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Jungkook: When you grind his thigh

Genre: Smut

Tags: sex talk/ blowjob/ kinky play/ dirty language


Pairing: Jungkook/Reader

First part: Jungkook: When you catch him masturbating

Third part: Jungkook and Tae’s mischievous plan


You: The leader of a mafia organisation.

Jeon Jungkook - Master of burglary and a hitman. You were childhood friends but now he works for you. 4 years younger. Doing his best to prove that despite his age he’s the right man for you.

Setting: A follow-up to the first part of the story (Jungkook: When you catch him masturbating).

Sitting in your office and flipping pages of the documents that were supposed to be taken care of a long time ago doesn’t seem to be that appealing of an idea, but truth to be told, anything would be better than letting your memories of Jungkook’s desperate pleas and breathy moans fill your head. You shake your head in disapproval. They’re haunting you and they keep coming back even though you know damn well it’s so wrong. There is virtually no other word to describe these thoughts and the influence they’ve had on your daily routines since that memorable day. These thoughts have been so distracting, and much to your dismay, they don’t want to give you even a small break since that horrible and yet so ecstatic day. That day when you jerked off your adorable and oh so handsome childhood friend. Your worker. A guy four years younger who’s been crashing on you since he just as much as entered puberty… So innocently sweet… Hell, no. Without a doubt, Jeon Jungkook was anything but innocent when you caught him masturbating in your own bed. Once again, the mere reminiscence caused the beat of your heart to quicken unexpectedly. Words becoming blurry on the now creased sheet of paper. Wait a minute… Are your hands sweating?

Y: Oh, God girl… The hell are you thinking about again?

The question echoed in the room but there was nobody to give an answer to it. You’ve been staying away from that pretty and smiling face of Kookie for almost a week now. Fine, you’ve been giving him orders and made sure that he tended to some pressing matters concerning that flourishing (still a bit shady) business of yours. Providing, of course, that a mafia organisation can be labelled as such.
Nevertheless, you’ve been conflicted. It’s not like you doubted him. He’s never given you any reasons to question him or his feelings towards you. He’s been so caring and utterly devoted to you that it sickened your stomach the moment you realised that you’ve been acting like a fucking paranoid teenager. Funny thing… Maybe he isn’t the one who should try his best to prove his maturity? Another unanswered question…

You spaced out.
A knock on the door
And immediately you know it is him. It’s not like you have some mad clairvoyant skills but deep inside you know. You feel it must be him.
Three knocks. At first, it’s gentle but then it becomes more powerful and it speeds up. He’s never been the patient one, but he knows very well that loud banging angers you to no end. He’s not gonna risk that much today, although he adores the way your cheeks flush and the apparent irritation in your voice despite your best attempts to keep it all at bay when scolding him.

Y: Yes?

The door flings open and there he is. You didn’t plan to, you promised yourself you wouldn’t raise your eyes but sadly, they darted on their own in his direction. It was so quick, but damn you have a feeling he caught you in the act. The papers in your hand have never been more interesting than now. You could almost burn a hole with your gaze in this useless piece of writing.

J: I did what you asked me to. What now? Should I go and dispose of the guy? We’ve narrowed down his usual schedule and shit he does all day… I guess there’s no use waiting since he sure doesn’t waste his time stripping you of your money…

Y: No, that won’t be necessary. You’re free. I’ll have some other people deal with this.

A sharp intake of breath. Is he disappointed? Annoyed? You reach for another document from the stacked up pile resting on the desk.

J: I can handle this just as well as…

Y: It’s not to be discussed. You can leave. I’m working.

Your head ceremoniously propped on your hand, brows furrowed as if you were deeply analysing something.

J: As you wish. Is there anything else I can do for you, boss?

He’s angry. So angry. You can feel it hanging in the air. That tension that keeps both of you on the edge. Why is it so hard for you just to accept him? You’ve missed him so badly. Why can’t you say it out loud to that perfect boy?

Y: Are you deaf? I said you’re free.

J: Tsk…

Is this what you wanted to tell him? Your head up again. You can see his back as he reluctantly closes the distance between him and the doors. He’s like a sad and abandoned puppy now. But, no… He freezes for a moment and then energetically turns around to face you again. Of course… What have you been thinking? It’s Jeon Jungkook after all. He’ll never let go that easily. He’s proved you this so many times and yet it always makes your heart skip a beat whenever he puts up a fight to win you over.

J: Actually, fuck no. I won’t leave that room.

Y: Excuse me?

J: You heard me right, boss. You can’t be deaf, right?

That cheeky answer was certainly unforeseen and caught you off guard, to say the least.
He swiftly moved in the direction of the desk but he didn’t stop in front of it. Much to your astonishment, he went round it.

Standing tall and looking into your eyes. He’s furious. Suddenly, you realised it would be better to stand up too…

Y: I gave you an order Jeon Jungkook, aren’t you forgetting your place? You’re not in the position to talk to me lik…

J: If I am to be completely honest with you after you’ve palmed my dick enjoying the way I moaned your name I don’t think I am that much concerned about our boss and worker relation.

You’re blushing. No, no, no. Not now! Fists clenching so hard that it begins to hurt but you’re too numb and exasperated to notice.

Y: We’re at work and I expect you to do as I say. We’re not gonna talk about your dick, Jungkook.

J: Fine, then.

And he was smirking. That little bastard was smirking at you! Maybe you shouldn’t have mentioned the dick part, though…

J: Why don’t we chat a little about that silly behaviour of yours then?

He pouted his lips, raising a finger to touch them. A much too exaggerated whine accompanying this little fake act.

J: Oh wait, I guess we can’t talk about this since your behaviour is very much connected to my dick too…

Y: What behaviour? Are you out of your mind, brat?

J: Like you avoiding me’ cause you’ve essentially jerked me off the other day?

Y: I’m not avoiding you. Don’t get some weird ideas. 

J: If that’s the case then you’ll be happy If I come to your place as I usually do, right noona?

Y: And what are we going to do? Play some video games?

You tried to tease him a little but it backfired on you pretty badly…

J: Well, I actually intended to play video games, but if it’s suddenly too childish for you then I guess we can do some more mature stuff.

The way he prolonged the word mature made you wanna rip him off to shreds. An eat-shitting grin plastered on his handsome face.

J: So, seeing you have no objections I assume we’re clear. I’ll be at your place around 8.

And then, that was totally unpredictable. He gently leaned in and placed an innocent and a bit shy peck on your cheek, smiling very softly at you. His intense stare getting a bit too long to handle. Chocolate brown eyes literally melting you down on the spot.

Y: Whatever, just get out already…

That incoherent mumble sounded way too weak even to your own ears. So it did for Jungkook, cause it seems he mustered up enough courage to cup your face with his slender hand.

Yes. His hand now placed on your right cheek. Fingers gently caressing and playing with your soft skin. Oh god, he smells so nice… You closed your eyes. His forehead now resting on yours. His hands are so cold and a bit sweaty. Is he that nervous?

J: You’re making me go crazy, girl. I’m thinking about you all the time. Don’t be so hard on me all I wanna do is to love you the way you deserve it.

Jungkook’s never been too fond of making such confessions but certainly, he’s been getting more and more open about the way he feels. He’s always preferred to act rather than talk but with you, he just can’t keep it all to himself.

You nodded in agreement, still averting his gaze. Your throat was so dry at this point that you didn’t want to risk any attempt at talking.

J: You’re so cute.

He beamed one last time and left the office leaving you all to yourself and more haunting thoughts. Only now it feels a bit different. Your belly feels strangely warm and it’s not all that bad if you were to admit. It feels exciting. How much time is it going to take till you finally see him in the evening? It’s going to be a long and painful day… That you know for sure.

Jungkook arrived earlier. The moment you heard the familiar knocking at the door your eyes scanned the computer screen in search for the clock widget.

7:54… Damn, he’s ahead of time.

You gulped. It’s hard to swallow again.

He gently opened the door and sheepishly slipped into your room. His eyes eyeing your small figure. You’re sitting on the bed trying so hard to look occupied, doing something on the laptop placed on your thighs.

J: Ssup, pretty girl?

He stopped in the middle of your room scratching the back of his head.

J: Don’t even tell me you are still working…

Y: Just a couple of e-mails. I got to make sure that the deal goes smoothly.

A loud whine.

J: But, noona! You promised me a date!

Y: Stop whimpering like a kiddo and just wait. Gosh…

J: Fine…

So dissatisfied. Like little children who always stamp their feet when they want to get something, He could do that now. Damn sure he could. You want to chuckle so badly but you bite your lip instead. He reluctantly plodded towards the bed and collapsed on it with such a force that it rocked against the wall.

He is laying down next to you with his head just beside your bare thighs. Hands stretched above his head in a defeated manner. He looks like a picture of misery. No, definitely patience is not one of his merits. Eyes boring holes in you trying to speed up the painful agony of waiting. He is scanning your face in the hope of hearing you say: Kookie, I’m done!. But no such thing happens.

J: Noona, I’m hungry.

Y: How can you be hungry after eating 4 cups of noodles?

J: Gahh… Why did I even text you about it…

Y: I wonder myself…

J: Oi! You’re mean!

Y: No waaaaaay!

And suddenly he turned to the side and before you could react his teeth sank into your delicate thigh. His arms holding your legs in place.

Y: Jungkook it hurts!

J: Khe hehe heh…

Surely he would laugh even louder but he can’t because he’s too busy with nibbling at your soft flesh. The struggle to free yourself from his firm grasp quickly turns out to be pointless. That bastard is just too strong and heavy.

Y: Alright, alright I get it! 

More little bites followed

Y: Stop! I have ice cream! You can…

He raised his head visibly excited. His eyes even bigger than they usually are. So shiny… Wait… But his hands are still sneakingly stroking your inner thighs, aren’t they?

J: Now you’re talking! Our favourite flavour?

Y: Yeah…

J: Gonna eat them all.

He let out his infamous evil man cackle while jumping to his feet and running straight to the kitchen to fetch your favourite little treat. Not much time has passed and once again he enters the room with a joyous expression on his face carrying a big carton of ice cream and two spoons. One of them already in his face.

J: They mgmg re asgreeeat as evee…

Y: Jungkook I literally did not get a thing. Can you take the spoon out while you’re talking to me?

A silent nod. He scooped another portion of ice cream and devoured it quickly before answering.

J: Sure! I was telling they’re as great as ever!

Y: Good… I’m glad.

Once again he came to sit next to you on the bed.

J: Here, have a bite.

A spoonful of ice cream appeared in front of your face and he almost forced it down your throat. It’s so yummy…

Y: Mhmm…

J: Good, innit?

You smile warmly at him. He’s so precious. Baby bun.

You continue doing your job while observing the way he eats. Such an appetite. He makes sure to feed you too. It seems that each and every time he gives you more and more ice cream on the spoon. The entire carton disappears in no time. He lets out a satisfied moan.

J: So delicious!

Y: True.

You click the send button and it seems that there is nothing left to do? Maybe you should also check the monitoring cameras just one last time before you turn off the laptop…

J: Is this what you meant by “mature stuff”? It is boring as fuck. I hoped for something more entertaining.

Y: It’s not a fucking circus, brat.

J: Last time you were more entertaining, boss.

You shot him a glare and noticed how he licked his lips to get rid of the remaining ice cream. Although, it looked more like teasing. Yes, such a little tease.

J: Ahh… My hands are cold.

He kept on rubbing them in order to warm them up.

Y: It didn’t bother you while you were holding a carton of ice cream.

J: Now, that’s a different thing.

Y: How is that a different thing, smart-ass?

J: I was too busy to notice and I think I know even a better way of distracting myself.

He moved in your direction and positioned himself behind you. Arms immediately wrapping around your waist and hands slowly creeping under your strapless pink top. You put down the laptop. It seems like you won’t get to checking the monitoring system, after all.

J: It’s not fair. I fed you with ice cream and now my hands are freezing. Why don’t you warm me up a little, baby girl?

His slender fingers start rubbing circles around your belly button to let you adjust to the unpleasant sensation of his cold touch. Your belly muscles flex in response and he can literally feel how goosebumps start forming on your skin because of his intrusive fingers. You reach to grab his hands.

Y: I didn’t ask for any ice cream, did I?

J: You’re gonna suffer the consequences of your actions anyway.

Y: Oh, really? Whatcha gonna do, Kookie? Should I be scared?

The nickname stirred him up a little. It’s rare for you to address him so fondly. Last time you called him this way he ended up cumming into your hand…

He decided not to hesitate anymore. You’re going to be all his tonight and he’ll definitely return the favour from the other day.

J: How about you stop that jabbering, noona? Do you want to try me? You know I never back down from a challenge.

Y: Tempting… I feel like I might, actually.

You didn’t have to say anything more to get a reaction from him. All the time he has been breathing against your neck and now you feel your body being roughly pressed to him. Cold hands clutching on your tummy pushing you back on him with all his force. It isn’t gentle at all.Your breath hitches and a small whimper escapes your mouth. He lowers his head and traces your collarbones with his lips applying some pressure on the way. He stops and then he unexpectedly bites you, just like he did with your thighs. It dawns on you that you’re completely trapped between his rock hard thighs. Rock hard thighs that squeeze on you harder and harder to hold you still, exactly how Jungkookie wants. He rocks his hips into your back. Hands forcing you to arch in his direction. He continues to repeat the pleasurable movement. After a couple of thrusts, you stop counting because you’re more focused on Jungkook’s heavy breathing. He got hard. You can feel his erection even through the thick fabric of his ripped jeans. He pushes one last time and you do your best to hit him hard right where he needs it.

J: Fuck, yes…

Y: Kookie?

J: You gotta stop baby girl, I can’t cum so early.

His head propped on your shoulder, arms embracing you so tightly that it is hard to breathe. His smell is intoxicating and you let yourself drown in it, fully relaxing into his arms.

Y: Who says you can’t, Kookie? It felt so nice when you came for me last time. I want you to come again… and again.

J: Tonight I need you to cum for me, mmkay? I want to make you feel good too. I’ve been thinking about this all the time, noona…

He is purring these words into your ear. Shivers run down your spine. He starts licking at your neck. Very slowly. He sucks on the skin and then he carefully bites down on it eliciting a moan from you.

J: You didn’t give me a chance to pay you back. You can’t avoid me like that. Do you have any idea how it made me feel? I was going crazy… Fuck…

He broke the embrace and knelt down spinning you around to face him. He pushed you back on the bed and crawled on you. His hips immediately grinding against your pussy. You wrapped your legs around him encouraging him to go on.

Finally, he is kissing you. So sensually. The passion and desire are radiating from him. Kisses turn sloppy and desperate. You’re pulling on his hair, nails digging into the skin. You need more of that pretty boy. You want him begging just like the last time he did. Hands slowly trailing down his body, reaching for the oversized white t-shirt. You’re struggling to take it off when he breaks the kiss in order to help you get rid of the unneeded piece of clothing. He kneels between your thighs, discarding the t-shirt somewhere on the ground. His bare chest and perfectly chiselled tummy for your private view only. You swallow hard. You can see that his nipples are erected. Your eyes trace the perfect shape of his pelvis area and then you notice the hard bulge in his jeans.

Y: Damn, boy. You’re not gonna do much with such a big problem in your pants.

J: Nah… it’s alright-hah…

You didn’t give him much of a chance to respond, palming his erected member through the material of his trousers.

J: Sweetheart, what do you think you’re doing now? Agh…

Y: I’m making you feel good, Jungkookie. I’ll make you feel even better.

J: No, please. Oh, noona wait. I wanted- ahh- I wanted to please you first…

Y: So stop holding in your moans and let me hear that beautiful voice of yours.

You’re swiftly unbuttoning the trousers never losing eye contact with him. Not wasting any more time you decide to yank off his boxers and jeans in one strong tug. Soon enough his rock-hard cock springs out of its confinement. It’s dripping with precum. You can see that a vein popped out on its surface. Marvellous display.

Y: Kookie, baby, can you just lay down on your back, please?

J: But, noona…

Y: Shush.

You’re pushing him down on the bed and it’s easier that you’ve thought it would be. He doesn’t protest that much… His beautiful and shiny hair bounces slightly when he hits his head on the soft mattress. Feet resting on the ground. You come off the bed and sit on the floor, just between his thighs. Next thing you do is to take off the jeans that are pushed down to his knees. Yes, much better now. First, you gently massage his thighs and pelvis area in a circular movement slowly applying more pressure. He propels himself on his elbows curious of your actions. Big chocolate eyes stealing glances of your face, your hands, your boobs… Mouth slightly opened. His lips are dry and a bit swollen. He’s been continuously biting on them due to the excitement. Finally, you grab his cock in your hand lazily stroking him to properly coat his member. His hips push back into your hand. You know you’re being too delicate and this is not what he needs now.

Y: Do you want me to go harder, Kookie? Tell me.

Your thumb brushes over the sensitive tip. He moans so loud you that you can feel your clit throbbing in response.

Y: Hmm? What is it, baby?

J: Noona, I need you… I need you to take him harder. 

Y: Mhmm… How about I suck you off then? 

J: What..Whhat?

The expression on his face is just priceless. You don’t know if he’s more shocked, terrified or aroused but it looks just amazing. You’re leaning down, licking your lips and then you blow some air on his dick enjoying the way his body shivers underneath you.

Y: It’s going to be ok. I promise.

You coo trying to calm him down a little. You know it’s his first blowjob and you just want him to relax and simply enjoy.

J: But, noona, it’s… You don’t have to do this. He’s all wet and it’s…

Is your pretty baby boy freaking out? How cute… He’s too adorable to handle. You know he wants it more than anything but he’s also afraid that it won’t be too pleasant for you. Little does he know… Without any more talking, you put your mouth around his erected cock. His hands immediately grabbing on your hair the moment he feels the immense pleasure caused by your sucking. You go hard, no more teasing for tonight. He’s been such a good boy he deserves to be rewarded. You’re sucking repeatedly, working your hand around his shaft. It’s difficult to take him all in at once. Nevertheless, you decide to try. You’re pushing him all in down your throat, without gagging. You stop for a moment not only in order to adjust but also because Jungkook stilled your head with his desperate grip. He’s panting heavily.

J: Noona, stop, I can’t take it…

That makes you even more determined to go on. Despite his strong grip, you continue to bob your head in a rhythmic motion trying to observe his reactions so as to make that boy lose his mind for you. You have to pull out for a moment to catch a breath of air. Some tears forming in your eyes because of your eagernesses to swallow him all at one go. You quickly glance at him to check if he’s alright and an evil chuckle escapes your lips. So lewd. So whipped up for you that he can barely breathe.

Y: Be a good boy and don’t interrupt me, Kookie.

You gently smile at him before placing your mouth back to where they should be. Where both of you want them to be. Although judging from his squirms deep throating was undeniably a success, you realise that you wouldn’t be able to pull it off till he comes. He’s just too big. To stimulate him more you take him in as far as you can helping yourself with your palm. You’re sucking and stroking him at the same time remembering to swirl your tongue around his sensitive tip. He’s wriggling. His body spasms and convulses because of you. Because of the dirty things you’ve been doing to this boy all this time. His cock is twitching in your mouth. You want to laugh when you notice that he begs you to stop while holding you tight in place.

