression hasn’t gone away and basically all I want to do is lay on my couch and cry because GOD I LOVE HARRY SO MUCH. So, as a result, I wrote this to maybe quench my thirst (but in reality it just made it so much worse).  Hope you enjoy!

Stay thirsty, my friends. x

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Requested by annonymous!

AN: Thank you for requesting. Sorry I haven’t posted in a few days! Shoutout to @ihaveabadreputation for being supportive and cool as fuck 

“Shawn I promise everything will be fine! You won’t break her if you touch her.” You try assuring him for the hundredth time.

Shawn and yourself were babysitting your little cousin, Sage. She has just turned 6 months a few days ago and your lovely cousin was going out of town for work. No one else could watch Sage and you figured why not? She loved you and it would be adorable to see your boyfriend with a baby.

“Y/N she’s so tiny..what if I drop her.” Shawn’s eyes were wide as he watched the small human bouncing up and down on your leg.

“I’m going to make you hold her eventually. Get over yourself…”

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You Stole My Heart

Request: Hi, I read that you were taking requests? Could you do a laf x reader where he helps her come down from a panic attack? I’ve been having a lot of attacks lately and it would be amazing if you could. Love your work by the way! ❤️

Lafayette x fem!reader (as described in request)

Warnings: panic attacks, cursing, anxiety, mild argument

Authors Note: thanks for all the love y'all are sending me! really appreciate each and every one of y'all 💙 hoping this gets out before Christmas, so merry Christmas/Happy Hanukkah/ Happy Kwanzaa/ Anything in between! Happy Holidays from my blog to yours 🎄

Y/N = Your name
Y/L/N = your last name
Y/F/N = your full name
Y/N/N = your nickname

Honestly, the amount of stress that you were enduring was too much to bear at the moment, and you were about to explode into a mess of anxiety and caffeine.
You lived in New York City, along with, it seemed, half the country. After living in a sleepy town your whole life, you wanted to look for something bigger, somewhere to go on an adventure. New York wasn’t what you had in mind, but from the way you’d grown up on Broadway music, New York was depicted as a city of dreams.
More like a city of nightmares.
Ever heard the phrase; the city never sleeps? When you live in said city, you never got any sleep either.
It probably wasn’t the best decision you’d ever made.
There’s this thing called anxiety.
You’d had it ever since you could remember.
The feeling that you’re completely out of control, that you can’t do anything about your situation.
Not a cakewalk.
But you’d never let it stop you from living your life back in your old town. Why did it stop you here?
Social anxiety was something you’d never realized you’d had until you had been thrown into an unknown world, with unfamiliar people and an altogether unpleasant aura. You’d grown up with the same people, always had the same group of friends. Looking back at it now, it wasn’t the healthiest lifestyle, to always be with the same people. Yet, it had a sense of comfort. Like a childhood toy. Something you could always go back too.
New York was an unfriendly place, there were no doubts to that. Catcalls as you walked your street everyday made you choose to go an opposite way, rude baristas that had caused you to move to an out-of-the-way coffee shop. Anything and everything that you absolutely could do without in your life.
Yet, somehow Life had seen you struggling and thrown you a security blanket.
You met Lafayette at a park, where you had been crying a few moments earlier. Your boyfriend, from your hometown, had just called you, saying that maybe this relationship wouldn’t work out, long distance at least.
You had hung up, and rushed to the first place you could find without publicly humiliating yourself, which is why you found yourself on a park bench, crying quietly.
After your self-led pity party had come and gone, you wiped away your tears and ran smack into a very tall, very handsome man, causing you to spill your coffee all over yourself.
“Oh mon dieu, je suis désolé de ne pas vous y voir!”
He blushed.
“Sorry. I didn’t see you there.”
The heavy accent in his voice made you a bit more attentive.
You smiled.
“It’s alright, this coffee wasn’t good anyway.”
You tossed the empty cup into a nearby trash can.
“Still, I feel bad. Would you mind if I bought you another cup of coffee? As an apology.”
“Oh, you don’t need to. It was an accident-”
He smiled, showing off a swoon-worthy grin.
“Ah, but I would like to do so. For you.”
You contemplated this for a moment.
Creepy stranger possibility? He didn’t seem like the type.
Very possible friend? He seemed very upbeat and happy, the very person you needed in your life at the moment.
And, as a bonus, he was VERY attractive.
What was the harm?
“Sure, why not?”
He immediately brightened.
The coffee was warm in your hands as you sipped the vanilla mocha.
“Mm. This is wonderful, Lafayette.”
He nodded.
“My favorite place. I don’t know from where your old cup came from, but I know that this place tops it.”
You vigorously nodded.
You strolled through the park until long after dark, talking. You found out that his accent came from France, where he had been born and raised. He’d moved from France to start a bakery, and his favorite pastry was a raspberry-maple scone. You were laughing all night long as he told of his adventures in France, and some of the struggles that he had making translations in America.
“I once couldn’t say ‘anarchy’ in a college course, so I said ‘what happened here in America in 1776.’”
You laughed, and then stopped in front of your apartment.
“This ones mine. Thanks for tonight, Lafayette. I had a lot of great laughs, which I especially needed. Thank you.”
He smiled, and took your hand and kissed the back of it.
“Anytime, mon ami. Have a good night.”
“And you as well.”
You closed the door to your apartment, and sank to the floor, a wide smile on your face.
Did that just happen?
The rest was history. You’d had many more outings, and you had so much fun on each of them. You two had grown comfortable together, enough for you to call him “Laf” and to play with his wild hair, and for him to call you “mom amour” and to tickle you constantly. Enough for it not to be weird when you cuddled up next to him, and he wrapped his arm around you. Random hugs, cooking together, movie nights…
All things that you had never realized you were missing out on until you were experiencing them. And things that you never realized you took for granted until you lost them.
Laf’s business took off in the next year of your friendship, so much that he had to extend store hours, and be kept in the office until much later. You didn’t see him as much, he barely ever had time. It wasn’t like you weren’t busy either. You had finally found a job that you didn’t hate completely, and coworkers who only mildly hated you. You had enrolled into college again, to get your masters degree. Your life was hectic, to say the least. And sometimes, it can get all too much to bear.
It started one night, you and Laf hadn’t seen each other in weeks. You’d only texted each other a couple times, and you absolutely missed your best friend. Finally, you decided to call him. You were in the middle of the most stressful week of your life, and you really needed just a night to plainly relax, at least for a few hours before your anxiety would get the best of you and you’d work and work like tomorrow wouldn’t arrive, until the early hours of morning.
Usually, Lafayette would be there to make sure you got to bed before the sun had began to rise, but those mornings had become fewer and fewer now.
So you called him.
You waited a couple of rings, and still he didn’t pick up. He always answered. You’d only heard his voicemail once or twice.
“Bonjour! You’ve reached Marquis de Lafayette, and I am unavailable at the moment. Leave a message and I’ll call you back, oui? Au revoir!”
You sat in silence for a moment.
“Hey Laf. Long time no see? Call me back and we can hang out sometime, yeah? Okay. Love you. Bye.”
You hung up, and put your knees to your chest. He always answered to you. He never missed a call.
An hour had passed, and no call back. You were worried now, and decided to go see him. You grabbed your keys and phone, and closed your door behind you.
After you’d arrived at the bakery, you asked the girl with pink hair behind the counter if Lafayette was there. She went to the back of the shop, and came back moments later.
“Sorry, he’s not here.”
You sighed.
“Alright. Thanks anyway.”
You headed out of the shop, and towards his apartment complex.
If he was home, surely he would have called you back by now. You checked your phone one last time, to make sure you hadn’t accidentally missed his call. You knew the answer before you’d even opened your phone.
So you headed towards the doors, and up to level 10, a number you had pressed on that elevator so many times. You made your way down the hall, to door 34.
You and Laf had always joked that you came here so often that the hallway you had to go down to reach his door would eventually wear ruts into the carpet from you walking down it so often, back in the days where you would make random visits for movies and popcorn.
You rapped on the door twice, then four times, a code you had made up so that you wouldn’t go opening your door to strangers at night.
You paused, and waited for a minute. You heard steps coming towards the door, and then it slowly opened.
A disheveled Lafayette emerged, and his eyes widened when he saw it was you.
“Y/N? What are you doing here?”
You swallowed back a gasp.
Lafayette had never, not once asked you that. He’d always would have been kinder, more welcoming.
“Uh, hey to you to Laf.”
You attempted to lighten the mood, ignoring the fact that he’d said your full name, something he very rarely ever said, unless he was talking about something very serious.
You didn’t know what to say.
“Sorry, Y/N. I’m a bit busy at the moment. Mind if I call you sometime else?”
You took a step back in surprise.
You felt tears starting to brim at your eyes.
“Oh yeah. Sorry-”
You could barely choke out a sentence.
“Sorry for bothering you.”
You whispered, before you took off down the hall and into the elevator.
“Come on. Come on.”
You quickly pressed the doors closed, and nearly collapsed on the floor.
He pushed you away.
You knew it.
You were annoying. You had just pushed your best friend to the point of where he couldn’t stand to be near you, to talk to you.
“What have I done?”
You ran out of the apartment, and quickly rushed home before you could collapse in the middle of New York City.
Sprinting into your apartment, you shut the door and locked it, before pressing your back against the door and sliding to the ground.
You cried silently, tears streaming down your face, your breathing becoming short, quick gasps.
You knew what was coming next.
Your vision became slightly clouded as you curled into a ball at the front of the door, trying to calm yourself down, unsuccessfully.
You felt like you were suffocating, and your heart was pounding in your ears. You were shaking, and your cries became loud sobs as you gasped for air.
You could barely hear the knocks on your door, and even if you could, you wouldn’t had been able to get up, to answer the door.
Your heart rate intensified as you heard your name being called through the door, in voice you vaguely recognized but couldn’t comprehend.
You heard a scrape in the key lock, and the door being opened.
Lafayette dropped to his knees beside you, and he brushed your hair out of your face. You flinched and nearly jumped out of your own skin. You hadn’t even realized that he was next to you.
“Mon amour, are you alright?”
He asked in a slightly panicked tone, confused that you were scared that he touching you.
You cried harder, and gasped for air.
“Come on.”
He touched your arm tentatively, and when you gave no negative reaction, picked you up bridal style, and carried you to your couch, where he carefully laid you down.
“Shh, it’s okay amour. You’re okay.”
He spoke softly to you.
Laf stroked your hair, cautiously at first, but then with more assurance as you regained your normal breathing, and your heart rate slowed down. He hugged you close as you began crying again.
“Laf, I’m sorry. I know I’m horribly annoying. I’m sorry for bothering you.”
He looked at you quizzically.
“Y/N, you weren’t bothering me. What on earth made you think that you were?”
You hiccuped.
“Well, I thought you weren’t answering my calls because you were getting tired of me…”
He scoffed.
“Y/N, you haven’t left my mind since I met you! Do you know what an incredible woman you are? Beautiful, smart, witty, and independent. And you think I could get tired of that? If I ever did, I’d have to slap myself and tell myself to get a grip.”
He chuckled, but soon resumed a serious face.
“Y/N, I could never get tired of you. Or think that you’re annoying. You don’t need to be sorry for anything. Except well…”
You faced him.
“Except for what?”
He glanced up at you shyly.
“Well, except for stealing my heart.”

