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The Five Degrees of Losing You

Summary: Harry starts talking to an old friend, and you lose him to her in five stages. 

Warnings: cheating / emotional cheating 

Requested: Kind of. I took creative liberty with a request I got and changed it up a bit, you’re not Harry’s fiancé like the request asked. 

I. The Realization.

You’ve noticed Harry using his phone more and more in the past two weeks. He usually strayed away from staying on it too much, wanting to keep away from social media and the internet for both your sakes.

Obviously something, someone, had changed that.

“Darling, do you want chicken or steak tonight?” You call from the kitchen looking at the meats in your freezer, trying to decide which one to defrost.

After a minute with no response you walk towards your living room and find Harry enthralled in his phone.

“Harry?” You ask, he looks at you with a poorly concealed annoyed look and you frown, “Steak or chicken for dinner?”

“Oh.” He mutters, looking down at his phone, “I’m not gonna be home for dinner. An old friend is in town and I’m meeting them.”

You look down at your feet, he wasn’t staying for dinner tonight? It was your guys date night, your night to choose to be exact, and he was ditching you.

You give him a sad smile and nod, “Okay, I’ll just order something then. No use in wasting steak or chicken for one person.” He doesn’t respond just looks back down at his phone, and you make your way to the bedroom.

You can feel yourself losing him.

II. Watching You Leave.

Her name was Emily. She was an old friend from school and had moved to London for a job opportunity.

You had yet to meet her, Harry was keeping her to himself, only introducing her to a few of his close friends.

“Don’t wait up tonight, okay?” Harry presses a kiss to your forehead as he wonders around the living room looking for his shoes.

“I will.” You frown, you could never sleep well without knowing Harry was safe and that meant having him in bed with you. Harry wasn’t good at checking in throughout the night. 

He sighs as he slips his shoes on, “You complain about being tired in the morning, you wouldn’t be if you didn’t wait up.”

“I wouldn’t be wait up if you didn’t go out all the time!” You exclaim, watching as he stops to stare at you wide eyed. “I- Have fun. I’ll see you later.” You stand up and begin towards the bedroom.

You expect Harry to follow you, he always does when you close yourself off like this. But instead you hear the front door slam shut behind him.

You close your eyes tight, willing the tears to go away.

III. Saying Goodbye.

You know it immediately from the look on his face when you come to the kitchen for breakfast.

He doesn’t know how to say it, how to break your heart into a million pieces and part of you doesn’t want him to. Part of you wants him to never say it and for you to live in ignorance.

“How long?” You mutter, not taking a seat at the breakfast he had set up for you on the island counter.

Harry doesn’t’ respond at first, looking down at his feet embarrassed, “Answer me!” You yell, you feel tears in your eyes and you’re so sick of crying over him.

“Just a few weeks.” He finally whispers, “I’m so-”

You shake your head, “What does she have?” You press your back against the wall and fall to the floor. “Why?” 

“She’s- She is like home, and that’s what I need at this time of my life.” He wants to explain the feeling of warmth he gets when they hang out, how much she reminds him of home. But he can’t bare to hurt you more, you deserved better than that.

“You’ve known her for like two months!” You yell, wiping frantically at your eyes and turning away, you didn’t want him to see you crying.

“I’ve known her since I was ten.” He shakes his head.

“That’s-” You shake your head, “She’s not the same person she was when you were an unknown in grade school.”

“If you’re implying-”

You cut him off with a look, and the two of you go silent for a few minutes. You’re watching as he looks anywhere but your face. 

This is how it ends between you two? 

“Get out.”

IV. The Aftermath.

A week later Emily and Harry were splattered all over the newspapers, her instagram had gone public and pictures of him from the past two months had caused a frenzy.

People were asking how long you guys had been broken up exactly, and why nobody knew. You didn’t have the heart, or strength to answer any of them.

A month after that you end up at the same party as them, watching as Harry stands idly by as Emily recounts the story of their first date to people neither of them know.

“Y/N.” You turn to the stranger saying your name, “I’m Matt. A friend of Harry’s.” He offers you a hand which you hesitantly take.

“How do you know my name?” You ask suspiciously, finally looking away from the couple.

“Harry has-used to have- a picture of you in wallet, would brag about you to all of us.” Your heart drops at Matt’s mention of him, why did people think bringing him up was a good thing?


