i feel like all of us can relate to this

i just.. . can’t get over sign of the times. there is so much feeling in it - hope, desperation, strength, vulnerability, pain, love, bravery - and all of it is so palpable, i feel like i can taste it in the air while the song’s playing. he pulls you in at the very first note and tangles you into his soul with every note after that. the energy in his voice just. it washes over you, wave after wave, like an ocean of electricity and emotion. 

Energy Based Witchcraft and Quick Practices

All right, so this is essentially the beginning of energy related witchcraft that I’ll be posting about as I try it and learn new things. Feel free to try out some of the stuff I talk about here but please remember that this is your journey and you can and should edit and tweak everything to best fit you.

Types of Energy

Reserved Energy

Reserved Energy floats either just above or below your skin. It should feel like it’s attached to you and resist most attempts to use it. It is minimally pliant, minimally workable, and mostly just exists as a backup or protection.

Latent Energy

Latent Energy is typically a ball of energy that is extremely malleable and easily visualized. This type of energy is more ‘for your use’. It can be visualized anywhere in the body; however, where ever it best seems to fit (i.e. a ball of energy in your stomach, chest, head, etc) is normally where it stays. Latent energy is great to work with to give yourself a better mastery over molding both Reserved and Latent energy.

Neighboring/Immediate Energy

Neighboring (or Immediate) Energy is an amalgamation of your energies and outside forces. It’s best visualized and felt by meditating. If you’ve meditated and felt like you were basically out of your own body and hazy, you’ve felt Neighboring Energy. It’s less you and, as a by product, significantly harder to work with. It’s not as difficult as Reserved Energy since that’s an active rejection to change, and this is simply difficult because you’re reaching beyond yourself.

Visualizing Your Energy

Visualizing energy can be a bit tricky, but seeing your energy, in my opinion, is equally important as feeling it. Being able to see and acknowledge your energy makes feeling and moving it so much simpler. There are a couple of ways to visualize your energy, so we’ll hop into those first:

First Plane Visualization (FPV)

If you close your eyes to visualize your energy and the first thing you see is your body, this is where you’re at. First Plane Visualization essentially means your energy best manifests itself to you as a physical part of you. Personally, I feel this makes it easier to work with Latent and Reserved Energy, but harder to work with Neighboring.

Second Plane Visualization (SPV)

If attempting to visualize your energy brings up empty space with your energy in some form or shape in it, congrats, this is you. This type of visualization makes it significantly easier to work with energy that isn’t yours but more difficult to work with your own as well. Your energy seems to best manifest itself as a construct in your mind, essentially on a different plane than your physical body. To use it, you have to get around your own barrier between it and physicality whereas outside energies that are already on your plane don’t need any extra work for you to work with them.

When you visualize your energy, you’re essentially introducing yourself and greeting it. In the same way you most likely wouldn’t hand a stranger a thousand dollars, your energy isn’t likely to do much for you if you don’t at least know it.

Moving Your Energy

Think of your energy as a muscle, if you never use it, it becomes that much more difficult to begin using and to strengthen it.  Please don’t expect to hop in, visualize your energy once, and suddenly have it do everything you want it to.

First try visualizing your energy with your eyes closed. Spend some time with it, don’t demand anything of it. Is your energy naturally calm? Does it spin lazily as you sit with it? Is your energy a spitfire, constantly flinging out strands of itself and wrapping around everything it can without leaving it’s basic shape? Who is your energy? What kind of personality do you get from it?

Try to learn and love your energy every time you visualize it. When you’ve got the image of your energy firmly in your head, preferably to the point where you can almost feel  it wherever it’s best visualized, try moving it. Try to get a strand of it to detach from the bulk of your energy and pull it towards you. If that’s difficult, simply work on moving the bulk of your energy towards and away from you (SPV) or around your body (FPV). This should honestly take awhile. Remember that you’re not simply trying to visualize it, but feel it. As it moves, you should feel it. Once you’ve got a mastery of that, try opening your eyes and doing it over again.

When you can move your energy in bulk or pieces with a bit more ease, I recommend pushing it to the surface. The easiest place to feel Latent Energy is between your palms. If trying to move your energy with in yourself simply won’t work for you, try this instead, then move back to that later. To push your energy to your hands for FPV, imagine it wherever it tends to manifest itself. Push it, either in whole or (preferably) in part, down or up your body and into your palms. If you need your eyes closed to direct it, by all means, close them; however, once you’ve got it comfortably in your palms, open your eyes and try to get used to keeping a hold on your energy with your eyes open. Allow it to do as it pleases within the space between your palms. Start out with maybe half a foot between your hands and slowly increase the distance as you grow more confident.

For SPV, visualize your energy and bring it towards you. Bring out either two bits of it, still connected to the whole, or the bulk of it towards yourself until it feels like you’ve stepped inside of it or as though it’s encompassed you. Carefully, without losing that feeling, visualize it (either with your eyes opened or closed depending on what works better for you) sparking its way down your arms and into your hands. If that’s too far to visualize, simply imagine it condensing between or in your palms for the get-go. Because your own image is less involved in your own energy, expect to have a harder time keeping it where you want it to be.

Energy, like most objects, rejects movement without force. When you move it at first, it may feel like it snaps back to where it started no matter what you do. Keep practicing and remember that it hasn’t really moved in years, so it’ll take some work to get it to move now.

Energy Exercises

We’re finally at the end of what I can share for the time being. I only have a couple of practices that I’ve been using lately, only one of which I’ll add here, specifically for Reserved Energy because that’s what I’m practicing working with currently. I will update this as time goes on but I do want to be sure before I give put any exercises. For example, one of them uses hunger as a basis and I don’t know how I feel about giving a purpose to staying hungry, so I’ll wait to add that if at all.

Exercise 1

Find a cold room or area, cold enough to give you goosebumps but not enough to shiver. Furthermore, if it’s outdoors, make sure there’s little to no wind. Wear short or no sleeves. Allow the cold to seep into your skin. Visualize your reserved energy; this may be a thin layer above or below your skin.

If it appears above your skin, give it intent, push it to separate you from the cold. In practice, this literally felt like a wash of lukewarm warmth sliding down from my head. The cold felt like someone holding an ice cube near my skin, but didn’t actually make me cold.