Different Worlds (New Year, New Au) (Trixya) – Ellen Thwoorp

Summary- Katya is a misunderstood Goth who everyone thinks eats bats and Skype calls with Satan. In actuality she’s just a bit of a dork with the biggest crush on Trixie, the cheerleader. This is the story of the first time they met and how things never quite go as you expect them to.

A/N: Obligatory High School Au.

This is the first installation of my ‘New Year, New Au Series’. I’m challenging myself with a bunch of random AU oneshots because my usual is long multichapter fics. The more random the Au the more I like it so things might get a bit crazy. Enjoy! (These will likely all be lesbian Au because I find Brian and Brian hard to write but we’ll see.)

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Bonded By Blood


okay so in this you’re Alex’s sister and you leave st croix and go to Paris so that Alex will leave for America and you meet the one and only tjeffs and then when tjeffs returns to America he brings you w him and you’re PREGGERS and basically you find Alex again unexpectedly and YEAH. Also this is super long???? Idk????? And also idk about the ending???hahahabye

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Warnings: Implied Sexual Content, Panic Attacks, Swearing
Word Count: 4,956
Pairings: Thomas Jefferson X Reader

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The Prize, Ch. 3

Title: The Prize

Chapter: 3

Genre: Romance/Angst

Rating: T (to be on the safe side, some mild violence/blood in later chapters)

Summary: AU Tom, set in early 19th c. London. Madeleine and Tom have known each other since they were teenagers (her brother is married to his sister). Can they overcome their fears and choose each other?

Author’s Notes: I starting writing this because I noticed that the SSS poll for last week included “Heaving Bosom” and I thought it might be fun to try my hand at it. :) This is the first time I’ve written AU Tom.  I’ve tried to make the dialogue sound period appropriate, but I am writing ABOUT this era, not IN it; so, please be kind if you notice anything awkward in the language. :)   

Thank you to my beta spadesjade who caught a terrible error that would have put my already obvious lack of skill on even greater display!

ICYMI - Chapter 1 / Chapter 2


As he stormed out of the ballroom, Madeleine fell backagainst the cushions of the settee as the sense ofself-reproach settled around her like a heavy winter cloak.  How could she have been so rude, soill-mannered.  Was familiarity breeding contempt?  She suddenly remembered the first time they had read that phrase together, when she had challenged him to read some Chaucer one summer.  He had nearly thrown the volume across the room in disgust, or was it embarrassment, when she began to giggle over his stumbling through the verse and pronunciation.

“We can’t all achieve your level of literary and linguistic perfection, Madeleine,” he mumbled, his cheeks flushing as his hands clenched around the pages.

Those beautiful blue eyes were a sky of storm clouds and she’d had to employ her usual methods of calming his ire, coaxing him into remaining in the room and keeping the slender volume from being torn asunder.

“Here, Tom, I’ll help you,” placing a hand on his shoulder and feeling him relax. “Go back to this line…”

Contempt?  No, no.  She shook her head.  It couldn’t be that.  She could never hold him in contempt.  If it were that simple, then her heart would be free of his grip and she could pass through a day without constant thoughts of him.  

The expression on his face at her cruel words was imprinted on her mind.  Her knowledge of his temperament and the logical assumption that he would be brooding in the library instead of mingling with the guests compelled her to slip on her shoes and rise from the settee.  Apologize.  That was what she must do.  He always listened to her.  The idea of a rift between them, the idea that she could or had possibly caused lasting damage to their relationship was unbearable.  She’d spent considerable energy instructing her nieces and nephews that allowing unkind words to fester in someone’s heart was not acceptable when one had the power to repair what had been damaged.  The wisest course of action was usually to respond sooner rather than later.  

She moved quickly across the perimeter of the room and was just about to slip through the doors when Mr.Kingston cornered her.  He was a recent addition to her brother’s social circle, having been away for many years seeing to his family’s plantation in the West Indies.  There had been some murmuring that his woeful management of the estate after his father’s death had resulted in a great financial loss, but Pierre had judged him as worthy company and so Madeleine accepted him as well.  He was always eager to speak with her and she was his unwilling conversational captive for some minutes before she was able to make her excuses and exit the room.

She had just stepped over the threshold, glancing backwards over her shoulder to be certain that Mr.Kingston wasn’t following her when she collided with a column.  

“Oh, Aunt!  Are you hurt?”  

It was Cassie’s voice.

And it wasn’t a column.

It was him.

The force knocked her back and he immediately reached out to grasp her arms in order to keep her from falling.  

She wanted to cry when she raised her head and saw his expression, when he yanked his hands away from her as if she was burning his skin and murmured an apology.

“Forgive me, it seems I can’t keep my soiled hands from you.”

Cassie was looking at both of them curiously, first at her aunt and then to her uncle, before turning back to Madeleine and once again inquiring about her.

