i feel like clawing my face off

I don’t understand guys that don’t make their girl cum.

I mean. The way her body moves. How her toes curl. The way she desperately claws at you or grips the sheets like she’s about to fall off. The way her eyes roll back. The wonderful sounds that she makes. Hearing her gasp then go silent. Seeing the expression of pure bliss on her face. Feeling the wetness between her legs grow more and more as her body trembles.

Fuck. That’s what makes it all worth it. I don’t understand how some of y'all settle for less. I mean, even if I cum first I still finish my girl off. To miss out on all that? No thank you.

Guys my age make me super uncomfortable, and the thought of having a relationship with one of them is making me anxious as hell. But when I imagine a relationship with some guy who’s completely unthreatening and desexualised to me, like my professor or some generic male celebrity, I don’t want to immediately claw my face off and I feel sort of indifferent about the whole idea? I guess that means I’m attracted to men! Hurray!

me: a mentally ill ™, my gangly body is walking on stick legs, my big orangutan arms bending unnaturally, my fucked up eagle claw ass hands are ripping my face skin off,,,,,,the bones of my hips and spine are potruding outta my nasty grey skin,,,,,,,,,,skulls lay beside me. my eyes are sunken and wide,,,,i am screaming. THATS what The illness™ feels like……..

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Clearly you like dogs, so what are your feelings on cats and/or chinchillas?

there’s a bunch of idiots running around besmirching the good names of animals everywhere. that panther guy tried to claw my face off. so uncalled for. and then theres all those weird bug guys. spiderant or whatever. if it’s got fur i like it and the superpeople should lay off


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realtalk how are horses beloved as these like…

I was reading an article online and american possums apparently play dead if they feel threatened which is funny to me because australian possums look so much cuter but if you frighten them they will claw your face off and

tbh american possums mostly just hang out in your backyard and try to eat your trash

Living Proof - ester_inc (Arthur/Eames, 58,000 words)

in case you haven’t read it yet, you should drop what you’re doing and go read this fic from ester_inc, queen of the fics where arthur and eames take ten years to figure their shit out but you don’t care because everything is AMAZING.

this fic is so good, this is long plotty layered amazing classic inception canon backstory, and arthur and eames learning who they are and who they are to each other, and so much insightful relationship development, and tons of mutual life-saving and protectiveness and titanum wedding rings. This fic basically had me clawing my face off with happiness; it’s so rare to get an amazing long canon-based fic like this and i’m so happy to see ester_inc back in these parts i just had to rec this. Also because we’re in the “took 3 years to finish our fics but by god we did it” club together, so i feel a sense of deep solidarity and pride. bless this amazing wonderful fandom and its amazing wonderful authors.

  Everybody read this!