If it appears below your skin, incite it to heat itself. The cold should sink into your skin and meet that barrier of energy and fizzle out. I can’t tell you how it feels in practice because my Reserved Energy appears above the skin. If you try this out and are okay to share, I’d love to know how it differs.


I’ll either update or make new posts on this as I learn. I love energy based craft and I’ve got a lot more things I’m practicing that I’m not confident enough in quite yet to share…but soon. Here’s a mini-list of what you can expect in the future:

Moving Energy Into Objects

Visualizing Neighboring Energy

Using Neighboring Energy

Taking Energy from an Object

NOTE: All of the names I’ve given energy, energy types, etc were made by me simply to make it easier to refer to and talk about. If you call any of the feelings or activities something else, by all means, continue doing so. This is just what makes it easiest to understand for me.

loganiv4  asked:

I'm starting a campaign tomorrow and all of us are new. Any general advice? BTW I'm GMing

Hi, firstly if this is your first time GMing grats on taking the GM/DM chair!

My general tips are…

1. Index Cards/Note Cards can save you a lot of time! I keep stats for each monster I am going to use as well as variants, NPC information, boxed text and item descriptions.

2. Keep a list of names handy divided by race, some for inns/taverns and ships can be handy too.

3. Listen to your players when they express opinions on NPCs, quests, villains etc they will often express ideas that you may like better than your own.

4. Have players make their characters together, they are more likely to play off elements of each other’s back story and build a cohesive group.

5. Don’t bog the game down with too many random encounters. I try to limit them to once per leg of travel and if taking a long rest in a dangerous place. The rest are planned encounters (some of which my players think are random). Not all of my random encounters are combat related either, weather, traders, magical phenomena, other travelers, omens etc work just as well.

6. Don’t over prepare, you will end up wasting time on things you don’t need.

7. Establish any basic rule changes during character creation. There’s less likely to be complaints or hurt feelings if you establish things early on. Some people houserule Intimidation so that it can be used with Strength or Charisma, a Barbarian or fighter will likely want to know thins when allocating stats.

8. Be up front about the kind of game you’re running. Do you allow PVP, is it all hack and slash dungeon crawls, will there be lots of political intrigue, evil?

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Here are Matthew Mercer’s GM Tips HERE or HERE

Matt Colville’s running the game playlist is great too!

If you are playing D&D and have any new players show them These How to Play D&D videos

I really do apologize for the way I look…I intended to make a good first impression for my introduction, but um…my circumstances just won’t allow me.

My friend Eren has been up all night trying to respond to messages on the blog that I made for him [ @ask-eren-jaeger ] . I’m a pretty light sleeper, so I haven’t been able to sleep because of that. 

That’s actually part of the reason why I made my own blog. 

I wanted to help him out! He seemed overwhelmed with it all. Uh, I mean, don’t get me wrong! He seems to really enjoy responding to all the messages he’s been getting. But I thought that maybe it would benefit the both of us if the forum was made…a little bigger. To fit everyone!

And so, I’m opening up my own blog to give people the option to come to me if they have any questions! I can answer anything pertaining to my experiences as a trainee, life as a Survey Corps troop, and even my thoughts/opinions on various issues! All in all, I think this is a good method to improve relations between the S.C. and civilians…to a certain degree.

Send me a question whenever you feel like it! In the meantime, I think I’m going to try and get some more sleep…

The idea that the only meaning that can be gleaned from hearing Silver’s backstory is that the world is “full of unending horrors” completely shifted my idea of why Silver never divulged it in the first place.

I always saw the secret of his story as a tool - as a way to have something over other people. For grifter Silver, for loner Silver that was an asset in manipulation because he could be whatever he wanted to be in any given moment.

But after this interaction, I think it’s possible that he’s ashamed of his backstory, and of his life. His childhood was perhaps a million times worse than anything that we could have ever imagined, and he is ashamed of it.

And so he stands opposed to Flint in this sense, because while Flint acknowledges how his past shaped him, how it motivated him, how it still motivates him, Silver absolutely and resolutely refuses to be defined by his past. He needs it to not have meaning, while Flint needs it to mean everything.

But in a way you could argue that it has already had meaning. The fact that Silver was so determined to be a loner always suggested to me that he’d been hurt by people. But the aspect of shame is a surprise. Because you can tell on some level he wants to give Flint what he wants; he’s not being stubborn or defiant. He’s - in a lot of ways - apologizing. You know all that I can bear to be known, I’m sorry.

So I feel like this gave us a window, even though it’s a backstory that’s not a backstory. But in a way that’s beautiful too - our imaginations are pretty strong. So if you give me a backstory that’s too hard for Silver to even relate to his closest friend, my imagination is going to go to all the horrible recesses of the world.

I also feel like this explains a lot. He started out a loner, a decided loner. But once he’s offered a community - once he finally finds a home - the lengths to which he is willing to go for the sake of that community starts to make so much sense.

Every move he’s ever made starts to make sense; all of season 3, his attempts to gain Flint’s respect, and his attempts to finally have people, a crew, a home. He goes to such extremes to guarantee that he somehow holds onto whatever he’s got now. He holds his world together with both hands.

If his childhood was so horrible, and he was such a decided loner, it’s like he didn’t have the muscle memory to know how to do relationships. Even though he was really good at reading people - that’s something that people who have experienced abuse know how to do very well.

So this could explain why he eventually becomes so tied to people. Why he became so devoted to his crew, why he became so devoted to Flint, and why he becomes so devoted to Madi. Because suddenly he was offered something he’s never had - a whole slew of things he’s never had, and perhaps even things that he never even knew he wanted.

And it’s in this conversation with Flint that we get another beat of whether or not something is enough, mirroring his earlier conversation with Madi.

“Can that be enough, can there still be trust between us?”

The tragedy is that you can see very clearly on Flint’s face that the answer is no. Flint didn’t answer - but the non-answer said enough.

And yet, in this episode, even though you can tell that the answer is no, Flint is so willing to get past that, to take the leap of faith. He still shows absolute trust in and loyalty to Silver, but he cannot be certain. When it comes down to it, he cannot know for sure whether or not Silver will make the right call.