“Yes, thank you, niece, I am perfectly well,” she replied, glancing down to adjust her dress.  “Your uncle’s physique is certainly one to be reckoned with.”

Cassie’s face lit up with a smile and she took Madeleine’s arm.

“I’ve informed him that he’s sent all of the ladies into swoons over his handsomeness, but you know how stubborn he is.  It’s taken some persuasion to make return to the ball, although I am not half as skilled as you are on that score.”

Tom was picking invisible lint from his coat sleeve and frowning.

Madeleine took a deep breath and gave Cassie a kiss on the cheek.

“Yes, he is rather stubborn, but I’m afraid that can be explained in this particular situation. Cassie, may I-“

“Aunt, I think his mood would improve if you would be so gracious as to consent to a dance.”

Cassie was slyly attempting to transfer her aunt’s arm to her uncle’s hand when Madeleine jerked away.

“Cassie, I need to speak with your uncle.  Would you excuse us for a minute or two?”

The young girl’s eyes flew to Tom’s and she seemed to be pleading with him about something.  His chest rose and fell in a deep sigh and he motioned for Cassie to go on into the room without them.  She smiled briefly and squeezed Madeleine’s hand before disappearing through the double doors.

Tom swiftly moved to a set of chairs and stood, waiting for Madeleine to be seated first, but not looking her in the eye.

Her courage faltered momentarily.  They’d had their brief moments of conflict over the years, as would be expected; but even then, those moments were usually about something political or literary, rarely ever about their personal relationship.  Something was different this time, something that was causing previously unexperienced bubbles of fear to swirl around inside her.  The intensity of the feeling was almost taking her breath away and she couldn’t seem to make herself move.  He was behaving so formally, so stiffly, almost like a stranger. Had her words done this?  Had a single comment altered him so significantly in a matter of minutes?

She had seen him frustrated and angry over the years, although it never lasted long and it was almost rarely directed at her.  

But this time… This time she felt it.  Felt it so keenly it was frightening her.  It was a strange thing, the sensation of drifting in a troubled sea when one was on dry land.  It wasn’t new to her, but it had been years since she felt it. It mostly came to her in dreams after her father had been lost at sea shortly after Pierre and Julia had married. The doctor told her that such events of sudden but short lasting physical distress were not uncommon for young women at certain times of the month. When it came to her during waking hours, it had been Tom whose sharp blue eyes noticed it, Tom who would take her hand and murmur to her until the waves were calm and she could think again. In those moments, the dynamic of their relationship had been reversed.  In those moments, he was the comforter.  She had managed to keep it mainly hidden from everyone, somehow finding a way to get through it when he wasn’t in close proximity. But it had been years.  The dreams and the fears had faded with time.  

Now the once all too familiar sensation of fear was taking over. Her heart was pounding, her throat dry, the noise from the ballroom seemed so distant.  She was looking at him, wanting so desperately to reach for his hand as she hadn’t needed to in so long, longing for something to cling to while the cold salty curtains cascaded around her and the wind howled in her ears. But she couldn’t.  She had spoken foolishly to him, insulted the very hands of her rescuer.

He finally shifted his gaze to her face and something softened in his own.


His voice.

She hadn’t heard that particular tone since the last time.

“Madeleine,” he repeated.

The waves were getting smaller.

“Your feet are planted firmly on the ground.  Slow deep breaths, Maddy.”

She hadn’t heard that name since the last time.  So long. It had been so long.  

The wind was calming.

“Keep looking at my eyes. You aren’t drowning.”

An anchor.  She needed an anchor.

He wouldn’t deny her. Surely he wouldn’t.  Wounded pride was a powerful motivator, but she trusted him; he wouldn’t reject her, not when this was happening again after so many years of lying dormant.

She was about to raise an arm and reach for him when he spoke again, still using that low commanding tone that she couldn’t help but obey.

“Come, sit.  You’re safe.”

How she ended up in the chair she would never be quite sure. She would also never be sure how he had procured a glass of water almost out of thin air, but it was gently pressed to lips and her hands clutched it.  When she focused her eyes again, he was sitting in the twin chair and smiling at her.

“Solid ground, yes?”

She hadn’t heard him ask that since the last time.

‘Yes” she whispered, letting the light from his eyes soothe the last tremors of alarm, the tingling in her limbs that was receding.

The first time he had helped her through it, she was certain that it would be a matter of derision in his mind. But he never teaser her about it, never made her feel as though her mind wasn’t secure.  From the first day they had met, she observed him to be an expressive emotional creature in a way that her Pierre and, for that matter, most of the males around here were not.  She had already become accustomed to his moods that bewildered his own sister. Indeed, he seemed almost relieved that he could be of some help to Madeleine in a similar manner to the way that she so often soothed him.

He cleared his throat and swallowed nervously.

“It’s been quite some time since…since…”  

“Yes, thank you.”

He appeared to be slipping back into that stiffness from minutes ago and she rushed ahead, worried that the tension between which had been erased as he helped her through her fear would come rushing back.

“I’m sorry.”

His brows came together in a frown.

“You know you don’t have to apologize, I am quite aware that this has never been something you could control.  You didn’t ask for it, I –“

“No,” she interrupted quietly, taking another sip from the glass, hoping that it would do more to help than simply quench her thirst.

“I mean to say…I’m sorry for the words I spoke earlier.  They were foolish and meant in jest.  They were not meant to…they were not meant to be insulting and they are certainly no indication of how I truly feel. You and I must never be enemies, Tom.”

He had almost imperceptibly begun to lean forward in the chair, his handsome features shifting back to that open boyish charm that had captured her heart so long ago.  At her last words, he froze; he appeared to be waiting for her to continue.  

An altogether different wave of fear now crashed over her.  He must be worried that she was going to say something he didn’t want to hear, something that would cause him great discomfort.  

You and I must always be friends, Tom.  Aren’t we more than that?  Aren’t we as intimate in our affections as a husband and wife are?

She wanted to say those words.  

She couldn’t.

It was obvious that he feared she would and that it would be the worst possible thing she could do.

“You and I must never be enemies, Tom,” she said again, “Will you forgive me, please?  We are nearly brother and sister, aren’t we?”

A swift exhale of bated breath left his lungs and his hands moved to grip the arms of the chair, those long fingers curling around the embroidered upholstery.

She wanted to weep again at his actions, ones that seemed to represent to her nothing other than immense relief.

“Yes, Madeleine.”

Madeleine.  Not “Maddy.”  

It was the only time she had ever cringed at the sound of her name.

“I forgive you.”

The sound of laughter and music burst into the space around them as the doors opened and Cassie came rushing out.

“Papa says this is the last dance! Come, you must enjoy it together!”

Tom rose gracefully from his chair and intercepted Cassie’s hands before she could pull Madeleine from her seat.

“Your aunt is feeling rather tired and you and I have yet to dance.”

Smooth.  So smooth.  A perfectly veiled maneuvering away from her.

He forgives you.  But he’s rejected you.  You finally have a definite answer.  You finally know for sure.  He would never think of you in that way.  You are a sister.  You’ll never be his prize.

Vanilla & Moonlight (Peter Maximoff x Reader)

Had a shitty day today, so I decided to write this in the hopes it would take my mind off things. I hope it has a positive effect on you all, as well. (I know this isn’t a headcanon, but I figured since it was Peter you would hopefully still like it. Love you! @v-writings 💚)


You had no clue what time it was & you didn’t care to find out. By the bright light illuminating from the moon & the soft glow of the stars, you guessed it was late, perhaps in the wee hours of the morning, but you didn’t give it much thought. You hadn’t given anything much thought for the past few days, especially not the time nor what day it was. You couldn’t even recall what month it was because all your thoughts & focus was elsewhere.

You could still smell the faint scent of vanilla & detergent radiating from your shirt, his shirt. The smell never left your nostrils, constantly being breathed into your lungs even when you were nowhere near him. It was a permanent reminder, both a curse & blessing; he was always there, but he could never leave.

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Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: Patronuses

4.3K words, G rated.