“Sorry, that was dumb.” Matt shakes his head, “I just- I’m sorry about what happened, I wish we had said something to him when he introduced her to us but I was just-”

“It’s fine.” You cut him off, not wanting to hear anymore. “It doesn’t matter now.” You turn to look at Emily and Harry again, only to find Harry staring at you.

You quickly look away and begin towards the door, this party was boring anyways.

V. You Losing Me.

“Y/N!” You hear him call after you as you hastily walk down the sidewalk. The air is cold, biting against your skin. Why had you thought walking was a good idea?

“Y/N!” He’s closer to you, his long legs and warm outfit probably helping him out a lot as you try to rush away.

“Please, stop.” A warm hand wraps around your wrist and you freeze, refusing to look at him.

“What do you want?”

He pulls you towards him, but you plant your feet firmly on the ground. “I- You were right.”

You look at him, eyes ablaze with anger, “About what? Her only coming back into your life because she wants Harry Styles, not Harry? I
know.” You roll your eyes and cross your arms.

Harry takes a deep breath, “I know I messed up, but if you could-”

You cut him off with a sharp laugh, “No.”

Hello! Long time no see! (It’s my fault) To start off, I don’t have any certain morals about cheating and staying together (I know some refuse to to out them back together again) but this felt like the right ending. Maybe I could do an alternate one if requested of if this didn’t fit what the requester wanted. 

Nonetheless I hope you enjoyed this, I don’t do Harry angst much, I think this may be the first or second time. I have another one with cheating and marriage, but it’s a multiple part one so it may not come out for awhile. 

As always, I hope you have a great day and thank you for reading!!

Gendrya prompt from timecubed... My response

Five times Arya cooked for Gendry + one time Gendry cooked for Arya


Life has that funny way of reminding you that you’re not in control. I had plans for myself. I was going to graduate from culinary school as this famous chef and then travel the world, but life decided to throw me a curve ball and remind me that I’m powerless. So, instead of traveling the world I find myself with two jobs and barely any time left to sleep.

The first job, which is my day job, is a waitress gig at a fancy Italian restaurant. Not my ideal choice, but I need the money. My second job, at night, is closer to my degree, but far from my dreams of traveling. I’m the chef for a billionaire tycoon. I wish I could say he was someone you could easily hate, but that’s far from being true.

Gendry Waters had earn his money the hard way, working his way from the ground up. He owned numerous business dealing with iron and metals. He had taken his skills and turned it into a billion dollar industry. I respected the hell out of him. He was a private man, staying out of the spotlight as much as possible. There wasn’t any heavy scandals with his name involved, yet he remained a total stranger to people, including the people who worked for him.


I pay the cab fare, as the man driving stares out at the mansion I work in. The kitchen is my fortress, and everyone knows to give me space as I work. Tonight’s menu is lamb with mint sauce, asparagus seared in butter, hot rolls and a glass of chardonnay. Mr. Waters has a set menu that he seldom strays from, which makes my life simple seeing as I’m sleep deprived and I don’t need to give much effort to the menu.

Mrs. Caldwell, my supervisor awaits my arrival with instructions for tonight’s dinner. As usual, Mr. Waters will be eating alone. He never has dinner guests, not that I’ve seen in the three months I’ve worked for him.

When I enter the dining room He’s already seated, his face hidden in a newspaper. I serve him the hot meal and stand off to the side against the wall in case he needs anything. These silent moments are my favorite, for I get to watch him without him being aware of it. He’s still wearing his three piece charcoal suit from work, looking like a Greek god. I see why he’s considered Westeros’ most eligible bachelor.

His hair is as dark as night, worn short in the back and long in the front. His bangs almost come to his eyelids and I watch him push the hair from his forehead several times. The few times we’ve made eye contact I’ve come face to face with a set of sea-blue beautiful eyes. His sleeves are rolled up giving me a clear view of sculpted arms. So, yeah, I have a crush on my boss.


My feet hurt. That’s all I can think as I enter Mr. Water’s home. I need rest, a vacation, but I know that’s never going to happen. My mind’s heavy tonight, but I don’t have time to think on all my problems. I need this job and it’s good pay, badly.