J: Baby, I’m gonna cum. I can’t hold it in anymore, please…

It’s a clear contradiction. He urges you to stop but keeps on thrusting into your mouth. 

It’s getting more and more frantic. He’s half sitting and half laying down not knowing what to do with himself anymore. Blood quickly rushing through his veins. He doesn’t have any control over his hips and lower area, he just keeps on pushing in and out of your pretty face moaning lewdly much to your heart’s content. You adore every little moan and whimper. You adore it so much that your pussy clenches every now and then making you squeeze your thighs in a futile effort to ease your arousal. You groan, dissatisfied. The vibrations in your throat pushing him over the edge and he rides out his orgasm thrusting erratically while desperately holding to you. He cums crying out your name and repeating countless apologies for forcing you to swallow his semen. You suck him dry, licking your lips and savouring the taste of his cum. You didn’t manage to swallow it all and as a result, some of it was dripping down your fingers. You lick it all eagerly while staring into Jungkook’s eyes. He sits there with his mouth open trying to calm down his irregular breathing. Eyes going wide in shock while he absent-mindedly watches how you lick his semen off your own fingers. He gulps.

Y: Kookie you’re so sweet I could suck you all the time.

He’s sweaty and still a bit dizzy from his high. Body covered in little goosebumps. He vehemently shakes his head blushing furiously at your words.

J: Noona, why did you swallow? I told you to stop… I told you so many times…

You can’t help but laugh a little at this silly question. You’re gently rubbing his thigh with your palm. It’s just that you can’t overcome the urge to continue touching him. He’s irresistible.

Y: True, you did tell me to stop but at the same time, you almost choked me with your huge dick, Kookie. It didn’t exactly feel as if you wanted me to stop, you know...

Words coming out of your mouth in a soft whisper. You are inches away from his face. He’s totally lost and mesmerised by your words and actions.

J: I’m sorr…

Y: Nah… Don’t think I didn’t enjoy myself, you silly. 

Having said that, you reach for his shaky hand and place it over your pussy. The shorts you’re wearing are totally soaked with your juices. He inhales sharply and you just bite your lip to hold in a moan. His fingers shyly begin to explore your wetted core in a careful and insecure manner. He gently strokes the tip of your clit raising his eyes to observe your reaction. Your eyes shut tightly and the moment you feel him tickling it with two of his slender fingers your head falls back. You’re whimpering when he places the inner side of his palm all over your heated cunt. He is massaging it rubbing it up and down. Repeating the movement to the point when you shamelessly push yourself on his hand to get more friction. He loves the way you respond to his heavy petting and it makes him even more motivated to hear more of that uncontrollable moans.

J: Baby, don’t you think it’s a bit unfair that I’m the only one naked here?

He experimentally pushes his finger inside your pussy through the fabric of your shorts and you gasp, not being able to respond.

J: I’m pretty sure you won’t need these, right?

He pulls on the band of your shorts and takes them off you taking in the view of your body. For a moment he sits there doing nothing apart from staring at you while fumbling the shorts in his hands. Your cheeks get flushed because he’s basically ogling you with no shame whatsoever. So indecent. You begin to doubt yourself and your body. Is something wrong? Your hands timidly covering the bare skin that embarrasses you so much. He stops you midway.

J: No-no-no. You’re not hiding any of these from me. You’re going to show me so much more, Jagiya.

His grip on your wrists is so strong that it stings a little but it doesn’t last long because he’s now reaching for the pink strapless top. You’re getting more nervous. He hasn’t seen you naked before. The painful realisation makes you even more self-conscious. He leans in, effortlessly pulling off the top. Your boobs out in the open making you shiver because of the chilly air. Once again, you attempt to cover yourself but Jungkook grabs your hips and makes you sit down on his thigh which is now just between your legs dangerously close to your aroused pussy. He takes your arms and locks them behind your back. You can’t wriggle out of his grasp. Besides, any movement makes you rub your ass and cunt on that rock hard thigh. Oh dear… It feels too good… You’ve been wanting him so badly for so long it’s too difficult to restrain yourself from grinding on him till you cum all over that muscular thigh. You move your hips rubbing your clit on his hard muscles groaning much too audibly but you’re far too gone to care. You’re so busy with pleasuring yourself that you’re totally oblivious to Jungkook’s watchful eyes. He’s been admiring your boobs and the way they bounce each and every time you grind on his thigh.

J: Noona, can I touch them, please? Oh fuck, I want to feel them in my hands so badly. They’re so big… So perfect…

He praises you never taking his eyes off them. It seems he won’t play with your breasts unless he is allowed to do so. He is totally entranced by your beauty and he makes sure to voice his admiration as you continue to go up and down his leg.

J: You’re so fucking pretty. I could stare at you all the time. Please don’t be shy, baby. Let me touch them…

You simply nod being too worked out to answer properly. He doesn’t waste any more time and immediately lets go of your hands placing his palms on your tits. The moment he frees your from his tight hold you rest your hands on his back clinging to him like a little girl. He fondles your boobs and swirls his thumb over your erected nipple. Your vision goes blurry and your body slowly begins to spasm as you feel your orgasm getting closer and closer.

Y: Kookie, I’m so close…

J: Yes, baby. Cum for me. I want to see you cumming for me.

He bowed his head to kiss your breasts. At first, he languidly licked over their surface but then he started sucking on your nipple, playing with it using his tongue. Suddenly you feel so weak. Everything is spinning around you. You cry out climaxing on his thigh.

Y: Ahhh… Kookie, I’m there, baby…

He is kissing you passionately trying to suppress your moans You can feel his hands roughly gripping your ass and pushing you on his thigh in order to help you ride out your orgasm. It’s been a long time since you’ve felt so good thanks to a man. He makes you feel loved… When it’s all over you go limp into his arms breathing laboriously because of the intensity of your climax. He wraps his arms around you and carefully places you on the bed, laying on top of you. He tenderly strokes the hair back from your face looking deeply into your half-lidded eyes.

J: I’ve never seen a prettier thing in my life.

Y: Duh… You’re too young to judge, brat.

He laughs out heartily at your poor comeback. He puts your foreheads together and brushes his nose over yours affectionately. It makes you laugh a little too.

J: How long are you gonna pretend you don’t like me, boss?

Y: I’m too tired to answer such stupid questions.

J: Oh, right. I wonder what made you so tired, or rather should I say who? What do you think?

Y: You’re getting ahead of yourself again. Maybe you should work on your manners first.

Again he chuckles at your silly retort and then he places a soft kiss on your swollen lips.

J: I’m sorry, boss. I’ll do my best. I promise next time you won’t be able to bad-mouth me when I’m done with you.

Y: Oh, please.

J: I’m telling you, baby. I’ll do anything for you.

Suddenly he gets serious. His face expression isn’t playful anymore and it startles you a bit. He traces your ear with his lips and whispers fondly.

J: I love you, Jagiya.

yoongi scenario | pitter patter of tiny paws

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[Min Holly’s Point of View]

Sunday’s are supposed to be lazy days. Normally, I’d spend them curled up in Yoongi’s lap, with him pushing his fingers through my curled fur, while he watches moving pictures on that funny box in the living room. You’d cook pancakes for him, and slip me tiny scraps from your spot the sofa. Mmmm… I love it when you do that. But you’ve been slipping me scraps of food less often lately. It has something to do with the vet saying it’s not good for me. Plus, Yoongi says I’m getting pudgy. Which isn’t true! I’m still able to run and jump and chase cats out of the neighbourhood. But… maybe I’m not as active as I used to be. But the same goes for you. You’re not as active as you used to be either. And you’ve gotten a lot bigger recently. I don’t think it’s fat though… There’s another explanation - I can sense it. You’ve been getting ill, and your moods have been swinging about, and one night, when Yoongi was fast asleep, I caught you sneaking out of bed to raid the fridge – you know I’m up for a snack at any time of the day… but really? Cucumber and mayonnaise? What were you thinking? This unnatural behaviour means something big is going to happen. It’s going to happen soon.

It’s happening… right now!

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Tom Hiddleston Request

Can I ask for a Tom Hiddleston imagine? him and YN were cast to play Adam and Eve on the movie “Only Lovers Left Alive” (AWESOME MOVIE ! ) and both fell in love. they become the golden couple of hollywood.


You were walking across the lot with one of the stage managers who was showing you around what would be your second home until production wrapped up. You had just been casted on the new production of Only Lover Left Alive as the one of the main characters, Eve. “Oh look, your husband,” the manager said jokingly as Tom Hiddleston appeared on set. “Tom,” he called him over. “This is Y/N Y/L/N, as I’m sure you know she’ll be playing Eve.”

“Nice to meet you,” he smiled and offered to shake your hand.

“You too,” you shook his hand.

“I’m being called to a meeting with the director. I’ll see you both on set,” the manager said and left the two of you alone.

“So, are you excited to start filming tomorrow,” you asked.

“More excited for that than having to sit and try on all the clothes and wigs today,” he chuckled.

“Ah, the clothes are my favorite part. Speaking of, I better get going or they are going to kill. I have a wig that weighs, like, 20 lbs to put on,” you smirked.

“If you want, we could try and meet up and rehearse lines later this week, when we get closer to our scenes together.”

“That’d be great.”


After about 4 months of filming you two finally allowed yourselves to start dating. You two kept it secret until the movie premiere, you two accompanied each other as dates and released an official statement the month after that you two were dating.

Now, nearly four years later, 11 movies, two of which you two did together, and countless red carpet events you two were about to attend the newest movie premiere for Tom’s latest Thor movie.

After a year of dating Hollywood and the fans lovingly referred to you two as Hollywood’s Golden Couple. Ever since then, whenever another beloved couple would break up you and Tom would be tagged in thousands of posts about how you two were one of the reminders that love still existed.

“What do you have planned for today, Love,” Tom walking into your shared home freshly showered and dressed for the day.

“I have to go for my final fitting today and pick up my jewelry for the premiere this next week. Other than that I am all yours,” you grinned.

“Perfect. How about after your fitting we go to our favorite Italian place downtown and take a stroll around the park?”

“Only if you let me finally go in that new adoption center,” you had been begging him for weeks to go to the new animal adoption center to adopt a new puppy.

“Fine,” he played it off, “but we are only looking,” he said sternly.

“Fine, fine, ok. Only looking.”

“I mean it,” he pretended to be stern and pointed a finger at you.

“Ok, ok, looking only.”

Your fitting went well, everything looked perfect. You and Tom went and picked up the jewelry that was being lent to you for the premiere. As you ate your linguini and munched on the bread in front of you, you held hands with the one Tom wasn’t using. With a semi-loud slurp you sucked in the noodle. “Why are you looking at me like that,” you blushed slightly seeing Tom watching you from across the table.

“Just thinking about how lucky I am,” he smirked. “Somehow I’m with a woman who can look gorgeous even with pasta sauce over her chin,” he chuckled. You hand flew to your face and wiped the sauce from your face.

“Oh, whatever,” you smiled and looked down.

“It’s true. I feel lucky every day when I’m with you.”

“I feel the same way, babe,” you leaned over and gave him a quick kiss.  You left the restaurant and walked around the park, smiling and saying hello to the fans and paparazzi that you came across.

“Oh look,” you faked surprise and pointed to the store across the street, “a new animal adoption place that I have never seen before,” you said very monotonically.

“Oh look,’’ he copied you, “how interesting that that new store is there.”

You pulled him along as you jogged across the street and into the store. You let an “Aw” escape your lips as you looked at the dogs and kittens in their cages. “Oh my Gosh,” you excitedly gasped. In a little cage by himself was a small black lab. Over the past month you had been bugging Tom to get one. “Tom, can we play with him? Please,” you whinned.

“I guess one won’t hurt.” You were shocked at how easy he gave in but went with it. With a grin he called a worker over and asked to play with the lab. You squealed from excitement as the worker came back with the puppy and placed him in your arms.

“There are rooms right over there that you can go into,” they told you. You and Tom picked a room and sat the puppy down who happily ran around you, jumping, and pulling on Tom’s shoe strings.

“Come here boy,” you called and waved a toy rope in front of him.

“That’s a weird collar isn’t it,” Tom asked.

“Collar?” You looked down and saw a little blue collar around his neck with a small heart tag hanging from it. “4 years ago you walked into my life. Here’s a paw for each year…if you say yes?”

You read the tag and were confused, “Say yes to what?” You turned and looked towards Tom and stopped when you saw him in front of you, kneeling on one knee, with a open box in front of you.

“Yes to me. These four years of you have been the best years of my life, and I want them to continue until the day I die. Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N, make me the happiest man alive and say you’ll marry me.”

“Yes, yes, of course yes!” You jumped into his arms after he slid the ring on your finger. “How did you get the tag on him? How did you know I wanted to come here?”

“You’ve been talking about this place nonstop since it opened. And, I know you’ve always wanted a black lab. I saw they had this little guy up for adoption so I had the tag made and brought it here ahead of time.”

“You’re the sweetest.”

“So, what are you naming him?”

You looked at the little lab in front of you and it hit you. “I like Wade.”

“You’re naming him after a Marvel hero and it’s not even mine,” he laughed.

You shrugged, “You know Deadpool is my favorite.”


That weekend, the night of the red carpet, every question, interview, and picture made sure to pinpoint the diamond ring on your finger and the smiles of Hollywood’s golden couple.

EXO: their best friend (you) is dating Luhan

Summary: you, their idol best friend is dating Luhan (ex member) and they see you together for the first time on accident~ 💛

Xiumin:  would be pretty surprised, esp if he hasn’t seen Lu in a long time. He’d excuse himself quickly if he caught yall in a compromising position lmao but he would definitely ask you about it later. Since he was pretty close with him, he’d be hella happy that you two found each other. And he’d use you as an excuse to see him often as well, he can’t deny he’s missed having him around. (Xiuhan got me in my feeling fml)

Suho:  the most surprised out of all of them probably, only bc he really wasn’t in contact with him much due to the pressure from the company. It’s not that he’d be uncomfortable, he’s actually very happy for the both of you. This might bring back some memories, and like Minseok, he’d want to see him often since his best friend is dating his ex group member.

Lay:  oh my gosh…He’d bawl. These two would ignore you and proceed to fawn over each other in mandarin and hug for like an hour. Yixing wouldn’t even care if he saw yall making out or doing something worse, he’d run right up and pick this little deer and hug him really tightly. He’d then question you about how you two met and etc, and why you never told him earlier. Needless to say, he’s ecstatic.

Baekhyun:  he’d have difficulty excusing himself and walking out of the room, just bc he was so shocked- he was planning on surprising you before your performance, only to be met with Luhan’s big eyes staring back at him in your dressing room. He’s more happy than shocked, and is so excited to get to catch up with him and tell the other members.

Chen:  jaw dropping to the floor, eyes almost popping out of his head. “Aish-! Luhan hyung? Oops, so should I walk out and pretend I didn’t just see you two sucking faces?” He’d give him that bro hug, but almost cries bc he hasn’t seen him in a while and it’s really good to see him again. He’d throw a million questions at you, like why you didn’t tell him, how long this was going on, is he really your best friend, why you betrayed him like that, etc etc etc.

Chanyeol:  full puppy mode, and nonstop giggles as he jumps into your boyfriend’s arms and nearly tackles him. He’s so happy for you two, and you can tell as he’s smiling widely and nodding his head when Luhan is telling the story of how you two met, and how he fell in love with you. He’d playfully put him in choke hold and tell him to treat you like a queen, or else he’d kick his butt right back to China.

D.O.:  he wouldn’t linger when he saw you two together, esp if you’re about to go on stage and perform. He’ll just give you that look like “You need to explain this, and we’ll definitely talk about this later missy.” While you’re performing, they’d both take this time to catch up and see how the other is doing. He’ll really like that Luhan is making you happy, and he’d ask if it was alright to tell the other members so they can have a little reunion together.

Kai:  without knowing or wanting to, he’ll start screeching when he sees you propped up on Lu’s lap. “AHHHHH I’M SORRY SHOULD I LEAVE OR AHHH” he’d need some time to recover and wash his eyes after seeing his best friend like that. He’d need some alone time with him to really catch up and greet each other, then after he leaves he’ll scold you for not telling him earlier. He’s more than happy, bc he gets to see him more often now.

Sehun:  oh you thought Luhan was your boyfriend? Think again. The moment Sehun sees him he’d push you aside and cradle him for a good couple hours, crying about how much he missed him. Will want to third wheel on every date, but you’d always be the one who’s tried wheeling. This boy is so happy his bf is back and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

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jeibaka  asked:

UT/UF/US skells SO works at an animal shelter and comes home with a carrier full of newborn kittens/puppies that need to be fostered! How do the boys react/help out?

//hoo boy. long one. but i do love puppies and/or kittens!! let’s do this B) 


  • He likes puppies/dogs. Thinks they’re amusing and he loves the fact that they always just seem ready to snuggle and play.
  • But he seems to favor the kittens more and they all pile up on top of him. It’s actually kind of weird how much they like him? Lots of catnaps.
  • (Buh dum tisss)
  • Do not expect any help. The most this lazy butt will do is keep the kittens out of your way for a while and sleep with them snuggling up to him.
  • Ok maybe he’ll help feed them (And give them baths and take the pups for walks) but otherwise he just loves giving you a hard time.


  • “MORE DOGS?????”
  • “WAS THAT BONE STEALER WHO STOPS BY ALMOST TWICE A DAY NOT ENOUGH FOR YOU???” ( even though he leaves the annoying dog food on the porch everyday)
  • He actually loves the puppies. Will protect them with his life and cuddle them to death.
  • Helps out with every single thing he can. 


  • “the fuck is this?”
  • Tries to act all cool and aloof.
  • A kitten comes up to him and nudges his hand and he doesn’t know what to do.
  • “the fuck you lookin’ at??”
  • He ends up snuggling every single one. They trample him.
  • Upon being caught napping with all of the baby animals: “uh…s’not what it looks like .”
  • Will probably only help with feeding them. He loves giving the kittens milk and watching the puppies scramble to the food bowl. It makes him laugh.
  • Almost cries when you have to give them back but puts on a brave face and only sniffs and wipes his nose angrily.
  • “yeah whatever..don’t even care.”


  • He bends down cautiously to pet it. He’s not sure yet what it could be capable of.
  • “CAN I WEAPONIZE THEM?”   “No…”  “I SEE…”
  • He’s kind of quiet about the whole thing and keeps asking you questions.
  • He’s actually  little afraid to mess up but will do what he can to help…only because you asked though!!
  • He does like how soft their fur feels though.


  • He is ECSTATIC
  • He wants to help with EVERYTHING
  • And he is so excited to play with them oh my gosh.
  • He lets them steal one because he just can’t say no to those little fuzzy faces.