I spent some time thinking about Patronus headcanons for Albus and Scorpius, and then I just had to write about them. Play spoilers under the cut, so proceed with caution. 
Massive thanks to @bounding-heart for being an awesome beta. 

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Bundle of Love Pt. 5 [Jungkook]

Originally posted by donewithjeon

part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4

Summary: Jeon Jungkook - Golden Maknae of famous group BTS. He was charming, lovable, sweet, adorable and everything else girls swooned over. However, it was all act - he couldn’t care less about anyone’s feelings, and used his fame to have one night stands with girls who were impressed by his money and fame. You, a loyal yet naive fan of Kpop have finally gotten the chance to meet your favourite gorup, BTS. What exactly happens when one of the members, and your ulimate bias, Jeon Jungkook, seems to take an interest in you

Word Count: 8,596

Type: Fluff, Angst, Smut!

Warning: Bad language

Member: Jungkook from BTS

A/N: I know, I know, I haven’t updated this in the longest time but you wont believe how busy I have been and plus, i WAS SUFFERING THE MOST HORRIBLE CASE OF WRITER’S BLOCK, which didn’t help at all! I am terribly sorry and will work harder to update sooner. Anyways, I hope you all have a great day! x

Happy reading!x

“Ya’ll, I’m more than convinced that Jungkook and this girl are dating.”


“Guys, BigHit hasn’t said anything about it. So, stop assuming shit.”

“I spotted Jungkook and his girlfriend on the train yesterday. They were so cute in their own little world! I’M cRYING ㅠㅠ.”

“She better treat him like the angel he is, otherwise she’ll be catching these hands.”

“If pictures of them KISSING isn’t proof enough that they are dating, then I don’t know what is.”

“He gave her his coat because she didn’t have one. Our gentlemen Kookie! ㅠㅠ.”

“Kookie looks happy with her, guys. Let’s keep it like that, and not send hate! They don’t deserve it!”

“Finally, something that went right in 2016. #JungkookHasAGirlfriend.”

“Most important question: wHO IS SHE?”

Jungkook’s manger had finally stopped reading the endless amount of tweets that were flooding in concerning yours and Jungkook’s not-so-secret getaway in Hongdae last night. In the silence of the packed board room, you watched carefully as Jungkook’s manager slowly lifted his face to showcase probably one of the most satisfied smiles you had ever seen on him — or anyone for a matter of fact.

Crinkles by his dazzling eyes that were in the shape of crescents and corners of his lips stretched so far across his middle-aged face.

You and Jungkook must of done so well.

“You two did an amazing job.” Jungkook’s manager joyfully praised the both of you with an over-exaggerated thunderous clap that awkwardly forced others within the blinding white board room to applaud less enthusiastically as you could imagine at your totally unexpected actions that took place only hours ago.

Last night.

The night you willingly spent in the forever-lively district of Hongdae that buzzed with ripe youthful happiness and life which radiated off all walks of life within the area. The night you purposely sang along to the lyrics of cheesy Kpop songs terribly and laughed so hard you couldn’t breathe any longer. The night you and Jungkook stood right outside the karaoke house, in the ending Autumn weather, before Jungkook kissed you like never before right in the middle of the road — for the whole world and fans nearby to view.

It would seem as though no matter how many times your cherry red lips met his thin pair in a passionate and fiery lip-lock session or maybe even just a simple peck that most likely meant absolutely nothing to Jungkook, you were left flustered beyond control. Your rosy cheeks would feel as if they were firmly pressed against the Sun’s inner core while your heart was beating so rapidly, you swore that it would stop beating the next second and you would instantly die. And, this was just mere thought of it. Therefore, you could imagine you were a lot more overwhelmed last night when that very thought had become a definite moment in reality.

Despite how worked-up you managed to get yourself, with your head swirling amongst those angels up in the sky, your heart pounding against your gradually shattering rib cage and millions of thoughts shooting through your mind, you attempted to keep as calm as possible for the sake of not scaring poor Jungkook with your chaotic and sometimes violent fangirl-freak outs. Especially during a kiss. The moment he detached his pink lips from yours, your lips suddenly went cold but you could finally breathe again. You could breathe in the sweet late Autumn air, one that was filled with the scent of old pumpkin spice, one that your burning lungs had longed for; the air that your lungs having been robbed of the second Jungkook’s warm lips were against yours and causing your stomach to complete triple dozens of perfect summersaults.

Returning back from the imaginary manga-like world with cherry blossoms petals that would blow amongst the wind blowing past, you blinked your eyes and appeared as though you had just woken up from a pleasant nap. This made Jungkook smile.

  Being the gentlemen his parents raised him to be, Jungkook kindly offered to escort you all the way back to your dorm without the slightest bit of unwillingness, pretending not to visibly flinch when he caught the flash of a camera out of the corner of his eye. You — still rather flustered and having an extremely difficult time leaving that manga-like world where a deep love between you and Jungkook existed, simply nodded your head, not trusting your voice at that very moment and set off, leaving those fans behind to watch with their jaws dropping to the ground as Jungkook got a hold of your hand and interlocked your fingers. Almost like it was natural, making it increasingly difficult to breath.

  Thankfully, throughout the somewhat soundless night that only consisted of the sounds of your pair of boots hitting the concrete floor and nothing more, you two had made your way back to the train station without having to take a detour to the nearest hospital because of your short-breath that came and went, particularly with the way Jungkook was still holding your hand even though nobody was around to see you two. You hopped on another train that you would be seated on for a long while, relieved to see that there was near to no people riding the train so late at night, meaning there were seats available for the long ride you were about to embark on.

  During the smooth train ride that easily made you doze off a couple of times, once accidentally finding yourself passed out on Jungkook’s shoulder for which you sheepishly apologised for, the time you were awake were purely spent doing nothing but replaying that damned kiss in your mind over and over again. The memory was so vivid, so fresh in your boggling mind as you forced yourself to remember how his large warm hands cupped your frost-bitten cheeks; how his lips curved into this mesmerising devious yet genuine smile the second his lips were inching closer to yours; how your knees went completely weak at the softness of his sweet, sweet lips; how fast and hard your heart was beating against your chest.

You were attempting to remember every single detail of that moment in your life, whether it was a small or large detail. Why? you may ask. Why force yourself to remember yet another event where Jungkook kissed you?

Because you liked him.

But, of course.

Although, in the days prior to your first meeting with BigHit, Jungkook exhibited some plain-stupid behaviour when it came to expressing his reaction to your pregnancy or the wrong things he might of accidentally done to you, you couldn’t deny that there was no hammering of your heart against your chest as you embraced tightly him on the train to Hongdae. No swarm of multi-coloured tiny butterflies flapping their wings in the pits of your stomach when Jungkook offered you his unbelievably warm coat to protect you from the chilly weather that Mother Nature created out of pure hate.

He was your ulimate bias for Christ sake! Of course you liked him!

However, this wasn’t any case of infatuation that would disappear in a matter days. Oh no, this was something more. Something more powerful, more meaningful, more prone to destroying you entirely if Jungkook’s feelings didn’t match yours.

Indeed, it was very much possible that he could develop feelings for you during the time that you two were meant to be faking dating since you were forced to spend a great deal of one-on-one time together, pretending to be the product of a newly formed relationship that was nothing but the utter most love for one another. But, come on, this is Jeon Jungkook we are talking about. He couldn’t catch feelings for any girl, no matter how drop-dead gorgeous they were or how wonderful their personality was. He wouldn’t allow himself to, which contributed to the endless complications there were when it came to your relationship.

Even when he kissed you outside the karaoke house last night was an example of him not capable of developing feelings for you. He said it was all for show — nothing more. Nothing more, you had to continuously tell yourself as you would sneak a discreet glance out the corner of your eye to have the slimmest, slightest glimpse at Jungkook seated across you with his God-given features and beating heart filled with emotions you weren’t aware he could bring himself to feeling for you. All-in-all, allowing yourself to appreciate and bask in the riches within fake dating Jungkook, would only result in you breaking your own heart.