Flint knows how much his backstory, how much his baggage with Thomas and with Miranda influences his actions and keeps him from seeing what is true. But he doesn’t know Silver’s backstory. By not divulging the secrets of his past, Silver leaves room for Flint to guess. And for a man like Flint - one who needs to be in absolute control all the time, who needs to see the inner workings of every single piece on the chess board so he can strategise accordingly - for a man like that to take a leap of faith like this, at a time like this, is as astounding as it is beautiful.

The old Flint would have most likely killed Silver and gotten him out of his way rather than go for such a risky and potentially astronomically costly gamble. And it’s this divergence that reinforces what we see clearly in this whole episode - that Flint does love Silver. It’s that simple. He desperately wants Silver to live and to be a part of this.

—  Fathoms Deep, 409; on Silver’s backstory and his relationship with Flint
Hiccstrid first kiss analysis

Okay guys, I just want to share you an analysis I did for my grandma when I was speaking about Hiccstrid with her!

I’m so in love with that ship that I really found explanations in their attitudes during their first kiss in RTTE S4 (and not because I’m in psychology).

So firstly, seeing Toothless and Stormfly playing like that clearly announces what will occur next.

I mean: they’re obviously teasing HTTYD2.

Then, we have this:

Ok so here they just recap everything that happened during the past few seasons, namely protect each other. In this small dialogue, they remind us all Hiccstrid moments we had. And I adore it cause that was what the producters told us in this line:

“Whether it’s one of them being in danger and how the other one feels about that […]”

Thanks them.

So we can say that, at some points, they review their relation. But in Hiccstrid’s way :)

Secondly, we have Hiccup teasing Astrid…

Like… it’s him who makes the first move for once! And what a reference! He uses the way Astrid treats him with her famous ‘punch’.

And besides, she strikes back.

It’s really cute.

And I think that’s why Astrid takes the opportunity to question him…

Hiccup’s face OMT… He’s so cute and what I appreciate is that he’s clearly disappointed:

Next, Astrid relaunches him:

Then, he answers. And what an answer…

We just learn that he “thought about it a lot”. Like what? OMT Hiccup!! And that he is a romantic. This is SO beautiful. The poor baby was waiting for the “perfect” time.

What I really appreciate is that after all he said, he still hesitates to kiss Astrid. That’s WHY this scene is perfect cause the producters keep Astrid and Hiccup’s personalities here. Hiccup always doubts and Astrid is confident. This is how Hiccstrid looks like and I’m in love with that. So that’s why Astrid has to relaunch Hiccup for the third time in order to reassure him and give him confidence.

Finally, Hiccup is confident. Thanks to Astrid. And they finally share this mutual kiss that Hiccup initiates!

That’s why this first kiss is truly perfect. Astrid succeeds in making her boy confident with her. It’s a really good conclusion of everything they had overcome before and that’s why this is perfect.


Hiccup’ sigh at the end… No comment.

The Issues with Steven Universe

This might be a two parter. I had a lot to talk about.

1.  Pacing: This might be a personal thing but it seems like the pacing in SU is a bit all over the place at some points. Like after Jailbreak, I was hoping we’d get more backstory and while we did, we had to wait. Why? What’s the point in delaying the story? is so many questions left unanswered. And at the same time, they’ll rush through story arcs without giving us a good ending. The Cluster is still under the Earth guys. Shouldn’t you try to do something about it? You also haven’t talked about Rose Quartz KILLING HER DIAMOND!

2.   Pearl: Okay, I adore Pearl but let’s face it, she’s a mess. And this wouldn’t be a problem if the writers admitted this. Pearl is manipulative and she can be controlling. There is also her whole ‘obsession’ with Rose even after her death. Yes, there is nothing wrong with a character being flawed but a good character realizes they are flawed and does something about it. And there have been many times where Pearl was called out for her terrible behavior but she learned nothing. I’m still pissed about the Sardonyx arc ended

3.  Garnet and Amethyst’s Lack of Development: In over one hundred episodes, we still don’t know that much about them.  Unlike Pearl, Garnet and Amethyst’s development gets pushed to the side. And that sucks because they are extremely interesting characters in their own right. We know Garnet is a fusion but we don’t know anything else and we barely get to see her have her own episodes that focus on her. Same with Amethyst and out of all the characters, I probably relate to her the most so it’s equally frustrating.

4.   What is Lapis’ Personality: I feel like the writers don’t even know how to write their own character because sometimes, Lapis comes off as aloof and sometimes she comes off as a jerk. Make up your mind! And at the same time, she feels so hollow at points.

5.   Peridot and Lapis’ ‘Romance’: Okay, I wanted Peridot and Lapis to get along but their relationship should still be a bit awkward and uncomfortable.  After all, Peridot used Lapis. Now there are times where someone who was abusive can learn from the error of their ways but it still feels like their whole relationship was rushed. And it doesn’t feel earned. Them having a ‘romance’ doesn’t make sense and it feels like the writers just wanted some kudos instead of thinking the whole thing through.

6.   Lack of Explanation: Alright, one of the reasons I love SU is because of the Gems and how they have their own culture and ideals. And SU seems to sometimes just forget that. We still don’t know a lot about the diamonds, we still don’t know anything about Pink Diamond, we barely understand why Home World is the way it is and we don’t even know what their end goal is. EXPLAIN WRITERS! EXPLAIN!!!

7.  Bismuth Got Screwed Over: So we have been waiting for Bismuth for like literal years, she finally comes around AND THE WRITERS HAVE HER BUBBLED AGAIN!? Are you kidding me!? Lapis and Peridot get to come back and be a part of the show but you can’t extend the same to Bismuth? Why couldn’t Steven just have a nice, long, heartfelt talk with Bismuth like he did Lapis and Peridot? Are you kidding me?

8.   Treatment of Black Coded Characters: Garnet and Bismuth are black coded. I could also argue that Jasper is since she has a black voice actor. And it’s obvious that Pearl is the favorite among the writers. Now this wouldn’t bother me but the black coded characters get screwed over. Like a lot. I talked about Bismuth and Garnet just doesn’t get the same amount of love and attention Pearl does. Why? What’s the point?

9.  Jasper’s Treatment: Alright, now I know she’s a villain. I realize that. But Peridot was a villain and so was Lapis. I think it’s unfair that Rebecca created this character that has some history and just keeps on pushing her away. I want to see more of her and if Peridot and Lapis can both get redemption arcs, why can’t Jasper? There is zero reason why she can’t be saved and again, she’s been ignored. She’s the one who dropped the huge truth bomb! WHY AREN’T YOU TALKING ABOUT JASPER!?