  • uh…babe?
  • They are so tiny he’s honestly afraid of hurting them….
  • He handles them super delicately
  • He’s always sleepy warm (i mean always) and they snuggle into him.
  • He melts, oh my god
  • If you go out of your way to ask him for help he will but he usually just chills and sleeps with the tiny things cuddled on his chest and torso.
  • He loves to give tiny tummy rubs and chuckles at all the little antics they get up to.
Of Cats, Bears, and Pizza

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY EVERYONE!!! I’ve gotten a lot of requests on AO3 and from mysme squad to post more dumpster diving related content, so have this thing I made in roughly 8 hours counting breaks lmao… sorry any glaring errors and the TERRIBLE title

this will go on AO3 soon! the sites giving me hell right now, anyway lets get wild

4972 words, just some good Yooran fluff

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How We Met

Pairing: Civilian!Tom Holland x Reader

Description: You’re casually strolling around your local dog park. Nothing unusual. That is until you get made into the biggest fool alive. Oh yeah and its in front of the most attractive boy you’ve ever met. Great.

Warning: Adorable puppies and the misuse of commas in about every other sentence. Good luck.

Reader’s POV:

The slight breeze brushed against the red, orange and yellow leaves that kissed the clean blue sky. Surrounding birds were gaily tweeting their special songs, nestled between branches. My black lab, Grizzly, and I were exploring the dog park I always said I would go to but never had the time to visit. School had given me the wonderful temporary release from my daily confinement called Christmas break. 

Grizz was crazy excited, running around in the new expanse and sniffing everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) in sight. One earbud in my ear was singing the new song by my favorite artist that I’ve been DYING to hear. No seriously. I was almost in a car crash because of my ranting to my amused but slightly scared friend about its release. Skipping with the beat, it was unfortunate I wasn’t paying attention to my surroundings. A tennis ball soared through the air and came into contact with my head. Considerably dismantled, I didn’t notice the gnarly branch peeking out of the ground waiting for its next unsuspecting victim (the first being the adorably clumsy human you’re about to meet).

“Oh my gosh! I’m terribly sorry! I didn’t see you!”

The most gorgeous (British) voice traveled through the air meeting my delighted ears. Graceful footsteps sounded across the grassy terrain stopping near where I sat.

“Here, let me help you.” An elegant pale hand reached down to aid me.

“Oh, thanks. It’s really alright. That happens a lot more than it should.” It was completely embarrassing to have fallen in front of a complete stranger. I couldn’t quite get the courage to look up at him yet.

“So idiot blokes like me hit you with tennis balls making you fall over branches in a dog park often? You must be quite special.”

Oh gosh. He’s laughing. Can this get any more embarrassing? Is it possible to spontaneously combust from embarrassment? If it is, let it happen.

I slowly look up at him and am completely taken aback. There are no words. What are words? HOW DO YOU ENGLISH? OH NO HE’S TALKING TO ME!! BRAIN!! WORK!!

“Uh, I-I-I’m Tom. Again, terribly sorry. I was just playing with my dog.”

“I-it’s really fine. My name is (y/n). I’m here with my dog, too. Uh, I mean, obviously. Its a dog park. Its not like I’m here to kidnap dogs or anything. Oh gosh, that probably sounded terrible. I have a dog. I love dogs….heh.”

Kill me.

“You’re completely fine, though? Nothing got hurt when you fell?” he seemed genuinely concerned. Cute.

“Only my ego. I guess there wasn’t much of it there anyways.” Then he laughed. Did he think I was funny..?

“Hah! That’s hilarious! (phew) What breed is your dog?” “Grizzly is a black lab.” “Oh cute. Little Tessa is an American Staffordshire Terrier.”

It was as if they knew we were talking about them when our two bounding dogs barked their way over to their owners.

“Hey buddy! Did you make a new friend? Oh really? Isn’t that fun? Yeah you were a good boy weren’t you? Good dog.”

Reaching down to pet Tessa, Tom watched as I completely dropped any nervousness I previously had. Looking up, I noticed him staring.

“Oh sorry. I’m a bit puppy crazy..” “Not don’t apologize.. do you want to meet Tess?” “Um.. of course!”

“Okay okay. Ha! You really love pups, don’t you? Tessa. Meet (y/n). She’s my new friend.”

Tessa inched over to sniff my hand and immediately started nuzzling it. She flopped onto her back, begging for a scratch.

“Aww! Hey baby girl! Aren’t you adorable!”

While I played with Tessa, Grizzly leaped over to Tom. Shying away from his hand, Grizz seemed to be playing a game with the brit, letting him get close but not quite touching. Tom seemed a bit disappointed.

“It’s ok. He does that with everyone he likes.” “He likes me?” “Definitely.”

Feeling better, Tom and Grizzly started to chase each other around the field. After playing with the puppies for a while, it was time to head home.

“I better get going. The fam might worry..” “Oh yeah of course… it was great to meet you and Grizz.” “Likewise.”

Calling Grizz and making our way out, I took a last glance at our new friends and left the park.

“Wait, (y/n)!”

(Jk its not over XD)

“What’s up, Tom?” “ I really liked spending time with you and Tessa seems to really like you too and you’re really cool and I think you’re really pretty and.. and..” “Tom?”

He sighed. “Yeah?”

“Do you want my number?” I tried to stifle my laugh as he let out the most relieved sigh.

“Yes.” I hand him folded piece of paper. “I figured.”

I then left feeling confident and proud of myself with the way I left things. I felt pretty cool.. you know until I tripped walking down the street. I really hope he didn’t see that. I look back and see him laughing and waving.

Yeah. He saw.


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changkyun x reader 


646 words

@daycc nymph asked – Heya, long time no see~ I hope you’re doing well and your day/night has been great yo! Since it’s Changkyun’s Birthday, I wanna request a fluffy and heartwarming scenario where ______ takes Changkyun to a dog café as a surprise :’)

HI! I hope you’re doing just as well too!! AH! I wish I could’ve posted this on the actually baby’s birthday but Tumblr has been weird for me for the past few days TT But nonetheless here it is and oh my gosh this precious maknae I can’t, I hope he had a wonderful birthday and thank you so much for requesting something for his birthday ^^


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Request Scenario: You are feeling insecure and Mark tells you there’s no reason to. 

Genre: FLUFFF 

Word Count: 1379 

A/N: squealing squealing squealing.


It was a road you’ve been down more times that you can remember. It was a place where you swore to yourself you will never go back again, but words are easier said than done because here you were again, staring at yourself in the mirror. It wasn’t even judging yourself anymore, it was like greeting an old friend, ahh hello, you are still here I see. No matter how fucking hard you tried, each flaw was still there, etched into you, bone deep. Never leaving, always reminding just how imperfect you were. Looking blankly down at your now damp tshirt from the tears that have been continuously falling from your eyes, you unconsciously reached over for a tissue and carefully dabbed away the salty pain away. 

Numbly walking out of the bathroom, you saw your ever-growing-in-fame boyfriend, Mark in TV. Reaching over to give him a call before the feeling of inadequacy came flooding right back as quick as it had sparked in the first place. You watched him as he danced on stage, biting those lips that still made your heart race after all these years, his body moving along with the beat of the music, pieces of his hair stuck onto his forehead as he glistened sweat. You could almost laugh about how ridiculously good he looked, how is he real, it’s like he is a freaking god. 

In spite, you chucked the flimsy wadded-up tissue at the screen. “You good-looking asshole, why did you even take a second look at me! WHY COULDN’T YOU JUST HAVE LEFT ME BE. WHY DID YOU HAVE TO MAKE ME FEEL SO SHITTY ALL THE TIME.” You broke down, you were so emotionally drained that the remaining pain just came vomiting out as you whispered, “Why can’t I be good enough for you…” Knees buckling as you collapsed onto the ground. You were so defeated, Mark wanted to punch himself for leaving you to drown in all that internal agony. You had accidentally hit the call button before your emotional breakdown causing your cries to ring throughout the suv containing the members of GOT7. Everybody knew you as their little sister and wanted so hard to run back to you and surround you with as much love as possible, it ripped each of them apart hearing your cries, but they also knew it was Mark’s job that cannot be replaced. He wouldn’t allow it. 

“Hey Mark, don’t grip your phone so hard, you are going to break—” Jackson tried to calm his hyung down, seeing how angry he was at himself. 

“Do not tell me what to do. Damn it, can’t we drive faster?!” Mark shouted, slamming his fist against the foggy window, dispersing the mist clinging onto the window. 

The moment the car was even remotely close to the distant to your home, Mark slammed open the door and sprinted into your house, ramming into the corridor walls as he entered. You bolted straight up from the ground, frantically rubbing away the tears stains from your cheeks, not wanting Mark to see you in this state. 

“Mark! Baby! You were great on stage! As per usual!” You tried you hardest to be perky and excited, like you usually were, but the hiccups between each words left you exposed and vulnerable. 

“Y/N. Come with me.” Mark eyes were glassy and tears were threatening to fall.  

“What? What’s wrong? Are you hurt?” You did not know what he knew, concerned that your baby was injured. But he gently wrapped his arms around your body before carrying you towards the bedroom. 

“Put me down! Mark! I’m heavy, oh my gosh, please put me down.” You declarations immediately faded away as you saw a single tear glide down his flawless face. 

“Mark?” You whispered, wondering if he had somehow heard your little commotion. There was no way though… 

Placing you gently onto the bed, Mark sat next to you and stared at you. Knowing that thinking about how beautiful you were, even with reddened eyelids and pink-tinted nose, was useless, Mark took a deep breath and spoke. 

“You remember the first time I met you?” You nodded rigidly in response, mind drifting to the unforgettable cold winter day. “We were at the pet store, I was getting food for Coco and there you were stealing my new puppy right from under my arms when she ran towards you." 

All your sad thoughts were suddenly washed away when you remembered seeing the attractive boy and the adorable white fluffball in his arms. You were shamelessly gawking over how gorgeous he was before the puppy in his arms jumped off and ran over to you–making you drop off everything in your arms because you wanted to catch her. 

"The first time I saw your face, you had the most beautiful and brightest smile on your face. Your eyes were literally shining as you played with Coco, my heart wanted to jump out of my entire body because I have never seen such a beautiful girl in my life- and I never will. And oh your laugh, do you know how much I love your laugh?” Mark tilted your chin up because the entire time you were drilling holes into the mattress, trying to absorb the words Mark was saying. You gulped, not familiar with such strong emotions. 

“I’ve done the most dumb things just to hear your laugh. Things I will never do for anybody else, things I will probably never admit doing if you ever tell people, but I do it because I love you so much.” Unbeknownst to you, although Mark seemed so collected, he was internally bursting at the seams. He wanted blurt out everything he loved about you, even if it didn’t make sense. He didn’t know if what he was saying was making a difference in how you felt, but he wanted to do whatever was possible to make you understand how treasured you are by him. 

“Mark…” You managed to get out, you could feel everything all at once, bubbling over within you. 

“I’m not done Y/N.” He held his hand up, pretending to be offended, causing you to release a light giggle. Oh this boy… 

“You are one of the sweetest person I’ve ever met in my entire life, although you can be sassy at times, which is the best. I love how much you care about me and the rest of the GOT7, hell, sometimes you give me perspective from the fans so I understand why they do certain things.” Tears were smoothly rolling down your cheeks, while the pad of his thumbs caught each one. Wiping them away tenderly. 

“And your body is perfection, it was handmade from God himself. Every curve of your body, I love so much, it’s amazing to hold you. So soft and there will never be a day where I will find a flaw in your body. You are also so so sexy much when you are moaning my name.” This made you flush red, eyes widening and staring at Mark in disbelief. Yet, he still continued on, gently rubbing lazy circles on your thigh. 

“Life being an idol can be so difficult and so pressuring and I pity the rest of the guys because at least I get to come home to you. I get to call you after a long day, see your face, and hear your voice. Do you understand how important you are for me to live?” Mark’s face was now wet with tears too as you two began to laugh at each other. 

“Oh we are a mess.” You hiccuped, messily wiping away his tears with your hands. “Mark, I love you so much. What have I done to ever deserve you.” You wrapped your arms around his neck, wanting to hold him forever. 

“I could ask you the same thing, beautiful.” Mark mumbled against the base of your neck, sending shivers down your spine. “Don’t let anybody tell you anything different because you are just right.” He added the cheesiness wink and finger-guns at the end. 

“Did you just…” You mouth gapped open before crashing into the bed backwards laughing, having to clutch your stomach because of the pain caused by the constant movement of your body. 

“See, this is my amazing girl.” Mark chuckled, looking at your lovingly as you continued to laugh. 


Oh gosh, blushing from my own writing… Hope you all like it and know that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. BECAUSE ANYBODY WHO SAYS OTHERWISE DOESN’T MATTER AT ALL. xx 

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Pairing: Kim Taehyung x Reader
Rating: General Audiences
Genre: fluff, slight humour. 
Word count: 6,459

Summary: Your best friend Taehyung comes crashing into your life one day and boy is he cute. 

A/N: Alright so here’s my attempt at a fluffy scenario! Nobody asked for this, and I wrote it at 4 am, but I hope you guys enjoy nonetheless!

- - -

T-minus ten minutes and counting. Your day was soon coming to a close, and you were more than excited to get out of the office and finally kick off your weekend.

You impatiently tapped your pen against your notepad, eyes glued to the clock while you counted down the seconds. Why did the last few minutes always seem to drag by? You let out a soft sigh, forcing yourself to tear your eyes away in hopes that time would speed up without the added pressure.

“Oh my god!” You press your palm to the left side of your chest where your heart was racing from being startled. Your supervisor stood at the side of your desk with a bored expression, and a fat stack of folders in her hands.

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Birthday Boy. -Joe Sugg Imagine.

‘Hey Y/N! Are you still coming later this evening? I’m so excited to see you! I can’t wait to give you a massive squeeze! Xx'  You laughed quietly to yourself as you read over the text from your best childhood friend Zoë.

'Hey Zo! Well yes of course I’m still going to yours later tonight! I can’t miss such an important evening! I’ve missed you more Zo! :( Super excited to give you a major squeeze too! See you in a couple of hours xxx'  You replied quickly.

Grinning to yourself, you removed yourself from the comfort of your mattress, walking over to your doorway.

“Hey mum!” You called out, smiling slightly as she peeked her head out from the bathroom, holding the full, red basket of laundry. “You know that I’m going to see the Suggs later tonight, right?” You asked, watching a small smile appear on your mums lips as she nodded.

“How could I forget? It’s all you’ve been talking about!” Your mum laughed, her eyes rolling playfully at you, causing you to stick out your tongue.

It was true though. You really haven’t stopped talking about it. Tonight was a really big deal for you. Your two best childhood friends were returning home to your small town village for the first time in quite a while. The last time you saw Zoë and Joe Sugg, was for a brief moment when they were sliding into their cars to drive off to a surprise party for their mothers birthday, which was almost nearing two years ago.

Of course, there was no bad blood between the three of you. It was understandable that they had a difficult time visiting their hometown. The siblings live a very busy scheduled life style. Their YouTube channels were a huge success causing their careers to sky rocket and land themselves a large fan base each. With the sudden and huge success in their careers, it’s brought so many opportunities to each of them, such as book deals, book tours, wax figures, beauty product deals and DVD deals. You’ve lost count of how many amazing opportunities have been given to them. You really couldn’t be any prouder of the two Sugg siblings.

“You better get ready, darling. It’s almost five o'clock! You’re meant to be at the Suggs house in an hour and a half! You don’t want to let that Sugg boy down!” Your mum sang, your eyes rolling playfully at her words, a subtle blush colouring your cheeks.

“I’m going, I’m going!” You laughed, walking back into your room, preparing yourself for a quick shower.

As you grabbed a couple of fluffy towels, you felt your heart flutter at your thoughts about later tonight. Tonight would be the first time you’ll have seen Joe in over two years. To make the night even more special and a little nerve wrecking, was the fact that tonight was Joe’s twenty fifth birthday, and he asked Zoë to invite you around tonight.  The last time you saw Joe in person, was the night that he was leaving to move to London.

It was also the night that you failed to tell him about your long time love for him.

The nerves in your stomach were floating around with the butterflies in your stomach, as thoughts about Joe manoeuvred their way around your head.

Would anything have changed about him?
Would he even want to talk to you?
Did Joe just ask Zoë to invite you because you’re an old friend?
What if he’s changed? You can’t just change him back.

Walking into the bathroom, you shook your head at all of your thoughts, only allowing yourself to think of one thing.

'Just don’t forget the present.’


“Don’t wait up for me mum, I’ve got my keys and my phone, so I’ll see you later!” You called out into the living room, keeping Joe’s birthday present tight in your hands while walking out of the house.

Puffing out a breath, you glanced down at your outfit. You decided to wear your new powder blue dress. Running your fingers along the white lace material around your waist, you bit down on your lip, wondering if you dressed yourself up too much for a garden party.

Closing your eyes, you breathed in a deep, calming breath, stepping away from your house and beginning to walk confidently down the sidewalk, making the all too familiar five minute journey towards the Suggs family home.

As you walked down the pavement, listening to your heeled sandals click against the ground, you couldn’t help but grin seeing birthday banners strung on the front door of the thatched house. You could feel the palms of your hands grow clammy with nerves, the closer you got to the door.

Relaxing your shoulders and straightening your posture, you did one last make up check with your phone, before confidently pressing the doorbell. The sound of your heavy beating heart was now thumping in your ears, watching the wooden door creak open, revealing to you a petite girl with bright blue eyes.

“Y/N!” Zoë squealed, the two of you wrapping one another into a crushing hug.

“Oh my gosh, I’ve missed you so much!” Zoë gasped, keeping you locked in her arms as she hugged you tighter. “It’s been far too long! I’m so annoyed that I haven’t been able to come and see you more often! Oh come in, come in!” Zoë beamed, closing the door and leading you both into the house.

“You look gorgeous! I absolutely love your dress! Where did you buy it?” Zoë gasped, making you twirl around for you causing you dress to fan out. You blushed at her words and shyly adjusted your hair.

“I bought it in this new boutique down in the village! Maybe if you’re staying for the weekend, we can pop down to it? If anyone looks gorgeous, it is most definitely you! I really love what you’ve done with your hair!” You grinned, motioning to Zoë’s shoulder length hair that was curled to perfection.

“It’s quite a big change since we last saw one another!” She grinned, tucking a strand of her hair behind her ear.

Following Zoë into the kitchen, you were greeted by the scent of barbecued food. The sound of Zayn Malik’s song 'Pillowtalk’, streaming through speakers set up in the garden. The sound of small talk and laughter blending in with the music.

“Here, take a glass of champagne!” Zoë giggled, taking two glass flutes of bubbling champagne, handing one over to you. “Mum and Dad are out in the garden! Come on, I know that Joe is super excited to see you!” She grinned, leading you out to the back garden.

“Guess who’s here!” Zoë called out over the chit chatting, her hand motioning to you. “It’s Y/N!” She smiled excitedly. You could feel your cheeks grow hot as you looked towards Zoë’s family all gathered around a wooden garden table. Champagne  being held in everyone’s hand. “Y/N, I’m really hoping that you remember my mum and dad!” Zoë giggled, walking you over to the table.