  “Since the response to you two going out last night has been explosive, both on social media and album sales wise, you two will going on another date today.” Jungkook’s manager informed you two with an approving smile that lit up his middle-aged face, his overflowing amount of happiness overclouding the look of slight uncomfortableness and uncertainty that Jungkook displayed at the sound of having another date with you.

Jungkook scratched the back of his neck, nervously asking with his voice filled with hesitation, “Isn’t it a bit too soon? I mean, people have just found about…about us, shouldn’t we just let it calm down for a while?”

“We could,” Jungkook’s manger suggested to Jungkook, but judging by the tone the middle-aged used, this was nothing that could be altered. “But, we’ve just got started on this plan — we haven’t even reached the climax point of Step One yet. Plus, since everyone is discovering your new relationship, a lot of people are going ahead and purchasing the new album, which has made the album jump up, last time I checked, ten spots.”

Ten spots? You’ve got be kidding me, Jungkook thought.

“On which chart?” Jungkook asked in belief while keeping his lips from parting in total shock, his eyes rapidly blinking to showcase how surprising he found that BTS had actually gained popularity instead of losing it since making a public appearance with you several hours ago.

“All charts, Jungkook,” Jungkook’s manger answered simply. “BTS are number one on all Korean charts again and number fifteen on the Billboard Charts as we speak. It’s like you’ve put out another album again.”

Who knew dating someone could make a group so popular?

Usually — actually always, whenever this kind of scenario took place, an idol having been spotted on a date with someone, whether they were famous or not, there was a lot of negative backlash. For some reason, some fans have the mind-set that they own their bias and that someday in the future, they’ll get married and happily build a life together.

Therefore, when such news got out, they became aggravated and jealous for no reason whatsoever and begin to send hate in an attempt to break the couple up; which was immature, despicable and saddening for an idol to see.

Therefore, to hear that BTS was infact gaining more attention, even towards their music, just because Jungkook was caught spending time with you last night, was something Jungkook couldn’t get his head wrapped around.

Sir,” The sudden call for Jungkook’s manager erupted in the quietness in the board room. Everyone’s heads turned in the direction of the voice, laying their eyes upon another professionally dressed lady with rich brown flowing locks and a small figure, appearing to be someone that looked only a few years older than you. Probably an intern. “I called the limousine company. They said one would arrive in thirty minutes.”

“Excellent,” Jungkook’s manger replied with an easy smile, turning his focus to you who had been quiet since the moment you sat down in your designated seat. “Why doesn’t Jungkook go and properly introduce you to the rest of the BTS members? I’m sure you would enjoy that.”

After your Saturday meeting with BigHit was adjourned, like Jungkook’s manager had insisted Jungkook on doing, he led you towards the room where the rest of his members were keeping themselves occupied without their maknae. As expected, there was an uneasy quietness resting in the large space separating the two of you as you walked alongside each other (not that you walked shoulder to shoulder before) without much noise which coincidentally started right after you had shared your renowned kiss that was the centre of attention in the Kpop World as of right now.

Of course, the odd silence that started to take over after you two had just began warming up to one another and the idea that you would spend the majority of your free time with each other. But, why? You had your reasons, them being that what could you under any circumstances talk about when all you could think about was his lips on yours?

What was his excuse? You really wanted to know.

But before you could break the awkward silence and speak first, boldly questioning him for his quietness, you two had stopped right in front of a door that had a large black label proudly placed against it which read, ‘Pratice room to 방탄소년단’.

Just as Jungkook’s hand reached out for the shiny silver door handle, going on to open the door to expose the practice room that you could hear music playing inside, you (without a single thought) grabbed onto Jungkook’s wrist, halting his movements and causing him to look at you with alarm clearly written all over his face.

Wait!” You called out abruptly, a second later feeling Jungkook rip his wrist from your grip, the action hurting you as if a needle had poked your fragile heart because you didn’t mean to provoke him like that.

  “What?” Jungkook hissed accidentally with knitted eyebrows, not meaning for his answer to come out as aggressive as it did since his facial expression faltered a second later after realising this. “What’s wrong?”

The feelings I am starting to catch for you, you wanted to say, but you weren’t in your moody and honest mood as yet, or crazy enough to actually confess the way you felt, so you settled for lamely answering, “Your coat…I forgot to bring it.”

Jungkook cast you a questioning, having known you too well already to suspect that you were hiding something. Plus, the look of hesitation on your face was more than obvious. But, it wasn’t any of his business, so he decided not to pry. “It’s okay….you can keep it.”

“No, no, no,” You immediately replied with a firm shake of the head. “It’s yours and I should return it after I take it to the dry cleaners.”

“The dry cleaners?” Jungkook asked with a raised eyebrow. “Did you mess on it or something?”

“No, of course not!” You claimed with embarrassed pink cheeks, feeling utterly humiliated after hearing such an accusation.

 "I just thought it would be nice to return it to you smelling clean and fresh.“

Could you be more thoughtful? Jungkook thought silently to himself as he felt his heart warming at your kind gesture.

Gazing upon your flustered state with your words playing his mind like a scratched up broken record, a closed mouth smile that curved only one end of Jungkook’s lips appeared amongst his defined features.

"That’s…really nice of you, Y/N,” Jungkook stated with that damned smile that could get your heart racing at just a mere glimpse of it. The compliment came fast and heavy, piercing right through your heart that had nothing but micro feelings for the man who stood right in front of you. “But don’t worry about it, you can keep it. I don’t mind.”

He didn’t mind.

Why did those three words have to make your heart flutter so much?

“Oh,” You expressed your understanding with a slightly shocked expression. “Um, okay then. Thank you, by the way.”

“It’s no problem, I—”

The door swung open.

Are you two lovebirds gonna continue talking outside or do you want to come inside?” The one and only, Min Yoongi stated with his newly dyed black hair appearing as if he had just woken up for a power nap.

Out of pure habit, you’re assuming, Jungkook had gotten a gentle hold of your clammy hand, the action considered strange by both you and Yoongi, as the black-haired rapper solemnly stared down at your held hands as Jungkook led you inside their practice room, where all the magic was created and produced.

Different from the numerous times where Jungkook would enter and the boys would be hard at work, most of them were either mindlessly tapping against their phone screens, sleeping or just dancing for fun like Jimin and Hoseok were. Despite the totally mediocre scene, you were completely amazed by the simple fact that you were standing where they had shed their blood, sweat and tears to become the superstars they were, and also because you were in the presence of them…again!

Oh, how you would envy yourself if you were someone else.

Once the sounds of Jungkook’s familiar timberland boots thumped against the ground, those who weren’t in the midst of whatever type of dream they were experiencing (Taehyung) turned their heads to look right in your direction, their eyes widening when discovering that it wasn’t just Jungkook who had entered the room.

Jungkook and you stood in the middle of the large room, no doubt the centre of attention. Your shaking eyes attempted to glue their view on your tattered pair of classic Converse as you were too shy to face them all again, this time them being aware that you were pregnant with their best friend’s child. “Um, I’m sure you guys know Y/N, especially since she attended like, two of our fansign events here in Seoul. Y/N, I’m pretty sure you know all of them.”

What a great introduction,” Yoongi sarcastically commented underneath his breath, stepping forwards and bowing respectfully to you. “It’s a pleasure to see you again.”

You lifted your head as you beamed, unable to disguise the undeniable smile on your now glowing face. “The pleasure is all mine.” You stated with the brightest of smiles, showing your respect to him as you bowed too.

As you bowed towards everyone in the room who was awake at the time and started to make conservation between the seven of you, Taehyung had been awaken by the sounds of some of your wild laughter and loud chitter chatter. Groaning in irritation, he was forced to leave the mystical land where his dreams laid and peeled his eyes open, bright red bottom lip protruding out as he looked in the direction of the circle you all formed on the floor. “Can you guys please keep it down? I’m trying to sleep here.”

Everyone turned their heads in Taehyung’s direction. “Sorry, Tae. It’s kind of hard not to laugh out loud when Y/N is cracking jokes left, right, and centre.” Jimin sincerely apologised with a squeaky snicker to complete his sentence.

Y/N? She’s here? Taehyung thought.

