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Lim youngmin Soulmate au

Requested by Anon so let’s roll!

•Before I get into this y'all may be wondering how everyone knows their soulmate sign if they’re not obvious,
• My answer is I don’t know either yET (maybe the parents get a certificate with the sign written on it when the stalk delivers the baby),
• ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
• Okay so ever since you were able to understand soulmates your soulmate sign terrified you,
• When you found your soulmate, you’d lose the ability to see colours,
• And man were you terrified,
• Yeah and curious because who is the mysterious human you’re supposed to spend the rest of your life with????
• More importantly, do they pour their milk before their cereal?
• Because you’re not sure if you can live with someone like that,
• And you always looked at colours as if it was the last time you were going to see them,
• That turquoise?
• Printing the exact shade to memory,
• You weren’t exactly mad at your soulmate, they had the exact same problem as you, but you were a whole hearted believer that fate was a bitch,
• Like a full bitch, one of the people that screenshot the ugly selfies on Snapchat,
• Yeah, THAT bad,
• smh fate did u dirty,
• And you had a mini crisis when you were 8,
• Would an orange still be an orange if you couldn’t see it’s colour? Would it be a grey?
• And you hated black and white and grey with all of your little might when you were young,
• And you had full matching outfits colour coded,
• One day you where all bright orange, aka a traffic cone™
• The next day you where a pastel purple blur aka cute af,
• But yeah, you probably spent more than the normal amount of time colouring and painting and drawing and creating art bursting with vibrant colours,
• Because as a kid you got anxious about it,
• And your parents where like HmmMMmmM,
• So you started drawing and creating art so you could MAKE colour,
• What a cOnCEpT,
• You took to it like a duck to water,
• And by the time you reach your teens you were low key very good? Mid teens? You were winning competitions,
• Because you had a deep set passion for making sure beautiful pictures where captured on paper with the most delicate colours,
• Because one day you’d loose the ability to do that,
• So if you weren’t going to put everything into  it now then stRiKe yoU DoWn,
• You’d been working on a few pieces especially for a competition/exhibition you’d been invited to,
• The countries top amateur artists,
• Because you’re just THAT good,
• And boy had you been threating over what to paint because this is big,
• But you won’t let creative block beat you,
• (Stronger than me, rip)
• And you take up a damn challenge,
• Sunset paintings aren’t exactly original but they’re extremely hard,
• Because that sun sets quickly, like he’s running after the ice cream truck,
• Or chasing the moon,
• But you’re determined to capture it in a new light, in a way you’re confidant is uniquely yours,
• And you work your butt off every night for over 2 months until you’re happy you’ve captured it,
• The sun sinks into the bottom of the page in a lazy manner, the sky above it turning a darker blue while the patches around it are shaded with purples and pinks and reds,
• The clouds’ bellies are painted a pastel pink, while the tops are still pure in the dusk you always watch from the fields behind your house,
• But you’ve caught the colour and pinned it to the page, the colours accurate but magic, intense and blending and vibrant and unique,
• But then you’re like damn I still have to find another thing to paint,
• Because 2 pictures is the required amount for the competition because apparently one just isn’t good enough,
• So you chose the humble crow as your subject,
• Because those birds are incredibly and intelligent,
• You paint it in blues, purples and the rare colour black edges into your usual colour obsessed painting,
• Mid flight and totally free, the edges of the wings leak into a background of delicate greens, shamrock, emerald, seafoam and sky, lapis, azure,
• An omniscient vibe mixes with the feeling of peace and freedom, making the two paintings your best yet,
• And boy are you hype for the competition
• So you arrive to the exhibition hall bright and early to hang your paintings and to check out the competition,
• What an art nerd, honestly,
• And when the public come in and the judges stalk the hall you wonder around as well,
• As much as you’re threatened™ by the competition, you can’t help but love all the styles and variations of scenes,
• A kid in a sweet shop really, you’re the ultimate hype man for all the artists,
• As you circle back round to your little corner, you spot a boy stood in front of your paintings,
• You are, once again, shook™,
• Not only is this boy around the same age as you, which is already unusual in the sea of middle-aged people, he’s Hella handsome,
• Like boy what a cutie damn, your heart skips a beat,
• What an innocent looking pure bean,
• And you smile widely because he’s staring at your crow and the soFtESt smile is spread across his face he looks at peace,
• So you take your chance and slide along next to him,
• Cus you brave af apparently,
• “You don’t think it’s a little too bright?”
• You often worry that your use of colours could seem a little too aggressive for someone who doesn’t cherish them like you,
• So yanno, get some use out of this cutie while you can,
• “I’ll lose my colours one day, and if I could only remember one paintings colours, it’d be this one,”
• ShOoK™
• Like damn so many emotions,
• First of all, highest compliment of all you got a huge mega blush right there,
• Second of all, hoe god damn sweet,
• Third, shit this dude understands your struggles,
• “Ah, thank you. That’s why I paint so vividly, I-”
• But to your absolute horror,
• You watch as your paintings, some of the most vibrant in the hall, leak slowly of colour, the bright colours turning greyer as the whole thing changes into your nightmare,
• Once everything has changed, your head snaps to the boy by your side,
• “You painted it?” You can see from the look in his eyes that His world has also drained of colour, that he’s your soulmate,
• His eyes turn and hover on yours, and while there’s a certain sadness, mourning, there’s also a small light, a soft smile painted on his cute face, a hope,
• “Yeah, they’re mine,”
• “They’re beautiful,”
• While the compliment heats your cheeks, you turn your head to your new, dull painting with a sigh,
• “Was beautiful,”
• “Is beautiful. You know, the new shades give it a whole new meaning,”
• The way the boy speaks, a way that warms your heart and makes everything, even the blacks, seem a little more colourful makes you realise, that you’ve found your soulmate,
• And while your gut dropped just a minute ago, you can already feel it returning, and thinking it may not be so bad after all,
• Because at least you have someone to help you along the way,