“Well of course! How can I forget my neighbours that I see almost every day?” You laughed looking over to Zoë’s eyes, realisation crossing over her face. Out of the three of you, you were the only one to stay at home. You were very much a home bird, and you really enjoyed living in a nice and private area of the country, so you haven’t made the big decision like Joe and Zoë, to move away from home.

“Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Sugg.” You grinned, waving your hand timidly at the two gleaming parents who were now greeting you with welcoming, bright smiles.

“Oh darling, you know our names! Don’t be afraid to ware them out!” Zoë’s mum laughed as Zoë cringed at her words.

“Mum, that was totally not cool.” She whined, her hand covering her face.

“What’s not cool?” You could feel your breath instantly catch in your throat as the all too familiar voice rang in your ears. Turning your body around, you were greeted instantly with a striking pair of blue eyes, a chuckle leaving his lips as Zoë explained the cringe situation.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t Ms. L/N!” Joe announced, a broad smile crossing his features. You could feel your stomach do back flips as he stepped closer towards your body. Your heart was now beating radically fast at his actions.

“It’s so great to see you, Y/N! I’m so glad that you could come and see us..” He grinned, his arms extending out towards you, pulling you into a warm embrace. Wrapping your arms around his frame, you couldn’t help but inhale the scent of his cologne. It was always one of your favourite things to do when you were growing up with one another, due to the fact that Joe always bought the most amazing and most lovely scented aftershaves.

As much as you didn’t want to, you drew back from the comforting hug, immediately taking in Joe’s appearance. Adulthood was treating Joe immensely well. Joe was sporting a pair of back, ripped skinny jeans and a fresh white shirt while his hair was styled in a neat yet messy quiff.

“I’m really glad to be here! It’s so lovely to see you both! Especially after all of these years..” You smiled, looking up into his eyes softly. “You look great!” You grinned, motioning to his clean cut appearance. “I love the new hair!” You continued, biting down on your lip feeling your cheeks begin to burn. You watched Joe’s smile grow wider, his hand running through his hair.

“I think it’s a lot cooler than it used to be. I can’t believe mum used to let me straighten my hair everyday. The worst part is, she actually allowed me to go out dressed like that!  Joe laughed, his hand scratching the back of his neck sheepishly as you bubbled up with laughter at the memory, remembering the days when Joe would spend hours in the bathroom just straightening his hair with Zoë’s expensive hair straighteners.

"Zoë! Joe! Don’t make the poor girl stand! Sit her down!” Daddy Sugg tsked, flipping over one of the burgers on the barbecue.

“Y/N is sitting with me!” Zoë squealed, rushing over to the garden table to grab you a chair next to hers. “We have so much girly stuff to catch up about! Come over to me Y/N” She beamed giddily.

“Oi! I’m the birthday boy so she’s sitting with me!” Joe pouted, immediately flashing you sad puppy dog eyes.  “Please Y/N, it’s my birthday, you can’t not sit with me..” Joe whined softly. Biting down on your lip, you attempted to bite back the grin that was now trying to break free.

“You know I can’t say no to the puppy eyes..” You cried out, earning a triumphant cheer from Joe and a disappointed cry from Zoë.

“Also, Happy birthday, birthday boy!” You grinned sheepishly, holding out the wrapped present towards him as he brought you over towards the garden table.

“Y/N..” Joe gasped. “You shouldn’t have got me anything! Your gift to me was turning up!” Joe chuckled, his arms wrapping around you, tugging you into his chest for a hug. Laughing quietly at his words, you hugged him softly, smiling against his chest.

“It’s nothing too fancy, it’s just something small..” You smiled shyly, thanking Joe as he held out your chair for you to sit down.

“Oooh, what did you get Joseph?” Zoë asked, a look of curiosity crossing her features.

You watched as a Joe excitedly unwrapped the colourful wrapping paper, two gifts falling into his lap. Your heart beat increasing as his hands grabbed hold of the gifts.

“Oh my god, Y/N, love..” Joe whispered, his eyes wide with surprise as his fingers grabbed hold of the DVD box.

“It’s the exact Lee Evans DVD we would watch after doing our homework. I remember how devastated you were when you lost it..and now you can watch it whenever you’d like..” You grinned, shyly playing with the material of your dress. You smiled brightly watching Joe read the back of the DVD box, in hopes that he really did like the present. You were rather nervous about giving Joe a birthday gift, due to the fact that you couldn’t buy him a really extravagant gift, due to your small paying job.  Suddenly you felt your heart leap as Joe revealed the silver framed photo of you and him on your first day of school.

“Oh my..” Joe grinned, a chuckle leaving his lips as his fingers danced along the silver frame, the sound of Zoë and her mum cooing in the back making you blush.

“I’m sorry that it’s nothing exquisite or huge..but I just thought that you might like it..It brings back old memories, doesn’t it?” You grinned shyly, sipping on the cool glass of champagne to settle your bouncing nerves. Looking down to the photo, you grinned at the miniature you and Joe, hugging one another tightly with neatly combed hair and red backpacks resting on your back.

“Y/N, I absolutely love it!” Joe grinned, his eyes glazing with happiness. “You really shouldn’t have! Thank you so much!” Joe gleamed, his arms wrapping around your shoulders and hugging you tightly. You could feel your cheeks blush as Joe whispered his thanks to you, sending you a wink as he pulled back.

“You two were really dressed like two cool kids!” Zoë’s mum grinned causing Joe to chuckle.

“Well of course we were! Y/N and I were the coolest kids in this village!” Joe smirked, sipping on his champagne, a laugh leaving your lips at his words. “I mean, have you seen those backpacks of ours? Everyone was totally jealous.” He chuckled, glancing down to your eyes, his hand placing itself on your knee.

“Thank you Y/N. I really love that photo and I’m definitely going to treasure it for the rest of my life. I know exactly where I’m going to put it in the house too.” Joe grinned, looking into your eyes softly making your heart flutter,

“Alright then, who’s up for food?” Mr. Sugg grinned, looking between all of you on the table.


4:55 a.m.

“Guys, I’m going to bed..I can’t believe we’ve stayed up all night chit chatting! My eyes can’t stay open any longer!” Zoë laughed through mid-yawn.

“Awe Zoë, the party is only starting!” You giggled, hiccuping through your words, holding your glass flute of champagne that was now half full.

“I’m sorry Your/Nickname. I’m struggling to stay awake, but I’ll text you in the morning, yeah? We can go down to the town and do some shopping..” Zoë giggled, hugging you gently as you nodded happily to her words, watching her walk away into the house.

“So, Y/N, now it’s just the two of us..You’re not going to leave me, are you?” Joe asked you, his body leaning towards yours.

“Well, it’s pretty much five in the morning..M-Maybe I should start heading home..” You sighed, mirroring Joe’s pouty face and slowly standing to your feet, giggling as you almost tripped over the legs on the garden chair.

Tonight was really fantastic. You really couldn’t have asked for a better night. It was just yourself, Zoë and Joe hanging out for the entire night. You ate home made burgers and dived into a delicious birthday cake, while sipping on wine and champagne, causing you to now be in a slightly drunk state. You reminisced on the golden olden days of your childhood, and you talked about how amazing their careers are, discussing all of their amazing achievements and awards. You talked about all of the pranks that Joe would pull on the headmaster at school and the pranks he pulled on his mum and dad.

“I’ll walk you home..” Joe grinned, slurring his words ever so slightly while standing to his own two feet, wobbling ever so slightly as he did so. “I’ll protect you from the bad guys..” He smirked causing you to laugh.

“Who are you going to protect me from? Gangster grandad? Our neighbours are mostly eldelry!” You giggled, listening to Joe chuckle at your words. “But I would very much enjoy your protection while walking home.” You smiled, following Joe’s lead out to the garden gate.

“It’s rather chilly, isn’t it? Here..” Joe whispered, his fingers wrapping his black leather jacket around your shoulders, pulling it closely around you. “This looks so much better on you..” Joe grinned causing your cheeks to glow bright pink at his words, your heart fluttering at his words and his gesture.

“You’re being too kind now..” You smiled shyly, thanking Joe for lending you his leather jacket.

As you walked out onto the pavement, you looking up to the sky, watching the sky turn from black to a soft blue with a mixture of red and orange. The night stars were still glowing ever so slightly with a mixture of a few grey clouds. . 

“Why haven’t you moved from home? Chased your dreams..” Joe questioned, his eyebrows furrowing together while his blue eyes eyes gazed down to yours. A quiet sigh left your lips at his words. Your brain was telling you not to explain your reasons, yet the alcohol that was overpowering your blood stream and taking control of your mind told you to let if all out.

“As much as I would love to just chase my dreams..I’ve got my family here..I know my routine around here and I know my place..Moving away from it all..I’d be so lost..scared..” You breathed, taking in a quick breath to calm your fast beating heart as you looked up to Joe’s eyes, seeing him gaze at you intensely. 

“Of course it’s scary to chase your dreams..that’s when you know that your dream is big enough..You only get one life Y/N and it isn’t a rehearsal..This is it..You get one shot..One shot to make it happen..If you really want to make your dream work, you need to get out there and chase it with full speed..” Joe spoke, his body stopping you from walking further, his fingers immediately looping with yours making your heart skip a couple of beats.

“I was scared you know? I was scared to move away from my family and my home town and my routine..but now I’m living my absolute dream and I’m doing the things I love, making new friends and making new memories, I’m open to so many opportunities..You just need to the courage and the motivational push to do it..” Joe smiled, his hand squeezing yours lightly. As you listened to his words, you couldn’t help the smile that was growing on your lips at Joe’s motivational words.

“Do you always give this advice to people at five a.m.?” You whispered, smiling up to Joe noticing how much closer you are to him, both of your chests pressing together.

“I only give it to the special people in my life..” He grinned, his hand now lightly grazing your cheek and tucking a strand of your hair behind your ear.

“What do you want to do Y/N? What is one thing that you you want to do in this life?” Joe asked you, his free hand now resting on your hip making your breath catch.

“Honestly?” You breathed, watching Joe nod with a small grin. “You know how everyone wants to be kissed in the rain, underneath the stars?” You asked quietly, seeing Joe nod his head once more. “Well, I want to be kissed in the rain during the sunrise..Because how often does it rain during sunrise, hm?” You smiled, laughing quietly at your words feeling your mind begin to drift to the perfect moment you so desperately want to have.

“I think your dream is about to come true..” Joe smirked.

Suddenly, as if it were a scene from a Disney movie. Joe’s lips pressed against yours making your body tingle. Fireworks exploded behind your closed eyes as your heart fluttered rapidly like a newborn butterfly. You could feel your blood racing through your veins with excitement as your lips moulded together with Joe’s, sharing a passionate and needing kiss, something you’ve been dying to do since you were a teenager. Suddenly, you felt some wet drops hit against the top of your head, causing you to softly draw back from Joe’s lips and look up to the sky, watching the sun start to rise as a sun shower began to start wildly.

“You can’t deny that this isn’t just pure luck, this is meant to be Y/N. I love you Y/N..and I’ve wasted all these days, all of these years holding this secret to myself..but. I love you Y/N..I want to love you the way I loved you when we were eighteen..” Joe grinned, caressing your cheek in his large hand causing tears of excitement, relief and happiness to trickle down your cheeks and blend in with the rain falling down.

“I love you Joe..I’ve loved you since we were eighteen..Theres never been a day that’s gone by that I don’t love you. I love you with all of my heart, all of my soul, and everything that I have.” You beamed, brushing Joe’s wet hair to the side before squealing loudly as Joe grabbed hold of your waist and twirled you around.

There was nothing more perfect than that moment Y/N and Joe shared. Y/N ticked off her number one box on her bucket list, and as for Joe, he couldn’t have received a better birthday present, than finally getting the girl that he’s never stopped loving for as long as he can remember.


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Everything is Awesome! [Hongbin & Hyuk]

Originally posted by hyuksic

Summary: In which you, a clumsy girl who isn’t allowed in the kitchen has to prepare a sandwich for one of your boyfriends, Hyuk.

Word Count: 1 698

Type: Fluff/ AU/ Poly! AU

Characters: Hongbin X Reader X Hyuk

A/N: This was requested by an anonnie! I hope the anonnie who requested this and you baby stars! I’m sorry for being so absent this past week, I didn’t have much access to Wi-Fi here, but whenever I get my hands on free wifi, I will post! Have a great day! x

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You were never a wiz in the kitchen.

Infact, every time you entered the kitchen and attempted to make yourself something to eat, it always ended up with something exploding and you having to draw on one of your missing eyebrows. Because of this, your boyfriend Hongbin didn’t allow you to go into the kitchen to cook while your other boyfriend, Hyuk would supposedly make sure you wouldn’t do anything you weren’t capable of or supposed to do.

Unfortunately, one summer afternoon while Hongbin was at a nearby shopping mall, both Hyuk and you sat on the steps of your front porch, fanning yourselves with your hands and trying to get a small fraction of the breeze the weather man promised since your air-conditioner conveniently broke, which is why Hongbin had gone out - to purchase a new air-conditioner. Or at least find someone who could fix yours.

“Geez, I feel like I’ve entered the gates of hell.” You stated as you fanned yourself with your own hand, feeling rather irritated with the fact that you were both boiling hot and possibly in the process of dying of dehydration.

“I feel like a stuffed turkey at Thanksgiving that’s just been shoved into the oven.” Hyuk humorously spoke as he laid his head down onto your bare and sticky legs while your fingers played with the short strands of his newly dyed blonde hair.

He lifted his head upwards rapidly, looking you directly in the eyes and adorably pouted as he stated, “I’m hungry.”

“And what am I suppose to do with that information?” You were quick to ask, amused by the not amused and almost hurt expression on Hyuk’s face.

“Well, that hurt,” Hyuk placed a hand over his chest where his heart should be, still pouting but gazing into your eyes with puppy dog eyes that he knew all too well made you putty in his hands. “Could you please make a sandwich?”

He held his hands and began to bat his eyelashes, thinking this would get you to make him his sandwich, which you actually didn’t mind doing because all of times Hyuk gathered some snacks and whipped up some food for you since the kitchen wasn’t exactly a place where Hongbin feel easy about you standing in.

“No, Hyuk. You know Hongbin doesn’t want me in the kitchen.” You insisted, trying to remind one of your boyfriends about the very strict rule your other boyfriend had made extremely clear to the point where you didn’t dare to step one foot into the kitchen.

Hyuk rolled his eyes and sighed. “Ah, come on (Y/N)! Hongbin isn’t even here, and you’ve made a sandwich before without something bad happening,”

He then gently took your clammy hands in his soft hands, tenderly holding them and looking into your eyes, momentarily batting his eyelashes yet again before claiming, “I trust you.”

You let out a heavy sigh, hearing Hyuk happily cheer and give you a sticky hug out of excitement. You cringed at the skin-on-skin contact, patting him on the back and releasing from the embrace before finding the strength in your legs to stand up and walk into the kitchen, secretly bracing yourself for security alarms to go off or for an explosion you caused to happen.

You walked into the kitchen easily, not hearing those blaring security alarms going off which you purely imagined and tried to gather all the essentials for a good old peanut butter and jam sandwich.

Hyuk followed you into the kitchen, only doing this because he had nothing better to do than watch his girlfriend make him a sandwich. He happily plotted himself down on one of the kitchen stools, humming along to a melody that instantly caused a snicker to leave your lips.

“You still like that song?” You questioned with a fond smile, referring to the famous song called ‘Everything is Awesome’ which Hongbin and you repeatedly kept on hearing for weeks on end simply because Hyuk was obsessed with the catchy song and you both loved him enough to put him with his mini obsession.

“How could I not? It’s my anthem,” Hyuk smiled a giddy smile, tapping his fingers against the white counter tops as he began to sing out loud, “Everything is awesome!”

Despite the fact you were growing more and more annoyed with the existence of the song, you couldn’t deny the lyrics were pretty catchy and found yourself singing along with Hyuk as you began to cut the crusts off the sandwich you successfully made without any disasters.

Everything is cool when you’re apart of a team! Everything is awe-shit!” You cursed loudly when you felt the butter knife cut into your skin, the cut producing a fair amount of blood that made you grimace, for you always got queasy at the sight of blood. Another reason why you didn’t enter the medical profession like your parents dearly hoped for.

“Oh my gosh, are you okay (Y/N)?!” Hyuk asked in alarm as he speedily hopped off his stool and rushed over to see the cut. “Oh my gosh, how did you manage to not cut your whole finger off?”

You rolled your eyes at Hyuk’s tendencies to incredibly over-exaggerate when it came to this type of scenarios. You sucked in a breath, glancing down at the cut with your teeth biting down on your bottom lip before you commanded, “Hyuk, this is no time to exaggerate. You need to get the first-aid kit.”

“Right!” Hyuk immediately turned around but turned back around again, “Where is that?”

You slapped your other hand against your forehead although you didn’t know where the first-aid kit was either. Hongbin was always the one who rose above the three of you and treated any wounds in these situations. However, he was out and you didn’t know when he was coming back, so just like Hyuk, you began to panic. Internally, of course, just so you wouldn’t freak Hyuk out even more.

“Okay, just calm down, calm down,” You calmly instructed your boyfriend, who didn’t even listen to you and began to freak out even more. “Calm the fuck down!”

Umm, what’s going on here?”

Both yours and Hyuk’s heads turned in the direction of the voice, nervous smiles breaking out onto the surfaces of both of your glowing faces when seeing Hongbin standing in the kitchen doorway with a suspicious look written all over his face.

You were the first to speak. “Hongbin, baby, you’re back! We missed you.”

“Oh so much!” Hyuk played along with you, even going to the extent of batting his oh so marvellous eyelashes again which had no effect on Hongbin at this point in time whatsoever.

“Seriously, what’s going on?” Hongbin stepped forwards and discovered why there was such havoc in the house when he returned from his trip to the shopping mall. “You’re bleeding?”

“Yes, she’s bleeding and she’s lost so much blood that I’m scared that we might lose her,” Hyuk over-exaggerated yet again, flinging himself into Hongbin’s arms as he dramatically cried, “We can’t lose her, sunshine. Not now, not ever.”

Hongbin witnessed you roll your eyes for the umpteenth time that day, a small amused smile spreading across his face all before he removed the dramatic Hyuk off of him and assured his boyfriend, “Don’t worry, baby boy. I’m here now, and I’ll help our princess, okay?”

The soothing tone in which Hongbin used, as well as the heart-fluttering petnames he used were enough to calm Hyuk down as he began to blush heavily, placing his hands over his hot cheeks as he simply replied with, “Okay.”

Hongbin then left the room to retrieve the first-aid kit which you now knew was stashed in the small closet space in the hallway, tending to your wound that wasn’t as terrifying as Hyuk made it out to be while he calmed Hyuk down at the same time.

After placing a smiley face plaster around your cut finger and kissing it better by Hyuk’s request, Hongbin easily cut off the crusts to the sandwich you managed to prepare and handed it to Hyuk, who straightaway devoured it, earning fond laughs from both you and Hongbin.

“So, what happened here?” Hongbin questioned yet again, crossing his arms as he leaned against the other counter top and faced Hyuk and you who sat on the kitchen stools. “I leave for what? Twenty minutes? And I come home to (Y/N) bleeding in the kitchen and Hyuk on the verge of dying because of an extreme panic attack.”