10.  The Art Style: I honestly didn’t think I would notice this but as many artist friends have been pointing out, the art style seems to be suffering. Like proportions, color and so many other things look wacky. Guys, what are you even doing?

Chyler Interview

What was casting for Maggie like? You went through chemistry reads, so what do you remember of Floriana coming in to do it?

Well, in that conversation when I was talking with Greg, I was like, “Listen, I don’t want to come across like I’m super strong about this whole thing, but at the same time, just hear my heart, hear where I’m coming from: I’m insisting on being in the room.” We were in Canada at that point. We had already made our move up there, which we learned we were moving to Canada, and then I learned that I’m a lesbian, and I’m just going, “All right, hold on a second, give me a minute to breathe here.” [Laughs.] So, I was up in Canada, and I was like, “Please give me the short list of who you were thinking,” because I want to make sure that we’ve got a good connection. I’m very particular about who’s on our set, just because we’ve got a vibe. We’ve got such a great cast, and it’s a family, and I’m a mom, so for me, I want to make sure that everybody gets along. This was incredibly important to me because I knew how delicately this was going to be treated.

They sent up the audition tapes for three girls. I looked them over, my husband looked them over with me. He’s like, “I’m going to make sure you get a good girl!” I was like, “All right, honey.” It’s pretty great — he picked out my girlfriend before I did. So, we saw the tape, and he was like, “I think this is your girl,” and he was talking about Floriana. I said, “All right, I’m going to test her in the room to see how it goes.” She was the second one to come in after the first girl who came in — they were all lovely. The first girl came in, and I looked at casting and everybody in there is like, [shakes head] “Not it.” Then, Floriana came in second, and the moment she walked in — and she’s stunningly beautiful, so that is one thing, but I could see that she and I, we’re a wear-your-heart-on-your-sleeve kind of person and real-deal kind of person. Life’s too short, I don’t have time for B.S. I was like, “I’m just going to put it out there and say, ‘This is me, this is where I’m at, this is who I am, who are you?‘” We didn’t even have many moments to really talk, because she’s testing. But it was just this thing, all of a sudden I just look over at her, “Huh, I like this one, I think she’s great.” We did the scenes, she walked out, and I looked over like, [nods head] “She’s the one.” We had the third girl come in, she was lovely, too, but I was like, “No, no, Floriana is the one.”

We get through the whole process, and it seemed like everybody was on the same page. I wrote to Greg, I wrote to Andrew, I wrote to Peter Roth. I’ve known Peter since I was a teenager, so I was like, [mimes typing] “Dear Peter, I want her. Get her for me. I love you. Thank you. Take care. Bye.” He was just like, “Chyler, I can’t believe you emailed me.” I was like, “No, for real.” He’s like, “I totally see it, I get it, she’s lovely and wonderful.” Then I get the call that she was going to do it. I got her information. I literally hunted her down. It sounds really creepy, actually. Hmm. But I was like, “Please, please, you’re lovely and wonderful, please come, please be a part of it.” She’s like, “I love it.” It was pretty awesome.

Since you didn’t know each other beforehand, did you take any time to get to know each other, or was the onscreen chemistry just immediate?

Well, she was in L.A., so I didn’t really have time to sit down or what not. But we texted each other quite a few times and went back and forth, tried bonding that way. But when she came on set, it was like, “Oh, okay.” It’s one of those times where you meet somebody and it feels like you’ve known them forever. It’s the same thing. We were very similar in a lot of ways, so it was just easy. That’s what I really appreciate about it; we didn’t have to manufacture something. In our business, you never really know who you’re going to get and who you’re going to work with. Sometimes it’s great, sometimes it’s awful, and you gotta do what you gotta do. But this was one of those cases where she’s a special girl and we have a cool bond.

When you started shooting the episodes with the very first seed of Alex and Maggie’s burgeoning relationship, were you nervous?

I was. The first scene that I had with Maggie was in episode 3, and she shows up in the airport, and we’ve got this whole crime scene situation. That was fine. There was this flirty thing, and it was this unspoken thing going on, but you see the fans that watched — the second they saw a photo of us, they were just like, “Oh my god, they’re in love with each other!” [Laughs.] I’ll tell you when it was, it was when the light bulb started to go off in the dialogue for Alex, and all of a sudden, I was like, “These words are coming out my mouth!” and I felt uncomfortable, because I hadn’t walked in Alex’s shoes from that side of her. I felt like I was coming out as Alex, so I’m just saying all these things, and I’m talking to my husband going, “This is so strange, but it’s amazing and I love it.” It was challenging, though, for sure. The director, Glen Winter, who is just amazing — this was episode 5, the episode where I sit down with her in the bar and say, “Maybe there’s truth to what you said.” I kind of felt like I was nauseous doing it, because I’m a very emotional person, so I don’t have to sit here and think of things that make me super sad from my past to be able to cry. I don’t know, I think I have this empathy reserve in my body that I can just defer to that. “Okay, I feel things really intensely, just use it.” So all the stuff in the bar, I really felt it. That’s something that people have been relating to the most because it’s honest. I’m not trying to [whispers] bullshit people. That’s not me. That’s when it started for me, episode 5, when it was going, “Oh my gosh, these words are coming out of my mouth!”

Read the rest here! :)

No reblogs///// because I’m not starting this fight with anyone but it is so wild to me that so many people are very willing to acknowledge there is a current massive wave of detransitioning women, there have been these waves before, and we will probably have another one, or at least waves of reidentifying/reidentified women like myself, like huge numbers, to where you can’t be involved in any lgbt scene and not know a gnc cis woman who at some point identified as trans or nb or both, etc, but NOBODY is interested in an honest discussion of what forced so many women into disidentification in the first place. Like even if you thought all these women were just stupid and “got it wrong” for themselves, you’d think you would at least honestly acknowledge that this happening in scenes all over the country means soooooomething must be connecting them. Couldn’t possibly be the way we think about gender nonconformity right? Couldn’t possibly be unattainable standards of femininity for people to not stop telling you to consider that maybe you’re not really a woman after all. Couldn’t possibly be politics in queer scenes explicitly stating that it’s both cooler and more politically radical to be something other than a woman. Couldn’t be discomfort with adult gnc women.