• Fate has not done you dirty,
• So you spin to face him, and feel nothing but relief as you wrap your arms around him without warning, his warmth comforting you as he returns the gesture, everything comes naturally, like you’d always done it,
• At least now you won’t be worrying the rest of your life about losing your colours,
• And you win the competition,  by a long shot,
• And the connection you have to Youngmin is really quite beautiful,
• Because you realise that the sacrifice of colour is nothing compared to what you’ve gained,
• And it makes your relationship even more special because like???
• You sacrificed for eachother???
• And you go through a total art lull at first,
• Because you started to paint to make colour and now what’s the point?
• But Youngmin nags and persuades and nearly forces you to start again,
• He literally refused to make any sort of contact until you started painting again,
• (Because he knows you miss the paint),
• And boy do u get a long ass snuggle when you start again, after staring blankly at your paints for hours,
• And then your style changes, and you become low key famous for this dramatic style change,
• Why you used to paint things to the exact detail of colour,
• Now you have 2 modes,
• You paint things exactly as you see them in black and white, to show the world how you see things,
• Or you paint things in blind colour, no idea what shades you’re using and you’re told that your mix of abstract colour into ordinary things is eye-catching,
• But no matter what you paint, Youngmin loves it, and you theorize for hours what  colour that grey could be from wisps of memories you’ve held onto,
• And dates to galleries or art classes (you’re shook by how well Youngmin is with clay like damn),
• Or to beaches or parks or restaurants or theme parks because really why would you put a limit on it?
• And skinship is key but like, soft,
• Gently holding each others hands or lent against each other or quick pecks honestly whatever you feel comfortable doing,
• And you spend hours and hours studying Youngmin’s delicate and slight features,
• You manage to captures his gentleness and optimism and energy and kindness into his portraits, some of your most praised works,
• But you keep every single one of them, because you want to keep everything about Youngmin,
• And the two of you fumble through a black and white world together,
• The two of you mainly dress in black and white and it’s honestly iconic™
• Fierce,
• The cuddle couple honestly who is softer?
• No one, that’s who.


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Min yoongi x Mafia!reader

warnings :  violence, drug abuse, cussing

Genre: angst, fluff, romance, drama

word count: 2,992

summary: Min yoongi aka Agust D an underground rapper on the come up , finds y/n outside of a club hurt and on the verge on passing out, little did he know saving her would turn his world upside down

AN: hey guys sorry for the late update, things have been hectic lately. anyways this isn't proof read yet but it shouldn't be all too bad.-sora

Another Author note & update: i changed the whole pov back to third one cause i felt that it would suit the story the most so hope yall dont mind

@josh-the-smol-bean-dun as always ill tag you in this!

character profile


Chapter one 

Yoongi took out a cigaret and lit it up. he sighed ,lately he hasn’t been feeling his performances. he knew they were good but not that good, there was something missing and he couldn’t pin point  it. He lost his inspiration, everything seemed almost mundane, sure he could rap about money, sex and drugs but which artist didn’t rap about that. He wanted that his song inspire the listener, that it resonates with them on a deeper level .