You were the first to speak once again. “In my defence, it was Hyuk who sweet-talked me into making him the sandwich and singing that Everything is Aweosme song while I was trying to cut the crust.”

Hyuk turned to face you in the blink of an eye, playfully and gently slapping your arm while calling you a tattletaler, which earned him you childishly sticking your tongue out at him and Hongbin shaking his head at both of your childish antics.

“I was just singing the song, it was her who decided to join in and dance with a butter knife in her hands.” Hyuk truthfully spoke as he tapped his fingernails against the countertop along to the melody of his current obsession.

  “The song is too catchy not to sing along to!” You argued before looking at Hongbin so he could back you up. “Right, babes?”

Hongbin only jokingly rolled his eyes, hearing a chorus of annoyed groans before childishly bickering started to beat against his eardrums. “Both you leave the kitchen, I need to prepare dinner anyways.”

The both of you stood up to leave the kitchen, still bickering with one another but that was quickly brought to a halt when you both heard Hongbin softly singing along to the catchy song. You two both looked at each other in disbelief, giggling like school children on the playground as you silently sang along with him while adding in your own dance moves that wouldn’t end up with you harming yourself this time around.


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The Jewel Keeper

grapefruitwannabe and @inunanna wrote a fic. Together. <3

A New Keeper

Once upon a time. There was a high school. But not any high school. It was a JAPANESE highschool. That had DEMONS in it. Isn’t that crazy?? Who in their right mind would teach a demon? Well at this high school they had a very strange tradition. It was the Shikon no Tama.

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Appearances Are Deceptive (Punk Luke Imagine)

“Hey, what’s up ?” Your friend’s voice made you jump in surprise and drop your keys on the floor. “Wow, someone’s on the nerves today!” She tried to joke as she bend down to pick up you keys. You gladly took them and thanked her before opening your locker.

“Just had a bad night and a long day ahead of me” You sigh. It was finals week and you couldn’t be more stress or anxious than you were for the last few days. It got to the point where you barely manged to swallow anything because it simply made you want to puke just to look at food. You almost killed yourself from studying every day for the last months but it still felt like you didn’t study enough now that the moment has come. It was the first and you couldn’t wait for the week to end so you could go to Maccas and stuff yourself with food to catch up all the meals you skipped.

“You need to relax!” (Y/F/N) said, patting your shoulder and then she froze. You followed her gaze, peeking over your shoulder only to meet a pair of blue eyes staring at you. You knew very well whose eyes it was. Those belonged to Luke Hemmings. You didn’t know much about him though, he was the mysterious guy nobody really talked to. Did you ever hear his voice ? You couldn’t remember, he was always sitting in the back of the classroom, and all you could tell was that he never did his home works and just kind of sat there, not taking any notes and barely listening – if not having his earplugs in and thoroughly ignoring the teacher. He’s said to be a bad boy – and according to his tattoos and piercing and the cigarette which seemed to be glued to his lips, you believed it – and some people even whispered on his way that he was a criminal and already went to jail. Silly, right ?

“Do you know him ?” (Y/F/N) asked you. Of course everyone knew him, but yet, nobody really knew him.

You shook your head as a response, your long brow hair flipping along your head’s motions, then focused back on (Y/F/N).

“So, what are you going to do when all of this is over ?” You asked, trying to sound enthusiastic, but only managing to put a weak smile on your lips.

“Probably taking you to the SPA because you’re so tensed up that you’re holding in your breath.” She joked. “And don’t forget prom night” She winked at you, but you didn’t react. “C'mon, everything’s gonna be fine! You’re going to rock this test, you ’re the best student in English!” She only wanted to lift you up and reassure you but the only thing you could think about was that now, you it was absolutely out of question for you to fail this test because you had the best grades in this class and you couldn’t disappoint your family and teachers. You swallowed your saliva and smiled.

“Yeah, you’re right. No need to worry.” You lied.

“Great ! Now keep this in mind: at the end of the week, we’re free!” She sang the last part while walking away, giving you the thumbs up and heading to her exam room.

“She’s right you know” A voice interrupted you in your thoughts and made you drop your stuff – again. You never heard that voice before, but it hit you how deep and smoky it was. It sent shivers through your body. How could a voice be that sexy ? You turned about to see who talked to you, and saw the same blue eyes as before. Only inches away from your face.

“People need to stop doing this!” You exclaimed, trying to slow down your heart beat – the poor thing is going to fail you one day.

“I didn’t mean to scare you-” He scratched his neck awkwardly.

“You didn't” You trailed off, a little too fast to be convincing, causing him to smirk. “Sorry but… what do you want ?” You asked, inwardly slapping yourself for asking such an impolite question. Plus nothing prevented him from speaking to you, after all, you shared the same class since freshman year. He bit his lower lip, his teeth playing with the black lip ring pierced through it.

“Just- wishing you good luck ?” It sounded like a question more than an answer. “And I- I wanted to say that… your tattoo, uhm, it’s really cool and… well I think it suits you.” He mumbled, slightly uncomfortable. You looked down at your own forearm and trailed your fingers over the fresh tattoo. It was your parents’ present for your eighteenth birthday. It was a black rose intertwined with elvish symbols.

“Does it mean something ?” He asked, obviously making an attempt to start conversation.

“No- I mean yes!” You stammered. Luke took you aback by coming talking to you, and now he was casually talking to you about you tattoo ? Gosh, your level of anxiety just reached a whole new level.

“It’s elvish. It’s written Anar Caluva Tielyanna” You explained, though it most definitely didn’t make sens to him. Luke raised an eyebrow and a small smirk crept on his flawless face.

“Lord of the rings, ugh ?” He chuckled lightly, making your cheeks turn red. You couldn’t believe he got the reference ! It made you smile, and you stressed down a little bit.

“Impressive” You acknowledged and closed your locker. “I have to go now.” You stated, your hand put a strand of your insanely long hair behind your ear in a mechanical gesture. Oh no ! You did not just do that (Y/N) ! But Luke’s smirk proved you wrong, he noticed the move. Too late.

“Okay, uhm- bye !” You rambled awkwardly and then left.


“You talked to Luke ?! Like, Luke Luke ?” (Y/F/N) asked for the hundredth time in a row, causing you to giggle at how silly she was.

“Do you know another one ?” You asked, laughing at her.

“No but- wow, you talked to Luke Hemmings. Did he offer you drugs ?” She blurted out the last part. You almost missed a step from the stairs.

“What ? No!” You denied. “He just noticed my tattoo and said it was nice” You shrugged, your eyes automatically drifting to your arm. You pulled your sleeve up as today you wore a long sleeved black shirt, to detail your tattoo, trying to figure out what he liked about it. Of course, you loved it, but it was your tattoo, so it was normal. But what pleased him ? You were thrown back to reality when you bumped into someone as you turned around the corner of a corridor.

“Oh sorry, I-” You started but stopped as you recognized the tall frame of the boy. “I’m sorry” You gulped.

“(Y/N) what are you… ?” (Y/F/N) asked but stopped when she spotted the boy. It was Brett. The ladies favorite out of all the guys in school. He was the leader of the football team but he also was a smart dude – not like most of the athletes – and he’s said to be a sweet guy – the kind who pays for you when he takes you out but doesn’t expect you to take off you clothes afterward – and it was just really nice to know that this kind of boy still existed. And it was also really nice to bump into him – you’ve never been closer to his perfect chest that right now, and you didn’t really mind to proximity. He’s your lab partner anyway and you already talked every now and then, but only for school projects and every time you did speak, you were too busy admiring his profile to pay attention to the work.

“Are you okay ?” He asked, placing a hand on your shoulder.

“Y-yeah sure, I’m fine.” You responded, giving him a little smile before joining (Y/F/N) and walking away.

“Gosh, you’d look so cute together!” She whined. “Too bad I already have a boyfriend – but I’d definitely drop him like a used tissue for Brett” She sigh, half serious, half joking – but she was just another victim of Brett’s attractiveness, who were you to blame her ? “Who do you think he’s going to prom with ?” She dreamily asked, elbowing me slightly.

“Well, definitely none of us, so ugh” You dramatically clasped your hand over your heart. (Y/F/N) distractedly playing with one of her blond locks and waved to someone. You followed her gaze and landed on Jace, her boyfriend. He was also in the football team. She looked at you with puppy eyes.

“Go to your boyfriend silly ! I can go to my next room by myself!” You laughed but immediately felt your stomach shrink. Another final today. And after that, still three other days left. This is gonna be a long week. When you headed towards your room, you had a weird feeling of being stared at, as if someone was consistently watching you from afar – the pressure was driving you crazy you knew it, and you anticipated the look of your parents judging you if you failed. You tried to get rid of the paranoid feeling and kept walking.


“I’m so so sorry” You repeated again, sitting down at your usual table in the cafeteria with (Y/F/N), as she sighed.

“It’s no big deal I said. It’s not like we’ve been dating for that long.” She shrugged and then took a mouthful bite of her chocolate cake. The eagerness with which she ate it betrayed her though.

“Liar liar” You sang, biting your apple. “You know you can tell me how you feel (Y/F/N)! I’d be out of myself if my boyfriend ditched me for prom!” You spoke and your friend looked up at you.

“EX boyfriend” She corrected you.

“C'mon! He said he has an important family thing that night ! You can be mad but it’s not like he wanted to ditch you.”

“Pfff, as if.” She hissed. “This is treachery and I take this as an official break up.” (Y/F/N) was being dramatic over the situation, but you understood, she really was excited for prom, she bought the perfect dress months ago and had planned every single detail – though you found it a bit push to plan the whole night, it just showed how much she wanted it to be perfect. “What about you ? Any date ?”

“Nope” You casually answered,yet you were a bit disappointed that no one asked you out.

“Boys are stupid” (Y/F/N) trailed off. “Whether they are blind or they didn’t build up the guts to ask you to prom with them.”

“That’s sweet but I think I’m just going to spend prom night at home, you know ? Watching netflix and wondering what’s wrong with me.” You joked, though you were kind of serious.

“Don’t be silly, we’re going !” She said, as if it was the most obvious thing.

“You really want to go to prom without a date ?” You asked. What’s happened to her ? Of course, you didn’t mind going alone to prom, but (Y/F/N) always was that kind of girl that dreamt of prom night her whole life and wouldn’t consider one bit to go alone.

“Not alone” She said, a mischievous smirk on her face.

“I know that face ! What the hell are you planning to do ?” You cocked your eyebrow suspiciously.

(Y/F/N) reached for something in her bag, her smile not leaving her face and handed it to you. It was a pale pink rose.

“Prom with me ?” She grinned, pleased with your puzzled expression. You shook your head, wondering where on earth you’ve found such an amazing best friend, and took her into your arms. Never mind for the perfect prom date with a handsome boy, you’re going with your best friend. Your mind still drifted to a boy’s face though, a little dash of regret staining this day. And this boy wasn’t Brett, surprisingly, you thought about that boy, Luke Hemmings, who you always had a little thought for every time you looked down at your tattoo now.

“You’re the greatest best friend out of all the best friends” You laughed as you hugged her.

“I know” She teased you. “Now we’ve got to go shopping! You have a dress to find !” She giggled, already excited for the upcoming shopping day.


When you went back to your locker to get your stuff before going home, you pulled out the rose, a little smile creeping on her face as you inwardly still laughed at your best friend. At the other side of the corridor was standing Luke. He waited for you, since he didn’t know were you hand out, he’d waited at your locker – well a little further than your locker, it would have been creepy – and he watched you, hidden behind his own locker. You might not be able to forget about your strange conversation with him a few days ago, but neither did he. He never really paid attention to the girls in his class, though most of them were pretty. He felt jaded. Nothing aroused his interest – and really, he didn’t put much effort to find something he’d be interested in. Of course he had spotted you. It was hard not to. You were a smart girl, you had your little group of friends, though he preferred to hand out with the little blond girl you called your best friend. He never understood why you two were friends. You were so quiet and introverted and she was such an outgoing and loud person, he didn’t get how you managed to get along. But before he knew it, he got interested in you. The way you never styled your insanely long hair and simply let it cascade down your back intrigued him, and when you got your first tattoo, he immediately noticed, and he found it beautiful. Full of poetry and a little nostalgic. Your black clothes added a little touch of sadness to this view but you never stopped smiling, and he was fascinated. The question was: what now ? Everyone in the high school thinks he’s a serial killer who went to jail and robs grannies on his way home every day. He never did anything to deny it, he was content with the situation, nobody talked to him, they let him alone and he never tried to go against this. As the years went by, he got a tattoo, and another, a piercing, another tattoo and one more piercing, and he started smoking when he got bored of sitting alone, inactive. All that let to this day. Today he was standing there, watching the girl who managed to make him want to actually do something, to act, rather that watch life pass by from afar, smiling fatuously at the rose she was holding. And suddenly, Luke felt angry and stupid for wanting to change. He was the bad guy. He had tattoos all over his body, his lip and eyebrow pierced, he smoked cigarettes, went to parties and didn’t mind getting wasted once in a while, how could she ever like him ? If she wasn’t near enough to hear it, he would have kicked his locker rather than carefully close it. He peeked at the flower he kept hidden behind his back all this time, and sighed.

He dropped it on the floor and walked away.

“(Y/N)!” (Y/F/N) called you. “You ready ?” She asked.

“Yup” You nodded and grabbed you car keys. “Let’s go!” You headed towards the parking lot. Your friend, who had spotted something on the floor, waited for you to be out of sight and picked it up. When she looked up to see who could have dropped it, she glimpsed a sight of a tattooed arm turning around the corner.

It was a black rose, just like your tattoo.

“I’m coming (Y/N)! I just have to go to the bathroom!” She shouted to you, a smirk on her face.


As it was said, you and your best friend went to do shopping and found you a dress, and after at least a thousand different shops, you eventually found the one. It was a long deep red dress, with little sleeves falling off your shoulders, because you didn’t want to cover up your tattoo. You’re not going to admit it, but since Luke said he liked it, you couldn’t bring yourself to hide it under your clothes. The dress revealed your bare shoulders and collar bones, and it embraced your waist perfectly. There wasn’t anything special about this dress though, it didn’t sparkle, or shine in the spot lights or anything. It was simply great on you, because it suited to your curves and you felt pretty in it. (Y/F/N) managed to convince you – after lots of arguments – to put on high heels and to dress you hair. It was brought together in a low bun just above your neck, and a few stands came out of it, your hair hanging loosely over your shoulders, gently stroking them every time you turned your head. You decided not to wear any jewelry and your only makeup was a little bit of mascara and red lipstick, to match the dress. You and (Y/F/N) accorded to meet in from of the gymnasium, and you waited there for thirty minutes now. Slightly annoyed, you put you phone out of your bra – you weren’t really a big fan of clutches – and texted her. Im waiting, where R U ? You had to wait two minutes before feeling your phone buzz. It won’t be long! Don’t worry xx Okay now that didn’t answer the question, but at least she didn’t forget you. It started to get cold outside and you didn’t bring a jacket. In fact, you didn’t bring anything else than your phone and waht you were wearing, so she’d better hurry or you’d go back home.

“(Y/N)?” A voice that you now recognized called your name, and you snapped your head towards the boy. Luke was standing in front of you, in all his greatest glory, in a tuxedo which suited him too well for his own good, and you had some difficulties to swallow at this sight. Even Luke found a date for tonight and you were here, waiting for your best friend in the cold. Well ‘even Luke’ isn’t exactly the right thing to say. Luke was drop dead handsome and it was a miracle not all the girls were all over him, and it most definitely had a link with the bad rumors about him and his so-called stay in jail.

“Luke!” You said, saying hello. “I didn’t think you’d come. You’re usually not coming to school events.” You said, immediately regretting those words.

“Yeah uhm- “ He looked awkwardly at his feet. “I thought it was the last time I’d have the chance to go to prom” He dived his hands into his pockets, as he did when he wore jeans. It made you smile. Shivers ran through your body as it got colder.

“You’re cold.” Luke spoke, frowning his eyebrows. “Why are you waiting here ?” He started to take off his jacket to give it to me but I shook my head.

“No it’s fine. I’m just waiting (Y/F/N), I’m sure she won’t be long! I don’t want to make you late for your date” You shyly looked away, wondering who it was. Luke flinched but kept his mouth shut, his lips forming a thin line.

“Where is the lucky girl ? If you don’t mind the question.” You asked, trying to converse while waiting for your friend. You’re so gonna kill her for being that late.

“She’s right in front of me.” He breathed out, holding in his breath, waiting for a reaction from you. You gasped and looked around, just to make sure he really was talking about you.

“But-” Was all you manage to say. “(Y/F/N) ?”

“I was going to ask you to go with me when I saw you with a rose yesterday.” He explained, staring at the floor and then, back at me. “She noticed and explained it was from her, and she said she’d stay home so I could- well, you know, come here with you.” His cheeks were redder and redder with every word that crossed his lips, and if he actually looked up from the ground, he’d see that yours were just as red as his.

His eyes finally left the floor to look at you and he pulled out a rose from his back. He handed you the flower and gave you a hopeful look.

“Will you go to prom with me ?”

It was a black rose, just like your tattoo.


You gently took the rose. “I’d love to, Luke” You said, causing the biggest smile to appear on his face. His entire face was smiling.

“Let’s go inside before you freeze out there” He laughed, offering you his arm that you quickly looped your hand around. You noticed Luke’s red tie. (Y/N) even told him which color your dress was ! He still had a large smile plastered on his face, and you instinctively snuggled closer to him because of the fresh wind which was blowing tonight.

“It’s lovely you thought about choosing a black rose you know” You said as you handed your invitation to the teachers standing at the entrance – to prevent strangers from going in. Luke gave you a half smile that made you want to melt down.

“I knew you’d like it. I just feel so stupid for not building up the courage to ask you about properly” He sighed and you slipped you hand into his, squeezing it.

“I like it better this way. Normal is boring” You reassured him, amazed that Luke might have such a confidence issue. He always seemed to sure of himself and even slightly cocky sometimes.

When you both stepped inside, it was as if everyone stopped doing what they were doing and detailed you head to toe, obviously judging you. Luke for coming here, and you for being with him. It was a miracle the music didn’t pause right at that moment, leaving the both of you in the center of attention. You weren’t used to all that attention and didn’t really know what to do. Just when you were about to shout something like “What are you looking at you idiots ?!”, everyone went back to their occupation and you glanced at Luke, to see what made them react. His eyes were a deep shade of blue, as if a storm was raging inside them, and he gave deadly glares at whoever was still staring. When he looked back at you, his eyes were light blue again. The calm after the storm. And deep down you knew that you shouldn’t have found that sexy, but dammit, it was so hot that he tried to protect you from the prying eyes when he usually just ignores them.

“Wow, it seems like the atmosphere’s colder inside than outta there” You said. “People are so narrow minded” You sighed and his eyes went wide.

“What do you mean ?” He asked.

“Well, they all judge you without knowing anything about you.” You said, shrugging it off. Luke chuckled and offered you his hand.