I find both the idea that women are biologically defined but somehow also have the same relationship to patriarchy (like I guarantee you Buck Angel and I do not have the same experiences of walking around the street, although I think we were on a good path in the 80s with some solidarity between butches and trans men because have a loooooooot of the same experiences and sometimes the exact same ones and just use different words to describe them, even though our bodies started in physically similar state) and the idea that it’s wrong to say your body has anything to do with your womanhood (like, my experience of womanhood has been shaped by being raised in a world intending to shape me into a woman, and my all the things that come from menstrual stigma, and when I disidentified nothing materially changed about my life, as is often the case for women who don’t pursue a lot of transition measures) to both be preposterous. They are both ways of evening out experiences that are the same in places we may not want to acknowledge, and of totalizing in ways that write other people out- like trans women are obviously not walking the streets making huge paychecks or safe from violence from men, but also for a lot of women there’s nothing we feel like a gender identity (I do not have one, I do not need one) and the idea that all women relate to womanhood that way is demonstrably false, and the idea that all should is deeply offensive.

It is no surprise that so many women who reidentify at least temporarily claim really easentialist politics that I object to myself, when their bodies are sometimes the only thing they can offer up in the face of gender identity politics as legitimizing their womanhood, and often bodies to which we have done permanent, physical changes in ways some of us are happy with and some of us find traumatizing. I think (I hope) that most eventually find their way at least a good bit from those politics, which attract them because they genuinely make much better sense of their experiences than many other popular alternatives (like those that pressured them to transition to begin with) but just don’t hold much political weight. Either womanhood is a material class or a biological category or a mixture of the two, but radfems who want to have their cake and eat it too there by saying those are the same thing are just kidding themselves- gay trans men and I do not have the same life experiences, especially if the guy in question is able to go stealth, and our paychecks will be different, and our odds of receiving male violence on the street will be different, even if we have a lot of the same feelings about our bodies.

But I saw a post the other day saying some nonsense like “Anyone who says there is pressure on gnc cis women to transition is a terf” and like, alright, pull the wool further over your eyes if you want, but more women are going to get hurt in the meantime and also, just literally ask those you know, and also I guess all these dykes having the saaaame experiences and experiencing the same pressures are just making it up and we are crazy and not to be listened to! I guarantee you they’ve also been straight up told they should call themselves nonbinary for liking ties and not liking pink and shit, I guarantee you they’ve told someone to use she/her and had that person use “they” repeatedly, like this shit will straight up make you feel like you are literally going insane. This is why I don’t touch those scenes anymore. But many women are still in them and okay, we can put the conversation off. But girls and women are going to get hurt in themeantime. I don’t even think there is anything wrong with new terms popping up to describe experiences, but the idea that there are natural lines to be drawn between them is very harmful and encourages us to pick a side. And when one side gets you respect from your friends, you pick that one.

HELP NEEDED  - please!?

NEW LOKI COSTUME ;___; - please help me out?!! ❤❤❤❤💕💕💕😭😭😭

I am putting my pride aside and begin this early enough, so I can make it in time for the premiere in London - please donate a few pound if you care to see me in the new Loki costume, taking another photo with Mister Hiddleston, together with my best friend in the world @ThatOtherOdinson, this fall for Thor: Ragnarok?! Please?!

It is really tough for me to ask this, after I thought I had my finances back on track a little (but ended up with massive car problems, having to pay 1700pound, that I financed by drawing commissions. which I am STILL finishing to this day.)

I apologise for this, being selfish and all - but it’s the last chance to take @ThatOtherOdinson down to London for the last Thor premiere. Doing that as a team, since we’ve met only because of the Thor-fandom. I intend to take @ThatotherOdinson to the premiere, because it’s the reason we’ve met and it means so much to us together. He is recovering from mental health issues and had to stay offline for a long time now, and couldn’t even cosplay anymore. So this trip would be a huge boost for his emotional well-being. He never did anything like it and it would be the last chance for the Thor movies, which are his favourite. 

( my latest costume, newt scamander is finished now and I’m shooting the pics this month!!! *and another big shoot with a Fbawtft in august*)

If you disagree with my choice to ask for help, please take no offence in it (no hate, scroll on - different people make different life choices, there is no reason for negativity). I respect you totally! It would mean so much for us, to me. It feels like all the Loki-related movies come to an end. It’s so much nostalgia and I feel I can take this role on one more time and make it count! But only with your help!

go to paypal.com and send your donation, as a friend, to
galadraeluk@yahoo.co.uk ! Any penny counts ( subject: Loki ragnarok).
With all the material, Helmet, shipping, we might look at 500£ overall. I’m contacting my trusted commissioner tomorrow to get a price that is correct. Thank you for being my supportive friends!!! (the money will ONLY be used for the Loki cosplay, and any penny too much, also only for other Loki cosplays. No pets, no lolita, no other characters. just LOKI. promise!)

I will update you all with screenshots of the payment once we’ve got enough, and make sure to provide evidence that all money was used correctly!

Thank you so much!!!! If you can’t donate, please share to others?!

P.S. I have still three cosplays finished here that I couldn’t wear so far, due to weight gain because of prescription pills, but I worked on myself and will be able to cosplay all three this summer. So don’t feel disappointed, Henry V was already tested and I only need to shrink back into Adams pants XDDD - it’s finally all coming together! 

Camouflage/ Spencer Reid Imagine

A/N: This is my first story that I’m actually putting on tumblr, wish me luck! I have no problem writing a part two if anyone requests it!

Summary: A work related road trip gets a little too hard.

Usually having a new case meant a quick flight across the states, but this time the case was only a couple hours away which only meant one thing, a road trip.

The team had been splitting up into two cars the past couple months just to help ease the tension between you and Spencer.

You two had been together for three years until a small disagreement turned into a massive fight. He insisted on having kids and that was something you just did not see yourself wanting. 

Hotchner pulled you aside to let you know JJ wouldn’t be able to make it on a count of coming down with the flu so there was really no reason in taking two cars.

Oh no. Three hours alone with the man you could barely look at?

Your face turned a little red hinting at being slightly scared mixed with nerves.

“It’ll be okay Y/N. We’ll all be there.” Hotch rested his hand on your shoulder trying to comfort you.