He thought about writing love songs but every time he tried to he kept remembering his ex who was the personification of the devil and what she did to him and he’d rather not think about that. ‘’Business again?’’ He heard the security guard asking someone . ‘’As usual’’ came a monotone voice that belong to a girl.

The Security guard moved aside and open the door ,he then saw as they passed by him that it was two people. First a tall black beauty with a beanie followed by a girl of medium height with a low pony tail. As she walked she turned her head and their eyes met. Her stare was piercing, as if she could see into his soul , however they held no emotion it it.

He smirked at her and blew out the smoke. In response to that the nameless girl lifted up one eyebrow, as if to ask him if he seriously thought that would get her to come to him. And then rolled her eyes.  Before he could even say or do something, the girl and her friend already disappeared inside while the door closed behind her.

The Club was packed, hot bodies grinding at each other , drunk people laughing, some even trying to start a fight. Y/n crinkled her nose, the alcohol stench mixed with sweat was definitively not on her list of favorite things. Rukiya who was standing in front of her turned around, took her hand and and started to walk where Akiho was standing, which was hard as they had to squeeze themselfs between people to get to their destination.  

As they arrived there Y/n sat down on the bar stools while Rukiya decided to stand. ‘’Four Tequila orange shots please’’ The tall beauty screamed over the music to the blonde girl . She nodded and immediately started to pour out the shots.  

‘’They’re supposed to be here at 9.30pm-’’ Akiho said as she lined up the beverages. Meanwhile Rukiya leaned closer to her so that she could understand the short girl ‘’Apparently something happened with the boss and they had to delay it a bit.’’

 Rukiya raised her eyebrows ‘’Well i don’t care if they got stabbed or anything, it will make this night better if they’re not at a good condition’’ she said and handed Y/n ,who was scanning the club looking for any signs of Gang member from other groups , the glass.

‘’Anyone catching your eye?’’ came Rukiyas voice right next to her ear. ‘’Nah i wasn’t even looking for that.’’ She replied and rolled her eyes . ‘’C'mon boss let loose we’re at a club!’’ The dark skinned girl exclaimed , Y/n looked at her, the strobing lights accentuating her features making her look otherworldly, yet slightly bizarre, and sighed. ‘’Aight lets get this party started’’ Rukiya cheered and held up the shot

‘’To hoping this meeting will not turn into a blood bath’’ She said and clinked the shot glass together. ‘’Damn did you need to ruin this moment with that negative shit? ain’t no one wanna think about ‘em right now’’ Rukiya grimaced.

‘’Aight hoe, to us and the gang may we stay together for a long time’’ She retorted and Rukiya grinned. They both threw back the shots and bit into the orange slice that the Akiho had provided earlier. The shot burned in Y/n’s throat which led up to her scrunching up her face while Rukiya threw her head back and laughed.

‘’I’m going to look for this guy i saw that has black hair and crazy ass dance moves’’ The tall girl shouted over the music and disappeared in the crow, Y/n nodded and waved with one hand and pulled out her phone.

Y/n: Status report

Hyun-jin: hacked into their security camera and from what I’ve seen and heard he’s going to keep his word, i wouldn’t go 100% on that though, something in my gut is saying that they’re going to ambush you guys, be careful.

Y/n: Alright good, ill contact you later.

Hyun-jin: K                                                

Suddenly the music went off, while all the light was focused on the stage that was in the front of the club.

‘’Hey Hey Hey! i see you guys having a great time but the rap battle is about to begin, as ya’ll already know all types of rappers are here tonight some that are even famous so you know its going down in this bitch.’’ Said the Mc ,a bald guy who was wearing a white tank top that showed off the tattoos on his chest and arms. He continued to introduce some guy that you have never heard of.

The crowd responded by giving semi- cheering as the Artist came up to the stage.

Loud bass filled the club and he started to rap, it was okay thought Y/n but judging from how the crowd was responding she clearly weren’t the only one with that opinion. ‘’Not bad not bad!’’ said the Mc after the nameless rapper finished.

