i feel like chloe lol

I headcanon that Chloe is really bad with the secret identity thing.

“If you hire me, you’re not going to get some little girl that’s just going to sit there and be this puppet for whatever you want to push on society and appropriate. There have been moments where I’ve read scripts and said, ‘Look, this has got to change.’ It’s not like you’re being a bigot, but it’s literally that it doesn’t even click with you because you don’t deal with it. But it clicked with me and I’m telling you, as a young woman, this is what has to change.”

Do people still do these? ok yes

My first time making one of these and I always hear this song when I’m at work and think it’s kinda catchy 

“Do you want to really fight about differences tonight?
Take a look around, we’re the same in all different ways.”

Because I actually think Chloe and Nathan would get along really well if it wasn’t for all the shit happening in Arcadia Bay.