“Thanks Aaron.” You gave a half smile looking up at him and remained standing there until he returned to his desk.

You looked over at Spencer who was putting a couple books and crosswords into his bag for the road trip.

“This will certainly be something..” you mumbled to yourself.


"I vote Y/N on driving first!” David shouted putting his bag into the trunk of the car.

"I second that notion, I could use some down time before we get into this mess.” Derek added on to David peering around the vehicle smirking at you.

Oh alright fine. But I get to play my music without complaints!” You yelled back laughing knowing they wouldn’t be very thrilled at that idea.

Emily laughed, “Oh I’m down for this road trip.”

Rossi rolled his eyes climbing into the back seat of the car, “Its a good thing I brought headphones.”

As you maneuvered into the drivers seat you couldn’t help but notice Spencer had crawled to the very back of the SUV. He looked like someone had taken the life right out of him, your heart dropped a little realizing it was most likely you who did that.

Morgan had called shot gun during the meeting earlier so you were expecting criticism on your driving the entire way there, but you needed something to distract you anyway.


About an hour into the trip, you noticed David and Emily were completely passed out in the second row. Spencer had headphones in as well as Morgan so you figured it was safe to use the aux.

You scrolled through your thousands of songs on your phone not having a clue what to listen to.

One Direction? No, too girly. The Weekend? No, too upbeat for the two sleeping.

Some Selena Gomez seemed like the only thing to really fit the mood. You felt like a teenager listening to her but couldn’t help yourself.

You pressed play on the song and sat your phone down on your lap. Your leggings were so thin that you could feel how cold your phone was.

dead end streets and boulevards you threw in the towel, I broke your heart

No one seemed fazed by the sudden music in the car as you started to mouth the words.

Spencer hadn’t actually had music playing in his headphones but rather just had them in so no one would talk to him. Except no one was talking, it was actually very quiet until you began playing music. He started secretly listening while reading his book.

who would’ve thought you’d feel so cold and all these memories seem so old to think you were my everything

Spencer looked up at you driving while hearing the lyrics in this song. He’d never heard this song before but remembered how you’d sometimes use music to relate to whatever you were feeling.

remember when we’d talk all night but time ain’t easy on us how can love die?

You felt your stomach turn a little knowing how this song made you miss Spencer so much than you already did.

As a few tears were building up, you started to speed up over the limit but hadn’t really noticed.

fortress around my heart you were mine just yesterday now I have no idea who you are it’s like you camouflage.

Although, Spencer had noticed the sudden increase of speed and knowing you were upset, it wasn’t a good mix. It broke his heart to see you like this but he knew there was no going back to the way things used to be.

Before Spence got the chance to get a word out you had ripped the aux out of the jack and put your turn signal on to get off at the rest area.

Rossi had woken up once the car was jerked onto the off ramp and looked up to see a few tears rolling down your cheek, but had no time to get his bearings and ask what was going on before you parked the car and hopped out.

Emily jumped at the sudden slam of your door, “Oh is this a potty break?”

"I think it’s a little more.” Derek mumbled under his breath.

"What was that?” Emily couldn’t hear his mumbles if she were paid.

Derek shook his head so she’d let it go and go back to sleeping.

Rossi got out of the car and looked back at Spencer, “Go. Now.” 
Spencer nodded setting his stuff down ducking to get out from the SUV.

For a rest area the bathroom was the smallest it could possibly be. It only had two stalls and a terribly dim vanity.

You sat in the first stall and started letting your tears fall down as quietly as possible trying not to sniffle every five seconds.

Spencer reached the bathroom door and heard you struggling to choke back your sobs. That killed him.

A small knock on the door came and you cleared your throat, “there’s two stalls, come in!”

Spencer sighed, “it’s me.”

You felt tears returning to your eyes hearing his voice. You couldn’t do this right now, not with a case that your team was counting on you to get them to.

You tore a piece of toilet paper and wiped your eyes so he wouldn’t notice you were upset.

You walked out of the door trying to ignore him leaning against the wall. You headed towards the exit really not wanting any confrontation.

"Y/N, stop.” Spencer reached out putting his hand on your arm.

"Uh uh. Not here. I’m hurt enough and if I talk to you things will just get worse. We’re fire and gasoline. Like you said, I’ll never be able to give you what you want. Remember?”

anonymous asked:

Hello Batwynn! Um I was wondering if you had any tips or tricks to help fight an upset stomach after a severe panic attack? B/c after a severe one, my stomach feels like it's one giant knot and I can't eat despite being hungry or having my favorite food in front of me. I might as well be looking at a pile of trash, I get nausea :( got any advice? Thank you and take care <3

Hi there anon, i’m sorry to hear about your trouble with nausea after a panic attack. I know exactly what you mean, especially when you feel hungry and you simply can’t stomach food.

First thing’s first, if you have the type of anti anxiety medication you take when needed, be sure to take that as soon as you can and take some small sips of water. [An empty stomach is more likely to cramp with medication is introduced.] 

The first I usually do when i’m hit with panic-attack-nausea is try to either find a cool place to rest, splash my face with cold water, or place a cold paper towel/towel against the back of my neck. This helps easing those overheating and nausea signals going bzzt around your body. 

After that, though, I know the nausea can linger for a while, and the tension from the panic attack can make it very hard to eat afterwards. So, I would suggest stretching your abdomen/torso out with a few stretches like this:

Your abdominal muscles will thank you, and you will also help your breathing.

But, that’s not all! I would also suggest a heat pack/ hot water bottle for your stomach area to try to ease the muscle tension. These are fantastic for IBS, or stress related cramps and nausea, and I highly recommend it for easing stress even without nausea present. [ Warning: Sometimes heat can make nausea worse for some people. Personally, the hotter I get, the sicker I feel. So, when using heat, it’s good to test your limits gently. Try leaving the heat on for several minutes at a time, and taking it off again, and never apply any heating device directly to your skin!] 

 @apocatits adds that a nice hot bath always helps her [ Again, it’s always good to know your limits. I’ve known people who faint when having hot baths, especially after panic attacks.]  She also suggests elevating your legs. [Which is good to do after a panic attack anyway, with your blood pressure and all that.] 

My mother says that music tends to help her. Peaceful, soothing music, or music that makes you move/dance/wiggle, or even music that makes you cry. Music that gets you to the next moment, and out of that headspace. 