“Wanna dance ?” He asked.

“You dance ?” You asked, raising an eyebrow. Luke clasped dramatically his hand on his chest, faking to be hurt.

“I’m offended you thought that I couldn't” He joked, and you agreed, linking your hands together as he led you in the middle of the room, owning a few glances, but nothing more. It was a slow and you couldn’t be more grateful to have an occasion to get closer to Luke. His hands wrapped around your small waist and brought you closer to him – probably closer than it should have but you weren’t complaining for that matter. You placed your hands around his neck and let your head rest against his chest since he was much taller than you – and than everyone else in this room. In this position, and despite the music you could hear his heart beat really fast and you smile against his chest, all flustered that you might be the reason for his nervousness.

“Thank you for not judging me.” He eventually whispered in your ear, his lips brushing against your ear felt like heaven. One of Luke’s hand left your waist to grab your wrist and before you could ask what he was doing, he placed a kiss on your forearm, right on the rose from your tattoo. It made you want to see his own tattoos, but they were all hidden under his tuxedo. It was then that you noticed he took off his piercings. You frowned your eyebrows. Being into his arms felt so nice she hardly built up the strength to pull away after the fourth song, and the two of you get out of the crowd to get a drink.

“Why didn’t you let your piercings ?” You asked, able to keep the question for yourself. You were literally eaten alive by curiosity, and you were really enjoying yourself tonight, especially with Luke.

“I- I thought it wouldn’t be appropriate for prom” He said, as if he thought I wouldn’t notice.

“Who can tell what’s appropriate ?” You took a cup of punch. “I know it’s none of my business but you shouldn’t change for the others. I like your piercings, they are part of you.”

Luke stared at me for so long I started to think I said something I shouldn’t have, when suddenly, he woke up from his trance.

“I really, really should have asked you out sooner.”


You and Luke kept talking for the rest of the night, way longer than you should have since you had a curfew, but you really couldn’t care less, because he was absolutely adorable with you. He was funny, and you spent a decent amount of time watching people and faking their conversation, or laughing when someone stepped on the feet of his partner or made a fool out of themselves after having a couple drinks. And – thanks gosh – he didn’t talk about sport or about himself! It started off when you complained about the bad music they always played at parties, and he asked you what kind of music you liked to listen to, and you spoke about that the rest of the night. Sharing your favorite bands, disagreeing every now and then, and getting excited when you had a favorite band in common, trying to guess each others favorite song. All this was perfect until some drunk guy from the football team showed up and started to ask for trouble, provoking Luke. You saw his fists clench and it was obvious he tried to behave in front of you, refusing to get you in trouble by starting a fight with this jerk.

“What are ya doin’ here emo freak ?” The guy jerked. “We don’t want you here.”

Luke turned his face to you, giving you a sad smile. “I’m so sorry about this.”

“Don’t be.” You were out of yourself when you heard him apologize after what the guy just said about him.

“Don’t you listen to me you freak ?!” He continued. “HEY I’M TALKING TO YA”

“And don’t deprive yourself from beating the shit outta him, I’d help you if I wasn’t wearing heels.” You cringed through your teeth before pouring your drink over the guy’s head. Luke smirked and when the guy reached for his shoulder, he threw his fist right into his jaw.


“Hahahahaha !” You couldn’t stop laughing with Luke, both of you on the verge of tears from laughing too much. Of course you were kicked out after the incident, but it was totally worth it. You were going home, Luke was driving. You looked through his CDs on your way home, and the drive seemed shorter than usual. You’d never be able to thank (Y/F/N) enough for what she did.

“Here, you’re home.” Luke stated, a hint of disappointment in his voice.

“You walk me to the door ?” I asked, trying to grab a few more minutes with him.

He got out of the car and opened the door for you, while you did your best not to tangle your legs in your dress and fall over. This time, he put his jacket on your shoulders to keep you warm, giving you a splendid look on his fit arms and his large shoulder only covered with a thin black shirt – black shirts are so underestimated. Your hands found each other easily as you slowly walked to the front door.

“I had a great time Luke” You offered him a genuine smile, causing him to blush.

“Yeah me too. And sorry again for all the… trouble” He apologized. The fact that he felt like apologizing for the others made you sad and all flustered at the same time, because let’s say it, it was sort of cute.

“There is no need to be sorry, I’d doing again without changing a thing” You giggled, stopping in front of the porch.

“But there is still one thing I am sorry for.” He said, a shy smirk creeping onto his attractive face.

“What ?” You asked.

“I’m sorry I forgot to tell you how stunning you were tonight, because you absolutely are” You didn’t let him finish and stood on your tip toes and placed a little peck on his lips. Luke was momentarily mute, but managed to finish his sentence “gorgeous.” He smiled so wide he had to bite his lower lip to prevent his face from tearing apart. He automatically tried to reach for his lip ring which wasn’t there.

“You really are something, you know that ?” You teased. “Next time, we’ll try and find a place where there’re less idiots, okay ?” You suggested.

The reference to your stupid classmates wasn’t what made him react.

“Next time ?” His eyes were smiling, you could tell. “Does this mean I didn’t scare you away ?” Luke asked, teasing you slightly. As an answer, you reached for his lips again, pulling him into another kiss, a real one this time. After the first seconds of surprised, Luke gladly kiss you back, your lips syncing perfectly as you felt his hands slowly make their way to your waist, bringing your body closer so that you were pressed against his chest. Your own hands were running through his hair, your left hand rubbing circle on his neck. The kiss went a little more passionate than planned, but neither you nor him would’ve complained, and though you were as tangled together as it was legal to be in the middle of the street, you still felt like you have to be closer.

“I take that as a yes” Luke muttered against your lips when you pulled away for air. You rested your forehead against his. You stayed like this for a couple of minutes and then Luke wished you a good night and walked back to his car as you waited under the porch.

“Don’t you want your jacket back ? You probably have to give it back-” You trailed off before he went to his car. He turned around and half smiled, causing your legs to turn into jelly.

“Who said I rented it ?” He winked.

“Luke ?” You called him once again, making him stop. You kicked off your heels and ran to him, throwing yourself into his arms to kiss him again. You got slightly carried away once again, but it felt so nice and warm being in Luke’s arms and kissing him.

“I can’t wait to kiss those lips of yours with your lip ring” You chuckled.

[A couple of weeks later]

“Well well well, what do we have here ?” A manly voice caught your attention as you sat on an empty chair, in the back of a Café. Your hand dropped your bag onto the chair next to you so he couldn’t sit down and you smiled slightly, just to be polite.

“Brett, it’s nice to see you” You said, yet you didn’t mean any of it. (Y/F/N) might not have come to prom she still knew everything that happened, being the gossip addict she was, and it wasn’t long before she discovered that Brett was the one sending his drunk friend to Luke at prom night. Causing the little incident that got you kicked out.

“You alone ?” He rose an eyebrow, glancing at the bag, gesturing you that he wanted to sit, but you ignored it and leaned back.

“No. I’m waiting for someone.” You smiled, knowing he would ask you who you were waiting for. You simply couldn’t believe Brett would do that at first! When (Y/F/N) told you, you shook your head and denied but you trusted her and if she believed so, it had to be true. It later happened that Brett was always kind of in the same area as you, and it began to feel annoying.

“(Y/F/N) ?”

“No, I have a date.” Your smile grew wider. It was sort of funny to torture him like that. Still no name. As delightful as it felt to annoy him, you still felt pissed off by his attitude. It was 10am why on earth would he be there ? Was he following you ? A month ago, you would have killed mother and father to get him to notice you but now you just felt a powerful need to snort loudly when he entered the room.

“Maybe I should leave you alone then” He furrowed his brows, a little confused since it was most likely the first time a girl didn’t want to flirt with him.

“Yeah you should probably” A huge smile appeared on your face when you saw his expression drop. Brett gathered the last pieces of his broken ego and left, hands dived into the pockets of the football team’s jersey. You would have laughed if the door bell hadn’t rang at the moment. You spotted the familiar beanie walking towards you and you put your bag on the floor.

“Hey there” You shot him a smile, earning a pout.

“Sorry I’m late, didn’t find a parking place” Luke apoligized and leaned in, placing a light kiss on your lips, before sitting down and looping an arm around you, causing you to giggle. “How long have you been waiting ?” He asked, concerned about always arriving late to your dates. It’s been two weeks since prom, and you decided to take it slow and just chill and enjoy the beginning of those well deserved holidays. Plus you just got your exam results and you did better than expected, which only caused to set you in a better mood.

“Pfff” You faked to be annoyd and glaced at your wrist, as if you check the time on your imaginary watch. “At least five minutes” Shaking your head to show him how inacceptable it was to be that late. Luke chuckled and called the waiter to order your coffees and pastries.

“I’ve missed you” He eventually blurted out, interlacing his fingers with yours and bringing your chair closer to him, so your legs were touching his. “Next time I’ll just swallow my pride and go shopping with you” He smirked.

“It was only one afternoon, c'mon” You laughed, imagining the face (Y/F/N) would make if you brought Luke along to your traditionnal shopping day. The waiter came back with your orders and you waited for him to leave before letting go of Luke’s hand and reaching for something in your bag. “Plus, I got you something.”

Luke’s eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas Eve, yet he still mumbled something like 'you shouldn’t have’ and 'breakfast’s for me’. You didn’t wrap it in gift paper, it was just a little thing you thought  he’d like, and you handed him, watching his reaction. It took you everything you had not to laugh when you saw his eyes widen and heard him gasp. Luke was fanboying already.

“I can’t accept that” The blond boy said, but his hands still reached for the cd, as he laid a soft gaze on the beloved object.

“I knew you’d like it. I hope you don’t have it yet” You said, taking a sip of your burning coffee and letting him examine the cd.
“I couldn’t find it, it was sold out everywhere. How did you get it ?” Luke asked, fumbling with the hem of his sleeves. You finally got to see his tattoos. He always wore t-shirt - and you’d like to thank not only God but also Jesus for that, because Luke’s arms were a gift. But aside from those on his arms and the ones that peeked out of his collar, you didn’t get to see all of them.

“Okay, maybe I didn’t find it at the mall.” You rolled your eyes, as if it was no big deal, but Luke’s smirk proved otherwise and his arms brought you closer, allowing him to whisper in your ear.

“Oh really ?”

“Yeah I might have pre-ordered it to make sure it’d be there the day it comes out.” You glanced down at the new Blink 182 album you bought and suddenly, Luke’s lips smashed against yours. Your hands made their way to his hair and pulled off the beanie, to ruffle through his blond quiff.

“You’re the best” Luke whispered in your ear after breaking apart. “And I want you to know that I accept it only because I really really wanted it, but next time, no present. It’s my job to surprise you” He laughed, wiggling his eyebrows which made you burst in laughter.

“What the hell are you doing” You kept laughed, lightly punching him.

“I have no idea, I guess I was trying to get your attention” He joined you in your laughter. You two soon finished your coffee and croissants and after Luke paid for both of you, you left and walked aimlessly around the town, eventually ending up sitting on the grass in some park you’ve never been before. It might have seemed a little cliché and such to sit in the grass with a boy, between his legs with his arms wrapped around you, but then you remember that you live in Australia and there couldn’t be anything more hardcore than sitting in the grass for a snake or a big ass spider could always decide to surprise you.

“You know what day it is today ?” Luke asked, his fingers playing distractedly with your locks.

“Friday ?” You guessed. Whenever you were on holidays you always kind of zoned out and tended to forget what day it was.

“No silly” Luke ruffled your hair, before making you roll on the ground, so he was towering you. “First of, we’re Thursday. Second of, it’s our fifth date.”

“No way, we merely spent, like, two days not seeing each other in the past two weeks.” You stuck your tongue out and pocked his cheek. Luke attempted to bite your finger but you put it away quickly. “Seriously, our fifth date ?”

Luke laid his head down and dived his eyes into yours before letting them wander down. He grabbed your arm and let his fingers trace the outlines of your tattoo. He always did that, and you loved it. It felt good.

“You know what it means ?” He asked you, still mesmerized by your tattoo.

“We can have sex now” You smiled as his eyes practically popped out of their orbs. “I’m just kidding Luke” You mocked him slightly while he cursed.

“Geez (Y/N) you don’t joke about those things” He groaned. “Anyway, I wasn’t thinking of that” He rolled his eyes at you. You stole his beanie and you were now wearing it,  letting your long hair escape from each side of it. “I wanted to ask you something…” Luke mumbled, avoiding her gaze once again.

“Go ahead” You encouraged him.


“I found them!” A voice interrupted Luke just when he was about to speak, and suddenly the two teenagers were surrounded by tall frames. Luke jumped up and helped you getting up quickly. You smiled, satisfied when you saw that Luke was a good two inch taller then every other guy. They were all wearing the same jersey as Brett, and speaking of the devil, he was there too.

“Now let’s see what’s the problem here” He grinned, obviously proud of himself.

“The only problem here is you” You hissed, already stepping towards him, but Luke’s grip on your arm tightened and you froze.

“Oh emo freak needs his girlfriend to defend him ?” A jerk from the football team mimicked a high pitched voice while saying that and you clenched your fists. You could easily tell Luke did the same. He tried his best not to ask for trouble when he was with you but part of him liked a good fight every now and then - and even though you were worried for him you also found that really hot.

“What do you want ?” Luke huffed, clenching his teeth. His entire body was tensed up, ready to react to any sign of aggression towards you.

“What I want ? I want you to go back to your junky friends and suck dicks or whatever you pussy like to do, as long as you’re far from here.”

“You asshole” You cursed. You knew you’d better shut up for they were about five and you were only Luke and you. Luke was used to fight, he often got into fights - usually not started by him - but he couldn’t fight five guys at the same time while protecting you - because that’s what he’d do - but you couldn’t stop yourself from being mad.

“So I am the pussy but you’re the one who came with your buddies to intimidate me.” Luke smirked cockily. It didn’t take more for Brett to gesture his mates to go, and they all reluctantly backed off, but not more than a few steps. Suddenly, Brett threw his fist in the air, hitting Luke on the cheekbone. You were pushed aside by Luke before he fell on the ground, wincing at the pain as he touched his bruised cheek.

“Luke!” You shouted, already trying to go back to him, but he gestured you to stay away and told you he was okay.

“Stand up!” Brett ordered. Luke obeyed but just when he was about to stand up straight, his fist flew into the jock’s stomach, taking his breath away and making him roll on the ground. His team mates looked at each other, trying to decide if they should do something or not, but none of them moved. He cursed and spat on the grass before shooting you a glare.

“So that’s what you ditched me for this morning ? For this freak ?” He hissed and you were just about to say something when Luke cut you off.

“This morning ?!” He exclaimed looking at you, questioningly. You simply nodded your head, and Luke’s attention went back to Brett, who was trying to get up. Luke kicked him in the stomach, earning another muffled groan from the boy, before straddling him and punching him again and again. “So now that I have your attention, you better listen closely 'cause I won’t say it twice. You stay away from my girlfriend, got it?! If I see you once again too close for my liking, I will beat the shit outta you!” Luke spat venomously before standing up, leaving Brett and his friends speechless. You quickly grabbed his hand when Luke reached for yours and both of you walked away.

“Let’s go to my place” Luke stated, still a little on the nerves. You obviously couldn’t go to yours, though it was closer, for your parents haven’t met Luke yet and you couldnt just introduce him when he had a bruised cheekbone.


“Don’t move” You said, wincing  slightly as you put a washcloth on Luke’s cheek, as if you could feel the pain. “You’ll have a mark for a few days” You dropped your hand and Luke grabbed it.

“Hey, it’s not your fault. He’s just a prick” Luke shrugged off. “Let’s not think about it anymore.”

Luke stood up and grabbed the cd you just gave him. “The first listen is always so stressful, you have to decide which song you like and which you don’t” He said, putting it in his laptop, and pressing play, letting the silence being replaced by the music. You crawled on the bed with him and Luke took his beanie back.

“So…” You started, a cheeky smile growing onto your face as you trailed kisses along his jaw.


“I’m your girlfriend, huh ?” You raised an eyebrow and Luke’s face turned into a deep shade of red, while you still strew kisses over his neck, slowly getting down, and placing a few wet kisses on his collar bones. It seemed like Luke was paralyzed and he let you lay him down and place his hands above his head.

“I- hum…” He mumbled, distracted by your lips kissing his bare skin and your hands that fumbled with the hem of his shirt, slowly lifting it up.

“(Y/N)” Luke stated, grabbing both of your hands to make you stop and look at him. “We don’t have to, you know” He said, and you nodded, smiling.

“I know. But I’ve been dying to see your tattoos since day one” You admitted, blushing as well. You leaned down to place a soft kiss on his lips.

“You could’ve just asked”

“It wouldn’t be that funny” You teased him, earning a lustful glare. “Now tell me, what were you about to ask when Brett interrupted us ?” You questioned, going back to your task, yanking off Luke’s shirt, allowing you to have a good view of his tattooed chest. There weren’t as many tattoos as you expected, he’s only got a few tattoos around his collar, another on his left peck, and from what she could see, he also had one on his back. When you were about to comment on them, you felt yourself roll over, with Luke’s help, so he was on top of you, looking straight in your eyes almost pleading.

“Will you be my girlfriend ?”

“Am I not already ?” You teased him.

“I don’t wanna refer to you as 'the girl I date’, I wanna be able to say 'my girl’” Luke stated, making your heart melt at how sweet it was. You nodded slowly.

“Yes ?” Luke’s eyes lit up.

“Yes, I will be your girlfriend Luke” You laughed, as Luke reached for a kiss. “Now turn around, I still haven’t seen your back tattoo” You said impatiently, pulling away, causing Luke to chuckle.

“I guess it’s only justice since I get to see yours whenever I want” He smirked, turning around and letting you admire the work. But you placed your head on his shoulder, looking at him.

“Who said I only had this one ?” You replied mischievously. Luke’s smirk soon disappeared only to be replaced by a lustful spark in his eyes.

Seventeen Scenario: Pumpkin Troubles (Hoshi)

Anon said: Your blog is so cute! I love all of your writings!!! Since its October I was wondering if I can request a Halloween themed scenario with Hoshi/Soonyoung that’s angst and fluff? Thanks!

Note: Happy October, anon 🎃 Thank you for requesting and loving my scenarios 😍 I hope you like this! ^^
- Admin Mochi ✨

Originally posted by leewooji

“My pumpkin looks bigger.”

“Really? I didn’t realized I asked. There’s a dent in your pumpkin, by the way.”

You smirked and turned away as Hoshi carefully inspected the large orange fruit he had just picked from the pumpkin patch. Classmates weaved around you, also searching for an ideal pumpkin to take home. Walking away from where you stood, you went towards a promising one just a couple feet ahead.

Leaning down, you saw that you were right. The thick fruit was the perfect size- not too small nor too big. And it was yours. You smiled and reached out to pick it off when you saw a black shoe collide on the side of it.

You glared up, only to see Hoshi grinning in amusement as his tall best friend, Seokmin, laughed behind him. “Now whose pumpkin is dented?” He playfully taunted.