Tonight’s menu is spaghetti and meatballs. I had laughed the first time Mrs. Caldwell showed me the menu that he wanted. Spaghetti was the last thing I thought someone like Gendry Waters would want. He was country clubs and yachts. But I cooked him what he wanted, my grandmother’s special recipe.

He seemed to like it more than the lamb, and I’m caught off guard when he looks up at me. Our eyes meet and I stand a little taller, trying to ignore the screaming pain in my feet. He gives me one of his rare smiles and I feel my cheeks burn. He never speaks, not to me, but his smiles say the words his mouth doesn’t. Thank you for reminding me that I’m human, it says, just by serving me spaghetti. He’s as lonely as I am… his smile says that too.


I’m running late tonight and my head is pounding from the table of twenty I served at the restaurant. Old men taking more grabs at me than they should, their drinks of rum coming every five seconds seems like. I’m in a foul mood, and my cell ringing doesn’t help. I swear if it’s Mrs. Caldwell I’ll hang up on the woman with the first word. Yes, I know I’m late.

“Hello?” I mumble.

“Hello, Miss. Stark, this is Nancy Forrester.”

I freeze on the cold sidewalk as the world around me shifts. I forget the pain in my head immediately. The blood runs from my face, leaving me chilled. Something’s happened.

“Are you there?” she asked, concerned.
“Y—yes,” I answered, softly.

“There’s no easy way for me to say this, Miss Stark, but the money has run out. It’s time to think of other options. We can give you a few days, but by Saturday we need you to make other arrangements. We will help you any way we can.”

I’m feel lost and alone. I knew this day would come, but I thought with the two jobs I could stay ahead of this dreaded day.

“How much do I need to come up with?”

“Two thousand dollars, Miss Stark.”

The weight upon me becomes heavier, and as I hurry into the kitchen at Mr. Waters home I’m fighting back the tears. I can’t come up with that money by Saturday. I barely have six hundred in the bank. I don’t have a choice. I ignore Mrs. Caldwell’s beady eyes as I place the Lobster Bisk and cob salad on the plate and hurry out to the dining room. Wednesday’s are Mr. Water’s light days. Soup and salad. Looks like I’m not the only one who’s late or in a foul mood.

Five minutes after I place his food on the table, he enters mumbling under his breath about stupid investments. His tie hangs loosely at his neck and he digs right in. The more time that passes in silence the more I know what I need to do, but I’m scared to open my mouth. Mr. Waters can help me if he chooses. He’s really the only option I have, and I’ll do anything at this point.
I wait till he’s done and he looks up at me. There’s no smile tonight, but I press forward.

“I was wondering, sir, if you wouldn’t mind giving me an advancement on my check. I’ll pick up other chores around the house to pay you back quicker.”

He stares at me, surprised that I’ve spoken to him. For what seems like forever no word is spoken.

“Arya, correct?”

“Y—Yes, sir.”

He nods his head, but let’s more minutes pass before answering. “And you need this advancement because?” he questions.

No one, not even my boss, knows my issues. I don’t want, nor need, anyone’s sympathy. I’ve made the decision to take on this burden, and until now I’ve needed no help. It’s the least I can do.

“Personal reasons.”

His eyebrows raise, “I see. I don’t give advancements. I’m sorry.”

With that, he stands from his chair and leaves me standing in shock. I feel hot tears in my eyes, but I blink them back. I’ve lost the only option I had in a matter of seconds.


I’ve picked up two extra shifts and talked to a loan officer, but all that gives me is fifteen hundred. I’m five hundred short. I haven’t slept in thirty-six hours and all of the stress is making me sick. My hands shake as I place the ribeye steak next to the baked potato and broccoli on the plate. Mrs. Caldwell is watching me closely, but I ignore her.

I almost don’t make it to the table before dropping the plate. He’s there, his hands reaching out to steady me. I don’t make eye contact with him, but I feel his eyes burning into the back of my head as I take my place in the corner. I want to sleep for days and not wake up, but life doesn’t give me that option.

“What’s the advancement for?” he asked, making me jump in shock.

When I look at him, his blue eyes are intense. If I tell him the truth he’ll fire me. He will know my baggage and question my reliability. He’s never shown interest in me, so I hoped I could get the advancement no questions asked… I was wrong.

“I’m sorry I asked for the money, Mr. Waters. I don’t need it.” I barely got the words out. I need the money more than anything.