‘’Not bad ? that shit was whack’’ came Akiho’s voice who was still behind the counter. ‘’Even Hyun-jin could spit better than that and what the hell was going on with his hairline?-’’ She continued as Y/n nodded and proceeded to take a sip of the drink that Akiho had provided earlier. ‘’It’s so far back it probably  shook hands with Jesus’’ Y/n snorted almost spitting out the drink, turned around and playfully glared at the blonde girl. ‘’you tryna kill me?’’

‘’oh hush you would’ve been dead by now if i wanted to’’ she waved her off, which was a bold faced lie and they both knew that. ‘’Where’s Rukiya though? they will be here in five minutes and her ass still ain’t here yet’’ Y/n coughed. ‘’Right here beside you, its time you grow eyes on the side of your head’’

She heard the velvety voice that belonged to the tall beauty. Y/n turned around and there she was, standing in all her glory while next to her was a black haired boy.  She looked at him, then back to Rukiya and raised an eyebrow. ‘’This is the dude i was telling you, you know the one with the dance moves’’. ‘’Ah yes i remember’’ She answered and took another sip  

‘’I’m Jung Hoseok nice to meet you guys’’ He said and smiled brightly. He was cute Y/n would give him that, but she had a feeling there was more to the sunny demeanor that he’d let other’s see. They all exchanged pleasantries until Akiho nudgedY/n showing her the time.

Her eyes widened and she turned around ‘’anyways Hoseok right? nice meeting ya but its time for us to disappear’’ Y/n said. His face fell and he nodded ‘’Don’t worry lover boy give her your number and shell text you all day, literally.’’ She deadpanned while Rukiya shrugged her shoulder. ‘’cant blame me i love texting’’ ‘’more like sexting but thats for another topic’’. He laughed at the banter between the two girls and pushed his hair out of his face.

‘’I cant be with you guys i’m the only one on this shift tonight’’ Akiho sighed while shaking the cocktail mixer. Y/n waved her off ‘’Nah no problem we can handle this tonight but i’ll have you on speed dial if something is’’ ‘’Alright see you and be safe’’ Akiho replied pouring the drink into the glass.

‘’Will do, c'mon Rukiya lets go’’ She threw over her shoulder.  The tall girl typed her number into his phone and then whispered something into Hoseok’s ear ,which he replied with nodding and then continued to kiss him on the cheek leaving him flustered with a slight smirk on his face.

Y/n  laughed ‘’You totally have him hooked’’ ‘’I hope so , he’s so fine bro like i touched his stomach and  holy fuck was it hard he probably got abs . It’s like god came down and took his sweet time sculpting him’’ Rukiya sighed dreamily ‘’I wanted to propose on spot bitch he got it all , personality, body etc,  no joke i would no fuck that, i  WILL spread my legs like peanut butter for him’’the shorter girl grinned at that ‘’spreading them cheeks from Georgia to Florida huh’’ ‘’aside from the fact that we’re in South Korea and not America , yes’’ Rukiya smirked.  During the whole talk they walked to the back side of the Club where an hallway was that led to the Rooms that one could rent.

‘’Alright they’re supposed to be behind this door, Hyun-jin hacked into the security camera’s here so she’ll watch us from time to time’’ whispered Y/n ‘’I swear if we get killed tonight I’m coming back to haunt her sorry ass’’ Rukiya mumbled and secured the halter on her left thigh. ‘’Seconded’’ she replied and took a deep breath and opened the door.

Another successful performance for Yoongi, the crowd loved him and he was pretty sure that he’d win the rap battle tonight. He took the towel and the bottle of water that the staff member handed him and wiped his face. ‘’Yo yo yo suga my man you really tore it down tonight’’ said Jihoo, the mc from earlier, and wrapped an arm around yoongi. ‘’It was given’’ came his reply a faint smile on his lips.

‘’True man true’’ the guy laughed and messed up the rappers hair. ‘’How long are you going to stay bald tho you already look like a yakuza with them dragon and snake tattoos’’ Yoongi asked. Jihoo wiggled his eyebrows ‘’you don’t know that i used to be in a gang?’’ Yoongi deadpanned, he’s known Jihoo for almost ten years now and from what he’d experienced and seen from him he wouldn’t survive one day with the mafia. ’

‘’Remember how you called me at three o'clock in the morning cause of that spider in your bathroom?’’ ‘’That spider was huge Yoongi do you hear me? h u g e’’  The mint haired boy sighed and peeled off Jihoo’s arm that was still around his shoulder ‘’Stop being so dramatic it wasn’t you’re just a wuss’’ ‘’Im not’’ came back as ‘’whatever you say’’ said Yoongi and waved as he made his way out from backstage.