Blinking his eyes to clear his blurry vision, Taehyung took a closer look to the circle and to his dismay, there you were, in your shining glory, appearing like the graceful yet bright princess you were, while he…well, he thought he looked like shit.

In a matter of seconds, Taehyung had dramatically fell back onto the small mattress he slept on, using his blanket to cover his bare face which had sleep written all over it. “Why didn’t you tell me Y/N was here? I wouldn’t of slept and probably would look less shitty.”

“Hate to break it to you, Taehyung, but there’s no helping that mess.” Hoseok harshly responded with a teasing chuckle, a chorus of hisses through his members’ teeth heard loud and clear to signal that Taehyung had been royally burnt by Hoseok’s epic comeback.

Taehyung shot up from his place on the mattress, tossing his blanket off his body and seeming not to give two shits about his lazy appearance as he stood to his feet on the floor with a menacing glare. “Says you, J-Horse.”

“1990 called, they want their joke back.” Hoseok was quick to comment with a sassy tone, another chorus of hisses sounding through the practice room.

“Whatever,” Taehyung rolled his eyes in irritation as he quickly surrendered and admitted to his defeat. As he rolled his eyes, he happened to make clear eye-contact with you, his dark chocolate pair of intense eyes directly staring right into your pair of orbs, increasing the rate in which a pretty pink blush decorated the surface of your cheeks. He was the first to break the eye-contact, going on to ruffling the short dyed blond strands of his hair before he looked at you again and smiled, “Hello, Y/N.”

  “Hello, Taehyung.” You greeted back gleefully enough to earn a glance from Jungkook, the boy taking note of how your smile had begun to shine like a diamond in the dust. Was it because of Taehyung? “Do you wanna join us?”

“Sure.” Taehyung responded in a cool and nonchalant manner, rushing over towards the circle you all had formed and just having to take a seat down next you as you continued your discussion with the BTS members, oblivious to the jealous glare Jungkook sent Taehyung whenever he thought he or even you was showing affection to one another.

By the grace of some higher power, your discussion didn’t last very long after Taehyung had joined since Jungkook and you had received word that the car you were taking to the restaurant you were having your lunch at had finally arrived. In a rush to get you away from Taehyung, who Jungkook could just sense had an interest in you by the way he was constantly fighting for your attention and cracking lame jokes you would laugh at nevertheless, Jungkook dragged you behind him like some sort of rag doll as he bolted out the room and out the front door without as much as a goodbye.

Unfortunately, because Jungkook had been so clouded by his raging jealousy and because he was in such a rush to get Taehyung away from you, he hadn’t heard one of the workers standing nearby the front door inform him that a fairly large group of fans that were gathered outside chanting Jungkook’s name, demanding answers to questions they had concerning you and your relationship with Jungkook.

Therefore, it came as a surprise when you two stepped outside and didn’t see just the jet black high-class limousine, but fans surrounding the luxury car and blocking it from moving anywhere since the space outside wasn’t much and there were so many fans. Once the door had opened, everyone’s heads snapped in your direction and you could feel their stares of curiosity burning past the material of your clothing and into your skin.

“Jungkook oppa, who is she?!” One fan in the sea of mainly girls gathered outside the BigHit entertainment building asked instantly with a scowl and furrowed eyebrows.

The moment both Jungkook and you had registered her question that was on every army’s mind, Jungkook turned his head to cast a look that spoke for itself, looking towards you almost as if he was asking you if we were okay with spilling some information about yourself that was fairly necessary to them. You turned your head to face the crowd again, coming face-to-face to those you felt at home with, with those you could form ever-lasting friendships with, those who you loved. Your lips formed into the shape of a sparkling smile, one that Jungkook couldn’t stop himself from stealing a glance at, as you bowed lower than usual to show your utter most respect to the fans outside as you formally introduced yourself. “Hello. My name is Y/L/N Y/N.”

You stood up straight, observing how some fans were speedily tapping away on their phone screens, telling the large Internet world the answer Kpop fans had been wondering for a considerate amount of time. Nevertheless, the smile spread across your cheeks had not wavered, even when you saw deadly looks that screamed that they didn’t approve of your relationship which you attempted to not let bother you.

  Not everyone was going to like you, and you had to be content with that, otherwise the negativity you were bound to receive was going to tear you apart; limb by limb.

Having noticed your figures standing outside the door, the security guard that was on-duty had abruptly left the coffee machine down the hall, discarding his half-filled mug of plain-black coffee as he stormed outside, all the attention now directed onto him.

Since he was well-aware both Jungkook and you would be leaving for lunch later that day, he understood why the luxury car was parked outside and quickly got to business as he insisted for fans to leave the premises so that you two could enter the vehicle. Reluctantly, fans had gradually started leaving the premises whilst grumbling unlady-like words underneath their breaths and the security guided you to the car, wishing you two a good lunch before he shut the door behind you.

Yet again, as you two breezed through the streets of Seoul, an uncomfortable silence dominated the air, the silence deafening to your pitiful ears that suffered greatly without hearing the voice of Jungkook. You looked over to him, finding him gazing out the window and taking in as much of the outside world as he could, like he had been deprived of such scenery for years. Perhaps he was, because now the majority of his time was spent in an enclosed space. Whether it would be a practice room or stadium, he barely knew what the mundane outside world looked like and was going to appreciate its flaws and perfections as much as he possibly could.

As he continued gazing out the window, you couldn’t resist but take in every bit of his features that were shown off at their very best with the lighting coming from outside, making him appear as some Greek God that was sculpted with the finest precision and perfection.

Almost everything about the existence of Jeon Jungkook was perfect, from the dark chocolate colour of his eyes that burned with an intense emotion that suddenly had you drawn into his embrace, his clean-cut jawline that could surely slash right through diamond, the now rare smile that reached right up to his ears whilst showcasing his two front bunny teeth and apple-sized cheeks, to his muscular arms that had veins sticking out almost resembling some kind of tree if you were going to compare the sight.

However, he did have his case of flaws — but so did everyone else. Not everyone was up to the ridiculous beauty standards idiotic people had set up for them, not everyone was as intelligent or as thoughtful as they desired to be, not everyone was a certain type of way — and that was okay. That’s what made us humans fascinating anyways. Within the mixture of Jungkook’s perfections and flaws, you discovered a new definition of perfection that you desperately wanted to find out more about. You desired to know more about him. The real him. But, you just knew doing that would make you fall in love, even if you discovered more flaws than perfections. It was inevitable. And that was something, despite this inevitability, you weren’t going to do.

You weren’t going to break your heart like that.

Later, you and Jungkook had arrived at the vintage-looking Italian restaurant that you were glad to see wasn’t a fancy, upper class restaurant, because your ordinary, every-day Autumn clothing that consisted for jeans and a sweater wasn’t going to cut it. As Jungkook climbed out first after the limousine was put into park, you were confused to see the brutal flashes of cameras and immediately froze.

Who was outside?

You weren’t given much time to ponder on the thought as yet again, your hand was grabbed by a hand so familiar to you that you could tell who it was without even looking anymore. You were assisted out of the limousine, being greeted with a ray of harsh flashes that could of blinded you if it wasn’t for your first instinct to look down at the concrete floor beneath your feet. Before you had glued your vision to the ground beneath you, you had gotten quick glances at what seemed to be multiple fansites that somehow managed to find out that you were going to have lunch that day. How? You don’t have the tiniest clue.

As a way to rid the heavy load of worry and anxiety that started to fill your suffering chest, you tightly gripped onto Jungkook’s hand as he diligently led you through the crowd of enthusiastic fans that screamed right in your ears before you two made your way into the restaurant, having to hear questions about your relationship being the only thing that left their mouths as they viciously snapped their photos on your way inside.

Once you were safe inside, away from those who, regardless of whether you were inside and not nearby, still took pictures of you from outside, Jungkook was the one to check-in with the front desk about the reservation someone from BigHit had made for the two of you and you two were led to your table, not having the flashes of cameras follow you.