“Are you in some kind of trouble? And call me Gendry. My father was Mr. Waters.

“No, sir. Nothing like that, Mr—Gendry.”

“You’re not doing drugs? No gambling debt?”

I clenched my jaw, trying my best not to be pissed. He’s only trying to help, I tell myself.

“There’s nothing like that going on, I promise you.”

Mr. Waters… Gendry wiped his mouth with his napkin and stands. I think He’s going to leave it there, but he stops half way out the door and turns to me. “How can you expect me to help you if you don’t even trust me enough to tell me why.”

I’m left feeling worse about my situation as he storms out of the room.


I’ve searched every pocket of jeans, every hole and crack that money could fall in and I’m still four hundred-eighty five dollars short. I allowed myself two hours of sleep before my double at the restaurant and then Gendry’s. My last hope is my tips I could make tonight, though it’s been slow this past week.

When I walk in my manager is waiting at the door for me and signals for me to follow. I swallow the lump in my throat as I sit before his large desk.

“I’ve had to cut back, and I regret to tell you that you’re no longer needed here. You’ve served me well, Arya, but I need full time staff, not part time.”

I felt sick to my stomach, and I stood from the chair and left without a word. Before his door closed I heard him say my last check would be mailed to me in two weeks. I’m not down just a little anymore. I’m down the whole amount, for I needed that last check early. No check… no loan officer. I spend the rest of the day on the phone, calling around for another option to my problem. It’s not good.

When I finally entered Gendry’s kitchen my eyes were red and swollen, but it couldn’t be helped. I had come to the end of the line. Mrs. Caldwell scolded me twice when I burnt the chicken and had to start over. I wanted to throw the chicken in her face, but this was my last job… a last way to get money.
Finally, the Zuni Roast Chicken with Fennel Panzanella was finished and laid out for Gendry. I walked to my corner of the room and waited… and waited… and waited. The food I slaved over for two hours grew cold, yet the door never opened.

“He won’t be dining at home tonight, Miss Stark. He said to have his meal wrapped up and sent home with you,” said Mrs. Caldwell.

I didn’t want it, couldn’t eat it even if I did want it. I gathered the food and dumped it in the garbage bin outside. Any other day and I would have wanted to dump it on Gendry’s head for wasting the food, but not today.

I took a cab to the only place I knew I needed to be this late. It was after midnight, and usually they don’t allow visitors this late, but Kate is working. She always let’s me in. Sure enough, she pulls the door open and ushers me in, making sure no one saw me.

I enter a darkened room, but I know this room as well as I know my own bedroom. I’ve spent the majority of my time here for the past six months. This room is the reason I don’t sleep some nights. The person laying in the bed is the reason my burdens are so heavy.

“Hey, Sansa,” I whispered, knowing she’s not going to answer me. She hasn’t answered me for six months.

I reached out and took her hand in mine, laying my cheek upon her smooth skin. My older sister doesn’t respond to my touch. She’s all I’ve had since I was twelve. Our parents died in a car accident. She was seventeen when she took over my care. We had each other, and no one else. Now, our roles are reversed and it’s me taking care of her.

Or I was taking care of her. The insurance money we saved from our parent’s deaths has run out. There’s no money left, and I’m having to take her out of the care home she’s in, but I have no where to take her. Six month ago Sansa walked out of our apartment to go to the store and never came back. She suffered a brain aneurysm in the store and has been asleep ever since. There’s some brain activity but not much. One of the options they will discuss with me come morning is letting my sister go. I can’t do that. She’s all I have left.

I laid my head on her bed and allowed the tears to fall. It’s the only time, in the darkness, that I allow myself to feel hopeless and alone. No one can see my weakness.

“Please, Sansa. I don’t know what to do,” I cried, softly. “Come back to me.”

There’s no response. Just the silence and my soft sobs. Tomorrow will come soon, so for tonight I give in to my grief.


“Miss Stark.”

I come awake with a start to see Nancy Forrester standing in my sister’s room. I feel the dread consume me, knowing what’s about to happen. I have no answers to this problem.

“M—Mrs. Forrester. I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you come in. I came in last night to pack my sister’s things and fell asleep,” I said, not wanting to get Kate in trouble.