He walked over to the bar and sat down. He first looked at her face and then the name tag. ‘’Akiho? give me whiskey on the rocks’’ ‘’Coming right up’’ she replied and went right to work. A few minutes later she put down the drink in front of  him ‘’here you go’’ ‘’Thanks’’ he replied and took a sip. The liquor burned his throat giving him pleasantly warm feeling. ‘’He sighed  ‘’having a rough day?’’ she asked her expression indifferent ‘’More like a rough year’’ she hummed at that ‘’aren’t we all?’’  ‘’I guess so’’ he answered and shrug his shoulders. ‘’Well at least you’re not suffering alone’’ she said and continued to dry the glasses.

Yoongi threw back the remaining’s of the drink, put 20 bucks on the bar-table and hopped off the stool ‘’Keep the change’’ he said over his shoulder, not waiting for her reply as he made his way outside. He opened the door that led to the backside of the club where no one was. He wasn’t really in the mood to be with someone. The loud music mixed with the stench of the club gave him a slight headache. He took out a cigarette lit it and inhaled deeply and stared at the night sky.

A groan ripped him out of his thoughts , he looked around and didn’t find anyone. ‘’did i just imagine that’’ he thought weary . Only a few seconds later he heard the same noise again but this time he could distinguish from where it came from. He put his hand on the wall and walked slowly to where the garbage was and saw a person or thats what he thought it was, leaning against the trash bags. The lamps on the wall weren’t working making it hard for him to distinguish who or what was there

‘’Fucking hell where’s my phone’’ He muttered and checked his leather jacket. A few seconds later he found it and turned on the flashlight app. He was surprised, the object turned out to be the girl he saw earlier on the front side of the club. Bruises tattered her face , neck and he presumed they were everywhere. ‘’Fuck what i’m i supposed to do now.’’ He muttered and ran his hand through his hair. As he picked her up he noticed that on one side the fabric of her sweater was wet and kinda sticky. He lifted it up and saw an open wound.

Fuck fuck fuck he panicked , let down the material and put her arms around his neck and hold her legs so he could give her a piggy back ride to his car. Once he arrived at the parking lot, forgetting about the winner announcement , he put her into the passengers seat and put the seatbelt on. Now that the car light was on he could look at her  properly.  She had sharp features that at the same time seemed soft. Long eyelashes and plump lips. She was beautiful but to put it short she looked like a hot mess.

Moving slightly she groaned out in pain. He panicked he didn’t know if he should bring her to the hospital or to his apartment and stitch/bandage her himself up. The wound didn’t look that deep so it couldn’t be that bad right? Yoongi started up the car and drove home. 

He put on relaxing music and hummed slightly to calm himself down. Where had she come from? why was she beaten up to the point of unconsciousness, where was her friend that she came with? All these questions ran through his head but there were no definite answers, yet.

He finally arrived home , this time carrying her bridal style up the stair which was a bad decision as he now couldn’t reach for his keys in jacket. He sighed, put her down and quickly opened the door to his apartment. Putting her on his couch and went straight to the kitchen, took  out the first aid kit and returned. ‘’She better don’t kill me for this’’ he thought and started to pull off her sweater leaving  the nameless girl in her bra. He took out the antibacterial liquid and cotton and started to clean her wound.

From time to time she would move and groan and swat as his hand away when the pain got too much. After some time cleaning it he took out a cream and bandages and carefully bandaged her up, He decided not to stitch the girl up since he had no experience in it or whatsoever.

 Fifteen minutes later he was finished, stood up and sighed. Yoongi picked her up again and walked into his room and put her on his bed. Taking a shirt, he contemplated if he should give her a pair of sweatpants but he thought that he’d be pushing it so he decided not to.

He pulled the fresh shirt over her head, covered her with the blanket and went to the kitchen to get glass of water. He returned , placed it on the nightstand and also left some painkillers beside it. The mint haired boy took out another blanket and his pajamas and walked back into the living room. He quickly changed into the comfortable clothes, brushed his teeth and washed his face and laid down on the couch. It wasn’t even five minutes before he was knocked out.