You were escorted to your table that was rather distant from the main door and took a seat down at the small circle table with white silk material serving as the tablecloth. Glancing around, you observed that the table that was booked for the two of you was located in a space of the restaurant where, unless you were inside the restaurant yourself, you couldn’t get the tiniest peek of both you and Jungkook, giving you two some privacy that you were started to realise was becoming very, very limited.

Seconds later, one of the waitress adorned in a chic male-inspired suit approached your table and jotted down your orders as she was paid to do. But, of course, you saw the so-called discreet glances she took at both you and Jungkook when she wasn’t standing before you two, most likely having knowledge about the current bombshell that had been dropped onto the Kpop World. Nevertheless, you were both thankful but unhappy that she departed right after taking your orders, this meaning that she wouldn’t keep glancing at you two, but this also meant that you and Jungkook were left alone. In silence.

A silence which you couldn’t stand.

“What’s wrong with us?” You couldn’t take it anymore. The silence was literally killing you inside.

The sound of your voice caused Jungkook to look up at you with widened eyes, almost surprised that you would be the one to break the silence instead of him. As you made eye-contact with those same dark chocolate eyes that had your heart punching against your shattering rib cage, you suddenly gulped before speaking again with less confidence, “Last night, we started warming up to each other, remember? We were dancing like idiots and laughing so much we cried. What changed? Why aren’t you talking?”

Asking such demanding questions seemed to put Jungkook in a not so physically relaxed mood. He shifted uncomfortably in his seat, his Adam’s apple visibly bobbing as he tensely gulped. He crossed his arms over his chest, giving you the perfect angle to look at the old wound that you couldn’t help but wonder was caused by his fragile skin coming in-contact with scorching hot fire with the way the wound had brought that part of his uneven skin together.

Your eyes couldn’t take the intensity that came with directly looking into his eyes, which is why you opted to stare down at the shining silverware on the table as you reasoned with Jungkook. “Maybe, you don’t want to say what changed. And that’s okay with me, as long as this quietness between us doesn’t continue. I’m not spending nine months pretending like you don’t exist, or having you treat me like that.”

For the record,” Jungkook finally spoke, “I would never treat you like that….ever.”

Your head shot upwards, your eyes resembling a deer caught in the headlights as you gazed at Jungkook with surprise controlling your facial expression, all except for the flustered blush that gradually blossomed onto the surface of your cheeks. You witnessed Jungkook send a smile your way, a smile that you recalled for last night in the karaoke house, and could just tell that despite whatever took place last night, everything was going to be okay.

Even if, the next second, Jungkook’s smile dropped off the face of the earth, alarm and emptiness taking over his features as he blankly stared at something behind you. Your eyebrows knitted in confusion, your mind wondering what had changed his mood so drastically before you turned around, learning that the same girl from last night that shook Jungkook to his very core stood right behind you.

“Long time, no see, Jungkook,” Her voice oozed with nothing but happiness, or any emotion for that matter. A sly smirk broke out onto the surface of her alarmingly pale skin, a smirk that sent a shiver down your spine as you heard her say, “I’ve missed you.”

Like hell you did,” Jungkook viciously spat, nothing but anger and pain oozing from his voice. “What are you doing here, Eunae?”


“Well, I thought since I spent most of the money you gave me on the things I needed, I might as well treat my friends to some lunch,” A artificial smile was plastered onto her doll-like features. She glanced down at you, studying your appearance for a bit which made your skin crawl more than usual before she said to Jungkook, “Oh, so you’re dating one of your one-night-stands now? That’s new. I hope it lasts.”

“She is not a one-night-stand,” Jungkook denied this fact almost straightaway, his jaw clenching as his knuckles turned a snow white colour since he was clutching onto the table cloth for dear life. “And you’re interrupting our lunch. You should leave.”

Although, Jungkook’s intimidating demeanour and cold tone of voice had scared you shitless, mostly because you hadn’t seen such an angry and fierce side of him before, Eunae was entirely unfazed, actually quite assumed by the beast she was bringing out in Jungkook.

“Frankly, I don’t want to.” She sniggered with an amused smile, taking a few steps and standing right next to your chair, having the audacity to place her arm around sweater-covered shoulders like you two were actually friends. She looked down at you, her contact-lens covered eyes boring into yours as she inquired in a whisper, “So, how much money have you managed to smuggle out of him? I doubt it is as much as I did.”

This had you fuming. What kind of sick person was she if all she sounded like she talked about involved money?

  You removed her arm from your shoulders without a care in the world, fury cemented into your normally soft features as you informed her in a strict tone. “I don’t care about his money, thank you. And I’d appreciate it if you stopped assuming I did, and leave us alone.”

She obviously faked a hurt expression, placing her dainty hands with claw-like nails painted black on her chest where her heart was supposed to be. “I’m hurt.”

“You don’t know the first thing about being hurt,” Jungkook scoffed with an irritated eye-roll, growing immensely drained with the presence of Eunae.

Eunae turned her head in Jungkook’s direction immediately upon hearing his husky voice. “Oh, then, educate me, Mr. Jeon,” Eunae smirked deviously to Jungkook, only to be greeted by an angered expression that she gained amusement from. “I really want to know.”

He ran his wet tongue over his lips to provide moisture to the chapped pair, having to gulp — maybe because he was nervous or was pushing down a cry as hard as he could, you don’t know — before he went on to explain in a strained tone, “I think…I think pretending…pretending to love someone with all your heart and have them trust you with their heart without a thought, only to just…just leave them stranded in some cheap motel almost maxing out their credit card and telling them such things such as you didn’t even like them is what I consider most hurtful above all.” Jungkook attempted to explain without breaking down into tears in a public area, most likely his experience tearing him apart inside and opening old untreated wounds as his red outlined eyes were brimmed with more tears that gradually descended down his cheeks.

  All you could was stare at Jungkook. Stare at the man who had presumably gone through such an experience, where everything was right with the world as long as he had Eunae at the time. The world could be crumbling around him, building by building collapsing and people would of given up their hopes and dreams for survival, but for him, as long as he had Eunae in his arms, everything was going to be alright. He loved her.

She pretended to love him.

“I understand now, Mr. Jeon,” Eunae nodded her head in understanding with a submissive facial expression that you didn’t believe for a second. She faced Jungkook, her lifeless strands of jet black hair framing her small face as she continued to say, “But what you must understand yourself is that it’s a cruel world out there. To love is to destroy.”

All you ever did was destroy me!” Jungkook unexpectedly had yelled at the top of his lungs, bringing down his clenched fist down onto the table with a loud bang! as he stared wildly up at Eunae who didn’t even flinch. “You didn’t even like me, remember?”

“It wasn’t my fault that you got attached,” Eunae was quick to argue, her argument adding fuel to the burning pit of fire of anger within you. She happened to glance at you, her attention turning back to Jungkook as she warned him, “Don’t get attached to her, either. She’ll hurt you far more than I did.”

  You couldn’t take it anymore. All the assumptions, the surprising revelations, the pain that Jungkook was clearly still attempting to cope with — it was all too much to handle. Therefore, you had to put an end to it. You abruptly stood up from your chair, the object scraping against the wooden floor as you stepped in front of Eunae, staring right into her black eyes and telling her straight, “I’ve had enough of you. Leave us alone now.”

Your spine-shivering threat appeared to have no effect on evilness herself as she chuckled at your actions, the chuckle reminding you of those horrid witches who always ruined fairytales at some stage of the book, those witches you never thought could infact walk this earth, be amongst us humans. Such evil couldn’t be amongst us.

Without another word, she turned on her black platform heels and left you standing there with one question on your mind.

How immoral could she be?

The drive back home resembled one in which you imagined. Painfully quiet. You didn’t necessarily expect Jungkook to speak much, particularly after being confronted by someone who had no doubt damaged him beyond repair just a mere hour ago and having to see her; watch her smile and laugh in delight with loads of friends crowding around her table that had a large birthday cake on it. How could they celebrate her life? You had bitterly thought before casting a look at Jungkook behind you, catching him looking in her direction as well and for a few seconds, you caught a glimpse of the smallest yet fondest of smiles before it vanished out of nowhere.