And, if you really can’t ease the nausea on your own, I might suggest anti-nausea medications as well. [Always check drug interactions, and check with your doctor before taking anything you aren’t used to. Tums or Ranitidine is good lower stomach acid. Pepto Bismol chewable tablets ease bloating, nausea, heartburn, diarrhea.] 

Lastly, when you do eat, I suggest trying simple foods like soup first and foremost. Start with small sips/bites, and see how it goes. :) Good luck, and I hope this helped!

anonymous asked:

I want to start playing tf2 but I'm scared that I'll be really bad and everyone will be mad... do you have any advice ...?

Hello there!

Well, first of all, it’s amazing to know that you want to join in the TF2 community by playing the game! And let me tell you, it’s normal to feel fear to play it for the first time, because you may not be used to its ambient or the game itself. 

So: just download the game, get yourself comfy while it’s installing, and once it’s ready, you can always start with the basic training where you can get to know some of the classes and what they do!

They teach you what buttons to use, what’s the specific job of each kind of weapons and the strategy each class follow. It’s a very helpful option! To be honest, I used it like 3 times when I first started playing (more with Spy)

Another thing you can do is enter to Practice mode, playing with bots! on any map you want, wether in easy-normal-hard-expert difficulty, and with the quantity of bots you want! The won’t judge you!

It helps a bunch when you want to know in what consists each map is there, and to find out what class is the better for you. As a personal opinion, I started with Scout and Pyro, since they are the most easy to use. Once I got used to them I tried with other classes like Heavy, Medic and Engineer. 

I am not sure, but probably on community servers there are some related to training. You can try a casual match too, once you feel confident enough!

BUT, my anonymous buddy, you just have to relax, because we all start from somewhere. We are all new to something, and we have to learn! and do you know what we need for learn? time! time and patience, and so the other players have to be patient with new players, and teach/guide them too.

I really hope this helped you somehow. By the way, you can give me an ask anytime you want, if you ever need help! Or just discuss on forums! I’m pretty sure there are a lot of people out there who will gladly help you :)

Have a nice gaming!

Reality Bites Me - Veronica Lodge x Reader

Warnings: Really light swearing

Request by @riverdalexoxo : Hey, can you do a Veronica x reader where Veronica is angry at the reader bc she forgot an anniversary and she makes the reader sleep on the couch but they make up at the end with a lot of ~kisses~ thank you ur awesome ilu

I really hope you like this :) ilu2

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How I do Spells

As promised, @luna-aurora

How I make and do spells depends on the purpose of the spell, so I start with that. Usually an idea for a spell comes from a desire I have or a problem I want to solve. Sometimes I see someone else posting a spell and if it’s applicable to me, I’ll do my own version of it. But more often than not, I try to make spells up on my own. 

So step 1: purpose 

Next I’ll go looking all over the internet for herbal, crystal, color, planetary, elemental, and other magical correspondences with that purpose. For instance, I might include Jovian, Earth elemental, and green ingredients for a money spell. The Earth element is often associated with materialism, Jupiter is often associated with prosperity, luck, and excess, and, well, paper money where I live is green. You could include anything you’re interested in into your craft. So I compile a huge list, usually just copy pasting everything into a Word document or whatever, I’m not going to write it all down just yet. 

So step 2: compile a huge list of possible ingredients

Well chances are, I can’t get all of these ingredients. Maybe they aren’t accessible to me in my location, maybe they’re more than I can afford, maybe I just don’t feel like using anything I don’t already have in the house, or maybe I disagree with the correspondence/association. For instance, cinnamon is sometimes used to draw in money and prosperity, but that’s not how cinnamon *feels* to me. I think of cinnamon as relating more to passion, warmth, and happiness. When I think of cinnamon, I think of a spicy, autumn feeling. I don’t associate autumn with prosperity because autumn is right before winter, a time when the Earth is at her least prosperous. So go with what you feel is right. This is your spell, your craft, make it your own. 

So step 3: narrow it down to a smaller list of ingredients you plan on actually using

Ok now what? I’ve written down a list of my herbs, crystals, candles, incense, planetary, elemental, and color associations, or whatever you want to use. But they aren’t going to do quite as much just all on their own. Most of witchcraft comes from your intent. In fact, extra ingredients aren’t necessary at all. If you’re in a quick fix, just meditate. Send out your will into the Universe with confidence. But additions help too. Plus actually physically doing something adds to the spell more than just thinking will. This can mean simply thinking and speaking, singing, moving, or dancing if that’s all you’ve got. This can certainly be enough because it still combines the metaphysical (thought or meditation) with the physical (action and/or actual physical ingredients) for optimal results. Other physical actions and ingredients I do include gathering crystals, grinding up herbs, using incense, lighting candles, burning sigils, sipping tea, and so on. The more I want the spell to work the more I will do. This is true with most anything, the more you want it the more you’re willing to work for it. 

So step 4: combine intentions with action into your spell 

You may also want to have some pre-spell and post-spell rituals. My pre-spell ritual is just lighting a candle and meditating, and my post-spell ritual is just ending it with something along the lines of “So it shall be” and blowing out the candle. I’ve recently heard from some people you’re not supposed to blow out candles, but I still do. You don’t have to listen to anyone’s witchcraft or magical suggestions if you don’t want to. You don’t have to have pre- or post-spell rituals, but I do it because it helps me get “in the mood” for doing magic. It’s my way of ensuring I’ve got my inner Witch Mode turned On. Basically, it helps me focus on the spell when starting, and feel alright about no longer focusing on the spell when I’m done with it. The magic you infused into the spell will keep working after you’ve finished the spell, and your subconscious will also keep working towards the goal of the spell after it’s over. You and the Universe will now work together to achieve your desires and fix your problems. I love how empowering witchcraft is! 

So step 4b: do any pre- and/or post-spell rituals if desired

And that’s all there is to it! I hope this isn’t too vague but I wanted to stay away from a strict and specific list of what to do so you could really make this your own.

Also, from my personal experience, I suggest not to expect any results about the spell. This probably sounds counterintuitive, but in my experience, when I consciously search for ways in which my spell might have been successful, it never seems enough. It’s almost like my conscious mind is intervening in the work my subconscious mind is doing. If I don’t have any expectations whatsoever, if I don’t expect the spell to work and I don’t expect the spell to fail, I find I’m more likely to be pleasantly surprised by the outcome. 