Y/n opened her eyes. Well she tried to but couldn’t as one eye was swollen. The pounding coming straight back as the light hit her full force. Groaning she lifted her head and saw that on the nightstand water and a pill  she assumed to be painkillers. She reached over took the water and drowned the pill quickly. Thats when she noticed that she was in a unfamiliar room. The walls were painted white, littered with decorations , pictures and papers. Next to her was a huge kumamon plush bear ‘’ Where the hell am i’ She asked herf and jumped out of bed.

‘’Bad decision’’Y/n  muttered as she had almost collapsed from the pain on her ribcage ‘’fuck what did that fucker yesterday do’’ She continued and slowly walked down the hallway into the living room. She looked around, the living room was decorated similarly to his bedroom, just that there was also was a couch, tv and a dinning table. Speaking of couch thats where she saw the mop of unruly mint hair that belonged to the boy from yesterday night. The rest of his body was hidden underneath the blanket. It was a miracle that he hasn’t choked to death yet from not breathing fresh air.

Y/n slowly walked over and shook him. With no avail ‘’wake up’’ She shook him again. He grunted and turned the other way. She sighed deeply still clutching her side and tried to rip of the blanket as best as you could with one hand. ‘’Dude wake the fuck up’’ She said , still not answer it was like he was dead.

 Finally after a decade she ripped the blanket of and shook him hard it wouldn’t surprise her if he got a concussion from it . ‘’The hell?!’’ he grunted and quickly sat up and looking around.  Y/n lifted her eyebrow when his eyes landed and her

‘’Where the fuck am i and what the hell am i doing in your home?’’

hey hope you like this part!!, again id love to hear your criticism and opinions on this chapter!  

nevertrustawildfox  asked:

magic mike :3

“Check out the nark,” Stiles elbows Scott from where they’re standing in the wings, nods towards the super hot, furious looking dude that’s hovering in the entrance to the club. He’s so clearly uncomfortable, out of his depth, Stiles isn’t sure whether he wants to go warn all their regulars to ditch their stashes, or march up to the dude and give him a hug. 

“Who? Oh shit!” Scott ducks behind him, covers his face. 

“What, what? You know him?”

“It’smybrother,” Scott mumbles. 

“Noooo,” Stiles grabs his shoulders, gazing over at the dude he now knows is called Derek, and absolutely hates Stiles. Apparently, according to an —unwilling to spill until held down and sat on— Scott, Derek thinks Stiles is a bad influence

Derek, oh great and holy hotness that he is, is a self righteous prick in Stiles’ book. 

“He come for the show?”

“No,” Scott snorts, “He’s probably here to drag me out by the ear.”

“Huh,” Stiles smirks, catching Derek’s angry glare across the room. Derek narrows his eyes at him, shoves his hands in his pockets and looks away. He actually shuffles his feet. God, it’s so pathetically adorable. Stiles wants to take him home and sit on his face. 

“Dude,” Scott groans, slapping the side of his face, “You said that out loud.”

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teamquiche  asked:

What about 53 (why is it always you?) from the prompt list? If the muse strikes, of course :) <3

i don’t know what muse this came from but the muse struck immediately. also on ao3. thank you for the prompts, all you lovely people who sent them!

She’s maybe a little bit drunk the first time.

Ordering a pizza online is trickier when she’s having trouble seeing straight, but talking on the phone is the worst even when she’s sober and has full control over her speech. 

It would be twice as mortifying since Kane’s Pizza, right around the corner, is a small family establishment who keeps track of their regulars, and not a corporate behemoth who would forget her as soon as she hung up.

She has enough of her wits about her to know that online is safest.

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Undercover 11: Special Session, or: How Mulder Got His Groove Back

“I appreciate it, sir” said the baby-faced bartender as he held up the generous tip Mulder had left and replaced the money with a drink that resembled diluted Alien Bounty Hunter blood. As he watched the kid saunter off, Mulder wondered if he should have worn his loudest tie to this affair. All the nuts roll down to Florida, Mulder thought, including resurrected paranormal investigators and washed-up truth-tellers of the pre-digital age.

Tampa Convention Center completely made sense as the locale for a major cop conference. Who doesn’t love sun, booze, and the chance to give the wife a vacation on the company’s dime? He had definitely heard some agents conspiring about hoarding their per diems earlier, and got momentarily lost in memories of the wasteful spending he and Scully had taken up to disguise the fact that they were, in fact, sharing a room on assignment.