Rolling your eyes, you went to check on your potential jack-o-lantern. Hoshi’s shoe had definitely left a dent, all right. He had kicked a little bit too hard- so hard that the innards were leaking out. You groaned and stood up in annoyance.

Hoshi looked over and frowned when he saw the crack and the seeds spilling over the hard rind. “Oh, man….I’m sorry, Y/N.”

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Pairing: Donghyuk X Reader

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 5,888

Request: Hello~ can i request a fluffy/angsty jealous Donghyuk scenario? With a happy ending of course! Thanks -anonymous

You felt your dorm room vibrate violently as your roommate opened the door and slammed it shut. Able to tell that she was frustrated, you let out a small sigh and placed your pencil down, deciding that it was probably a good time to take a break from your studies. You knew it would be hard to continue looking through your textbook when your friend would start to vent soon. “So…” you started, turning your swiveling chair to face Mina. “What did Bobby do now?”

Mina planted her face into her pillow and let out an irritated scream before lifting her head back up to look at you. Her eyebrows furrowed, creating some wrinkles on her forehead. You also noticed that her lips twitched a little.

“Nothing, but that’s the problem,” she mumbled, falling back onto her bed as she spoke to you.

“I don’t get it. He’s not doing anything, and it’s a problem?”  You tilted your head in slight confusion.

“Yeah. Hong Yuna’s the real problem.”

“Oh.” You finally comprehended.

You knew Hong Yuna. The two of you barely exchanged words, but you have seen her around the campus a few times, usually talking to boys. She did come off as that type to you, the girl who just happened to always be really flirtatious to any male she came across. You remembered the time when she approached Bobby, and when Mina heard, she was livid. Her and her boyfriend had already argued to each other about the situation before. “I don’t know why she’s around Bobby when she knows that he’s already taken! And you know what Bobby said when I caught them talking to each other?” You didn’t answer before Mina continued. “He said that Yuna was just chatting with him! That she was just trying to be friendly! Um, like, how friendly would lip biting and eyelash batting be?!”

“Very friendly,” you agreed, nodding your head.

“They’re going to a club tonight,” Mina groaned, kicking her feet up in the air in more frustration.


“Yeah. Bobby, Jinhwan, Junhoe, Hanbin, Yunhyeong, Chanwoo and Yuna with some other friends. Don’t worry, Donghyuk isn’t tagging along,” Mina said.

You laughed. “I wasn’t worried whether he would be there or not. Honestly, I would actually like to see him go out often with his friends.”

Mina squinted her eyes and glared at you which made you laugh even harder.

“Are you judging me or something?”

“Um, yeah!” Mina exclaimed. “You have the perfect boyfriend who spends so much time with you, buys gifts for you, does things that you like and is just a freaking gentleman! I’m so surprised that Yuna hasn’t gone for him yet. Honestly, if Yuna and Donghyuk were together, I’d bet you would be just as paranoid like me. Who knows what kind of spell that witch can cast to make him fall for her?”

“I guess we won’t know.” You shrugged. “If you’re so worried about Bobby and Yuna, why don’t you go to the club with them?”

You heard your phone vibrate on your desk, so you got off of Mina’s bed and walked over to check the recent notification. It was a reminder that the time was nine, the time you usually walked over to Donghyuk’s dorm on the weekends to hang out with your boyfriend. You smiled.

“I’m scared that I actually might rip out her hair if I go,” Mina muttered, “though you’re right. If I don’t go, I won’t be able to see what kind of moves that she-devil will try to pull on my man. I should go! I should prove to Bobby that I’m not overreacting, and that she is flirting with him!” Mina leaped out of bed after making her final decision.

You were putting on light jacket while Mina was talking. Though you felt a little guilty that you had stopped listening to her, after hearing her go on about her boyfriend, you were ready to see your own. “That’s great, Mina,” you replied, door already opened. “Go keep your man from being taken! I’m heading out. I’ll probably be back midnight? I’ll text to let you know.”

Donghyuk’s door opened even before you knocked on it. When Donghyuk noticed you standing in the doorway, his eyes widened, and his look of surprise changed into guilt. You glanced at him up and down to see him wearing a dress shirt and pants. His hair was styled up, and you could smell cologne. “Oh, were you heading out?” you asked.

“I’m sorry, (Y/N). I forgot that we were supposed to be together tonight. The guys suggested I go to the club with them since I’ve been pretty much cooped up in my room all day today.” He sighed, starting to pull his phone out of his pocket. “I’ll call them and cancel right now.”

You hurried to place a hand on his chest, shaking your head while laughing. “No, don’t cancel. You should go! Don’t cancel for me.”

He looked at you as if he was searching for something in your eyes before asking, “Are you sure?”

“You deserve a break.”

“I can spend my break with you.”

“I’m pretty sure the guys really want to spend time with you,” you told him as your hand moved to his hair, feeling the gel that he put in them. “Speaking of the guys, Mina’s mad at Bobby again.”

Donghyuk leaned against the doorway. You studied the way he was dressed once more. How long ago was it since he dressed up? You had to admit, he knew how to clean up well. It looked like he was glowing from his handsomeness. Seeing him get dressed up after being only in casual clothes for so long made your heart race and fall in love with him all over again. “What are we going to do with that couple?” Donghyuk chuckled. He asked you what happened, and you told him.

“She knows Bobby isn’t like that.”

“I know. It’s Yuna who she’s wary about.”

Donghyuk raised a brow as he pulled himself away from the door frame. “Why doesn’t Mina come along then?”

“That’s what I said.” You smiled at how he thought of the same solution as you. “I guess she is going now.”

“You should come with us, too,” Donghyuk suggested with his charming smile. One of his hands reached out for yours and he began to swing it back and forth lightly. You wondered if you were blushing and if he noticed. Not only was he smooth with his words but also his actions, and you were like butter melting in his hands. You shook your head, rejecting his invite reluctantly. “I don’t know. I have so many assignments to work on…”

 “You can work on them tomorrow, (Y/N). Let’s have fun tonight. I want to be with you and the guys. We can get some drinks and dance. I want to dance with you,” he implored, his puppy dog eyes starting to have an effect on you.

“Oh gosh, please don’t, Donghyuk,” you replied shyly as you laughed.

“Please, please, pleaseee.” You felt him squeeze your hand. You knew you had already lost. Your heart was weak against your boyfriend.

“What time are we leaving?” you questioned.

“Nine thirty. That gives you less than half an hour to get ready. I’ll let the guys know you’ll be coming.” Donghyuk eyes gleamed with excitement. He gave you a quick kiss on the cheek before letting go of your hand, letting you return to your dorm. Maybe you did need a break. One night of fun.

“Nice to see that you two ladies could join us,” you heard Jinhwan say to you and Mina as the both of you walked over to the group. “Are we all here now? If so, do we have enough seats?”

It was twelve people. The boys, Mina, you, Hong Yuna and her two other friends that you have seen with Yuna once or twice. “We’ll take two cars,” Yuna said. “The guys can go in Yunhyeong’s car, and the girls will be in mine.”

“Nice, alright. We’ll follow you guys,” Yunhyeong said as he entered his car to start up the engine. Yuna nodded her head and did the same. Everyone started to file into their respective vehicles. You began to head to the backseat of Yuna’s car when you felt a hand moving to your waist to stop you. Turning around, you saw Donghyuk. “You look really pretty, (Y/N),” he said in a low voice, admiring you.

Though half an hour was almost so little time for you to get ready, you had curled your hair so that it would look nicer instead of the messy bun you always wore. You paired your basic white long sleeve crop top with your favorite dark blue jeans and white strap wedges. To be honest, you missed dressing up and going out. Donghyuk complimenting you made you feel more confident and appreciative. “Thank you,” you said as you removed his hand so that you can get in the car. “See you there.”

You closed the door shut and found yourself sitting next to Mina. On Mina’s left was one of Yuna’s friends. “Love your earrings,” Mina told you, observing your yellow tassel earrings.

“You’re looking good, too,” you complimented back. “Are you sure Bobby’s even going to be paying attention to her?” You nudged your head lightly to the driver’s seat where Yuna sat. The car finally moved.

It was a little awkward in the car. Other than introducing yourselves to each other, the ride was quiet. Even when it wasn’t, you stuck to talking with Mina while Yuna and her friends spoke to each other. Thank goodness it was only a fifteen minute ride to get to the club. You were on your phone texting Donghyuk when you heard Yuna speak up. “Hey, do any of you guys know who was the guy in the white dress shirt?”

You set your phone down and started to open your mouth to speak when Mina interrupted you. “That’s (Y/N)’s boyfriend,” she said seriously, emphasizing the word “boyfriend” as if to tell Yuna to not even think about it.

“Oh, really?” Yuna replied, looking at you through the mirror. “What’s his name? I don’t think I’ve seen him before.”

“Kim Donghyuk,” you answered. “He’s a medical major so maybe that’s why you haven’t met him.”

“Kim Donghyuk,” she repeated, and the way she said his name made you quite nervous. It sounded intimate as if she was used to saying his name. You leaned back against the car seat and looked out the window, waiting until you finally arrived.

As soon as Yuna parked her car, you saw Yunhyeong park his car next to hers. All of you stepped out and headed for the long line. You stood next to Donghyuk. His arms quickly wrapped around your waist, and he laid his head on your shoulder. You looked up at him and laughed. “Gosh, you’re quite touchy tonight.”

“Ok, but you just look stunning. I can’t help it. Your lips aren’t helping me, either,” he chuckled. “I didn’t think I’d like that shade of pink so much.”

Your lips were a bright, tinted pink. You had bought the lip tint a few weeks ago while you were shopping with Mina, but you never had the courage to wear it on campus. It made you happy that you could finally use the expensive cosmetic tonight.

Mina was standing in front of you, talking to Hanbin and Junhoe. You kicked her leg playfully to get her attention. “What the heck, (Y/N)?” she asked. “You’re going to ruin my pants.” She quickly dusted the dirt off of her red leather pants.

You rolled your eyes. “Aren’t you here to protect your boyfriend?”

“I am.”

You looked back to see Yuna, her friends, Bobby, Jinhwan, Yuhyeong and Chanwoo in a group talking to each other before you looked back at Mina.

“I am,” she repeated. “She can talk to him all she wants, but once we get in there, she can forget about it.”

“Hey,” Hanbin said, “we’re all here to have fun. Don’t go on starting trouble, Mina.”

You all were next in line to have your IDs checked. After Mina handed her ID, she walked into the club and yelled at Hanbin so that he could hear her clear enough. “No promises!”

The club was really dark, and it was already packed. Colored lights flashed. The music was so loud you could feel its vibration through your body. You soon forgot your worries about your schoolwork, ready to dance the night away.

A waiter lead your group to a table and Jinhwan hurried to order the drinks and snacks. “Drinking games or dancing first?” Jinhwan asked everyone.

Everyone yelled out their answers, and it did not seem like the group had come to a consensus. You, Donghyuk, Yuna, Yunhyeong, Jinhwan and Junhoe wanted to drink first while the rest wanted to dance. “No! (Y/N)!” Mina yelled. “Don’t sit here. Let’s dance please!”

You signaled her an X with your fingers. “Later!” you responded. “You should dance with Bobby first.”

Mina grabbed Bobby’s hand, ready to lead him to the dance floor. Before she did, she turned back to you. “Alright, when we come back and get drunk, you better join me!” You laughed and gave your best friend an “OK” sign.

You looked back to Donghyuk after Mina and the others left, but you found him chatting with Yuna. She was leaning in to listen to him clearly, and you were not able to make out their conversation. Seeing that your boyfriend was occupied, you turned to the other boys. “So, which one of you is the designated driver?” you asked.

“Me,” Yunhyeong answered, raising his hand. “If not, then Donghyuk or Hanbin since they don’t really drink that much, either. What about the girls?”

“I honestly don’t know,” you laughed and looked back at Yuna and Donghyuk. “I would say me, but I don’t think she’ll be okay with me touching her car. We didn’t really decide.”

“You look really pretty, (Y/N)!” Jinhwan said, and Junhoe showed a thumbs up, agreeing with the comment.

You smiled at your friends’ compliments when you felt Donghyuk scoot closer to you. Apparently, he heard them because he replied, “I’m sure you guys can find someone else to flirt with instead on my girlfriend. She’s mine.”

“Donghyuk, you are so protective when it comes to (Y/N). Can we, as her friend, not tell her she looks pretty?” Junhoe asked.

“Not unless you want a beating, no,” Donghyuk joked.

“I actually like getting compliments from them,” you admitted. “It’s nice.”

“Ha,” Junhoe laughed. “Since (Y/N) said that she likes it, I’ll say it whenever I want.”

“Whatever, she’s still my girlfriend,” Donghyuk muttered. When the drinks finally arrived, the people who were on the dance floor returned to the table and took a seat. 

Everyone had to squeeze together since the booth was a little small to fit all twelve people. You noticed that Yuna and Donghyuk were so close to each other but brushed it off once you heard Jinhwan talk about starting the games.

You did not drink much, but you knew how to handle your alcohol. You knew your limit. When you went out with Mina and the guys, you were usually one of the people still sober besides Yunhyeong, Donghyuk or Hanbin. It was fun to drink, but you never wanted yourself to get buzzed in a situation that had the possibility to become dangerous. “Let’s start off easy,” Bobby suggested. “Baskin Robbins 31. I’ll start, and then we’ll go clockwise.” He rubbed his hands together and smirked. “One, two, three.”

Mina was next. “Four, five.”

The game was going to end soon due to the large number of participants. It was Junhoe’s turn. He clapped his hands together. “Thank goodness, it’s not going to be me. Twenty-three, twenty-four, twenty-five.” The anticipation was building up as you almost reached 31.

“It’s not me, either,” Chanwoo laughed. “Twenty-six, twenty-seven, twenty-eight.”

The count went back to Bobby. He calculated the strategy in his head. Figuring out his plan, he looked at Mina who was next to him. “Kim Jiwon!” she yelled.

“Sorry, babe. It’s just a game, right? Twenty-nine, thirty!”

The whole table except for Mina erupted in cheers when they were safe. Mina glared at her boyfriend before she poured the liquor into her shot cup and took a quick gulp. Everyone cheered again as Mina wiped her mouth. “Alright, time to really start this game. I’m gonna make every single one of you unable to walk straight when leaving this club.”

After four rounds of games, you were sure some people were already drunk. You could tell by their stuttering and red face, but you were glad that everyone was having a good time. After the third game, you had stopped in order to get regain soberness before thinking of drinking more. The ones noticeably drunk were Hanbin, both of Yuna’s friends, Donghyuk, Jinhwan and Chanwoo. Yuna sat straight up and grinned. “My turn to pick a game.”

You turned to Donghyuk and brushed his hair out his face. “You okay there?” you asked while smiling. It was rare to see Donghyuk drunk because he did not really drink. You could not help but think he was stressed from his classes.

“I’m more than okay,” he answered, nuzzling his face into your neck. His touch tickled you, and you were laughing now. “(Y/N), you smell so good.”

Yuna cleared her throat. You pushed Donghyuk away from you to see Yuna giving you a look before turning back to the table. “Alright. Let’s play ‘Titantic’ this time.” She began to pour a half glass of beer and then plopped a shot glass inside the beer glass so that it was floating. “Pour as much alcohol as you like in the shot glass. Whoever makes it sink, drinks the whole thing.”

“Finally, this is my type of game,” Mina said as she tied her hair up to stop her hair from touching the sweat forming around the back of her neck.

You were surprised to see the beer glass making its way through the whole table considering how small the shot glass was. It even made it back to Yuna for another round. By then, you could see the shot glass about to reach its limit. Yuna poured just a minuscule amount of liquor in the glass, and it began to bounce up and down. “Oh man! It’s either going to be Donghyuk or (Y/N)!” Chanwoo exclaimed, jumping up and down.

 You sighed and place both hands on your cheeks, nervous. Either Donghyuk was going to lose so that you won’t drink, or he’d really just try and save himself. You were not able to tell as you watched him pick up the bottle of liquor and began to tip it into the shot glass. Everyone watched as your boyfriend carefully pour a tiny, barely any amount of liquor into the shot class. The shot glass sank a little but was still on top of the beer. “Aw, man,” you mumbled, already accepting your loss.

Donghyuk smiled cheekily as he handed the bottle of liquor to you. “Since you’re not that drunk yet.”

Everyone cheered your name as you tried to pour the liquor in. You were right. Even though you poured a small amount into the glass, the shot glass soon sank to the bottom, touching the bottom of the beer glass. “(Y/N)! (Y/N)! (Y/N)! Drink up!”

“I hate all of you.”

You inhaled and then exhaled deeply before picking up the glass. Your lips touched the glass, and you tipped both your head and the glass back, taking gulps of the alcohol. When you were halfway through the drink, you stopped and placed the glass on the table, for your throat was burning. As you tried to regain your sanity, you heard the table boo at you. “You have to drink the whole thing, (Y/N),” Junhoe protested.

“If you don’t finish it, we’ll double the amount,” Bobby said with a smirk.

“Alright. Gosh, I can’t even take a little break?” you complained, rolling your eyes before reaching out for the glass again. You started to bring the glass to your lips once more when you felt a hand pull it away from you. You looked over to see Donghyuk downing the alcohol.

You watched as he cleared the drink within a few seconds and placed the empty glass back on the table. Your heart fluttered while there were objections all around the table. They were telling you that it wasn’t fair and how Donghyuk should not your black knight in shining armor. Bobby was the loudest about it, and even though Mina agreed with him, she also mentioned how Bobby should be doing the same for her instead of making her drink everything. You could not help but look over at Yuna to see her eyes looking at you menacingly. Your eyes furrowed in confusion as soon as she looked away. Ever since you took a seat next to Donghyuk, you felt that she had a bad feeling towards you. At first, it did not bother you, but now you could not help but wonder why she kept giving you looks. You looked at Donghyuk and the back at Yuna who had already averted her eyes. Did she like Donghyuk?

“She likes him,” Mina said as the two of you made your way to the restroom. You looked at her, but she was too busy looking at the mirror and fixing her make-up. “Yuna. I keep seeing her looking at Donghyuk.”

“You noticed it, too, huh?” you asked, sighing.

“I told you. That witch is willing to get anyone she wants. I’m glad that she’s not all over Bobby, but there is no way I’m letting her steal Donghyuk away from you,” she said as she reapplied her red lipstick. “This is last time I’m letting her hang around our friends like a leech. It’s already midnight. I think both you and Donghyuk should go home and rest. You seem tired, too.”

“Yeah, we’ll probably take a taxi home. I’ve never seen him so drunk.”

Both you and Mina walked back to the table to find a few people missing, including Donghyuk and Yuna. “Where is everyone?” you asked.

“Hanbin went to the bathroom. I saw Junhoe somewhere with a girl, probably on the dance floor. Donghyuk and Yuna are also someone dancing,” Bobby told you, taking a sip of his beer.


“Yuna said she was getting drunk and didn’t want to drink anymore. Donghyuk said he wanted to dance with you, but he couldn’t find you. So, the two of them just decided to go together.”