Mrs. Forrester looked at me, confusion in her features. “Are you moving your sister? But, I thought after you paid the entire year you were keeping her here.”

Her words took several moments to register in my mind. I couldn’t have heard her right. I opened and closed my mouth, not able to comprehend what was happening.

“W—What?” I said, my words choking me.

“We received your payment for the rest of the year. I was coming by to make sure your sister was comfortable and in good care.”

“That’s impossible,” I whispered, my vision blurred in tears.

She looked confused and laughed, as if uncomfortable. “I assure you there is no mistake. The person on the phone said he was a cousin of yours, said he would send money whenever it was needed, and that he wanted Sansa well taken care of.”

“He?” I said, and before she could finish I was on my feet and out of the door.

The fifteen minute ride to Gendry’s was the longest of my life. I laughed, smiled, cried… every emotion hit me at once.

I entered the house, realizing it was unlocked and no butler to meet me. I searched the house, every room, until I heard movement in the dining room. When I entered I noticed the dining table fixed up for two. The plates were laid out with wine glasses ready to be drank.

Gendry came from the side door connected to the kitchen with a large pot in his hand. When he saw me, he froze. He had his sleeves rolled up, sweat dripping from his brow. Had he been cooking?

“You weren’t supposed to be here yet,” he said, hurrying to sit the pot on the table.

“Gendry,” I said, my voice cracking.

“Come and sit. We can talk after we eat.”

He pulled a chair out for me, and I sat down feeling like I’m in a dream. He poured us a glass of white wine. When he raised the top off the steaming pot, and I saw what was inside, I burst out laughing. All of these months I struggled with my sister and being alone came out of me in those few seconds. For the first time I sobbed in front of someone.

“Do You know why I ask for spaghetti on Tuesdays?” he asked, pointing to the hot spaghetti in front of me. I shook my head no. “My parents died on a Tuesday. They left me to grow up in an orphanage. The last memory I have of them is my mother in the kitchen making me spaghetti. Every Tuesday I visit their graves. It’s the hardest day of the week for me. When you cook this for me, it helps me to cope with the loss. Now, I want to help you the same way, so I slaved over this spaghetti and I pray it’s half as good as yours.”

I take a bite and am surprised at how good it really is. I look up and meet his kind blue eyes and smile. “Its delicious,” I whisper.

“Good. You eat while I talk, then. I did some research and found out about your sister. I hope you aren’t mad at the intrusion, but I worried. When I found out that they were releasing her everything made sense to me. I couldn’t let that happen. I paid for the entire year and have set up an account to keep your sister stable for as long as she needs it.”

I open my mouth to protest, but he doesn’t let me.

“Eat. Not on only that, but I’m flying in three experts in the field of brain trauma to look over your sister’s case. If there is a solution they will find it, but even if they don’t she will never want for anything. You will never have to worry for her.”

“But, why? Why are you doing this?” I ask, a tear slipping down my cheek.

“Because, you may not realize it but you take care of me, and I wanted to return the favor. And…”

He hesitates, unsure of himself. “And?” I ask.

“Since the moment you walked into my house three months ago I’ve tried to get up the nerve to tell you how you’ve captured me mind, body and soul. I didn’t help your sister for payment, but I couldn’t allow you to do this on your own. And… if you will allow me, I’d like to take care of you as well. I’d like to take you on a date, Miss Stark,” he says, his cheeks growing red.

I am up and out of my chair before I know what I’m doing. I wrap my arms around Gendry, feeling his heart beat as wildly as my own. His arms snake around my waste and hold me tightly. In that moment I let go of all of my baggage, all of my hurts and pains. It’s going to be okay now. I can finally say it’s going to be okay… and I say it over a pot of spaghetti. Maybe life does know better than me.

Alexandria Country Club part 9

Pairing: NeganXOlivia (OC)

Warnings: cursing, discussion of violence, SMUT!, Daddy Kink, mild-ish dom/sub, loads of dirty talk

Summary: AU! Olivia makes dinner and is feeling anxious and unsafe. Negan offers to stay the night to keep her safe and help her relax. He does.

A/N: So, sorry first of all this took forever. However it’s a loooong chapter, and I do believe some of my best smut to date. So forgive how long it took?… hope you enjoy! If you want me to tag you, just let me know!