Mulder, in a move totally out of character given his finely crafted brooding-bad-boy-of-the-Feds mystique, and much to his former (former?) partner’s surprise, has accepted an invitation from the Federal Law Enforcement Officers Association to chair a special session at the 2016 FLEOA Conference. The session title? “Policing the Weird: Paranormal Claims in Law Enforcement Practice.” Monster boy, he thought as he read the email from the conference chair two months ago, that’s me. Still, it felt good to be remembered, and even recognized for the - quite frankly - pioneering work he and Scully had been doing for all those years.

Even his therapist encouraged him to go. “It’ll be good for you, Fox,” Thor had said at Mulder’s latest appointment. “We’ve talked about how you need to find ways to reclaim the pride you used to feel, professionally, Plus, I mean, it’s Florida.”

So here he was. A margarita in front of him, salt on his lips, and the telltale post-travel back pain let Mulder know that he wasn’t a recluse in rural Virginia anymore. It was time to be Fox Mulder again, not to waste that agile mind anymore. Until the opportunity came for him and Scully to finally, once and for all, stop those sons of bitches. Her words, not his.

Mulder’s phone buzzed. He read the text from Scully: “See you soon. You’ll be great.”


Sitting in the customary moderator’s seat at the center of a semi-circle of five uncomfortable armchairs, Mulder felt like he was moonlighting as a radio show host. It was uncomfortable, having to perform the role of an authority. He straightened his tie and cleared his throat.

“Ladies and gentlemen, let’s get started. I’m your moderator, Special Agent Fox Mulder from FBI headquarters. Today, we have several decorated federal officers with us who in one way or another have encountered claims of the paranormal in the course of their work.” In turn, he introduced the panelists.

DEA agent Sharese Mbala, a small woman in a well-cut pinstripe suit who in their introduction had told Mulder she headed the Atlanta division, spoke first. “Good afternoon, everybody. Agent Mulder, can I say that I was very happy to see you and Dr. Scully back at the Bureau. Finally I have someone to call for advice when things get… weird.”

“Thank you, Agent Mbala,” Mulder said, a little stunned. “It’s good to be back. So let’s turn to our question. Best practices in law enforcement: how do we deal with the cases that make little sense, and yet, need to be solved.”

Mbala nodded. “In our investigations, as you can imagine, DEA agents frequently encounter abnormal behavior, both in the individuals and groups we investigate, and in the… lore surrounding drug trafficking.”

“Like bath salts,” added Customs and Border Protection agent Carter Chase, whose bright pink tie ended an inch or so too far above his belt buckle. If this was a new trend among the young, hip Fed set or what, Mulder didn’t know. “I’m sure y’all locals remember the ‘cannibal werewolf of Miami.’”

“Filed right next to my personal favorite, ‘The Cockroach That Ate Cincinnati’,” a crisp voice to Mulder’s left said. He turned his head to look at Scully, who wore an expression of amused tenderness.

“It also ate Gary, Indiana,” Scully seriously explained, “giving us jurisdiction.”

“And of course, Chessie the Chesapeake Bay monster,” Mulder joked, all the while smiling at Scully. “But back to more serious matters. The war on drugs.”

Agent Mbala smirked. “Ah, yes, bath salts. Director Bryson’s assessment of the bath salts situation, in hindsight, is, and I quote: ‘Don’t even get me bleeping started.’”

The crowd erupted in laughter.

“Of course I need to stress that she has never said anything remotely similar about the great state of Florida.”

Mbala, judging by the ripple of chuckles that echoed through the rows of cops, was a big hit and had an excellent career ahead of her. Mulder was glad. He remembered the boys’ club in every single meeting he had ever attended in the first iteration of his Bureau career. He remembered Scully discreetly raising the height of her seat at conference tables, shaking her head. She had fought hard.

Now, here among hundreds of strangers, he caught Scully’s eye briefly, love and a deep camaraderie washing over him. He felt like he was home.

“So let me ask you, Agent Mbala,” Mulder said, shuffling his notes, “what are some concrete challenges surrounding the paranormal the DEA is facing?”