Going back to your painfully quiet car ride, you imagined that in the time you two spent sat on luxurious leather car seats that he’d crack; either abruptly bursting into tears or confessing how he’d ever come across her and how she had broken him down to you, and you would listen because that was what he really needed as of right now. Someone who would listen to him. And things would be okay after that. You’d help him much as possible with trying to get over her and he would be happy. You would be happy.

  But he never spoke. He kept those dark thoughts and painful memories buried inside the confinements of his chest where they ate him alive — bit by bit. He would have his bone and heart-shattering feeling consume him entirely before he even said a peep to anyone and that wasn’t something that settled right with you. But what could you do? He needed to be willing to mend his heart, to talk, and he wasn’t. He didn’t want or necessarily need help…well, at least that’s the way he pretended to act like.

Thirty minutes later, you two had arrived outside what you saw to be a large house that looked similar to those houses for idol’s dormitories. The second the driver had turned off the engine, Jungkook was gone, attempting to get a moment to himself to full destruct in peace and not in the company of others. Although the driver was instructed that he was supposed to drop you off at your campus grounds, you said he didn’t have to in a rushed tone before thanking for driving you two and bolting yourself.

Once you were out of the car, you had to literally run to keep up with Jungkook’s enormous steps that grew even larger as he approached the door, creating the greatest gap between you two. Nevertheless, you still screamed out Jungkook’s name with every step you took, your lungs feeling as if they had caught on fire every time you screamed with every bit of emotion and energy in your being. However, he refused to answer your calls and kept on walking, entering the house and bolting up the stairs just as you entered the household.

You stood breathless at the front door, huffing and puffing with pink flushed cheeks, hands on your hips as you shook your head and willed yourself to not breakdown yourself because you knew, you knew better than anyone else that he was going to go upstairs, find a room in which he was completely alone, lock the door and just break down. You swallowed the vastly developing lump in your throat, your vision becoming blurred with tears that you were so quick to wipe that Yoongi, who had come out a room that must been the kitchen since he had a glass of milk in hand, didn’t see them.

  He paused immediately when seeing your figure standing at the opened front door with no lights on. He squinted his eyes, “Y/N?”

“The one and only,” You tried to joke, attempting to hide the worry, concern, sadness and many other emotions you were experiencing all at once.

  “What are you doing here?” He continued to walk towards you, oddly passing by you before the sound of the door shutting was heard and the lights flickered on and your fresh tears were exposed. He walked back to you, facing you as you plastered an unwavering smile while you couldn’t see the one tear that you missed slowly going down your cheek.

“Oh, I was just…seeing that Jungkook got home safely,” You beamed widely, your smile possibly appearing more artificial than genuine as Yoongi’s cat like eyes inspected everything that seemed to be off about you.

“That’s sweet of you,” He smiled at you and you were about to smile at him too, only if it wasn’t for him reaching out with his other hand and placing his warm hand against the skin of your cheek, his thumb smearing the salty tear into your skin before he pulled away and sipped his milk. He took the glass away from his thin pair of lips, automatically wiping away the milk moustache he knew he had and asking you, “What’s wrong? Why are you crying?”

“It’s nothing, don’t worry,” You tried to seem as if you were okay, even if you weren’t as alright as you should of been, but with the thought in your mind that as you spoke, Jungkook was taking in a sharp breath after a series of tears fell to the ground, you couldn’t be okay. You couldn’t even pretend to be. “Plus, it’s not my place to tell you.”

“So, something happened to Jungkook?” Yoongi gathered as he took yet another sip of his warm milk. He cast you a look, his mind pondering for a split second before he came up with, “Did it have anything to do with Eunae?”

How did he know?

The accuracy of his guessing had you shocked, going on to express this shock with facial expressions that were a dead giveaway to him. He let out an exhausted sigh, ruffling his black dyed strands of hair as he questioned you, “So, what happened? Did you guys like, bump into her? Did she bump into you guys? Did someone mention her? What?”

“It’s not my place to tell you,” You repeated, keeping in mind that Jungkook could be upset with you if you were to reveal the events of tonight and how they had sadly ended.

  “It is when it comes to someone as evil as her entering his life again and wrecking it like she did before,” Yoongi countered with a powerful tone that you wouldn’t dare to challenge. “Now, tell me, what happened?”

You let out a long sigh, closing your eyes in the process and shaking your head so hard people would think it would fall off, only doing this in an poor attempt to erase the horrid image of Jungkook crying. You opened your eyes again, Yoongi witnessing how they were brimming with tears and you weren’t sure whether it was whenever you got emotional, you always needed a hug or that Yoongi looked like he was indirectly telling you that it was okay to hug him, but you stepped into his arms, clinging onto him for dear life as you reflected on the night’s events, the image of Jungkook crying never leaving your mind.

You two stayed like this for a while. Simply holding each other as you willed yourself not to cry more. After sometime, you separated yourself from Yoongi, his scent of cologne still lingering within the air as you wiped away the last of your tears and asked in a scratchy tone, “Can we sit down somewhere?”

“Sure,” Yoongi spoke without any hesitation whatsoever, boldly wrapping his arm around your sweater covered shoulders as he walked with you towards his own mini space that was reserved for his personal music-composing.

Upon entering the room, a tiny smile curved the corners of your lips appeared as your curious eyes searched the room and noted that the room looked exactly how it did in those sets of photos posted by Dispatch online. The only thing that was missing, which wasn’t even in the pictures, was the pitter patter of small puppy paws as Holly, who was once sleeping, was woken up by the door opening and immediately dashed to the door.

“Take a seat wherever you like,” Yoongi insisted with warm smile that made the chilly Autumn night less chilling to the bone as you took a seat at the chair facing the mass of computer screens.

You watched Yoongi find a chair somewhere you hadn’t even seen there was a chair, bringing the object nearby you before he took a seat and beamed a gummy smile your way, the smile making you feel all fuzzy inside as it always did. “So,” He clapped his hands, “What happened?”

“As you may of heard, we went to a restaurant for lunch, right? And…things were quiet between us, for reasons that I can’t say, but yeah, we arrived and there were some fansites outside but we quickly escaped them as we went inside and we brought to our table and our orders were taken. After the waitress left, I started to question why things were so awkward between us even after we seemed to be getting along so well the day before, and we actually stopped being awkward around each other after that. He smiled and I smiled, and everything seemed to be going so well…but then-” You were explaining to Yoongi, who by the looks of it, was intently listening to what you had to say, and even seeming to go to the extent of studying every word you chose to use.

“Eunae showed up,” Yoongi concluded with a shake of the head. “Ah, this girl…”

You licked your lips. “Jungkook mentioned what happened between them as they…argued, I’m guessing. But,” You licked your lips again, “What really happened?”

“That, my friend,” Yoongi began his sentence before needing to take the last sip of his warm milk before continuing, “is something I cannot tell you. After all, it’s not my place to tell you.”

You crimsoned, feeling rather humiliated for asking such a question but it didn’t hurt to try, right? Plus, it was bugging you till no end about how things had really played out between the two. You wanted to know everything there was to know about the subject — just to understand how much she had hurt him and do something, anything, to heal his heart and stitch it back together. Even if you had completed one stitch out of a thousand, you would still consider that progress, especially when it came to the fact that it seemed as though not even a single one tear in his heart had been brought back together.

  “But I will tell you this,” Yoongi started to say, gaining your undivided attention as your head lifted upwards and you intently watched him speak, “She hurt him. More than both you and I, or anyone probably, can comprehend. And from suffering from such shit, that’s going to take a long time, maybe even a lifetime to get over,”

“But,” Yoongi cleared his throat before finally making eye-contact with you. “I believe that you could possibly speed that process up. I mean, you two are going to be spending a lot of time together for the next nine to ten months, and there’s no doubt in my mind that within those months that something will happen. Whether it is that he, I don’t know, falls for you, or just lets you in beyond places we are located in. You’re capable of doing it. I mean, you’re doing it now, it’s just taking him a while to open up — as it should. But I’m very hopeful that this will happen and that somehow, someway you can or he can fix whatever has been killing him inside.”

“He just needs you and some time to heal.”

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