    Olivia nursed a glass of wine while she made dinner. It was a way to distract herself from everything going on.

    She’d thought once Brad was arrested that would be the end of it. He’d been a sleaze, and she’d let the relationship go on much longer than she should have. She ought to have broken things off the moment he’d started showing his true colors. The second he’d started belittling her she should have walked away.

    There was no use in wishing things were different. It had been a bad relationship, it hadn’t lasted long, and she was with Negan now. Half a restaurant’s worth of people saw him hit her, and mysteriously no one saw Adair retaliate. The heroin in his pocket only sealed the deal. She’d never expected to hear from him again.

    She sighed, dredging pounded-flat chicken breasts in bread crumbs. It had to be Brad. She couldn’t think of anyone else who had a grudge against her. She wouldn’t have thought Brad was angry enough at her to threaten her life, but she supposed she underestimated him.

    The pan sizzled as she put the chicken breasts in the heated oil. The water for the pasta was almost boiling, and the marinara sauce simmered over low heat. Negan and Adair had moved off into the living room, discussing the current situation. While she appreciated that they cared about her, it was more than a little disheartening that they were in this position because of her.

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Kai/You Scenario- Anon Request

My first fic request~ hope that you like it. The prompt will be in the fic since the plot is kind of revealed through it. 

Thank you, anony :) i hope you like it :)))

Pair: you/jongin

“You have something on your face.”

The voice comes from somewhere to your left, where Jongin is buried neck-deep in a bucket of chicken. 

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Make It Up To You

A Ricky Horror Imagine

Word Count: 2,022

Warnings: smut, language

~Requested by Sydney on WattPad~

You looked at your reflection in the mirror, making sure that you were ready for the night ahead. You and your boyfriend Ricky were going out with the band for chicken wings tonight. You loved to hang out with the band because you always had a good time whenever they were around. Not to mention, you also loved chicken wings. It was another thing that you had in common with the guys. Once you were ready to go, you let Ricky know. A few minutes passed, then you both were on your way to meet up with everyone.

Ricky drove with one hand on your leg and the other on the steering wheel. During the drive you played some music on your phone, mainly songs by H.I.M, Ricky’s favorite band. You both took turns singing along to the songs, also singing together at some points. You two knew every word to every song that played. At red lights, Ricky would take a few moments to turn and face you, smiling as he looked into your eyes. You would smile back, often telling him to pay attention to traffic if he looked at you for too long.

The drive was almost over when Ricky started rubbing your thigh with his hand. He slowly moved his hand upward, closer and closer to your crotch. You turn to face him, raising an eyebrow. He doesn’t see you, his eyes staying on the road. When you ask him what he’s doing, he only smirks, rubbing your clit through your jeans. You usually wouldn’t turn Ricky down whenever it came to something like this, but you guys were already a little bit late.

“Ricky, we can’t do this now.” You say, looking at him.

You see his smirk go away, turning into a frown instead.

“Why not? It won’t kill them if we’re a little late.” Ricky says, turning to look at you for a moment.

“I know, but we were late last time because of this and they all figured out why. The guys wouldn’t stop teasing us about it for weeks, imagine how long that will last if we do it again.” You tell him.

Ricky says nothing, continuing to drive. After a few minutes, you speak up.

“Are you mad?” You ask.

“Yeah, but not at you.” Ricky says.

You laugh, then reply, “I’ll make it up to you afterwards, ok?”

“Promise?” Ricky asks, smirking at you.

“Promise.” You say.

After a few more minutes, you arrived at the restaurant. The guys were all waiting outside for you and Ricky, waving as you drove by. Ricky parked the car and you guys got out, greeting everyone happily. Eventually you all got a table, so you sat down and started talking. Everyone ordered chicken wings, along with drinks and some desserts. After ordering, you all had a nice conversation while waiting for your food.

Chris talked about some music ideas he had and Ricky pitched in here and there, since he worked primarily with Chris on MIW’s music. Ryan shared some amazing musical ideas as well, since he was helping to write music a lot more now. You listened to him intently, interested in what he had to say. You asked him many questions, which he answered eagerly. You soon got lost in conversation with Ryan.