“Besides the fact that none of it makes any sense?” Mbala chuckled. “When I see reports on my desk that… where I get deja vu and think ‘I’ve seen this horror movie before!’, I often wish we had a best practices guide to help us process the information in an organized and replicable fashion. As it stands now, I might as well just toss these cases into a box and forget all about them.”

Mulder nodded. Next to him, Scully raised her eyebrow and spoke in her most commanding voice. “Agent Mbala raises an excellent point about replicability. A scalable system for categorization is long overdue. Take it from me: don’t just file everything under X.”

Mulder couldn’t help but let laughter roll over him. “I couldn’t agree more, Dr. Scully. So, Agent Chase, I know you’re also a data analyst for the CBP. Can you speak to any ideas to address the issues Agent Mbala is raising?”

“Sure can,” Chase started, and Mulder lost himself in the back and forth of the discussion.


Mulder felt Scully’s amused gaze hit the back of his head long before he turned and saw her saunter up behind him at the bar. That look she was giving him, her crows’ feet barely visible after a good night’s sleep, a gauzy sleeveless shell revealed as she’d taken off her all-season blazer. She was ethereal. And he was a little buzzed on the Florida sun, his partner’s effervescently good mood, and actual, honest-to-god intellectual stimulation.

“You were a great moderator, Mulder,” she said fondly, “and that was a lot of fun.”

He pointed at the jacket under her arm, and motioned for the bartender to bring them two margaritas. “Playing hooky?” he asked her.

“Are you asking or suggesting?”

“You know what I’m about, Scully. When have I ever not cut class?”

Scully squeezed his waist and hopped up on a stool with an adorable scramble that delighted Mulder even after all these years, though of course he’d never let her know.

She took a sip of her drink and leaned into him, conspiratorial, beckoning with her fine index finger until his ear was nearly to her lips.

“Do you remember?” she said, very low. Mulder moved slightly to look into her eyes, confused.

Scully mouthed, dramatically, “Mothmen,” and Mulder choked on his mouthful of margarita. Scully’s laughter rang in his ears as he coughed, and her little hand patting his back made up for a humiliating death by inhalation of tequila at the decrepit age of 55.

His cheeks burned even as he calmed down and turned her around to face him. The whole day had been playful and Scully didn’t appear to want to stop, and also – of course he remembered. Florida. That day she’d tried, like a normal person celebrating the return of her life and energy, to let him know what she wanted from him. And he’d only jumped up and run to look for mothmen.

“You know,” Scully said, tender voice like cotton candy to his ears, “when you came to my room the other week in Oregon, I very briefly wondered if you were gonna maybe… make it up to me for that night with the goddamn mothmen. New beginnings and all.”

Mulder sighed and shook his head. “And all you got was a monster rant.”

“That’s okay,” she said, “I was serious, that is how I like my Mulder. But just so you know…”

“Yeah?” Mulder breathed, not sure what it was exactly he was hoping she’d say next.

“Just so you know I also really, really like wine and cheese.”

Scully demonstratively slurped her drink, squeezed Mulder’s hips quickly, and hopped down off her stool, briskly disappearing beyond the glass doors and into the sunny lobby, where she pressed a button on the elevator and looked over at Mulder, cocking her head.

It was now or never.

“Bartender!” Mulder half-yelled urgently. “Can you order up a cheese plate and a bottle of… I don’t know, something good! Room 477! Put it on my tab!”

Even with a click in his hip and a bum Achilles’ tendon, Mulder had never run up stairs faster.

Swan Queen Week - Day 4

Title: The Couple of the Ball
Fandom: Once Upon A Time
Pairing: Swan Queen
Rating: Teen & Up
Warnings: Briefly mentions past 0Q & C$. Mild swearing.
Prompt: Mistaken For A Couple for Swan Queen Week
Word Count: 2262
Summary: Regina and Emma are voted ‘Couple of the Ball’, which comes as a bit of a shock to them since they’re, you know, not a couple… (Yet.) Fluffy cuteness abounds!


For the first time in her life, Emma Swan truly felt like a princess.

She gazed around the ballroom in wonder. No, not ballroom, town hall, she reminded herself. It didn’t look like it though. It looked, well, magical. There were beautiful coloured fabrics hung from the walls and ceiling, and fairy lights were strung up in such a way that it looked like stars twinkling overhead. At one end of the hall there were round tables exquisitely laid out for a banquet, and at the other end, in front of the stage, was a dance floor.

Keep reading