Your skin felt prickly. Bobby took a look at you. “It’s not a big deal, (Y/N). It’s just dancing.”

“Yeah…” you said though your eyes began to search the dance floor for your boyfriend. You then heard a yelp from Bobby, and Mina scolding him. You were not looking at them, but you heard.

“Not a big deal?!” Mina yelled. “What if it was me dancing with someone else?”

“Unless he was making you uncomfortable, you would not mind, right? I trust you not to do anything you would not want me to do, Mina. That’s trust.”

The music sounded louder than before. Your head was banging as much as the sound coming from speakers, and your heart was trying to keep up as you kept searching for Donghyuk. You had enough. You wanted to leave right away. That drink from the “Titanic game” was hitting you hard, and you wanted to find Donghyuk so that you could both get back to the quiet dorms and rest. You wanted to Donghyuk so that Yuna could not do what it was that she was thinking. You needed to find him.

When your eyes finally landed on the familiar figures on the dance floor, your stomach twisted and turned. You were not sure whether you were about to throw up or not. The first second, it seemed like Donghyuk and Yuna were just dancing, hands off of each other. Then, Yuna leaned in to wrap her arms around your boyfriend. Automatically, his hand rested on her waist. She giggled, and leaned in to whisper something in his ear.

Your cheeks were hot. You did not know if it was your anger or your tipsiness, but they were burning. Thinking that you had to act quick, you started to move towards Donghyuk when Yuna acted faster. She leaned in and kissed him, tongue and all. Donghyuk kissed her back. If you did not think you were going to throw up before, you probably were soon. Somewhere behind you, you could still hear Mina and Bobby arguing. Your feet stumbled backwards. Once your back hit the table, you snapped back to reality and turned around, searching for your bag and phone frantically. “Are you leaving, (Y/N)?” Yunhyeong asked, alert as he watched you search. “What about Donghyuk?”

“Can you help pass my bag and phone please?” you breathed, trying to stop your tears from falling. You reached across the table and accidentally knocked a beer glass over, spilling its contents all over. Everyone at the table heard the noise and jumped up from their drunk daze. Mina stopped fighting with Bobby and looked over at you. “(Y/N), are you crying? What’s wrong?” she asked.

“Yunhyeong, my bag and phone,” you pleaded holding your hand out.

Mina looked at the dance floor and found the same scene you had witnessed just a few minutes ago. “Alright, I have had it with this snake!” she yelled out. “I am going to kill her, and no one better stop me. Or else I’m going to kill you, too!” She started to march over to them. You did not want to watch.

Bobby shot up right away to chase after Mina. “Mina!”

Right after Yunhyeong handed your belongings, he nudged Jinhwan and Chanwoo to get up. “Come on. Party’s over. Let’s go,” he said seriously before he looked at you. “(Y/N), let me take you home.”

“It’s okay. I’ll go ahead and go first.”

“You sure?”

You looked back at Donghyuk and Yuna. Mina had pulled the two apart and started to yell at the both of them. Bobby was holding her back to stop her from causing even more serious problems that would have them end up in the police station. You noticed Donghyuk taking a step back before he looked over to where your table to see you. If you took Yunhyeong’s offer, you would be in a car with Donghyuk. Otherwise, you would be in Yuna’s car. You did not want to be in either at all. That was the only thing you were sure of right now.

You left the table, hearing your name being called, but you continued to walk fast. Hanbin bumped into you on his way back to the table, looking as if he sobered up a little. He held you steady, studying you. “(Y/N), what happened?” he asked.

Ignoring him, you continued your way out of the club where the music disappeared, and you could finally clear your head. You stood at the curb, waving your hand for a taxi. Mina was right. You should have been paranoid as she was about Yuna being around Bobby. You should have kept your eyes out for her and her tricks. That did not bother you as much as Donghyuk kissing her back. The tears continued to flow like a broken pipe that needed to be fixed. People around were probably staring at you, but you felt like that was the least of your problems.


Donghyuk breathed hard, trying to catch his breath. He could not remember clearly what had happened except for Mina pulling Yuna off at you and going on a swearing spree. He had looked back to find you when he saw you in tears and running off. That was when he realized he did something wrong. Right when he caught you outside, a taxi pulled up.

“(Y/N)!” he repeated. “Wait!”

You refused to acknowledge his words when you felt him grab your wrist and pull you against his chest. “Let go of me,” you yelled through your tears. Let go! Let go!” Your head and your heart was hurting, and your knees felt weak and you just wanted to get back to your dorm.

“I’m sorry,” Donghyuk apologized over and over again. “She kissed me.”

“You kissed her back.”

“I was drunk.”

You pushed him away from you so hard that he stumbled back a few steps. He was shocked at how strong you were. You shook your head in disbelief. “Yeah, I’m a bit intoxicated, too, but you don’t see me kissing anyone else, Donghyuk! What an excuse.” Tired of arguing, you climbed into your taxi. As you closed the door, Donghyuk hurried to open it back up and slide in next to you. Your eyes widened, and you were about to yell at him to get out when he cut you off and gave the taxi driver the campus’ address. Donghyuk started to call for your attention to talk, but when he figured that you were just going to ignore him, the both of you sat in silence the entire way back.

Even when you were walking back to your room, he followed quietly behind you. You took your key out of your pocket and inserted it in the key hole but then turned around. “This is not your room,” you told him in annoyance.

“Let’s talk.”

“I don’t want to talk to you about anything. What I do want you to do is leave.”

“Well, I’m not leaving until we talk.”

“Good luck with that because once I shut this door in front of your face, I’m going to pretend that you’re not even here.”

Your door clicked, indicating that it was unlocked and you slipped in right away, shutting the door behind you just like you said. You leaned your back against the door and slid down to the floor, your legs given up. “I’ll be out here until you’re ready to talk,” Donghyuk said through the door.

Donghyuk knew you, and you knew him. He knew that you cared about people no matter who they were. Even if they were bad people, you always saw good in them. Mina always told you that it was one of your flaws. Donghyuk thought that it was a commendable trait considering how most people always saw black and white between good and bad. He knew that you were going to open the door for him, later if not soon, and you hated that.

You knew that he was not going to leave. Donghyuk, when he felt that he was at fault for something, would go miles in order to make it up to someone. He did not care what it took because he was determined to make it happen. You remembered the time he argued with Junhoe about a girl who Junhoe was dating. He did not think she was the right girl for him, but Junhoe failed to listen. Later, when Junhoe broke up with the girl, instead of saying “I told you,” Donghyuk took Junhoe out to shop and buy whatever Junhoe wanted. You wanted to scold him so much for buying Junhoe a top that costed near a hundred dollars.

Without realizing, you had leaned your head back to quickly against the door that you bumped your head quite hard. “Ow,” you whined, rubbing the back of your head. You heard a couple of knocks at the door.

“(Y/N)!” Donghyuk called, worried. “Are you okay?!”

“Yeah… I just bumped my head against the door.”

Your mind could not help but find its way back to tonight’s incident, Donghyuk’s and Yuna’s kiss. Yuna was clutching onto his shirt, and her lips got to touch his tender ones. Your hands scratched the carpet floor as you realized that there was someone else now who know what kissing him was like, but it was Donghyuk and that fact alone made you want to forgive him.

He never once had a past where he was unfaithful to his ex-girlfriends. He was drunker than he usually was, and maybe he really was unable to catch up with his tipsiness, causing him to have trouble thinking. You knew that Yuna was foul enough to pull something as bad as stealing someone else’s love, but that was not Donghyuk at all. That’s trust, you remembered Bobby telling Mina before.

“Are you still there?” you quietly asked.

“Of course,” Donghyuk answered, reaffirming his presence.

“Would you kiss her again if she wanted you to?”

“Never. I don’t ever want to see her again. I want to kiss you, only you.”

“I believe you.”

You met with silence, not sure of what your boyfriend was thinking. Instead of waiting for an answer, you pushed yourself off the floor and placed your hand on the doorknob. Slowly, you twisted the knob and pulled the door open to see Donghyuk. His eyes were red from tears. You noticed the tear stains on his cheeks as well, but you felt relief wash over you because he was right in front of you, still completely in love with you.

He rushed into your room and pulled you into a tight hug. “I thought that I was going to lose you tonight,” he whispered, voice shaking. “I thought that I was going to make the biggest mistake in my life and had to let you go.”

“I thought so, too… but I know you won’t ever do it again.”

“I promise, I won’t. I should have never gone and get drunk and partied.”

You pulled him away from you so that you were able to meet his eyes. Your eyes softened, and you couldn’t help but laugh as he wiped away your tears. “Don’t say that. Besides Yuna and her friends tagging along, I saw you have so much fun tonight. That made me so happy. I’m willing to forget about the bad things that happened and just remember the good things.”

“I love you so much,” Donghyuk said, wrapping his arms around your waist.

“I love you, too.”

“Can I?” he suddenly asked.

“Can you…?”

“Kiss you.”

You laughed at the unexpected question as you placed your arms around his neck. “You’re my boyfriend.”

Donghyuk took one of his hands and rubbed his neck shyly. “Yeah, I know, but I feel like I should because-”

Before he could finish his explanation, you stood up on your tip-toes and made gentle contact with his lips. He was taken by surprise but then you felt his hand land on your waist again, pulling you closer. You could both still taste the alcohol on each other’s lips, possibly getting drunk again. You felt him smile against the kiss and slip another “I love you” before continuing. If you did get intoxicated again, at least this was the last thing you would remember before tomorrow morning.


Little Dunbar II » Brett Talbot

For part one // http://trettbalbot.tumblr.com/post/125504418435/little-dunbar-brett-talbot-requested-by

Requested by: sladjanastrbac, the alpha aka martins–scream + more!
Pairing: Reader x Brett

It was Friday, a day I had been both dreading, but also secretly excited for.

The date was tonight, and I couldn’t help but overthink and be overly self conscious. I couldn’t help it. It was like my thing.

“So.. We have officially created pizza night as tradition every other Friday,” Scott announced, walking over to me as I placed books onto my hands from my locker. “You in or out?”

The pack was right behind him, all looking at me with hopeful eyes.

“Well, of course she’s in,” Liam assumed. “She has no friends but us. No friends no plans,”

I rolled my eyes at Liam’s sarcastic comment. “You’re funny, Li. It’s a good thing you’re my brother.”

The pack was sent into a fit of laughter before Stiles, who had his arm draped around Malia’s shoulder asked finally, “So, you in or out?”

“Yeah, I’m gonna have to take a rain check this week,” I shut my locker door closed, while walking along with them because our first period classrooms were near one another, despite them being seniors and me as a sophomore.

“What? Who are you ditching us for?” Stiles whined, teasingly.

“Mmm, nobody important. You guys don’t know him,” I shrugged as they all followed behind like curious little puppies.

“It’s a him?!” Scott shouted. “When were you going to tell us? And when can we meet him?”

“Yeah, I’d like to meet this guy my sister has been dating,” Liam commented defensively.

“Okay, first,” I stop and turn around on my heels. “We are not dating, and second, like I said.. You guys don’t know him,”

“Lying!” Malia called out immediately. “Your heartbeat rose,”

I rolled my eyes and groaned. “I hate you guys and your wolf senses. It’s unfair.”

“Oh my gosh! So, it is somebody we know,” Lydia practically shouted, enthusiasm in her voice, making me earn a few ooh’s and aah’s from the rest of the pack, although Liam wasn’t feeling it. “Who is it?”

“Nobody!” I repeated, and groaned once more, for what felt like the thousandth time that morning. “Let’s let go of this.”

“It’s Brett!” Malia guessed loudly, making Liam shoot her a look, and then shoot me another look of disgust.

“Malia! No!” I responded quickly, making it seem unbelievable.

The pack gave me a glare, some good, Liam’s bad, and some a little shocked.

“Soo,” I felt Lydia grab my forearm and pulled me towards her. “Where are you going?”

“To class,” I answered and reach out for the door handle, but I was quickly stopped when Lydia pulled my arm back.

“No, you know what I mean! Where are you guys going to for your first date?” Lydia asked, nudging my side a little.

“Places,” I rolled my eyes. “It’s none of your business,”

“But it is mine,” Liam added, he was still clearly angry I had gone for the “enemy.” Although, it was all unintentional.

“And mine!” Stiles poked his head in.

“It’s none of yours!” I barked back angrily.

“Come on guys,” Scott sighed. “Give the girl some space,”

“Thank you,” I sigh. “Somebody who understands.”

I feel Scott crouch down to my height. “But I am meeting this guy, right?”

I rolled my eyes and entered class before anybody could say anything else.

I spent the entire day agitated, and skillfully avoiding the rest of the pack the entire day.. Which worked. Mostly.

I went home, but once I entered my room, Liam was already in it, tapping his foot impatiently. “So this date with Brett, will people be there?”

I gasped in shock and instinctively threw the pillow nearest to me at him. “Oh my gosh! Liam! Get out! Get out! Get out!” I had managed to hit Liam with all the pillows I had in my room until he left. I sighed and pushed my face onto the last remaining pillow, my face flushing in embarrassment, I didn’t have to look into the mirror to see that.

A half an hour into shuffling through the closet and Liam knocking onto the door and demanding his entrance, my phone was plugged into my speaker docks and I only turned the music up even louder to silent out Liam.

I picked out a few outfits and tried all of them on and off and on and off.

Before picking one finally. One that didn’t scream trying too hard or too casual. I never thought I’d be one of those girls that would spend hours upon hours preparing for a date with some boy, but here I am.

I opened the door of my window, seeing as I didn’t want to face Liam. He would just complain that my daisy Dukes were too short, or that my every inch of skin was showing.

I avoid making noise, and hurriedly get into my car, reving up the engine and backing out of the driveway and driving away just in time to see Liam get out of the house and flail his arms around and do a little freak out dance type thing at his failure. I chuckled to myself at it, before shaking my head.

As I slammed the breaks and parked, I got a text in perfect timing.
“Message from Brett
text me when you’re here”
I pathetically sat there stupidly, waiting a few minutes to reply to the text. I didn’t wanna come off clingy.
I waited a good three-four minutes before texting back and jumping out the car a little too excitedly.

I spot Brett approaching me with a bright smile and I tried to keep my cool and smile back, but I knew my cheeks were red and now, my fingers sweaty. I’m not sure why I was so nervous and flustered over him. I had been on more than plenty of dates before and I was never this way, the way I was around Brett.

“Hey,” we finally met, and he had easily cracked a few jokes and already starting the date off on a really good note.

Brett was such a distraction to what was actually happening, I didn’t stop myself from rambling and rambling, not realizing we had moved past the movie theater.

He stopped by a fancy, and classy restaurant. I stopped as well and stopped talking, shooting him a confused face. “I thought we were watching a movie?”

“Are you kidding? Movies are horrible for first dates,” he asked for our seats, as we were directed to them not long after. “Especially if you want there to be more than one date.”

I found myself looking down and smiling to myself. I looked up, before saying, “You want there to be a second date?”

“And a third, fourth, fifth,” Brett continued. “And a lot more.”

We ended up getting ice cream and Brett and I got to know each other even more.

He walked me to my car and I opened the driver’s seat. “This is where the date ends.”

“Yes, it is,” Brett clarified. “Listen, Y/N, I had a lot of fun today and I could tell you did too.”

“I did,” I confirmed, but before Brett could offer, “Can we do this again sometime?”

“It’s like you read my mind,” Brett chuckled and towered over me with his large frame. He leaned down a little, and was several inches from my face. Before I could process anything happening, he asks, “Can I kiss you?”

I wasn’t use to boys asking me if they could kiss me. Usually they just do. But, seeing confident, popular guy Brett ask, made me get all flustered on the inside. It was like his little soft side. I nodded almost instantly, before wrapping my arms around his neck and pulling him down to my height, closing the space between our lips.

I know once I got home Liam would be all frantic, and give me a huge speech on why Brett wasn’t a good guy, this that, but this kiss clearly said different.

sorry if this one dragged a little i haven’t written in so long!
Requests for ships and imagines are open!

Just For Me

I AM SO SORRY JOSHUA ANON! T^T I’ve made you wait!
Please accept this request that took me 7 pages and 7 years to write OTL

-A very sorry Admin Plum

Originally posted by jisooosgf

You couldn’t help but roll your eyes the moment you hear your friends chattering excitably, no doubt about the party coming up this weekend.

You ignore them as they take their respective seats beside you, resting your cheek against your palm and twisting your body to face away from them.  

“You’re coming right?”

You remain passive, eyes glued to your book.  

You hear one of them sigh, “Y/N? C’mon, I know you can hear me.”

You let out an irritated groan, hoping they would take the hint. Parties weren’t your thing. They knew that, hell everyone knew that- even the college janitors. You preferred to keep to yourself, only talking to people if it was absolutely necessary. You know you would have been a loner throughout your entire college life if your two best friends hadn’t chosen the same university as you. Your cold exterior wasn’t exactly inviting.

“Ugh, can you not?” you hiss as Chaeyoung pulls your headphone off your head.

“No! You’re coming to the party, right?” The way she words it makes it obvious she only wants to hear you say yes, so you say no, effectively pissing her off.

“This is the biggest party of the year and I will not have you missing out on all the fun, Y/N,” she says stubbornly.

“Getting shit-faced in a room full of sweaty people and loud music isn’t really my definition of fun,” you huff.

“We know Y/N but please, we’re only going to be this young once. Exams are over and we just want to celebrate! It won’t be the same without you!” Nayeon pleads.

“The last time I went to a party with you guys, I ended up with vomit all over my clothes,” you shiver at the horrible memory.

Nayeon and Chaeyoung make disgusted faces, recalling the accident last year. They had never seen you so livid until then. You had to wash your clothes at least three times to get the smell off.

“Oh yeah, that was horrible,” Chaeyoung chimes.

Nayeon smacks her arm from across the table, “Oh but-but it won’t be the same this year! This year, Seungcheol’s hosting the party and you know how responsible he is!” She says.

Nayeon inwardly cheers, aware that despite your resting bitch face, you were beginning to reconsider your decision.  Seungcheol wasn’t one of the college’s top performers for nothing. He managed to balance his schoolwork, party life, part-time job and extracurricular activities without a sweat. He was one of the few people that openly approach you and manage to not be offended by your sharp tongue. He was responsible and incredibly friendly and the idea of him organising the party didn’t seem too bad.

“Plus Jeonghan and Joshua will be there and those guys will definitely keep Seungcheol in line,” Chaeyong adds.

“Guys, I don’t know. I just don’t feel like it,” you mumble.

“Oh please, please, please Y/N,” Chaeyoung sulks, clasping her hands over yours, “This is our final year! We’re halfway through what should be the best year of our lives. Don’t you want to make unforgettable with your best friends?”

You scoff as they give you their best puppy dog pouts, “Gross. Can you guys stop?  You’re embarrassing me.”

They grin and lean closer to your face, “Only if you say you’ll come!”

Your face scrunches in annoyance but the smile remains on your face. They had a point. Soon the best time of your lives will wither away as you prepare yourselves to meet the real world. Your friends had done a lot for you; the least you could do was go with them to some party.

How bad could it be?

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