Good luck, hope this helps, and let me know how it goes if you tried anything from here! :D

If you’re interested, here’s my sigil making and using “tutorial” as well 


1. This is just how I do spells. Don’t like it? Don’t do it that way. Feel free to omit or substitute any ingredient or technique. Disagree with my method? Let me know! I’m still learning and growing and I’d love to hear what you think as well, but please be kind. Any other questions/comments/concerns? Throw that in my ask box! Or message me privately, whichever you prefer. 

2. If you are doing any sort of magic to help with a mental and/or physical health problem, please speak with a doctor or psychologist first. Do not do a spell, drink an herbal tea, or really anything magical in place of taking your medication or listening to your doctor. This is only meant to be in addition to, not as a replacement or substitute for, professional/medical advice. Talk to your doctor also if you have any concerns about touching, ingesting, or inhaling any herbs because of any possible medical conditions you may have, including if you are pregnant or nursing. 

3. No spell or any other form of magic is going to work if everything else you do contradicts it. If you do a spell to get a job but don’t put in any applications, you can’t expect to get a job. If you do a spell to lose weight but don’t change the quality and quantity of what you’re eating, you can’t expect to lose weight. Magic just doesn’t work that way.

anonymous asked:

Do Phichit tell about all the time Yuuri was hit on and didn't notice? I'm sure Viktor would empathize with the other poor victims of Yuuri's charm (because he used to be one of them) but feel like 'too bad this man is mine' at the same time.

Phichit loves to tell stories about oblivious Yuuri at parties, like ‘hey guys listen to this hilarious time that Yuuri dated a guy for a month and didn’t realize’ and Viktor can relate. But it doesn’t matter anymore really because they got together in the end!   

Apps to Help You Destress

Hey there friends! Here’s a list of iOS apps that will help you sleep better and relax. Studying hard is great, but your body needs rest, as do you! So go ahead, take a deep breath, and get the relaxation you deserve. xo!

*Pillow: (FREE) This is a sleep-tracking alarm clock; you leave your phone by your pillow/next to you when you sleep and it records you n stuff and helps you determine when it is best for you to wake up to feel refreshed!! I highly recommend this, it’s amazing and the design is so pretty!

*Binaural: (FREE) Yo this app is rad. It helps you relax, meditate, sleep, and even concentrate!! You pick a certain beat, frequency, and just listen. It has color themes (which are so pretty btw) and you can set a timer! 

Sleepio: (FREE) This app is a sleep-improvement program, meant to teach you to overcome poor sleep! I haven’t tried it yet, but it looks very nice. These apps have a minimalist, clean design, my fave thing ever!

*Thunderspace: (FREE) This is the best I want to cry I LOVE this app. It’s like rainymood, but there’s different types of rain sounds. The ambience of the sounds is stellar. Seriously, it’s free, get it!! P.S. you can set the flash on your phone and there’s lightning! Feels like you’re in the tropics if you choose that rain sound, it’s amazing. 

To Bed: (FREE) This app is like your momma! It reminds you, based on your age and wakeup times, to go to sleep. It’s your bedtime alarm, basically! For those of you who don’t really have self-control when it’s time to sleep, this is perfect! I’m pretty good at falling asleep quick because I’m always so tired, but I would definitely recommend this app.

*Sleep Better: (FREE) This app is similar to Pillow, but it’s another option for a sleep monitoring app. You can track your daytime activites and see how it affects your sleep cycle! The design is clean and contemporary and neat. It’s pretty rad!

TaoMix: (FREE) If you would like to create your own ambient sounds, this app is for you! Pretty darn cool. You can add bird sounds, rain, thunder, wind, water, and even other animals. There’s more than 45 high quality sounds you can work with to make thousands of mixes. Have fun with it!

*8tracks: (FREE) You may know about this app, but it’s the best thing ever ever ever. I can only listen to music when I’m cranking out essays for whatever reason, otherwise I can’t concentrate, so I love using 8tracks for that, and for chilling before bed. 

* means I currently use the app and love it! the others are ones I plan on trying!

I hope you all enjoy these apps! Feel free to ask me anything, whether it be study related, you’d just like general advice, or someone to talk to!

Please feel free to request more!!! 

Send Me A Musical!

New ask game: send me a musical (Starkid, Disney, Broadway… anything I’ve seen), and I’ll put a song in each of these categories

  • Favorite ensemble song
  • Favorite small ensemble song
  • Favorite solo
  • The song I love to sing at the top of my lungs
  • The song I sing in the shower
  • The song that always gets stuck in my head
  • The song I relate to because it describes me/my life
  • The song that gives me the most feels/makes me cry
  • The song that puts me in a good mood
  • The song that makes me laugh
  • The song I can never remember the lyrics to
  • The song I know all the lyrics to
  • The song I wish I had someone to sing with
  • The song I would listen to on repeat for hours on end
  • The song I don’t like/get tired of easily
  • The song that I’m used to hearing a certain way (a specific version or recording) and get upset if I hear it a different way

I have to say, it’s really strange to not feel emotions the way that most do. If your moon is in Sagittarius like mine, you know what I’m talking about. Even in Aquarius, Capricorn or Gemini, perhaps.

I constantly have people questioning if I even have feelings at all. I can go to a funeral and not cry the entire time, but no one in my family is like that or seems to understand where I’m coming from. I feel like us moon signs are pretty misunderstood, that’s all. Just know that if you can relate to what I’m talking about: you do have emotions and they are VALID. Just because you don’t express them in the way that others think you should doesn’t mean you don’t have a heart.

I wish there was more to me. I feel like I don’t really know what I like/love/hate. It’s hard to describe to others that I want to become several different people all at once. But of course I’m young and all young people can strangle with who they are and what you want out of life, so it’s easy for people without bpd to be like yeah I feel you one that.
Know you fucking don’t though. It’s hard to have a disorder that people feel they can relate to. The amount of reblogs on BPD posts are many ppl who not have BPD. It’s just makes more stigmatising because people think it’s as easy to “get over ” & “be positive ” as them. Having diagnosed BPD means life is a different ball game for us, so don’t say you “know”. Because you don’t and you never will.