Ricky was starting to feel a little jealous, but you didn’t notice. He didn’t want to say anything to you about how he was feeling either, because he felt it would be embarrassing. He watched silently as you gave all of your attention to Ryan. You spoke with Ryan while the rest of the group talked about other things. Ricky listened to both conversations, but paid extra attention to you and Ryan. He thought about how you would usually talk to him about music and get excited. Now you were talking to Ryan about it and seemingly having just as much fun.

Of course, you and Ryan didn’t talk about music the entire time. After discussing musical thoughts and ideas, you talked about your families and how they were doing. Ryan told you about his sister, then mentioned other various things. Ricky continued to be almost entirely ignored by you. He was growing more angry and irritated by the minute, but he tried not to show it. When your food came, you finally averted some of your attention away from Ryan. Ricky watched you as you ate, hoping to grasp your attention once you were finished.

There wasn’t much talking throughout the meal. You all ate quickly, very much enjoying your chicken wings and drinks. Your desserts arrived just as you all had finished eating, so those who ordered dessert continued to eat. After you finished your dessert Ricky attempted to catch your attention, but he was unsuccessful.


You did not hear Ricky, because you were already back in your conversation with Ryan. You had not been meaning to ignore Ricky, you and Ryan had just hit it off tonight. You usually didn’t talk to Ryan very much, but tonight you both were finding lots of things to discuss. Even though Ricky was aware that you weren’t intentionally trying to piss him off, he was still irritated. He didn’t bother trying to get your attention for the rest of the time at the restaurant. Ricky told himself that you would make it up to him later, like you promised. He already had some ideas in mind.

After a while longer, everyone decided that it was time to leave. You all had stayed at the restaurant for a long time after eating and Ricky was anxious to get home. All of you got up from your seats, saying goodbye to each other while exchanging hugs. Ricky was quick to grab your hand, holding it tightly. You didn’t think anything of Ricky’s rushed actions, you barely even noticed them.

Ricky drove home faster than usual. You noticed this, but you didn’t say anything; he didn’t go over the speed limit, so you didn’t see a reason to intervene. You guys listened to music again on the way home, but this time only you sang. You figured that Ricky was just tired and didn’t feel like signing. When you guys got home, Ricky followed close behind you, walking at a quick pace. You glanced behind you and saw the look on his face, finally noticing what was really going on (for the most part, anyways).

You both rushed into the bedroom. A mere second passed before Ricky smashed his lips onto yours. You had finally sensed his lust and now you knew what he wanted. His needy hands roamed your body as you tugged on his shirt. Ricky slipped his tongue into your mouth, the two of you kissing quickly and sloppily. Your hands traveled under the black material of Ricky’s shirt, clawing at his chest. He moaned in a low tone, the deep sound arousing you.

Ricky then pulled off your shirt, breaking the kiss for a few moments. He took off your bra, throwing it across the room. Ricky’s tattooed hands squeezed your breasts, massaging them as you kissed. Eventually he pulled away from you, trailing wet kisses down your neck. You moaned as he sucked on your sweet spot, leaving a hickey. Your hands were entangled in his dark hair as his lips moved down to your collarbone, sucking the soft skin. After a few minutes Ricky stopped and took his shirt off.

You stared at his toned body for a moment before kissing him again. You both made you way to the bed, Ricky crawling over you as you laid down. He pulled down your jeans, then his. After Ricky’s jeans were off, you stopped him from kissing you. You smirked at him, your hands on his muscular shoulders.

“Stand up.” You tell him.

Ricky gets up from the bed, standing up. You got on your knees and toyed with the hem of his boxers, teasing him.

“Time for me to make it up to you, Ricky.” You say, biting your lip.

“Just like you promised, Sydney.” Ricky says, his voice erotic.

You pull Ricky’s boxers down, taking his hardened cock in your hands. You pump it a few times before licking the tip. Ricky lets out a breathy groan, putting his hand in your hair. A second later he lets out a deep moan as you take him in your mouth. You immediately deep throat him, the tip of his cock hitting the back of your throat. You gagged as you continued to deep throat him. Ricky moaned continuously, the sexy sounds making you wet.

“Fuck Sydney, I’m so close.” Ricky says, his voice raspy.

You continue to please him, swirling your tongue around his shaft. More moans left his wet, bitten lips as he came closer to his climax. He tugged on your hair gently, his eyes shut as you pleasured him. Ricky moaned your name repeatedly as he came, you swallowing his load. You pumped his cock a few times after he came, taking deep breaths yourself.

“Fuck.” Ricky swore, breathing heavily.

You stood up and Ricky pulled you close to him, kissing you. You wrapped your arms around his neck and slipped your tongue into his mouth. Ricky let your tongue have full dominance, his arms holding you tight. You both moaned as you continued to kiss. Once again, the two of you made your way to the bed. You laid down, Ricky positioned towards the end of the bed.

“What are you doing?” You ask.

“Now it’s my turn.” Ricky says, pulling your panties down your legs.

He threw your panties onto the floor, spreading your legs. You smile at him and lay down flat on your back. You moan as Ricky licks your clit slowly, teasing you. You let out a shaky breath just before he began passionately sucking on your clit. You moan and grip the sheets, your back arching slightly.

Ricky moaned repeatedly, sending vibrations to your sensitive clit. You continued to moan, letting him know just how much pleasure he was giving you. You put your hand in his black hair, pulling on it as he continued. You felt your climax approaching, coming closer and closer. Ricky’s tongue came in contact with your g-spot, increasing your delirium. Your cried out, yelling Ricky’s name along with a string of profanities.

Soon your legs are trembling, your pleasure consuming you. You screamed Ricky’s name as you came. Your back arched off the bed as Ricky continued to lick your clit. Soon he stopped and gave you some time to come down from your high. A few minutes passed, the only sound in the room being your heavy breathing. Ricky then inserted a finger into you suddenly, catching you off-guard.

You moaned loudly as he started pleasuring you again. He quickly inserted another digit inside you, your pleasure intensifying. You moaned in a deep tone as Ricky continued, your voice carnal. You could feel your second orgasm building up in the pit of your stomach as you moaned Ricky’s name. Again he reached your g-spot, his fingers brushing against it. You whimpered as you came to the very edge or your orgasm, pleasure washing over you.

You swore and screamed Ricky’s name as you came undone around his tattooed fingers. He kissed your thighs some before crawling up to you. Ricky kissed your lips and slipped his wet tongue into your mouth as you wrapped your arms around his neck. You two held each other as close as possible, kissing and moaning quietly. You loved the feeling of his lips on yours.

“That was amazing Ricky.” You say, still out of breath.

“Yeah, it was.” Ricky says, kissing you again.

You both got under the covers and Ricky held you in his strong arms. You snuggled into his warm chest, kissing it softly. Ricky kisses your forehead, stroking your hair. The two of you fell asleep minutes later, smiles on your faces. Little did you know, Ricky would wake you up with another amazing and very pleasurable experience.

19.7 x 16.4 and Semi-Basements Chapter 2

I struggled to write this. That’s why it’s taken a while. I don’t think I like this. But I’m trying. I tried. If you send any kind of feedback i will unequivocally love you forever

19.7 x 16.4 and Semi-Basements 

Chapter 2

All palaces are temporary palaces.

Even if the gates are rimmed with gold.

They are fleeting, wrinkled.

The hunger of millions trembles, but never fades away. 

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Tasty (NC-17) - One shot


Yes, I know it’s been just a week since NNE ended, but it seems my brain is not in the mood for not writing. Meaning, here’s a one shot!

Just like Ash’s fun AU one shot from a couple of weeks ago, this one also stems from some crazy late night conversations between the two of us (so, yes, tons and tons and tons of credit for her, because otherwise this thing would not exist.)

Thank you Danielle for being a wonderful editor as always.

Here is some more Alternate Universe Adventures for everyone! Enjoy the Chef! And click the heart if you like it ;)

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The Worst Day Of The Year

I actually think I want to cry! I write a fic for the first time in ages… getting me out of my rut really. I fell in love with it because I wrote it in a style that I have never written before… it took me 3 days to write and I was copying and pasting it to tumblr and I pressed the wrong button deleting the entire thing without a backup. So this is my second try and I’ve written it in about an hour so forgive me please, written in the same style because I have given up. I am trying to remember it as best that I could but it’s not perfect.. But here is my Valentine’s Day fic. I hope you like it and I tried my best! P.s it’s shorter than the original too… boohoo 😢😢

Guys im not so happy how this turned out and i prefer the deleted version, so please be nice to me! i haven’t edit, because this was written so fast.

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